#Tb to a spontaneous dance class while canyoning in Nepal! Gazef Enough? Apply Now: http://destination Take it a step further! @fufa_eg @salma_nassar @malakmawad @malakmadkour #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #Nepal
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ismailebeid : @omar_wahba
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Last call to join our Ultimate Sinai Adventure! In 5 days we'll be exploring Sinai's rugged and starkly beautiful Peninsula. Known for its deep religious significance and strategic position as a crossroad of empires and kingdoms; it has managed to capture imaginations throughout the centuries. Sinai is a completely different world apart from the rest of Egypt. Call us now on +01025050009, send us an email at or leave your email in the comments below. #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #explore #sinai
explore - adventure - gazef - dareto - travel - sinai -
krystalle_s : 👍 #nice Page! 👏
shadyk7 : What is the schedule for November?
nohaelbarbary : @farida_rehab
el.fooly : @mariamalsoso
gazef : @shadyk7 Hi Shady! In November there is Cuba: Island in the Sun, Nepal: Of Kings and Elephants and Nepal: Trek & Yoga. If you would like to receive the details, kindly leave us your email.
gazef : @krystalle_s Thank you!
shadyk7 :
mariam_elhamy : @haidyahmedm
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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. It's about the COMPANY. One week left until the application phase ends! Apply Now: http://destination Tag the people that make your adventures worthwhile! #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #itsaboutthecompany #nepal
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nevinesalem : @alia_hesham
emadanani : #chitown #chitwannationalpark
refaatehab : @amr_qasim @seif_bennis
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#arragontbastardale #only #Reno #NV #sunvalley #sunnydiscountliquor #myfav #dark #beer #dareto #drink
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Wether it's under a vast, starry sky, in the middle of a tropical rainforest or above the world's highest mountains, it has always been the people that fill our adventures with joy and bliss. It's about the COMPANY. What will you add to the 'Gazef Persona'? Apply now: Location: Sarangkot Nepal #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #nepal
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aishaelfeky : @radwan.sabri
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Each and every one of us comes from a different place, a different culture. While some of us are still in contact with that very first place their ancestors came from, most of us have lost that connection... We believe that a part of why we travel is that longing to track down your roots and find out where you belong. We are citizens of the world. Dare to EMBRACE YOUR ROOTS. Post your own 'Dare to' before the 1st of November for a chance to travel to Destination Unknown for free! To join the competition: 1. Upload your most daring moment on Instagram. 2.Add a caption explaining what the word 'Gazef' means to you. 3. Tag us in your post (@gazef) and use the three hashtags: #gazef #destinationunknown #dareto Location: Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya Captured by @nohamarei #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #kenya
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nevineshiaty : @nohamarei nice shot 👍
nohamarei : @nevineshiaty 😘😘
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As bad as you want to breathe. #success #motivation #ericthomas #dareto
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Cling tight to your convictions & dress the exterior walls of your body with patterns that honor your inner temple. Givenchy Resort 2013. #nishabteshliving #inspiredliving #dareto
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Boredom=ink tattoos. #justdrewit #dareto #penandink #anthropologyornaw #graphicdesign
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i_msharp : Plz become a tattoo artist and tat me up
simonsayssing96 : @i_msharp I'll get right on that. Who needs college 😉😉
i_msharp : Do both 😂
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"Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured." Surf's up! It's about the FUN. Apply now: Our beloved @karim__sherif showing us some of his incredible dance moves! Location: Dahab, South Sinai. Taken by @abdelhamid_marzouk #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #itsaboutthefun
explore - adventure - gazef - dareto - travel - destinationunknown - itsaboutthefun -
mortagy : @abdelhamid_marzouk 💪💪💪
faridashraaf : Hahahahaha enta el fada7t nafsak 😂✋ @abdallahdada
abdelhamid_marzouk : @mortagy 😅😉
abdelhamid_marzouk : @mjjjo 👍👍
yasminmarzouk : @abdelhamid_marzouk @karim__sherif 3ash ya we7oush 💪🏻💪🏻
basemismail : Aywa ya didiiii 🏄🏽 @abdelhamid_marzouk
abdelhamid_marzouk : @basemismail 😘
hebaabuahmed : @aishazab dah f Sinai!!
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It wil make you SCREAM!!! #sochipark #extreme #dareto
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Sometimes you just have to let it out! Be who you are, as spontaneous, clumsy and unique as that is. The world is your playground. It's about the FUN! Every Gazef traveler adds something unprecedented to the table and we can't wait to meet the 25 travelers. Do you have what it takes for Destination Unknown? Apply Now: Location: Krabi Town, Thailand. #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #itsaboutthefun
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aminawas : @malak_elhusseiny
ahmedamin98 : @youssefkhalifaa shoft thailand ahe
shoroukattia : @thebombo mnawara wala eh 😄
a_kholeif : @farrahsarhan
salwei : Great Pic! :)
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#gazef #distenationunknown #dareto #travel #explore #roamegypt #goproexperienceegypt #liveloveegypt #visit #Egypt #sinai #dahab
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The quads on Shane I am Zlatan Kollosche!! #Zlatan #Dareto #Tonyfc @shane_kollosche
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You have one week until the application phase ends. 25 travellers. One Unknown Destination. Are you Gazef Enough? Departure is in 75 days! Apply Now: #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore
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youssef.elgaml : @moodygoody
shadyk7 : I'm ready
omarhgalal : @shadyk7 👍
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We are inspiration tripping on Christian de Laubadère's home & we show no sign off coming off this interior high anytime soon. Photo by Richard Labougle. #nishabteshliving #inspiredliving #dareto
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We don't give a scrap! Trial & error has taught us a lot, mainly that fabric waste is not our enemy. How will we turn this scrap pile of fabric "trash" into have to have it treasure? Stay tuned to find out! #nishabteshliving #fabric #nowaste #dareto #inspiredliving #comingsoon
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topher4.0 : love that eye fabric
nishabteshliving : @topher4.0 Thank you so much! Pillows & house ware in this eye print coming soon!
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"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion." Do you have what it takes to be free? It's about the FREEDOM. Apply now: Location: Dahab, Sinai. Taken by traveler @adhamyassin1 #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #itsaboutthefreedom
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sarah.aih : @ssaid83 ;)
randaelwardany : @mostafaagalal
mostafaagalal : Rebellion?! Haha 😤 u will be missed walahy 😃 @randaelwardany
randaelwardany : @mostafaagalal hahahahha warga3 tani 2a2ool wa7ashny weshak el arfan 😍😂
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CWiB is #backinaction for the 2015-2016 school year with a new logo, new swag, and lots of exciting events and membership benefits coming your way! #dareto #cwib #theboothexperience
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The joy of life comes from being free, and hence there is no greater freedom than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to be full of encounters with new experiences. This is the 'Gazef Persona'... It's about the FREEDOM. Location: Sinai Apply now: #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #itsaboutthefreedom
itsaboutthefreedom - adventure - gazef - dareto - travel - destinationunknown - explore -
habibasidky : @yasminelrashidy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ayaaelosh : @yasminelrashidy 😍😍😍😍
sherinemo : I'd like info on your upcoming trip to South Africa please
gazef : @sherinemo please leave us your email here or send it to us on Facebook.
sherinemo : @gazef
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Call us now and book your place on this jam-packed adventure. We'll be bungee jumping, paragliding, river-rafting and so much more! With 8 out of 10 of the world's highest mountains, this tiny mountain nation has had an irresistible mystical allure for travelers. For more information call +01025050009, send us an email at or leave your email in the comments. #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #explore #nepal
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aminasidky :
youssefkhalifaa : @ahmedamin98 lazem walahyy
mennafathallah : @ingyelebissy u need this
alideraz : @khaledgebril
khaledgebril : @alideraz 7klmhom bokra isaa ✋
alyanwarr : @gazef
ingyelebissy : Yes !! @mennafathallah
peterguirguisy : @gazef
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This is how I overcame my fear of heights! #Gazef #dareto #destinationunknown @gazef
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jordynleigh21 : #redhead #red #head #hot #woman #relationship #fire #frisky #dareto
colton_perras : And I have all that 😈🌋 fire to myself!!!!
jordynleigh21 : Damn right baby, your a lucky man 😘 @colton_perras
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Meeting one of the fiercest predators in the ocean face to face is a matchless experience. Not everyone would be willing to be a few centimeters away from one of the world's strongest jaws! It's about the COURAGE. Location: Garden Route, South Africa Taken by the Gazef Team. #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #itsaboutthecourage
explore - adventure - gazef - dareto - itsaboutthecourage - travel - destinationunknown -
habibaelalfi : @fadilanasr
fadilanasr : @habibaelalfi 😱😱 ana hamoot w aroo7 aslan!!!
raneemkassab : @soliman.soliman omg
miraltawfik : @michelantounmehsen
michelantounmehsen : @miraltawfik it's on my bucket list actually... hateegy? :D
haidielkhouly : @nourhanelkhouly @radwayoussef @sohamahgoub @amiraihab @alitalaat10 @youssefahmedd1 @badgaalyeye
shahdk : @seifogail
sarah.aih : @ssaid83
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The sole purpose of Gazef is to challenge the perception of travel. Our concept of Adventure Travel consists of several elements that make Gazef what it is.. Destination Unknown is more than just another New Year's Adventure... It goes above and beyond the norm emphasizing our ideology. Through this new series we will be presenting what the 'Gazef Persona' is really about. Today it's about the COURAGE! Location: South Africa #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #itsaboutthecourage
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lukewalker2010 : Cool
alaaihab : El soora khatafet albi bgd! @gazef
nadineaboulfadl : Hahaha its meeee
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It only takes a a crazy decision to make a story unforgettable! #gazef #dareto #destinationunknown #itsabouttheadrenaline
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10 DAYS LEFT! The Application Phase for Destination Unknown is coming to an end. Apply before the 15th of October for a chance to become one of 25 lucky adventurers that are spending New Years with Gazef in the most exciting adventure of the year! Follow this link to the online application: Stay tuned... more surprises on the way! #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #destinationunknown #explore #newyears
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salmahegazy : @omarsorour1
hebahelmy : @maboseif @habibabouseif
louai_ali : @khamouda
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#dareto @gazef #adventure
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jasonnorton : 👌
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Are you mad at my sky garden? -an edit Confession #4 When I was little I used to dress up like a boy when my mom went out by getting dress in all the men's shirts and ties and hats that I could find -I'm a female and still do it 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈. . #sky #garden #heights #notafraid #r4r #rfr #dareto #photooftheday #photoedit #bleachmyfilm #skyscraper
rfr - notafraid - garden - dareto - photoedit - sky - 4 - heights - bleachmyfilm - skyscraper - r4r - photooftheday -
sani1769_ : Fff
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#pessimism #pessimist #dare #dareto #change #changeforgood #quote #quotes
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#Ziplining #gazef #dareto #destinationunknown #itsabouttheadrenaline #nepal @gazef
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m.elsaeed : Interesting
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Happy World Animal Day! Today we celebrate animal life in all its forms. World Animal Day is also an opportunity to appreciate and speak out for the animals that share our planet and enrich our lives! Location: South Africa Captured by traveler Nadine A. #gazef #adventure #travel #dareto #explore #worldanimalday2015
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thebombo : @daniaghoneim
alia_albaker : @a_hamawy
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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the inner conviction that something else is more important than fear. #tb #beautiful #mexico #pueblosmagicos #desert #village #cute #mexican #littlegirl #minime #hippie #indie #gypsy #colors #jewelry #arteverywhere #meditation #inspiration #courage #believe #faith #dareto #travel #explore #bewild #live #love #life #hereandnow #namaste
beautiful - cute - namaste - mexican - minime - mexico - indie - life - gypsy - colors - courage - village - littlegirl - love - meditation - believe - bewild - jewelry - faith - hippie - inspiration - arteverywhere - travel - dareto - explore - desert - hereandnow - live - pueblosmagicos - tb -
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