I am so blessed to have the bestest friends in the world πŸŒŽπŸ’š #DontForgetMolly #ILOVEYOUGUYS
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shae_lillian : #freemolly
b_sveum : We are such hotties πŸ˜‚ love you guys! ❀️
em_ritch : Loveeee it
mollyrochee : 😭😭😭 I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH AND I CAN BARELY TYPE FROM ALL THE DRUGS IM ON BUT I MISS YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH I MISS YOU. @samanthaaburk @emkennedyyy @b_sveum @ginahoney7 @elizabeth_caitlyn17 @shae_lillian @em_ritch
kelseyrosehill : I thought you were talking about Molly from science camp and I was instantly so concerned!
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And did I mention I met my new best friend?! We been cool back since Cheddas but she really a cool ass person to ride wit! Ma nigga ma nigga! Love you boo! #2PeasInAPod #Cheddas #haha #welivintgehighlife #ILikeThatShit #MynewBestFriend #ShesTheFunniest #DontForgetMolly ##ShesDope #WeWereLostButNowFound πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘― #Juicin #lmao TrustMe , #WeGotSelfiesForDays!!! #Twinning πŸ˜πŸ’œ
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bosslady214_ : Babyguhhh you already know! We got this! I've been waiting to kick my bro out the pic lmfao! Jk nigga thinkin "yes new friends," and I'm like NERRRRP! Not here! Hahahaha! Jk I got love for da dude. Shit he made it in the collage... Barely lol in the corner Rollin our blunts! ;) even tho I can do it myself πŸ˜‚ haha! Yes, #TooHyped ! We got a #SweetTooth on tha way! ;) @whitnayyykc
whitnayyykc : @bosslady214_ Ahhh I fuck with my homie...niggavcan have #newfriends But he was rollin our blunts...I just didnt want to because I was doing something else.
bosslady214_ : Lmfao like when he said, "here do what you're best at" and I took that hoe like ok! "DONE" lmao he busts out wit "no not that" lmao omg, we guna be havin some good ol'times! Ayee #FckWitIt ;) πŸ‘Œ @whitnayyykc
whitnayyykc : @bosslady214_ That was soo funny you were kike ohh I thought you said hit it not split it! Yhn you said
whitnayyykc : Then said ohhh well
bosslady214_ : Lmfao that "shrugs shoulders, oh well" haha I swear he hates that shit and I laugh every time! Oh well! Haha ;) that shit was funny tho! @whitnayyykc
whitnayyykc : @bosslady214_ It was so funny he knew the shit you were doing or even gonna do before you did it! That nigga know he like his spot though!
bosslady214_ : Lmao! I'm tellin you he already knows my ways; in his head he was like "watch she guna hit that hoe instead" and yep! I did lol... Yeah he do, he already knows wassup! @whitnayyykc
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so happy we could get my bestfriend to ultra ! make sure to get flicks with el pollo out there in 2weeks @lifeofpollo
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lifeofpollo : I love you
vippieee : I love you too meng <3 #turnup #plur #kandies #thatsalliknowaboutthatculture #dontforgetmolly #eventhoughyouresober @lifeofpollo
lifeofpollo : #hellaturnt #jarjewelry #fatcap #rusto #grafflife #thatsalliknowaboutthatculture #dontforgetswag #eventhoughyourealreadysuperswag
dreamiaperuanita : @lifeofpollo @vippieee loving the hashtags ❀️
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#tbt #christmaspast #santaandme #dontforgetmolly πŸŽ„πŸŽ…
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diana_119 : You are too adorable .. I remember these at nonnas 😁
alannahmz : MollyπŸ’™πŸ’š
mariarigazzi : Look at that face!! So cute πŸ™Š
nickfera_ : Those cheeks 😚❀️
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Just dropped 2 hits in each eye. Liquid lsd. #3rdeye #dontforgetmolly #hippyflippin
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thaatchiinkynigga_ : Dont lose your marbles homie! @trippypiratehippy
trippypiratehippy : @thaatchiinkynigga_ it was bout 4 or 5 hits in the eyes then bout 2 or 3 under my tongue plus an altoid covered in it. Then molly lamso
thaatchiinkynigga_ : YOUR in for a night son
trippypiratehippy : @thaatchiinkynigga_ muahahahahahahaaaa THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!!!
lilsmeddyjenni : Ha I'd like to know what that last comment's your night going lol
trippypiratehippy : It was a nerd moment, DBZ quote lol @lilsmeddyjenni
chelsea_pittman1995 : Pirate!! Where tf have you been? Goin MIA and shit... 😩😩
sp4zm4t1c : ..... shawn.... i neeeeeeeeed some stat! medic! mediccc!!! lmao hope your doing well my ninja #bellybuttonforlife
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Smoke some ;) #krpyjoint #blunt #amazing #maryjane #dontforgetmolly !! ;) lol tonight baby ;)
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Mom better go to Walmart tomorrow. #food #pbandj #DontForgetMolly
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