As I wait for my Hubby to wake up, I've picked out what I would like for breakfast and watching I Love Lucy, the Vitameatavegamin episode is on right now 😊 ❀ #LucilleBall #DesiArnaz #ilovelucy #lovethisshow #icon #classic #television #coffee
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mariannecandela777 : Love this show ❀
mnjones777 : Very niceπŸ’• I hope all is wellπŸŒΉβ˜€οΈ
sine_live : It's been a long week, but things are looking up! Thank You and have a wonderful weekend ❀❀❀ @mnjones777
eddiecacho : Awesome job on this college! I β™‘ Lucy
sine_live : Thanks! πŸ˜‰ @eddiecacho
mnjones777 : Glad to hearβ˜€οΈπŸ’
kdiz13 : Just thinking about it makes me chuckle
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OMG GUYS THANK YOU FOR 263 FOLLOWERS. Y'all are da bomb.πŸ’£ ~ ~ So hey guys! How's your week so far? tomorrow is Friday yay! :)) ~ ~ Idk if y'all actually care about my personal life or naw but I'm in a fight with one of my best friends. He's a guy and we are both stubborn as heck.😣 ~ ~ So I thought this picture was absolutely adorable and so Lucy-ishπŸ˜‰It's from an article written by Hall Humphrey! ~ ~ Anyways thanks for reading! I would rant about our stupid little arguement but I'm not gonna put y'all through that! I love you all and feel free to dm me about anything!😘 ~ ~ #lucilleball #desiarnaz #vivianvance #williamfrawley #lucyricardo #rickyricardo #ethelmertz #fredmertz #renewagentcarter #saveagentcarter #ilovelucy #thelucyshow #hollywood #oldtv #oldmovies #oldhollywood #queenofcomedy #funny #comedian
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iwillbe_dietrich : If you need to talk to someone you can text me. I'll probably be up for a while.
lucilleball05 : Thank you! I'll keep that in mind! just y'all commenting helps a lot too😘 @iwillbe_dietrich
iwillbe_dietrich : That's what a community is for darling β™‘
lucilleball05 : Thank you!πŸ’• @iwillbe_dietrich
kmilli88 : I miss the factoids!
lofi_bri : @cam_is_2004 @chewiepie @benjimussack
ta2barbie : @gh0uliana @msbombdotcom @lucy_addams
lucilleball05 : You do? Ok! Well I'll try bringing them back! :) @kmilli88
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Hey guys! So I've been thinking about having another contest with maybe another account like what @days_of_the_goldenage and did so if you're interested comment below. #lucilleball #desiarnaz #ilovelucy.
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puregoldenclassics : πŸ™‹ : πŸ™‹2⃣❗️(on either accountπŸ˜‰)
rockerbilly_ : I'm in please
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I wish she'd smother me sometimes.. ❀
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detox_sgv : #ilovelucy #lucilleball #lucyricardo #desiarnaz #rickyricardo
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Hey guys, @classicmotionpictures is doing a #classic_hollywood_challenge for April! So I'm doing it and I invite all those tagged to do it, and all those tagged, repost and tag more!! Spread the word, everyone!! πŸ˜„β€οΈ @classicmotionpictures
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The Barber Shop Quartet' πŸ’‡πŸŽΆπŸ“Ίβœ¨β€οΈ #ilovelucygang #lucilleball #vivianvance #desiarnaz #williamfrawley #lucyincolor #desiluplayhouse #ilovelucy #desiloveslucy #1950shousewife
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rsookey : @desi_loves_lucy One of my favorite episodes! ❀️
vintagelover5060fa : That was hilarious
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'Lucy Does the Tango'. The longest recorded live studio audience laugh of the show. #ilovelucy #tvshows #classictv #comedy #lucilleball #desiarnaz #lucy #hysterical
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I love lucy, definitely one of my favorite scenes
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detox_sgv : #ilovelucy #lucilleball #lucyricardo #desiarnaz #rickyricardo #cubanpete
pinche_lonnie_ : I am obsessed with this show and her :/
detox_sgv : Me too they need to put all on Netflix @pinche_lonnie_
micaela_aldaba : He's a total babe
detox_sgv : She's a total babe @micaela_aldaba
minimosh_92 : I have all the videos to her show πŸ˜ƒβ€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
detox_sgv : I will get them and watch all back to back 😚 @minimosh_92
minimosh_92 : Nice!
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#Lucilleball #desiarnaz #ilovelucy
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This is The most Beautiful moment in this Perfect Serial ever ❀...This is the most Amazing couple I've ever seen❀❀❀Lucy & Desi... True love forever ❀❀❀ This is sooo the touching moment ...I cry with this scene πŸ˜…β€ Really Really I LOVE LUCY ❀❀❀ • I'm not funny. What I'm is BRAVE ...~Lucille Ball ❀❀ • Desilu Forever ❀❀🌹 • #Lucilleball #desiarnaz #desilu
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limecube20 : I love those pictures too
love.lucille - diane.belmont - cintiadegoya - thehepburntheory -
I love this picture, makes me happy and sad. Desi Arnaz has such a bad rep, ugh - he was SO MUCH more than an alcoholic & 'womanizer'. Can't you see, all those girls barley clothed (there's more I cropped out) were in front of him YET he's looking at LUCY like she was the only and most beautiful thing in the world πŸ’˜ He was in love with her, till his dying day. Yes he cheated on her, but he slept with hookers/prostitutes - I know that doesn't condone it but we have to understand, his culture and the way he was raised he saw sex and love as separate things; sleeping with meaningless others was not cheating to him. He did not think he was hurting Lucy because he only loved her and no one else. Desi did so much for Desilu & the creation and production of I Love Lucy ect. -- If it wasn't for Desi, I Love Lucy would never have been created, neither would the re run & so much in television history probably wouldn't have happened! I wish he got the credit he deserves πŸ’”πŸ’– & that he did make Lucy happy on many occasions. I know it's redundant, but I wish I could go back in time and keep them togetherπŸ’•πŸ’ŒπŸ˜ͺ #desilu #lucilleball #desiarnaz #cheating #heartbreaking
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motion_picture_magic : Exactly and it's not like that's the only thing that happened between them. He obviously brought her a great deal if happiness and was the father of her two children!
puregoldenclassics : Well said.πŸ‘ Not to say that just because it was part of his culture I condone it, because I don't at all. I just think that people should not just be like when I mention Desi Arnaz "Oh, he was that womanizer, right? He was really bad to Lucy?". (Seriously, I had someone say that to me once 😐). That wasn't the only thing that contributed to the sad breakup of their marriage; Lucy was really into her work and there was other stuff too. So yeah. 😊
somebodyslucy : Even Pam (Lucy's niece) said of lucy and Desi would have been alive when Lucie made the home movies movie she'd have said that she loved them and it was going to be okay, she still called him "my uncle desi" so it proves that he was so much more than the media made him out to be! He did everything behind the scenes and lucy said all she had to do on the show was have babies and act, desi did everything else. πŸ˜ͺ as sad as it was and I feel so bad for Gary, when she died he said that maybe she'll be happy now that she's with desi, it proves he wasn't just an alcoholic or a womaniser. πŸ˜”
diane.belmont : ! I don't condone it either but it happened & yes i agree, that shouldn't be what he's known for! I also agree, honestly Lucy had said that wasn't what really made her want to divorce, there was so many different reasons - makes me sad though, hate the negative things attached to his name! People even started rumors he beat Lucy which was not true at all! @puregoldenclassics
diane.belmont : @somebodyslucy yea I agree too! I have the homemovie and have seen it a few times & clearly remember that - he wasn't a bad guy πŸ˜ͺ just has an unfortunate rep thanks to media
puregoldenclassics : Yep, there was a lot of different reasons, not just that. And oh my goodness, are you serious???? Who would start a rumor like that?!!!! Like honestly. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜§πŸ˜–πŸ˜’. Some people have way too much free time on their hands. (And sorry for my rambling and yakking, but I get really bent out of shape on the subjectπŸ˜πŸ˜‰). @diane.belmont
diane.belmont : Ha no worries, as you can see I ramble so much! & I know! I've seen the past few years people saying their marriage was awful and he would abuse her! Like no! I love Lucy (Desi too) but even though she and Desi argued a lot, I know he never beat her! People like that really want to hurt Desi's legacy which upsets me πŸ˜©πŸ˜‘ @puregoldenclassics : This is a great post and so true! While I don't promote Desi's way of thinking, he felt as many Cuban men felt that if you paid for sex it was not the same thing as cheating. I heard that he once said to a friend that he didn't understand what the big deal was when it came to Lucy's attitude about his cheating, saying "I paid for the sex. There was no love there. I love Lucy". His father was the mayor of their town and his attitude of paying for the sex as being OK was kind of the normal for people who had some money to spend.
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Love this show, she reminds me of Lucy! #Reba
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ilovelucycbs : #ilovelucy #lucilleball #vivianvance #desiarnaz #williamfrawley #rebashow #funny #love #tv #red #redhead #blueeyes #blue
xosarsarxo : @reba
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#LucilleBall #ILoveLucy #Actress #Comedian #Icon #40s #50s #SailorJerry #TraditionalTattoos #Tattoos #BlackAndGreyTattoos
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alexandrayne : πŸ‘
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Hey! Guys how was your day? Mine was good. This picture is from Lucie's wedding. #lucilleball #desiarnaz #luciearnaz
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Lucy and Desi❀️ #lucilleball #desiarnaz #desilu #1940s #couple #desi #lucy #arnaz #young #cute #sweet #love #blackandwhite #cinema #actress #actor #adorable #vintage
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Lucy, Desi, and producer Harold Lloyd on the set. “Lucille went to work on A Girl, a Guy and a Gob in late September 1940. It was filmed during the time Desi was fiercely courting her, which probably accounts for the particular radiance and bounce she seems to have as the carefree Girl of the title.” (from Lucy at the Movies by Cindy De La Hoz)
lucilleball - desiarnaz -
lucymunstersfan : I love the looks Lucy & Desi are giving each other
love.lucille : True, you can see how happy she was during this film.
76jennyp : I've been watching I Love Lucy all my life. My kids were raised watching Lucy too! She would play in the background while I would nurse, they'd play, I'd prep meals etc. for the last few years I've been so sad I can't find it on TV. We have some of the DVDs and my kids and I will have Lucy marathons to get our Lucy fix but we miss seeing some of our favorite episodes. Is it still on TV?
lucilledesiree : @76jennyp of course! It's on the Hallmark channel every morning from 5 to 7:30 I believe. You could also try to look up a channel in your area that shows it? I'm in the LA area and we have one here that plays it every weekday.
76jennyp : I'm in the OC, what channel? We just have basic cable with no box...
lucilledesiree : @76jennyp it's channel 13 & i think it's just called my13. They show it from 3:30 to 5pm. Hopefully you get that channel. I also just have to say it's pretty great that your kids love watching it too!
76jennyp : Yes I do!! I'm so excited😱 can't wait for tomorrow!! Right after school too😊
lucilledesiree : @76jennyp Awesome!! Glad I could help :)
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There's no business like show business! #lucilleball #desiarnaz #ilovelucy #soulmates #ilovethemsomuch #oldhollywood #vintage
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pattyhaswag : Great picture
pjade : @_alextrujillo
amandaalberico : @mrsberg1108
spelllojohnson : @saramarie_14
_alextrujillo : @pjade πŸ’›
vintage1022 : @gdubss31
jaybird2115 : @hollywoodlandphotos I'm gonna have the song Cuban Pete in my head for days now... but it's ok!
mrsberg1108 : Aww u kno I love them πŸ’—πŸ’— @amandaalberico
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So ridiculously handsome ❀️ #gorgeous #handsome #desiarnaz #rickyricardo #cuba #cuban #conga #talent #vintage #1950s #arnaz #desi #ilovelucy #lucilleball #love #inlove
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#ilovelucy #Lucilleball #desiarnaz
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The sweetest thing #ilovelucy #repost @love.lucille @welovelucilleball #lucy #lucilleball #desiarnaz #love #romance #lovenotes #telegraph #classic #times #era #lovely #tvshow #fave #blackandwhite #welovelucy #epic #always #forever #icon #idol #praise #thequeen #firstlady #comedy #comedian #genius #loveher
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dylanjaymorris : fucking epic
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Desi looks so cute with his eyes closed. πŸ’œ #desiarnaz #lucilleball #ilovelucy #rickyricardo #lucyricardo #oldhollywood
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This is hilarious!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is from Season 6, episode 5!
beautiful - vintagehollywood - fredmertz - lucyricardo - rickyricardo - ilovelucyshow - ilovelucy - icon - billfrawley - desiarnaz - vintage - youtube - lucilleball - oldhollywood - vivianvance - oldtimeshow - hollywood - williamfrawley - ethelmertz - : #LucilleBall #lucyricardo #desiarnaz #rickyricardo #vivianvance #ethelmertz #williamfrawley #fredmertz #billfrawley #ilovelucy #ilovelucyshow #oldtimeshow #oldhollywood #hollywood #vintage #vintagehollywood #youtube #icon #beautiful
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When you want Japanese pearls but your husbands says no to youπŸ˜ΉπŸ’¦ #ILoveLucy #RickyRicardo #LucyRicardo #LucilleBall #DesiArnaz #JapanesePearls #LucyWantsPearls #Tantrum #HeSaidNo #WhenYouDontGetYourWay
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"I hate failure and that divorce was a number one failure in my eyes. It was the worst period of my life. Neither Desi nor I have been the same since, physically or mentally.”- Lucy πŸ’” || *June 1949, their second wedding πŸ’•* this will always be heartbreaking, even if you didn't know they were in love till their dying days.. If only they would have retired when they planned, I think things wouldn't have gotten so bad, they could've 'made it'. They were so popular and decided to keep going, pressure was too much, Which made Desi drink more and more and act stupid & Lucy was humiliated more and more because their business was so out there which caused her to emotionally hurt & what led her to file for divorce. If only we could turn back time πŸ’” #lucilleball #desiarnaz #desilu #ilovelucy
lucilleball - desilu - desiarnaz - ilovelucy -
lucymunstersfan : If only we could turn back time too. But they were in love til they died & they are together now in heaven - mozhdeh__mousavi_ - tiara_napper - lucyandmeryl -
“To discover a Desi-less Lucy on the screen is like finding a revised edition of Gone With The Wind in which Scarlett O’Hara appears without Rhett Butler.” - Lucy & TV GuideπŸ’” || this is from one of my favorite episodes πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ˜«πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’Œ #lucilleball #desiarnaz #desilu #love #ilovelucy #rickyricardo #lucyricardo πŸ’›
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smschneider : @ellenvictoria86 this quote!
oldhollywooddaily : I loooove this episode it makes me so happy I cry every time 😭❀️
ellenvictoria86 : @smschneider omg! I'm in tears thinking of it like that!
diane.belmont : Same, I love it so much 😭😭 @oldhollywooddaily ❀️
sophia.and.lucy : 😍😍😍😭😭
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My favorite people 😊 #LucilleBall #DesiArnaz #VivianVance #WilliamFrawley #ILoveLucy #DesiLu
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lovelyoldhollywood : same here. I love them. ❀
welovelucille : @lovelyoldhollywood ☺️❀️
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Fact 6: Desi gave Lucy a diamond-encrusted heart-shaped lapel watch on her 29th birthday which was eventually the model for the logo used in the opening titles of "I Love Lucy". - #ILoveLucy #LucilleBall #DesiArnaz #ILoveLucyFunFacts #WeLoveLucilleFunFacts #DesiLu
lucilleball - ilovelucyfunfacts - desiarnaz - welovelucillefunfacts - ilovelucy - desilu -
lucymunstersfan : Aww so sweet
teamstager : ❀️❀️
_mary.linda.solis_ : @dormankr
lil_schachle : @mar_schachle
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Lucy and Desi in the early '40s. 😊. I really love this picture....anyone else? πŸ˜πŸ™‹ ~ #lucilleball #lucyball #desiarnaz #lucyanddesi #desilu #1940s #classictv #classicmovies #silverscreen #vintage #OH #oldhollywood #goldenagehollywood #goldenageofhollywood #hollywoodsgoldenage
hollywoodsgoldenage - goldenageofhollywood - classictv - goldenagehollywood - desiarnaz - oh - vintage - lucilleball - lucyanddesi - oldhollywood - lucyball - desilu - classicmovies - silverscreen - 1940s -
verito1683 : Wow! They're both so young!
reneelamb67 : What a great picture. Love your page.
desi4everlovelucy : Yes I LOVE it !!! They are too ADORABLE !!! :) β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘
luvsbway : I loved the whole shoot they did that included this one.
emilyjkrahn - angelique_alyssa - ms_adrianav - vee_9487 -
Two posts in one day but who cares. Isn't this picture just perfect? Should I start doing fun facts? #lucilleball #desiarnaz. And if you haven't seen password with Lucille ball, Gary Morton and Lucie and Desi you should it's so funny! It's on YouTube #luciearnaz #desiarnaz #garymorton.
garymorton - lucilleball - luciearnaz - desiarnaz -
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A client just asked me about the Latin rhythm pattern that goes along with the blues classic, "cross cut saw" from 1969. it was the band from Stax records...Al Jackson Junior on drums-- and Albert King on guitar and voice. I asked the Internet to tell me what was going on. The Internet said it was a mixture of the New Orleans second line groove and a Cuban rumba beat. Rumba? The only thing I could think of was… Ricky Ricardo! "BaBa Loooooo!"
latin - desiarnaz - rumba - conga - rickyricardo - afrocuban - blues - ilovelucy -
jensenbell : #ilovelucy #rickyricardo #desiarnaz #conga #rumba #latin #afrocuban #blues
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~LUCY~ Lucy and Desi: A home movie❀ "We were so excitingly in love. All my jewelry was marked 'To Lucy' on one side, and ' Love, Desi' on the other. Around his neck Desi wore a gold Saint Christopher's medal marked 'Darling' and he carried a gold lighter engraved: 'Dear Desi, my love for you will last longer than this lighter, I betcha. Lucy.'' ~Lucille ball, excerpt from her biography, Love, Lucy✨ Picture Credit: @diane.belmont {#lucilleball #desiarnaz }
lucilleball - desiarnaz -
maria.cheshier : Loooooove this movie thing!!! I bought it on Amazon and totally died when it didn't come on time!!
diane.belmont : Thanks for credit doll ❀️ love this picture && soooo loveeee the home movie documentary πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜«πŸ˜«πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
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I believe yesterday was #nationalpuppyday 🐾
funny - desiarnaz - show - dog - littlericky - lucilleball - nationalpuppyday - vivianvance - cute - animal - williamfrawley - puppy - ilovelucy - littleboy -
ilovelucycbs : #ilovelucy #lucilleball #desiarnaz #vivianvance #williamfrawley #funny #cute #puppy #dog #animal #show #littlericky #littleboy #cute
marilyn.monroes.daughter : He"s adorablw
foxyfox240 : Little Ricky is so cute
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I love Lucy ☺ #ilovelucy#desilu#lucilleball#desiarnaz#rickyandlucy#relationshipgoals
lucilleball - relationshipgoals - desiarnaz - rickyandlucy - ilovelucy - desilu -
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