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#differentkindofdrug #problemwithkidstoday
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#differentkindofdrug #todayssociety #lostgeneration
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Remnants of the Brand Jordan after party... Sh*t got real on the ride home, it was a first time for a couple of people... Beignet's man... Beignet's. #nola #allstarweekend #powderedsugar #differentkindofdrug
allstarweekend - differentkindofdrug - nola - powderedsugar -
skynadi : @_svesna_ yeah me too, except I didn't run 5 miles in the a.m. 😬
_svesna_ : @skynadi Lmaoooooo Got jokes?
skynadi : Lol @_svesna_ nah son, when the zombie apocalypse comes your good money! Just make sure you stretch...
skynadi : @kimbaleemeagan you aren't missing anything... good for you... Lol idk
_svesna_ : I hate you! 😂😂😂
unlawfullady : Really jerk....
amanda_mestre : @skynadi luckily, she had previously confessed to her sins. Otherwise, she would have payed for her sins today. On that note, @lawfullady , don't you dare make that mistake again. #itstime #iknowwhereyoulive #youcanthide
craven_morehead : LMFAOOO that's the shit you were talking about?!
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