#davidtravis rockin' out! @jhorton11 killin' the vocals. πŸ˜‰ #taylorswift #hey
taylorswift - davidtravis - hey -
kendalllevine : Too cute😍 @haley_n_horton @jhorton11
aliyahnichols : ❀️❀️❀️
annette.steward.a - trentondante - shaelyn._.casey - zacharynunez8 -
Happy birthday to my #davidtravis ! You are the sweetest, funniest, smartest 2 year old a girl could ask for. Thank you for making me a mom- it is and will always be my favorite job! I hope you enjoyed your Cookie Monster cake. I love you! @jhorton11
davidtravis -
masonushi : Happy birthday to him πŸ˜€
gymgirl445 - a.s.k_729 - shaelyn._.casey - zacharynunez8 -
Happy 2 year birthday to this crazy little dude! #davidtravis
davidtravis -
itss.drew : Nice run on American ninja warrior πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
gabe_legit13 : Nice on American ninja warrior you were great!
alyssalorenzoo : happy birthday and congrats on American Ninja Warrior! can't stop watching your wall run..stunningπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
allison.livernash : Nice job on ANW
__bw17__ : Good job on the show bruh u earned it!!!
jvh1005 : Good job on American ninja warior!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ur the first to pass it tonightβœŠπŸ‘πŸ‘βœŠβœŠ
alisherkb_flight : Happy Birthday!!! :DπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
ashkankarimi.gym15 : Your baby is nice
ashkankarimi.gym15 - mr.gymnast - cheeese_flipper - nkuebler2002 -
Happy Father's Day to the best fort-building, rough housing, trampoline jumping, swing set building daddy a kid could ask for. Love, your mini me, #davidtravis
davidtravis -
thackerrr : Y'all are so cute πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘¦πŸ‘Ά
under_ground_gangsta : Happy fathers Day @jhorton11
stillcreek_is_awsome - _xvjanavx_ - heya_its_rach - offcalmackzmusc -
#davidtravis is my dinner date for this evening! Love him, love summer, love this life.
davidtravis -
merspen : Ugh. I cannot wait to see y'all and love on that little wild man.
_hey_its_lia : Awwww. So cute! Loved meeting you all in pa!!
sandie210 : Awwww so cute
under_ground_gangsta : Awww he is sooo adorable!
kaylynnstone - preppynailsandgymnastics - herr.kay - logan_5280 -
Always a good morning with this little dude. #davidtravis
davidtravis -
hidy5_oh : Our girls are excited to see you at camp next week! #flipfest #whutwhut
rich_as_a_bitch905 : Hey i was watching American ninja worrier and u did amazing great job u rock broπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒβœŠβœŠβœŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
softball.lover_1 : Great job on ANW!!!
beccaclaus : Congrats on ANW!!!! βœ”οΈπŸ‘
ashkankarimi.gym79 : Face:ful beautiful
chance.bruhgan : Ur son said hi to me in Las Vegas it was so cuteπŸ˜‚
taylorwinter_1998 : congradulations i was watching you
ashkankarimi.gym.rtistics : Whats Your baby name?
gymfan19 - maratosa - j_theofficial - lboogiegymnast -
#davidtravis and I had so much fun watching @jhorton11 on #ANW tonight! Can't wait for the next one!
anw - davidtravis -
gymnastzac : Did he make it
under_ground_gangsta : Congrats to you @jhorton11 well done man! So amped for u!
hollyhansen10 : @lillybug17pruett
bailey_robbins_ : @gymnastzac yes
haley_n_horton : @buttercuptans thanks for the tan! 😊
kenziee.sweet : congrats for your husband and you @haley_n_horton
buttercuptans : You are so welcome @haley_n_horton See u again soon! 😘
melaine1961 : We watched! Go Jon!
kaylynnstone - gymchick_faith - dessiree_luvs - ifuuuuuuuuuny -
So much fun seeing the "ell-ants" at the zoo yesterday! Kudos to @jhorton11 for carrying him around - the kid isn't as tiny as he used to be! #davidtravis #houstonzoo
houstonzoo - davidtravis -
merspen : That little finger. πŸ‘‰
rockside145 : Glad to see you are wearing a hat. My nephews use my hair to 'steer' me
sarah.__.seavey : He's adorable! πŸ’˜πŸ˜œ
taylorann_cheer - hairpod - kenziee.sweet - trentondante -
"Darnit!" #davidtravis #tapforsound #futureteamcypress @jhorton11@haley_n_horton
futureteamcypress - tapforsound - davidtravis -
z_liu : @elisaomalley @alex.yangz
alex.yangz : @z_liu aw so cute :)
dilemma64 : @marie.yamamoto @wyrickkatie s' cute
elitefive : @georgia.posno
grace_pear1 : @sydneymerz_
merspen : @kmflavin527 @bee_raad_ "darn it!"
margaridarmendes - short_gymnast2 - quotes.daily44 - renak710 -
#gocypress #davidtravis @cypress_girls_team 😊
gocypress - davidtravis -
merspen : I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE Y'ALL! 😍 (And I hear "He Knows My Name" in the background!!)
peytonwesttt : he is adorable πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
z_liu : @elisaomalley @paigekimiksana @dayton_t 😍😍
elisaomalley : @z_liu he's so adorable
naenae_4prez : @vtime33 pretty sure that's the same shirt we have πŸ˜‚
mav096 : How precious! Love the song on the rAdio too! :)
melissamoreno0307 : That was just too cute! πŸ’™
kaylynnstone : This is absolutely precious. I can not believe how big he is!
desi.behrenss - alina.hielscher - justus_whitaker - gymgirl445 -
FAB level 8 regional competition with @cypress_girls_team , complete with 3 top 10 AA finishes and season bests from EVERY kid? Check. Afternoon filled with baby gymnastics, sidewalk chalk, and watching airplanes with #davidtravis? Check. What a weekend!
davidtravis -
i_b_tarean_it_up : #davidtravis and his tumbling off the mat and acting like nothing happened. Check. #fearless
haley_n_horton : @t.suzanne thankfully, I didn't see that live. πŸ˜•
i_b_tarean_it_up : Well that's a prayer answered! 😊
cypress_girls_team - taylorann_cheer - brooks.nick - fi_ni_no_nin_o_wa -
Someone was helping mommy at homedepot yesterday ... Check out those guns! #davidtravis #flowershopping @jhorton11
flowershopping - davidtravis -
alexandrite105 : precious!!
steveglucks : Too freakin cute! This kid is the man!!
degenova626 : 😍 the GK outfit!!!
merspen : Welp, this might make it official. Baby David is stronger than me. @jhorton11
taylorann_cheer - kenziee.sweet - fi_ni_no_nin_o_wa - bball_lover_123 -
Good luck OU men's gymnastics!! #BoomerSooner #davidtravis
boomersooner - davidtravis -
haley_n_horton : @jhorton11
bjflipfest : #sunsoutgunsout
hairpod - kenziee.sweet - bball_lover_123 - a.s.k_729 -
#samsontheshiba is exhausted from our weekend but #myheartisfull from spending time with so many people near and dear to my heart. I could watch #davidtravis dye eggs for hours... #houstonishome #thetravelingdoge
thetravelingdoge - myheartisfull - houstonishome - davidtravis - samsontheshiba -
haley_n_horton : Dye eggs = dye hands. Why use tongs when you can dip your whole arm?
haley_n_horton - shadowninjaa - cbrooks_gym - gdubs124 -
#Repost @haley_n_horton ・・・ It was a great day for a @cypress_girls_team mock meet! We debuted TWO brand new routines today! #teamcypress #EGGScellent #davidtravis Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy celebrating and spending time with your families!
teamcypress - davidtravis - eggscellent - repost -
kimkidsmom3 : @a.l.e.x_gymnast
sportonn - cdudley314 - a.s.k_729 - shani1123456 -
It was a great day for a @cypress_girls_team mock meet! We debuted TWO brand new routines today! #teamcypress #EGGScellent #davidtravis
davidtravis - eggscellent - teamcypress -
mercedesbenz87 : David is too adorable!!! 😍😍😍😍
kimkidsmom3 : So proud of our girls! Great job Team cypress!
cypress_girls_team - taylorann_cheer - _hey_its_lia - miapalladino -
Ninja turtles + cowboy boots + cowboy hat + helicopter in hand = one cool kid. #davidtravis
davidtravis -
libertygymgirl10 : Adorable #miss Yall. Love youπŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†
i_b_tarean_it_up : "sans pants" 😍
haley_n_horton : @t.suzanne ... 99% of the time.
under_ground_gangsta : #So adorable! #David
gabe_lewis_3 : I wish I was this cool when I was his ageπŸ˜‚
alexis_knudson : my child! @marymunitz9
alexmullenbach : R those dads cowboy hat and boots or are they his because they both look cute in that getup
soulscripts : ❀️
cypress_girls_team - taylorann_cheer - miapalladino - libertygymgirl10 -
Such a fun weekend!! #americanninjawarrior #davidtravis @jhorton11
americanninjawarrior - davidtravis -
merspen : @jhorton11 looks like he's wearing a toga. #THISISSPARTAAAAA
haley_n_horton : @merspen haha!! I love it!
danielle.rose03 : Could you PLEASE tell him how awesome he did for me? When I see him at gym I'm going to tell him too.😊BTW I'm from Cypress Academy and I see you there every week. I'm not on team but I still do gymnastics in level 4 comets.
danielle.rose03 : @haley_n_horton
danielle.rose03 : I just finished watching him on ANW
ashton_circus_12 - fi_ni_no_nin_o_wa -
#davidtravis has the best she-she. And loves "horsies!" @ashleybarnhill17
davidtravis -
cganey26 : @haley_n_horton He is so precious!
melissamoreno0307 : AwwwwwπŸ’™
joshua_polit : @xreyna_anax
under_ground_gangsta : Awww so precious
emma_2856 - alissonliliali - eviegrey07 - kimkidsmom3 -
Off to see the Easter bunny! #davidtravis @jhorton11
davidtravis -
merspen : OMG STOP. βœ‹
under_ground_gangsta : So adorably gorgeous! Both of them! Lucky lady
saeidreza_keikha - kiersten.stafford - bailey_bop10 - miapalladino -
Winner #davidtravis @haley_n_horton
davidtravis -
brandongymnast : I was there too
backflip_kvng : I competed their it's the Townsend Cup
laurieeve23 : @danny_pigeon awww je le vx
under_ground_gangsta : So cute with that big smile!!! Go David
proud_equestrian_ : Cute!!!
wrighteous_christian : @wrighteous_mom omg to cute
sammyy.baker : Awww that's so cute❀️
the_gymmaster : I competed at that place it was call the Townsend cup
toxiczombiechris - miobi_flipagrams - kaylas_gymnastics_life - fiercefivefandom -
... #davidtravis Is working hard on a Friday morning! #teamcypress @jhorton11
davidtravis - teamcypress -
shawncallander : Train him up.
lex_chaus : 100th like
melaine1961 : Could he be any cuter?!
sarahh._xo : Can you please follow me? @haley_n_horton
melissamoreno0307 : This is such a cute pic!πŸ’™
aldihcarraro : He is so cute!!!!
jenphizzle : @mofutofu
thomas_mortensen_ : @vibestokholm
thais_gymnast - akr.15 - shaelyn._.casey - dai.cf -
#davidtravis had so much fun at the livestock show! We saw "beeg cows" and "beebee goats" - he had a blast! @jhorton11
davidtravis -
coach__mike : Didn't go thru the fence I hope!!
saeidreza_keikha - alissonliliali - kiersten.stafford - bailey_bop10 -
... #davidtravis helping daddy workout - love those two. @jhorton11
davidtravis -
merspen : Not even 2 years old and he's more coordinated than me.
melissamoreno0307 : So stinkin cute! πŸ’™
crymasca : Sweeeetttt!!!
rheffelf : That is so darn cute
under_ground_gangsta : So cute
merspen : πŸƒπŸƒπŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
thomas_mortensen_ : @vibestokholm
nathan_gammel1 : @jordan_mae
the_gymmaster - track_122 - bide_davii - annahooker36 -
Love these two being together! I miss my Cash already ... I'll watch "memo" anytime with you, buddy. #davidtravis #snowmageddon @jhorton11 @ashleybarnhill17
snowmageddon - davidtravis -
marlapollaro5 : Awe!!!!!! Cutest little boys!!! He loves Nemo!
vannahfisher : Precious πŸ‘¬
emma_2856 - tfgymnast10 - gymnast.fluffy - rheffelf -
The Hortons are home from Vegas! There were highs and lows during our trip, but I come home reminded of one thing. There is no greater blessing in my life than my family. God has provided for us again and again, and I'm blessed every day by a husband that honors and loves me, and encourages me to grow. James 1:2-3 @jhorton11 #DavidTravis
davidtravis -
aa_itshudson_ : I saw your meet. First comment
under_ground_gangsta : So beautiful! Wat a family
mercedesbenz87 - legitcarin - cirque.boy13 - millette_hertel -
#DavidTravis and coach Tom rockin the same kicks at #WinterCup! @jhorton11
wintercup - davidtravis -
musicluvr528 - agokani2092 - colleen_becton - under_ground_gangsta -
After Daddy's meet! #mcm #teamcypress #balloonsarehisfavorite #davidtravis #hni
balloonsarehisfavorite - hni - mcm - davidtravis - teamcypress -
haley_n_horton : @jhorton11
sydneyypaige_ : David is adorable !
mercedesbenz87 : David looks so grown up!!
_hey_its_lia : You r one of the nicest guys I met at the meets I have gone to watch!!
mercedesbenz87 - macy_nance - tay_krippner - tfgymnast10 -
Picnic with these two for lunch. So so lucky. #davidtravis @jhorton11
davidtravis -
crymasca : Beautiful guyssss!! ;)
ashleybarnhill17 : Wish I could come!! Maybe next time ;)
joshua_polit : @xreyna_anax
luciamarra01 : Beautiful babyyπŸ˜šπŸ˜—πŸŒ·πŸ’—
abhijit_shinde_ - kiersten.stafford - gymnopedie_1 - springfeet -
My heart. #davidtravis
davidtravis -
_brinleygrace_ : 😍😍
peytonwesttt : Cutest baby ever 😍
mercedesbenz87 : Too adorable!!!!😍😍😍😩
macy_nance - gymnastics.fan - kyon_manato_okazaki - emma_2856 -
Prehab all day. #davidtravis #strongshoulders #pitatehissock
pitatehissock - davidtravis - strongshoulders -
blairryland : Adorable!
mauemartinez : Love that pic!!!
sandie210 : He is so adorable
under_ground_gangsta : He will be n there sooon enough! Hahah
abhijit_shinde_ - gioeyerim - kyon_manato_okazaki - mercedes_son -
We're a little late with the picture, but the Hortons had a very merry Christmas! #davidtravis @jhorton11
davidtravis -
alexandrite105 : too cute! :)
macy_nance - tay_krippner - tfgymnast10 - meghrajhorton -
Sunny Cold Days Are My Favorite When Spent W/You Sunshine⛅️❀️ #vsco #davidtravis #clouds #sky #nature #baseballfield #lomita #california
clouds - baseballfield - nature - sky - california - lomita - vsco - davidtravis -
kellyedwardss : Pretty!
stellawendy - misslovelyanuh - _zorayaaa - _caro0olina_ -
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