Heading to bed! If I can just manage to put this darn phone down! Haha! Right? I know I'm not the only one! But before I do I just wanted to remind y'all that tomorrow is #TuesdayDecorParade hosted by the #InstaAngels This week we are starting our series about LOVE. And our theme is living rooms. Show us what you LOVE about your living room! Watch for tomorrow morning's post for all the fun details! Ok....NOW I'm going to bed! Night night!
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carolballata : @jodiesdesignlife on the count of three, we sign off...1...2...3!
hallstromhome : I love this tag idea. Sleep well
great2decor8 : So pretty! 😍 I need to make sure that I play along .
juliesheartandhome : You know you are right 😝😘
fleurdelaceboutique : You're so cute Jodie! I hope you sleep well! Sweet dreams lovely! 💕
midwest_diy : Those flowers😱gorgeousness!! 💕 And you and me, Jodie!! Lol!! I have to put this phone down as well and get some sleep!Sweet dreams!
decorgold : Lol! I'm right there with you! Sweet dreams!
grannys_place : So beautiful
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Congratulations to our Ski Lodge winner... Monica Memory! @littlethingspps #surfacedesign #textiledesign #printandpattern #surfacepatterndesign #designchallenge
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susanremnants : Woohooooo!!!!
plumandposey : Monica is so talented! !
trudy.gallagher : Congrats. This is awesome
ecofabmama : Congrats!
feltasticfashion : Congrats Monica!! Very happy for you!! @littlethingspps
littlethingspps : Thank you so much!!
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This my other submission for the @minted and @potterybarnkids #designchallenge. Inspired by bright pops of colour I've seen in summer 2017 trend posts. Love some summer colours! #cutefaces #oneverything #🍋🍐
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hellohappystudio : #art #print #design #illustration #poster #thedesigntip #art_we_inspire #illustrationartists #picame #kidsroominspo
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This one goes out to for requesting #earthbond hope you enjoy! #designchallenge #design #fanboying #artwork #geeksunite #nerdystuff #nintendo #ness #jrpg #mrsaturn #mother2
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Let the #designchallenge begin! Exhibition is Friday...what will they create?!? #purpose #design #themakeroom #jhbsews #sewamazing #lrsdengage #design1112 #ywg @jhblrsd @propel.lrsd
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This year's 03/01 WIPA SoCal Design Challenge hosting venue: The fab Island Hotel Newport Beach 🌴 Situated in the heart of Newport Beach in sun-kissed Southern California, Island Hotel Newport Beach is the center of coastal luxury. Offering breathtaking city and harbor views, Island Hotel features 294 guestrooms and suites, Island Club atop the 20th floor, more than 23,000 square feet of event space, the largest ballroom in Newport Beach, a full-service spa, fitness center and resort-style pool. Interested in making it a fun quick getaway? @islandhotelnb will be offering WIPA meeting attendees special accommodation rates / visit our ticket link 👆🏻 above to learn more! #wipasocal #designchallenge #sponsorlove #eventprofs #weddingprofs #weddingplanning
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Design Challenge: Create an inhabitable sculpture within a couple weeks' time. Thus The Cocoon was born. A single-person hanging structure accessible via a rope ladder. Once inside, an inhabiter could close the trap door and utilize an internal pulley system to draw the ladder and connected bottom half upward, thus making the structure inaccessible from others on the ground. The security of this aerial perch with its soft interior felt reminiscent of animal dwellings such as cocoons, bird nests, and bee hives. Ultimately this project saw the same fate as most art school sculptures, a recycling of the raw metal material and burning/disposal of the rest. Many of the materials being repurposed refuse to begin with. The objective being an exercise in conceptual thinking as oppose to a polished final product. Taking away what could be learned and returning the rest. Though how to monetize those ideas was never addressed, and without a funding source a dream is doomed to failure. Highlighting the value of a business degree, which was the next endeavor to follow. #Rutgers #masongross #art #sculpture #mixedmedia #designchallenge #dwelling #aerial #creative #ideas #thinkplanexecute #design #dream #fabricate #drawing #dreammakecreate #undergrad #artschool #cocoon #hive #nest #hermitlife #recluse #design #kunst #memories #exploringthearchives
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Happy Monday! Aside from an extra cup of coffee ☕️ Mondays mean a new theme for #odetomyabode- this week we are looking for your FAMILY TIES. This can be heirlooms, a family tradition or something new to you but you plan to pass it on and start a new heirloom. Whatever family ties mean to you, we want to see it 😊 Please don't forget to follow all the hosts for a chance to be featured. This is the piece I teased you with yesterday. My great grandfather made this dressing table for my grandmother in 1934 (he was 79 at the time). The original glass knobs we damaged when I was given the piece so those have been swapped out but everything else is just as he created it 82 years ago. We can't wait to see what FAMILY TIES mean to you 😍 Thanks for sharing! Guidelines: 1. Use the hashtag #odetomyabode so we can find your post. 2. Submit your entry by 8pm EST on Wednesday for a chance to be featured on all seven of our accounts on Thursday!! 3. Follow all hosts: @poshstylediaries @lavenderslittlehouse @cleanhousewithkids @lifeontheshadygrove @chiclifestyle_ @frontporchtraditions @truemoxieblog 4. Invite a few friends to play along! #truemoxieblog #mymoxiehome #hashtagchallenge #feature #designchallenge #heirloom #familyheirloom #familyties #handmade #dressingtable
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aratariathome : Wow! That is so stunning! What an amazingly special piece to have in your home!!
truemoxieblog : @aratariathome thank you! It's fun to look in a mirror knowing my grandmother did the same growing up... Somehow very introspective
poshstylediaries : That is SO special, Anna!!! ❤️❤️❤️
truemoxieblog : @brideonabike @thestripedcottage would you like to share one?
ourlittlecorneroftheworld : Gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️
chiclifestyle_ : @truemoxieblog What a special piece Anna. Great memories! ❤️
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Design by @serch_om Comparte con nosotros tus diseños con #MadwayStore ..............................................................Shares with us your designs with #MadwayStore #designer #Diseño #art #graphicdesigner #drawing #draw #digitalart #ilustration #ilustracion #RetodeDiseño #designchallenge
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Design by @lukeandphil Comparte con nosotros tus diseños con #MadwayStore ..............................................................Shares with us your designs with #MadwayStore #designer #Diseño #art #graphicdesigner #drawing #draw #digitalart #ilustration #ilustracion #RetodeDiseño #designchallenge
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Design by @mr.zilap Comparte con nosotros tus diseños con #MadwayStore ..............................................................Shares with us your designs with #MadwayStore #designer #Diseño #art #graphicdesigner #drawing #draw #digitalart #ilustration #ilustracion #RetodeDiseño #designchallenge
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It's Week 4 of #DecorMeUp and we want to see your #valentinesday decor! Any type of tray still goes, but all decked out for the holiday of love! ❤️ Be sure to be following all hosts and don't forget, one of the 4 weekly winners will be winning a stack of hand painted signs from the one and only Tracy @thesignatureswag 🙌🏼So get those trays ready and be sure to use #DecorMeUp in your post! 🌾Hosts: @joyfully.rooted @thesignatureswag @home_klotz @smalltowngirllife @taylermade611 @thisrusticcottage @all_honeydesign @jennie_c_ekkz_home Would @juliesheartandhome or @clearlysmitten like to share a Valentines Day tray!? #designchallenge #valentinesday #decor #giveaway #styledwithsigns #trays #tieredtrays
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In honor of #superbowl50 today! #tecmosuperbowl #designchallenge #design #fanboying #artwork #geeksunite #nerdystuff #nintendo #nes #nintendoentertainmentsystem #football 🏈
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Finished one of my submissions for the @minted and @potterybarnkids #designchallenge! Four adorable circus themed art prints for your kid's room to spark their imaginative storytelling. This is the first time I've entered a Minted design challenge so I'm feeling all the nerves as there are thousands of beautiful art works already up on the competition page 😬 I'll let you know when voting opens 🙌🏻 #potterybarnkids #minted
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hellohappystudio : #art #print #design #illustration #drawing #artwork #drawdaily #artist #poster #elephant #bear #lion #kidlitart #kidsroominspo #cute
a.widerszpil : Those are so freaking cute :)
weningkuning : @igacandrayu very cute ga
richard_darani_illustration : these are sooo good
femicorazon : Great!
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Please follow this link below to vote for me once a day to be one of Traditional Home Magazine's New "Rising Stars of Design" 2016! Thank you! (Vote #1862) @insperiors @traditionalhome #INSPERIORS #InspiredInteriors #NathanJReynolds #Nathan #nkba30_30 #InteriorDesigner #InteriorDesign #traditionalhome #newtrads #newtrads2016 #traditionalhomemag #designchallenge #talent #design #designer #RhodeIsland #EastGreenwich #eg #DesignPro #magazine #contest #vote @kravetinc #designstar
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Hi friends! I am so excited to announce that #FunFURtheHolidays is back with a special one week Valentine's Day edition! Your original cohosts have teamed up with two lovely special guests, Maureen @mcv96 and myself!! We all know our furry friends hold the key to our hearts! 😘🐾❤️ Here's how to play: 1️⃣ Post a new photo of your furry little Valentine through February 14 and use the tag #FunFURtheHolidays 2️⃣ Follow all the hosts below: @batesmeowtel @theclementinecolonial @conniesimms_wilt @kathmessina @theauburnfox @cottagecomforts @jodiesdesignlife @mcv96 We will post some of your special Valentines on our feeds! Happy Valentine's Day 😍❤️ Would my lovelies like to help get us started? Pamela @homeonfernhill Anna @chiclifestyle_ and Jessica @idreamofhomemaking
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boxwoodavenue : @deborahstachelski I think embry could really nail this. 💋💃🏼😜
p.arruda : This makes me sad because I was supposed to get my new kitten today as a Valentines Day gift from the hubby, and we were on out way to pick her up when I got an email saying the lady sold her, so we had to turn around 💔 This is such a cute hashtag though!!
homeonfernhill : Most certainly 😘❤️🐾
deborahstachelski : OMG yes lol @boxwoodavenue
chiclifestyle_ : @jodiesdesignlife Thank you for the tag my friend! Now to get these two naughty little boys to cooperate!! 🙆🏻🐶🐶💙
lifeisbetterathome : Yay love this!!
redbrickmantle : Such a sweet idea!
idreamofhomemaking : ❤️❤️❤️
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My cohort in sewing and making things working on making a working bustle that we can do at any length cause we have a ton of cool cotton prints and a need to male steampunk! #wip #designchallenge #steampunk #thefaeriegarbmother #handmade #homemade
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I'll be hitting the slopes this week, so I'm going to take some time to share some of YOUR design photos! Through the week, simply tag me in your design-inspired home photos and use the hashtag #ILuvHomeDesign and I'll share some of my favorite photos on my Instagram and Facebook feed (if you aren't following there yet, follow at I'm kicking it off with a favorite photo I've seen shared around the insta world. Because this design by @thehouseofsilverlining is just so good. Can't wait to see what you share! 💗,Bec (Would you like to start it off @graceinmagnolias @michelle_janeen @kelleynan @thespoiledhome? ☺️)
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shaunajohnsondesign : So great!! Have fun!
ellecotierinteriors : Enjoy the snow lovely!! @luvbec 😘
thehouseofsilverlining : Thank you so much Bec!❤️ You are so sweet to share! Have fun on those slopes this wknd!🎿🏔😘
michelle_janeen : Enjoy and of course I will!! 😘😘
thespoiledhome : Oh, we just love this space! Have fun on the slopes. Thanks is for the tag💕💕
kelleynan : Oh, I love her beach house!!
graceinmagnolias : Dreamy!!! Just added this tag to my last post. I'll do a proper post tomorrow, tagging others to play along 😘 Enjoy your vacation, luv!
w.a.e.w : great pictures :)
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I've recently become obsessed with closets and Vanessa of @decorhappy 's master bedroom closet is definitely #swoonworthy!! She made over her entire bedroom recently for the #OneRoomChallenge and you should see the rest of her room! Head over to her feed for more #highfivedesigning and decor inspiration!! #OneRoomChallenge #DesignChallenge #NewYearDesignInspiration #OnetoFollow #MustFollow
swoonworthy - oneroomchallenge - highfivedesigning - newyeardesigninspiration - designchallenge - onetofollow - mustfollow -
socraftysewcreative : DEFINTELY Swoonworthy ❤️❤️
the_decor_adobe : 💕
bindujoseph77 : Beautiful and so well organised 👌👌👌
glamlivin : Wow love that!!!!
decorhappy : Thanks for sharing Stephanie! xo
casawatkins : You are so welcome Vanessa!! @decorhappy totally in love with your closet
casawatkins : She definitely hit a home run with her closet right!! @socraftysewcreative @the_decor_adobe @bindujoseph77 @glamlivin
decorhappy : Thanks Stephanie!
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Finally putting my feet up after a long day & #swooning over this living room by my talented friend Stephanie @casawatkins! I love her global electric style with pop of color & blue and white! 💙How cool is the green stencil against the white wall?! 💚She's definitely #onetofollow & has a great giveaway from @lampsplus right now! #newyeardesigninspiration #livingroom #swoonworthysaturday #designinspiration
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sarahsofiaproductions : #designwithlove #design #interior #inspiration #instastyle #livingroom #homedecor #blueandwhite #designwithpurpose #designchallenge #oneroomchallenge #orc #makeover #diy #love #chic #colorful #beautiful
sarahsofiaproductions : @livelaughdecorate you read my mind! Day 1 of 2 for style shoot & walked in the door & poured myself a glass! Cheers my friend! 🍷😘
hildebrandpamela : Gorgeous
awelldressedlife : I love the tulips
takfulphotography : Cool pic!
sarahsofiaproductions : @hildebrandpamela @awelldressedlife @takfulphotography agree! I'm a sucker for tulips too! 😍🌷
sheleavesalittlesparkle : Gorgeous ✨✨✨✨
sarahsofiaproductions : @sheleavesalittlesparkle I'm a sucker for blue & white with a pop of color! 😍
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Ron the skateboarding armadillo was a hit at the Texas A&M #GirlScouts STEM Fest today! #WomenInSTEM #TAMUengr #TAMU #STEMinAction #designchallenge #friction #slope @etahand2mind
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Tools of my childhood part 4! This one was my favorite, the #superscope ! #designchallenge #design #fanboying #artwork #geeksunite #nerdystuff #nintendo #snes #superscope6 #memorylane
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✨✨✨WINNER✨✨✨ Congratulations Sylvia!!! @slcook52 You are our winner for Week 3 of #DecorMeUp 🌿 We just loved your photo! Your entire feed is gorgeous, go check her out friends and show her some IG love! 💛 We had so many amazing entries this week, you all truly made it hard to choose! Week 4 will be announced tomorrow, can't wait to see what you have to show us. Thanks to all who played along! Get ready for tomorrow by following all hosts now... #designchallenge #trays #homeaccents #homedecor #giveaway #winner #greenery #housebeautiful #simplybeautifulliving #freshstartforspring 🌾 Hosts: @thisrusticcottage @jennie_c_ekkz_home @thesignatureswag @all_honeydesign @smalltowngirllife @taylermade611 @home_klotz @joyfully.rooted
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kimberly_seasons : beautiful!
slcook52 : Thanks bunches Caitlin, what a sweet surprise ❤️
slcook52 : Thank you @kimberly_seasons 💕
quotethis1 : 👏❤💜👏 Can you tell I like?
slcook52 : Thank you 😉 @quotethis1
whiteandwoodblog - somewhitewitheverything - cottageonmarc - smallhouse_bigdreams -
The 2015-16 #SparkSHIFTLab cohort is diving into an active #designchallenge taking them outside to the #Brainasium #atSpark: Design a way to insulate yourself & climb the tower faster. #dtk12chat #designthinking #abed #ccsd_edu #rvsed #buildtothink #materials #iteration #prototype #ideation
sparkshiftlab - brainasium - designchallenge - designthinking - iteration - ideation - buildtothink - abed - materials - ccsd_edu - atspark - dtk12chat - prototype - rvsed -
adawodu - jamiejoseffry__ - evaleblanc01 - corinnetakara -
We have a winner!! #favstore4decor wanted to see your awesome finds from #HomeGoods (and related chains) and boy...y'all have been shopping up a STORM 🙌😜 This is my kinda group😝😍👍 So many fabulous posts but we all agreed that Angela @angelafrenzeldesigns is our top choice winner!! Congratulations Angela!🎉🎉🎉 Y'all, Angela is a newcomer to our community so PLEASE go and show her some good ole fashioned IG love and make her feel part of our IG neighborhood! She is an interior decorator and has amazing style!! She's from Texas and has a darling rescue fur baby you'll want to meet too! 💕💕 Thank you to everyone who played! So much creative inspiration!! You'll want to follow the hashtag to get inspired and meet some new friends! Next week we'll return Tuesday through Thursday for week 3: Michaels ✨✨Have a wonderful Saturday Sweeties😍
mantel - interiordesign - designchallenge - winner - homegoods - interiorinspo - favstore4decor - farmhousestyle - manteldecor - interiordecor - ranchstyle - fireplace -
jodiesdesignlife : #winner #designchallenge #interiordesign #interiordecor #interiorinspo #farmhousestyle #ranchstyle #fireplace #mantel #manteldecor
angelafrenzeldesigns : WHAT! For Realz? Wow! Thank you so much! Being a IG Rookie, I'm so blown away by all the talent and amazing ladies!! Many, many thanks! 😄😄😄😄
rhcraft : Nice
le.bonheur.peut.etre.trouve - katherin_vlasova - anne3582 - jennweisphotography -
Japanese designer Oki Sato created the Cabbage Chair as a response to a challenge by famed designer and pleat master, Issey Miyake, to create an application for the heaps of paper that are a by-product of the fabric-pleating process used in many of his designs. The Cabbage Chair “appears naturally” as layers of a roll of this paper, stiffened and made resilient by added resins, are peeled back. Its rough appearance contrasts with its comfort, and the reuse of materials and minimal production and distribution costs—the chair requires minimal packaging—make it a valuable addition to the evolving debate on design and sustainability. #okisato #nendo #design #isseymiyake #furnituredesign #sustainability #style #minimal #sophisticated #creative #designchallenge
style - isseymiyake - okisato - nendo - sophisticated - sustainability - furnituredesign - design - creative - designchallenge - minimal -
glamgalboutique - leonardo.talarico - shomedanani - shanil.samarakoon -
Tools of my childhood part 3 #designchallenge #design #fanboying #artwork #geeksunite #nerdystuff #nintendo #Gameboy #virtualboy #everythinginred #gaming
geeksunite - gaming - everythinginred - designchallenge - nintendo - fanboying - nerdystuff - gameboy - design - artwork - virtualboy -
thepokegym : This is great!
spencerordonez : @thepokegym thanks!
nintendo.hood : Wow like it!
spencerordonez : @nintendo.hood thanks it was fun!
and_then_theres_this_guy - themechanicalboy - movetic - designinspiration_com -
Happy #followfriday friends! I'm sharing this beautiful & unique girls nursery by the talented Megan @honeywerehome 😍💜! I stumbled upon Megan when my youngest daughter's nursery was featured in her nursery round up & loved her sense of style & eye for design! This girls room has little girl charm with sophistication, from the @sherwinwilliams Divine White & Agreeable Grey walls & ceiling, to the gray dresser & quatrefoil mirror from @amazon, to the faux bamboo floor lamp & the stunning rug @luluandgeorgia! It's hard to pick a favorite piece in this room! What about the piece of art that's pulls the look together & is not your traditional nursery wall art? If you're looking for design & fashion inspiration than you'll love Megan, who is about to have a baby girl in a few weeks! #newyeardesigninspiration #onetofollow #designinspiration #designwithlove
designwithlove - beautiful - love - homedecor - lavender - nursery - design - ff - bedroom - chic - girl - inspiration - oneroomchallenge - instadesign - instastyle - designchallenge - diy - followfriday - onetofollow - newyeardesigninspiration - interior - girlsroom - designinspiration -
sarahsofiaproductions : #oneroomchallenge #designchallenge #design #homedecor #girlsroom #inspiration #interior #chic #beautiful #love #lavender #ff #instadesign #instastyle #bedroom #nursery #girl #diy
polishedhabitat : Love those colors!
smccourt5126 : Beautiful print on the wall.
sarahsofiaproductions : @polishedhabitat @smccourt5126 agree love the colors & the piece of art! 😍💜
chilinbruisey11 : @kristencorso
fashiononlineshoes - favouritefriday - celebrateindetail - erinvanessaart -
You guys!!! Look at all these creamy whites in this shot shared by Rene @paintedgoodness! It was the dreamy space that caught #therefinedrustics eyes and is our week 1 feature for #refinethedesign! She even upholstered that chair! Love! So many entries and so much gorgeousness, we can't wait to see your next photos starting Monday! Congrats Rene! Tap for your hosts!! #onetofollow #followfriday #ff #feature #follow #designchallenge
farmhouse - neutrals - whites - housebeautiful - styling - therefinedrustics - design - interiorstyling - ff - follow - frenchcountry - repurpose - designchallenge - interiordesign - feature - paintedfurniture - farmhousestyle - followfriday - onetofollow - refinethedesign - diyprojects - interiors -
ptbdesignco : #interiors #neutrals #paintedfurniture #repurpose #design #styling #farmhouse #farmhousestyle #frenchcountry #interiordesign #interiorstyling #whites #DIYProjects #housebeautiful
lookie7 : Gorgeous😍🙌🏻
seaside_cottage_couture : Yes, this was definitely a favorite of mine- it's gorgeous in so many ways!! @paintedgoodness
clockworkdesign : I love everything about this!
paintedgoodness : Thank you so much Pamela! It's truly such an honor and the best way to start my weekend! ❤️❤️❤️ @ptbdesignco
paintedgoodness : Thank you so much ladies! Much appreciated! @seaside_cottage_couture, @lookie7 and @clockworkdesign ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ptbdesignco : Thank you for sharing such a lovely pic with us Rene! Wonderful feed!! @paintedgoodness
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Oh boy! Lots to celebrate today! It's Friday AND I just got back from #homegoods where I scored some fun new decor items! Just some little things...nothing too expensive! I got this white pitcher (it's been on my list for awhile) and this glass of faux peonies. All summer long I drool over all the peonies y'all post and since I don't have a bush in my garden to pick from nor can I afford fresh flowers all the time, I figured this was a good option! Joining in #fridayfoliagefreshorfaux And posting this vase of flowers for my #makesmesmilethursday (hashtag good thru the end of today). Please tap pic for hosts, left side. Also playing along with #myshabbyvalentine (tap pic for hosts, right side) #itsjustbecauseiwantto and #craftycupid for the Valentine's Day diy banners. I also just added the cotton stem wreath (also a #diyproject ) because... well, why not? Love you all for following and making this IG journey so meaningful for me!
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jana_vaughan43 : Love this!!! Beautiful!!! 😍😍💓💓
sarah_light5 : @meganllightfoot 😍😍😍😍
refresheddes : What a bright and cheerful spot to curl up.
vintage_sparkle_chic : Love the faux peonies you found!!
exquisitelyunremarkable : Gorgeous ♡♡♡
whiteandwoodblog : Love your style and all the pretty blooms going on!
1greenacreslane : Gorgeous! 💕💕
therustynest : Such a pretty room
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#designthinking #designchallenge #msuhub Oh the power of collective brainstorming!
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Loving this girl's room by Jenny of @evolutionofstyleblog !!! She transformed her daughter's room into a colorful sensation! My fav has to be the end table transformation . Head over to her feed and she check out more of this awesome room and see new decorating photos!! I love her table decor too!! Be sure to give her a high five ✋🏼 for her #highfivedesigning !!.#NewYearDesignInspiration #OnetoFollow #MustFollow #DesignChallenge
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blueistyle : Love the color combo! So fresh and pretty! 💕
casawatkins : Right! Just wonderful colors for a girls room! @blueistyle : Never would've thought of coral and bubblegum pink together, but I love it so much!
evolutionofstyleblog : Thank you @casawatkins - I love the colors in this room - they're so fresh and great colors to grow with my 10 year old daughter. 😊
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Don't miss to enter this small design challenge #TellkiddoSam2 The winner will be featured here and just to raise the bar the winner will also win what ever Tellkiddo item you like. The winner will be picked 8/2 How to enter: 1- Create an invite (in what style you like, you can use paper, fabric, canvas... be creative) but it has to be able to be created in 20 pieces (if the invite has to be printed I will take the cost, also if you want to create 20 cards by hand I will take care of the shipping cost) 2- Take a picture of the creation and tag it with #TellkiddoSam2 3- The theme for this year is: Spring
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tellkiddo : #designchallenge #artchallenge #art
darlingohmy : Kul!
lina_hagman : @icantdance (kommer inte ihåg om jag taggat dig förut)
santinilsson : @lorenzosplayground
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