Sure is. So #disappointing. #fake
disappointing - fake -
dahliaa_cappuccioo - teresacervero - stayce41 - evanblooms -
#disappointing and #sloppy #inktober from a comic I did in 2014
disappointing - inktober - sloppy -
spookyhoneyjams : (About a pickpocket)
obzejta - kabreirainh - squidnebula -
This isn't some artsy photo, our power is out until approximately 1p. Edison found a transformer underwater and is doing an emergency repair. #crying #disappointing #ClassicCoffeeCA
disappointing - classiccoffeeca - crying -
auderpop174 : #crying
lizzie_poo81 : Good thing I came in when I did @classiccoffeeca
classiccoffeeca : Power's back up! Hazzah!
lindsshutch : @classiccoffeeca πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Phew! #seeyousoon
krissyray10 - victoriavolpei - glendorachamber - alanshead -
When Your best friend πŸ‘¬ forgets to wish you at 12 am πŸ•› on your birthday πŸŽπŸŽ‚πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ!!! πŸ˜” #disappointing #sad
disappointing - sad -
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It tastes like broken dreams and disappointment. And pot pourri. #boost #energydrink #potpourri #winterspice #ick #disappointing
winterspice - ick - disappointing - energydrink - boost - potpourri -
suchaprettyfire : Just looking at that gives me heart palpitations.
draodoirmna : Caffeinated beverages are my vice. This put me off for life. @suchaprettyfire it's genuinely foul.
sophiarihannaa - pinkgloria.rosenfeld -
The EPA claims on their website that "The [ oil and natural gas] industry is the largest industrial source of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a group of chemicals that contribute to the formation of ground-level ozone (smog). Exposure to ozone is linked to a wide range of health effects, including aggravated asthma, increased emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and premature death." Why then, in their new #ozonestandard, did they bend to industry lobbying efforts by establishing the weakest limit recommended by their scientific advisory panel? #Disappointing. #theairwebreathe Photo: Shiprock, New Mexico covered in smog.
theairwebreathe - oil - ozonestandard - energyindustry - cleanair4kids - publiclands - disappointing - shiprock - cleanair - naturalgas - ozone - newmexico - smog - protectnature - epa -
sjcalliance : #oil #naturalgas #CleanAir4Kids #cleanair #energyindustry #newmexico #Shiprock #ozone #epa #smog #protectnature #publiclands
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Tried this today n i tell u Its so disappointing 😞 #kitkat#icecream#disappointing #ε€ͺ雀巒#πŸ˜“
disappointing - icecream - πŸ˜“ - ε€ͺ雀巒 - kitkat -
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Some guy kept calling amd txting me asking "jim" if it was ok to lend him my house bc he and some friends need a place to stay.... . . Point is I txted him this pic and said "I am not Jim"....he was very apologetic... . . #idkifishouldbeproudor #hewassosorryicouldntenjoyit #hemademefeelbad #goddamnit #bts #bangtan #btsarmy #bangtansonyeondan #bangtanboys #jhope #jimin #jin #v #rapmonster #suga #jungkook #hoseok #namjoon #minyoongi #seokjin #taehyung #taetae #chimchim #alien #goldenmaknae #eommajin #jhorse #minsuga #disappointing #diduknowRAPstoodforRythymAndPoetry
taehyung - eommajin - hoseok - jhope - seokjin - v - suga - alien - hewassosorryicouldntenjoyit - hemademefeelbad - taetae - jimin - minyoongi - bangtansonyeondan - diduknowrapstoodforrythymandpoetry - jungkook - bangtan - disappointing - bts - idkifishouldbeproudor - jhorse - jin - namjoon - bangtanboys - btsarmy - goddamnit - rapmonster - goldenmaknae - chimchim - minsuga -
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Last dinner in Vegas #disappointing #don'tordertherisotto#giadiadelaurentiis #giadalasvegas #couldhavemadeitbettermyself #notworthit @giadavegas @giadadelaurentiis
disappointing - giadiadelaurentiis - couldhavemadeitbettermyself - notworthit - don - giadalasvegas -
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Out of 114 #volunteers who signed up for #YYZEmergEx @torontopearson, only 60-odd actually showed up. #Disappointing #commitment
disappointing - yyzemergex - commitment - volunteers -
suncountry737 : I wish I could of signed up
suncountry737 - athome_jones - matthew.ishappynow - cpt.yusuf -
Tuesday is so far from the weekend. 😩#disappointing #MyPhoneIsTooBig #queer #PrettyDouchey #gay #lgbtq #nike #nixon #pacsun
prettydouchey - gay - nike - myphoneistoobig - lgbtq - disappointing - queer - pacsun - nixon -
lunowear : looks awesome!
yvette06 - mr_marcosvinicius - markpereirapereira - kourtybug -
🚽 Les Trouvailles de Louise 🎲 1 We don't often go this low, but we cannot overlook the fact that one of Brussels cutest brunch spots have one of the most disappointing #ladiesrooms we've come across. A cardboard foldable sliding door with no lock, so tight we could barely bend down to a squat position without having to open the door to make room for our legs, unisex and the list goes on... #toiletreview #powderroom #disappointing #goinginstyle #notsomuch #instatoilet #unisex #tight #LLBrussels #Brussels
llbrussels - toiletreview - unisex - tight - ladiesrooms - disappointing - powderroom - notsomuch - instatoilet - goinginstyle - brussels -
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Hell hath no fury like a girl without Netflix for two days @talktalkUK this is not even a joke, you mess up our bill & I get left with regular TV, no internet & have to ring four times to be told it might take 2-3 more days to fix 😑😏 #badcustomerservice #helpme #tuesdayblues #talktalk #disappointing
talktalk - helpme - disappointing - badcustomerservice - tuesdayblues -
cazlad - mssazzles - emmiloo88 - sibz88 -
This is Dylan O'Brien, star of the Maze Runner franchise. In this photo he is on the Kelly & Michael talk show joking about stealing sacred artifacts from a Native American Burial Ground that they were given permission to film on. They were told not to take anything, which was obviously ignored. It's hard for me to fathom the type of person you have to be to do that, and then on top of it go on National TV and joke about it. Celebrities in today's society are put on pedestals simply because they are famous. This is such a great chance for us to really be reminded that there are some truly inspiring people in our day to day lives that go unheralded. Let's start to focus more attention on the people who are inspiring everyday, in a million little ways, instead of giving so much of our power and adoration to people who have not necessarily shown themselves to be deserving of it. #alignedlight
nativeamerican - disrespectful - talkshow - growup - celebrities - undeserving - disappointing - falseidols - shameful - leadingman - badbehavior - burialground - mindboggling - dylanobrien - badkarma - sacred - alignedlight - mazerunner - societalvalues - rolemodels - kellyandmichaelshow -
alignedlight : #dylanobrien #celebrities #mazerunner #leadingman #disrespectful #shameful #disappointing #falseidols #talkshow #kellyandmichaelshow #nativeamerican #sacred #burialground #growup #rolemodels #badbehavior #undeserving #badkarma #societalvalues #mindboggling
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Mood of the day. #life #love #sad #πŸ’” #badtimes #disappointing #fool
fool - disappointing - life - love - πŸ’” - badtimes - sad -
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Good news and bad news. Good news is I am pick for next year's Official Soviet Calendar of Sexy Moustached Men, and for October! (Is very important month and have 31 days so I be see longer!) Bad news is am have to share month with 'sexy' twins. Because of disappointment I am look sad in picture. Also bad news is Official Soviet Calendar of Sexy Women is more popular for some reason. I buy fifty copies of calendar to give to friends but nobody want! They look happy but when see is men calendar they say no. #disappointing #mroctober #redhotoctober #sexytwins?! #moustache #calendar #anyonewantcalendar? #stalin #sexystalin #womennotmoresexythanstalin #photoshoot #goodnews #badnews
sexystalin - womennotmoresexythanstalin - anyonewantcalendar - mroctober - redhotoctober - disappointing - stalin - badnews - calendar - photoshoot - moustache - goodnews - sexytwins -
mahoneysbeardbrew - razorhater - ton_____i -
So very disappointed #disappointed #disappointing #unacceptable #burnbabyburn #work #isitdoneyet #isitfridayyet
disappointing - burnbabyburn - isitfridayyet - isitdoneyet - work - disappointed - unacceptable -
the_mattcade : @andrearn22
the_mattcade - carnalrogue - cadyherron1990 - brendasayshi -
disappointing -
yutingweng : Amazing!!
e_h_hm : πŸ‘ͺ
shaojiehsu - hsinhua_han - nash0804 - polochou419 -
I'm so loathe to post this #oreoreview. I was so, so excited guys. I looked forward to these #pumpkinspiceoreos my entire vacation. @leilanipaco fucked her #quad up while I was gone and when i got home I made her dinner and delivered it with this @oreo to review. To preface: she is NOT BASIC. She doesn't really GAF about #pumpkinspice. I love it, but not obsessively, as a rule. A third reviewer- @sorrymyphonedied- text her review to me after I dropped off the package to her later. In a twist of events, I reviews these twice- once sober and once drunk, and am counting each review separately, so four total panelists. I think Leilani's gratitude for the delicious dinner overcame her, and she gave them a 9. Or she's drunk. Iliana and sober me both independently came to the conclusion that these cookies smell exactly like a pumpkin spice candle πŸ˜‘ waxy. I detected a slight cinnamon taste but no actual spice beyond that, and she detected nothing... Just cookie with a weird waxy filling. Ill was harsh, have them a straight up 1, while I was kinder, rating them at a 3. All three of us agreed that it was a glaring oversight for #Oreo to have used a plain golden cookie, as opposed to the graham cookie they used for s'moreos and key lime. Drunk me- who LOVES #pumpkin- only even could manage to give these abominations a 5. I didn't even want to drunkenly eat all of them, or even more than one of them. That's bad. WHY DONT THEY TASTE LIKE PUMPKIN AT ALL?! Or contain a single spice?! Even counting the outlier, these barely get an average of a 4⃣.5⃣ Truly #disappointing πŸ‘ŽπŸ» and anyone who tells you these are delicious can't taste a fucking thing, or is delusional, having gotten too excited and is pretending through their disappointment. These and the key lime are the only #Oreos I've decided to give the entire package away because I hated them so much. They're as gross as Leilani's huge #bruise. #macros at 3.5F/10C/0.5P per #cookie- but not worth it. #pumpkinspicefail #thesesuck #SquatRackShenanigans #basiccookies #basicAF #gross #notworththemacros #iifym #ifitfitsyourmacros #xxfitness #letdown #sodisappointed #stopruiningautumn #tookonefortheteam #trustme #sandiegofitness
squatrackshenanigans - oreos - basicaf - stopruiningautumn - trustme - xxfitness - tookonefortheteam - bruise - disappointing - basiccookies - cookie - quad - gross - pumpkinspice - letdown - oreo - sodisappointed - sandiegofitness - thesesuck - pumpkinspiceoreos - notworththemacros - macros - pumpkinspicefail - iifym - ifitfitsyourmacros - oreoreview - pumpkin -
zen_tits : No idea, but I'd probably eat it anyway. But not to worry, we're having lots of soup and broccoli. Kid's gotta learn sometime that we don't always get what we want!
biggestlittlepickle : @zen_tits πŸ˜‚β˜ΊοΈ good parenting!
zen_tits : All three of us are stubborn assholes! This'll be interesting.
gokelsgo : The Trader Joe ones are SO good. The cookie is actually flavored and spicey.
tiffi014 : Lolol best review ever
kmt_1778 : @biggestlittlepickle how sad and unfortunate. Big dreams for this little cookie. Oh wellllll. May your Oreo future be bright and full of yumminess.
missyscorpio : @oxy_jen1 the berry ones taste like strawberry chocolate cake. And the brownie batter are insane @biggestlittlepickle
missyscorpio : @biggestlittlepickle @oxy_jen1 and yes. Quest pumpkin bars were a total letdown
magicalprincesspartiesaz - gunzandbuns - c.williams_25 - fitness.kitt -
It was a beautiful day out. But still too warm for fall #disappointing #fallvibe #colder #quiksilver #shoes #samsedit #ootd
disappointing - quiksilver - shoes - ootd - fallvibe - samsedit - colder -
zamudio55 : My sister and I were saying the same thing today. Curse this weather!!! Lol
laurajmajewski : Those shoes are so rad!!
spahkward : I agree. Bring on the 55 degrees! πŸ‚πŸπŸ’¨β˜οΈ
sageherr : You look so delightfully fallish! I'm ready for the cool weather! β˜”οΈ
stylebyavery - hareganchan - bccreativemedia - angelaa.mariee -
Of course this bracelet I was most excited about in this season's box was missing from mine.. disappointing. Also my whole box seemed beat up inside and out. Had issues with summer's box too with damaged items! Ugh! I love the items but I'm not sure if I'll continue subbing with the fact I've had issues twice in a row, maybe I'll stick around to see how winter works out for me.. at least I've only had good experiences with the customer service, but it does really does take the excitement I initially had down a notch. @fabfitfun #fabfitfun #disappointing @katieakitchens
disappointing - fabfitfun -
katieakitchens : Hey! Contact and they will make sure you are taken care of
briana_gr : I've had issues back to back also. They do always send out my missing/damaged items it's just annoying!
edivvofficial : ❀
jessehkaw - briana_gr - anholdaway - littleluludreamerqueen -
What has happened to our country? #Disappointing #Wrongonsomanylevels
disappointing - wrongonsomanylevels -
bcrump289 - zeekypoo - lazy_lying_leo - southernsquad -
#Repost @sportscenter with @repostapp ・・・ BREAKING: Nationals fire manager Matt Williams. (via @washingtonpost) What message would you send former Nationals skipper Matt Williams after World Series predictions don't even materialize to as much as a playoff berth? #thebaseballgram #telegram #playoffbaseball #mlb #washingtonnationals #worldseries #disappointing
mlb - worldseries - washingtonnationals - telegram - playoffbaseball - disappointing - thebaseballgram - repost -
grantcasper - ther_molnar -
Thanks for the #widn @mrs_wic πŸ’œ I have just watched Doc Martin and I wondered if the jelly might be bearable drowned in cream?... won't lie I'm not finding it remotely inspiring.. 😒...Keep it for childrens parties I say πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ anyhow it's getting late so I won't tag but always happy to hear from you, and I hope you've had a fabulous night...πŸ’•πŸ˜™ #saynotojelly #urghh #bland #mylife #disappointing #justaddvodka πŸ˜† #kidsdessert #foodstyling #instadessert #foodphotography #notmycupoftea #leaveitforthekids #singlecream πŸŠπŸ“
saynotojelly - notmycupoftea - justaddvodka - leaveitforthekids - kidsdessert - widn - singlecream - disappointing - instadessert - urghh - mylife - bland - foodphotography - foodstyling -
clairemb12 : @jeniferojenny yep for sure... 😒😒😒xxxx
gooseygooseyganderton : Haha good job they didn't have that on the menu then (I didn't succeed BTW so had to content myself with jelly and ice cream at children's parties) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fionapye : JelloπŸ˜œπŸ‘ŽπŸ»
meerustyle : It looks pretty good @clairemb12 despite tasting bland! Hope an episode of Doc Martin made up for it! Night night 😘
lcghiggins : I enjoy that show
mrs_wic : Thank you for sharing 😘 xx
louiseannsanderson : Jelly is *definitely* not a favourite of mine. It always looks so delicious but then when you put it in your mouth, something about the texture or lack of taste.. ugh...!! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚ xxx
brumblodwyn : @clairemb12 def not a jelly fan 😱
emma_jaynes_ - franfine666 - kareema1971 - terricrews -
This is a sad day that comes ever year the closing of my pool #disappointing
disappointing -
maxytaxi10 : Rookie mistake
kendra_carolynn - torcutt25 - pmb4554 - johannbalukis -
We live in a society where if you heard it from your dads sisters aunties brothers mums granddad quarter cousins friends boss' divorced wife's doctors sisters in laws dog it just be true.... #fuckwhatyouheard #peopletalkshit #people #cunts #true #disappointing #instapic #squaready #gayaf #100flavorsuk #majestic #gaystagram #whitagram #igdaily #gay #hashtag
gay - people - instapic - disappointing - igdaily - fuckwhatyouheard - hashtag - majestic - true - peopletalkshit - gayaf - 100flavorsuk - gaystagram - whitagram - cunts - squaready -
schroty - exhale_it - disneygay - nadinetomkinson -
#disappointing meal at #thefleecewitney at the weekend #food #foodie #foodblog #foodporn #blog #blogger #instafood #fdblog #review #underwhelmed #overpriced
fdblog - foodblog - thefleecewitney - foodie - overpriced - foodporn - food - blogger - review - underwhelmed - instafood - disappointing - blog -
tawandarefranc - krisson_n - thegoldendiary - ertobln -
Dissapointing product alert. I always talk about products I love, so here is something different. I picked up this @covergirl quad when I was in LA, because I liked the colours. I recently filmed a tutorial with it, but wasnt happy with it (so I'm not uploading it). And I think part of that was the palette itself. The pigmentation is just not great and it doesnt stick to the eyelids very well - even with a base. I even used primer water to help it apply, which helped only a tiny bit. Overall, I don't recomend this product. #makeup #beauty #beautyvlog #makeupjunkie #beautyguru #beautyvlogger #beautyyoutuber #review #honestreview #youtuber #covergirl #disappointing #quad #eyeshadow
beautyvlog - covergirl - beauty - beautyguru - review - makeup - eyeshadow - beautyyoutuber - disappointing - makeupjunkie - beautyvlogger - quad - youtuber - honestreview -
menotkate - amadalashes - sophiastorerxo - carminlovexd -
YEY!!! 400 followers πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Btw this is what happens when we do Michael Jackson for musicπŸ˜’ #disappointing β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
disappointing -
bratailey : Ahahahaha
paulid19 : WDF !!!! πŸ˜‚ men
anna_evanswoolfx : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
aoife_harrington_tolfrey_ - towuros - joanna_ethomas - mylife_as_ericka -
Just found out that I accidentally sold my cable for my computer drawing pad with my blackberry because they have the same connectors, this is my makeshift cable for now till I get a new one😐 #Wacom #drawingpad #computer #disappointing #intuos #photoshoptime #bummer
disappointing - computer - photoshoptime - bummer - intuos - wacom - drawingpad -
wacom - photo_adicto - _kayla_33 - cladio -
I couldn't figure out how to make this hotel room view look bad like I usually do. Sorry to all of my fan. #disappointing
disappointing -
jshambeau : bummer. I always look forward to these
matt21164 : I knew you would be mad @jshambeau
jshambeau - seoanelol - lexxirok - bianca_101 -
There goes the gains... 😏 that's disappointing. #mp #musclepharm #combatcrunchbar #protein #gains #lackthereof #disappointing #halfgains #fitness #proteinbar #nutrition #funsize #notfunny
nutrition - proteinbar - lackthereof - gains - funsize - halfgains - notfunny - disappointing - combatcrunchbar - mp - musclepharm - fitness - protein -
donnelllmclean - ashleyyfitt - craigvigil - allornothing_nutrition -
#disappointing #moment #you #get #to #work #and #its #not #on #fire πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ #stupidjob #stupidpeople #stupidmonday #fml #iwishitburnsdown
and - get - fire - disappointing - moment - stupidmonday - not - its - on - work - stupidpeople - to - fml - iwishitburnsdown - you - stupidjob -
moussaxlim - emblngr - mark_hnk - aksent401 -
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