Thank you for believing in us. #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #chopcult
chopcult - dbcustomleather - theshinyside -
shedbuiltcycles : @lisamballard -I freakin dig tha 'cult
virninja : πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
texasbikeworks : Always
darth_dorn : Can I still send in money for some stickers?
sleasy_rider - jaeson138 - reppohccycles - jaycagney -
I saw these stitching horses at a museum in San Diego a while back. I have one like the one in the rear from the late 1800's. I still use mine all the time. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
mikeyseats : Are the clamping parts steam bent or just cut out? Just curious
duaneballard : @mikeyseats The ones on mine are cut out.
matt7018 - risforrobots - lizzieb987 - herbadad24 -
Some sewing last week for @thedeathdealer. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leatherwork #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - madeinusa - leathergoods -
righteous_machine_corp : #alwayskiller
md82art : @duaneballard sew killer!! πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
thedeathdealer : @duaneballard great stuff ! See you soon ξ€Ž
godfreyvintagecycles - mindpill - fahmifazarudin - koolchris -
I love this bike and the man upon it. @duaneballard @redbox #redbox #howdoyouredbox #biltwell #nflp #theshinyside #dbcustomleather #kawaski #kz1000 #kosmosaki #ithinkthatsenoughhashtags 🌻
dbcustomleather - kosmosaki - theshinyside - nflp - kawaski - redbox - kz1000 - ithinkthatsenoughhashtags - biltwell - howdoyouredbox -
bamabilly : Love it
aya114125 - thealexwho - anthonyhernandez99 - joeymesa63 -
Duane's putting the finishing touches on the door panels for #takehitoyamatocoupe. @waldenspeedshop @duaneballard @memwalden #waldenspeedshop @ssss4199 @mooneyesusa @mooneyesjp #hcs2014 #mooneyes #dbcustomleather #handmade #leathercraft #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking
letyourworkdothetalking - takehitoyamatocoupe - dbcustomleather - handmade - hcs2014 - waldenspeedshop - madeinusa - leathercraft - mooneyes -
allbutterpoundcake : @duaneballard Nice clark kent glasses old man. They look very similar to mine. I need them to see stuff.
memwalden : Couldn't be more excited to see them!!
the_powerss : Quality
sunshine4ursoul - austin__sutton - ssss4199 - gen_loveearart -
The difference between handcrafted and embossed is that your hands hurt not just your button pushing finger. @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #letyourworkdothetalking #handmade #leathercraft #madeinusa
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - handmade - madeinusa - leathercraft -
landspeedmotorcycleshop : I made a saddlebag a couple years ago... Never again! My thumbs were sore for days! πŸ’ͺ Hats off to any leathercrafter!
lisamballard : @landspeedmotorcycleshop I tried sewing once and it hurt too much. I decided at that moment I didn't like sewing anymore :-)
jamesg____ - n_c_family - tylerdnc - little0ne -
I love when two worlds collide and work as one. Big thanks to the fine folks at Walden Speed Shop for using D on their #takehitoyamatocoupe project. Coming soon to Yokohama πŸ‘. @waldenspeedshop @duaneballard @memwalden @ssss4199 @mooneyesusa @mooneyesjp #dbcustomleather #letyourworkdothetalking #waldenspeedshop #hcs2014 #dreamsdocometrue πŸ‘Š
letyourworkdothetalking - takehitoyamatocoupe - dbcustomleather - dreamsdocometrue - hcs2014 - waldenspeedshop -
peterson_brian : Two of my favorites coming together. Hell yeah!
waldenspeedshop : Love working with amazing craftsmen and great people. Couldn't be happier! πŸ‘@lisamballard @duaneballard
waldenspeedshop - northcountyspeed - lonewolfbastard - vuduvintage -
The last few weeks have been difficult to say the least. I'm very fortunate to have D in my life. I know he has my back, and I will always have his. I love you always and forever @duaneballard. #mcm #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #familyfirst #alwaysandforever #olinlane
dbcustomleather - mcm - alwaysandforever - movingforwardrules - theshinyside - familyfirst - olinlane -
unqis : sweeeeeet @ShelbyAndSandy
sikdalton : You guys are good ppl that's for sure.
emdkillerparts : I don't know you guys that well but I know the feeling. I am fortunate to have an amazing wife and we're there for one another. πŸ˜ƒ
lisamballard : @sikdalton Congratulations on being a Invited Builder. I can't wait to see your build. #movingforwardrules
lisamballard : @emdkillerparts As it should be πŸ‘
sikdalton : @lisamballard thanks!!! It's gonna be out there!!! I'm sure il have DB approval when it done. Haha.
dossetorandsons - bandt1970 - tylerdnc - fuhka_wot -
#dbcustomleather #daddysgirl #harleydavidson #roadking #bomberbike #wwii
wwii - dbcustomleather - bomberbike - harleydavidson - daddysgirl - roadking -
rach1278g : @dwooly67 looks awesome
duaneballard - elruzz - carshowz - 2010streetbob -
Wallet ready to ship. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
fuzzytexan : Bad ass
felonyflatsleatherco : Wow
workingclassleather : Killin it man!
fatrat101 : Killer
afdmedic13 : Hey Wow! That is absolutely awesome!! Great great work! That hammered pattern you have there is cool. Do you do that with a lined pear shader??
evilchavo - shavlohova.viktoriya - ryanparagon - herbadad24 -
At the Maryland car,bike.& truck show in Bowie. #dbcustomleather #daddysgirl #bomberbike #carshowz
dbcustomleather - bomberbike - carshowz - daddysgirl -
app_pro - talongunner -
#daddysgirl #bomberbike #harleydavidson #roadking
copperseats - dbcustomleather - bomberbike - harleydavidson - b17 - daddysgirl - roadking - chopperseat -
dwooly67 : #dbcustomleather
dwooly67 : #b17
dwooly67 : #copperseats
dwooly67 : #chopperseat
duaneballard - elruzz - ashcycle - zootfresh -
#daddysgirl #dbcustomleather #bomberbike #roadking #harleydavidson
copperseats - dbcustomleather - bomberbike - harleydavidson - b17 - daddysgirl - roadking - chopperseat -
dwooly67 : #b17
dwooly67 : #copperseats
dwooly67 : #chopperseat
gypsy_whit : Very cool!
dwooly67 : Thanks
duaneballard - elruzz - ashcycle - zootfresh -
We couldn't let Takehito's coupe leave without some final finishing some genius work from leather master @duaneballard. More to come... #takehitoyamatocoupe #dbcustomleather #letyourworkdothetalking #hcs2014
letyourworkdothetalking - takehitoyamatocoupe - hcs2014 - dbcustomleather -
duaneballard : Thanks! Banging on his now.
mikeyseats : That dudes amazing..
jeffgholt : Oh shit. Two of my faves on a project @waldenspeedshop @duaneballard it's like some Lil Wayne and Jay-Z or Snoop Dog and Dre type shit going down! #hellyeah
lisamballard : @waldenspeedshop Thanks for the support. @jeffgholt Priceless!
waldenspeedshop : We ❀️ you @jeffgholt!
t_yamato - ssss4199 - guruguru1z - 313garage -
Just got my custom tooled seats from @duaneballard his work is the best I've ever seen. The detail is sick! Thanks db, your skills are bad ass! Pictures don't do it justice. #daddysgirl #bomberbike #custombikeseat #dbcustomleather #leatherwork
copperseats - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - bomberbike - chopperseat - custombikeseat - daddysgirl - b17 -
duaneballard : Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing it on the bike.
dwooly67 : Soon.
dwooly67 : #b17
dwooly67 : #copperseats
dwooly67 : Choppers eat
dwooly67 : #chopperseat
duaneballard - izelok - customs_by_vos - raptor_offroad -
It's good to be home! My biggest supporter is handling business in the other room. Before you assume, this photo wasn't staged, he came down with it on. Buy this t-shirt and any other @chopcult gear at @lowbrowcustoms. Click the link on their profile and search Chop Cult. We appreciate your ongoing support. @lisamballard @duaneballard #chopcult #chopcultfollowersrule #enjoytheride #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #crosspromotion #movingforwardrules
chopcult - dbcustomleather - movingforwardrules - crosspromotion - theshinyside - enjoytheride - chopcultfollowersrule - 33gear -
allbutterpoundcake : I love the concepts of Clan and Guild. That sht rules.
ieatiride : Bought mine a while ago. Great shirt!
jondaniel310 : got that one
chopcult : The CC logo was created by Bill Bryant of @biltwell when they owned the site previously.
chopcult : @ieatiride Thanks for the support Joshua
chopcult : @jondaniel310 Thanks for the support Jon.
heypilch : Just went and bought one. Think I got em all now
ieatiride : @chopcult Absolutely.
slayersep - valdemaramar - apo_rebal - muhtad_ -
Headed out yesterday. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
bigheadmotorworks : Amazing craftsmanship buddy!
ducmonstr : Fantastic
dwooly67 : Freaking Awesome!
dwooly67 : #daddysgirl #bomberbike
resignation_leather_2012 : Nice B-17 depiction!
duaneballard : Thanks @bigheadmotorworks @ducmonstr @dwooly67 @resignation_leather_2012!
carterboy2011 - _familiasoto - peterson_brian - anmaaa8 -
Battery cover for my friends at FBS. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
lady_hump : Wild dude!
vtwinlife : Cool Nice work @duaneballard
skylarwoodman : Beautiful brother
kym_barrett : ⚑️⚑️⚑️
duaneballard : Thank you @kym_barrett @skylarwoodman @vtwinlife @lady_hump!
waldenspeedshop : Badass!
jimccombs - md82art - stexita1550 - motts_leather_werx -
Together #alwaysandforever! @ashleelynn143 @duaneballard #theshinyside #dbcustomleather #olinlane #familyfirst
familyfirst - alwaysandforever - dbcustomleather - olinlane - theshinyside -
allbutterpoundcake : Mother daughter or sister sister? Sometimes the bond is so strong it's all just "family."
duaneballard : @allbutterpoundcake It's Lisa on the left and our daughter @ashleelynn143 on the right.
8hoursbehind3 : Sound advice! X
allbutterpoundcake : @duaneballard Ah. Mother/Daughter. That's a nice word to get too. I forget to breathe right. Get a panic attack and that word comes in mad handy!
ashleelynn143 - muchomoto - meelliott4 - austin__sutton -
Assembly today. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
rowanmanners : It's all in the details.... Beautifully finished 😎
duaneballard : Thank you @rowanmanners @hotdogkustoms @twowheelterrorftw @justkickers @moonlightinstagram @topshelfcustomcycles @3tikis!
jeffpalhegyidesign : Beautiful!
socalhelene : Looks awesome!!!!
dwooly67 : That is off the stitch! Bro!
lincoln_corda : Well done @duaneballard
duaneballard : Thank you @lincoln_corda @dwooly67 @socalhelene @jeffpalhegyidesign!
ryanparagon : Beautiful
evilchavo - carterboy2011 - nystromsthlm - jeffjolliff -
Getting closer. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
30ford : Super cool.. πŸ‘
geocorazon : I'm digging this. I always thought I was born in the wrong era. I was supposed to be a crewman on a B17 over Europe in WWII. Who knows, maybe I was.
dwooly67 : Fuck-n-A that is bad ass!
duaneballard : Thank you @dwooly67 @geocorazon @30ford @lukeshoots!
dwooly67 : #daddysgirl #bomberbike
dwooly67 : @f_bomb_111
f_bomb_111 : Beautiful
reigerriley : Wow that looks pretty cool. Great looking print
arialeather - chuckdese - born_scum - n847 -
I found this beauty in our daughter's yard 🌻. #sunflowers #kidsrule #olinlane #dbcustomleather #theshinyside
kidsrule - theshinyside - sunflowers - olinlane - dbcustomleather -
bpete13 - baldwinbelle - camperqueen - tylerdnc -
This is going to take a while. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
duaneballard : I miss you complaining about the noise @lisamballard πŸ‘‹
duaneballard : @redhorseknives it's the only way I end up with anything nice!
mr_gooch : Badass!!! Can't wait to see it finished!
dwooly67 : Looking good!
benjaminquon : Wow that's rad!
springfieldleatherco : Awesome! Love seeing unique carving projects.
frankiestein44 : Tight!!!
duaneballard : Thank you @frankiestein44 @benjaminquon @dwooly67 @mr_gooch and @springfieldleatherco (You supplied the leather.)
ashleelynn143 - amysitver - ryanparagon - dappercustoms -
Dear friends, I appreciate the friendships that I've made on Instagram over the years. The past few weeks has been difficult for me to say the least. I need to start using this account for me, personally. If you're following me for motorcycle related information, please take a moment and follow @duaneballard and @chopcult . I'm still planning on sharing D and my world here but my world is different now. "Sorry for your loss" has a whole mew meaning. now. Thanking you in advance. - Lisa #dbcustomleather #chopcult #theshinyside #danielolin #olinlane #familyfirst #alwaysandforever
chopcult - dbcustomleather - danielolin - alwaysandforever - theshinyside - familyfirst - olinlane -
zeke27g : I started following you after those kind words you shared with me at the LB Cycle Swap, I'm not into street motorcycles much but I like that you're the real deal. No problem if you wanna be more private here I fully understand and feel the same at times, either way I'll catch you around. Cheers, Greg.
lisamballard : @zeke27g Please stick around, this post doesn't mean I want less friends. I just need to surround myself with people who truly matter. You're one of hundreds that will continue to move forward with me
casacustoms : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
tammy_talbot : Me following you has 1% to do with bikes and 99% to do with your attitude, spirit and love of family & friends. Count me in @lisamballard β€οΈπŸ™πŸ˜˜
itsjeffharper : Amen to what @tammy_talbot said.
allbutterpoundcake : You are such an intelligent and complex lady. Your husband, my old bro, is a gemstone. I follow you and your man because you both see 20/20.
lisamballard : @allbutterpoundcake Ditto!
lisamballard : @tammy_talbot Much love and respect to you and yours.
meelliott4 - jeffdoj - el_scumbag - vuduvintage -
Best part of my job is shining the light on my friends, and people who truly deserve the recognition . Yes, The Speed Merchant is a #chopcultadvertiser, but more importantly they're very good friends of ours. Dan, Brandon, and Mark each have talents of their own and when you bring them together, anything is possible. I'm also fortunate to have crossed paths Mike Lowney via John Wells. Mike took a chance on ChopCult and played a vital role in getting Harley-Davidson on board. I look forward to working with Mike in 2015! During Born-Free 6 I had the, distinct pleasure of meeting Ben of @daguruphotography. I'm thrilled that he has come on as a #chopcultcontributor. I love his vision and photography. Lastly, to Mike and Grant for creating an event that let's every business share the limelight and helps every brand move forward. @duaneballard and I appreciate everything you have done for #dbcustomleather and #chopcult. Check out today's feature on @chopcult and follow everyone tagged in this photo. Thanks, Lisa 🌻 #thespeedmerchant #brawnybuilt #harleydavidson #street500 #MoCoMonday #chopcultfeatures #daguruphotography #theshinyside #longevity #crosspromotion
chopcult - dbcustomleather - mocomonday - harleydavidson - thespeedmerchant - theshinyside - daguruphotography - longevity - chopcultadvertiser - street500 - crosspromotion - brawnybuilt - chopcultcontributor - chopcultfeatures -
large_hands_grant : Thanks Lisa!
vintagetorque : Lisa, you helped us out WAY back! We are so happy to be able to support each other in all ways possible.
emdkillerparts : Well done, Lisa
thespeedmerchant : Thank YOU! @lisamballard
denver_dan : Myself and many others see your hard work and dedication, it does not go unnoticed and is always appreciated by so many...keep up the great work @lisamballard
midin_ms : nice
ryanadyputra - btngocnguyen - iruull_ - neatnames -
24 years together and I wouldn't change a thing. You're my rock, and I appreciate your never-ending support over the past week. Happy Anniversary honey , I love you always and forever πŸ’˜ @duaneballard #dbcustomleather πŸ‘Š #theshinyside #onelove #alwaysandforever #highfive
dbcustomleather - alwaysandforever - onelove - highfive - theshinyside -
socalhelene : Happy Anniversary to you two!!
txgreen : Happy Anniversary! πŸ˜πŸ’“
duaneballard : Happy anniversary! Love you and wish you could be home.
indianmarty : @lisamballard @duaneballard Happy Anniversary
andrewclarke : Best photo ever. πŸ‘
vtwinlife : Happy Anniversary!! @lisamballard @duaneballard
allbutterpoundcake : Hahaha. Your head is a big salt lick. Happy Anniversary guys!
killheidi - oldnippletwister - jeffdoj - bhpedrn -
Found a sweet anniversary gift for @duaneballard 😎. #theshinyside #dbcustomleather #loveya
dbcustomleather - loveya - theshinyside -
hell_is_for_heros : I'm thinking I need a wallet with that logo hahahahaha
daguruphotography : @lisamballard #samcrowho ? ;)
lisamballard : @hell_is_for_heros @duaneballard can and will do any design in leather :-)
lisamballard : @daguruphotography Well hello there Ben! Hope all is well on your end.
gilbygtr : happy anniversary
lisamballard : @gilbygtr Thanks Gilby
peterson_brian : Happy Anniversary Lisa. Congratulations!
daguruphotography : @lisamballard Yep everything is fine. Made IG-Account like you Said ;) Hope you and The Family are fine!!!
elleallex - thegorgeousgeorge - peterson_brian - daniellarenee -
Mutant monster cowhide. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - madeinusa -
emdkillerparts : Probably not an organic cow. How close to the nuclear powerplant was it grazing?
duaneballard : @mikeyseats 78sq. feet.
mikeyseats : Geez, that's a bigun!!
cc_1663 : Swedish super cow
springfieldleatherco : Awesome! One time we found an upholstery hide that was 96ft! It was crazy big.
duaneballard : That's insane @springfieldleatherco! I thought this was huge. I buy these all the time and they are usually around 50 square feet. They aren't carrying these anymore. I bought the last two this morning.
concretensteel : That thing rules
socalhelene : πŸ„πŸ„ Holy Cow πŸ„πŸ„ πŸ˜†
lostangelaisha - 66motorpalace - socalhelene - martencorne -
@mooneyesjp @mooneyesusa @moonequipped shooting video and pictures for the #hcs2014 show in Yokohama. Thanks for coming out and suffering in the heat for so long! #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - hcs2014 - madeinusa -
illgnc : Digger Nice
bombita51 : Love seeing that bike.
md82art : 😍
scott_takes_underground : Exciting ! Well deserved !
duaneballard : Thank you @scott_takes_underground @md82art @bombita51 @illgnc @dblshvltrbl!
drfarabee : @dl4l
socalhelene : So exacting! πŸ‘πŸ‘ Hope the both of you get to go! 😊
duaneballard : Yes @socalhelene we are both going. Can't wait!
kegkiller_customs - poorboyjason - peterson_brian - anmaaa8 -
Spotted a mighty fine Biltwell sticker tonight while watching @fantomworks on @velocity with @duaneballard. #biltwell @biltwell #velocity #dbcustomleather #movingforwardrules #goodpeople
goodpeople - velocity - biltwell - movingforwardrules - dbcustomleather -
shieb_auf_alle : @gusstofson
gusstofson : Walter Mattox layin down some beautiful beads
bpete13 - coachstorms - jeffdoj - hippykillergarage -
FYI - People with hidden agendas will never be welcomed into my home or booth. I'm not a step on the ladder of your success. The downfall with Instagram's popularity is there's an abundance of copy cats lately. The true artists and business owners are the ones that create something out of nothing, and work 50 hours or more to provide for their families. The haters aren't winning this battle my friends , it's the posers that steal others concepts to move ahead. Please think before you buy and support the true dependants of our industry. I proudly stand behind this message πŸ‘Š #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #familyfirst #alwaysandforever
familyfirst - dbcustomleather - theshinyside - alwaysandforever -
shieb_auf_alle : Glad someone is saying it @lisamballard
motopsycho73 : Truth!!!
topofdrain : Here! Here!
waldenspeedshop : πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
shop102 : Good stuff Lisa.
fabkevin : @lisamballard right on!
crocustoms : Amen
brawnybuilt : So true!
tjillinaz - asphaltreligion - jaycagney - glockanator -
@robfortier FXR is getting close to finished. Thanks for having me do the seat! #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leatherwork #leathergoods #leather
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - leather - madeinusa - leathergoods -
duaneballard : Thank you @bluecollaramerican @30ford @robfortier @hutchdesmoines_dlc @rpethtel!
dagosspeedshop : Bitchin'!!
duaneballard : Thanks @dagosspeedshop. Yours will be finished today.
dagosspeedshop : Oooooohhh!! @duaneballard
thedeathdealer : @duaneballard classy !
duaneballard : Thanks @thedeathdealer!
reneeluvsjeff : @shineboy67
fonzireli : Really dang nice
reigerriley - moxii326 - peterson_brian - 66motorpalace -
I would like to wish Pete a very Happy Birthday. It's kinda surreal, D and I watched him on TV many moons ago, and then Courtney introduced us at the Good Guys Car show. After Court passed, the three of us crossed paths again, and have been friends ever since. I truly believe that Court had something to do with that as well 😎. Pete has shown us that no matter how much "fame" you have, keep your head low and take care of your family. That's the only thing that really matters. I wish you a lifetime of happiness, success, powered doughnuts and chocolate milk 🐴 thank you for your friendship @hotdogkustoms #familyfirst #alwaysandforever #hotdogkustoms #dbcustomleather #kosmosaki
familyfirst - kosmosaki - dbcustomleather - hotdogkustoms - alwaysandforever -
oldgoldgarage : The real deal
billy_crewl : Yep a good humble guy. Happy birthday pete. @hotdogkustoms
workfromhome7 : Superb!
prevailing_perception : Nicest dude out. Happy birthday @hotdogkustoms
ssss4199 - thegorgeousgeorge - austin__sutton - moonequipped -
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