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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bBYiqHThbFc Yokohama HRCS 2014 demo reel. DVD out at the end of February. @mooneyesusa @mooneyesjp @ssss4199 @moonequipped #hcs2014 #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather - hcs2014 -
peterson_brian : Lovin that shot.
autocult - timsep - speedsecond - moonequipped -
The possibilities are endless with @duaneballard. #dbcustomleather #leathercraft #madeintheusa #leather #leathercraving #customleather
dbcustomleather - madeintheusa - leathercraving - leather - customleather - leathercraft -
dennyengraving : ๐Ÿ‘
annmarilove : Love this.
bradreligion - souniquecreations - dima_kepski - firemedic1990 -
Here is the stamp from @jimdiiorio on leather. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
prowelding2020 : Do you ever make belts? I'd buy one of those.
tar76 : That's so rad man!
duaneballard : @prowelding2020 all the time. Doing a few now.
surfdad831 : Looks good!
prowelding2020 : I would like to have one made, a welding theme, I will have to talk with you about it.
duaneballard : @prowelding2020 duane@dbcustomleather.com or give me a call when your ready. Thanks
maidenleather : Thats a clean stamp
deleyelsinore : Looks good
jtomandl - masconleather - twilaknightphoto - peterson_brian -
Big thanks to Tory, Dave and the Chopperfest staff for another awesome event. Today was a great day minus the unfortunate incident in the morning. It's frustrating to watch people work hard all year long, only to watch others effect our good time with their petty disagreements. I'm just glad no one got hurt. EVERYONE needs to be accountable for their actions and should respect the event promoters, property owner, and general public. Please leave your drama at home where it belongs. Kudos to Tory, Dave and the awesome @chopperfest staff for ending the show on a high note. Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth today. We appreciate your support. #theshinyside #chopperfest #chopperfest2014 #dbcustomleather #chopcult #cantwealljustgetalong #truth
chopcult - dbcustomleather - truth - theshinyside - chopperfest - chopperfest2014 - cantwealljustgetalong -
sikdalton : Nice seeing you and @duaneballard
deanmachineusa : Great show !
lisamballard : @sikdalton Congratulations on your win.
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Kick start the day... #kuttynoteboom @ #hippykillergarage #kosukesaito @ #sunrisecycles #paulwideman @ #bareknucklechoppers #duaneballard @ #dbcustomleather #oliverjones @ #thecutrate #brentrogers #hrcs2014 #hcs2014 #mooneyes
dbcustomleather - paulwideman - hcs2014 - brentrogers - kuttynoteboom - hippykillergarage - hrcs2014 - thecutrate - bareknucklechoppers - oliverjones - mooneyes - duaneballard - sunrisecycles - kosukesaito -
mcoreyw : That trike tho!
duaneballard - drahcirsanchez - nikkibachelier - cooke_studio -
Same booth and date for the past six years. I love the #chopperfest because I get to spend time with our friends, the bikes, and meeting #dbcustomleather customers, new and old. Throw in a day at the beach and my life is grand. @duaneballard #familyfirst #alwaysandforever
chopperfest - dbcustomleather - alwaysandforever - familyfirst -
chopperdaves : Have fun up there!
lisamballard : @chopperdaves You've been on my mind a lot lately. Hope you're healing well my friend.
chopperdaves : Slower and more frustrating than if like but moving forward. Thank you so much Lisa you and Duane are people I'm lucky to consider friends
lisamballard : @chopperdaves we are the lucky ones, much love and respect.
scottysgarage - morals57 - radical_action - scott_takes_underground -
Duane and I are heading down to Ventura today for the @streetchopper @chopperfest kick off party. Big thanks to everyone that donated products for the free giveaways. I'll be promoting @chopcult/ @chopperfest during the #davemannchopperfest and Duane can be found in his booth. I would like to thank Tory and Dave for allowing me to play a small role in their event. The #chopperfest is great show that never disappoints. See you soon! #chopperfest2014 #socialmedia #crosspromotion #theshinyside #shinysidemarketing @duaneballard #dbcustomleather
davemannchopperfest - dbcustomleather - shinysidemarketing - crosspromotion - theshinyside - chopperfest - socialmedia - chopperfest2014 -
scott_takes_underground : Have fun!!
therevelrymfg : Nice
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This trip was amazing! Thanks to everyone that visited our booth during the #mooneyes #hcs2014 show. Your kind words are deeply appreciated, and will never be forgotten. See you soon #yokohama , next stop is LAX. #theshinyside #dbcustomleather #familyfirst #alwaysandforever #canon #canong11 #canoneos60d #davemannchopperfest #chopperfest
davemannchopperfest - dbcustomleather - theshinyside - chopperfest - hcs2014 - canon - familyfirst - mooneyes - canong11 - alwaysandforever - canoneos60d - yokohama -
lookingforthebeauty : Yay!!! See you soooon!
jaclouis1 : Ahhh!
shiney__ : See you there and safe travels.
tyhortonphotography : Love it!
emdkillerparts : See you there ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
markhighlove : #livingthedream
staciwilt : Hope to see you there! Would love to talk to you and get your insight on some things. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
monk_wipes - devon_raquel - markhighlove - bareknucklepaul -
HOTROD CUSTOM SHOW 2014 DB Custom Leather Duane Bullard's 1981 KAWASAKI KZ1000 CHP DIGGER"KOSMOSAKI" ใƒใ‚นใ‚ฟใƒผใซใ‚ตใ‚คใƒณใ‚’ๅ…ฅใ‚Œใƒ—ใƒฌใ‚ผใƒณใƒˆใ—ใฆไธ‹ใ•ใ„ใพใ—ใŸ๐Ÿ˜ #HRCS2014#HRCS#HotRodCustomShow2014#mooneyes#KAWASAKI#KZ1000#KZ1000CHP#digger#chopper#kustomkulture#kustom#custompaint#custommotocycle#hotrod#ใ‚ซใƒฏใ‚ตใ‚ญ#dbcustomleather#kosmosaki#duanebullard
hrcs - custompaint - chopper - hotrod - kz1000chp - custommotocycle - kustomkulture - ใ‚ซใƒฏใ‚ตใ‚ญ - kz1000 - digger - dbcustomleather - kosmosaki - hotrodcustomshow2014 - kustom - duanebullard - hrcs2014 - mooneyes - kawasaki -
hayabusa_racing : @sat1500/Nice picโ€ผ๏ธŽ
sat1500 : @hayabusa_racing ใ•ใ‚“ใ€ใƒ•ใ‚ฉใƒญใƒผๆœ‰ใ‚Š้›ฃใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ™โ€ผ๏ธŽ่‰ฒใ€…ใชใ‚คใƒ™ใƒณใƒˆใงใŠ่ฆ‹ใ‹ใ‘ใ—ใฆใŠใ‚Šใพใ™๐Ÿ˜็ขบใ‹ไปฅๅ‰ใฏใ‚คใƒฉใ‚นใƒˆใŒๅ…ฅใฃใฆใ„ใŸใ‚ˆใ†ใชๆฐ—ใŒ…
hayabusa_racing : @sat1500/ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ™๏ผใพใ ้€”ไธญใงใ™ใŒU.Svintageracing×Japaneseracing Mixstyle!! ็›ฎๆŒ‡ใ—ใพใ™๏ผ
sat1500 : @hayabusa_racing ใ•ใ‚“ใ€ใพใŸไฝ•ๅ‡ฆใ‹ใงใŠไผšใ„ใงใใŸ้š›ใซใฏๅฎœใ—ใใŠ้ก˜ใ„ใ—ใพใ™^ ^
hayabusa_racing : @sat1500 ใ•ใ‚“ใ€ใ“ใกใ‚‰ใ“ใใ‚ˆใ‚ใ—ใใŠ้ก˜ใ„ใ—ใพใ™๏ผ
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Neat little Kawasaki spotted in Tokyo. #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather -
chiefchaboyer : @thelerrkerr @landenisonfire @benduoverandtakeutobrowntown
nathanhealey : #pure
buckharness : Really nice!
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#hcs2014 after party was at @mooneyesjp last night. We had a great time! The food was killer. Now we head to Tokyo until Friday. #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather - hcs2014 -
glorybrandbeardoil - jackrose0409 - campstorebrasil -
Incredible trip so far! #hcs2014 #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather - hcs2014 -
duaneballard : Went exploring with @lisamballard @deleyelsinore @lkmorr @bareknucklepaul @mckeag67
bareknucklepaul : It was a good day!
mckeag67 : โšก๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘โšก๏ธ
hawk90proofpan : @shannahawkins03
lisamballard : Great days indeed
zabbelfriedbert - sunshine4ursoul - wemack95 - my_civil_banjo -
I would like to thank everyone that helped Duane with donated parts and believing in his vision. @duaneballard #dbcustomleather @mooneyesusa @mooneyesjp #mooneyes #hrcs2014 #hcs2014 #yokohama #kawasaki #kosmosaki #dreamsdocometrue #bornfree5 #invitedbuilder
dbcustomleather - kosmosaki - dreamsdocometrue - hcs2014 - hrcs2014 - yokohama - invitedbuilder - kawasaki - bornfree5 - mooneyes -
theberzerker : Easy to support the most humble people out there...
muchomoto : Gawd I love that bike
noisecycles : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ‘
hotdogkustoms : Looking good, hope you guys had a great time!
brutalbeardoil : ๐Ÿ™Œ
primo84ca - rally_around_the_pits - sunshine4ursoul - tarrera1 -
#hcs2014 is over. Thanks for the amazing time @ssss4199 @moonequipped @mooneyesjp @mooneyesusa! It was great talking with everyone in the booth today. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - hcs2014 - madeinusa -
f_assennato : @tibira
tar76 : Saw some pics of the bike absolutely radical!!
reppohccycles : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
duaneballard : Thanks @tar76!
vintagetorque : @duaneballard sorry i talked your ear off while standing in line! Hope to seeya again soon
duaneballard : @vintagetorque Nice talking to you!
jena_c23 - gawara818 - illgnc - j.vas -
Yokohama with @kiyosgarage! Picture by the @streetchopper @hotbike crew. Thanks! #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #KZ1000 #kosmosaki
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - kosmosaki - kz1000 - madeinusa -
crazymetal73 : Cool!๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฎ
waldenspeedshop : Cool!๐Ÿ‘
texasbikeworks : Talk about " living the dream"
surfdad831 : Rad shot
renatocardone : Nice Duane more pictures
djmfnk : I still say you take him in a race
von_ritzner : @duaneballard @lisamballard save Cole.
acers_inc - standardcycles - blair.jones.7165 - lambertsbikes -
I can't believe it's almost time to head to Japan. Big thanks to @duaneballard for taking care of our extended travel plans and his booth set up. A very special thank you to Shige @ssss4199 and the wonderful staff at @mooneyesjp/ @mooneyesusa for this amazing opportunity. Dreams really do come true ๐ŸŒป#mooneyes #hrcs2014 #hcs2014 #yokohama #kawasaki #kosmosaki #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather - kosmosaki - mooneyes - hrcs2014 - kawasaki - hcs2014 - yokohama -
lisamballard : @redgaragemalaysia Wishing you a great event with plenty of sunshine.
vintagetorque : Seeya soon! I will be setting up early and then heading up to Tokyo. @lisamballard
lisamballard : @vintagetorque Safe travels my friend.
troubble77 : Have a good and safe trip!!!
lisamballard : @troubble77 Thanks Mama!
huber_1978 : Can't wait!
scott_takes_underground : Enjoy your time together!
motopsycho73 : Have a great time and try and get some relaxation in.
no9cycles - renatocardone - ridepmr - anotherdumbasswithaharley -
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - hcs2014 - madeinusa -
duaneballard : @lisamballard and I leave in the morning to #hcs2014. Email is the best way to get a hold of me while we are gone. duane@dbcustomleather.com We will see our friends back home at @mooneyesusa in Irwindale and the day after @chopperfest in Ventura. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking
bmoviebadgirl : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜„
ironthread : @duaneballard have a great trip. Did you ever get that jacket design
socalhelene : Safe travels and have a great time you two!!
shiney__ : Safe travels! Lots of posts!
duaneballard : Thanks @socalhelene @ironthread @bmoviebadgirl!
theberzerker : Eat a cookie on the plane again
speeddealer : Safe trip you two ..someday I want to go also ...โœˆ๏ธ
savorspa - jaramillocesar420 - dirtyhands_1318 - motohead29 -
Seat #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
chupa_nah_brah : Sick
wildman12.jg - kevinmullennax - hp.leathercraft - dirtyhands_1318 -
It's there! The KZ sitting on the dock in Yokohama. #hcs2014 #hcrs2014 #shizukani #dbcustomleather @mooneyesusa @mooneyesjp @ssss4199 @moonequipped
dbcustomleather - hcrs2014 - hcs2014 - shizukani -
sojake_japan : Welcome to Japan๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต
socalhelene : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
lt_retro : See u soon #HRCS14, Broo @duaneballard
greaseman75 : Have a great trip.
duaneballard : Thank you @greaseman75 @lt_retro @socalhelene @sojake_japan!
scott_takes_underground : Excited for you Duane ! Enjoy !
waldenspeedshop : ๐Ÿ‘Awesome!
tokyosoul_ : On my way in right now .)
n1nepo1ntf1ve - sojake_japan - standardcycles -
Card wallet for a friend in Japan. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
stickyfrano : Amazing work Duane!
peterson_brian : Hot damn that's beautiful man. @duaneballard #dbcustomleather
duaneballard : Thank you @stickyfrano @peterson_brian!
bizzy05 : Love it. To bad it's to late to request one of these in time for Xmas.
duaneballard : @bizzy05 I could squeeze a card wallet in one I get back the 15th.
tilla_simon - dwooly67 - pamanahrasamfg - illgnc -
Wallet. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
righteous_machine_corp : That is killer!!!
duaneballard : Thanks @righteous_machine_corp!
dpm73 : Really cool and inspirational work! Thanks for posting @duaneballard
duaneballard : Thank you @dpm73!
leeblackletter : @to_legit_2quit
to_legit_2quit : Badass artwork!! ๐Ÿ‘ @leeblackletter
to_legit_2quit - standardcycles - darkhunter19yaferysvery - jimdiiorio -
The possibilities are endless with #dbcustomleather. Reach out to @duaneballard for your handcrafted leather goods. Thanking you in advance. #leathercraft #handmade #letyourworkdothetalking #madeinusa #smallbusinesssaturday #leather #wallets #belts #motorcycleseats #smallbizsat #shopsmall
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - belts - leather - motorcycleseats - smallbusinesssaturday - handmade - madeinusa - leathercraft - wallets - shopsmall - smallbizsat -
rebelgirl : #beautiful
jaeson138 : Savin money yo do mine! Can't wait!
shiney__ : Awesome!
the_powerss : @lisamballard your male model could use an attitude adjustment if he wants to make the big time in the fashion industry. Just saying.....
robfortier : @duaneballard's s'okay
lisamballard : @the_powerss He's smiling on the inside.
little0ne : Wow ! Rad
casillasmarty - 33photos - kevinhog1 - jen_hallett_art -
I'm looking forward to the ride in Yokohama next week! #hcs2014 #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather - hcs2014 -
dollabill_tx : I'm Jealous!
motopsycho73 : Wish you safe travel and hope you have a great time.
sojake_japan : Wow! You are coming to Yokohama! Hope you have a great time over here !
duaneballard : Thank you @sojake_japan @motopsycho73!
scooteronempty : Look for this beautiful bike in Yokohama @crazymetal73
13ghosst : Looks very slick, as well as fast.
duaneballard : Thank you @scooteronempty @13ghosst Scary fast.
13ghosst : Sure looks the part
kevinhog1 - custom_chrome - nebojsa.subanovic - dirtyhands_1318 -
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm finishing up a few things that need to be done for #hcs2014 and @chopperfest this morning. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - hcs2014 - madeinusa - leathercraft - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercarving - leathertooling -
maggie.924 : โ˜บ๏ธ @yakira_hh
tysaosin : I've never done leather work before where would I buy leather from to experiment with?
duaneballard : If there is a @tandyleather near you they could help with material, tools and advice.
tomo_a.k.a_sad_boy - monk_wipes - dwooly67 - jonremmel -
Follow @ryanparagon to see the insane bike this is for. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
ryanparagon : Outstanding work man!!! Hell yes! Thanks for the shoutout as well!
petokustomleathers - n1nepo1ntf1ve - hp.leathercraft - dirtyhands_1318 -
@ryanparagon seat goes on forever! #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
duaneballard : Thank you @silverlane5468 @oldgoldgarage @chopperssyndicate @camperqueen @large_hands_grant @ryanparagon @the_werx @chewmakdatchosef
duaneballard : Thanks @vnm_horsebites
cycodre : The best!
drajaya : ART WORK!
threetwochoppers : Will have to let air out of the tires to get by under passes. ๐Ÿ˜
duaneballard : Thank you @cycodre @drajaya!
surfdad831 : Cool very cool
duaneballard : Thanks @surfdad831
deathfrombelowwfo - monk_wipes - jesusarturopm - illgnc -
#dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
tom_and_ivy : Amazballs!
fullerhotrods : Spectacular!
northwestharleydavidson : โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
capt.hairdoo : I want one! Amazing work! How do I obtain a piece of magical leather
duaneballard : Thanks @tom_and_ivy @fullerhotrods @northwestharleydavidson
duaneballard : @capt.hairdoo email me what you would like to get made. duane@dbcustomleather.com
nategrecoart : Amazing!!
duaneballard : Thanks @nategrecoart!
deborah_sterling - petokustomleathers - capt.hairdoo - flatback_leather -
Thank you for supporting @duaneballard and #dbcustomleather ๐Ÿ‘Š. #letyourworkdothetalking #handmade #leathercraft #madeinusa #olinlane
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - olinlane - handmade - madeinusa - leathercraft -
shiney__ : Craftsmanship at its best!
camperqueen : LOVE THIS!!!!!
ent311 : amazing
chemicalcandycustoms : Greatness!!
crocustoms : Not sure how, but you keep getting better.
kdaddyog : Your man has mad skillz
bmbhag : Love the details!!!
carlymakescake : You have such a talented husband!!!
casillasmarty - sunshine4ursoul - kevinhog1 - tarrera1 -
I didn't like how the leather felt compared to the others. This happens more than you would think for one reason or the other. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
engle_bros_fabrication : Definitely what happens when you strive for nothing short of the best #qualitycontrol
iammclovin83 : @duaneballard do u make rifle slings ?
duaneballard : @iammclovin83 Yes I do. Email me the details of what you would like to have made. Thank you, duane@dbcustomleather.com
brassdepot - dirtyhands_1318 - illgnc - j.vas -
#FBF Circa 1990 Duane: We have a little extra money coming in and I want to buy some leather tools. Me:Take the kids and I out for dinner and you can have the rest. #dreamsdocometrue #dbcustomleather ๐Ÿ‘Š @duaneballard #theshinyside #familyfirst #alwaysandforever #toolsofthetrade #letyourworkdothetalking
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - dreamsdocometrue - theshinyside - familyfirst - fbf - alwaysandforever - toolsofthetrade -
lisamballard : @h8ter Awesome! I believe it was Aj's Sports Bar in Springhill, Fla.
lisamballard : @h8ter As soon as I hit send I thought.. There goes Mother of the Year lol.
jamesg____ : Very cool
h8ter : Haha!!! I LOVE it!
mississippiwhit : Like they say, behind every good man is woman who puts up with his shit. Lol!! @lchuffman87
heckmancustoms : well done
that_powell : That's awesome
joshmorris : @duaneballard is the best! So glad dinner wasn't too expensive! ๐Ÿ˜‰
jena_c23 - monk_wipes - jen_hallett_art - casillasmarty -
Starting the trophy for my @mooneyesjp @mooneyesusa #hcs2014 trophy. This will be the top. The piston is one of the originals from when I pulled the motor in the Kosmosaki apart to rebuild it. #dbcustomleather
dbcustomleather - hcs2014 -
dblshvltrbl : Cool!
hippykillergarage : Baby piston! Cool dude!!! Can't wait to see it
fahmi_freeflow : Rad! See you there!
duaneballard : @fahmi_freeflow ๐Ÿ‘
monk_wipes - dwooly67 - helmjimmy - autumnfetto22 -
Done! Now back to the biggest carved seat ever for @ryanparagon. #dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
thecalife : Wow! That's proper...
cherryautomotive : Beautiful work
oldnippletwister : Awesome
that_powell : So good!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
duaneballard : Thank you @that_powell @oldnippletwister @cherryautomotive @thecalife @mr_gooch @whatnowcustoms!
engle_bros_fabrication : @firehouse_fabrication
engle_bros_fabrication : So incredible. Definitely need to collaborate with you on something. Amazing talent
duaneballard : Thank you @engle_bros_fabrication! Let me know when your ready
yangdustin.leathercraft - kevinhog1 - uniongoodsco - flatback_leather -
#dbcustomleather #madeinusa #letyourworkdothetalking #leathercarving #leathertooling #leathercraft #leatherwork #leather #customleather #leathergoods
letyourworkdothetalking - dbcustomleather - leather - madeinusa - leathercarving - leatherwork - leathergoods - customleather - leathercraft - leathertooling -
n847 : Awesome!
painthuffermetalflake : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
tbchoppers : @duaneballard Hey Duanne can't wait to look you guys up! I'll be living in Lake Elsinore from Christmas day for 3 Months... Be great to get a ride in! #aussiebikebuilderonamission
duaneballard : @tbchoppers What are you going to be doing our here? Lots to see in that amount of time.
tbchoppers : @duaneballard mainly hangin with my bud @mikeloftis77 keen to build a bike and pick up stuff to take back in a container. Just between you and I I'm looking to relocate from Australia. This'll be my 4th trip in 3 years.
duaneballard : @tbchoppers Hit me up when your here.
tbchoppers : @duaneballard definitely! I know your close by...
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