dmitridrjuchin - sendinggoodvibes -
slgrad87 : **good luck this week** #sendinggoodvibes #dmitridrjuchin
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rad painting at Paul Loya Gallery **thanks @paulloya for a great chill sesh today** #art #gallery #losangeles #painting #dmitridrjuchin
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madifair22 : 😱 see this again wit me in three weeks?
slgrad87 : @madifair22 new show in three weeks, come wit me to opening
madifair22 : @slgrad87 fak ya
slgrad87 : @madifair22 woohoo
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This album is every bit as good as the cover art. #nowplaying #fearfun #fatherjohnmisty #dmitridrjuchin
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mattjsmith83 : Who is that!?
mattjsmith83 : Awesome cover
simbasimbasimbasimba : It's Father John Misty mate. Alt country album, really nice songs with good lyrics, sometimes pretty funny. Check out the song "Hollywood Cemetery Forever".
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Hi dad
dmitridrjuchin -
joeippolito : Your dad is Tom Selleck?!?!!
lolololori : Just an exact lookalike, unless he's not telling me something!
lolololori : #dmitridrjuchin design!
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Anyone knows who does these #TomSeleck series?
tomseleck - dmitridrjuchin -
glwrvrs : Awesome!
bartmaes : someone stole the saddle of that bike!
astrodub : @bartmaes haha! It's common safety measure in NY in order for it not to be stollen.
zmandella : I'd love that as a poster.
bartmaes : in belgium(where i live) students remove the front wheel.
bartmaes : i welded all bolts to my bike. Its an old piece of sh** but still rides perfectly...
astrodub : @bartmaes they take the wheel off too :)
shandaleah : 4sure I c Tom Selleck
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