A bit of tracking today. These blinky boxes make things sound good.
gearnerds - mojotone - notpedalbored - diamondpedals - worshipguitar - pedalboard -
simonprittie : That looks like a fun set up! Lots of possibilities
cam22lois : @dsiverns if you still have that book, I'd love to borrow it - the one you posted awhile ago?
dsiverns : @cam22lois - yes I have it here and will try to remember it on Sunday! Or maybe even if we're out tomorrow
fjlorente : NICE!
dsiverns : #mojotone #pedalboard #gearnerds #diamondpedals #notpedalbored #worshipguitar
diamondpedals - jamesshielstc - atlasstands - puppits -
Rig of the day belongs to @tdutton7! #mojohandfx #geartalk #gearnerds #gearphoria #vox #beardtone #pedalboard #mrblackpedals #tcelectronic #diamondpedals
mrblackpedals - geartalk - tcelectronic - beardtone - mojohandfx - gearnerds - pedalboard - gearphoria - vox - diamondpedals -
vinyljunkieinprogress - matias484 - josuecodes - garrett13tx -
Clickable demo link in our profile! -- demo by @kenttoneworks "Quantum Leap…. a tone toolkit of short delays. The QL offers lo res delays, flanging and chorusing effects as well as fixed comb filters – effects that are both great on their own, and also as an invaluable ‘companion’ to other analog or digital delays. By utilizing the same variable sample rate concept used in analog bucket brigade modulation, and adding custom analog anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters and companding, we’ve captured the essence of analog modulation and delays… in a small footprint, with advanced control features, and standard 9V powering. First used in the Memory Lane Junior, the Quantum Leap digital sampling engine’s sole function is to copy, delay, and reproduce the delay path signal with no mathematical manipulation at all* – and unlike standard audio codecs, there are no digital anti-aliasing and reconstruction filters. All signal paths around the sampling engine (direct path, feedback path, and everything before and after the digital sampler) are analog, paths carefully designed to provide a unique sonic signature that is unmistakably Diamond. * well, almost no manipulation at all….in the QL’s Tap Delay mode there is a tiny bit of signal processing to get the delay ‘wash’ sound." #diamondpedals #quantumleap #rockstoremanila #gearhead #gearupfor2015
gearupfor2015 - gearhead - quantumleap - diamondpedals - rockstoremanila -
kenttoneworks : You guys rock!!!
_coelhovitor - damiansiladi15 - irvinpacheco01 - kobbs_desweller -
Slowly building up the rig. #fenderoffset #couchguitarstraps #diamondpedals #mxr #ehx #prs #troyvanlueen #gettingthere
gettingthere - fenderoffset - mxr - ehx - troyvanlueen - prs - couchguitarstraps - diamondpedals -
lewibr1 : Whoa.
rickkpatt - lilianal7_jacklyn4055 - chris_bellamy - george_cattapan -
p-nut's newer pedalboard by LA Sound Design. What a great display of very cool pedals for a phenomenal bassist. #311 #pnut #bass #looper #bigmuff #sansamp #mxr #jacques #diamondpedals #pedalboard #notpedalbored #pedalporn
voodoolab - bass - strymontimeline - bigmuff - 311 - pedalpower - mxr - pedalboard - looper - sansamp - notpedalbored - pedalporn - pnut - diamondpedals - jacques -
basshead311 : #strymontimeline
stringjoystaff : Rock on! Check us out if you ever want to try out some custom gauge strings!
basshead311 : @stringjoystaff thank you! I'll keep that in mind :)
basshead311 : #voodoolab
basshead311 : #pedalpower
strymonengineering - gtron311 - hunteraarontx - sir_cadian_rhythm -
Hey guys, long time no see! Here is a cool shot from @alexcsy90 who is a big fan of @eventidestompboxes. Also this is a #StrymonFree board. #ToneCulture #Eventide
geartalk - gottone - knowyourtone - tonefordays - gearshots - gearphoria - toneculture - disasterarea - strymonfree - gearwire - toneheaven - gearnerds - ambientnotes - eventide - kloncentaur - mojotones - diamondpedals -
toneculture : #geartalk #gearwire #mojotones #knowyourtone #tonefordays #toneheaven #gearnerds #gearshots #gottone #gearphoria #ambientnotes #KlonCentaur #DiamondPedals #DisasterArea
benjaminjayko : @toneculture what is that mini ethos looking thing???
icaroserpa - jjonmusic - fabiobass - titbeard -
Revamped my board. Strymon-less. :)
geartalk - gottone - knowyourtone - thechurchcollective - eventide - pedalporn - klonktr - worship - globalworship - gearpassion - gearwire - cleantone - toneheaven - tonetalk - notpedalbored - ethos - diamondpedals -
helafleche : Dazzling!
jayden.chan_ : Its allll coz of me. Haha kidding
alexcsy90 : @jayden429 you dun say! Hahaa
mikegualario : Strymon vs. eventide. Go
alexcsy90 : @mikegualario eventide!
nycrelationshipcoach : @barn3pedals
fern_garcia3412 : Where did u buy the LEDs? @alexcsy90
alexcsy90 : @fern_garcia3412 at local electrical shops
nobleguitars - thehajek - an_drez - chittywoods -
Got it! #ngd #pedalboard #diamondcomp #diamondpedals #diamondcompressor
ngd - diamondcompressor - diamondcomp - diamondpedals - pedalboard -
moisesmorua : Nice color πŸ‘
digs79 : @moisesmorua thanks brother, it sounds as good as it looks!
buttchuggin - jcruzproject - adamfelix - worshiponline -
[κΈ°νƒ€ν”ŒλžœνŠΈ] 뢀티크 νŽ˜λ‹¬μ˜ λŒ€λͺ…사쀑 ν•˜λ‚˜μΈ. Diamond Guitar Pedals의 Cornerstone μ˜€λ²„λ“œλΌμ΄λΈŒ νŽ˜λ‹¬μ΄ μ†ŒλŸ‰ μž¬μž…κ³  λ˜μ—ˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. λ‘κ°œμ˜ κ²ŒμΈλ†‰κ³Ό λ―Έλ“œλ†‰μ„ μ΄μš©ν•œ λ‹€μ–‘ν•œ λ“œλΌμ΄λΈŒ μ‚¬μš΄λ“œλ₯Ό λ§Œλ“€ 수 μžˆμŠ΅λ‹ˆλ‹€. 마치 λ‘κ°œμ˜ νŽ˜λ‹¬μ„ λ™μ‹œμ— μ“°κ±°λ‚˜, λ“œλΌμ΄λΈŒ κ±Έλ¦° 앰프에 νŽ˜λ‹¬λ‘œ κ²ŒμΈλΆ€μŠ€νŠΈν•œ μ§ˆκ°λ„ λ§Œλ“€ 수 μžˆλŠ”κ²Œ 이 νŽ˜λ‹¬μ„ 큰 μž₯μ μ•„λ‹κΉŒμš”? μ§€κΈˆ κΈ°νƒ€ν”ŒλžœνŠΈ ν™ˆνŽ˜μ΄μ§€ λ°©λ¬Έν•˜μ—¬, μ‚¬μš΄λ“œ μƒ˜ν”Œμ„ μ²΄ν¬ν•΄λ³΄μ„Έμš”! #diamondpedals #overdrive #닀이아λͺ¬λ“œνŽ˜λ‹¬ #μ΄νŽ™ν„° #νŽ˜λ‹¬λ³΄λ“œ #GuitarPlant #κΈ°νƒ€ν”ŒλžœνŠΈ
νŽ˜λ‹¬λ³΄λ“œ - overdrive - κΈ°νƒ€ν”ŒλžœνŠΈ - guitarplant - 닀이아λͺ¬λ“œνŽ˜λ‹¬ - μ΄νŽ™ν„° - diamondpedals -
jnote0620 - pmh1336 - painttong - powerpuffwitch -
#NAMM was incredible this year. Saw lots of great friends, made some amazing new ones, and was welcomed into some great new families. A huge thank you to Rich at @puresalemguitars for giving me this amazing off-white #woodsoul with #P90s. It sounds so damn good and I can't wait to crank it up! Also thank you to Carol and Caroline at @deeringbanjos for the hookup with a brand new handmade #Goodtime Banjo! (Now I can give yours back @bethbehrsreal). And a huge shoutout to @dangelico_guitars for the pristine EX-SS. As always, great to see my fam at @prsguitars, @walrusaudioeffects, @diamondpedals, @65amps, @daddarioandco, @elmusicoloco and so many others. I have never felt so supported. It's literally a dream come true to be involved with these amazing people. #NAMM2015 #puresalemguitars #deering #dangelicoguitars #prsguitars #walrusaudio #diamondpedals #daddario #65amps #elmusicoloco
prsguitars - walrusaudio - elmusicoloco - puresalemguitars - dangelicoguitars - 65amps - namm - namm2015 - woodsoul - goodtime - p90s - deering - daddario - diamondpedals -
amyereit : I must have just missed you! Glad to see you met up with my buddies at @deeringbanjos 😊
danielkalisher : @amyereit Damn! Wish I thought to toss your name in!
theelectricferntree : Wowzers. That's so amazing.
freddycharles : nice!!
drewallsbrook : Amazeballs
veronicairwin66 - sfohrman - meg_liz4eva - dangelico_guitars -
The winner of the #diamondpedals Comp SE is Douglas Tobias, congratulations! Thanks everyone for stopping by, we had a fantastic #namm2015 .
namm2015 - diamondpedals -
diamondpedals : Douglas, we'll email you for shipping logistics.
kalebromero : Congrats!! This is, by far, the BEST compressor today!!
neatnobs : We need to get you some neat nobs to give out with that pedal guys? PM us if you are interested.
jessebondrocks - davideg79 - andrea_rg_14 - consigliori -
Stopped by the @diamondpedals Booth and got to play with some awesome pedals. Also scored a shirt! These guys are the best! #namm #nammshow2015 #diamondpedals #guitargear #pedals
pedals - nammshow2015 - guitargear - diamondpedals - namm -
stringjoystaff : We dig! Keep it coming! Next time you need some strings, come find us—we'd love to work up a set of custom strings for you.
xanderstache - stringjoystaff - psmithmusic - jollyband -
Hi, I'm Aimish, come by our #Diamondpedals #NAMM2015 booth 3492 in Hall D and enter to win this one of a kind pedal. #diamondpedals #diamondcompse
diamondcompse - namm2015 - diamondpedals -
stevestoked : I forgot to enter! Nuts!
ekofunke : @diamondpedals i love Aimish πŸ™πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ƒ
faronmd : Hey Aimish buddy!
zachesposito : Aimish is the man!
diamondpedals : @faronmd long time my friend!
mattcmackay : I won!! ??? Right Aimish
jbisognin - delpuckett - jrmeadkutless - andrea_rg_14 -
Playing with some tones. This song πŸ‘ #madeinheights #panther #onrepeat #guitar #straturday #pedalboard #stacked #diamondpedals #memorylanejr #signadrive
signadrive - stacked - panther - pedalboard - guitar - onrepeat - madeinheights - straturday - diamondpedals - memorylanejr -
spreads6europe - kaelynjoy93 - heyimkaitlyn - nivlac0102 -
#namm2015 #diamondpedals demo setup 3 with the tweed deluxe. New #counterpoint delay and #ninezerotwo drive on the board. Drop by and visit us at booth 3492 hall D.
counterpoint - ninezerotwo - namm2015 - diamondpedals -
sumjor : @diamondpedals ate there gonna be any demos of that new phaser? Dying to hear it!
gerbenhart : What is the difference between the counterpart and the MLjr?
mychadelic - alexandermeade - franciscosoon - brianbjur -
@ging_ getting the specs on all the new @diamondpedals releases #freteleven #diamondpedals #NAMM2015
diamondpedals - freteleven - namm2015 -
mattcmackay : @freteleven
lordbradicus : #TMGGuitars @tmgguitarco
tmgguitarco : @mattcmackay nice. Better music in AU took that guitar. Was missing it's back play for the show tho.
tmgguitarco : Plate*
thejustinslife - zee_bateria_johnson - rockrolljenkins - dany_hdez_16 -
This is my "hey guys I'm at #NAMM2015 hangin' at the #SeymourDuncan booth..face." Thanks @guitarriffdaily for showing me the noobie #NAMM ropes, and @diamondpedals for the awesome swag! #diamondpedals
seymourduncan - namm2015 - diamondpedals - namm -
ebasinait : You're beautiful KP. Miss you so much !!!
sumplacestudios : Was hangin' in that booth for Jeff's performance today! Here until Sunday maybe we can say hello in person!
sumplacestudios : Feel free to message if you will be at namm tomorrow as well @katelynnpotterkp
galactic_boom_op : :)
katelynnpotterkp : I'm going to be at work today and tomorrow, but if you're ever around in town again we should definitely grab coffee or something! @sumplacestudios
sumplacestudios : @katelynnpotterkp Definitely! I plan on being back down there in a couple months for a session with a friend so I'll let you know once those dates are set.
katelynnpotterkp : Sounds great, I look forward to it! @sumplacestudios
deannamp : 😊🍌😊
huntervanh - stubbs_audio - emcokeysnsongs - simplytwisted93 -
#Repost @diamondpedals with @repostapp.
Showing an early demo of the #diamondpedals #phase4 4 stage analog opto phase with tap tempo. Booth #3492 at #namm2015 #diamondphase4 #optophase
phase4 - diamondphase4 - repost - 3492 - namm2015 - diamondpedals - optophase -
isiahsimas : Pretty cool
isiahsimas - idosasson33 - fralejandro - alexanderyago -
Showing an early demo of the #diamondpedals #phase4 4 stage analog opto phase with tap tempo. Booth #3492 at #namm2015 #diamondphase4 #optophase
phase4 - diamondphase4 - 3492 - namm2015 - diamondpedals - optophase -
zachvelvet : Shiiiiiit. I wish these were for sale already!
erlendaasland : Nice!
sumjor : Oh my!!
joyfuldoor : I need to hear this! Will there be a demo up soon?
marioleve : Sweeet!!
jkseaton : Yuuuusssss
joyfuldoor : @diamondpedals you need to make a short demo of for the counterpoint and this beautiful gem!
jonngun - dougalexis - ndmsts - john_is_patrick -
Oooooft @diamondpedals comes through at #NAMM with the Comp Jr. #diamond #diamondcomp #compressor #compressorpedal #delaypedal #diamondpedals #newfornamm #geartalk #gearwire
newfornamm - diamond - compressorpedal - namm - compressor - geartalk - delaypedal - diamondcomp - gearwire - diamondpedals -
buggy_tiposdoacaso - bookyourengineer - brendanwillson - therealjacksonmcintosh -
The pedal board thus far.... #diamondpedals #mxrcompressor #ehxsoulfood #homemadepedalboard #arionpedals
mxrcompressor - arionpedals - homemadepedalboard - diamondpedals - ehxsoulfood -
puresalemguitars - thevanlears - shogomeguro - hannah_asuzana -
Another #tonefrog pic from the #diamondpedals booth 3492 here at #namm2015. #diamondninezerotwo #diamondcounterpoint #diamondcompjr #diamond902
diamondcounterpoint - tonefrog - diamondcompjr - diamondninezerotwo - namm2015 - diamondpedals - diamond902 -
neatnobs : Those pedals are great, but they are missing something @Diamondpedals! ;)
chrismathers : @diamondpedals oh my!! When will we be able to order that comp jr?! I've been wanting that for so long! You guys are awesome!
jerrett_mansfield : When will the compjr be available?!?!?!
ericberumen3 - gabrielkm - ivan1892 - awesome_awestin -
The Tone Frog showing some upcoming Diamond pedals #diamondpedals #comingsoon #counterpoint #902 #compjr
902 - comingsoon - compjr - counterpoint - diamondpedals -
kalebromero : the comp!!!!
dsiverns : Comp jr with top mounted jacks? Amazing... Can't wait to hear more!
nhamilton93 : Stoked!
norwegianbluerecords : Comp Jr. 😍
josh.guitars : COMP JR. WITH TOP MOUNTED JACKS. Holy crap I'm all over that
kvawn : Whooooa comp jr!
chrisedmo : Oh my comp jr… gonna bag that!!
nickolicious51 : 902! That's great haha that's my area code
biggraca - rodrigosstan - flinnknowles - thomascann -
Blending two delay pedal is so fun! Tell me how you feel about it??
guitar - gear - hongkong - guitarist - delay - hkig - instavid - pedalporn - pedal - instadaily - diamondpedals -
ravenlee0826 : #diamondpedals #delay #guitar #guitarist #pedal #pedalporn #gear #hkig #hongkong #instadaily #instavid
fukawing : Jang wor
stringjoystaff : Rad.
valligatore : Cool! Keep it up!
ravenlee0826 : @fukawing @stringjoystaff @valligatore thank you guys!
carltonhui - wallischo - sgling - helenfung_ -
NAMM 2015... The Tone Frog returns #diamondpedals #tone
tone - diamondpedals -
jkseaton : Post the counterpoint please
rbentleyjr : @diamondpedals @thevanlears turned me on to your pedals.The Memory Lane Jr. is what everyone else is trying to do with a delay,same with the Tremelo,unbelievable.Keep building these great pedals and I will soon have a pedalboard full of #diamondpedals.You guys rock! Do good at NAMM!
dongmyang : πŸ‘πŸ‘
jodyd_ : @mattking987
jessebondrocks - paintball_dolphin - consigliori - tauzation -
AJ and I are making a custom pedalboard for my stomps; gonna have some new features that should be fun... like building my BadCat channel changer and tuner right into the board. #guitargeeks #strymon #diamondpedals #andsuch
andsuch - diamondpedals - guitargeeks - strymon -
thepepsimanrules : It's a veritable all you can feet buffet!
timrichardson5836 : Do you have a pedal named after me?!
thomascann - shanegrant - connorrejay - jamie_gallant -
These cats are heading to the #NAMM show in full force. If your there too, stop by and check out the giveaway details... RockNRollas @diamondpedals
We have a special Diamond Pedals giveaway planned for #NAMM2015, a one of a kind silver Comp SE that we did as a test color run prior to the now sold out Comp SE run of 100. Drop by our booth at 3492 in Hall D this week to enter the draw. Look forward to seeing everyone! Also, a special shout out and thanks to Spencer @westcoastpdlbrd for the very cool burlap board we'll be displaying the Comp SE on. #winterNAMM2015 #diamondpedals #diamondcompse #opticalcompressor #compressor #diamondcustomshop #pedalboard #westcoastpedalboard
winternamm2015 - diamondcompse - namm - opticalcompressor - namm2015 - westcoastpedalboard - compressor - pedalboard - diamondcustomshop - diamondpedals -
matty_kimes : I need a good compreaspr , my milkbox is noisy and about shot.
blubludguitars - firecoreful - goksukv - peyt0n1o1 -
We have a special Diamond Pedals giveaway planned for #NAMM2015, a one of a kind silver Comp SE that we did as a test color run prior to the now sold out Comp SE run of 100. Drop by our booth at 3492 in Hall D this week to enter the draw. Look forward to seeing everyone! Also, a special shout out and thanks to Spencer @westcoastpdlbrd for the very cool burlap board we'll be displaying the Comp SE on. #winterNAMM2015 #diamondpedals #diamondcompse #opticalcompressor #compressor #diamondcustomshop
winternamm2015 - compressor - diamondpedals - diamondcompse - diamondcustomshop - namm2015 - opticalcompressor -
westcoastpdlbrd : This is hottttt
gosuburban : @jonas_swanson
westcoastpdlbrd : Those pancake cables look slick guys!
kevinrealog : Yes!!! I will be there!:)
kalebromero : Love this color! Looks great!
nick_rambo : That's hot.
mattcmackay : See u guys there!
closalmazan : @diamondpedals great job on the SE compressor! That ain't leaving my board!
drixg - peyt0n1o1 - brnmcunha - austinhayman -
Sleep is for the common -- let's keep recording! #amwmm #band #OrangeAmps #fender #jazzmaster #diamondpedals #surfrider #toxicfuzzfactory #moogerfooger #pedalboardtamer #lehle #boss #TrailerTrashPedalboards
jazzmaster - amwmm - lehle - toxicfuzzfactory - fender - trailertrashpedalboards - surfrider - boss - band - orangeamps - pedalboardtamer - diamondpedals - moogerfooger -
arciteofficial - jaywudrock - togillamockingbird - kevincampeau -
Just a few days left till NAMM! Show swag is ready to go, looking forward to seeing you all at booth 3492 in hall D. #NAMM2015 #winterNAMM #winterNAMM2015 #diamondpedals #tshirts #diamondtshirts #diamondguitarpedals #swag
winternamm2015 - swag - diamondtshirts - tshirts - namm2015 - winternamm - diamondguitarpedals - diamondpedals -
spread_the_thread : Ahhh!
jkseaton : Are these available via the online shop. My 2006 version is almost threads
nhamilton93 : ^was wondering the same thing. I'd love to grab one!
jbscotty : See you there!
pepofjesus92 : I wish I could go to NAMM πŸ˜•
kalebromero : dibs on a red one!
jc_bass2486 : Cant wait!
diamondpedals : Yes, we will be offering all three t-shirt colors as well as black hoodies in our online store very soon
carbell_ - sethkeister - briancarrillo1 - davidcoric -
Successful drum tracking on Tuesday ("those boys did what?! Track-Dick all day!") And on to VanHooten's guitar tracks!! #amwmm #WinterRecording #Canadianwinter #canadamusic #bandweekend #OrangeAmplifiers #diamondpedals #lehle #shure #fender #Jazzmaster
shure - canadianwinter - jazzmaster - amwmm - bandweekend - fender - lehle - orangeamplifiers - canadamusic - diamondpedals - winterrecording -
rogercooperwl - togillamockingbird - johnson.jeanne2014 - aerosoleffect -
When @diamondpedals needs transparent patch cables for #namm2015 , the soldering iron gets fired up! • • • #diamondPedals #westCoastCables #mogami #mogamiCable #switchCraft #patchCable #proAudio #namm #westcoastpedalboard
westcoastcables - mogami - proaudio - patchcable - namm - namm2015 - mogamicable - westcoastpedalboard - switchcraft - diamondpedals -
cid_baoas : Delicious
westcoastpdlbrd : Hell yes @donebydiaz shop.westcoastpedalboard.com ---->Cable ---->Patch Cable
westcoastpdlbrd : Tasty @cid_baoas πŸ˜ƒ
jonbradford88 : Man what is it about soldering? I've pulled all nighters on accident soldering
westcoastpdlbrd : @jonbradford88 not sure the question...
jonbradford88 : Lol sorry, I build connectors all day and soldering is something I do a lot of. I like soldering and when I put on some jams and get at it its almost hypnotic haha. Is was more of a rhetorical question
westcoastpdlbrd : @jonbradford88 what iron do you use? Also, best set of 3rd hands you know of?....
jonbradford88 : I had an xtronic station for a while but upgraded to a weller variable temp station and my 3rd hand is just the radioshack ones. I fabricated a little bracket on my bench to hold it down when I'm working and took the mag glass off cuz it just gets in the way haha! Also a few piecses of heat shrink around the jaws of the alligator clips saves your jacks from getting marred and won't cut into the cable.
columbuscustom - luismoreno_7 - bbfcustompedalboards - leon.phl -
Trey is setting up his new pedal board. Gonna sound great! @diamondpedals @jimdunlopusa @ehxnyc @tcelectronic @americandakota #pedalboard #gearhead #tone #sound #love #diamondpedals #mxr #rig
sound - love - gearhead - mxr - pedalboard - rig - tone - diamondpedals -
nutritionzone_corona : Wow!
diamondpedals - bigjoeguitar - classicaudioeffects - adpedals -
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