๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž #downwithbabyrp
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tarasellswraps : Can you direct message me?:) @booboo158
booboo158 : Yes, how? Lol
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booboo158 : Money's good. Let me give this a little bit of thought and I'll get back to you :) @tarasellswraps
tarasellswraps : Alright. :) Id love to work with you, and its easy!:) email me at tkilburn0@gmail.com :)
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Has anyone heard of this? I just looked into it way more than I probably should've and all I gotta say is WHAT THE FUCK?! Im so close to deleting all my shit.. how is this even allowed online? Please if you have kids make sure your photos are private!! :( #downwithbabyrp
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betterbelieveitsblake - aryn_maree - smduncan987 -
I hate to be posting negative posts like this. But this is so wrong and these people need to be stopped. #downwithbabyrp
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mom_of4_monsters : When you block them they become deleted!
rachnicole83 : @_livzilla_ what @june_bug28 said! Lol
spendy_wendy : This seriously made me sick to my stomach
clm7413 : This makes me want to delete Instagram
gypsybrat : @spendy_wendy i know me too. I thought it was kids pretending to be parents but its so so so much worse.
amberweee : So glad you posted this. I was looking through the children's photos and saw a lady I follow little girl!! She went private and reported the page and said she has been sitting around all afternoon reporting every single account!
gypsybrat : @amberweee im almost afraid to look at more its so awful
amberweee : Very much so.
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mrssabat85 : @yaya_lo_ve I know
mrssabat85 : @mom2joshy there's Skype, there's oovoo, there's MSN, Facebook, Yahoo, etc..therefore requesting pics and refusing to show face confirms that it's a fake person
mom2joshy : @mrssabat85 but kik is easier and not everyone has ones you mentioned
mrssabat85 : @mom2joshy I'm hearing excuses and kik isn't something everyone has. Notice how many users she has asked to download it??
mom2joshy : Ok but many people have there phone on them all the time and kik is used on phone so is easier
mrssabat85 : @mom2joshy that's contradicting. Every messenger I've listed and many more are used on phones and computers.
mrssabat85 : The more you go on I'm really doubting that you're not the same person just stealing pictures from someone else's account
mrssabat85 : @mom2joshy not contradictory. Sorry for that. But still, who doesn't have a smart phone?
baby_photoss - roataneanqueen - rissielicious8 - yaya_lo_ve -
Are you kidding me!! People are disgusting I cannot believe someone would do this. To all my IG mommies, keep your pictures private!! Don't let perverts like these get ahold of your baby's pictures!!! So sad that we live in a world like this ... #downwithbabyrp #rpbaby
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m_carranza1992 - hisbabyturtle061805 - kwanyafeelme -
I may be late to the game, but I am just hearing about all this. Have you guys heard of it!?? Check out the hash tag, people were stealing pics of other peoples kids and "roleplaying" with them. Sometimes they pretend to actually BE the child, other timed they're the parents who abused, molests, etc...its sick. I saw one page where a girl has pics of a baby with two broken legs and talks about how she beat her. Another with very, VERY,graphic sexual fantasies. Fantasizing about sex with babies...with pics of other peoples kids. I'm so appalled right now. Disgusted!! Just wanted to warn you all.....
downwithbabyrp -
lindseyloveslacquer : #downwithbabyrp
ani_mani_ac : And this is why I dont post my kids anymore. Not even on fb which is private
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#sick #repost #downwithbabyrp
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the_last_prime_hf : God this is just sick, i rp, i know a bunch of great rpers, but we've never seen anything so horrid, i dont remember how i found this, but i did, and they posted a baby rp, and it was just disgusting, i cant believe people are doing this.
teen_moms_r_us : I know it's sick and twisted how could anyone get off on that @ms_marvel_kk
the_last_prime_hf : Its degrading to all roleplayers too, I've been roleplaying for a year, I've seen amazing roleplayers leave, but roleplaying isnt just..."rping" people write amazing stories, now, all i see are "sexual rp's" its disgusting, its like there's no meaning to rp, all these young kids just care about fake dating, and fake sex. I dont understand how the parents dont notice their children doing such horrid things!
teen_moms_r_us : Right Theese kids have too much freedom it's sad if it was their kids though they would stop I hate this so much are you that pathetic and sick that you have to make up fake sex stories and about babies too @ms_marvel_kk
lindseyloveslacquer : Check out @ rpsall- using pics of sick/injured babies and talks about roleplaying about beating the babies and breaking their legs, babies using oxygen tanks, etc..... I am jut learning about all of this craziness and I'm disgusted. Is nobody able to get this stopped? I am literally nauseous.
teen_moms_r_us : Omg That's Fuckin Horrible excuse my French but that's wrong this just makes me want to puke @lindseyloveslacquer
alexandria3888 : I just went and reported a ton of their stuff everyone needs to report these pics and the comment this is disgusting
soon_to_be_a_mommy : I don't get it what is it they do?
kelsey_32814 - margartghj -
downwithbabyrp -
owlyhoots : @highflyingsydal excuse me???
liz1472 : @owlyhoots He wrote the same to me he's a role player. He's a disgusting pervert.
cerenaleigh : Do I need to kick his ass?
owlyhoots : @liz1472 I reported him and blocked him from my account! I thought he would be a role player! They make me sick!! And yes @cerenaleigh feel free!!
uceyjucey_rp : Fuck off cunt
stephyx3mya : @bre_isabella @emilytstrickland @mommy_loves_aleeah Becareful ladies
liz1472 - bre_isabella - jadiefrankenstein -
If u wonder why I don't post (or have deleted) pics of my nephews or my friends' babies: 1) cause they ain't mine 2) they deserve the choice of posting their own pics of what they want ppl to see 3) cause there are a lot of freaks and pedophiles stealing pics and creating fake accounts and roleplaying with your angels' faces. I looked up a few diff hashtags and saw it for myself. It's real. I could never forgive myself if my public page was used as an avenue for this tomfoolery #downwithbabyrp
downwithbabyrp -
bibi_idid : Udk me and idk u so get THEE HELL off my post if u have nothing worth saying @byronsaxtonwwe_
uceyjucey_rp : The* and no, I'm sticking up for us. Your trying to get us off of IG for nothing. Being a celeb isn't a big deal. So don't try and report us. The rl people get HAPPY when they see us
bibi_idid : If you're a celeb then go be famous FOR MORAL CAUSES and THEE spelled intentionally to emphasize pronunciation. I can do whatever whenever and however I want, same way u felt entitled to calling me dumbass on my post and "highly representing" 'rl people' that aren't so real if game pages is what does it for them @byronsaxtonwwe_
bibi_idid : *fake
liz1472 : #Baby #Bbloggers #YouTube #babies #babyboy #childabuse #downwithbabyrp #babyrp #mothersunite #children #Park #teachers
liz1472 : @bibi_idid keep spreading the word they are scared.
bibi_idid : @liz1472 I just blocked him I have no time for that. This is social media so the msg needs to get out to as many ppl as poss
liz1472 : @bibi_idid I agree!
jitarakris - xx_mzdimples_xx - stellawella22 - mrslexis87 -
Okay mommies out there. There's a new disgusting trend going around called, "Baby RolePlaying". People are taking pictures of innocent children and making "Adoption/Roleplaying" accounts. Sick people comment on the photo like the baby is their's and comment the things they want to do to them. Some of it is innocent, but most of it is disgusting pedos commenting sexual things they would do to our children. Spread the word around because Instagram is doing very little about this! Also, make sure your pictures are PRIVATE. #downwithbabyrp #babyroleplay #stopbabyrp
downwithbabyrp - stopbabyrp - babyroleplay -
the_boss_mommy : That is disgusting ๐Ÿ˜–
jescylove : Wtf! I'm not even a mother but this shit is disgusting๐Ÿ’” thanks for letting me know to be on the lookout! An seriously if you have children or posts of babies, keep your shit private
kyliemcurrey - the_boss_mommy - matty_the_great - seelleennaakk -
Here's what to do if you find your child's pictures being stolen and used online for sexual role play. #downwithbabyrp @racheltalbott
downwithbabyrp -
jadiefrankenstein : Yes!!! I'm gonna repost this!
_chiaroscuro_ : Holy shit, what the hell is baby role play??
painterly : @_chiaroscuro_ - where people pretend to adopt your children. Or do filthy horrific things to them.
_chiaroscuro_ : @painterly oh my god. I'm sickened...
bchis : Just realized my profile has been public (now private) - is there a way to find out if your pictures have been used? I've got hundreds of pictures of my baby girl on here and I'm concerned. Who does this crap?!?
lilash0917 : @instagram why aren't you doing something about all this baby/ family role play?? There are countless accounts that have been stealing people's photos...
lilash0917 : @kevin @mikeyk
peetst - genetic_reconstruction - chimdow - mattkp71 -
Due to the fact that children are not even safe on Instagram I have removed all photos of my child and will not be posting anymore. Those of you with children I hope never deal with this. It's sick and disgusting. Please report any of these IG accounts you see and repost this to help any of your parent friends. #downwithbabyrp #bbloggers #babyrp #babyboy #toddlers #Kids
downwithbabyrp - bbloggers - kids - babyrp - babyboy - toddlers -
carleightaylor : I had to delete my post because of an influx of role players. ๐Ÿ˜•
liz1472 : @carleightaylor They can say anything they like they arnt worth my response. I will and did however report him and block him as well. I am going to work towards getting them all reported and shut down.
uceyjucey_rp : @liz1472 @thebathcafe @carleightaylor @sineadkalee @pamhughes04 we wouldn't rp as yo ugly ass babies anyway. You dipshits need to learn how to use technology
pamhughes04 : @byronsaxtonwwe_ trust me I know how to use technology still dosent give you the right to use other peoples children's pics
liz1472 : @pamhughes04 well said
pamhughes04 : @liz1472 thanks
sashay_chantee : This is so sick ๐Ÿ˜ž
mrsbrightside1978 : @tbanaitis1 did you see this?
tanika_gonzalez - newlifeonroad - hdjetley - lindsayneedstoquitlollygagging -
Be careful with your kids pictures #downwithbabyrp #regram
downwithbabyrp - regram -
i.am.a.directioner -
Lets keep our children safe. #downwithbabyrp
downwithbabyrp -
tooshila : Going private for a while hope y'all don't mind.
tooshila - kaet25 - brinkleykd_lacqueredlife - spice.of.life -
Since my act is public, I'm deleting all pictures of my kids. I may start a personal acct for friends & family. #stopbabyrp
stopbabyrp - downwithbabyrp -
lady_bug912 : #downwithbabyrp
lady_bug912 : *profile
neeners079 : Wow...
tooshila - misscoco_101 -
Peeps with kids, please read this note. I went private after this, don't want my boys pics being used for sick minds and pedophiles. Meu perfil ficou privado depois de ler sobre esses doentes que roubam fotos de bebรชs e criancas para usar em perfis falsos de pedofilia.
downwithbabyrp -
jsfinnyc : That's awful!
carlix2014 : ๐Ÿ˜ฉ sick minds...
glaucontiero : Lixo mental desse povo!! ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ฑ que tristeza! Obrigada lindona!
carol_chevalier : #downwithbabyrp
dragonfly_8 : Omg! I won't go to the site.
dragonfly_8 : Sorry I was cut off. Don't need to go to the site to see, reading this is enough for me....it makes me sick. I put my bw acc private. Only post scenery with my main acc.
knox_gf : ๐Ÿ˜ณhow sick can some people be... oh my god... good for you to bring this up. something has to be done about it.
evagolightly : ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜”
gf_indonesia - carlix2014 - glaucontiero - manoelamcgovern -
#downwithbabyrp please repost to help stop sex offenders
downwithbabyrp -
_ms_ang - ta_lu_l_a - sweetaseva_boo - h_sxo -
#downwithbabyrp. I have deleted all the pictures of my little one. @Instagram please have better control of your users.
downwithbabyrp -
blurbpress : As long as your account is private and you know who has the ability to view your photos, you will be fine
uceyjucey_rp : @blurbpress exactly! That's what the rp-ers are saying. Don't block
uceyjucey_rp : You don't have to report us^^
stirreduphope - blurbpress -
I don't have kids but I follow many people on Instagram that have kids and this is very wrong and very sick. It is not ok it even joke about adopting some else's child! If you have kids please make your profile private! #downwithbabyrp
downwithbabyrp -
herikahm -
There are some really sick people out there! Go to change.org and sign the petition AND check #downwithbabyrp to see if your child's photo has been stolen and misappropriated! Let's work together to make IG as safe as we can.
downwithbabyrp -
liz1472 - mellowday530 - tuffgirlbuilder - jadeummz -
#RP from @elleandish -- be sure to screenshot and repost for everyone to see. I'm not a mother, but I do have a couple of pictures of my little brother so I really do feel some type of way about it. I know I have a couple of mothers on here so please spread the word ! By @elleandish "I discovered this today :( If you are a mother & you post photos of your children online, please be aware of this Instagram trend. You can make your account private, or refrain from posting pictures of them at all. -- "There are a few different narrative threads within this community: Those who adopt and proceed with normal parental tasks, or express empathy for their virtual babies; those who want to become physically abusive in their parental role, or sometimes, in the baby role; and those who use roleplaying as a means to act out โ€œdirtyโ€ or sexually abusive fantasies." -- thedailydot.com "The horrifying, abusive world of baby roleplaying on Instagram" #downwithbabyrp" via @PhotoRepost_app #downwithbabyrp #alert #watchwhatyoupost #becareful #crazypeople #attention #parents
downwithbabyrp - crazypeople - rp - becareful - attention - alert - parents - watchwhatyoupost -
erinmont : This is why my account is private. Too many creeps.
veritarserum : @erinmont I know right ? Deleted all the pictures of my brother except for one video. I lost my iPod so that's one video I don't think I can get back.
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twopinkplease : @sofcoco @vneumanna
_music_obsessive_ - madisonbuzash - niner_hopeful -
Omg everyone needs to be so careful about what they put online! This is so scary, not just because these sickos are exploiting babies and children but it doesn't stop there... There are people out there who would do this to a grown person as well. If you ever see anything like this on Instagram or elsewhere, take 30 seconds and report it!!!! Someone I follow on Instagram had her baby fall victim to this where people would role play shaking and raping her baby using pictures from her account. Seriously the most sad and disturbing thing I have ever heard of!!! #stopbabyrp #rpbaby #babyrp #downwithbabyrp
stopbabyrp - downwithbabyrp - babyrp - rpbaby -
Not my words, but wanted to share for all the parents (and non parents too) out there. This his happening and we should spread the word. #downwithbabyrp
downwithbabyrp -
downwithbabyrp -
__kaylax3_ - modifieddaddy91 - vincentmichaels - nico2228 -
Not a parent and did not write this . #downwithbabyrp
downwithbabyrp -
aishisrikkanth : Oh no :/
bhavrao : Happend to someone I know ๐Ÿ˜ท @aishisrikkanth
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