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B-sides and Rarities promo stickers, mini-version
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sd_cesar : I got 2 of those!
bellabellavida : @sd_cesar that's awesome!!!! I originally bought 10 from eBay, then years later I found out they were stolen... so I went online and found 3 more pages, but these are smaller than the originals #weird
sd_cesar : That sucks, I got one sheet of them from s friend and another when I bought a promo copy of snw on eBay
bellabellavida : I was sad. But I'm more than happy that I was able to find any pages online anyone, so the size doesn't bug me :)
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Always been a deftones girl #deftones #defchick21 #decades #deftonesluv #tbe #25 I miss being younger :( #birthdayreminiscences
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iqabod : @bellabellavida u r ..after all..dark & deep
sexylilsecrets : can I give you a shout out gorgeous ;-)
freddieslow1966 : Michelle you look mad in this pic
bellabellavida : @freddieslow1966 I totally do huh! It was an old MySpace pic from 2007 :-)
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Someone is missing. We love you Chi Cheng!!!
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bellabellavida : @battlejax73 I miss Chi too. If you see my other pictures you'll re the one that's a bean bag board....I won that at a charity auction to help raise money to pay for his medical care. He was my favorite! I love Chino too but you know,,,
battleaxe73 : @bellabellavida oh wow that's great! I also lv chino ;)
bellabellavida : #chicheng #deftonesmusic #onelove #brotherchi #bambooparachute
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