Was good to see this man today! Finished it with a rad evening skate at @cirencesterskatepark! #decimal #polarskateco #doesyourdistroevenskate #supportskaterowned
doesyourdistroevenskate - decimal - polarskateco - supportskaterowned -
keendist : Thanks man, rad to see you and the store @decimalskatestore
keendist : Networking boss 🍻🍻🍻 @polarskateco
decimalskatestore : I made him πŸ˜‚ @polarskateco @keendist
polarskateco : @decimalskatestore sure just cover him you guys....
polarskateco : haha
w00ders3000 : Hard earned ! @keendist
polarskateco : #alcoholfree
zoegwilliam : Came in today and all my mum could say is she wanted the brown cushions on the sofa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
flojomac - sambarratt - mkbastydv - lottiesummersss_ -
Doin Hw #Homework #Decimal #Maths #Doing
maths - doing - decimal - homework -
chen_yimei_ : We also at there
athenatanhw : Wah u only there?
athenatanhw : My class finished worksheet 29
tyea_angeline - hxsmxthulnxxlo - ruien.aloy.ily - 99percent_unicorn -
The first drop of the Fall range of Levi's landed today and is looking strong as ever!! 511's and 513's in all sizes, Β£65-Β£70! All instore now... Online soon as! #decimal #levisskateboarding #511 #513 #cirencester #supportyourlocal @levisskateboarding
supportyourlocal - levisskateboarding - 511 - decimal - cirencester - 513 -
rob_hitandhope : 510s no more?
cameronfeldhaus : Awesome !!
levxls : Dope;)
luisamarienehlsen - mattballswinger - roberttait123 - mkbastydv -
Fresh delivery from @adidasskateboarding in today! We got the Busenitz Vulc (Β£55) and ADV (Β£70)... Both going to smash it!! #decimal #adidas #adidasskateboarding #decimal #cirencester #supportyourlocal
adidasskateboarding - decimal - cirencester - supportyourlocal - adidas -
rossnroll : @decimalskatestore those black advs are the best thing everπŸ‘Œ
marleypitts : Yesss @decimalskatestore
milkyair : Why are they not on your website @decimalskatestore
decimalskatestore : @milkyair coz I need a clone!!! They will be at some point tomorrow, if you can't wait ring 01285656555 after 10am and we can sort it over the phone!
decimalskatestore : Indeed they are πŸ‘Š @rossnroll
scottwhittaker : Claims ont black n red'ns in uk 9 guv, did you manage to order one of them tools too? @decimalskatestore
decimalskatestore : @scottwhittaker only half sizes at the mo... Rest, including your 9's to follow πŸ˜‰... Tool should be here this week, let you know when it's in my hand!!
willr296 : @roberttait123 they are sick get them
benwheeler14 - elliotpitt - huwhumphreys - twinnington -
reppin @decimalskatestore at the #commonwealthgames #glasgow #decimal #supreme
decimal - commonwealthgames - glasgow - supreme - 2014athletics -
maxholland96 : #2014athletics
laralipinski - lizzieline1 - glasgownonsense - samtakingphotos -
This just turned up and is RAD! @huckmagazine skateboarding special, featuring loads of good stuff! Also a chance to check out @levisskateboarding Fall 2014 range!! Cone grab a copy before there gone! #huckmagazine #levisskateboarding #decimal
decimal - huckmagazine - levisskateboarding -
ladyfacejose : My housemate works for this magazine!
rebeccalouisefrost - elias_sbo - vincemedeiros - ellsy10 -
The second colourway of the Nike SB Lunar Janoski this week, this time in Black/White/Anthracite! UK 6-12 for Β£75! Won't be around long for sure! Instore NOW, online soon!! #nikesb #lunarjanoski #cirencester #decimal #supportyourlocal
nikesb - cirencester - lunarjanoski - decimal - supportyourlocal -
1101grams : Damn I need these
swindonscott : These are so sick @decimalskatestore πŸ‘Œ
evanamm : I dig these @charlie_lilly1797
asking_devans_alexandria : @joshwright_97
joshwright_97 : @asking_devans_alexandria I've seen them they look sick
decimalskatestore : Yeah man... They are sooo good! Hope you have had a rad b-day! @swindonscott
susmicah : @svnchez._
dee_hd69 : @insta_reece shall I 😯
luisamarienehlsen - maxwellwin - mkbastydv - noahgurden -
Well that's going to keep my busy then!! #boxesgalore #wintershere #decimal
decimal - wintershere - boxesgalore -
maxholland96 : got any crews in there?
maxholland96 : and do you have any of the decimal logo decks left?
decimalskatestore : @maxholland96 yeah got some new crews and a couple of boards left! Just depends what size you are after!
decimalskatestore : @matt94_____ good day to have off fam πŸ˜‚
maxholland96 : do you have an 8 or around that size no smaller
fortuneny - heavyclips - lukegaeney - harry_williams____ -
I'm waiting for my turn to hit two different people with the same 7 letter word! How often does that happen!!! #decimal #wordwithfriends #doubleword #tripleword #beenplayingthisgameforyears #scrabble #dadandsister #readingincreasesknowledge #andvocabulary #allaboutwinning #allsevenlettersused
readingincreasesknowledge - allsevenlettersused - decimal - allaboutwinning - dadandsister - wordwithfriends - andvocabulary - scrabble - tripleword - beenplayingthisgameforyears - doubleword -
mrchocolatte : The more I looked at them there are more words: climate. Claimed. Exclaim.
dangerswife1023 : Lol
au_bon_pussi : Lol go u
any2cardsmike - mimilemondrop - stunna_rags - gchar7 -
EletrΓ΄nica Digital .. Na hora que eu tava gostando a parada complica #binario #octal #decimal #hexadecimal
octal - hexadecimal - decimal - binario -
ops_mayaraa - ingryd14 -
Two styles of Nike SB in today! Everyone's favourite 'Team Edition' and the all new 'Lunar Janoski'... Instore NOW! Check online for sizes #decimal #nikesb #janoski #lunar #supportskaterowned
decimal - supportskaterowned - nikesb - janoski - lunar -
somegoodspirits_ : Nice
m0ll : 😍😍😍
calvinballard_ - robinfro - jamiejell - kesschef -
EXIT PRESENTS/ KONICHI & DECIMAL BASS #exit #dj #music #cdj #newcsstle #uk #bass #annix #playaz #dnb #drumandbass #jumpup #konichi #decimal bass
drumandbass - dj - bass - dnb - konichi - annix - jumpup - cdj - exit - music - uk - newcsstle - decimal - playaz -
junglistsupplyco - etripdub - sgescalante - seanyla -
More of the Polar goodness... Long and short sleeve 'Champion Borg' shirt now instore!! #polarskateco #decimal #supportskaterowned #cirencester
cirencester - decimal - polarskateco - supportskaterowned -
le_blog : See u tomorrow for one of these fam !!πŸ’β€οΈ
switchbanana - a.gib - benjiiedwards - callum_croft -
Some of this evenings crew!! #decimal #wouldskateboards #cirencesterskatepark
wouldskateboards - decimal - cirencesterskatepark -
drawbad : Killer session!!
nathanielbond789 - ollie.m.s - aptik_apparel - mr_e_smith -
This starts today!! Check out Basically come get cement and tools, build a spot, uploads some tricks, then win a holiday an more!! #redbull #diy #decimal #comegetyercement
decimal - comegetyercement - redbull - diy -
swindonscott : Siiiick
oscartheshredder666 : Doing this
tomslaysall : @caseyfallows6 your DIY plan can come in to action
mr_e_smith : Sweet!
le_blog : @decimalskatestore I need to some DIY in my garden !!!
decimalskatestore : Great!!! Everyone is welcome to help build a concrete mini in @le_blog garden!!!
le_blog : @decimalskatestore no problems fam , I'll supply the beer and food
matt94_____ : YES @le_blog !
guruoflove1 - boblamble - trotty_01 - ed_jeffs97 -
We got 96 boards for you to choose from in all shapes and sizes!! Range from Β£32-Β£56 and all come with free grip! #decimal #supportyourlocal #supportskaterowned #cirencester
decimal - cirencester - supportskaterowned - supportyourlocal -
angus__sav - yukimartini - benjaminjo0hn_ - willid13 -
So much @polarskateco in today!! Come grab something before I have it all!! #polarskateco #decimal #supportskaterowned
decimal - polarskateco - supportskaterowned -
mr_e_smith : Gaz - have the Static DVDs come in yet?
decimalskatestore : @mr_e_smith sorry mate! I have Static 4, but the box set is still to follow!
matt94_____ : @maaarkjames
maaarkjames : Xl? @matt94_____
matt94_____ : Yeah man! @maaarkjames
keendist : πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ‰πŸ» @decimalskatestore
joe.woolford - keendist - a.gib - kobext_ -
Just got a boat load of @polarskateco wood and apparel in!! Killer graphics as standard!!Here are the boards, all shapes and sizes!! Come see the clothing as no time for photo's today! Aha #decimal #polarskateco #supportyourlocal #supportskaterowned
decimal - polarskateco - supportyourlocal - supportskaterowned -
yukimartini : @taytayrosegray
benno_16 - benwheeler14 - akmuazam - a.gib -
New day fresh top #decimal #skateboard #sunny #happy
sunny - decimal - skateboard - happy -
totsginger : Hot
decimalskatestore - ralvinvalberg - acey777 - chanelmiaa -
Always a good evening at @cirencesterskatepark Still unreal we have this place after all these years!! Can't help but smile every time I drive round the corner!! The official opening Jam is on the 17th of August... Don't miss out!! #decimal #lineskateparks #supportskateboarding #cirencester #cirencesterskatepark
decimal - cirencesterskatepark - cirencester - lineskateparks - supportskateboarding -
edposter : Another fun session
decimalskatestore : Sure was!!! Connection just died at 78% footage will have to be tomorrow now 😞 @edposter
edposter : No rush man :)
haydenbirch : @maxcotterill @emilkjeldsen πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜„
r.j.lindley - ccaitlinluccy - jamiejell - elliek4tey -
Just 10 step from the shop and I get to grip my board with a pint!! #decimal #cirencester #livingthedreamhaha
decimal - cirencester - livingthedreamhaha -
rubberleatherandsuede : Life goals
fudlife : That pint looks πŸ‘Œ!
pukzilla__ : Chillin
tomgill87 : That's why you were late 😜🍺
matt94_____ - oldskoolpaul - iainmcnab - jackpriestnall -
My new babies #Nike #Decimal #Shoes
decimal - shoes - nike -
camgunning : Yes boiiiiπŸ‘Œ
sam_dickson1 : FreshhπŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ
cirencesterskatepark : Favourite colour way of these! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š
camgunning - emily_jane_gray - _massivecxnt_ - sam_dickson1 -
The Result of the BrainStorming Melet. Ugh. 😁😁😁 #Goodevening #binary #decimal #octal #hexadecimal #stress #brainstorming #analysis #f4f #follow4follow #instamath #instashare
binary - stress - instashare - decimal - follow4follow - goodevening - brainstorming - instamath - f4f - octal - analysis - hexadecimal -
meyoucess - butiournin2256 - shansanju - samot1986208 -
Check this rad line from @scottwhittaker and the all new boards from @wouldskateboards These will be instore soon as!!! #decimal #wouldskateboards #decimalfam #supportskaterowned
wouldskateboards - decimalfam - decimal - supportskaterowned -
le_blog : Support waitrose!!! Hahaha
churchell - jdotdabs - ellsy10 - edposter -
@5boronyc wood in today! Also got some tee's and 6-Panels!! #decimal #5boro #supportyourlocal
decimal - 5boro - supportyourlocal -
kevinparrott : That scotch tape board is wicked.
decimalskatestore : Aha... Yeah that's my favourite too!! πŸ‘πŸ‘ @kevinparrott
stroudandy : πŸ‘Œ
mr_e_smith : Join or Die tees?
le_blog - mkbastydv - youngdon_ty - _toby_west_ -
#SwagaLomo.... always #OnPoint like a #Decimal... #doubletap #instafrosh #greaterHeights #hustleHard #pEaCe ...
greaterheights - instafrosh - doubletap - decimal - peace - hustlehard - swagalomo - onpoint -
barrrbieeevee - mizz_zeezeewizzy - bellapurity1 - itz_tweezy -
Rad day skating in the sun yesterday. @scottwhittaker warming up at a rad new spot. #wouldskateboards #skateboarding #skating #decimal new boards available online
wouldskateboards - skating - decimal - skateboarding -
jack_alexxander : Sweet!πŸ‘ŠπŸ™ @wouldskateboards
sambarker16 : They look so good!
edposter : Guys on fire right now
milkskateboards : @wouldskateboards πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ fresh as fuck good work
wouldskateboards : @milkskateboards yeah mate! @scottwhittaker was skating well as per... High five. Hope all is good.
decimalskatestore : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @scottwhittaker @wouldskateboards repost and an order on the list for tomorrow!!!
wouldskateboards : @decimalskatestore plenty more where that came from. Hyped speak Tommoro. Other packages are going out then too...
savanah_h - bodrick76 - tysonchicken - tomslaysall -
Open till 4pm... Here is the SALE sections of footwear and apparel!! Final reductions before it's gone... Come grab a bargain!!! #decimal #cirencester #supportyourlocal
decimal - cirencester - supportyourlocal -
natas_spin : What's the weather like down there today? Was thinking of checking the new park out
_atp5498 : Hey do you have any Supra Hammers in store ?
mr_e_smith : Meant to pop in last Wednesday but spent too long skating @cirencesterskatepark
decimalskatestore : @natas_spin sorry just got this... Hope you got a roll!!
decimalskatestore : @thx_blxck_kxys not at the moment! All our supra are online
decimalskatestore : @mr_e_smith It has that effect!! Aha... Next time :)
elias_sbo - yukimartini - mattballswinger - mkbastydv -
Birthday needs to hurry upπŸ˜‘πŸ‘
decimal - skate -
8leg : #decimal #skate @decimalskatestore
daisycatterall : why are you getting weed socks jamie?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
8leg : @daisycatterall why not;)
adam_of_stone : He's trying to be hip @daisycatterall ;) πŸ˜‚
emilystephen123 : I'm definitely taking your janoskisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚βœŠ
chlo_700 - leah2200 - ellsy10 - will_gordo -
Was about to grip @aaronshalom's new @expeditionone board and the power went off at @decimalskatestore! The storm was pretty rad though! πŸ“· - @aaronshalom #decimalstore #decimal #skateboarding #skatelife #stormyasfuuuuh
stormyasfuuuuh - skatelife - decimal - decimalstore - skateboarding -
itsleee95 - jack_barton97 - aaronshalom - blt____ -
@aaronshalom is here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #decimal
decimal -
jack__bryan - angus__sav - jakesummers16 - elias_sbo -
Wheels for days!!! #decimal #supportyourlocal
decimal - supportyourlocal -
elias_sbo - insta_gazz - ellsy10 - samvill10 -
The guys at @decimalskatestore got a fresh drop of urethane ready for your weekend shred. #skateboarding #supertoxic #supertoxicurethane #skaterowned #keepittoxic #decimal
supertoxic - skaterowned - skateboarding - supertoxicurethane - decimal - keepittoxic -
edposter : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
zachschoelhamer - fs_sk8ordie - the_rick32 - chevon_steez23 -
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