Louis is somewhat energetic and loves to play but also loves snuggling up next to you at home. He love the outdoors, particularly sniffing, running and swimming. He can be a bit nervous with big dogs but when introduced slowly loves to play. Louis goes to doggy daycare often and has lots of fun there, although would love the company of family more often. He is very protective of his family, a good little guard dog and great with kids. Louis lives in Roselle, NSW, so if you want to be friends with him then sign up at
dogsofroselle - weeklyfluff - buzzfeedanimals - parkdates - dogpals - dogsofsydney - dogshare -
dog_share : #dogsofroselle #dogsofsydney #dogshare #weeklyfluff #buzzfeedanimals #parkdates #dogpals
corgapple - - chai.kookie - cindy_the_dog_ -
Bella and Chloe are two very moochy and loving Staffy girls. Bella is 2 and Chloe is 7 months. Both are walked twice a day and love their off lead time in the park and would love to have another friend to meet them at the park, share their backyard for down time and sometimes have a weekend stay. So if you want to be friends with these two gorgeous dogs and live in Northcote, VIC, then meet up with them at
dogsofmelbourne - staffy - dogshare - northcote -
dog_share : #staffy #dogshare #northcote #dogsofmelbourne
zensmum : Gorgeous ❤️
kookieboxau - mylilpet - yourpetclub - pawleomelbourne -
Henry is a big, placid, friendly German Shepherd. He is good with other dogs, big and small, and is happy and kind to every human he meets, but he does get bored playing alone for ages at a time! It would be nice for him to have some more doggy friends :) Open to anything, but maybe some dogs of a similar energy level (a.k.a chilled-out dogs) would suit him best. If you live in the Bentleigh area, VIC, then get chatting with him today.
dogsofmelbourne - germanshepherd - dogshare - parkdates - dogpals - pupmates - bentleigh -
dog_share : #germanshepherd #dogsofmelbourne #bentleigh #dogshare #dogpals #parkdates #pupmates
kookieboxau - mylilpet - pawleomelbourne - bluestaffystella -
Winston is a rescue Heeler Kelpie with a big heart. He has come from a challenging background and appreciates the finer things in life all the more. He is a nurturer, shy, a little wary but loves a cuddle. Two of his favorite things is a good grass rolling, and food and would love to have a friend to find a great patch of grass on a park playdate or walk. His energy levels are a bit lower than most which means you could have him round to share your pooches backyard without a worry or even a weekend stay. Overall a podgy, loving, shy boy who lives in Clifton Hill, VIC, so if you live nearby sign up at and meet Winston today.
dogsofmelbourne - rescue - kelpie - cliftonhill - blueheeler - adoptdontshop - iwantoscarslaw - dogshare - rescueisthebestbreed -
dog_share : #blueheeler #kelpie #rescue #rescueisthebestbreed #adoptdontshop #iwantoscarslaw #dogshare #cliftonhill #dogsofmelbourne : 👌
bjornthestaghoundx : We're in Carlton
kookieboxau - brad.janson - ollie_cavoodle_ - missdrewsbakery_dogtreats -
Keith is a 2 year old bulldog. His pawrents say he is high energy but gets along with everyone! Keith is looking for a fur friend to go for reciprocal dog walks together and park playdates. Keith lives in Collingwood, VIC, so if you live nearby and want to catch up with him then head over to for free!
dogsofmelbourne - dogshare - playmates - collingwood - bulldog - dogsofcollingwood -
dog_share : #bulldog #Collingwood #dogsofmelbourne #dogsofcollingwood #dogshare #playmates
caseybunnybarbie : Yes!!!
bjornthestaghoundx : Yep!
chai.kookie - pukkieslife - auntypegsbypmc - jimmy_thechihuahua -
Turbo is 1 year old male Boxer who is very very energetic and super fun to be around. He would love to have another friend who will help him burn his energy sniffing, looking for sticks and digging whilst sharing each others backyards. If you live near Dianella, 7kms north of Perth, then head over to and meet up with Turbo!
boxer - weeklyfluff - dogsofinstagram - parkdates - pupmates - dogshare -
dog_share : #boxer #dogsofinstagram #Dogshare #weeklyfluff #parkdates #pupmates
ollie_cavoodle_ - mylilpet - priya_chi - mason_thechihuahua -
Mishka is a very energetic husky who would love to have another puppy friend to roll around with at the park or in each other's backyard. Mishka loves dogs of all shapes and sizes. Mishka only has a very small backyard and would love to have a friend willing to share their backyard, go on a playdate or go for a long walk. sign up at to play with Mishka.
playmates - weeklyfluff - dogsofinstagram - parkdates - husky - dogshare -
neothemastiff_and_co : Aww, little bit too far away from Victoria! 😞 @dog_share
bjornthestaghoundx : @neothemastiff_and_co I'm Victorian..
neothemastiff_and_co : @bjornthestaghoundx where abouts?
bjornthestaghoundx : @neothemastiff_and_co melbourne
neothemastiff_and_co : We are in central Vic, near Bendigo @bjornthestaghoundx
bjornthestaghoundx : @neothemastiff_and_co oh ok
neothemastiff_and_co : But if your ever up this way in sure Bjorn would love to come for a play on our farm!!!! @bjornthestaghoundx
bjornthestaghoundx : @neothemastiff_and_co he defs would! Thanks so much!
mylilpet - hiphiphorayhoray - thor_blue_staffy - canine.focus -
We had a great day at the Riverside Barkfest today! Thanks to everyone who came and booked a shoot for December, and apologies that we couldn't hold our dog photo booth due to the wind! #shopsmall #popup #poochesinperth #perthpooches #dogshare #dogs #markets #events #dogevent #photographer #photography #dogphotographer #dogevents #doglove #lovedogs #instadog #bayswater
doglove - popup - dogevents - dogevent - dogphotographer - instadog - photography - bayswater - lovedogs - photographer - events - poochesinperth - dogshare - perthpooches - shopsmall - markets - dogs -
niksta89 : That wind was causing absolute chaos!! I couldn't put a few displays up because of it :(
animalanticsphotography : Wasn't it crazy! I wanted to come and find you to say hello and couldn't leave our gazebo for fear of it flying away!
nymyceki - studiosharla - arkady_barulin - mollymarshallmarketing -
We are on our way to set up our Photo Studio and capture images of your pooches at the Riverside Gardens in Bayswater! See you soon! #Barkfest #riverside #Bayswater #daschund #photography #photographer #dogphotographer #dogevents #markets #eventsinperth #dogshare #perthpooches #poochesinperth #popup #shopsmall
popup - dogevents - barkfest - photography - dogphotographer - poochesinperth - dogshare - perthpooches - daschund - photographer - shopsmall - bayswater - riverside - markets - eventsinperth -
animalanticsphotography - pamperedpoochbarkery_wellness - lelaperth - by.zarin -
Ollie is a Golden Retriever who is 21 months old. He needs daily exercise as he has so much energy, loves to play and want to socialise on a park playdate with some other doggy pals. Ollie would preferably like to find a match with another young Golden Retriever or similar size dog with soft nature. Ollie lives near Faversham, WA, so if you live in this area or a neighbouring suburb, get sharing with Ollie at
huffpostgram - weeklyfluff - goldenretriever - buzzfeedanimals - dogsofperth - dogshare -
dog_share : #goldenretriever #dogsofperth #Dogshare #buzzfeedanimals #weeklyfluff #huffpostgram
erichoraw : impressed
brad.janson - mylilpet - champion_the_labrador - lapphund_lola -
Bobby is just a massive but friendly and lazy, interesting goof ball !! He has quite a personality and hopes that some other doggy friends would love to get to know him. Everyone loves Dobby and we hope that any friends who live in Armadale, WA will love him just as much.
weeklyfluff - pupmates - huffpostgram - armadale - dogsofwa - dogshare - buzzfeedanimals - parkdates - dogsofperth -
dog_share : #Dogshare #Armadale #dogsofperth #dogsofwa #weeklyfluff #huffpostgram #buzzfeedanimals #parkdates #pupmates
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Cause ima' mo'fucking boss! #dogs #dogoftheday #dog #dogsofinstagram #doggy #doggystyle #lion #king #handsome #samoyedo #samoyed #white #vegan #dogshare #forest #wild #and #free #walk #in #the #woods #tired #beautiful #majestic #bitch #yolo #swag
and - beautiful - dogsofinstagram - tired - yolo - vegan - walk - lion - woods - bitch - in - majestic - the - dogoftheday - king - swag - samoyed - samoyedo - dog - handsome - dogshare - forest - wild - free - white - doggy - dogs - doggystyle -
nadejda_radeva - themfoods - andreistoilov - homovegansapiens -
We love Harper! She is a 3 year Doberman who is heaps of fun and has average energy levels. Harper would love to have someone to socialise with on long walks and to have playdates with as a some dogs seem to be afraid of her! Harper lives in Armadale, WA. If you can be Harpers friend then go to and get sharing with Harper.
dogsofperth - doberman - dogshare - dogsofwa - armadale -
dog_share : #doberman #armadale #dogsofperth #dogsofwa #dogshare
mylilpet - chai.kookie - theksullivan - ohhhdelia -
This is Killer, he's an old boy but young at heart. He's gentle, well mannered but he's getting a little deaf & blind through old age but that doesn't seem to effect his interaction with other dogs or people good with dogs of all sizes. Killer is looking for a friend to meet at a park and have a playdate with. He lives in Karrinyup, WA, so if you live in this area then go to
karrinyup - dogsofwa - dogshare -
dog_share : #dogsofwa #karrinyup #dogshare
mylilpet - pukkieslife - thebadcrewcompany - formicidaa -
Macie is a 2 year old Boxer who lives in Grays Point, NSW. She would love to have a friend to go for park and beach playdates with and she loves to jump and run through water. Macie loves companionship and wrestling other dogs and is really friendly. If you would love to share your backyard with Macie check out her profile on
boxer - grayspoint - parkdates - dogsofsydney - dogshare -
dog_share : #boxer #dogsofsydney #grayspoint #parkdates #dogshare
brad.janson - babi_poodle - thefloshowcuisine - _sammythepug -
This is Gruff, gruff lives in Essendon and was wondering if there were any other dogs who would love to spend some time with him as he sure does love making friends. He is energetic but gentle with other dogs and people and would love to go for walks and backyard sharing. Go to if you want to be Gruffs friend!
dogsofmelbourne - essendon - pupmates - parkdates - dogshare -
dog_share : #dogsofmelbourne #Essendon #parkdates #pupmates #dogshare
yourpuppyfriend : Good shot!
bjornthestaghoundx : 🙌
bjornthestaghoundx - jack.0726 - squishyface_betty_george - koenig_jrt -
Hi Freckle! Welcome to Dogshare! Freckle is a beautiful ball obsessed dog who wouldn't mind sharing her ball with a friend during a sleepover or park playdate, after all sharing is caring. She loves all people and other dogs and swimming and is desperate for a friend to spend time with. If you want to be friends with Freckle and live in Toodyay, WA then sign up at
dogsofperth - dogsofwa - dogshare - buzzfeedanimals - toodyay -
dog_share : #dogsofwa #dogsofperth #toodyay #buzzfeedanimals #dogshare
brad.janson - yourpetclub - pepperandchillidog - harveygeorgegsp -
Lilly is a beautiful 6 year old Rottweiler. For her size she is amazingly gentle and friendly and is looking for some good friends in her area to go for park playdates with. Lilly is hoping that she will catch another dogs eye and be able to spend some weekly time together in the Menai, NSW area. If you want to be Lillys' friend then chat with her for free at
rottweiler - weeklyfluff - menai - adorable - dogsofsydney - dogshare -
dog_share : #Rottweiler #dogsofsydney #menai #dogshare #adorable #weeklyfluff
pepperandchillidog - dancso21 - doggietea - midoriisi1912 -
Brandon is a rescue dog who is need of a good friend to meet him at the park or have a sleepover! Brandon is known for being a ball of energy and would love to burn some of that energy on a long walk, or if you're not a walker, he's happy to share his backyard with you! If you live in Cairns, QLD and want to be Brandons friend then go to today.
cairns - dogshare - rescue - rescueisthebestbreed - dogsofcairns - dogsofqld -
dog_share : #rescueisthebestbreed #dogshare #rescue #cairns #dogsofcairns #dogsofqld
lifeinpack : @northqldanimalrescue
northqldanimalrescue : Brandon!
dog_share : @lifeinpack @northqldanimalrescue I take it you guys have had something to do with Brandon?
northqldanimalrescue : @dog_share yes we rescued and rehomed him :)
dog_share : Awwww that's a nice happy ending right there. And now his cute pawrents are looking for a buddy for him to socialise with 💕
bindi2cute : @lucyysue
brad.janson - yourpetclub - rosa_mollie12 - kendrick_le_frenchie -
Nitro and Indy left to right. #bordercollie #bordercollies #bordercolliesofinstagram #bordercolliegram #pet #pets #bestfriends #dogs #dogsofinstagram #instapet #instadog #petshare #dogshare
bordercollie - petshare - dogsofinstagram - bordercolliegram - pet - bestfriends - instadog - bordercolliesofinstagram - dogshare - bordercollies - pets - instapet - dogs -
tracygresham4 - aboehr13peace - dailypupsters - romeodog_ -
#siberianhusky #husky #huskylove #huskylife #huskylovers #huskyoftheday #huskysiberian #siberianhuskylove #dog #dogsofinstagram #dogslife #dogshare #doglovers #pet #pets #petscorner
siberianhusky - dogsofinstagram - petscorner - huskylovers - dogslife - huskysiberian - doglovers - siberianhuskylove - huskylife - huskylove - pet - dog - huskyoftheday - dogshare - pets - husky -
partyinapackage : 😍
ryangraney : Awwww!
ginger_rusty_redhusky : 😍😍😍
pupshow : You should Tag your pics to #PoshPamperedPets 💕💕 they are my FAV‼️ @PoshPamperedPets
partyinapackage - ginger_rusty_redhusky - pupshow - _yle8 -
Throwing the ball with my neighbor's dog. #dogshare
dogshare -
mailekulani - carriestaff - stephofoss -
Roxy girl is 3 and half yrs old. She loves going for walks and is a strong active girl who loves to play with balls. She's fun and loving but hasn't spent much time around other dogs, her parent is looking to take her out more and meet some new friends and to get her out and about on walks and park playdates. If you can be Roxys friend and live in Lakemba, NSW then head over to
rottweiler - dogsoflakemba - dogshare - buzzfeedanimals - dogsofnsw -
dog_share : #dogsofnsw #dogsoflakemba #dogshare #buzzfeedanimals
dog_share : #Rottweiler
dog_share : @therottweilersworld
dog_share : @therottweilerworld
corgapple - formicidaa - mys_mutt_mylo - mannersforpaws -
Loving Kensey! One of our newer dog sharers who lives in Maldives (Rockingham), Western Australia. Her parents are looking for a friend for their very shy but loving girl. She has high energy and fun levels and is sniffing for a friend to have a park playdate with her. If you can be Kenseys friend get onto for free today!
dogsofwa - dogshare - buzzfeedanimals - buzzfeedau -
dog_share : #dogsofwa #dogshare #buzzfeedanimals #buzzfeedau
cookiefluffybum : Nawwwww 😍😍💜 @dog_share
brad.janson - mylilpet - kendrick_le_frenchie - patrickthedalmatian -
Woody is a gorgeous Victorian pup living in Abbotsford. He is 1 year old, energetic and very fun and is up for another other doggy pal who lives in his area to meet up with him and have an awesome park playdate. If you can be Woodys friends head over to #bettertogether #dogshare #victoria #dogsofvictoria #abbotsford
abbotsford - dogshare - 0400640489 - bettertogether - dogsofvictoria - victoria -
bjornthestaghoundx : Up for a play date and can't seem to figure the website out!
dog_share : Hey @bjornthestaghoundx - can we help you out? You can speak with Jess anytime on #0400640489 or email
brad.janson - kendrick_le_frenchie - lolathelongdog - heycarlton -
Hi Charlie! Charlie is a Beagle who lives in Yokine, WA. He is a happy dog who likes exploring, whether it's a park or beach and would love to have another friend who will visit him for playdates and burn some energy with him. If you can help Charlie then head over to and chat with Charlie today.
beagle - yolkine - dogsofperth - dogshare -
dog_share : #beagle #yolkine #dogsofperth #dogshare
kookieboxau - ollie_cavoodle_ - mylilpet - brad.janson -
Basil loves being around people! He doesn't like to be left alone for too long and gets separation anxiety so would love to find a companion to share a backyard with him some days. Basil is also looking for friends around Albert Park, VIC who would love to go for long walks and park playdates. If you can be a friend to Basil then chat with him at
dogsofmelbourne - aussiedogs - dogshare - buzzfeedau - albertpark - instadogs - sharingiscaring -
dog_share : #albertpark #dogsofmelbourne #Dogshare #instadogs #buzzfeedau #sharingiscaring #aussiedogs : This is awesome!
dog_share : Thanks
aud_one_outt : @lewirattray
mylilpet - yourpetclub - felicitebriggs - official_meows_of_insta -
Herbie is a friendly two year old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is very energetic, loves to run and loves to play ball and would love to find a friend to go for walks. He is a real investigator, especially around water. He is looking to make friends to go for trips to the beach or park, and would like to be able to do day long play dates when his pawrents have work. If you can help Herbie and live in or near Nailsworth, SA then head over to for free today.
gsp - dogsofadelaide - dogshare - dogsofsa - nailsworth -
dog_share : #GSP #Dogshare #nailsworth #dogsofsa #dogsofadelaide
cookiefluffybum : So so sweet @dog_share
felicitebriggs - yourpetclub - mylilpet - kiwi11.11.11 -
This is happiness #smithsbeach #gsp #beachrun #slomo #dogshare #phillipisland #dogsofmelbourne
dogsofmelbourne - gsp - dogshare - phillipisland - smithsbeach - beachrun - slomo -
bec_a_s : @jdrabyna
yourpetclub - manaandloki - darko.rajic - xo_a2 -
Hi Diego! Welcome to Dogshare! Diego is a 2 year old Border Collie who lives in Mont Albert, Box Hill area. He is very energetic, absolutely loves people and other dogs, tail is always wagging especially on long walks. He loves other dogs so much and is hoping to gain a play buddy for weekend stays, sharing his backyard and park playdates. Go to to meet Diego today!
dogsofmelbourne - bordercollie - dogshare - buzzfeedanimals - parkmates - pupdates - montalbert -
dog_share : #dogsofmelbourne #buzzfeedanimals #bordercollie #montalbert #pupdates #parkmates #dogshare
ollie_cavoodle_ - mylilpet - yourpetclub - ella_krestensen -
Czar is an English Cocker Spaniel who is very friendly loves his walk and cuddles and wanna always play fetch. He has a high energy and high fun level who would love to go for walks, have sleepovers on the weekend and meet at the park for a date. Czar lives in Ballarat so if you want to meet up with him then go to and get sharing with him today!
dogsofballarat - dogshare - buzzfeedanimals - cockerspaniel - ballarat - dailyfluff -
dog_share : #dogsofballarat #ballarat #buzzfeedanimals #dailyfluff #cockerspaniel #dogshare
felicitebriggs - yourpetclub - banksy_and_gracie - matdegilmalt -
Cheeko is Blue Nose cross Red Nose Pitbull who lives in the Kwinana area of WA. Cheeko is a frendly dog who loves attention and was brought up around other animals kids and people so would love to meet some new friends on park playdates to chase after sticks and balls thrown for him as well as go for long walks. If you can be a friend to Cheeko then sign up and and become friends with him today. #bettertogether #dogshare #dogsofwa #dogsofperth #pitbull
dogsofperth - dogsofwa - dogshare - bettertogether - pitbull -
felicitebriggs - yourpetclub - mylilpet - thegreenmandogwash -
Thanks @womansdayaus for featuring our client @dog_share in this week's issue! is Australia's only FREE dog sharing site. Genius! 🐶🐶 #dogshare #dogsofinstagram #puppies #cute
puppies - dogshare - dogsofinstagram - cute -
johannehonore - phoebealexandrarose - gemmalouise_may - celiagalpinphotography -
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