Quantum Leap #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
tylerallenthompson - vincentbriones - omg_so_kvlt - johannesspatrick -
Bass Comp #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
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New little idea. #strymonview #diamondpedals #walrusaudio #badcatamps
globalworship - walrusaudio - gottone - strymonview - soundaholics - toneheaven - badcatamps - loopstage - gearnerds - ambientnotes - diamondpedals -
chrismathers : #gearnerds #toneheaven #gottone #globalworship #loopstage #ambientnotes #soundaholics
vitamin_.b - branson024 - bryanclopez - chriscollins1 -
Taking website pics today of the upcoming Diamond Counterpoint multi-tap delay… #diamondcounterpoint #guitarpedals #delay #multitapdelay #diamondpedals
delay - diamondcounterpoint - multitapdelay - guitarpedals - diamondpedals -
gvrnmntz : Nice 👌
matthewjohnbell : @diamondpedals how is this different than the MLJr? Which I love.
diamondpedals : @matthewjohnbell whereas the focus for the MLJr was a cleanly voiced 'workhorse' delay, the Counterpoint focus is on multitap delays, ranging from subtle smearing to rhythmic gallops to ambient spaces. A cool thing about Counterpoint's multitap is the complex shimmering interaction of modulation with the summation of the taps.
matthewjohnbell : @diamondpedals awesome! is there a demo online?
diamondpedals : @matthewjohnbell yes, there's one Counterpoint clip showing both the galloping eighths and ambient modes at
poetofthread85 : Does this also have a "reverse" setting?
poetofthread85 : @jaredsavoie you may want to hold out for this!
jaredsavoie : Absolutely @poetofthread85
yourbudeli - thesixthstring - andrew_vokhmintcev - dccustomfx -
Now available on the Diamond website... beautifully crafted, black leather guitar straps with the Diamond Pedal logo embroidered in our 'J-Drive' blue. These straps come from the Pete Schmidt artisan leather company in their deluxe, double stitched, super soft three layer 'black velvet' leather construction. A cool way to wear Diamonds! 😀#diamondpedals #diamondguitarstrap #guitarstrap #leatherguitarstrap #musicaccessories #guitarpedals
guitarpedals - guitarstrap - musicaccessories - diamondguitarstrap - diamondpedals - leatherguitarstrap -
matheusmavignier : Awesome!
adamrohrer : I've been looking for a rad and comfy strap for my main axe. This will look killer on my black tele. Just ordered one.
catseverywhere - aleex_artic - okymalik - imnotbeaver -
My boost pedal. It's quite the boost. #diamondpedals #guitarpedals #guitargear #boostpedal #pedals
pedals - guitarpedals - guitargear - diamondpedals - boostpedal -
bigearnyc : Awesome pedal!
shinobicct - rkdcorbin - skull0mania - bigearnyc -
Tremolo #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
mikebelair79 - nathansafchukaudio - leoocamp - diegomm01 -
This had been my board for the past month or so. Haven't wanted to change anything. I'm really loving the versatility and the amazing tones from these pedals. #gearnerds #gottone #toneheaven #globalworship #pedalboardoftheday #pedals #guitar #strymonview #walrusaudio #diamondpedals #pedaldisaster
globalworship - pedals - walrusaudio - gottone - pedalboardoftheday - toneheaven - guitar - strymonview - gearnerds - pedaldisaster - diamondpedals -
jamesthegerman : Also looks like a good sized board, is that a PT-2?
chrismathers : @jamesthegerman thanks! The small one is a fav switch for the el capistan from @this1smyne and the larger one with the screen is a midi controller for the timeline from @disasterareadesigns. And yep that's a pt-2! I'm thinking about moving up to a pt-3 soon though. I want to fit a couple more things on here :)
bearfootfx : #bearfootFX
chrismathers : @bearfootfx thanks! Honestly the PPF is the best fuzz pedal I've ever used. Well done!
bearfootfx : Doh I thought it was a Dyna Red!...but thanks!
nicksigman : Why have an El cap and timeline? Does the TL not have all the tape control?
nicksigman : @chrismathers
chrismathers : @nicksigman the timeline can do a lot but it doesn't have the character of the el capistan. I honestly use the el cap for everything that needs to sound washy and big. The spring reverb in it sounds amazing. The timeline is great for exact bpm and presets for songs. I use the digital delay, lofi, dual delay, and analog delay the most on it. I think the digital delay with "smear" almost all the way up is a killer delay sound.
dennis2711 - urbanturtles - captainfabosa - spank_man -
good taste on this amazing pedalboard from @closalmazan
memorylane - gearpassion - gottone - morningglory - gearwire - pedalboard - tonelovers - gearnerds - geartalk - cleantone - ambientnotes - jhspedals - rv5 - strymon - mojotones - diamondpedals - strymonflint -
mojotones : #geartalk #gearwire #gottone #gearnerds #tonelovers #pedalboard #ambientnotes #cleantone #gearpassion #mojotones
mojotones : #jhspedals #morningglory #rv5 #strymon #strymonflint #diamondpedals #memorylane
myfeverband : Looks cool, check us out if you get the chance!
mojotones : @myfeverband thanks mate, I'll check it out!
ronnieputralim - nana_papan - myfeverband - therealmrjenks -
Phase #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
mendelous : Patay!
montymayo : Hehehehehe :)
rockstoremanila : Congrats last night!! @jugsjugsjugs
rockstoremanila : I have something for you later @raymsmercygun 😁
rockstoremanila : Try na yan! @mendelous
jugsjugsjugs : @rockstoremanila Thanks bro! 70's Bistro kami tonight baka sakaling pwede ka! 👊😎
rockstoremanila : Oks! Will check later! Thanks bro! 👍 @jugsjugsjugs
justdyems : @Rockstar, Hi! Are all music peripherals are available at your store? ;) Thanks
lvaderr - mojotone - memotek - -
No soy yo muy de selfies, pero esta pedazo camiseta lo merece! #Diamondpedals #Diamondeffects #geargram #guitar #guitargram #geargram #geargeek #instaguitar #instamusic #instagear #muyfandediamondyo
instamusic - guitargram - instaguitar - guitar - geargram - diamondeffects - geargeek - muyfandediamondyo - diamondpedals - instagear -
soyanamunoz : ¡Wow! ¡Es genial!!!
marcosdeker : Gracias @soyanamunoz ! Si me dan de chica te guardo una.
josepablobc : Camiselfie!
charleshanback - davidmonserrat - jlopezalc - moymusic -
Musician Aaron Hartling @heartbreakstrgr came by Diamond HQ and picked up a custom Tremolo today #guitarpedals #diamondpedals #tremolo
tremolo - guitarpedals - diamondpedals -
grant_ferstat : Purty!
heysmoke : You guys are amazing
matheusmavignier : Great!
faronmd : Holy crap, it's Aaron H! how are ya buddy?
harrywazhere - melito92 - paix_eternelle - jrigpedalboards -
Coming this August #rockstoremanila #diamondpedals
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
bryan_kong : Yown!
rockstoremanila : Limited stocks yan bro! Haha @bryan_kong
bryan_kong : Wala ba yung Sr.? And hm?
rockstoremanila : Yung ML2 retired na. @bryan_kong
bryan_kong : Hm?
rockstoremanila : 12,200 @bryan_kong 😁
serdarsarp - lvaderr - theasablack - luis_sludge -
Diamond 902 (Nine Zero Two) discrete drive in its new production color scheme... Coming soon!! #guitarpedals #diamondpedals #diamond902 #diamondninezerotwo #diamonddiscretedrive #multistagedrive #overdrive #discretedrive
overdrive - guitarpedals - discretedrive - diamondpedals - multistagedrive - diamonddiscretedrive - diamondninezerotwo - diamond902 -
jcambers : Yesssss
grant_ferstat : So how does this sound compared to your other drives?
yerblues : Top jacks!
diamondpedals : @grant_ferstat I'll work on putting together a comparison demo between the Mk3, Cornerstone and 902, probably better than describing the tone differences
diamondpedals : @yerblues top jacks, yep!!
grant_ferstat : Thanks @diamondpedals and feel free to ignore my similar FB question :-)
yerblues : @diamondpedals top jacks are the best!
diamondpedals : @grant_ferstat LOL I took a stab at describing the tone differences on FB...
scottl529 - collegeboy99 - dwiyanseptian - bristevie -
#diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
masondsmith : Want
pipinomar - dmfshreds - kenneth_halle - daganjeff -
Diamond Counterpoint production graphics are ready, working on fine tuning a couple of the multi-tap delay modes... #counterpoint #guitarpedals #diamondcounterpoint #delay #multitapdelay #diamondpedals
delay - diamondcounterpoint - counterpoint - guitarpedals - multitapdelay - diamondpedals -
daverosin : Looks like a perfect match for a board with MLJr and the Quantum. I'm the kinda guy who who likes at least 4 time based devices.
tapestryaudio : I can't wait to play with one of these! @diamondpedals
diamondpedals : @thebrokenguitar hi - yes there's a brief demo of two modes up on our soundcloud channel
jhspedals : Amazing as always guys!
kalebromero : @diamondpedals looks awesome Mike!! can't wait to see it out
pedalempire : Looks great!
grant_ferstat : Looking forward to seeing/hearing more.
rollrandom_meet_ravers_app : Feelin' this.
strings_and_frets - biersti - chris_bellamy - matt_pogson -
Coming this August #rockstoremanila #diamondpedals
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
janarygentil - _orange_lazarus_ - seethroughdresses - jorge_salgado98 -
Coming soon! #rockstoremanila #diamondpedals
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
aaronbrosoto : See you tomorrow sir!
rockstoremanila : Yessir! Kitakits tomorrow! @aaronbrosoto @montymayo
jseoh - jontehellstrom - benjamatron - chanapaul -
I used this here old wine box for a makeshift pedal board case until a more suitable one come along. #toneheaven #foxpedal #diamondpedals #jhspedals #ehxpedals #thekingdom #geartalk #pedalboardmakers #notpedalbored #pedalboard #vscocam
foxpedal - geartalk - vscocam - thekingdom - pedalboard - toneheaven - jhspedals - notpedalbored - ehxpedals - diamondpedals - pedalboardmakers -
jjjohn : I thought, "How did he fit all those pedals into that tiny cigar box?"
philip_pappas : Thanks @skycompass!
philip_pappas : @jjjohn I got the minis
brownbox1 : What amp are you playing?
bill_phipps : @philip_pappas nice man!
philip_pappas : @brownbox1 I've been playing through a Carvin XT112. It like a Marshall/Mesa Boogie combo. It's my practice amp. At Church I play a Vox ac-30.
brownbox1 : Rock"n Church!
philip_pappas : @bill_phipps thanks man!
brycers - bootsandboards - iamroanmustang - brownbox1 -
New dude. #geartalk #diamondpedals #memorylanejr #cleantone #knowyourtone #toneheaven
geartalk - diamondpedals - vscocam - vsco - memorylanejr - knowyourtone - cleantone - toneheaven -
jojoriddering : #vsco #vscocam
calebdare : You like so far?
jojoriddering : @calebdare diggin it. I think I'm going to land on this here fella. Voiced really well and very simple and easily tweakable in a live context.
calebdare : @jojoriddering yeah, I've heard good things. Simple is always good. 👍
alansmith8 : it's so pleasant looking
jojoriddering : @alansmith8 it's a modest little fella.
eb_hanson : Been rocking that one for a couple years. It's definitely a mainstay.
annaliljamin - andrewjones05 - given_at_the_cliff - leoocamp -
Coming soon! #diamondpedals #rockstoremanila
rockstoremanila - diamondpedals -
je_sj77 : Nice
samdeuda : Wow
carlostanada7 : Ow mats?
rockstoremanila : Php 11k 😊 @carlostanada7
joshfiddler : Great pedal!
joshfiddler - wheeldealracing - guillermobcuevas - rojoynegropro -
Coming soon to our swag shop on the Diamond website... beautifully crafted, black leather guitar straps with the Diamond Pedal logo embroidered in our 'J-Drive' blue. These straps come from the Pete Schmidt artisan leather company in their deluxe, double stitched, super soft three layer 'black velvet' leather construction. Really happy about how these turned out. #diamondpedals #diamondguitarstrap #guitarstrap #leatherguitarstrap #musicaccessories #guitarpedals
guitarpedals - guitarstrap - musicaccessories - diamondguitarstrap - diamondpedals - leatherguitarstrap -
diamondpedals : @pedalempire Great idea! I'm sure we could get that done 😀
rockstoremanila : @diamondpedals hey guys please check your email, it's really important. Thanks
diamondpedals : @rockstoremanila just sent you a DM
rockstoremanila : Thanks a lot! @diamondpedals sent the email already
westcoastpdlbrd : #FHot
coffinails : That's one sexy looking strap.
lonetone83 : @gld_bxc
filmandmusicman : Nice!
rikuthomas_jr - grant_ferstat - bassplayerbenny - peterhxhc -
#moog #musicians #jhspedals #korg #analogman #landgraff #xotic #diamondpedals #strymon #pedals #pedalboard #paulcochrane #custompedalboard #cleantone #custom #lavacable #boutique #bbfcustompedalboards #bearfoot #effectspedals #bjfe
korg - landgraff - analogman - pedalboard - paulcochrane - bearfoot - jhspedals - bbfcustompedalboards - effectspedals - pedals - moog - bjfe - lavacable - boutique - cleantone - custom - musicians - xotic - custompedalboard - diamondpedals - strymon -
svntal : (-:
cloudchair : So cool!
noahtaranto - niigata28go - icuba_ - abicknell59 -
All set up. Ready for La Mar De Músicas. #myrig
banjohelvete - shobud - superreverb - vinetto - memorylane2 - lamardemusicas - pedalsteel - cartagena - telecaster - nechville - fender - tgos - myrig - retrosonic - jdrivemk3 - banjo - thomasdybdahl - diamondpedals -
erlendaasland : #thomasdybdahl #tgos #cartagena #lamardemusicas #diamondpedals #memorylane2 #retrosonic #jdrivemk3 #vinetto #telecaster #nechville #banjohelvete #banjo #shobud #pedalsteel #fender #superreverb
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@thegigrig are now doing effects! We have the best from #pigtronix , #electroharmonix , #wampler , #diamondpedals , #analogman , #strymon , #dinosauraleffects GET THEM WHILE THEYRE HOT!
pigtronix - strymon - dinosauraleffects - wampler - analogman - diamondpedals - electroharmonix -
jaejae1352 : I thought you couldn't put porn on Instagram :p
libbie_hooton - indescribble - sam_joshua96 - ash_wiseman -
@matthewhoopes I now understand why you use a memory lane for your main delay... This thing is amazing on acoustic and electric. @diamondpedals builds some of the most amazing pedals and this is truly the best analog delay ever built. Hats off to you 🎩 #gottone #gearnerds #geartalk #diamondpedals
gearnerds - geartalk - gottone - diamondpedals -
bryanclopez : 👌
matthewhoopes : I love the blue
lance1981 : Does it have tap?
benhancockrocks : I've got the MLJr and its seriously my favorite analog delay on the market right now.
joshkane24 : @lance1981 yes. The other switch is for tap tempo
joshkane24 : @benhancockrocks I had a MLjr for awhile also and it was a great delay. Super warm. It was hard to believe it was digital.
lance1981 : Sweet! Bought a T-Rex and I dig it but I would love something closer to my carbon copy but with tap..
joshkane24 : @lance1981 well these are hard to come by and can be pricy but totally worth it.
yeah_sweet - lil_deezy95 - mondayjhou - guitar_my_life -
So this just happened! #ngd Serial Number 10!!! @diamondpedals you rock! Can't wait to plug this bad boy in. #gottone #gearnerds #diamondpedals #toneheaven
ngd - gearnerds - gottone - diamondpedals - toneheaven -
closalmazan : Nice! Version 1.
mn3005 : Flippin' awesome pick-up.
larrylegrand : Special colour!!!
mattarmon : Well done sir :)
je_sj77 : Sweet!!!
caseyisthatguy : @joshkane24 was this a custom made one?
joshkane24 : @caseyisthatguy yeah. Considering it was the 10th made I'm thinking it was the first or one of the first custom colors they did
caseyisthatguy : @joshkane24 awesome I'm assuming it sounds the same too
eddiejurevics - rodrigofpolicarpo - crimsonjae - holywattamps -
#guitars #guitarist #livemusic #bass #instaband #custom #customwork #custompedalboard #bbfcustompedalboards #musicians #amps #fender #orangeamps #orangeamp #rockstar #heavymetal #rockandroll #countrymusic #tworock #strymon #eventide #analogman #portcity #diamondpedals #gibsonguitar #fender #paulcochrane #geartalk #lavacable #voodoolabs #klo
geartalk - bass - rockstar - analogman - tworock - paulcochrane - voodoolabs - amps - customwork - portcity - klo - gibsonguitar - orangeamp - livemusic - heavymetal - instaband - bbfcustompedalboards - lavacable - fender - guitarist - custom - musicians - rockandroll - orangeamps - guitars - eventide - custompedalboard - countrymusic - diamondpedals - strymon -
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Har redesigna pedalsteelbrettet (nedst) og laga eit mini-pop-brett (øvst). Endringar på PSG-brettet: Tatt bort boost (vart aldri brukt) og erstatta Cioks DC-8 med Cioks Adam. Mini-pop-brettet er berre tremolo, phaser, boost/OD og analog ekko, forsynt av ein Cioks Adam. #guitarporn #diamondpedals #analogecho #bbd #analogdelay #memorylane2 #jdrivemk3 #tremodillo #retrosonic #strobostomp
tremodillo - analogecho - bbd - guitarporn - jdrivemk3 - retrosonic - analogdelay - memorylane2 - strobostomp - diamondpedals -
thatcuervo : Diamond drive mk3, love it, use it. Great pedal.
erlendaasland : @thatcuervo Indeed! Love all of the Diamond pedals, especially the ML2.
thatcuervo : @erlendaasland nice! I've got to check that one out, looks like a sweet delay! I saw a pic you had with a pedal steel, do you play? Was it a shobud?
erlendaasland : @thatcuervo Yep, it's my favourite analogue delay. And yes, I've got a ShoBud LDG model. Really nice SD E9 guitar for country stuff!
aaslandbros - fayextaylor - jotandrevold - annestavn -
#guitars #guitarist #livemusic #bass #instaband #custom #customwork #custompedalboard #bbfcustompedalboards #musicians #amps #fender #orangeamps #orangeamp #rockstar #heavymetal #rockandroll #countrymusic #tworock #strymon #eventide #analogman #portcity #diamondpedals #gibsonguitar #fender #paulcochrane
bass - rockstar - analogman - tworock - paulcochrane - amps - customwork - portcity - gibsonguitar - orangeamp - livemusic - heavymetal - instaband - bbfcustompedalboards - fender - guitarist - custom - musicians - rockandroll - orangeamps - guitars - eventide - custompedalboard - countrymusic - diamondpedals - strymon -
surfburst - dittomusic - julienmclandry - jisforjames7 -
This guy gave me a scare last night. It suddenly started sending a high pitched squealing noise to my amp and I couldn't get the pedal to turn off without unplugging it. Seems to be working fine this morning. Anyone encounter this problem before? #pedalproblems #diamondpedals #diamondbasscomp #pedalsandeffects
pedalsandeffects - diamondbasscomp - pedalproblems - diamondpedals -
thebetasignal : @diamondpedals any suggestions?
samatkins78 - esthernorine - dougalexis - luxjacques -
Stuff......things..... #gearnerds #geartalk #gearwire #gottone #delay #eventide #diamondpedals #strymon #emersoncustom #deathbyaudio #chaseblissaudio #earthquakerdevices #badcat #silvertone #reverendguitars #instrumental #postrock
deathbyaudio - geartalk - gottone - reverendguitars - instrumental - postrock - badcat - earthquakerdevices - silvertone - emersoncustom - gearwire - chaseblissaudio - gearnerds - delay - eventide - diamondpedals - strymon -
kevinschuck : That board is unreal
dreamtrips : Where did you get the light blue ML2 from?
nicbrant : @dreamtrips found it used on the gear page
dreamtrips : @nicbrant Huge fan of Diamond pedals, I own 5 (including ML2). Love the color of yours, reminds me of my CE-2.
nicbrant : @dreamtrips I love them as well. I had the MLjr and it sounded great. I used the compressor as well
dreamtrips : @nicbrant Have all of those plus the Tremolo and Vibrato. I bought the Halo Chorus as well, but returned it as it was almost too transparent.
sorenreiff : 👍😃👍
smuldooh : @nicbrant board looks great! What are your thoughts on the flint? Was thinking about getting the rv5 but wasn't sure
pedalguru89 - vkguitar - prayforsound - arkay_oldman1961 -
Welp, one of the best pedal companies on the planet, @diamondpedals blessed me with their endorsement, and sent me two pedals I've wanted so bad for so long. Expect to hear these all over our next record... #pedals #guitar #boutique #effects #diamond #diamondpedals #memorylanejr #mljr #tr1
pedals - diamond - boutique - guitar - effects - mljr - tr1 - diamondpedals - memorylanejr -
stevenrosplock : Nice! Love their stuff!
qcaudio : Siqqqqqqqqq
elliott_loves_pizza : Dude no way!
jayzubricky - danielbordonaro - qcaudio - jciechoski -
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