The cuteness continues. This could fill my Instagram post for a while folks. #davidtravis #AddieLee
addielee - davidtravis -
wdwfan1972 : And as well it should. Your children will full your life as well as your social media, lol. Sweet sweet photo!
evelyndbecker : They're the cutest!!! 😍 maybe we can try to make it by soon and meet baby girl ☺️☺️
leslieslocker : Congratulations! She is beautiful! Fill your instagram with as many baby pictures as you want! #beautifulfamily
under_ground_gangsta : Awwwwwwwww! @jhorton11 they r beautiful!!! Congrats buddy
perfection_detailing : Congratulations brother, can't wait to see the new edition
adriennevans : Congrats @jhorton11 and @haley_n_horton! So precious! ❀️
staciefletcher : look at that hair!!!! So cute!
crystalsantillano : 😍How adorable!! Congratulations
analiesejezowski - iamabakedpotatoe27 - spikestorm07 - katiekelly2016 -
He loves his little sister. He told me today that she was a princess and he would protect her forever. #AddieLee #davidtravis
addielee - davidtravis -
amandalynn1120 : Too stinkin cute❀️
manskie.37 : Then my sister asked if I was staying @hhb027
under_ground_gangsta : Awwwww OMG! @jhorton11 they r beautiful little babies
rikram1964.rr : That is a good brother
_kristen_ann_ : Caption😍😭 @csgriffing
forever_dez : @elrafa2_ omg😍😍😍
elrafa2_ : Hehe baby!! @forever_dez
csgriffing : Awwwhhh I hope my kids will end up being like this @_kristen_ann_
funky_kendall - sara_elenaw - kodai19gym - sharidanowak -
The whole fam! #davidtravis #AddieLee #GodisGood #mamastired
godisgood - addielee - mamastired - davidtravis -
tatutatugym : happy family!
eag4249 : Congrats
staceygymnasticsmomof2 : Awww congratulations to you both!
lisamasongymnast : God is good ALWAYS! Bless you all xo
courtneypiela : @alorarosee
fenster58 : Awwww congrats
noyvongsamphanh : Congrats to you both!
woodlandsgymnastics : What a beautiful addition! Congrats to you both!
funky_kendall - sharidanowak - kodai19gym - gentacarlos -
We Rollin! #muscleshirtsinfebruary #davidtravis #GodisGood
godisgood - muscleshirtsinfebruary - davidtravis -
brooks.nick : What a beast!!!!
ashley_jones19 : @fletcher_christie5
happyface.kadler : He's an adorable and brave little one!
dianegrey88 : Time for a ripstick
roadhoundnyc : That's got to be Las Vegas. Douchebags
flippingforchrist : Wow this is awesome. and amazing to see how fast hes grown up man
eag4249 : Good job
mrfitnessuniverse : I like how Jon comes strolling in at of nowhere
analiesejezowski - little_wampler - amir.v159 - faith1790 -
@jhorton11 showing #davidtravis how it's done! #scootersunday #muscleshirtsinfebruary
muscleshirtsinfebruary - scootersunday - davidtravis -
sammiechan_ : Congratulations to you and @jhorton11 David's going to be a great big brother!!
thelovely4s - gymgirl_333 - oakley_salyers - abigailandsugar -
🎢 Cause we're the two best friends that anyone could have! 🎢 What happens when you're two years old and your motorcycle breaks down. Your buddy down the street comes to the rescue with his truck to bring you home. Except you don't let your buddy drive his own truck. Bros for life already. #davidtravis
davidtravis -
qinny2120 : So cute😍
doingitfortheloveofit : This is the cutest darn thing.
cheesy_grits : πŸ˜‚πŸ’™
pitapithouston : We have that truck too.... Never had a motorcycle in the back tho!
caitierez : this is absolutely adorable read the caption @amyeck99
amyeck99 : AHHH THATS SO CUTE😍😍😍😍 @caitierez
_kristen_ann_ : This is too cute😩😍 @csgriffing
spikestorm07 - normanfeng - jacked_lee - alterlogan -
It's a beautiful day outside with David. Catching some rays before I hit the gym. #davidtravis
davidtravis -
loag_life_of_a_gymnast : Your awesome
sandie210 : Awwww so cute
merspen : The Horton boys don't seem to own shirts. @haley_n_horton
jhorton11 : @merspen we gotta get our tan on!
newyorker90 : Handsome
haley_n_horton : @merspen it's true. Like father, like son.
eag4249 : He is so cute you are great dad as well as gymnast
pnclassic : Best of the day
normanfeng - akcgymnast.03 - gymnast_xman9 - oliverb613 -
Feels good to be back home with @haley_n_horton and this little dude! #davidtravis
davidtravis -
that_bolt_master : Did @haley_n_horton have the baby yet?
pa_life_sam : @that_bolt_master dude that is their baby πŸ˜‘
that_bolt_master : @pa_life_sam She is pregnant with another child. I know that this is their son.
pa_life_sam : @that_bolt_master oh okay
that_bolt_master : @pa_life_sam Yup.
pitapithouston : Love those sweet moments!
under_ground_gangsta : Awwwww!! πŸ‘ͺ πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
akcgymnast.03 - spikestorm07 - normanfeng - gym_dude06 -
Father & son haircuts. That's how we roll. #davidtravis #GodisGood @sportclipshaircuts
godisgood - davidtravis -
sydney.pawlak : ❀️❀️❀️
a.ali9619shahsevani : 😘😘😘😘
nnewman81658 : I love you guys! So darn cute!❀️🐢❀️
jake_dalton : @jhorton11 was this approved
jhorton11 : @jake_dalton I hope not
under_ground_gangsta : Awww! So cute! @jhorton11
normanfeng - alterlogan - rebecca_hillis_hancock - kirsty_bbgyyc -
#haircutday for the Horton men. Lookin' good guys. 😊 #davidtravis @jhorton11
haircutday - davidtravis -
la4life2013 : I love Sports Clips..
olympianzoe : He is sooooo cute
thelovely4s - kbneidigk - futuremrstigner_08_06_16 - emma_kwak -
When you party too hard. #davidtravis
davidtravis -
relentless.pursuit : He gone
just_ch1l : Next stop, Taco Bell
griffin.silver : Canwa hab a chickwen sandwich withb extbwa chweese? @just_ch1l
under_ground_gangsta : Awwww! Hahahha! Too funny πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
merspen : @haley_n_horton @jhorton11 @bee_raad_ that was me last weekend!!!
mum9 : Adorable😍
zrooster1 - nugget_in_a_gymnast_k - danni.bearrr - notagrammarnazi -
Just hangin with the little dude on a beautiful day. #davidtravis #GodisGood
godisgood - davidtravis -
gioeyerim : Good for you Jonathan can't wait to see you compete in Rio! God bless you and your family!
twailaif : Bella pic
thelovely4s : Can't imagina wearing shorts and short sleeve in January!πŸ˜‚
under_ground_gangsta : Awwwwww! U guys are adorable @jhorton11
rudyfromindiana : #ugg!
joneserica02 : Father and Son!!!
nugget_in_a_gymnast_k - ema8246 - caribbb_papi - _gymnnast -
#justwannagofast #davidtravis
justwannagofast - davidtravis -
sihali03 : πŸ˜‚ @ronjaakristiansen
margrietvdm : @bentebrandsma
baby_briana_ : Awww so cute😍😍😍 @princess.yesi
princess.yesi : AwwwwπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜ @baby_briana_
garrettstichter : @emmajo94
xoxokelly._ : @ayeits_jcoop he's so cute !
_mei_li : @amanda.cashman my heart
amanda.cashman : 😍😍 @_mei_li
ema8246 - 18alexahook100 - madison.2007_ - debonana_ig -
Thank - you for taking my #bloodpressure #Giliberti, #davidtravis #Fireman
giliberti - bloodpressure - davidtravis - fireman -
smartchoice_myshaklee - hypertension_support - cusco8 - motheroceanj9 -
He's crazy!! #Davidtravis
davidtravis -
miapalladino : He's the cutest thing ever!!
merspen : @haley_n_horton I'm trying to picture him carrying a "here comes the bride" sign πŸ˜‚ and I snorted laughing. I hope he comes sprinting down the aisle.
under_ground_gangsta : Awwww! U two r the best @jhorton11 ur such a great Father
alexkusy : What state do you live in ?
nixspams : You know what, this is really crazy. I had a teacher in the 6th grade that had the SAME EXACT name as yours.
lambogymnast - antman_moreau - andreabasana2002 - aghandstands -
I'm a proud father. 😝#Davidtravis #crasheslikehisdaddy
crasheslikehisdaddy - davidtravis -
rikkiaronoff : @ashleyfogel_ omg
clarzb18 : @emilydonovan3 this kid is my spirit animal
chy.hefner : @kdh37 ahhahahaha same
kdh37 : Awwww lol @chy.hefner
_mei_li : @amanda.cashman This kid
amanda.cashman : Hahaha @_mei_li
taryn_s17 : @macy.sisco
frantanned : @em._.thompson πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
olympianzoe - gymnast_dootz - flippin_robert - ari_kami10 -
Santa's Wonderland with @haley_n_horton and #Davidtravis @santaswonderland
davidtravis -
under_ground_gangsta : Awwww ❀️❀️❀️❀️#family @jhorton11
usef_mahgoub : He is so cute @jhorton11
usef_mahgoub : You son is awesome
marel81ar - jonathan_cool200 - _sanai1213_ - abdifataxhaaji -
Colorado Springs here I come! ✈️ I'll be training at the Olympic training center today and tomorrow. Tuesday my coach and I leave for Japan for an individual event World Cup called the Toyota cup. I'll be doing every event except pommel horse and vault. Should be a great week. I just wish @haley_n_horton and #Davidtravis could come. #GoUSA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #ineverquit #road2rio #GodisGood
godisgood - gousa - road2rio - ineverquit - davidtravis -
sarahflan517 : Good luck!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
erfanzoghi : Good Luck @jhorton11 Olympic Training Today & Tomorrow
patricktmoore : You'll do great man....amazing athlete!!
akfox19 : Best of luck!
esteladelatorreb : All my BEST!!! Go for it.
the_gymnast3 : Good luck
chacho_emilio : @jhorton11 if there isn't any snow and you have some time you should go to Manitou Springs and do the incline. It's great cardio and at the top is an amazing view. It takes about two hours of your time to go up and down. If you're hungry go to the Phantom Canyon in downtown Colorado Springs. They have a restaurant downstairs and a nice pool hall upstairs. Have fun and good luck guys!
under_ground_gangsta : Congrats Dude! Wish u the best of luck
papiedwin_45 - ahmad66km - mikinator360 - emma_loves_gymnastics_ -
I'll say it again. I made one CUTE KID!! #Davidtravis
davidtravis -
jekkadoon80 : He is adorable. He's gotta be about the same age as my nephew who turns two next month.
rodaye : Wait, it takes two right? Not just one?
danceking_23 : Can't argue with that. Handsome twins
erfanzoghi : Adorable @jhorton11
maya_dantinne : That's his son
juliana_perrette22 : He's so adorable
juliana_perrette22 : Awesome Picture😍😍
lt_gymnast_abbie : Omg!! No words for how cute this is.
sabrina_0609.11.12 - alexgymfan145 - idallas013 - jessica_marino1 -
Sleeping like a boss. #Davidtravis
davidtravis -
under_ground_gangsta : Awwww! So adorable
brie_bird - sizemore_abigail4 - of_all_the_denises_intheworld - mia.mantiniiii -
#mylife #Davidtravis
davidtravis - mylife -
pa_life_sam : @jhorton11 your tree looks awesome!!!!πŸ‘πŸ»
katelacross : 3rdcomment
emmabean_shortly : I remember when I met you before you were even engaged 😒 time flies
kristennkennedy : @gee_gerhard goals
tashalang98 : Like is this not the cutest thing ever @faithcarney1
_apadilla_ : @rxckless_soul
jflapham : Great decorations also! @jhorton11
faithcarney1 : This is absolutely adorable 😍 @tashalang98
of_all_the_denises_intheworld - tori_the_bomb_ - wintle123 -
Someone has gone full speed all day until he just hit a wall. #Davidtravis #happythankgiving
happythankgiving - davidtravis -
hamid.amiri1 : ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀
amigaporvida : Hahaha! Happy Thanksgiving!
nnewman81658 : Adorable! And may I say one very smart little man!❀️
tommy26gunn : LoL - classic 😴
charlies1600 : Bless his heart πŸ™β€πŸ˜‡
hamid.amiri1 - sizemore_abigail4 - jonathan.yakel12 - neely.townes -
One of my favorite shots from our Christmas shoot with @katherinehamby ... #davidtravis and @jhorton11 are too cute!
davidtravis -
sandie210 : Awwwww so cute
mama_llama03 -
#davidtravis keeps getting cuter.
davidtravis -
michelleimera : Yes, he does!
morgan_weber7 : Awwww😍
joneserica02 : Awww gosh he is such a beautiful cutie
brie_bird : Awwww
brie_bird - nolan_dechelson1 - germn.gym - salla_gymnastics -
Love going on little adventures with this crazy dude. #groceryshopping #davidtravis
groceryshopping - davidtravis -
zetroc18 : How cute!!
samie__leblanc : Soooo cute
joneserica02 : He is sooo adorable and I like the facial hair u got coming in.
amie815 : Please tighten up the straps on the little mans car seat and move his chest clip up. Also have you checked the expiration date on the seat? The plastic breaks down and becomes fragile and weak and in an accident can break.
brie_bird - germn.gym - adrian_gymnastics -
Gotta get #davidtravis in on the photo shoot too! #labradanutrition @labradanutrition @beautyinart
labradanutrition - davidtravis -
sooaaapppp : Why did you tag me in this? What's this supposed to mean.... πŸ™ƒ @chamness97
nicole_storbeck : OMG this is adorable😍 @anna_breitfelder
em_grace99 : @kinthetwin 😍😍
be.heezy : @k.therine yispls
mmoore1095 : @emscott97 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
joneserica02 : Sooooooo cute! #davidtravis
annemeringolo : @seth_r_fraenkel actual goals
puppiesrock12345 : Soooo cute 😨😱😳😢 ; )
sizemore_abigail4 - adrian_gymnastics - tori_the_bomb_ - mikinator360 -
We had a great time shooting pics for our Christmas card with #davidtravis ! What a ham. 😊
davidtravis -
flippingforchrist : This dude is so sharp haha love it
caitlin_hinkis : #davidtravis is perfect πŸ’™
under_ground_gangsta : Awwww! My goodness he is adorable
futuremrstigner_08_06_16 - oakley_salyers - thelovely4s - emma_kwak -
Good morning everyone! #davidtravis
davidtravis -
morgan_weber7 : ❀️❀️❀️
joneserica02 : Good morning cutie ❀❀❀❀
european_angel_model : ooohh
european_angel_model : he is so cute
amber.maryanna : SELFIE!!!
samuel.davidson.737 : Too cute.
nolan_dechelson1 - salla_gymnastics - gymnast_shar - camwchabot -
Good morning, #davidtravis ! #bedhead @jhorton11
bedhead - davidtravis -
thelovely4s - emma_kwak - eminemstoysoldiers - lboogiegymnast -
#flashbackfriday when I styled @death_by_deco for a vintage photo shoot with the rather talented #davidtravis #vintage #50shair #vintagehairstylist #vintagestyle #50s #vintagehair #pinupcurl #vintageglamour #vintagefashion #vintage
pinupcurl - vintagefashion - vintage - vintagehair - flashbackfriday - 50shair - vintagehairstylist - vintagestyle - vintageglamour - 50s - davidtravis -
beediesi : Beautiful work!
jakigh : 😍😘❀️
jennywest_hairandmua - lucy_eastwood - sanfranthriftco - sarahbon2 -
Have to teach them the basics. #davidtravis
davidtravis -
linattard101 : Saw u at Woodward.
under_ground_gangsta : Awwww! Daddy and son #LikeFatherLikeSon
taatttiiii : @oh_snap_its_satik how cute are they....(better be my son in the future)
gymmomrn : Too cute
eag4249 : Sweet
thomas_mortensen_ : @vibestokholm
jenae_christine : @nicolemaltseff this is so cute πŸ‘πŸ½
lord_sir_matthew : @nicoledube5 😭😭😭
sizemore_abigail4 - kaylee_taylor11 - palmadecera_restaurant_katytx - gymnast_ellie_1245 -
#davidtravis painting his very patriotic red, white and blue pumpkin - sending our best wishes to the USA men's team! #gousa @cbrooks_gym @jhorton11
gousa - davidtravis -
merspen : I'm going to assume he's not wearing any pants.
gymnast_mack_2005 : @jhorton11 is competing today
haley_n_horton : @merspen I mean, he had on a diaper. No clothes to ruin, though. You remember Easter eggs right?!
kbneidigk - thelovely4s - abigailandsugar - ruthtdaigle -
#davidtravis and @jhorton11 had a blast picking their "punkins" this year!
davidtravis -
manhattans_finest_ : So adorable!!!
gymgirl_333 - abigailandsugar - emma_kwak - kelley.thomas7 -
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