Welcome to the family.
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karltjebolle : @diamondpedals #diamondpedals #newgear #guitarist #toneheaven #tonenerd #worship #worshipguitarist #ambience #delay #madeincanada #boutique #delayd#de
therising125 : Go check out @RisingWorship! :)
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A whole lot of purple pitch modulating goodness #diamondpedals #vibrato #guitarpedals #pitchmodulation
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mypinkyhurts : Best pedal ever!
oliver_brennan : When's the next update on the Counter Point? Eagerly Awaiting info :-) @diamondpedals
fjere : @victoranpires
pauloguitarist : I have been jonesing for one of these for over three years. ARGH.
apopheniaa : @amkhz
christinajoy66 : Oooooooooooh pretty!
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Current set up. #mesaboogie #triplerectifier #prs #guitar #prsguitar #tcelectronic #polytune #fxdoctor #nintendo #8bitfuzz #wampler #triplewreck #diamondpedals #boostpedal #empresseffects #empresstapedelay #tapedelay #redpandalab #particle #ernieball #volumepedal #pedaltrain #pt2 #mypedaltrain #guitargear #guitarpedals #pedals #pedalboard #musicianlife #bandlife
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carlomusprime : I need two more pedals.
mr_6stringz : Wah and Chorus
redpandalab : bitcrusher?
jjcases : Cool!
adpedals : I would love my pedals to be part of your board.
adpedals : @carlomusprime
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Got the @this1smyne's volume pedal back and finished wiring up my @lavacable ELCs. Any guess as to how long the board will stay like this?
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lukemundy : #this1myne #tyleramps #foxpedals #jhspedals #diamondpedals #boss #tcelectronics #worshiptone #knowyourtone #notpedalbored #gearwire
natevasquez : I still want TC to either get an external tap on the flashback smaller pedal or make one half the size of this one.
lukemundy : @natevasquez yeah. I plan to sell this guy eventually and get something smaller with mod.
bjclutch__ : I love meeting and working with new people from all over the globe, are you into online marketing ?
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Not sure if you guys have seen this already, but here's one very interesting testimonial regarding the diamond compressor by no other than @carolinegco #GdoubleOD #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila Contact us for product testing: info@rockstoremanila.com.ph
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The new Diamond Vibrato is a dedicated pitch vibrato design using bucket brigade analog delay technology for true pitch modulatinh vibrato. In addition the pedal also offers analog chorusinh via the Chorus control to blend a variable amount of dry signal with the effected signal. The 'jazz' switch darkens the tone of the effect offering a more vintage flavor. The 'high' toggle switches to a higher depth range for more extreme pitch bent sounds. Expression control of depth, and speed for on-the-fly adjustment and special effects. Mono true bypass operation. Extended headroom 15V internal voltage rail operation. NOS MN3007 bucket brigade delay chips. The Diamond Vibrato is a true vibrato - not a univibe (phase shifter) or a tremolo. Available. Php 13,500.00 #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #createyourowntone #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #madeincanada #availableinthephilippines
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At the heart of the new Diamond Tremolo is a 100% analog signal path utilizing an optoisolator like vintage tube amplifiers of the 60's. The analog signal path is combined with a microprocessor controller to provide a host of cool features including: tap tempo and footswitchable double speed mode, user selectsble waveforms (sharkfin, sinewave, square wave and chop), timing accents (3/4, 6/8, 2/4, and 4/4), ryhtmic trem mode, 'chaotic' mode - random speeds with any waveform, tapview feature allow the player to visually see the tempo and tap speed while tapping a new setting. Available. Php 12,200.00 #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #createyourowntone #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #madeincanada #availableinthephilippines
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koshikira : Amazing!
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@gear_post #fender #telecaster #tele #wolfskullpedals #buffer #bosspedals #tu3 #diamondpedals #diamondcompressor #ernieball #wah #littlegreenwonder #clone silverbulletdrive #holyhandgrenadeboost #alfredboost #analogtremolo #vpjr #mxr #carboncopy #dd20 #t1m #rv5 #supro #suproamps
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gear_post : Send us by email the chain order to feature on @gear_post
michaelisajedi : @metalman22105
bryanclopez : Man, I'd love to feature this on @gearnerds
michaelisajedi : Haha you have my blessing bro 👍
michaelisajedi : @bryanclopez
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The Quantum Leap offers lo res delays, flanging and chorusing effects as well as fixed comb filters - effects that are both great on their own, and also as an invaluable 'companion' to other analog or digital delays. Features 5 modes: flange, chorus, filter, tap delay, pitch ramp delay. Multiple delay voicings including a darker voiced 'smear' delay, a unique harmonic delay, and foot controlled pitch/ delay ramping. Hold for 1/4 time LFO in flange and chorus modes. Hold for harmonic 'ice' delay in tap delay mode. Available. Php 12,200.00 #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #createyourowntone #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #madeincanada #availableinthephilippines
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delacommune : @rockstoremanila, slick photo
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#newguitarday #breedlove #diamondpedals #ashdown #favorite #new #guitar #amwmm #amwmm_vanhooten just bought this Breedlove voice revival 000/SMe, I've finally found my favorite acoustic guitar.
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The Diamond Phase is a versatile new selectable 2 / 6-stage JFET phaser with full control over depth, feedback regeneration and direct-to-phase signal mix level. Available. Php 14,200.00 #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #createyourowntone #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #madeincanada #availableinthephilippines
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guitarhangar : Rockin!
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The Memory Lane Jr. is a digital evolution of the original Memory Lane concept, the world's first analog delay with tap tempo. The MLJr digital sampling engine's sole function is to copy, delay and reproduce the delay path signal with no mathematical manipulation at all - and unlike standard digital designs, there are no digital anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters. Available. Php 12,200.00 #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #madeincanada #availableinthephilippines
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guitarhangar : Bling!
delacommune : @rockstoremanila I like this photo!
rockstoremanila : Thanks! @delacommune
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In the clean boost section, the Mk3 has an independently switchable clean boost consisting of a Vishay JFET and BJT clean boost. Borrowing from the limited edition J-drive TR, this has also a cool transformer output stage to the overdrive section - it has a wonderful smoothing effect on the upper mids and highs, placing an inductive source impedance at the amps input as a guitar's pickup would (but at a lower output impedance so it works great into other pedals as well as amps). "Close Asymmetry" Schottky diode clipping circuit. Switchable highpass filter for additional bite. Php 11,000.00 Available. #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #philippines
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fourth_dimension_clothing_co : you always post the best pics :)
rockstoremanila : Wow thanks! 👍@fourth_dimension_clothing_co
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The Halo Chorus is a combination delay/pitch modulation/phase modulation chorus design with autoconfigurable I/O for mono, mono in/stereo out, and stereo in/stereo out operation. The combination of pitch and phase modulation can be used together or individually for traditional chorus sounds or unique, spatial tones. Php 15,600.00 #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #philippines
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milkshake2k15xjess : hey do you want 600 free followers? @devlinnnn_ @michelleoberle @farooqi10
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Finally getting a chance to write some more sketches in between bounces. One of these days I'll find the time to make them more than just iPhone recordings in my Dropbox. Hopefully soon. We'll see. #vsco #vscocam
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jojoriddering : #vscogood #vsco_best #vscogrid #bestofvsco #socality #geartalk #gearnerds #cleantone #knowyourtone #strymon #walrusaudio #diamondpedals #analogman #sickasoverdrive #earthquakerdevices
beau_scott_perkins : Yo how is your "sick as" overdrive @jojoriddering ?
jojoriddering : @beau_scott_perkins pretty great, man. It's got a ton of headroom and a creamier drive tone than most other klon stuff I've heard. Supper versatile. It does the klon clean boost thing perfectly (impressively transparent) but it also shines at higher gain settings. I love it.
cadenbaughman : You throwing down some sound sketches?
jojoriddering : @cadenbaughman toooootes 🎷🔥
cadenbaughman : I feel like every time I watch the live feed you're on. And you're always playing a different instrument. 👊💪
jojoriddering : #gearpost
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"Recording studios often use rackmount 'vocal channels' - a mic preamp, compressor, and EQ all in one unit as a front end for vocal recording. The Diamond Compressor is our take on a 'guitar channel' - a dynamics and tone shaping tool for live and studio use, with low-noise, ultra-linear signal buffering, smooth opto-based compression, and a versatile 'tilt' EQ that musically shifts overall frequency balance." Available. #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #philippines
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carolinegco : This is my favorite compressor. And I generally *hate* compressors. But this one is GOOD with a capital G @diamondpedals @rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila : Your testimonial makes it more legendary @carolinegco 👍👌
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Based on Diamond's 1980's inspired Silicon transistor Fireburst, the Germanium transistors in the Blaze add a dose of gnarly grit that covers the gamut from convincing 60's classic to 90's fuzz rock with two tone options via the 'ALT' footswitch. #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #createyourowntone #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #philippines
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Diamond Bass Comp - with low frequency response extending down to 20Hz and increased headroom, the Bass Compressor is ideal for 4/5/6 strinh basses, both active and passive. #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila #createyourowntone #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #philippines
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rockstoremanila : *string
mongalcaraz : @caldefool 👀👀👀👀
caldefool : Uy
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I just had to get one #diamondjdrive #diamondpedals #sweetsweetoverdrive #local @fuzzysounds
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fuzzysounds : Awesome dude! Have fun with it : )
jerrett_mansfield : I tried it up against the blues driver a while back and the difference in sound quality was stupendous @fuzzysounds
fuzzysounds : The clean boost alone is worth it to me @jerrett_mansfield
jerrett_mansfield : I love the transparency of it. I don't get a drive with to much treble like if too have a drive switch on your amp that uses the same control knobs as the clean tone @fuzzysounds
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Diamond Pedala now available. #rockstoremanila #diamondpedals #createyourowntone #boutique #guitar #effects #pedals #philippines
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rockstoremanila : *pedals
mongalcaraz : Bang
sleepybigbeard : Hm is the memory lane jr?
rockstoremanila : 12,200 pesos sir @sleepybigbeard
rockstoremanila : Lock n load @mongalcaraz
mongalcaraz : @montymayo nakakainis na tong si jake eh. Haha
rockstoremanila : Tara na, sa sta rosa! 😉 @mongalcaraz @montymayo
montymayo : Hahahaha medyo okay nako sa setup ko for now.. For now... Haha :) @mongalcaraz
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First #ambientafternoon video in the new apartment. Trying to figure out where to stash all these road cases. Things used in this video: '52 Reissue Telecaster, @jhspedals Little Black Buffer, EHX Micro Pog, JHS Morning Glory, Timmy, @this1smyne modded VP Jr, Boss DD-20, and Diamond Memory Lane Jr all into a #VoxAC30. Only reverb is from the amp. #cleantone #ambientnotes #gottone #jhspedals #diamondpedals #EHX #gearnerds #soundaholics #gearwire #telecaster
gottone - telecaster - soundaholics - cleantone - gearnerds - ambientnotes - ehx - jhspedals - ambientafternoon - gearwire - diamondpedals - voxac30 -
aninklingsr : How are the Timmy and Morning Glory together?
jjcases : Amazing!
oh96s : Wanna trade a morning glory for a sick as?
benhancockrocks : @aninklingsr great together! Clear and crisp or dirty and nasty. Great combo. Love how the Timmy has such great tone shaping controls.
benhancockrocks : @jjcases thanks!
benhancockrocks : @oh96s the sick as would be sweet, but I'm really digging the MG. Sorry.
myfeverband : Looks cool, check us out if you get the chance!
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So psyched with the sounds I'm getting out of this bad fella. #diamondpedals #memorylanejr #delay #tonefordays
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warwickcarter : #rivetpreddey
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Pinoy pride represent! #diamondpedals #handmade #rockstoremanila #evangelinebalolong #pangasinan
pinoypride - rockstoremanila - diamondpedals - evangelinebalolong - handmade - pangasinan -
rockstoremanila : Yan ang proof na handmade ang diamond pedals haha #pinoypride @thefourstringsph
rockstoremanila : To those who don't know, @diamondpedals is a Canadian company, and I saw this note inside the box when I opened it - "To the owner, our products are nice because it is handmade. Worth it.." From Evangeline Balolong of Pangasinan. Pangasinan is a province here in the Philippines which I believe where she is from.
rockstoremanila : Favorite natin!!! Hahahahaha @bernicekasunuran
bryan_kong : May Pino discount rin ba? Hehehe
bryan_kong : *pinoy
rockstoremanila : Haha! Canadian daw boss nila eh hindi Pinoy hehe @bryan_kong
bryan_kong : Pero owner daw ng rockstore Manila pinoy. Hahaha jk!
rockstoremanila : Hahaha! Ayun pala yun hindi ko nagets nung una. Hahaha! May 0% interest na! Hahaha @bryan_kong
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Almost there 😊 all that's left is to swap the holy grail nano with a blue sky and possibly add an empress trem. Absolutely in love with the @reverendguitars double agent and buckshot ❤️ signal chain for anyone who cares is: Empress Compressor- @arceffects Klone- Emerson Paramount Drive- @pedalprojects Owly- This1sMyne modded VP Jr- Diamond Memory Lane Jr- Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano- Vox AC 30 CC2 #geartalk #pedalprojects #reverendguitars #diamondpedals #electroharmonix #arceffects #emerson #empresspedals #vox #tone #schonstones
reverendguitars - geartalk - tone - pedalprojects - arceffects - electroharmonix - empresspedals - schonstones - emerson - vox - diamondpedals -
brianfried : It is a solid rig sir
all_star_ben : @brianfried ❤️ thanks homie ☺️
zachgodwinx : Two? 😭
seanmcnaughty : 😍
pedalprojects : Awesome!
pedaloftheday : @all_star_ben We need a review of the Paramount - what do you say? www.pedal-of-the-day.com Thanks!
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Sunday morning New pedal sunday #ohmlesspedals #solana #lorena #jhs #ehx #memoryman #telecaster #lavacable #strymon #timeline #worshipguitar #knowyourtone #cleantone #icf #worship #blackbird #diamondpedals
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sonjalukas : love the little mint green with the tree on it!❤️
venwalkenheimer : #bestbandintownwürimeine 😜
saimen_bl : @venwalkenheimer couldn't ask for more... 😁😁☺️☺️
dominiklaim : ...and it's sounding delicious 😉
dominiklaim : @venwalkenheimer #eifachebäumigibandpunkt
steven_lascombe : This is sexy !
thesetsband : :-)
jjcases : Great!
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@diamondpedals Cornerstone a great overdrive for guitar or bass, check it out! #overdrive #bassgear #guitar #guitarshop #guitarpedals #gearporn #geartalk #gearnerds #gearphoria #gearpassion #austin #austinmusic #texas #soco #diamondpedals
guitarshop - gearpassion - soco - austinmusic - guitar - gearnerds - geartalk - bassgear - guitarpedals - gearporn - diamondpedals - overdrive - austin - gearphoria - texas -
marino911 : @kevinrorick
bpadiermusic - austin_buboltz - eidemband - davidprado91 -
New additions: Diamond J-Drive MK3. JHS Morning Glory Clone.
pedals - gear - clone - worshipguitarist - toneking - pedalboard - toneheaven - gearnerd - tonenerd - jhspedals - worshipmusic - diamondpedals - guitargear -
karltjebolle : @diamondpedals #pedals #gear #guitargear #toneheaven #toneking #worshipguitarist #worshipmusic #gearnerd #tonenerd #diamondpedals #jhspedals #clone #pedalboard
kevin_kro : "how sweet the sound..."
isaaccamara : Awesome dude... Did you build the clone?
nate.guitar : Nice. Diamond makes phenomenal pedals. Love my MLJr.
karltjebolle : @isaaccamara No, there's a guy who lives close by who makes all kinds of them.
karltjebolle : @nate.guitar Looking forward to trying it!
jjcases : Beautiful!
lost_kaus - thynacooper - danthefungi - jjcases -
Magnus Moriarty spiller klokka 21.00 SHARP i dag, så vær tidlig ute. #pedalboard #magnusmoriarty #analogman #fulltone #lehle #diamondpedals #metronomiconaudio @diamondpedals @mikepiera
magnusmoriarty - fulltone - diamondpedals - lehle - metronomiconaudio - analogman - pedalboard -
snokdogg : Ryddig.
kevinschuck : Dude your rig rules!
mariusergo : @kevinschuck Thanks, you're too kind ;-)
kirkemyr - metronomicon - tancred_bene - klockwork -
Quantum Leap #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
frankie.ruiz - whats_n3xt - josephs_perez - jorge_salgado98 -
Bass Comp #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
knelzone - phantompedalboards - evandrofmello - dmfshreds -
New little idea. #strymonview #diamondpedals #walrusaudio #badcatamps
globalworship - walrusaudio - gottone - strymonview - soundaholics - toneheaven - badcatamps - loopstage - gearnerds - ambientnotes - diamondpedals -
chrismathers : #gearnerds #toneheaven #gottone #globalworship #loopstage #ambientnotes #soundaholics
masondsmith - thomashrn - jjcases - ethan_durdin -
Taking website pics today of the upcoming Diamond Counterpoint multi-tap delay… #diamondcounterpoint #guitarpedals #delay #multitapdelay #diamondpedals
delay - diamondcounterpoint - multitapdelay - guitarpedals - diamondpedals -
gvrnmntz : Nice 👌
matthewjohnbell : @diamondpedals how is this different than the MLJr? Which I love.
diamondpedals : @matthewjohnbell whereas the focus for the MLJr was a cleanly voiced 'workhorse' delay, the Counterpoint focus is on multitap delays, ranging from subtle smearing to rhythmic gallops to ambient spaces. A cool thing about Counterpoint's multitap is the complex shimmering interaction of modulation with the summation of the taps.
matthewjohnbell : @diamondpedals awesome! is there a demo online?
diamondpedals : @matthewjohnbell yes, there's one Counterpoint clip showing both the galloping eighths and ambient modes at https://soundcloud.com/diamond-pedals
poetofthread85 : Does this also have a "reverse" setting?
poetofthread85 : @jaredsavoie you may want to hold out for this!
jaredsavoie : Absolutely @poetofthread85
strings_and_frets - xcaporussox - mccallum98 - danielseccombe -
Now available on the Diamond website... beautifully crafted, black leather guitar straps with the Diamond Pedal logo embroidered in our 'J-Drive' blue. These straps come from the Pete Schmidt artisan leather company in their deluxe, double stitched, super soft three layer 'black velvet' leather construction. A cool way to wear Diamonds! 😀#diamondpedals #diamondguitarstrap #guitarstrap #leatherguitarstrap #musicaccessories #guitarpedals
guitarpedals - guitarstrap - musicaccessories - diamondguitarstrap - diamondpedals - leatherguitarstrap -
matheusmavignier : Awesome!
adamrohrer : I've been looking for a rad and comfy strap for my main axe. This will look killer on my black tele. Just ordered one.
diamondpedals : @adamrohrer shipped! Thank you
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