Coming soon to our swag shop on the Diamond website... beautifully crafted, black leather guitar straps with the Diamond Pedal logo embroidered in our 'J-Drive' blue. These straps come from the Pete Schmidt artisan leather company in their deluxe, double stitched, super soft three layer 'black velvet' leather construction. Really happy about how these turned out. #diamondpedals #diamondguitarstrap #guitarstrap #leatherguitarstrap #musicaccessories #guitarpedals
guitarpedals - guitarstrap - musicaccessories - diamondguitarstrap - diamondpedals - leatherguitarstrap -
diamondpedals : @pedalempire Great idea! I'm sure we could get that done 😀
rockstoremanila : @diamondpedals hey guys please check your email, it's really important. Thanks
diamondpedals : @rockstoremanila just sent you a DM
rockstoremanila : Thanks a lot! @diamondpedals sent the email already
westcoastpdlbrd : #FHot
coffinails : That's one sexy looking strap.
lonetone83 : @gld_bxc
filmandmusicman : Nice!
bmh1984 - mitchaelj - amonkeynamedbob - vitaonoinsta -
#moog #musicians #jhspedals #korg #analogman #landgraff #xotic #diamondpedals #strymon #pedals #pedalboard #paulcochrane #custompedalboard #cleantone #custom #lavacable #boutique #bbfcustompedalboards #bearfoot #effectspedals #bjfe
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svntal : (-:
cloudchair : So cool!
jhv3 - machitorres - overandout_ - jowens -
All set up. Ready for La Mar De Músicas. #myrig
banjohelvete - shobud - superreverb - vinetto - memorylane2 - lamardemusicas - pedalsteel - cartagena - telecaster - nechville - fender - tgos - myrig - retrosonic - jdrivemk3 - banjo - thomasdybdahl - diamondpedals -
erlendaasland : #thomasdybdahl #tgos #cartagena #lamardemusicas #diamondpedals #memorylane2 #retrosonic #jdrivemk3 #vinetto #telecaster #nechville #banjohelvete #banjo #shobud #pedalsteel #fender #superreverb
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@thegigrig are now doing effects! We have the best from #pigtronix , #electroharmonix , #wampler , #diamondpedals , #analogman , #strymon , #dinosauraleffects GET THEM WHILE THEYRE HOT!
pigtronix - strymon - dinosauraleffects - wampler - analogman - diamondpedals - electroharmonix -
jaejae1352 : I thought you couldn't put porn on Instagram :p
corygaff - libbie_hooton - indescribble - sam_joshua96 -
@matthewhoopes I now understand why you use a memory lane for your main delay... This thing is amazing on acoustic and electric. @diamondpedals builds some of the most amazing pedals and this is truly the best analog delay ever built. Hats off to you 🎩 #gottone #gearnerds #geartalk #diamondpedals
gearnerds - geartalk - gottone - diamondpedals -
bryanclopez : 👌
matthewhoopes : I love the blue
lance1981 : Does it have tap?
benhancockrocks : I've got the MLJr and its seriously my favorite analog delay on the market right now.
joshkane24 : @lance1981 yes. The other switch is for tap tempo
joshkane24 : @benhancockrocks I had a MLjr for awhile also and it was a great delay. Super warm. It was hard to believe it was digital.
lance1981 : Sweet! Bought a T-Rex and I dig it but I would love something closer to my carbon copy but with tap..
joshkane24 : @lance1981 well these are hard to come by and can be pricy but totally worth it.
yeah_sweet - lil_deezy95 - mondayjhou - guitar_my_life -
So this just happened! #ngd Serial Number 10!!! @diamondpedals you rock! Can't wait to plug this bad boy in. #gottone #gearnerds #diamondpedals #toneheaven
ngd - gearnerds - gottone - diamondpedals - toneheaven -
justinxsweet : Damn you
closalmazan : Nice! Version 1.
mn3005 : Flippin' awesome pick-up.
larrylegrand : Special colour!!!
mattarmon : Well done sir :)
je_sj77 : Sweet!!!
caseyisthatguy : @joshkane24 was this a custom made one?
joshkane24 : @caseyisthatguy yeah. Considering it was the 10th made I'm thinking it was the first or one of the first custom colors they did
owlcityofficial - eddiejurevics - crimsonjae - theguitarplayernamed_fingers -
#guitars #guitarist #livemusic #bass #instaband #custom #customwork #custompedalboard #bbfcustompedalboards #musicians #amps #fender #orangeamps #orangeamp #rockstar #heavymetal #rockandroll #countrymusic #tworock #strymon #eventide #analogman #portcity #diamondpedals #gibsonguitar #fender #paulcochrane #geartalk #lavacable #voodoolabs #klo
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Har redesigna pedalsteelbrettet (nedst) og laga eit mini-pop-brett (øvst). Endringar på PSG-brettet: Tatt bort boost (vart aldri brukt) og erstatta Cioks DC-8 med Cioks Adam. Mini-pop-brettet er berre tremolo, phaser, boost/OD og analog ekko, forsynt av ein Cioks Adam. #guitarporn #diamondpedals #analogecho #bbd #analogdelay #memorylane2 #jdrivemk3 #tremodillo #retrosonic #strobostomp
tremodillo - analogecho - bbd - guitarporn - jdrivemk3 - retrosonic - analogdelay - memorylane2 - strobostomp - diamondpedals -
thatcuervo : Diamond drive mk3, love it, use it. Great pedal.
erlendaasland : @thatcuervo Indeed! Love all of the Diamond pedals, especially the ML2.
thatcuervo : @erlendaasland nice! I've got to check that one out, looks like a sweet delay! I saw a pic you had with a pedal steel, do you play? Was it a shobud?
erlendaasland : @thatcuervo Yep, it's my favourite analogue delay. And yes, I've got a ShoBud LDG model. Really nice SD E9 guitar for country stuff!
aaslandbros - fayextaylor - jotandrevold - annestavn -
#guitars #guitarist #livemusic #bass #instaband #custom #customwork #custompedalboard #bbfcustompedalboards #musicians #amps #fender #orangeamps #orangeamp #rockstar #heavymetal #rockandroll #countrymusic #tworock #strymon #eventide #analogman #portcity #diamondpedals #gibsonguitar #fender #paulcochrane
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This guy gave me a scare last night. It suddenly started sending a high pitched squealing noise to my amp and I couldn't get the pedal to turn off without unplugging it. Seems to be working fine this morning. Anyone encounter this problem before? #pedalproblems #diamondpedals #diamondbasscomp #pedalsandeffects
pedalsandeffects - diamondbasscomp - pedalproblems - diamondpedals -
thebetasignal : @diamondpedals any suggestions?
samatkins78 - esthernorine - dougalexis - luxjacques -
Stuff......things..... #gearnerds #geartalk #gearwire #gottone #delay #eventide #diamondpedals #strymon #emersoncustom #deathbyaudio #chaseblissaudio #earthquakerdevices #badcat #silvertone #reverendguitars #instrumental #postrock
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kevinschuck : That board is unreal
dreamtrips : Where did you get the light blue ML2 from?
nicbrant : @dreamtrips found it used on the gear page
dreamtrips : @nicbrant Huge fan of Diamond pedals, I own 5 (including ML2). Love the color of yours, reminds me of my CE-2.
nicbrant : @dreamtrips I love them as well. I had the MLjr and it sounded great. I used the compressor as well
dreamtrips : @nicbrant Have all of those plus the Tremolo and Vibrato. I bought the Halo Chorus as well, but returned it as it was almost too transparent.
sorenreiff : 👍😃👍
smuldooh : @nicbrant board looks great! What are your thoughts on the flint? Was thinking about getting the rv5 but wasn't sure
pedalguru89 - vkguitar - smithjack94 - strymonengineering -
Welp, one of the best pedal companies on the planet, @diamondpedals blessed me with their endorsement, and sent me two pedals I've wanted so bad for so long. Expect to hear these all over our next record... #pedals #guitar #boutique #effects #diamond #diamondpedals #memorylanejr #mljr #tr1
pedals - diamond - boutique - guitar - effects - mljr - tr1 - diamondpedals - memorylanejr -
stevenrosplock : Nice! Love their stuff!
qcaudio : Siqqqqqqqqq
elliott_loves_pizza : Dude no way!
jayzubricky - danielbordonaro - qcaudio - jciechoski -
Took this Diamond Quantum Leap pic for the new website... the QL has several unique delay modes, including a selectable octave or fifths harmonic delay, and a pitch ramp effect that can swirl further up or down the longer you hold the footswitch. #delay #delaypedal #diamondpedals #guitarpedals #guitareffects #diamondquantumleap #quantumleap #harmonicdelay
guitareffects - delay - quantumleap - guitarpedals - harmonicdelay - delaypedal - diamondpedals - diamondquantumleap -
legends_j : I want.
myletsband : Need that thing! Fifth harmony delays?!?!?
breitnersn : The delay sounds are great. But the flanger is even better!
mitchaelj : Own on and love it. Mostly use the phaser/filter. Great job @diamondpedals
moonchild135 : Miss mine, im hunting another.
malamutes_guitars_mayhem : Just might have to try one!
nathanh_93 : Great pedal! ML jr for me though.
jkseaton : Great pedal, have you ever seen an older pedal called a vesta fire MDX ? It's like a Diamond QL, or rather like aspects of the QL.
jonngun - criollo_xeroso - 009zoel - copperfoxmusic -
On my way to Canada for a show tomorrow night, so let's celebrate a fine Canadian based pedal company. @diamondpedals! #pedalboardoftheday. #FOLLOW @diamondpedals. #canada #toronto #diamondpedals #geartalk
canada - toronto - geartalk - pedalboardoftheday - follow - diamondpedals -
joeysilva_ : I like the diamond tremolo !!!! I love this green.
peterstodd : @halschrenk check the cab
iamkrisjones : Where in Canada?
zagkgibbons : This ML2 and ST Mix are two of the COOLEST pedals I've played with!!
heyronaldo : @iamkrisjones they're in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. An amazing pedal company.
kevinmundarain : @mrbassmansv
plexi69 : Cool amp !
svi_indonesia : Wow
cokisvengeanz - mistascary - che_foto - teddysyn99 -
Buying all guitar effect pedals. Paying through PayPal buying through PayPal email Alex.murnik@yahoo.com for more info. #gearpedals#guitareffects#guitargear#guitartone#overdrive#delay#reverb#strymon#tc#boss#pedalboard#trex#hardwire#diamondpedals
guitareffects - gearpedals - guitargear - pedalboard - boss - delay - trex - overdrive - guitartone - hardwire - reverb - tc - diamondpedals - strymon -
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Soon I will have a demo of this beauty from @diamondpedals up on my youtube channel! Give them a follow! #diamondpedals
diamondpedals -
charisetshalom : Great pedal- I swapped out my Memory Boy Deluxe for the Quantum Leap.
bdmattern : @kenttoneworks Maple Leaf represent!! BTW, how do they not have a Canadian flag in Emoji?! 😑
alexelverum : Have 1, it's insane. So many things happening!
tomscooter : My favorite pedal I own
eajosh : Gimme.
meepyz - masonkupfer - ryanluttonmusic - paul1797 -
NPD - new pickguard day! 3 ply black on the white strat. Looks awesome. It's too shiny though, any tips on how to relic it? #fendercustomshop #fendereurope #fender #stratocaster #fenderstratocaster #kloncentaur #klon #kingoftone #geartalk #gearwire #diamondpedals @gearwire @geartalk
fendercustomshop - geartalk - kingoftone - fender - fendereurope - stratocaster - klon - fenderstratocaster - kloncentaur - gearwire - diamondpedals -
jangegardtove : 🎸
gearwire : Love it!!!
klwnguitar : Looks sick. Super easy to age dude, just use the thinnest grain you can find but it probably works with rough kitchen paper too, with some patience.
gabrielhartsner : @klwnguitar Thanks for the advice, I was thinking about filling a box with sand and stones and put the guard in the box and shake it. I think it would create a more natrual wear pattern, But I don't know. Might put it in a box with coffe too, just to make the white line look a bit aged..
klwnguitar : Definitely, I know they do that for hardware, just make sure the stones won't be too tough on the plastic. Rubbing it with something rough will give that overall dull effect with circular lines that you get on old plastic parts you know.
fjlorente : KTR Klon AND KoT... That's just not fair man! LOL!
insta_kbone : Looks great!
danielreimers - hamosad - hartsner - septic_truth -
#GenzBez #FenderJazzBass #DiamondPedals #XoticPedals #AguilarPedals #FulltonePedals #TcElectronicPedals #DunlopPedals
aguilarpedals - tcelectronicpedals - xoticpedals - dunloppedals - fulltonepedals - genzbez - fenderjazzbass - diamondpedals -
billyleet : Great!
jacob_mitchem - jayszym - camillabasskilla - felixmaynard -
Bass World, Kansas City. #kcpldistrict #cassadeepope #live #bass #lowend #ampeg #fender #eastwoodguitars #diamondpedals
ampeg - kcpldistrict - bass - cassadeepope - fender - eastwoodguitars - live - lowend - diamondpedals -
youarehear : :D
pedro_loera - dedethedede - ftm - sarahstefanel -
#shanewithoutinstagram #pedalboard #midnight30music #sigcustom #diamondpedals #tech21 #mxr #pedalgram #guitarpedals #guitareffects
guitareffects - pedalgram - tech21 - mxr - pedalboard - shanewithoutinstagram - midnight30music - sigcustom - guitarpedals - diamondpedals -
kitsunekarma : I love the boost rvb
davidleechang : @kitsunekarma #shanewithoutinstagram agrees
tsrguitars : We would love to feature this on our page, if you would like, send us an email with this video, your signal chain info, and your Instagram name so we can tag you in it, to tsrguitars@gmail.com
mondayjhou : 怎麼都還沒用Timeline?
davidleechang : @mondayjhou 這不是我的 哈哈 我 timeline 還在想要放哪裡
mondayjhou : @davidleechang 哈哈原來如此 期待期待~
christopherabit : What kinda tremelo is that ?
davidleechang : @christopherabit it's custom made by @midnight30music
vkguitar - sharpjack - midnight30music - alsayyad -
Dev work continuing today on the upcoming Diamond Counterpoint.#guitarpedals #diamondpedals #diamondcounterpoint #counterpoint #delay #delaypedal
delay - diamondcounterpoint - counterpoint - guitarpedals - delaypedal - diamondpedals -
mattnissen : What's the release date for this?
grant_ferstat : Out of the Counter Point, ML Jr and Quantum Leap which will get me closest to the true Analog tones of the ML2/1's?
diamondpedals : Hi @grant_ferstat, each is really their own thing, the QL has a darker smeared mode, which along with slightly darker analog filtering than the MLJr and Counterpoint, probably makes it a bit closer to the ML2/1 voicing. All of them share architectural components like completely analog anti-aliasing filtering, compander and variable sample rate for modulation that an analog delay like the ML2/1 have.
joseph_allennn : @diamondpedals will it be stereo? I was gonna buy a MLRJR but have it modded to stereo. If this guy will be then I'll just wait. But either way I think I may wanna wait for this one
joseph_allennn : @diamondpedals Lastly I am having my looper maker guy modify my looper to have a master tap feature. I need to know if the MLjr is a closed circuit or an open one so he can make proper modifications and if your Counterpoint will be the same. Thanks a bunch! I plan on having your pedal fill up the last spot on my board! Love your work!
diamondpedals : @joseph_allennn the Counterpoint is mono in/out like the MLJr
diamondpedals : @joseph_allennn both the MLJr and Counterpoint are normally open tap circuits (eg tapping closes the circuit)
grant_ferstat : Thanks for the explanation. I'd love to hear a side by side of the delay tones or the ML Jr, QL & CP at some point if you guys could get around to it. Just to hear things from a tonal perspective...
kenttoneworks - daniel_ettorre - dhifaji - mariaashots -
Bear and I got a new toy yesterday. The diamond memory lane 2. Thing this is ridiculous. So lush and just that amazing analog tone. The eq on this this is awesome as well. Thanks @diamondpedals for making this bad boy. #geartalk #gearnerds #gottone #diamondpedals #pedalboard
pedalboard - gearnerds - geartalk - gottone - diamondpedals -
je_sj77 : Sweeeet!
chrisandrook : Oh man, you should have tried the empress tape delay! This is a pretty great pedal though.
weennhuiii - cheywerner - fxcked.r0sie - kylecmoore -
The Diamond accessory and swag shop is open for business! First up is our limited run 10th anniversary T-shirt, you can purchase it on our website at: http://www.diamondpedals.com/shop/ Look for more Diamond branded gear coming soon! #guitarpedals #musicswag #diamondpedals #diamondtshirt #musictshirt
musicswag - musictshirt - diamondtshirt - diamondpedals - guitarpedals -
diamondpedals : Like drive pedals, you can always use another...
benmaydesigns : That's a sweet shirt
musomrkt : Emailed you @diamondpedals
skypedals : Pretty positive I need one of those!
akl0121 : @unisoundhk will you stock this tee ? :)
dnumde - relientk - anthemoftoday - imnotbeaver -
This is my new pedalboard idea. Rock my Diamond Pedals, Big Muff and Mark Bass Synth on a skateboard. Might need to pick up a nice long board for a project #DiamondPedals #BigMuff #MarkBass #Skateboard #BassGod
markbass - skateboard - bassgod - diamondpedals - bigmuff -
bassgodalonso : @liamoneill I will need your help with this
diamondpedals : Love the skateboard
bassgodalonso : Thanks. Love using @diamondpedals. Got to talk with some of the guys at NAMM back in 2011 I believe. They got me a deal on the Phase pedal, since then I've picked up the Bass Compression and Halo Chorus. Absolutely adore the sounds I get with them.
liamoneill : Dude! Let's make it happen!!
bassgodalonso : @liamoneill I need to pick up a sweet board. No trucks just the board. We are making history bro
chrispycupcakes - stackinclips - puffkins - thedriftwoodsinn -
Diamond Pedals 10th anniversary T available soon on our website! #guitarpedals #diamondpedals #10thanniversary #tshirt
tshirt - 10thanniversary - guitarpedals - diamondpedals -
pedalitis : Man I love it!!
closalmazan : I'll be rocking 1 for sure.
lonetone83 : @gld_bxc @mattflo0 @dankwilliams_jr
drixg : Gonna need a buffer for that cable...
jrigpedalboards : @diamondpedals I'm gunna need this I do believe
reallybenwalker : You gonna let me print these? You probably already have a printer, but if you don't...
xavierguitar : Brazil?
diamondpedals : @xavierguitar we can ship to Brazil
mariahkelderman - alexs5620 - mrjosephbroadbent - fenderstrat63 -
Here it is! Finally tested it at band practice. Its first show will be at the House of Blues in Anaheim this Sunday. Can't wait. I still have room for 2 pedals!! Hmm what to get.... #wampler #triplewreck #fxdoctor #8bitfuzz #mooer #pitchbox #diamondpedals #boosteq #redpandlab #particle #ernieball #tcelectronic #polytune #pedalboard #pedalpower #pedaltrain #voodoolab #prs #prsguitar
polytune - voodoolab - fxdoctor - redpandlab - pitchbox - pedalboard - prs - mooer - triplewreck - boosteq - 8bitfuzz - guitargear - pedaltrain - ernieball - pedalpower - particle - tcelectronic - gearwire - guitarpedals - prsguitar - wampler - diamondpedals -
idashum : Awesome! House of Blues.
fancyloyloy : Make a slot for your GoPro. LOL
carlomusprime : @fancyloyloy bwahahaha
tsrguitars : I'd love to feature this, if you're interested, send this pic, signal chain info an Instagram name to tsrguitars@gmail.com
carlomusprime : @tsrguitars will do! But maybe I should get my last 2 pedals to fill the board first?
tsrguitars : You could.. But this is sick as is man!!!
carlomusprime : @tsrguitars ok! I just sent the pic and info!
adpedals : Im selling a tc HOF reverb $110 shipped very good condition. @carlomusprime
jb_rhcp - javicavero - idenaobiad - holywattamps -
Remembering my dad, Alfred Knappe, on father’s day… Dad was a huge help getting Diamond Pedals off the ground - as an expert machinist, he machined the original drilling forms for our enclosures, and he manned the booth with me for a number of NAMM’s and MusikMesse. He himself played guitar in a local band in the 1950’s (shown here with brother Rudi on accordion). Miss you Dad! #fathersday #diamondpedals #NAMM2006
fathersday - namm2006 - diamondpedals -
lanceseymour : 👍
skal3zay : aww, this is super sweet. :)
aaslandbros - strings_and_frets - diegofabianguitars - skal3zay -
The boost-EQ is an interesting tone shaping tool, one we built in response to players who wanted the boost capabilities of the Diamond Compressor - without any compression. We took out the opto section, but added a midrange boost/cut control to augment the tilt EQ. The midrange boost/cut frequency is placed exactly at the fulcrum of the tilt EQ, giving a unique two knob 'parametric' EQ section that gives a broad tonal palette. This EQ section can be completely removed with the defeat switch whenever you need a minimalist boost circuit path. And like the Diamond Compressor, the Boost-EQ can be run at 18V for close to pro audio headroom. #guitarpedals #boost #diamondpedals #diamondboosteq #boosteq #eq #parametriceq #toneshaping
parametriceq - boosteq - toneshaping - boost - guitarpedals - diamondboosteq - eq - diamondpedals -
cahyo_hanggoro : One question for @diamondpedals : what is "tilt" knob for use? It's seems like a treshold or something? Thx
diamondpedals : @cahyo_hanggoro it's a one knob frequency shaper that acts like a 'see-saw': at the center, it's flat, turn the knob left and lows are increased at the same rate highs are decreased, the the knob to the right and highs are increased while lows are decreased, with the 'see-saw' always pivoting around a fixed frequency point.
primitivefuture204 : Pls send some of these to Winnipeg! I love a boost with mid control!
cahyo_hanggoro : Sounds great. But there is only Mid frequecy which is just Low Mid and High Mid right? Seems like a Mid Focus.. i need to trying this one. Thanks for your reply @diamondpedals :)
ramonsantiagosantana : Good...
diamondpedals : @cahyo_hanggoro it's a mid boost or cut, which you can combine with a bass tilt or treble tilt. There are some unique eq shapes in that.
tiffanyjaneandthekicks : Please consider endorsing @paulcastelluzzo he's a professional young guitar player and I think you all could help each other out! Check our his videos! He's about to go on tour throughout the entire US again in a few months!
bradiostation : @sonsofbill hey man have you tinkered with one of these? Worth the dough?
bt_beats21 - blueskoolrecords - diegofabianguitars - strings_and_frets -
It was fun playing my buddy @spencerdoingthings's pedal board & running his hand wired AC15 stereo with my Blues Jr at North Georgia youth camp tonight. This cat has good tone taste.
walrusaudio - fender - knowyourtone - electroharmonix - gearnerds - jhs - ambientnotes - geartalk - vox - diamondpedals - strymon -
kessler_cuffman : Jeezus that board is nice
clarkmedlin : #diamondpedals #jhs #strymon #walrusaudio #electroharmonix #vox #fender #knowyourtone #ambientnotes #geartalk #gearnerds
natebriggsy - agape_amps - strymonengineering - yoelcristhian -
Now that the ML2 retirement party is over, onward with new development... #guitarpedals #diamondpedals #diamondcounterpoint
diamondcounterpoint - guitarpedals - diamondpedals -
diamondpedals : @jordanlchristie first demo clips coming very soon...
matthewjohnbell : Love my MLJr. I'm a big Diamond fan.
tapestryaudio : Love my MLJr more than any one man should.
chad1srad : One time I sold my MLJR for a panther cub - big mistake. Definitely buying either this or another MLJR in the next couple of months!
sixstringflannel : @gavin_greer
andrewrozell : @matthewjohnbell 100% agree with you bro. @diamondpedals I love my #MLJr
matthewjohnbell : I sold my timeline and bought the MLJr #truestory
nathanh_93 : Best delay
blueskoolrecords - myfeverband - dsiverns - seanwimer -
Diamond Comp. Finally getting to try one of these! Gonna see if it can give the JHS Pulp 'N' Peel a run for it's money!
diamond - worshipgear - guitar - compressor - geartalk - gearshots - tonejunkie - gearpassion - gearaholic - gearwire - cleantone - toneheaven - gearnerds - tonefordays - worshiptone - thegearcouch - diamondpedals -
elishalyx : @thejoeltan tried a deepsix?
thejoeltan : @nickjoshualee hopefully! Haha. But I'll have to kick 2 pedals off to fit this.
nickjoshualee : lol. means you need a bigger board. No compromise! hahaha
thejoeltan : @elishalyx my bro has one! Haha. Diamond>DeepSix so far.
thejoeltan : @nickjoshualee hahaha. My board size has been the one thing that has limited my spending and kept me under control! Don't tempt me!
elishalyx : @thejoeltan he's selling it right.
thejoeltan : @elishalyx hahaha. Yeah he is.
thejoeltan : #thegearcouch
scottykunkel23 - tw_griggs48 - econtreras123 - okymalik -
Check out our friends @diamondpedals they're great.--- Some last minute spot checks on the last production Memory Lane 2... #guitarpedals #analogdelay #memorylane2 #farewellML2 #taptempoanalogdelay #diamondpedals #diamondmemorylane2 #diamondml2 #stmix #diamondstmix
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Well this is a nice surprise! Only thing I need now is an endorsement and a few new "toys"! Haha just kidding! But seriously, that would be awesome. Thanks @diamondpedals! And thanks @sheabird for our constant pedal posts! #diamondpedals #pedals #boutique #tone
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diamondpedals : @douglasmichaelp 😀 Instagram has been wonderful for getting to meet folks. Fun to see what equipment people are using, their bands, venues etc .
douglasmichaelp : @diamondpedals For sure!! I can't believe the networking we have on IG! I've never heard of a lot the brands and companies that I follow now until IG, and I LOVE your pedals! 😄
sheabird : WHAT IS GOING ON
douglasmichaelp : @sheabird Ha what do you mean??
douglasmichaelp : Hahahaha I KNOW!!!!!!!
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