"And as I fight for breath, I will not give up hope, no, And as the winter comes, and as the seasons change, Closer to death I draw, we face this curse of days" #deathbystereo #thiscurseofday
deathbystereo - thiscurseofday -
anzheliiique : Te como los ojos
ivaneinfalt : Te lo como ! Uy Amazing jahaja
navarro_sharky : Como t gusta+
never_ender - pepesuffers - ainhoaleis - leirasbmx -
Look mom I'm on #tv or just #board #waiting and #wanting #something #shopping #walmart #justwantabeer
deathbystereo - funny - shopping - justwantabeer - tv - bag - waiting - walmart - board - wanting - something -
jennamarie20 : Hahahaha πŸ˜‚
alchantal : Glad you find this #funny too. Can you see my #deathbystereo # bag
alchantal : #bag
alchantal : @jennamarie20 it is hard to text properly when there is a dog jumping on you squeaking her toy
lynelledisher - carterthecarguy - jennamarie20 - criss_smits -
Need to cease/disconnect. Amazing record #DeathByStereo #ThisCurseOfDays #DeathForLife #HardcoreMusic #HardcorePunk #Punk #SongoftheDay #NowPlaying πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜€πŸŽ€πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸŽΌπŸŽ§πŸŽΈ You can't take us down, you can't stop us now, You can't crush all my hopes, my dreams, my enemy is time, There is no silence now, you will not shut my mouth, My thoughts you will no longer oppress, my enemy is time And as I fight for breath, I will not give up hope, no, And as the winter comes, and as the seasons change, Closer to death I draw, we face this curse of days I think you're scared I'll live forever, and in so many ways I will, These words are fuel to feed the fire, and hold us back you never will You can't take this now, I will scream out loud, About this world you force upon me, my enemy is time, I only have right now, to fucking bring you down, Watch your world crumble around you, my enemy is time And as I fight for breath, I will not give up hope, no, And as the winter comes, and as the seasons change, Closer to death I draw, we face this curse of days I think you're scared I'll live forever, and in so many ways I will, These words are fuel to feed the fire, and hold us back you never will And as the winter comes, and as the seasons change, Closer to death I draw, we face this curse of days I think you're scared I'll live forever, and in so many ways I will, These words are fuel to feed the fire, and hold us back you never, You never, you never, never will!
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by @michelleo125 "Manchild @alwex_ doing @coachdaviscombatstrength class @danhendo athletic fitness center rockin his @americana_brand #deathbystereo shirt-its gettin mad props #kettlebells #wrestler #strength #conditioning #lifting" via @PhotoRepost_app
deathbystereo - kettlebells - strength - conditioning - wrestler - lifting -
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Manchild @alwex_ doing @coachdaviscombatstrength class @danhendo athletic fitness center rockin his @americana_brand #deathbystereo shirt-its gettin mad props #kettlebells #wrestler #strength #conditioning #lifting #myminime #mothersontime
deathbystereo - strength - wrestler - mothersontime - conditioning - kettlebells - lifting - myminime -
americana_brand : Hahaha
americana_brand : Awesome
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Nice cold early morning jam #deathbystereo #downhill #sectornine #vans #dbs4life
deathbystereo - vans - sectornine - downhill - dbs4life -
jellyskateboards : We dig it!
jellyskateboards - freyder14 - bikesteez - steve_o_roe -
JT's forever!!! #deathbystereo #deathforlife #Whittier #thecasualties #manichispanic #zebrahead #jtsbeachclub #whittierbeach
deathbystereo - manichispanic - thecasualties - deathforlife - whittierbeach - jtsbeachclub - whittier - zebrahead -
anna_annamaria : @jake_Casualty
chrisxacosta : @efbystereo not even a invite.
rudegirlone : Whittier !! Dang I'm in Santa Fe springs !! 😞
mjredsar : Aww. I miss that place.
angelmustlive : @rudegirlone we were at the swapmeet earlier.
dmnddvsn13 : @efbystereo You can't go wrong with breakfast & Bloody Mary's at Tubby's either!
nyra24 : @efbystereo WHITTIER?! We live in Whittier! We would have gone!! :/
rudegirlone : @angelmustlive dang and no kinda invitations ... Thanks jerks !
lbcbrymonster - mamaxcass - lemilica667 - zombikatpunk -
#santafesprings #swapmeet #deathbystereo #thecasualties #manichispanic #goodhangs
deathbystereo - manichispanic - goodhangs - swapmeet - santafesprings - thecasualties -
jeffstonedesigns : @efbystereo Efrem when you are kicking -it check out this movie on Netflix is funny shit πŸ˜†πŸ”Š call Sound of Noise πŸŽ₯πŸΊπŸ”ŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ‘
pearljamfan76 : I'll be there tomorrow VITALOGY PJ Tribute
vonners13 : Orale
fknskonka - pepper_n_rylo - suchapunk79 - zombikatpunk -
#deathbystereo #awesomenes #ifyouknowthesong
deathbystereo - awesomenes - ifyouknowthesong -
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#laurabranigan #thelostboys #selfcontrol #timcappello #jamigertz #kiefersutherland #jasonpatric #80s #santacarla #lostboys #rigormortis #archangel676 #santacruz #killallvampires #deathbystereo
deathbystereo - thelostboys - jamigertz - laurabranigan - timcappello - lostboys - archangel676 - santacruz - rigormortis - killallvampires - kiefersutherland - 80s - jasonpatric - santacarla - selfcontrol -
hosbtrippin : Yes, I know but it's more fun to refer to Santa Cruz as Santa Carla! @cat_mcabre
cat_mcabre : It's pretty much the same as the fictional town, except there are way more vampires in Santa Cruz.
hosbtrippin : Haha! Unbeknownst to me, I had stumbled into a gay bar once in downtown santa car... excuse me "santa cruz," many moons ago. It had a pretty wholesome vibe, actually. But the hidden disco in the back was a dead giveaway. The Blue Moon? I think it was called? @cat_mcabre
cat_mcabre : @hosbtrippin the Blue Lagoon maybe?
hosbtrippin : that's the one! I almost wanted to say it was called the Blue Oyster, y'know, the gay bar from the Police Academy movies lol @cat_mcabre
cat_mcabre : @hosbtrippin "...fruits drunk at a bar? I asked for NEW RECRUITS drunk at the bar"
hosbtrippin : Hahaha! And now I've got that Salsa tune from the blue oyster gag stuck in my head, thanks @cat_mcabre ! πŸ‘¬πŸŒ·πŸŽΆ
symonelenae : "I still believe" is still one of my all time favs! ✊
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Memories #tbt #vampire #vampires #vampiremovies #80s #thelostboys #dwayne #billywirth #jasonpatric #edwardherrmann #kiefersutherland #coreyhaim #coreyfeldman #diannewiest #barnardhughes #classic #oldschool #youmissedsucka #sucka #inxs #jimmybarnes #goodtimes #deathbystereo
deathbystereo - thelostboys - coreyfeldman - vampires - classic - tbt - goodtimes - vampiremovies - edwardherrmann - coreyhaim - oldschool - dwayne - inxs - billywirth - diannewiest - vampire - youmissedsucka - sucka - kiefersutherland - 80s - jasonpatric - barnardhughes - jimmybarnes -
chelastar13 : πŸ™Œ
zepeda.amanda2014 - gonjisadowara - freenbaleaguepassunlimited - chelastar13 -
Here it is, our new single "Neverending"! Check it out at and let us know what you think! We can't wait for you all to hear it! #deathbystereo #deathforlife #skullskatesrecordings #skullskates #adolescents #manichispanic #zebrahead #kaustik #commonwar
deathbystereo - skullskates - kaustik - manichispanic - deathforlife - skullskatesrecordings - commonwar - adolescents - zebrahead -
cmegogram : @thare537
_mike__d : πŸ™Œ
knitreno : You guys can come back to town any day now ❀️
doomedxgeneration : So good.
dani.ryan : @deathbystereoband I'm stoked neverending is sic!
bbatiste : @deathbystereoband cannot wait to add this to the vinyl collection
merlin972_pg : βœ¨πŸ‘
herrazoikkeli : Sounds fucking awesome!
jesscfulmer - hbsurroundsound - always_the_underdog - eysiancandy -
Here it is! New DBS! So stoked for you all to hear it! You can check it out at! #deathbystereo #deathforlife #skullskatesrecordings #skullskates
deathbystereo - deathforlife - skullskates - skullskatesrecordings -
jppcaldera : gonna go listen to it now! @:
zacskellington : Great fucking song man
zachthestripper : FUCKIN YES!!!
josaph107 : @syl_via_says
elgueromaschingon :     
merlin972_pg : πŸ‘βœ¨
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Just what I needed on this gloomy Thursday before payday. #DeathByStereo #unstoppable I've gotta keep pushing and fighting, and moving on (when the pain is all I see) I've gotta keep moving forward and moving on (when the pain is all I need)
deathbystereo - unstoppable -
efbystereo - nel197 - crookedcaptain -
regram @efbystereo New @grupomanichispanic gear up at! #manichispanic #deathbystereo #machete
manichispanic - deathbystereo - machete -
crookedcaptain -
Just got this limited Death By Stereo "Into The Valley Of Death record!!! 857/2500 This band will always have my heart. @deathbystereoband @efbystereo #deathbystereo #vinyl #punk #punx #punkrock #vinylcollector
deathbystereo - punkrock - vinyl - vinylcollector - punk - punx -
elliotdillman : Siiick! #DFL #skullandbolts @grupomanichispanic #efremthebean @efbystereo @danbystereo @mikebystereo @robbokaustik @jpgericke
efbystereo : @gfn666 nice! I love that vinyl!!! Thanks for sticking by us and repping that record!
mikebystereo - seneca_falls - tiffyj6 - 100prooflaura -
Probably ten years ago? Rocking a #deathbystereo tee and totally uninterested in the Skittles behind me. Don't tell #marshawnlynch
deathbystereo - marshawnlynch -
efbystereo : Look at that shirt!
cursivewrds_ : You are so stinkin hot in this picture!!!! Haha just like the cat picture I have of you as your caller ID picture :).
iambritwhite - layandkaysmommy - alarsen_14 - jimmineratak -
New @grupomanichispanic gear up at! #manichispanic #deathbystereo #machete
manichispanic - deathbystereo - machete -
danadanadanon - liom_obrian - robbyandmel - shigehigemegane -
"Death by stereo" yet another 80s brilliance! #thelostboys #vampires #bloodsuckers #coreyfeldman #coreyhaims #jasonpatric #keifersutherland #dianeweist #alexwinter #deathbystereo #movie #film #1987
deathbystereo - thelostboys - bloodsuckers - coreyfeldman - vampires - 1987 - alexwinter - coreyhaims - dianeweist - film - movie - jasonpatric - keifersutherland -
moviesandlife : Rest in peace Corey Haim.You will be missed!
englishbulldoglover01 - michael_0416 - winter_faun - astin_ciccone_unicorn -
That's one hell of a crew... #HappyBirthday Chris. #deathbystereo #thecasualties #truerivals #rusko #teamrusko #manichispanic @shmeggers @Jake_casualty @polka dot_Kim @danbystereo @deriknv @jenniles13 #samebirthdayaseddie #vanhalen #eddievanhalen
happybirthday - deathbystereo - truerivals - manichispanic - thecasualties - vanhalen - eddievanhalen - teamrusko - samebirthdayaseddie - rusko -
rudegirlone : πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ™Œ..πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜ž hahah peanut butter jealous ! Miss you vato !
mother_night : Good time crew
jenniles13 : So much fun!!!!
lindseyaferguson : @jenniles13 came out to play and I was not invited?!
sherrysmash : I'm never invited
iriscon - jane.dough.750 - ryoko_vandal - raiderlady13 -
Dude soup... In the valley. @efbystereo @jake_casualty @polkadot_kim Chris' Bday. #thecasualties #deathbystereo #rusko #truerivals
deathbystereo - thecasualties - rusko - truerivals -
peerlessgroup : Yes yes ya'll
_anaid - noe_rockandcolor - _kamal__ - jpgericke -
Great #mailday. One of the best hardcore bands of all time. Anyone else want to sell me their death by stereo vinyl? #deathbystereo #deathforlife
deathbystereo - deathforlife - mailday -
doomedxgeneration : @deathbystereoband will any of your personal collection ever be released? Whatever happened to the chain reaction show that was recorded?
deathbystereoband : @doomedxgeneration for sure. Dm me...
efbystereo : @doomedxgeneration or me.
ibenathanial : @doomedxgeneration check on discos that's where I found all my DBS Vinyl
ibenathanial : Discogs*
doomedxgeneration : @ibenathanial yea, I saw they had some of the stuff available there, but if I can get stuff from the band, I'd rather do that. Thanks for the heads up!
edgarxmor : Nothing that I'm willing to part with haha.
doomedxgeneration : @edgarxmor haha all right
joecifer666 - _pulls_ - lgarsys - jpgericke -
deathbystereo -
Come with us, Michael. #thelostboys #david #theyreonlynoodlesmichael #theattackofeddiemunster #whereyagoingstar #thefrogbrothers #wedontridewithvampires #bloodsuckingbradybunch #youllnevergrowold #andyoullneverdie #butyoumustfeed #stayofftheboardwalk #deathbystereo #peoplearestrange #mrphoenix #rootbeer #doublethickoreocookies #nobodytouchesthesecondshelfbutme #mybloodisinyourveins
theattackofeddiemunster - thelostboys - rootbeer - butyoumustfeed - andyoullneverdie - bloodsuckingbradybunch - mrphoenix - nobodytouchesthesecondshelfbutme - peoplearestrange - theyreonlynoodlesmichael - thefrogbrothers - youllnevergrowold - whereyagoingstar - doublethickoreocookies - stayofftheboardwalk - mybloodisinyourveins - david - wedontridewithvampires - deathbystereo -
bulldog_doctor : It's just noodles, Michael.
gwarfan85 : We are awesome monster bashers the meanest the baddest lol
_kate_katt_ - firewalkwithhme - bulldog_doctor - gwarfan85 -
Namm hangs with this man πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ #namm #shecter
deathbystereo - diecast - namm - shecter -
kaitlyneileen666 : #deathbystereo #diecast
luvisaverb : I'm so jealous that you got to go...
kaitlyneileen666 : OMG if i knew I totally woulda invited you along!!! @luvisaverb
luvisaverb : I was off today too!!! πŸ˜“ @kaitlyneileen666
elsapodelmuerto - _brittanycoleen - dredcali_styles - lyssajayde -
#umphreysmcgee #deathbystereo #progrock #progressiverock #prog #lp #vinyl #vinyljunkie #nowspinning
deathbystereo - nowspinning - vinyljunkie - vinyl - lp - umphreysmcgee - prog - progressiverock - progrock -
6cmack9 : Heavy!
flightinspired : Nice!
fumonkchu : Wicked good album right there. I just picked up limited edition of their 2013 hall of fame double gold wax! @marsbungle great band. Nice post!!πŸ‘
marsbungle : Nice score man-and thanks!✊ @fumonkchu
tiagojack - midikat - peggylynnrice - castironbitch -
@jasoncruzandhowl at a skate shop owned by the dude from #DeathByStereo
deathbystereo -
oneshotocelot : Oh yeah, @efbystereo my life needs a LOT more Manic Hispanic!
_coquino - rockmybeef - emilyinsd - a.sinners.heart -
Death. By. Stereo. Go! @deathbystereoband #deathbystereo #atreyu #coldcockwhiskey #oc #orangecounty
deathbystereo - atreyu - coldcockwhiskey - oc - orangecounty -
sbentley88 : #deathforlife @ladyxlorien
jessreeder : @kaustik_band
mannmoreno562 : Its the two dans......sick show last night @coldcockwhiskey
willdabeast666 - yamiletlucero01 - jpgericke - pushingthesun -
We still have some pullover hoods available at! Check it out and thanks for the support! #deathforlife #manichispanic #adolescents #commonwar #kaustik #zebrahead
deathbystereo - kaustik - manichispanic - commonwar - adolescents - deathforlife - zebrahead -
pepper_n_rylo : Sick!
kelliskye82 : I like this! I wanna get one @efbystereo but you'll have to personally deliver it to me.
xxpituko : #shutupandtakemymoney
efbystereo : @zanexgrey hahahahahahhahaahahha!
erin_a_gogo : Still have my old death for life hoodie, broken zipper and all.
sginstababes : πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
raiderlady13 : No tanks ??
rudegirlone : Need this too !!!!! Sooo should I just text you my size and address... 😝😝😘
sginstababes - jane.dough.750 - ricodrums - amirah_the_mermaid -
#sleepallday #partyallnight #nevergrowold #neverdie it's #fun to be a #vampire #sexysaxscene #2coreys #lostboys #kiefer #sutherland #splatter #scalp it's #toolate #myblood is in your #veins #deathbystereo #frogbrothers #santacarla #onlynoodles #Michael #bloody #gore #pheonix #actually #nomtv #qualityflicks #moviesthatdontsuck
partyallnight - deathbystereo - sleepallday - splatter - lostboys - bloody - myblood - gore - kiefer - santacarla - 2coreys - onlynoodles - sutherland - toolate - pheonix - qualityflicks - neverdie - nomtv - michael - vampire - nevergrowold - actually - sexysaxscene - scalp - moviesthatdontsuck - veins - fun - frogbrothers -
leecifer999 : ouch
drew.hager - - jones.iris2014 - leecifer999 -
New gear up at! #deathbystereo #deathforlife @deathbystereoband #manichispanic #adolescents #commonwar #kaustik #zebrahead
deathbystereo - kaustik - manichispanic - commonwar - adolescents - deathforlife - zebrahead -
jessodrumz98 : Dope
rudegirlone : Need !!!
sginstababes - chesstreetlight_manifesto - nofearmatson_lickkr3w - ryoko_vandal -
Deez guys always make me happy! #namm #deathbystereo
deathbystereo - namm -
ghztdgtl : Danggggg ephrem!!!
myloosethread : @ghztdgtl Lol no.
mikebystereo : Rad!
efbystereo : @mikebystereo yeah ephrem!!!
bass_master_general - ballerinaesquire - blackfeathers - rxqueen15 -
These bad boys just went up at! #deathbystereo #deathforlife #beanie #adolescents #commonwar #kaustik #manichispanic #zebrahead
deathbystereo - beanie - kaustik - manichispanic - deathforlife - commonwar - adolescents - zebrahead -
lordbones138 : That is pretty G
mrdavidknox : Nice
lindanuves : Need this!!!!
dani_youth : Need one of those, but i live so far away
deathbystereoband : @dani_youth
sledhead305 : Hey guys is there some way I can check on the order status of a hoodie I ordered? Ordered it on your site quite some time ago and haven't received it yet Thanks.
jaymethazine - mrjoshuamarc - uncle_m_music - ryoko_vandal -
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