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suck_my_ladyballs : Word!
dmtdegas : @lhb_114
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Why do some people try to be so toxic...I'm still smiling#donttrytobringmedown#nobaddays#tryme
nobaddays - donttrytobringmedown - tryme -
jwizzy420 : What's your number
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I used to want all that more than life it's self but I don't wanna be a nobody stuck here when I'm 30 taking care of 3+, on food stamps with tanf, I hope I can go to school god knows the struggle with that ;( #nobody #struggle #metime #maybelater
firstinthefamily - donttrytobringmedown - iwanttobedifferent - familyproblems - nobody - maybelater - metime - struggle -
pativivi3 : I went to college. But I'm still working at McDonald's. @nina_enzo_cenzo @mommyof_ege_nje_lmde
tiffanyespinoza_01 : And @pativivi3 are great moms!! Both of uns do such a great job. πŸ‘πŸ‘ So don't put yourself down. I remember when I had posted something on here about money an stuff. I knew the facts as well so I wasn't judging anyone either 😊
nina_enzo_cenzo : & @pativivi3 you have every right to be happy where you are! You have a job and are the age where it's perfectly acceptable to be starting a family and getting married. That's normal my situation is not. I'm only 18 and I just want to make my future brighter. I'm not going to lie, I never ever wanted kids and chainsaw planned ayzik without my consent. I wouldn't give my son up for the entire world, I love him soo much wouldn't change it but this is not the life I had planned for myself. I'm supposed to be at graduation vacation with my friends at the beach. The struggle was real, when I was pregnant , lencho lost his job, we were practically homeless, we had ramen noodles for months at a time. & I'm glad you didn't have to experience that. I mean I guess you'd really have to know how hard it was for us when I was pregnant to understand why I want sooo much change
tiffanyespinoza_01 : I've been in them shoes. Me and Grayson slept in a car for two nights cause I was kicked out of my moms house. But that's made me who I am today. If I went to work right now, I'd just be paying for day care for all my boys. Not worth it to me..so right now I'm stay at home mom. We get by on just Felipe's income. We aren't rich but we are happy! @nina_enzo_cenzo
nina_enzo_cenzo : Thank you @mommyof_ege_nje_lmde I'm just soo against getting help for myself and my kid it makes me feel like total shit. And everyone around me makes me feel bad about it too. I have my pride too which doesn't help at all. That's the one thing I do have against my "family" like you have a nice car with payments but I own this and this and this and I can afford to pay for my own groceries. And they can't say shit about it. They want to talk down to my little family because our stuff isnt as nice as theirs but atleast it's all paid with cash lenchos earned. Like if the system would crash tomorrow, I don't have to make any sacrifices because they've already been made and I don't have to worry about food in my kids mouth. Them on the other hand would cry because they can't get their New York strip steak
pativivi3 : My husband lost his job a week after my daughter was born because some BS from another worker there I wasn't working then because he didn't want me to work. So we was living on the money he had saved & had to borrow from my Grandma. He was only out if work for about a month. But it was still hard my daughter was in the NICU. We had to go down to see her everyday. They wouldn't let us stay at the Ronald McDonald house because he's was illegal. So we roughed it for a little bit. @nina_enzo_cenzo @mommyof_ege_nje_lmde
nina_enzo_cenzo : That's crazy @pativivi3 brother was born at 26 weeks and my mom and her boyfriend stayed at the Ronald McDonald house for 3 months all they asked him for was an id. We were homeless sleeping wherever for about 2-3 months until we went to stay with my mom. @mommyof_ege_nje_lmde somedays we would go without eating and that time it was during the winter so it wasn't exactly fun.
nina_enzo_cenzo : Oh & @mommyof_ege_nje_lmde if you Get other assistance you can get free daycare at the "in the beginning" place
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This week I am trying to work on #loveyourselfie . After recieving a snarky comment from a female co-worker that I "used to look great when you were running", left me feeling bad about myself. This past year alone I have dealt with single parenting on one income, the death of my mom, and surgery that left me unable to walk normally let alone run. I am trying to let go of the negative feeling that her comment left me with and try to focus on being healthy in my mind and my body. And women, please support other women. #loveyourselfie #thisguylovesme #bepositive #behealthy #theoldme #thenewme #makingacomeback #findingmyself #womensupportwomen #donttrytobringmedown
bepositive - womensupportwomen - behealthy - donttrytobringmedown - thisguylovesme - theoldme - thenewme - makingacomeback - findingmyself - loveyourselfie -
l_double : Don't know you, but you look awesome! #HatersAreGonnaHate #brushThatDirtOffYourShoulders
susiequinn2u : Thank you @I_double that is so nice of you :). Love the hash tags!
susiequinn2u : Oops L_double
susiequinn2u : F*ck, thats supposed to be @l_double
tortillasinhuevos : Seriously I wish all women would support one another instead of tearing eachother .you just got to remind yourself that when someone says some shit like that its cause they're insecure with no self esteem and are just trying to boost their own confidence by putting someone else down.
susiequinn2u : @tortillasinhuevos , the more I thought about it, I realized she said it for some reason just to make herself feel better. It was just so surprising to me that it actually came out of her mouth.
maggie_of_green_hill : I've always tried to live by the old saying "If you can't say something nice . . ." and I truly believe that the world would be a better place if we all did. Don't worry about her remark. It's not worth the time of day to stress over.
susiequinn2u : Thank you @maggie_of_green_hill !
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Dont frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile. Live everyday like its your last. You cant predict what the future holds.
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ashleyyyragsdale : #smile #behappy #live #hashtag #DontTryToBringMeDown #bitch
lisibray : You paid too much for that smile not to use it. Shove that smile in errrbudys face gurl. πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€
ashleyyyragsdale : @lisibray omg! That made me cheese so big haha. Thanks girlyyy ((:
ashleyyyragsdale : #lesbian #Lesbehonest #girlswithtattoos #girlswholikegirls #smile #Cheese #braces
paradigmdrift : (:
fountainlair21 : #pretty
ashleyyyragsdale : @fountainlair21 thank you!!
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πŸ’Ž #ootd #plussize #dressedtokill #curvy #skorchmagazine #curvygirlstylexo #fiancescardigan #feelinggood #effyourbeautystandards #notagreatangle #ohwell #killinit #thick #donttrytobringmedown @curvygirlstylexo
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act_appalled : #pantrydoor
scattered_debris : @pistol_pete_matty ☺️😘
dorothyjillian : Damn gurl!!
sarah.sanford : I have no idea why I wasn't already following you but I just fixed it! Also you're adorable ☺️
scattered_debris : @saraheashcraft aw! That's so sweet of you! Thank you gorgeous!!!😊
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#TruthπŸ’―#IDontThinkImBetter! #YouJustRealizeIDoBetter #DontTryToBringMeDown Do what's necessary to feel better about your situation.
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Basically speaks for itself #bye #donttrytobringmedown #youwontwin πŸ‘‹
youwontwin - bye - donttrytobringmedown -
daniellabella429 : πŸ™Œ
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You don't realize it but it hurts as much as if I were to call you fat. Our society finds a way to make you hate yourself no matter what. #donttrytobringmedown #doublestandards #cantwin
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tastymcnasty : 10/10
jourdanaurianna : Photo cred πŸ˜€
tkmarieday : @tastymcnasty what? 😳
tastymcnasty : It's so true
dirtroaddiary94 : Curvy or "bony" all women are beautiful. It's what's unique about them that make them beautiful. :) @tkmarieday
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All you can do is smile 😁 #redhair #selfie #smileanyway #happy #donttrytobringmedown #causeyouwont
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The truth nothing but the truth so help me GOD!! #factz #haters #donttrytobringmedown #true #truth #qotd πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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It amazing how much pain a smile can take ...I try hard to keep my head up n smile but I swear I wanna give up and just go hide ...but that would b taking the easy way out #gogetbetter #keepheadheldhigh #donttrytobringmedown
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216tiffany : Hey if you ever need to talk, let me know
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I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly me πŸ’• #donttrytobringmedown #me #pretty #feelinggood
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sarahberry10 : Haha thanks Andy 😊😊😊 @23andym
sarahberry10 : Kik me πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ @23andym
jessicaprospero : No no your perfect πŸ‘Œ #dime ;)
sarahberry10 : Haha girl you're talking about yourself #noyou 😻
sarahberry10 : @jess7718
jessicaprospero : Uh no that's you;)
sarahberry10 : Hahaha let's be honest you're perf!! @jess7718
jessicaprospero : Says you πŸ˜’;)
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Ur beneath me..Stay up! #donttrytobringmedown
donttrytobringmedown -
elizabeth2273 - est_inthe_80s -
#justsaying #donttrytobringmedown #overit #quote
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#happy #behappy it's #goodforyourhealth #dontstress #smilesonly #nonegativityallowed #donttrytobringmedown #youwillfailmiserably #peace #love #happiness #learnit #loveit #liveit #Voltaire
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Life is tough. There is so much heartache & lies that go around. If your going to talk about me, make sure there are no skeletons in your own closet. You know my name, but you don't know my story😁#gossip#lies#shy#sweet#honest#trusting#donttrytobringmedown
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Self explanatory. #donttrytobringmedown
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I'm higher then the fucking clouds. Don't try to bring the hell down. #Me #Selfie #Pink #PinkShirt #Ehh #Happy #Kinda #IGuess #IDK
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countrystoner5698 : #HigherThenTheFuckingClouds #DontTryToBringMeDowm
countrystoner5698 : #DontTryToBringMeDown
countrystoner5698 : #Brown #BrownEyes #BrownEyedGirl #HairsAMess #HairDown #KindaCute #MissMyBabe #Ugh #NeedFriends #AnyTakers?
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#happyishealthy #donttrytobringmedown #changes #happyfriday πŸ˜ƒβœŒπŸ’—πŸŒžπŸŒΈ
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dick_nda_house : True
vdotceeee : @dick_nda_house yep ☺
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Smile while you still have teeth :D #smile #happy #donttrytobringmedown
smile - donttrytobringmedown - happy -
cassiiimarieee : HahA smile while you still have teeth. I like that lol
skullyyloc : 😜
matt_dub1983 : Those eye's :)
ryan_oceana69 - das_pump -
#donttrytobringmedown #whatgoesaroundcomesaround #karma #dontmesswithabitchthatsscorned
whatgoesaroundcomesaround - donttrytobringmedown - dontmesswithabitchthatsscorned - karma -
userconfidential : @marlyrach28 one of those days Marly??? LOL
marly_rachel : Haha ya I feel a lot better today lmao @thelifentimesofsnl
userconfidential - alex_gerstein -
Is he not really cute ..? #smiles #happy #donttrytobringmedown #imhappy #cute #couple
smiles - imhappy - cute - couple - donttrytobringmedown - happy -
charfrizzle_ : whoa what!?! who's that!?
misshippykay : His names Samson, he's my man :) @th4t_1_b1tch
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This weekend has been the best :D #donttrytobringmedown #notgunnahappen #liveitup
donttrytobringmedown - liveitup - notgunnahappen -
sadiesteele20 : Well hello(: if you're ever free I'm thinking we should go to dinner, you seem cool(;
sadiesteele20 : @jessicaleigh5386
jessicaleigh5386 : Ohh idk i dont go on dinner dates with just any girl (; haha.
sadiesteele20 : Girl you know we go way back:p but of course @kelleylynnbowman92 would have to come too bc she is jealous.. @jessicaleigh5386
jessicaleigh5386 : Her and her jealousy issues...sheesh..but i agree, and it needs to be asap! (:
sadiesteele20 : @jessicaleigh5386 sounds good to me(: and she was sayin I loved you more than her the other day when we were texting lol poor Kelley
jessicaleigh5386 : Haha well idk who you love more :P now we just gotta all three be free at the same time haha
sadiesteele20 : @jessicaleigh5386 I show no favoritism lol and yes this is true, but very hard!
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Stick That In Your CrackPipe & Smoke It #Bitching #Rumours #LilWayne #LovingLife #DontTryToBringMeDown!
bitching - lovinglife - donttrytobringmedown - rumours - lilwayne -
pl4net_sp4ce - alburnurse - milachh -
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