So this just happened. LOL
skating - rollerderby - battlewound - skates - badass - injury - ouch - keepskating - derbygirlproblems -
demondirt : Excellent!.. would love to see you in Demon protective gear, maybe you're interested in joining our team... Email me (Ricky) team@demonunited.com for more info. #Demonsaves.
p.a.m.c.a.k.e.s : @demondirt thanks! I would love to sport your gear!!!!
hec_toe : Nice toes
p.a.m.c.a.k.e.s : Thanks @hec_toe !!!! #derbygirlproblems won't stop me from keeping my toes painted 😁
lynn_veruc_assault_kolbe : Did you break it or anything?! I only ask because mine looks the same and I did it about 2mos ago, then re-injured it on sat at a bout. I Refuse to go in and get it looked at though lol!
p.a.m.c.a.k.e.s : @lynn_veruc_assault_kolbe lol! Girl go get it checked. Don't ruin your ankle. The ER doc didn't see a fracture but told me to see an Ortho surgeon to be safe. So I'm on crutches and pain meds until then. No skating until cleared by Ortho. I have a 5K saturday and can't participate now πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
lynn_veruc_assault_kolbe : @p.a.m.c.a.k.e.s you and your logic! Lol :) I will get it looked at. I gotta stop being so stubborn. I hope all goes well with your ankle!
p.a.m.c.a.k.e.s : @lynn_veruc_assault_kolbe thanks chick you too!!! #keepskating
txmarvs - livesore - dbbelac - elicious -
Some girls cars are full of shoes, clothes, trash, random crap. This is my struggle #athletelife #derbygirlproblems
athletelife - derbygirlproblems -
raptorfingers : #badbitchproblems
luzchaos : #gottalovethislife πŸ™Œ
nishalish - julie_glass03 - ogbranniedee - jksteen -
hopefully this isn't too gnarly to share. now that the swelling has gone way down, and my skin isn't all discolored and bruised, I can really show off what a FANTASTIC JOB Dr Fallon at Atlantic Foot & Ankle did at not only fixing my busted swimmerette, but keeping @thebutcherbrand's hard work intact. I really was prepared for the worst. Yay! #phew #derbygirlproblems #scrampfoot #harefoot #barefoot #durer #atlanticfootandankle
scrampfoot - barefoot - harefoot - phew - atlanticfootandankle - derbygirlproblems - durer -
03metalworks : Homie got mad skills πŸ‘Š
apocalypsemeow : Pffftt barely there at all. πŸ™Œ
anghub77 : I dig scars
shrimpovision : @anghub77 now I've given sweat, tears AND blood for derby πŸ™Œ
julescioncka - apocalypsemeow - nkemr - michelephoto -
Three cheers for nights in the ER! Hip hip...so much fucking ow #derbygirlproblems #derbybites #intravenous #lemmegohome
lemmegohome - derbygirlproblems - intravenous - derbybites -
smelseyyy : @xx_sweetsx16_ what hospital are you at??
xx_sweetsx16_ : @smelseyyy Strong. And ready to go home.
bmason311 - miss_dee_meaner - michaelajuniee -
When the wife accompanies you to the ED #shesnoozin #derbygirlproblems #derbywife
shesnoozin - derbywife - derbygirlproblems -
sammyknockout : Pinky promise :)
michaelajuniee - boojiboy_ - southjerseyrollerderby -
New skate wheels for my birthday. They're so pretty I don't want to dirty them up on the floor yet! #rollerderby #reckless #derbygirlproblems
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems - reckless -
slappymchappy : I looked at this pic really quick and thought they were owls
theweirdbeard - scarhartt - lemonade_viaggievento - hrage -
Shaping my new @gladiatorguard! Super cute, I know. HAH! <3 #derbygirlproblems #derbygirl #rollergirls #rollerderby #rollerderpy
derbygirl - rollergirls - rollerderpy - derbygirlproblems - rollerderby -
tsunami_navar : I remember doing that for football lol
tsunami_navar : Yummy!
mstruening - michaeloldemeyer - wildhearses - tonieltigre -
this is how i show my creative side ... #rollerderby #derbygirlproblems #gameface #mvpawards FIRST GAME of 2015!!
mvpawards - rollerderby - derbygirlproblems - gameface -
sneakykat78 : OMG...the hats!! I love the idea.
stitchedstickers - perpetualf - missmartin8 - killherwatts -
Uhm someone made a tag on the work computer for my derby clients.... #rollerderby #derbygirl #rollar? #derbygirlproblems #stylist #salonlife
rollerderby - stylist - derbygirl - rollar - salonlife - derbygirlproblems -
thekatec : Rollar Darby, Kevin. 😜😝
thekatec : @kaigarcia47
partypoison723 - thekatec - cheryl_dykstra - julieepple44 -
Prepreboutday rest = just wearing my skates around the house. <3 #derbygirlproblems #derbygirl
derbygirl - skatersisters - derbygirlproblems -
amandacarrig : You.. You inspire freshies you
dokidokidara : Awwwww @amandacarrig you're makin' me blush!!!! <3
amandacarrig : Only telling the truth πŸ˜ƒ
cyndiquilll : Well good to know I'm not the only one who wears their skates around lol
dokidokidara : #skatersisters @cyndiquilll
wendyrode - amandacarrig - mcp_inferno1 - chasewindu5 -
What happens when you have a whole practice dedicated to whips -4 days ago #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems -
ghoulies - demi_lition - jdswench - vasca_gin -
So its getting worse after skating last night. Shin muscle is swollen and bruised from last Thursday night scrimmage, rested til last night and now this. I now have a kankle. Awesome. #derbyproblems #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #skateordie #WCDK #Bettie12GAGE #injuriessuck #kankles
rollerderby - derbyproblems - skateordie - kankles - wcdk - bettie12gage - injuriessuck - derbygirlproblems -
kateyorkes : Hey, its good! Btw, have you already tried the RIDERS app – @riderschannel?
krzysieksk81998 - destruktiveridingkrew - shortyreyna - sonomacountyrollerderby -
My new Tues & Thurs evening alarms. Dont know if this was a good or bad idea.... But the loud horn alarm I forgot I set to all of these, just scared the hell out of me! πŸ“’πŸ“’πŸ“’βŒšοΈπŸ˜±πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚ #rollerderbylife #derbylife #sgvrd #trainingteamofterror #derbygirlproblems
trainingteamofterror - derbylife - sgvrd - rollerderbylife - derbygirlproblems -
tipsymona - cherry_143_ - mayaaa.renee - breeshark -
Bruised knuckles because I protected my face.. Got kicked by a skate.. #lovederby #derbyhappens #quadskates #derbydolls #lesbian #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #femalefightclub
rollerderby - derbyhappens - quadskates - derbygirlproblems - femalefightclub - derbydolls - lovederby - lesbian -
izzyandwaaht - another.hint.of.lesbian - skatinforsatan - jonahmichael78 -
Fast food! repost --@kittykittyblackblack "I asked for burger and fry #derbyskinz for my birthday. Solid choice. #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #neorollerderby"
rollerderby - neorollerderby - derbyskinz - derbygirlproblems -
n00dleheadpig : β„οΈβ„οΈβ„οΈπŸ‚β„οΈβ„οΈβ„οΈ
buffysaintefury : I super love these prints
derbyskinz : @buffysaintefury Those prints + hundreds more at derbyskinz.com :-)
rachagainstthemachine8jzy : Dear @derbyskinz please have the buy 2 get one sale for April fools day again so I can haz fries butt, +5 more designs. #derbyskinz
jessieturbodern : Do you have pizza ones?
derbyskinz : @jessieturbodern - Pizza!!! we can do pizza, please email us for info: info@derbyskinz.com
kittykittyblackblack : Wait. Pizza derby Skinz?! My husband is getting me the burger/fry ones, but I may need to order myself pizza ones.
derbyskinz : @kittykittyblackblack :-) email us for info about pizza when you are ready
katastrophykate - princess0fmordor - daizy_deathray - becky_charles -
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peanut_brutal : Dear @fifinailya: It's really difficult to skate and not #fangirl when @quadzillalk is skating all around me. #swoon #derbygirlproblems
fifinailya - abbysciutokill - cmykskate - travybreed -
After being approached by a stranger last night and hearing, "I noticed a lot of bruises on you, I feel it is my duty to make sure you are okay." I decided to dress smart for the public today. #derbywife #cheeweebomb #derbykisses #derbygirlproblems #wreckitroxy #rollerderby
rollerderby - derbywife - cheeweebomb - derbygirlproblems - wreckitroxy - derbykisses -
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I asked for burger and fry #derbyskinz for my birthday. Solid choice. #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #neorollerderby
rollerderby - neorollerderby - derbyskinz - derbygirlproblems -
theweirdbeard : Have you seen my derby skinz racerback?
kittykittyblackblack : @theweirdbeard no, is it awesome?
theweirdbeard : I'll try to find the pic
theweirdbeard : Tagged you on Facebook
kittykittyblackblack : @theweirdbeard it's fantastic. Cincinnati is being irritatingly picky about our jerseys when we play them next month, so we're striking back by all wearing ridiculous shorts.
kittykittyblackblack : @bobbin0023 It's happening.
bobbin0023 : Yes!
themajorettes - megan_beck1111 - bruisiana - amkale24 -
It just got gross: two pair of dirty socks in my work bag! #rollerderby #derbygirlproblems #cleanoutthisdamnbag
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems - cleanoutthisdamnbag -
photomeisterazr : Great Valentine's Day gift πŸ’
markhenle - dekher - estyrae - vanellope_v_schweetz -
SGVRD is having a Jello Shot Fundraiser this Friday The 13th... Cause why the Hell Not?!?!?! Help us raise $ for new uniforms & for travel expenses! We like being on skates and hitting people so help us raise some $!!! #ryangosling #heygirl #ilikejello #jelloshots #fundraiser #derbygirlproblems #sgvrd #heygirlderby #derbygirls #sgv #covina #bars #nightlife #fridaythe13th
bars - heygirl - covina - derbygirls - ryangosling - sgv - fundraiser - heygirlderby - sgvrd - nightlife - fridaythe13th - ilikejello - derbygirlproblems - jelloshots -
grubandpubmiami : Our next Grub and Pub is March 7, 2015 in Brickell!
siouxsie_quadalupe - destroyertifftifftiff666 - lekiosk - cherrystunner -
πŸ˜–πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ #sendhelp #everythinghurts #totallyworthit #butimhungry #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #derbylife
rollerderby - sendhelp - derbylife - everythinghurts - totallyworthit - derbygirlproblems - butimhungry -
rokycloud9 : ^^^ it took me an hour and a half to get out of bed, put pants on, get in car, drive to get food, and came straight back to bed! Feeling accomplished!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bluberry310 - kattydid82 - queenie1970 - katready7 -
The moment I earned these beauties! Gets cannonballed by teammate, says hello to the floor and penalty box for a low block. O_o Earned a busted lip, colorful forearm! I ❀️ Rollerderby!!! #derbygirlproblems #rocksteadybetty #derbybruises
rocksteadybetty - derbygirlproblems - derbybruises -
tedda_06 - breeshark - murdahmayhem - queenie1970 -
It's always fun to be gearing up and find two big bruises coming up to the surface that you don't even remember getting. #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems -
demondirt : Great pic!.. We would love to see you in Demon protective gear, maybe you're interested in joining our team... Email me (Ricky) team@demonunited.com for more info. #Demonsaves.
kkidd1994 - elyciad - kennadenae - tcoe1287 -
Think the week finally got to me. Its ok, my derby sisters will be there for me! Lol, be ready @sgvrd lacing up tonight! #hitsomebody #derbygirlproblems #ifyoucantplayniceplayrollerderby #sgvrd
hitsomebody - sgvrd - derbygirlproblems - ifyoucantplayniceplayrollerderby -
katclark74 : Me too!!!! About the hitting someone part!! πŸ˜‰
rokycloud9 : @katclark74 πŸ™Š
ooshaenaoo - breeshark - littlefoot5000 - kattydid82 -
Skin is dumb. #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby
rollerderby - derbygirlproblems -
neeerp : Skin pocket for hiding things.
kalidarling : Don't eat it!!!
beatloafjeers : You could put your weed in there. Lol @neeerp's skin pocket joke
binds_creates : awesome! β˜€
celeye_photographies : My nightmare at every practice ! The same sh*t !
caseyyyyyyyyyyy - kalidarling - abombinatrix - kateheartscake -
How to solve the leggings clashing issue. Buy leggings with EVERY colour on them #rollerderby #leggings #legginglove #derbygirlproblems
rollerderby - legginglove - leggings - derbygirlproblems -
violet_sphinx : Those are gorgeous! Where are they from? I want to make everyone in my yoga class have seizures. :)
thatdiceygirl : @violet_sphinx they're nike pro 3/4 leggings, got them from startfitness
whiteplum_ - i.love.leggings - deadlykissmag - violet_sphinx -
Went beast mode on the cross training today. Now icing my poor calf. #derbygirlproblems #gottamakeallstars #savderbydevils
gottamakeallstars - savderbydevils - derbygirlproblems -
mrradrc - cuppofrachel - merblade - manik8675 -
Another set bites the dust #rollerderby #derbygirlproblems #gumballs #rollline
rollerderby - rollline - derbygirlproblems - gumballs -
violet_sphinx : Dang! Are you going to try a harder-wearing alternative?
thatdiceygirl : @violet_sphinx yup, gone for the roll line ones, which are a harder rubber
biiancarodriguez - noisetank66 - deaxavierxavier -
I noticed I had too much crap taking up space I'm my purse.. These items (plus a mouth guard - didn't want to gross people out for some odd reason) are taking up a lot of room #derbygirlproblems #rollerderby #derbylife #derbylove
rollerderby - derbylove - derbygirlproblems - derbylife -
meganneparker - natalie_ogren - syntaxe_error - human4combination -
Session #2 #laserneedle #therapy #injury #feet #anklesprain #rollerderby #rollergirl #pinklaser #tattoo #tattoos
rollerderby - pinklaser - tattoos - laserneedle - feet - tattoo - 2 - therapy - anklesprain - injury - rollergirl - derbygirlproblems -
krystalkrushher : #derbygirlproblems
ememassart - yannie_by - thebitemeboutique - cmaxrollerderby -
What to wear?? JOIN ME TONIGHT SLC AT 5 MONKEYS!! #derbygirlproblems #801 #801rollergirls #saltcityderbygirls #utah #saltlakecity #slc #slcpunk #tattooes #tattoos #tattooed #chicksinbands #chickswhoskate #tattooedchicks #slcnightlife #blackandyellow801 #utahrollerderby #partytime #whattodo #localutah #bankedtrack #bankedtrackrollerderby
tattoos - tattooes - tattooedchicks - slcnightlife - chicksinbands - blackandyellow801 - bankedtrack - saltlakecity - 801rollergirls - whattodo - utah - localutah - slcpunk - saltcityderbygirls - tattooed - chickswhoskate - utahrollerderby - partytime - bankedtrackrollerderby - 801 - derbygirlproblems - slc -
smashsuxx - overtheoverstreets - 9ire1 - rybicki2014 -
No skating tomorrow? Wash my kit time! Even the padded pants are joining my tops and pads! #rollerderby #washing #stank #smelly #derbygirlproblems
rollerderby - stank - washing - derbygirlproblems - smelly -
squamishroofservices : Is this real life?
heaveninsound - brycesarcastic - chelsea.cada - hellymonster -
Keeping my water under the bench like at practice. #leakywaterbottle #amnewsers #derbygirlproblems
leakywaterbottle - amnewsers - derbygirlproblems -
thestub - mrradrc - cbs2iowa - manik8675 -
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