"Harry." I repeated, testing his name on my own lips. God, he looked like a Harry. I imagined his name to be something else, like Christian Grey. Dear God, please make me any less nervous than I already was. I could still feel myself shaking from his touch, I just needed more and more of it. "Do you want another glass?" He spoke lowly, and I faked a smile in response. Maybe if I drank enough then it would take away my nerves. I heard drinking alcohol calmed you down, I should have at least give it a try. I nodded at Mr Styles (Harry for that matter) and he eagerly poured me another glass of red wine. "It sure gets lonely here when my wife and kids aren't home." He spoke aloud, but not really directed to me. I hummed in response, letting myself inhale the aroma of the wine before taking large gulps. I didn't want to get drunk, because I anted to remember this moment for as long as I lived. "I'm glad you're here to keep me company." He whispered to himself, and I wanted to jump up on the coffee table and confess my undying love for him. He was happy that I was here? This was fantastic. "Are you on your own often?" I asked out of interest. Maybe if he was then I could 'accidentally' turn up at his house more and more. He sighed to himself, hesitating as his beautiful green eyes turned to me. "Not really, I'm always with my wife." I scowled, hearing any acknowledgement of her made me want to be sick. • • ~9 likes for part 9~ >all credit to this story goes to 1d_jollygood on<
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"C'mon, I won't tell." He pouted, an innocence in his tone as he motioned the glass to me. God, what was I suppose to do? Take it? My frail hands weakly cupped the glass, and seeing the obvious smirk on his face intimidated me to no end. I didn't want to do this, but I had to make myself look grown up in front of Mr Styles. He grabbed the wine bottle shortly after, and faintly poured it over my glass- filling it to the top. He poured it into his glass also, taking long sips as he still kept his intense eyes on me- mentally pushing me to drink out of the glass. I gulped in fear, slowly bringing the glass to my lips before I exhaled. This was it. I tasted the bitter liquid, squinting my eyes shut as I began to take short sips of the intoxicating drink. As I was about to lower the glass, I felt the pressure of the glass press into my skin harder. I shrieked when I saw Mr Styles' fingers pushing at the base of my own glass, persuading (practically forcing) the liquid to go down my throat. "Drink it all," he whispered. "Don't want to waste any, do we?" I coughed roughly, causing him to withdraw his fingers from the glass as I started to let the wine drool from the corner of my mouth. Great. I bet I looked so unattractive whilst coughing my guts out and spilling the ien all over my face and chest. He momentarily chuckled, and placed firm hand on my back. I froze at his delicate, electrifying touch. I stopped coughing instantly, and stared t him in awe as he continued patting my back softly. "It's all down your mouth." He murmured with a smirk, and I could've thanked the heavens when he hooked his fingers under the ends of his shirt sleeve and brought it over to my lips- wiping away the mess. "Sorry Mr Styles." I whispered in embarrassment, staring at his now red stained sleeve as he slowly pulled back. Oddly, I missed having his sleeve on my mouth. "It's fine," he murmured, biting his perfect bottom lip straight after. "And it's the way." • • ~8 likes for part 8~ >all credit to this story goes to 1d_jollygood on<
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I mean, who needs a best man after the wedding, right? lol 🙊#dirtyharry #champions #chipsdemise
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"U-Uh, I guess I could get a taxi." I stammered. Fuck, stupid stutter. Mr Styles' eyebrows frowned in concern, and after that he shook his head relentlessly. "I don't trust those drivers. I'm not letting an innocent girl like you get in a car with them." Murmured, licking his plump, pink lips straight after. I can be innocent, just for you, Mr Styles. I felt an ache down below, signaling me to stop staring at his lips. "I don't know how I'm going to get home then." I tried not to shriek as I spoke, holding my lip down to stop me from breathing to heavily. "I guess you'll just have to wait here until your mom gets back." He simply smiled at me, but I could tell he didn't mean it. I bet he was so annoyed that I was here to ruin his 'alone time'. I stared at his lips constantly, wondering how on earth such lovely pinkness could fulfill them. I exhaled profoundly, trying to remind myself not to get to carried away by his charming looks. He merely strolled to his perfectly soft, leather couch- taking a seat before his eyes caught hold of me standing I front of him. "Aren't you going to sit down?" I panicked, and in response I let out a strange whimper. He stared at me in a bewildering manner, watching me timidly take a seat as far away from him as possible. Believe me, it's not that I didn't want to sit close to him; because I sure did. It was just that I felt so frigid and weak, I was too scared to. "Do you want some wine?" He asked straightforwardly, artlessly holding up a rather large empty wine glass. How was I supposed to tell him that I was not legal to drink? Surely, he'd get the impression that I was just some innocent kid. He wouldn't want to spend time with me then. "No, thank you." I answered barely just above a whisper. He raised an eyebrow playfully, making me want to cry at the amusement in his actions. Obviously t the fact at how timid and 'good' I was being. • • ~7 likes for part 7~ >all credit to this story goes to 1d_jollygood on<
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Got to shoot an AR-15 and an .45 Magnum revolver today. Not too shabby! #dirtyharry
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Make my day punk. #dirtyharry
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@knowknow17 doing a lil late night @crownherb #Interview down at the #Kube93 #Studio with #DirtyHarry out in #Seattle reminding you to #MedicateResponsibly #theHeist #Hightimes #DopeMagazine #Caviar #Cones #CrownHerb #Cannabis #OnAir #ClearChannel #iHeartRadio #Wiggling
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kjaycavalli : Love what you doing for the culture of music and I would like to build with you. (Interivews, Shows DJ Drops) DM me your email and lets work.
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Shootin the .44 with my grandpa glasses on #44mag #shootingrange #ASC #DirtyHarry
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noah_618 : Yeah it's good, not as shitty as hot wells lmao @coltonmurray___
noah_618 : You could probably come with me sometime @coltonmurray___
coltonmurray___ : Ight dats a bet I've never shot a .44 yet
noah_618 : Its a fucking cannon @coltonmurray___
coltonmurray___ : lol the recoil dosent look that bad?
noah_618 : I got a grip on that hoe @coltonmurray___
coltonmurray___ : Ya or else that bish fly out of your hand
noah_618 : Yep @coltonmurray___
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He is so cute #dirtyharry
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Sure do. Clint Eastwood is the man! Dirty Harry. #lift #fit #fitness #fitpower #exercise #weights #workout #motivated #inspiration #getit #getfit #doit #funny #meme #DirtyHarry #clinteastwood #punk
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Who Need It ? 8ths For 25$ And Moblie ! HMU #Dirtyharry #fire #marijuana #maryjane
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jeytii_heyy : Yawpp @mista_wet_shit
cinco510 : Wat kind?
jeytii_heyy : Some Dirty Harry @cinco510
cinco510 : Hows the taste?
jeytii_heyy : It tastes good @cinco510
mista_wet_shit : Ok ima b n the town manana. Ima breathe on u lil lady @jeytii_heyy
cinco510 : I need some wen I get off @jeytii_heyy
jeytii_heyy : What time @cinco510 and fasho @mista_wet_shit
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And also hand holding #dirtyharry
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The kitty and I have been in a battle of wits the past couple days. Stare offs, pissy insults thrown at each other and the like. Alas, we have reached a cease fire for cuddles #theend #dirtyharry
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New booties only in brighton! #brighton #vintage #dirtyharry
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gingerpride1 : @enjoyingtheview51 finally some boys!!!! Love Clint👍
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enjoyingtheview51 : So do I @gingerpride1 , one of the last real men in Hollywood
lipstickrogue : YES. One of the best, along with McQueen.
only1paige : I fell off my bike looking at this stud xoxoxox
enjoyingtheview51 : Glad to hear your back on it @only1paige lol
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This is a 44 magnum. Do you feel lucky? #dirtyharry #sunday #classic
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EDC? 44 magnum... #dirtyharry
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csurgoine : Now that's a handgun 🔫
mabradley65 : @csurgoine haha, it's my bro-in laws ... Fun to shoot
cr__hk : Daayyymn
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I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. Mr Styles was on his own, and he just invited me inside. But, it was only to get me out of the cold so he could arrange a ride home for me. And that's what made me stupid and pathetic, knowing that I was getting excited over that. I walked into his house quietly, secretly hoping he was by himself. But then again, who else would be with him? "Is your mum in work again?" Ha asked as we approached his living room, leaving me standing there awkwardly by myself. "Yeah, she's supposed to be picking me up in a few hours." I whispered back shyly, crossing my frail arms silently as he wandered into the kitchen momentarily. I stood quietly, patiently waiting for him to come back into the living room. I wish he could just offer me to stay here, and then we'd talk and get to know each other. And maybe, just maybe, we'd kiss or something. Yeah, that would be nice. Wait, he's got a wife and kids. I have remember that too. He soon came back into the room, making my mind stir with confusion as he held a wine bottle with two glasses in his hands. He secretly placed them on the coffee table, before sneakily making his way back over to me with a friendly smile. "I would give you a ride home, but I've been drinking a lot of wine." He slurred a little, and that's when I realized that he was a little drunk. • • ~18 likes for part 7~ >all credit to this story goes to 1d_jollygood on<
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adamus91 : Mniaaaam! Ślinka leci na sam widok 😀👍 smacznego @werekrowerek 😉
werekrowerek : @adamus91 dziekuje 😁👍 polecam Jerry's Burger w Łodzi 😋👌
adamus91 : @werekrowerek jak kiedyś będzie mi dane być w Łodzi i przypadkowo wylądowałbym na tej zacnej ulicy, to na pewno odwiedzę to miejsce 👍🍔☺
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Do you feel lucky punk? #allsevens #dirtyharry
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Delicious skin fermented chard from the crew @scribewine during last nights dinner at The Mission Ranch, Carmel. #scribewine #missionranch #carmel #california #clinteastwood #dirtyharry
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Harry on tour #bikerweek #bikerweek2014 #harry #harleydavidson #harleywood14 @faakersee #faakersee #streetbob #custombike #custom #dyna #dirtyharry #apes #rideon #lovemybike #1400kmsofar #love #livetoride #lovetoride #ridetolive #ontheroad #roadtrip
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Tempted to cut my hair shorter .. Hmm #girl #happy #check #love #dirtyharry #awesome #halfnhalf #ootd #hair #topshop #hm #clothes #fashion #haircut
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*NEXT FRIDAY* "Okay, Y/N. I'll pick you up after I finish work," my mum muttered to me before pulling up beside that familiar house. "I'll see you layer tonight." ~ "Thanks, mum." I called, getting our of her vehicle and letting out a rather big sigh as I caught sight of the front door. ~ I hoped my hair looked okay today. I decide to curl it, but then the stupid wind messed it up and then it turned more wavy. I wore a simple patterned shirt and blue skinny jeans. ~ Hopefully when I knock on the door Mr Styles will answer, and he'll offer me a drink and then we'll get to talk for a few minutes before he leaves. I loved talking to him whenever we had the chance, which was not very often. ~ I confidently gave three knocks to his mahogany door, feeling my stomach flutter uncontrollably as I heard deep footsteps nearing. I nervously jumped as soon as the door quickly opened, and there stood Mr Styles; an awkward smile on his face as he saw me. He looked me up and down warily before frowning his eyebrows at me; causing me to feel somewhat embarrassed with myself. Did I look bad? ~ "Y/N? What are you doing here?" He inquired in bewilderment, eyeing me like I was someone his territory, and I shouldn't have come here. I'm sure he said to me last week that I should come over Friday. I just knew it. ~ "It's Friday?" I innocently spoke, widening my eyes curiously as I began to take an awkward step back. This was it, wasn't it? He was going to tell me to leave, and then I'd have to walk home by myself for three hours. I couldn't get my mum to pick me up, she was already on her way to work. ~ "Shit," he sighed in realization, shaking his head to himself relentlessly. "I completely forgot about that. Uh- my wife took the kids to visit her grandparents for the weekend. It was a bit sudden, but- you know." ~ "Oh." I said awkwardly, not knowing what to say after that. I felt stupid for coming, because now I had no idea what to do. ~ "Have you got a car?" He asked with a sincere smile, I shyly shook my head. ~ "C'mon, come inside," he said, and I felt my heart drop. "We'll sort out a way to get you back home." •
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kyejackson : The fuck do you need a poncho for?
tangerine_jb : @kyejackson porn
kyejackson : Ah I get it, poncho, aka mop
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