I was feeling a bit down all morning so I started jotting down all these random "#NoteToSelf". Here's one of them. #Thingswillgetbetter #Ipromise #QuoteoftheDay #Keepyourchinup #Yourebetterthanthis #Igotapocketgotapocketfullofsunshine
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rienoa : @yellowboyjosh I know. I just got to give time "time" to heal the pain.
karlaxtina : Lol! If only I talked as loud as I write. Hehehe.
yellowboyjosh : @rienoa lol I like that :)
jaymsd_ : @rienoa i needed to see this!
deeechung : @rienoa It will. :)
rienoa : @karlaxtina Lol.
rienoa : @jaymsd_ Aw, I hope all is well. Haven't seen you in so long.
rienoa : @deeechung Thanks, Dee. <3
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