DONT FOR GET ABOUT THE SWAP THIS SUNDAY! July 27, 2014 by @chopcult "Let's go swapping! ! Check our latest feature for the So-Cal Cycle Swapmeet. Photography by Shandra Wilson, @tchotchkebordello. We appreciate @socalcycleswapmeet's ongoing support for our community and website! Click the link on our profile to view the whole feature. Thanks- Lisa #chopcult #chopcultfeatures #socalcycleswapmeet #chopcultadvertiser #supportthosewhosupportyou #motorcycles #motorcycleparts #dbcustomleather #lawtigers #NoBodyBeatsOurMeet
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jj_widdas : @barnacle want to go!
chopcult : Photos by @tchotchke_bordello :)
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Let's go swapping! ! Check our latest feature for the So- Cal Cycle Swapmeet. Photography by Shandra Wilson, @tchotchkebordello. We appreciate @socalcycleswapmeet's ongoing support for our community and website! Click the link on our profile to view the whole feature. Thanks- Lisa #chopcult #chopcultfeatures #socalcycleswapmeet #chopcultadvertiser #supportthosewhosupportyou #motorcycles #motorcycleparts #dbcustomleather
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tchotchke_bordello : Perfect timing! See you this weekend!
chopcult : @tchotchke_bordello Yes ma'am. Thanks for allowing us to feature your imagery. We appreciate your time and talent :-) - Lisa
bc_ride : @skratchsgarage sighting?
chopcult : Photo credit to @tchotchke_bordello :-)
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Padded rifle sling headed to Texas. #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #dbcustomleather
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - leather - leathercraft - leathertooling - leathercarving -
bjameswalker : I like that this says walker....
lookingforthebeauty : Walker...Texas Ranger? πŸ˜‰
duaneballard : I'm hoping @lookingforthebeauty
hillbillyusa : @duaneballard very nice!
duaneballard : Thank you @hillbillyusa!
fidel67 - drboots007 - tetsu1970 - fryesocal -
Check out my feature for The Hippy Killer Hoedown. This one took me awhile as I battled writing about an event I help promote. I hope I did Jamie and Kutty justice :-). Click the link on @chopcult's profile. @hkhoedown @hippykillergarage @jamielq #hkhoedown #hippykillergarage #theshinyside #dbcustomleather
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lisamballard : Photos by @ncfaught :-)
machine_gun_johnny : Only if you buy me this for my birthday @joeygkedd
joeygkedd : πŸ”₯ @machine_gun_johnny
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Today's lesson: Always make sure to hit YES to save your work. Screams of profanity echoed through the house when I realized that I deleted my completed article. This might be a trivial complaint to some, including my husband, because he took typing in high school. " There were a lot of girls in that class". I didn't require typing as perfecting knife techniques was more important for my prior career. What takes D five minutes to type takes me hours to accomplish but I can prep a watermelon in record time. He on the other hand cannot! :-) So I to dedicate this photo - # 666 - to my lucky charm @duaneballard. Thanks for keeping life interesting. #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #familyfirst
dbcustomleather - familyfirst - theshinyside -
primoshelmetdesign : ❀❀❀❀
cuzifeltlikeit : ❀️
barnstormcycles : Aww super frustrating.. but somehow the re-write always comes out a tad more refined when that happens! :) ride safe you two! @lisamballard
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Head over to Stinger's in San Bernardino from 1 -6 for DI and TSOL and enter to win this beautiful bike built by Paul Cavallo @spitfiremoto. Girl not included but it does come with a #dbcustomleather seat :-) @duaneballard #theshinyside #lifeintheie #spitfiremoto #spitfiremotorcycles #builtnotbought
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Keep looking forward :-) Artwork by @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #leathercraft
dbcustomleather - leathercraft -
socalhelene : Just stunning!!!
landspeedmotorcycleshop : 😍 exceptional work @duaneballard
asphaltreligion : Amazing
jeffdoj : Holy crap. I love Duane's work.
vuduvintage : Tools are only tools... until you put them in the hands of a master! Then... they become an instrument of his imagination! Stellar work Duane!
dirtbikebobbersrule : Crazy!
camperqueen : Accurate observation. @vuduvintage
duaneballard : Thank you @camperqueen @dirtbikebobbersrule @vuduvintage @jeffdoj @asphaltreligion @landspeedmotorcycleshop @socalhelene!
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lisamballard : Alex = Lake Elsinore's finest β™‘ @card64one @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #familyfirst #alwaysandforever #lifeintheie #theshinyside
von_ritzner : Is that an old Y-Block? @card64one
card64one : Yes...54 mercury.
travis_dickson : Aaaah. My home town
tehagouncroquis - thetnunn - steelhorsesisterhood - moonequipped -
Spotted this gem at the Mooneyes Open House. @mooneyesusa #chopcult #mooneyes #dbcustomleather #enjoytheride
chopcult - dbcustomleather - enjoytheride - mooneyes -
chopcult : @morals57 He's my better half :-)
v8danne : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Š @x5mannen
robclarke84 : @anxious_dave
keithtorkington1928 : @formosaspeedshop
ftws : @creepykaine
formosaspeedshop : Fuckin killer dude @keithtorkington1928
sattam_sa : @3zozadel 😜 دبابي
jimmyburnouts : @rob_one_310 started from the bottom now need a beer.
yogie666ftw - bourbonride - ratzden - jimmyburnouts -
Enjoying the sun in Santa Fe Springs. Thanks @mooneyesusa. #chopcult #mooneyes @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #theshinyside
chopcult - dbcustomleather - mooneyes - theshinyside -
l0vemanhattan : 😻
_i_like_pine_trees_ : @suavecitopomade
mrozdesigns : Ya better get outside then to really enjoy it ;) @chopcult
ddmaekustomart : πŸ‘€
nicklarsn - venturapictureframing - loki68 - nath_scott -
The MQQNEYES Open House is this Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm. They're located at 10820 S. Norwalk Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, Ca. See you there! @mooneyesusa @duaneballard #mooneyes #dbcustomleather #nosalestax #santafesprings #california #customcars #motorcycles #goodpeople #goodtimes
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If you visited Duane's booth during Born-Free, you probably noticed his new mesh banner. I would like to thank our friend Abe Hernandez, @ahberacer, for designing the banner for us. If you need assistance with product development or apparel design, please contact Abe. You won't be disappointed! @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #leathercraft #theshinyside #familyfirst #ahberacer
familyfirst - ahberacer - leathercraft - dbcustomleather - theshinyside -
mlohrman : I did notice it..but only time is not enough. I must come out for a visit @duaneballard
lisamballard : Photo by @fatrat101 :-)
duaneballard : Come out any time @mlohrman
ahberacer : Thanks Lisa! Loved working with you guys on this, tell Duane to keep creating! Love his work! @lisamballard @duaneballard
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Dream shop. This one belongs to Peter Main. Not wanting anything to try and take shortcuts for speed. I just like what's necessary to put out the best. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - madeinusa -
dawaysofdapipe : That is insane!
skydogjewelry : Damn! That's gorgeous
pinstriping_by_ad : Piece of art in itself
niller_goriller13 : @im_irish_n_ill_show_you check out stitching pony
jaydscustom : And 5 minutes later, it's a huge mess. Like a real shop.
kinglouienidas : What the...!!!!
bigunklevince : That is Heavenly.....
socalhelene : Stunning, just stunning!!
gearheadgreg - gavatron1972 - greg_dyer - rockabillyhonky -
The only picture I have from Born Free. I had to try out the trike the @thetigershack built before it went off to its new owner. I appreciate all the people that stopped by to talk, look at my work or pick something up. I really am thankful for the people that stopped to let me know I inspire them somehow in their leatherwork. It's very humbling. Thanks to @lisamballard for doing double duty so I could walk around and look at the bikes and go by friends booths. Taking home best Japanese topped off a great weekend. Thanks @bornfreeshow @mikedavis70 @large_hands_grant #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - madeinusa -
duaneballard : Thanks @johnnyhernandez70 @shiney @motopsycho73 @lookingforthebeauty @large_hands_grant
von_ritzner : @duaneballard you need Ryan @thetigershack to make you one of those. It looks good on you. Maybe one with a trailer for Lisa or your tool box or both.
emdkillerparts : It was great ro meet you, Duane.
19forsaken80 : Your work is very inspiring, I'd like to pick up the art, just don't know we're to start ..but all in all your work is the #BeesKnees
thetigershack : @duaneballard you look good on it! Thanks again for doing the seat, I am still blown away with what you came up with for it and will be sad to see it go.
fmf73 : So Good
sonnyboy_paint : Congrats! Good seeing you guys! @duaneballard @lisamballard
boneslegacy : one of the best bikes there
cycodre - jonneelee_rose - stenigmaphy - fastnloudguy -
Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!! The #kosmosaki took home the Best Japanese award at Born-Free. Big thanks to our sponsors t and friends who helped D along the way. Proud of you baby! @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #familyfirst #alwaysandforever #lifeintheie #bornfree6 #bf6 #bornfree5 #invitedbuilder
dbcustomleather - kosmosaki - familyfirst - bornfree5 - bornfree6 - bf6 - alwaysandforever - lifeintheie - invitedbuilder -
buckwildbrand : Congrats! @lisamballard
qwynw20 : No way! Sooo rad!
ballard1993 : Holy crap that's awesome I wish I could of been there!!!!
large_hands_grant : Well deserved! @duaneballard
devon_raquel : Congrats!!!!
reppohccycles : Congrats @lisamballard @duaneballard
8hoursbehind3 : Congratulations Duane! @duaneballard @lisamballard xx
cuzifeltlikeit : Awesome!
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#bornfree #mooneyes #shizukani #hcs2014 #becalmnotloud #dbcustomleather Duane
dbcustomleather - becalmnotloud - mooneyes - bornfree - shizukani - hcs2014 -
samsandhayespa : @duaneballard
duaneballard - nawoki_ss - ferpia - 86hirochan -
Photo by @ncfaught. I would like to thank Mike and Grant for taking a chance and creating Born-Free. Promoting and building a successful event is a full time job and they do it well! Thank you for taking ChopCult and DB Custom Leather to the next level! - Lisa @large_hands_grant @mikedavis70 @bornfreeshow #bornfree6 #bf6 #winthisbike #enjoytheride #invitedbuilder #chopcult #ccsponsoredevent @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #familyfirst #kawasaki #kosmosaki #bornfree5
chopcult - dbcustomleather - invitedbuilder - kawasaki - theshinyside - ccsponsoredevent - winthisbike - familyfirst - bornfree6 - bf6 - kosmosaki - enjoytheride - bornfree5 -
jacked_and_tan : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @large_hands_grant
chopperprophets : Here here! πŸ™ @mikedavis70 @large_hands_grant
elviscastillo : πŸ‘
large_hands_grant : Man we look terrible!!
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Finishing this up today. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
itspags : Clean stuff.
shiney__ : Mad skills, Duane!!
jaspps : Nice
shanebnsa : Wow
lunarlounge : Nice work leather worker!!
tammy_talbot : Beautiful.
duaneballard : Thank you @tammy_talbot @lunarlounge @shanebnsa @jaspps @shiney__ @itspags @hotdogkustoms @modernminer!
taimed : Amazing brother. See you this weekend!
lisamballard - michaelgrahamdesigns - kustomkasper - rebelleather -
After I hit it with a hammer. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
sikdalton : @duaneballard my favorite hash ever. #letyourworkdothetalking!! Someday il have one of these seats!
wompy5000 : πŸ‘Š
jaydscustom : I need to keep practicing.
socalhelene : Leather magic in the making
bigheadmotorworks : Very nice craftsmanship! Wish my hammer could do that. #myhammersmashesfingersonly
duaneballard : Thank you @sikdalton @wompy5000 @jaydscustom @socalhelene @bigheadmotorworks!
fleetside61 : @circlecityleathercraft
n847 - halfpint1967 - michaelgrahamdesigns - md82art -
The start. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - leathercraft - leathertooling -
de6mo6n6 - anortherncrazy - dresdenmade - mrsihopp -
The best thing about social media is making new friends from around the world. Welcome to California Eddie and Wawa, enjoy your week, we'll see you again at Born-Free :-) @edycmc @wawaomar @redgaragemalaysia @duaneballard #redgaragemalaysia #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #chopcult #socalcycleswapmeet
chopcult - dbcustomleather - redgaragemalaysia - socalcycleswapmeet - theshinyside -
redgaragemalaysia : Great to see both of you too @lisamballard @duaneballard. See you again at Born Free..
renatocardone - fadhilhui - dixiedanger - hippykillergarage -
If you're attending the @socalcycleswapmeet tomorrow, be sure to support @bornfreeshow, @lowbrowcustoms, @biltwell, @thespeedmerchant, and @burlybrand. You can find all of us by the back gate a.k.a. "Hollywood Blvd" :-) @duaneballard and I will be in spot 801. See ya soon. #chopcult #chopcultfollowersrule #bornfree6 #bf6 #lowbrowcustoms #biltwell #thespeedmerchant #burlybrand #dbcustomleather #socalcycleswapmeet #chopcultadvertiser #supportthosewhosupportyou
chopcult - dbcustomleather - thespeedmerchant - burlybrand - supportthosewhosupportyou - lowbrowcustoms - socalcycleswapmeet - chopcultadvertiser - bornfree6 - bf6 - biltwell - chopcultfollowersrule -
cotdiesel : @beatdemcheeks104
bornfreeshow : Thanks ChopCult!
atomiczebra356 - n_homsi - arnbrnsn - cateyetech -
No you don't need to make your seat pan out of stainless steel. Just what was in reach after two hours of complete rage. I still love you though @biltwell. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa
dbcustomleather - madeinusa -
boydkyle : Lots
duaneballard : @boydkyle can't when I'm installing a finished cover.
texasbikeworks : Punch press???
duaneballard : @texasbikeworks can't use a punch press. I'm drilling holes after the foam and cover are installed.
texasbikeworks : Well shucks. That's a drag
theberzerker : I plan on gaining 200lbs in the near future.. So stainless is my only option.
lcfabrications : Try some boelube
greaseman75 : Shoulda texted me. Got a secret for that.
taimed - tina_belcher666 - anmaaa8 - gen_loveearart -
Trying something new on @biltwell Bill's CB750 seat. He wanted a stock looking logo on the back of a custom leather seat. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leatherwork #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - madeinusa - leathergoods -
duaneballard : @shop102 give me a call or email. Thanks
shop102 : Can do
lossaengineering : Super clean!!
joey_kolar : Screen print?
duaneballard : @joey_kolar nope. I wish I was that hi-tech.
fats_leather_co : No paint! Now I'm wondering
rowanmanners : That's spot on, clean edges!!!!! Very nice work πŸ‘
duaneballard : Thank you @rowanmanners
oldschoolhelmets - wrightbroscustoms - tina_belcher666 - glacierjeff -
Sewing some Leather for @ez_erock FXR. #277 size thread because it looks better and is ridiculously strong. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leatherwork #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - 277 - madeinusa - leathergoods -
_druien : Haha sure did, that trike looked pretty awesome too
circlekirk : Shit, that looks good. I was lucky enough to get #billdozer 's seat you did a few years back. I
samsandhayespa : So great! Just tuff.
duaneballard : Thank you @9mmp @jared_rayle @_druien @circlekirk @samsandhayespa!
ez_erock : Once again, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks Duane!
lizzieb987 : @pumpkinescobar04 Did you see this? Pretty good lookin. #oneupins
pumpkinescobar04 : Dammit @ez_erock I can't keep up,you win. lol! Good job @duaneballard looks super good!
duaneballard : Thanks @ez_erock @sunshineliz987 @pumpkinescobar04!
yobytam - gearheadgreg - 8leathers - rockabillyhonky -
As a child, I often daydreamed about marriage, children, and owning a small business. It's a beautiful world when you dreams turn into reality. Thank you for supportingΒ DuaneΒ and I over the past 15 years. @duaneballard #dbcustomleather #theshinyside #familyfirst #leathercraft #leathergoods #leatherbelts #leatherwallet #leatherwork #leather #handmade #handmadeleather #handmadeleathergoods #letyourworkdothetalking #ilovehashtags
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - handmadeleathergoods - handmadeleather - leatherbelts - leather - theshinyside - handmade - leathergoods - familyfirst - leatherwork - ilovehashtags - leathercraft - leatherwallet -
hatecitycustoms : His work speaks for it's self! Top quality!
bigjimatl - nostalgiaonwheels - marcos_fkc - njfolkhero -
#letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #dbcustomleather
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - leather - leathercraft - leathertooling - leathercarving -
lethosewhoridedecide : Wow. I want YOu to make my seat. @zitos_vintage_cycle
duaneballard : @lethosewhoridedecide let's do it. Email me the details.
robfortier : I want a fart vent panel too
duaneballard : This one has lots of fart vents. You @robfortier only want one? That's not like you.
duaneballard : That square is only 1 1/2"
robfortier : I want the rest of the seat to harvest the gasses
emdkillerparts : I guess you have to aim just right id you only have one vent.... This thread is veering in a strange direction all of a sudden 😏
lethosewhoridedecide : This is one example.
billiam267 - socalhelene - stevewilk82 - lexingtondiamond -
They're your keys. Do you want to trust them to double heavy hand stitching or a shitty jiffy rivet? #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leatherwork #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - madeinusa - leathergoods -
dresdenmade : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
chopcult - lovethychopper - signalman144535 - anortherncrazy -
Keychain #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leatherwork #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - madeinusa - leathergoods -
lovethychopper - leatherseatsprime - kristmchung - jeffdoj -
Dropped off Ryan's @thetigershack seat yesterday. Love seeing something wild being built. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leatherwork #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leatherwork - madeinusa - leathergoods -
biltwell : Damn, cherry on top!
md82art : @duaneballard so killer!
thetigershack : @duaneballard thanks again dude, still can't believe it's mine.
crazyheartleather : Very nice
duaneballard : Thanks @biltwell @md82art @thetigershack @crazyheartleather!
francois_pier - thomasdeanna - rhmckentjoe - brad_garageprojectmotorcycles -
Thanks for the great day @card64one @acjcmc @duaneballard. #theshinyside #dbcustomleather #friendsforlife
dbcustomleather - friendsforlife - theshinyside -
justin_revolution : @fassfreddie
shedbuiltcycles : @xxtpxx
a_klyushnikov - bugntjw - mbetle - cliftonbanner -
Stumpy is still number one :-) @duaneballard β™₯ #dbcustomleather #bornfreeorbust
bornfreeorbust - dbcustomleather -
lisamballard : @crocustoms True, very true.
lisamballard : @madmikeschopperbikes He's fine, he'll be back at it in a couple of days.
azcamber : I cant like this
reppohccycles : @lisamballard Take care of my boy. Get well soon @duaneballard
camperqueen : πŸ‘†β€ΌοΈπŸ”ͺ🚫
tammy_talbot : Oh no!! Hope he didn't lose it!! Wish @duaneballard a speedy recovery!!
broadwaychoppers : Blood Sweat & Tears πŸ˜‚πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰ get well soon
blacksunshinebrian : I seen that bout made me throw up...I don't do blood...take care of him..
bpete13 - joyartco - cyclejunkie74 - mrsihopp -
Today was a good day. #theshinyside #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather - theshinyside -
ridepmr : Watch out, there's a bee!
logarrr - cartercustomsorangecounty - livingplague - jimschoppers -
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