Fire district 14 🔥🚒 #firedept #firefighter #district14
firedept - firefighter - district14 -
juniormendezzz - lili_badillo - lilycolyer - ivygene -
#polish #girl #district14
polish - girl - district14 -
dorciiaxx : Jaka czikaa 😂❤
gabsxf : za śliczne :(
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Fire is catching 🌇 #sunsetsucker #district14
sunsetsucker - district14 -
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Hahahaha. Since mockingjay's out.... XD here's something! @teddysphotos #cute #HungerGames #scene #rep #district14 #parody #EdSheeran #love #MyMan
cute - love - myman - hungergames - rep - scene - district14 - edsheeran - parody -
dreamingeleganceapparelco : Heyy! What do you think about becoming an official rep for us!? Shoot us a text ASAP, our number is in our bio!
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I am a survivor, and survivors don't back down they keep fighting ♡ #hungergames #katnisseverdeen #peetamelark #jenniferlawrence #joshhitcheron #capitol #mockingjay #thegirlonfire #district12 #district14 #gael #coin #effietriket #haymitch Tap to credit
gael - capitol - jenniferlawrence - hungergames - haymitch - district14 - thegirlonfire - district12 - joshhitcheron - mockingjay - coin - effietriket - peetamelark - katnisseverdeen -
santahatsarecool : Love this💞
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They almost won #hashtaghunt #soclose #district14 #doesntexist #uprisingncc
soclose - doesntexist - uprisingncc - hashtaghunt - district14 -
cdsoto : Muh guuuurls 😘
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I love my second family. #honorchorus #district14 #seniormix
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kaileybug3 : Awww
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Alaycı Kuşlar :D #HungerGames #Mockingjay #MayTheOddsBeEverInYourFavor #IHaveAMessageFor #PresidentSnow #IfWeBurnYouBurnWithUs #YouKnowNothingPresidentSnow #RealOrNotReal #WeVolunteerAsTributes #StayAlive #ImStillBettingOnYou #KitabiOkuFilmiSeyret #BestFriends #Awesome #Amazing #AçlıkOyunları #AlaycıKuş #PhotoOfTheDay #Movie #Part1 #District14
alaycıkuş - hungergames - awesome - district14 - imstillbettingonyou - youknownothingpresidentsnow - kitabiokufilmiseyret - ifweburnyouburnwithus - movie - stayalive - bestfriends - amazing - part1 - ihaveamessagefor - presidentsnow - wevolunteerastributes - mockingjay - maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor - açlıkoyunları - photooftheday - realornotreal -
shining_movie : cool :)
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Honor Chorus was so much fun! Can't believe it's already over! #HonorChorus #District14 #SeniorMixedEnsemble #FantasticGroup #SoMuchFun
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Western Regionals! So much fun XD #Leadership #theleadergames2014 #ThisAintYoDream #Dude.BeNice #District14 #WeGangsta
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soooo_n_i_a : #SoniasSeniorYear
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Here's a picture of the choir I was in. We all sounded amazing!😄 #gmea #district14
gmea - district14 -
gods_helper_nolan_w : Yasss y'all did awesome
she.loves.money - c_coberly - squirt522 - indiadm -
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chandude1 : I had a wonderful time at #Honorschorus this year with some of my bffs!😄 #gmea #district14
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I just finished my last Honor Chorus concert ever... My heart is completely broken as I say goodbye to the amazing experience I was privileged to enjoy each yea of my high school career. This year's choir however, was by far the best I've ever sang with. Thank you for all who made this experience possible. I love you guys so much. May your love for music never die. 💛 @hboleary15 @ronnie31370 @ajsampson @felixfeles @madwalle @ericjasso97 @tara__nicolee @alyssafaith28 #District14 #HonorChorus
honorchorus - district14 -
ronnie31370 : Aww Jen♥♥♥ I love you!
thesharksbait : Love you too Ronald 😉😘 @ronnie31370
ajsampson : I love you
thesharksbait : Your solo was AMAZING!! @ajsampson
hboleary15 : Guys, I got home and cried because the day is over @ajsampson @thesharksbait @ronnie31370
thesharksbait : 😭 I know the feeling!!!! Ugh! I don't want it to be over!!!! @hboleary15
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May the odds be ever in your favor✌️ #KatnissEverdeen #hungergames #mockingjay #district14 #braids #eullababydoll
eullababydoll - mockingjay - hungergames - braids - katnisseverdeen - district14 -
mockingjay_pictures : So cool
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So I'm reaaaaaaaaally interested in running for LTG for Division 14 Key Club but it's such a commitment and I'd be worried that I wouldn't be able to pull it off but it sounds like so much fun and I'd love to be able to be on that stage at Fall Rally North and cry as I watch my amazing district be the most spirited you'll ever see, all cheering in unison and representing to the max. I want to be on that stage at DCON with my fellow LTGs from California, Nevada, and Hawaii and crying as we are announced as the new representatives. I want it so bad, but I'm so worried it will interfere with my other responsibilities and programs that I refuses to leave such as the Youth Focus Accolades or the Miss Butte County Scholarship Program. Running for LTG would overlap my plans to compete and hopefully be Miss Butte County (and before you even go there, NO I DONT COMPETE IN BEAUTY PADGEANTS). And I can't put one position before the other, that is of course to say if I ever even get either of these positions but I honestly don't want to only be able to do one with 100%. UGH THE STRUGGLE. #KeyClub #DCM #DCON #District14 #BlueRobots #KeyClubLTG #thestruggle
thestruggle - keyclub - dcm - keyclubltg - dcon - bluerobots - district14 -
0tony.curiel0 : Did u sot behind me in avid?
not.your.average.bri : @0tony.curiel0 maybe... I was in the freshman avid class for the presentations so that might have been me
tomlinsonalyssa : You can run for miss butte till your 21. My advice to you (of course you don't have listen to it) is to do this because I see how bad you want it! You have the right motivation and leadership skills to do this. I know you would do this to the best of your ability! And that's what counts! @not.your.average.bri
not.your.average.bri : @tomlinsonalyssa haha thanks! But the problem is that I'm planning to leave butte county when I go to college so i don't have a very large window, but thank you for the advice! 💕
_alexisamaya_ - mackannvee - cesarscytrix - yesseniaangel2015 -
Surrounded by so much talent. I love these people so much. Sad to know this is our last year of making music together 😭 #Seniors2015 #HonorChorus #District14 @ronnie31370 @hboleary15 @felixfeles
seniors2015 - honorchorus - district14 -
ronnie31370 : Its so bittersweet!
thesharksbait : That's a fantastic way to put it 😁 @ronnie31370
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"Has any told you you bear a striking resemblance to Dina Lohan" #sakibomb #hungergamespregame #mockingjay #district14 #katniss
sakibomb - mockingjay - hungergamespregame - katniss - district14 -
bryanponton : So offended.
lainap : It's #district13 ...
cmargaretich : Way better looking than Dina Lohan!!!
krisrobertsx3 : I just saw Mocking Jay @bozshy :)
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Movie date 🎥↣❥ #district14
district14 -
alestellarosemary : Date? 😳
moises_207 : Tfti
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The Sr. High Staff is all about that "Katniss." #MoviePremiere #CatNess
moviepremiere - catness - district14 -
captainlandos : #art
bradyjohnston : #District14
ksheakelley - josh_jelinek23 - itsa_daything - clayaustell -
CATniss Squad. #District14 #MockingJayPremiere
mockingjaypremiere - district14 -
stewniki : @mizzykate you look so snooty here!! LOVE IT!
joshuathomas24 : That guy on the right is picking me up from the airport tomorrow morning.
mizzykate : @stewniki you know how I do!!! #sassqueen
meltazer : Where oh where did those shirts come from?? 😂
calbright95 : oh my
make__it__snow : I need that shirt like I need oxygen.
had_donk : 🙌🙌🙌
tommyg_ray : Somebody better have gotten me a shirt. #imabepissed
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THE HUNGER GAMES ❤❤😍 MOCKING JAY PART 1 " If we burn, you'll burn with us" TOMORROW NA 😍😍 #HungerGames #Mockingjay #MockingjayPart1 #JenniferLawrence #KatnissEverdeen #PetaMellark #District14 #Tomorrow #excited #movie #cinemas #newpaper #broadsheet
mockingjaypart1 - petamellark - excited - jenniferlawrence - hungergames - broadsheet - district14 - newpaper - cinemas - mockingjay - movie - tomorrow - katnisseverdeen -
kurasu_ : Lovely
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#treresidences #newlaunch #newproperty #district14 #singaporecondo #singaporerealestate #singapore #sgproperties #sgproperty #sgpropertyagents #sgpropertyagent #MBAssociates #MBAdivision #MBAfans #realestate #property #huttons #huttonsasia
treresidences - singapore - sgpropertyagents - mbadivision - district14 - newproperty - sgpropertyagent - mbassociates - huttons - mbafans - huttonsasia - newlaunch - sgproperties - singaporecondo - singaporerealestate - property - realestate - sgproperty -
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Training was obviously pretty intense 🚒🚑🔥 #district14 @oliviapiehler @lenavetkov @moe.david
district14 -
cave_ivy14 : Are u going to be a firefighter?!
kendrahollibaugh : I am a firefighter
cave_ivy14 : How old r u? And that's awesome!! Is it fun?
kendrahollibaugh : I'm 18, Yes It's fun
cave_ivy14 : When did u start learning or training to be a firefighter?
cave_ivy14 : Sorry for asking a lot if questions lol I'm just curious. Because I want to be a fire fighter I just don't know everything about it
kendrahollibaugh : It's No problem. I began training last year in January. But i was still 17 so i could do as much as i can now
cave_ivy14 : Oh ok it seems really fun!
gavinmcg93 - wesley65 - kashflow686 - _sully_z -
The simple things in life make the best memories of our lives. #Singapore #District14 #Quote
quote - district14 - singapore -
bryanszxc - piggytanjiji - rohini_1405 - xojoeylim -
Myself and US Rep. Kathy Castor. A pleasure meeting you and looking forward to working with you again! #ParksToThePolls #District14
parkstothepolls - district14 -
king_nev : She is so awesome I met her a few times
mrleonard387 - alyson.laurel - rinaldi_06 - niasonice -
Amazing diving touchdown by @mvo_juice14!! #Allaquaeverything #Noflexzone #District14 #Royalty #miamidolphins #finsup
noflexzone - royalty - allaquaeverything - miamidolphins - finsup - district14 -
ncaa.design : Dope!
miamidolphinnation : @mvo_juice14
vcast305 : I knew starting him last nite was a great idea .....#FantasyFootballGuru...lol... #PhinzUp
brendan_aguiar : @theogbraddyboy
e11designs : @mvo_juice14 🔥
miamb113 : That's tough
e11designs : @mvo_juice14 your so good
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No Flex Zone #District14 #Royalty
royalty - district14 -
menendez_joshua : @appleiphoneinstantgiveaway just got my free iPhone
jessemosset : But you fumbled
thomas_nomides : @dallas_football_allday_everday caption No Flex Zone
dallas_football_allday_everday : No flex ZONE@Thomas_nombies
travell_black3 : A Yo Man I'm 13 Years Old And You Make Me Go Out There And Put In Work I Watch You Be For All My Game I Want To Grow Up And Be A Stand Out Player In The NFL Keep It Up Rookie Of The Year 2014 2015 And Can I Get A Shout Out From You
thecardguy13 : Hey man I am a big fan I have been following you every since collage at lsu you will always be one of my favorite players just your attitude and the way you play you are the best and I'm a huge fan it would mean a lot to respond I know you will have a great year and ps I collect a ton of your football cards. God Bless @royal_xiv
kvankirk6067 : I fucks with you mane your doing your thing in Miami . We all we got
josh_kasalko13 : ROY Contender? I THINK SO! Happy birthday!!!!
bumblebremoss - jazzy2sw33t - nhopcus_2 - kidd_vince1 -
Happy Campers in the middle of nowhere, trying to get our signatures #semmelweisstyle #wasteoftime #district14
district14 - wasteoftime - semmelweisstyle -
iseliinhansen : #funtimes
idahhove - maryamamith - marteull - hugrunjons -
#NewYearsEve #District14 #Valladolid #Spain #Logotype #logo #BowTie #brand #Event #December #Nochevieja #Cotillon
newyearseve - bowtie - december - brand - logotype - district14 - valladolid - nochevieja - logo - cotillon - event - spain -
maria.garcialopez.77920 - popi_pucela - iamdcavaree - andrewklgn -
reading: The Fantastic Voyage of Lady Rozenbilt #comics #district14 #ladyrozenbilt #humanoids #comicbooks #reading
humanoids - ladyrozenbilt - comics - comicbooks - reading - district14 -
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Thank You, Lord God ♥ "Good things are done; Greater things are yet to come." #Hardwork #Studies #Duties #Dreams #Goals #Dedication #Love #Diligence #Life #District14 #BPS ♥ #Always #InJesusName #GreatOmnipotentDaddy ♥
life - love - diligence - always - greatomnipotentdaddy - district14 - hardwork - bps - duties - goals - dedication - studies - dreams - injesusname -
_third_eye_metaphysics - cajayonalyssa - pat_dantes - alexxandrantonio -
Hundred pictures to eight XDD #INC #LastSem #SemBrk #Countdown #District14 #Senior♥
countdown - sembrk - senior - inc - lastsem - district14 -
zyrelific : Cute (Y)
zyrelific - charlotte.coburn - niexokki - yourheart26zyxzjs -
Thirsty? Come on in to #District14 for a beer or 7! Dollar off all brews from 3-7 🍻 #Milwaukee #BayView #happyhour #bethereorwewillfindyou
bayview - milwaukee - bethereorwewillfindyou - happyhour - district14 -
adam1172 - jayflap - mwmicrobrews - quizmastertrivia -
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