Shirt game= strong! #selfie #deftones #mine #bestever #shirtgame #defchick21
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sawyourghosttonight : @kamellia I heard an encantation and I appeared lol
bellabellavida : @kamellia haha oh no what have we done?!!!? #ifyoucookittheywillcome #lol #speakofthedevil @sawyourghosttonight :-)
lamolamlarms : That is absolutely beautiful 😰
sawyourghosttonight : Y'all have summoned a hungry devil haha
bellabellavida : @lamolamlarms thank you so very much!! It's in my top three deftones shirts, EVER!
bellabellavida : @sawyourghosttonight LOL breakfast at KimmyCakes'!! Haha @kamellia fire up that range girl, I'm bringing the tortillas! :-) lol
lamolamlarms : No need to thank me! Just feel fortunate that you own this beautiful garment β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘½
sawyourghosttonight : I'll bring beer!
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bellabellavida I feel whenever Chino tickets come in the mail LOL! #uaintgottalie #deftoneslove #deftonesfamilia #chinomoreno #crossesmusic #palmsband #ts #cruces #letsgetreal #moredeftonesplease #needtickets #me #deftoneslovers #deftonesrevos
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dai4u13 : Hahaha same! @digenger
bellabellavida : #deftonesfansbelike #alldeftoneseveryday #truth #puttingitmildly #lol #meesh #defchick21 #concert #pregaming #showmode #socalconcertcircuit #fangirling
bellabellavida : #meme
olddirtyvans_ : Same
jazzzanova : What is she freaking out about tho!?
bellabellavida : @jazzzanova she got one direction tickets for Christmas, it was on America's funniest :-)
jazzzanova : @bellabellavida bahahah!
bellabellavida : @jazzzanova LOL it's like I don't 1D, but I deg know the feeling hahaha!
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Chino giving props to Xzibit as he let out an unexpectedly rocked out scream during "back to school" for Chi's benefit show at Avalon hollywood #backtoschool #xzibit #deftones #fbf #ripchicheng #hardxcore #madlove #gangsterparty #weloveyouchi #chilingdaicheng #youtubedotcomslashdefchick21 #2009 #avalonhollywood #chichengbenefitshow #deftonesfamilia #deftoneslovers #oneofakind #luckywitnesses #myshit #defchick21
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bellabellavida : #socalconcertcircuit
bellabellavida : #talesfromthepit
bellabellavida : @tigerofthewind ;)
tigerofthewind : Wow @bellabellavida
bellabellavida : @tigerofthewind it was so insane! The crowd went nuts! Such a killer show!
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Does YOUR radio station play more than just "change"?? Mine does... @x1039 thanks for proving over and over again why you rule!! #deftones #chinomoreno #stephencarpenter #abecunningham #chicheng #frankdelgado #theiesalternativerock!! #donteverstop
stephencarpenter - chinomoreno - eternallygrateful - deftones - tgif - frankdelgado - chicheng - donteverstop - partypeople - meowisthetime - deftonesreppin - theiesalternativerock - abecunningham -
bellabellavida : @_bakedbrownie I definitely will!! I'll tag you if you like!!
_deadlynightshadee : Yesssss TAG me in ALL OF THEM!!!!
queenmasquerade : No rock stations in NYC πŸ˜”. And when we did rarely we got deftones and if we did it was change in the house of flies.
bellabellavida : @_bakedbrownie I totally will!!!!!
queenmasquerade : @bellabellavida thanks. Will check it out. 😊
jazzzanova : My station has "daily Deftones" it's pretty dope. πŸ’™πŸ’€β€οΈ
bellabellavida : @queenmasquerade aww I hope you do!! I think you'll love them!
bellabellavida : @jazzzanova that's amazing! It's the first I've heard of another radio station being that badass!! xx
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#flipagram made with @flipagramapp β™« Music: Deftones - My Own Summer
ournight - flipagram - bestoflipagram -
mon311 : Of course I love it & yes they do! So grateful to @deftonesband for reuniting us 😊 Love ya cuzzo! 😘 #cousins #family #bonding #concertlife #intheblood
jazzzanova : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
bellabellavida : @mon311 it's not letting me tag again!! Ugh!
mon311 : Bummer @bellabellavida
jboyer1030 : Dope!!!
1phantomdad : Where did u get those minis?
bellabellavida : @1phantomdad :D I got them on eBay from an artist in Hong Kong.
bellabellavida : #bestoflipagram
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Come fall in love with the sound #deftones #needlesandpins #selftitle #chinomoreno #chicheng #stephencarpenter #abecunningham #deftoneslovers #defchick21 #deftonesreppin #spellbound #deftoneseverywhere #deftonesalldayeveryday #deftonesfambam
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castsocool : I love The Boys Republic but, I've never heard it live. Hopefully one day. Anniversary is my second fav. I think I have seen that YouTube video. When I found it I listened to it over and over. So beautiful, so perfect. ;)
bellabellavida : Those are my two favorite songs of theirs, period!!! And I agree it was so beautiful and meaningful, I cried when they performed it. That's awesome that you saw my vid :-) @castsocool
zombieatemybrains : @bellabellavida miss you! Do you have snapchat. Stop using kik ...
bellabellavida : I have both but don't use either. @zombieatemybrains
zombieatemybrains : @bellabellavida Awhh boo lol. :p
digital_bath_dano : #NeedlesAndPins uggh my god such a different heavy, Chi's background vocals give me the chills here! #OneLoveForChi
bellabellavida : @digital_bath_dano dude agreed!!! It's really hard to listen to any track he laid vocals on without tearing up :/
digital_bath_dano : Oh for sure but this song... I feel like this one gets heavier each time you hear it you know? Deff one of my favs! \m/
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california - defchick21 - badass - pseudokidsshow - concerts - yogabbagabba - hiphopshows -
bellabellavida : @mxbrat thanks love! It was my second favorite birthday ever!.
bellabellavida : #California #concerts #defchick21 #hiphopshows #badass #yogabbagabba #pseudokidsshow
boqopod : YoGabbaGabba being nice to your friends is Awesome!!!!
bellabellavida : @boqopod best comment ever! Haha
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! #chinomoreno #defchick21 #youtube #deftones #liveshots #chino #socalconcertcircuit #talesfromthepit #shortsleevedchino #jackdaniels #ventura #venturatheater #party #jimmysslice #focalpoint #colors #depth #concerts #meesh #mine
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bellabellavida : @howl1982 thank you so much!!! I was just thinking the same thing about your pics!! And yes I'm crazy about everything Chino does artistically, he's my favorite!!!
howl1982 : lol you might just give me an ego at this rate! ;) we should chat it up sometime! Btw that vest its come a long way since those pics! @bellabellavida I'm on facebook!
bellabellavida : Can't help it!! Love live shows, and metal shows are so energetic!!! I love metal vests,.my favorite one is the one Cam wears onstage #3IOB @howl1982
howl1982 : Thats why i am a metalhead for life! It's a way of living and metal just speaks to my soul! I live for the intensity of a live show! :)
bellabellavida : Well said, my friend. \m/ \m/ @howl1982
howl1982 : Thank you i sometimes have a way with words! Are you on facebook? I'd like to chat more often share metal discoveries.
bellabellavida : @howl1982 I see, and many say that about me on occasion as well hehe ;) I have facebook : @celebratoryfires I watch a lot of different genres of live music :).
howl1982 : @bellabellavida well add me up! :) oh i love metal but i also love music in general! One of the reasons i love metal so much is its unparalled diversity! Combining and changing yet remaining at its core metal!
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Always been a deftones girl #deftones #defchick21 #decades #deftonesluv #tbe #25 I miss being younger :( #birthdayreminiscences
birthdayreminiscences - 25 - defchick21 - deftones - decades - tbe - deftonesluv -
donnedanko : @bellabellavida deftones!!!!
bellabellavida : @donnedanko yes! Always been... That picture was already well after I met them :)
iqabod : @bellabellavida sooo serious..and I am delirious..w desire know what your mind is
bellabellavida : @iqabod that was a serious pic. Plus my eyebrows were crazy, and made it look darker and deeper. I love this band!
iqabod : @bellabellavida u r ..after all..dark & deep
absolutely_perfectt : can I give you a shout out gorgeous ;-)
freddieslow1966 : Michelle you look mad in this pic
bellabellavida : @freddieslow1966 I totally do huh! It was an old MySpace pic from 2007 :-)
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There are Seraphs around him. One love for Chi!
hellafan - stephencarpenter - chinomoreno - calicircuit - og - sactocal - frankdelgado - abecunningham - cali - defchick21 - chicheng -
iqabod : @bellabellavida ahhh connection!!
bellabellavida : @iqabod yes, it seems to be a common thing around my circle of friends :)
iqabod : @bellabellavida I have triangle of friends..circles are so strange lol
bellabellavida : @iqabod maybe octagons of friends, because sometimes you fight and ones who don't belong should just STOP. lol
iqabod : @bellabellavida I still prefer th traditional isocoles triangle that can reconfigure into a trident lol
bellabellavida : @iqabod ahh, the isosceles...the most versatile of the tri nation :)
iqabod : @bellabellavida venusia mathematica g!!
iqabod : @bellabellavida MEOW!! ~:)
danielalaleon - trusk8bdr - kornkid_6661 -
Corona light LOL
donnedanko : Im thankful to have to jobs that pay over 13 an hour. So im def glad in this economy. I never have free time so that sux. But i got my phone and chill people to talk to like you')
bellabellavida : @donnedanko yeah man I know the rest of the companies start at 10.00 an hour, but it takes 15 to live decent in my house... Especially with my v8 truck that costs so much to run down the block.... Glad I don't have to commute!!
bellabellavida : I don't have much free time either, that's why I love IG, I get to see awesome pics and chat with my favorite people, like you, of course :) @donnedanko
donnedanko : Yeah. I work as a carpenter and an asst at safeway. 65 hours a week:)) but i love life and all that comes with it. I hear ya on gas i drive an explorer so its a gas hog too. I dont commute far either im glad bout that:)
bellabellavida : @donnedanko wow safeway? I've only heard of those stores, never been there. Always wanted to shop there :) and carpentry? Wow hard work... Must feel good to come home tired, filthy, And achy :) I love every free moment and I love all my friends, digital or tangible ;) yeah so you know what I mean about gas! My armada is lovely but dang sometimes I miss ha ing a little civic ex :) I drive for 9-12 minutes to work, depending on traffic so I'm happy about that!
donnedanko : Yeah safeway it sux. It jus like walmart but better and more expensive. But yeah i love my carpentry job i fell accomplished doing that job:)
donnedanko : Where you work??
bellabellavida : @donnedanko Wells Fargo Home Mortgage... :/
bellabellavida - foreverdorisss - xsasquatch -
Wind in my hair, lunch hour.
blackkeys - eyes - leather - nissan - drive - strut - hair - howlinforyou - truck - teeth - purejoy - wind -
bellabellavida : @boqopod your sarcasm is charming! Muah! :)
bellabellavida : @batmanlikespie are you serious?! I'd love that! BTW, nice equipment :)
missdemone : Bella can you believe this attention we're getting? It's silly, but still makes me blush to no end. Always appreciated @batmanlikespie @boqopod ❀❀❀❀❀❀
boqopod : Haha no its just usually me who comments like that.
boqopod : You trying to make me jealous @batmanlikespie
batmanlikespie : @bellabellavida I am starting to shoot weddings this year, so I upgraded. I have a 50mm 1.2 aperture L lens, which creates stunning portraits. Course you ladies @missdemone are pretty durn stunning to begin with. πŸ“·
bellabellavida : @missdemone I know, right? Wow I feel amazing, and special, don't you??! @boqopod you know there's no one else on this planet like you, and you know that @missdemone and I really appreciate your uniqueness and awesomeness :) @batmanlikespie that's amazing!! I'm so jealous of your weapons... I am trying to save but you know how that goes... Thanks again! I know it's always a million times better for both the photographer and the model/subject if they actually have a connection, the shoot will always be far more successful ;)
boqopod : I also have a fan page @stereolabia just for stuff I like
boqopod -
My lovely friend @discolady12 had this made for me for my birthday :)
chinomoreno - deftones - frame - lilovemyfriends - deftoneslyrics - defgraphics - deftonesworld - whitepony - teenager - defchick21 - graphics - deftonesrevos - defest - deftonesfamilia -
bellabellavida : @fireal28 thanks! Her sister is a graphic designer, so she asked me what song I love a lot, so I told her teenager.. She made this glossy for me as a bday gift. She's newer to the deftones but she loves them already, double win!! #deftonesfamilia
fireal28 : Oh that's so awesome, and she's so talented!! :)
bellabellavida : @fireal28 very very talented, and can you imagine my surprise to have this glossy graphic as a bday gift? #lilovemyfriends! I gotta get her sister in here, the #deftonesfamilia #deftonesrevos will go nuts for her graphics! Xx
fireal28 : @bellabellavida haha yeah that'd be sick!
bellabellavida : @greencitysketch #teenager see?
greencitysketch : That's awesome :D @bellabellavida
bellabellavida : @greencitysketch thanks so much! *high five* :D
greencitysketch : Lol *high five* ^-^ @bellabellavida
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Bootlegs, rarities, imports and autographs.
collectthemall - chinomoreno - deftones - oneloveforchi - deftonesrevos - priceless - deftonesfans - deftonesrevolution - deftonesmusic -
bellabellavida : @defj3stacks thanks! And I agree. Beside bootlegs, they only have one dvd... Do you have "LIVE in Hawaii"?
bellabellavida : Yeah me too, live in Hawaii, 93x nutcracker, and bizarre :) to be honest, I didn't see any shows except for aftershock 2012... Where are they going to be, do you know? @defj3stacks
bellabellavida : @defj3stacks I meant "see" as in see any upcoming shows :)
bellabellavida : @defj3stacks I'm still holding out hope that system and deftones might come down to Cali no the 19th of aug because their East coast stuff will be done, and it's my birthday, LOL Other than that, aftershock is probably my best bet.
bellabellavida : @defj3stacks I totally agree. I've been in the pit for deftones and slipknot before... good stuff :)
bellabellavida : @defj3stacks yeah actually I went to their first show ever, in Pomona @ the glass house... Sexy stuff!
bellabellavida : #deftones #chinomoreno #deftonesmusic #deftonesrevolution #deftonesfans #collectthemall #deftonesrevos @stefdodoubleg #oneloveforchi
bellabellavida : This has chi's autograph on it. #priceless !!
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Even the cartoon one.
swaghunter - defchick21 - welove - deftones - feelthevibe - illtochill - deftonesworld - fangirl - chicheng -
bellabellavida : Haha are you serious? Yes I am lol #deftonesworld #defchick21 #deftones #fangirl #chicheng #welove #swaghunter #feelthevibe #illtochill
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Our first deftones show, Las Vegas 5.17.03
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bellabellavida : The sticker was a coupon to get 3 bucks off your ticket :) #crowdsurfing #deftones #chinomoreno has soft hands and a serious look on his face. #createanimmersion #defswag #defchick21 #tour #vegasbaby @samboyd #stadium #monkeybusiness #mudvayne #pitshots #ourbigconcert6 #chicheng #doyourememberthatday
neodeniro : Was there!
bellabellavida : @neodeniro yeah! BAMF'n show huh?!? Still my favorite show because it was my first :)
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It was when I saw this that I wanted to go to a tattoo place that had real silver ink...
swaghunter - blueandchrome - optic - chinomoreno - deftones - favoritememorabilia - onthehunt - defswag - orgyofswag - defchick21 - createanimmersion -
bellabellavida : #favoritememorabilia #defswag #deftones #swaghunter #blueandchrome #optic #chinomoreno #defchick21 #onthehunt #createanimmersion #orgyofswag
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Aye no shit deftones got a website?
swaghunter - defchick21 - chinomoreno - deftones - whitepony - chicheng - decal - oneloveforchi - members - original -
bellabellavida : LOL #deftones #decal #whitepony #original #members #oneloveforchi #chicheng #defchick21 #swaghunter #chinomoreno
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American pride* deftones? Patriotic.
album - swag - musicfeedsmysoul - defchick21 - chinomoreno - deftones - surrounded - swaghunter - california - fangirl - deftonesmusic -
bellabellavida : Okay so obviously I got caught up in my #swag #album hehe the patch used to be ironed onto my shirt :) ahh nostalgia.
bellabellavida : #deftones #swaghunter #chinomoreno #california #surrounded #musicfeedsmysoul #deftonesmusic #fangirl #defchick21
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Deftones metallic decal, 2002
swaghunter - chinomoreno - deftones - silverandblack - sticker - defswag - chrome - defchick21 - dopest - createanimmersion - resistthis -
bellabellavida : Sometimes you have to go after whatever it is that you Manu
bellabellavida : *want
bellabellavida : #deftones #defswag #swaghunter #defchick21 #dopest #chinomoreno #silverandblack #chrome #resistthis #sticker #createanimmersion
revmajik : Yes!!
bellabellavida - foreverdorisss - kornkid_6661 -
Deftones and Chucks, 'nuff said.
swag - lovers - deftones - favorite - swaghunter - hottopic - noordinarylove - defchick21 -
bellabellavida : This is my #favorite piece of jewelry, I had to buy 3 because I didn't want to be without if it got lost or stolen. #deftones #swag #swaghunter #defchick21 #hottopic #lovers #noordinarylove
bellabellavida - gilbertgrape - loudee1988 - youveseenthebutcher -
Self-title patch, 2003
dopeswag - swaghunter - old - chinomoreno - fangirl - deftones - defchick21 -
bellabellavida : #deftones #defchick21 #dopeswag #old #fangirl #swaghunter #chinomoreno
foreverdorisss - hoiten - stephenkingsleeveguy -
#deftonesmusic #hellafan #defchick21 #deftones FTW!! People really should love the deftones, they save lives!
hellafan - dexter - awesomeness - dexterlovesdeftones - somepeopledeservetodie - chinomoreno - deftones - lol - insidejokes - deftonesrevo - defchick21 - dexterfan - deftonesmusic - deftonesfamilia -
bellabellavida : #dexter #awesomeness #lol #somepeopledeservetodie
bellabellavida : @hereinthebubble here's an old one I posted up, thought you might appreciate this :)
hereinthebubble : @bellabellavida awesome! Love it!
bellabellavida : #dexterlovesdeftones #chinomoreno #dexterfan #lol #insidejokes #deftonesfamilia #deftonesrevo
7michellec : 😱lol ur hot go to @Marcsiamsta For More usrs To get following Yo
dxxmxx : πŸ’›βœ¨β­LBβ­βœ¨πŸ’› Hi, For a produced movie script we are looking for movie Extras in different locations across the United Stats. Different ages, male and female and bodytypes searched @Primentonix
deftonesrevo : @anamelissa97
bellabellavida : @soulfly6 haha great minds really do think alike! Lol
andrewmarmolejo - chi_noz - jefito_ - devildawl -
Someone is missing. We love you Chi Cheng!!!
subliminallysexy - chinomoreno - bambooparachute - deftonesluv - chicheng - deftonesgirl - oneloveforchi - defchick21 - justbreathe - onelove - deftonesmusic - original - brotherchi -
bellabellavida : #deftonesgirl #deftonesluv #defchick21 #original #subliminallysexy #ChinoMoreno #justbreathe #oneloveforchi
battleaxe73 : @bellabellavida We all miss him!
bellabellavida : @battlejax73 I miss Chi too. If you see my other pictures you'll re the one that's a bean bag board....I won that at a charity auction to help raise money to pay for his medical care. He was my favorite! I love Chino too but you know,,,
battleaxe73 : @bellabellavida oh wow that's great! I also lv chino ;)
bellabellavida : #chicheng #deftonesmusic #onelove #brotherchi #bambooparachute
trusk8bdr - kornkid_6661 -
Iconosquare feedback