It's finally out! Hands down the prettiest cover shot I have had yet, all thanks to @amyrichmondphoto #ratrodmagazine #ratrod #americanpickers #danniediesel #daniellecolby #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy @imogenewillie the denim looks great, thanks for making a great product! @mikewolfeamericanpicker @americanpickers @historyofficial
americanpickers - danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - ratrodmagazine - ratrod - daniellecolby - danniediesel -
danielle_colby_american_picker : @fribooger text me your address and I will send you one special
iamwilljohnson : I want one please!
noelcitrone : Me to please!!!
mojodonanderson : Will they be on sale @ stores?
paupol51 : Don't I get one?
its_ronnie_lee : I want one too.... I watch every show.
bonelesschicken27 : When I buy one will you sign it?
amypenrose : Oh my daughter is beautiful!!!! :)
dephcsd - a_luns - nickbird77 - nev_dion -
Side boob!!! And side show back stage antics πŸ˜‰ @athenaburlesque @russellbruner #americanpickers #danniediesel #daniellecolby #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy #boylesque #burlesque #showgirl #riotfest #chicago #calvintran
danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - chicago - riotfest - daniellecolby - burlesque - showgirl - calvintran - americanpickers - danniediesel - boylesque -
0white_devil0 : Moustache guy reminds me of the bad guy in the kids show "crazy town". My kids watch it. Really. My kids.
imagery64 : looking goooood sweetheart ;)
jameswolf952 : How about a frontal view lol !!
merkurman : Yay sideboob! Gorgeous headdress too.
edtanner : Leg Up
jasonskalicky : I didn't miss it
circusbrand : Nice
russellbruner : That's some sexy sideshow!
the_baron_of_sideshow - montajesac - 11chava - garaputo -
Repost from @russellbruner with my sister @mollytov1 come see this grew at #iowaburlesquefestival oct 25th at the Adler theatre davenport Iowa #americanpickers #danniediesel #daniellecolby #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy #boylesque #burlesque #showgirl #chicago #calvintran head dressby @houseoffrog
danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - chicago - daniellecolby - iowaburlesquefestival - burlesque - showgirl - calvintran - americanpickers - danniediesel - boylesque -
houseoffrog : Woot!
pantieoaklie : I have such a crush on @russellbruner... 😊😊😍
jameswolf952 : i think she the most sexiest women :)
damnrightdixie : Oh dude. This is too good. Missing yous ladies dear faces like crazy! @mollytov1 ❀️❀️❀️
paupol51 : Great pic
mistyyeast : Beautiful ladies! You look like twins!!
themarcosjunior - rodrigo_fernando_monteiro - cippolip - cristian_solidus -
I love #Sanjula #americanpickers #danniediesel #daniellecolby #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy #riotfest #chicago #burlesque #sideshow
danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - chicago - daniellecolby - riotfest - sideshow - sanjula - americanpickers - danniediesel - burlesque -
cinemacide : I like the babe in the right
bettina_may : Aw! Say hi to him for me!
joesbarbershopchicago1 : Who doesn't love Sanjula ?
jezuzmurillo : Is beutifull
mfasiscrckbeats : dope shotπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Š
forever_goldd : Another Iowa boy!
forever_goldd : Haven't seen him in years
m0u5er : I'm always late for the action.. Boo hiss. 🐭
jaystyle2012 - loborderline - jaymayart - khrisguerra -
What an amazing crew at #riotfest #chicago #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy #danniediesel #daniellecolby #americanpickers #moxyrhodes @mollytov1 @athenaburlesque @kittenminx @russellbruner
daniellecolby - americanpickers - danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - calvintran - chicago - riotfest - danniediesel - moxyrhodes -
hwyhoneybandanas : U guys look like ur having so much fun :)
pablo1476 : look like an Aztec princess !! @danielle_colby_american_picker
rev_spooky : Athena from New Orleans! Gotta love those Bustout Burlesque ladies!
alexistattoos : I saw them all in VIP during Andrew wk :)
danielle_colby_american_picker : @alexistattoos yeah, a few of the girls went on stage with him as well. It was a fun show!
danielle_colby_american_picker : #calvintran
paupol51 : Lucky to see you live
kittenminx : Soooooooo much awesome'ness beautiful Princess ♥
jaystyle2012 - carlosaafigueroa - jnjcarpetcare - manuelhartmann39 -
What an amazing crew of performers at #riotfest #chicago #DannieDieselsBumpAndGrindAcademy #DannieDiesel #DanielleColby @russellbruner @athenaburlesque #moxyrhodes photo by @mollytov1 my head dress made by @houseoffrog and dress by #calvintran
daniellecolby - danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - calvintran - chicago - riotfest - danniediesel - moxyrhodes -
yourhair_sucks : Gorgeous!!!!
banditapdx : That is one fantastic headdress!
meghan041 : A UFO above your head. πŸ˜†
kens64 : Awesome!
kingjkruz : @meghan041 lol
kingjkruz : Goddess!!!
r_steve_edwards : Danni D leading the way.
pablo1476 : ovnis!!!
jaystyle2012 - carlosaafigueroa - jnjcarpetcare - loborderline -
SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You have cosmic permission to be bigger than life and wilder than sin. You have a poetic license to be more wise than clever. And you should feel free to laugh longer than might seem polite and make no apologies as you spill drinks while telling your brash stories. This phase of your astrological cycle does not require you to rein yourself in or tone yourself down or be a well-behaved model citizen. In fact, I think it will be best for everyone concerned if you experiment with benevolent mischief and unpredictable healing and ingenious gambles Thank you for my horoscope today @minervamegh I love you! #danniediesel #daniellecolby #gypsywitch #burlesque #americanpickers #shitsabouttogodowninthefunexperamentalway #beyourownfuckinghero
burlesque - shitsabouttogodowninthefunexperamentalway - beyourownfuckinghero - daniellecolby - danniediesel - gypsywitch - americanpickers -
canuck_kiwi : As if you weren't awesome enough, we share the same sign!! Love you Danielle!
enricobps : Your eyes... (I cant find a word)
vieira3a : Linda!
jaybigshot : Wow!πŸ‘πŸ’₯
jtangonan58 : @joenisho all I read was wilder than sin- das you braddah - shit das all of us hahaha
corsiex : 😘😘😘😘
aldo_compadre : Loooove yuooo!!
matthewhawk : When the Greeks came up with Astrology 11,000 years ago the earths axis pointed to a different portion in space according to the suns ecliptic plain. This is due to what's called "procession" which is the same as how a spinning top wobbles soooo.....your actual zodiac is the one before the one it is now. The date on which were born Danielle during Greek times was actually Capricorn. So read that one and see if it fits you. Btw, you could read any and they'd fit anyone to a degree since they're all general and vague. Look up James Randi on YouTube about Astrology. He's the shit. πŸ˜‰
mxradicals - sr_calavera_tattoo - sepfigueira - mstmaynard -
Check out the latest on @danielle_colby_american_picker article on Parade.com! http://bit.ly/1w7rSE5 If you haven't liked the American Vintage Market Instagram page, like it here- @americanvintagemarket We are so excited about the October show in Davenport Iowa! #americanvintagemarket #daniellecolby #americanpickers #vintage #vintagemarket #antiqueshow #burlesque #danniediesel #vintagestyle #vintagelife #antiques #fleamarket #fleamarketfinds #vintagedress #imwearingvintage #instavintage #igdaily #instagood #scooter #vespa
vintagelife - instavintage - fleamarket - daniellecolby - vintagemarket - burlesque - vintagedress - americanpickers - danniediesel - fleamarketfinds - antiqueshow - vespa - vintage - scooter - antiques - instagood - americanvintagemarket - vintagestyle - igdaily - imwearingvintage -
vintagegaragechi : @baseballattic
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Come see me perform with Bad Girls of Burlesque on Oct. 2nd (NOLA) @hobnola @bustoutburlesque #americanpickers #danniediesel #daniellecolby #burlesque
americanpickers - danniediesel - daniellecolby - burlesque -
rubiotish : @danielle_colby_american_picker You look amazingly gorgeous!! You are my inspiration & motivation - thank you for being the beautiful person that you are πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ’–!!
rhinosgirl74 : My hubby and I will see you at your show in Pensacola on the 4th...front row! Can't wait!
ruiningitforeverybody : Can't wait to see you at the Vinyl Oct.4 pensacola!!!
bigjuicyworm : When are u coming out to Los Angeles n perform
outro_mario : @guedestatyf vejo os posts dela e lembro do teu trabalho
jrleeroot : I have but one comment for you Danielle where do you find time to do everything. I think you have a twin.
jenselh : Love your Show greetings from Germany
ndfrmboy - chinocea - blackvegas12 - houseofoneculture -
I was 13 once. #americanpickers #danniediesel #daniellecolby #front242 #colorado #rockymountainhigh
americanpickers - colorado - daniellecolby - danniediesel - front242 - rockymountainhigh -
angyponcianofreesoul : Rock \m/ pretty pretty so rad!
injunwayne : Very cool
cowtownchad : Check out that shirt! Awesome.
nicoledc : πŸ‘― No sex until marriage @danielle_colby_american_picker
danielle_colby_american_picker : @nicoledc this is why I love you
drsusanallen : I remember you at 13!
hedonisticvanity : Man catcher.
xmr_cleanx : That's a great shirt!!!
mon.fils_mon.ciel24 - johnnystarkz - saoirseire - industrialmusic -
Pre order for this shirt is ready! Please allow up to 30 days for delivery. Designed and printed by @neufvies Order in the link below http://iowaburlesquefestival.bigcartel.com/product/dannie-diesel-s-bump-and-grind-academy-t-shirt #americanpickers #danniediesel #burlesque #history #herstory #chicago #rogerspark
burlesque - rogerspark - chicago - americanpickers - danniediesel - herstory - history -
jbeaulife : Amazing!!! I need to finally meet you! Can't wait :)
aldo_compadre : Yo quiero una por favor. ;)
aldo_compadre : Donde la puedo comprar??
beatcook : Thanks for making my day DD!
danielle_colby_american_picker : @beatcook thanks for being a gent
angeladawnnk : I wish you were opening a studio in the Dallas area. 😒 After I met you, with my daughter and husband in Grapevine Texas last year, I just can't get enough of your burlesque. I liked it before, now I'm loving it! 😊
phoenixingredientz : Can these be shipped to Australia? Warm regards.
willthethr1ll : You can't beat this price! I can't wait to get this shirt and wear errrrday! Again love it! You can tell you put your creative input into the design. @danielle_colby_american_picker πŸ˜†
loborderline - gramajohector - paharo - sniper857js -
#wcw #danniediesel #americanpickers
americanpickers - danniediesel - wcw -
doblecerouno -
"P'tit cul qui danse" The basics of muscle isolation. Right cheek, left cheek, both. Repeat. While in the splits lean forward as far as you can rolling your pelvis down and propping your booty up, to emphasize the full scale of each isolation. Relax and find the beat. It takes a minute, so don't get discouraged if you don't get it right away. Post your videos and tag me if you're brave enough to try! Please for the love of all that is holy, wear panties, lol!😘 #danniediesel #daniellecolby #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy #chicago #burlesque #bringinbootyback #twerk
burlesque - danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - twerk - chicago - daniellecolby - danniediesel - bringinbootyback -
historyhunter89 : Looks like the morse code signal for come get me!
vaghosthunter540 : Love this video
babybanks76 : @damn_gina28 I'm glad there's still surprises in this world😊
bigrube2013 : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
eric_von_zipper : Omg............................ β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ @danielle_colby_american_picker
teamignorant : @psiqo1
landslide19 : And what's the reason for this???
gustavoat121 : Perfecta...
chaidez714 - indie_grizzly - journey_502 - erocholcomb -
"Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud" #loveyourmotherfuckingself #danniediesel #daniellecolby #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy #assfordaysclub #bringinbootyback
assfordaysclub - danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - daniellecolby - danniediesel - bringinbootyback - loveyourmotherfuckingself -
raul_anisio : Love you Dani ♥
aronlehman : https://soundcloud.com/vintagesound931fm/4th-annual-jessica-peine-memorial-ride-festival-radio-psa
eddiebny : Hot!
willthethr1ll : Enjoy the silence @danielle_colby_american_picker
ogbadger_ : Babe 😍😍😍
rust4blood : β³πŸ‘πŸ’―πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ”₯
crisnokas : Bella,bella,bella
leandro_manu : Lindaaaaaa
murdockevil - jasonlowerson - beatboxer_tama - couce_pl -
Met awesome people, saw some nice bikes and witnessed @danielle_colby_american_picker ride around on a tiny car. Weekend made. #americanpickers #danniediesel #iowa #antiquemotorcycleswapmeet
americanpickers - danniediesel - iowa - antiquemotorcycleswapmeet -
izadorarex - ramona.mourir - _mikeonabike_ - cinemacide -
Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming….. WOO HOO…. What a RIDE!” #americanpickers #amazon #loveyourmotherfuckingself #danniediesel #daniellecolby
americanpickers - danniediesel - amazon - loveyourmotherfuckingself - daniellecolby -
danita429 : Love your style
ajdieduardo : Amen
ricasgm : @irie1130 we watching y'all now
rolexdon : Ive watched the show for years and felt ur energy there is a way about u I always admired...Just wanted u to know ✌
danielle_colby_american_picker : @rolexdon thank you 😘 I appreciate your kind words
jjsinhawaii : Exactly !
gucci_dare : I just love your words here- it put a big smile on my face and I don't smile much. ❀️
christinac35 : That's my girl!!!!
maarcoli - samuelf008 - phreshsince83 - luizsk8.santos -
Glamorous @danielle_colby_american_picker #iowaburlesquefestival #burlesque #americanpickers #danniediesel #hottawdry
americanpickers - burlesque - hottawdry - iowaburlesquefestival - danniediesel -
izadorarex - spanos311 - paintergirl75 - phoenixdvine -
"As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." Marianne Williamson. #artshouldbecontriversal #bringinbootyback #daniellecolby #danniediesel #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy #chicago #loveyourmotherfuckingself #burlesque
danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - artshouldbecontriversal - chicago - daniellecolby - loveyourmotherfuckingself - burlesque - danniediesel - bringinbootyback -
mixletsplitlix : Beautiful view
csurgoine : 😍
xsteve_o_x : @fizzle_13
deggli_sando : @danielle_colby_american_picker I can not see you well again, you're the greatest desire I have, fascinating ass. Ufff 😍
carlonchodelsur : @ignaciosnot
bigbadpapawolf : Meow 😻
forzamacchi : @cassietheking
gustavoat121 : Un sueño de mujer...
murdockevil - timmcgrath - djundertaker - russellbruner -
Our #wcw @danielle_colby_american_picker #womencrushwednesday #americanpickers #danniediesel #iowaburlesquefestival photo #nicolesullivan you can get the print at http://iowaburlesquefestival.bigcartel.com/product/poster-dannie-diesel I just got mine ;) follow us for more @poisonouspinups or #submityourpics to poisonouspinupsubmissions@gmail.com or our kik poisonouspinups we feature #pinupgal #pinups #model #inked #rockabilly #burlesque #psychobilly #pinupgirl #rockabella #tattoo #altmodel #inkedgirls #cosplay #pickapoison #pinupmodel #tattooedgirls #inkedbabes coming soon the #poisonouspinups subscription site with #clothing #calendars #magazines #stickers blogs and more at www.poisonouspinups.com ~GVG
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treheydayy : Love her
danielle_colby_american_picker : 😘😘😘
poisonouspinups : @danielle_colby_american_picker we bought a print for the gals to hang in the office ;)
obi_lyn_kenobi : That's awesome !!
apppro16 - jacksoneve - chocolateshasta - kingofthearcade -
"Find what you love and let it kill you"... Morning practice for the Frenchman😘 Thank you @loulou_dvil for being such an inspiring teacher, I love you friend! #burlesque #daniellecolby #danniediesel #americanpickers #artshouldbecontriversal #thick #loveyourmotherfuckingself #danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy
danniedieselsbumpandgrindacademy - artshouldbecontriversal - daniellecolby - loveyourmotherfuckingself - burlesque - americanpickers - danniediesel - thick -
didiergarciaalvarez : Latín style
thread_banger : @jamtate86
rust4blood : #Bukowski
redtidetattoo : πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
hugo.bm.71 : ♥♥♥
wolverbeast : Wow
catalanojohn : Dazzling
matthewhawk : Love the cat sneaking in the back 😁
speederreeder - cisponch - fdray21 - darewood2 -
Hey all, Come see me perform at "grandma J's" Monday aug 18 1552 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60651 (773) 227-3626 8/18/2014 Monday night doors at 7pm Dinner 4 course $40 per person Burlesque show 930. BYOB Please call in advance for reservations. Seating is very limited Xo Photo cred @nicoledc #americanpickers #danniediesel #daniellecolby #burlesque
americanpickers - danniediesel - daniellecolby - burlesque -
dreamstreetenterrainment : Do you sing
playmate1960 : ♥
corsiex : 😘😘😘😘😘
kingjkruz : When ever you perform in Houston I'll come see you. Chicago is far 😬 but I would love to
boonarny : You look you could be a movie star from the 40's you have such a beautiful face and body plus smart and sassy you could have been a movie star.
eastbayspeedandcustom : @eastbayfiancee
missbernibee : @danielle_colby_american_picker Damn it! Lol I always find out last minute about your shows! Id love to come to one of your shows! Ive been trying to make one for a while! Fingers crossed hopefully!
jjeffinman : Classy pic.
capvelle - hugo.bm.71 - tobe_gym - billsolano -
Thank you @thetrashydiva for this stunning dress! Such a perfect silhouette for a curvy gal. #americanpickers #burlesque #beach #NOLA #chicago #danniediesel #daniellecolby
burlesque - americanpickers - chicago - daniellecolby - danniediesel - beach - nola -
inkprincess78 : Class at its best ! You make me proud to to be a strong unique woman. Keep shining !!!
dopeboybaby : Love ya on American pickers πŸ‘Œ
dominaepona : Love that dress
brooklynjenness09 : You're beautiful. All I gotta say @danielle_colby_american_picker
gypsyqueenvintage : πŸ’ŒπŸ’ƒπŸ‘Š #killingthegame #dollface
unpunctured : !! @xkylehasheartx
luna_eleven : Goddess
danielle_colby_american_picker : @luna_eleven that's the pot calling the kettle black😘
kels__101 - cessarmeran - fernan_rumbachef - kain.vargas.5 -
"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the rush it took to blossom" Anais Nin Sorry, my sound is broken... #burlesque #smokeandmirrors #sorryimnotsorry #takeprideinyourstride #imbringingbootyback #art #allteasenosleaze #artshouldbeconrtiversial #santana #blackmagicwoman #danniediesel #daniellecolby #damnedifyoudontbutdepressedifyoudont
allteasenosleaze - santana - art - artshouldbeconrtiversial - daniellecolby - imbringingbootyback - damnedifyoudontbutdepressedifyoudont - sorryimnotsorry - burlesque - danniediesel - smokeandmirrors - blackmagicwoman - takeprideinyourstride -
thatguythatyouknow : @_hestheonetheycalldrfeelgood_ backyard looks prime for cutting!
_hestheonetheycalldrfeelgood_ : @thatguythatyouknow and I'm the lawnmower
joseph.zevallos : Beautiful wan
greenedaddy : @mammagreene
wishitweresunday : @bill_wright
psiqo1 : @d0ng3r did you know she did this? @teamignorant
teamignorant : @psiqo1 nooooo
jon__84 : @wimmmy_db πŸ‘Œ
jopelo911 - a_garry22 - cessarmeran - bobby_butt_knocker -
#danniediesel is the best reason to watch #americanpicker and to go to #antiquearchaeology #burlesque tattoo #tat #tattoos #tattooed #tattooedgirl #tattooedchick #tattooedgirls #tattooedbeauty #tattooedchicks #tattooedbeauties #altgirls #altmodel #altmodels #alternativemodel #alternativemodels #inked #inkedup #inkedgirl #inkedbabes #inkedchick #inkedchicks #inkedgirls #inkedwomen #inkedwomens #inkbombshells #inkbombshell #girlswithink
tat - tattooedbeauties - americanpicker - tattooedchicks - girlswithink - inkedchick - inkedgirls - altmodel - burlesque - alternativemodels - tattoos - tattooedgirls - danniediesel - tattooed - inkedup - inkbombshells - altgirls - tattooedchick - inkedwomens - inkedwomen - inked - altmodels - tattooedgirl - inkedgirl - antiquearchaeology - tattooedbeauty - inkbombshell - alternativemodel - inkedchicks - inkedbabes -
primeminister : πŸ‘Œ
nighteyes5000 : I thought that was her.
blackdiamondtattoola : Killer! check out our page
scumbagsandsuperstars : I checked out your feed & I think you will like our brand. Take a look at our page.
acesandeights72 : You are a goddess !
flipflop2448 - justin082 - keithd432 - flowraly -
Dannie Diesel. Mmmmmm #danniediesel #burlesque
danniediesel - burlesque -
mygoatee - kathy_capricious - paperbacklion - karineblog -
So.im infatuated with Dannie Diesel from AMERICAN PICKERS. shes funny, cool, sexy and she seems she could hang well with the dudes...like my wife. Check her facebook page out and see more more but not to much more..WINK!! @_jescat_ #danniediesel #americanpickers
americanpickers - danniediesel -
damien_1458 - themotorcity_crown - pandorasghost - skyjordan789 -
#danniediesel the queen, great performace video.#burlesque
danniediesel - burlesque -
jose_and_the_wastemen - coreycerney69 - brianthelog - loveenglishmuffins -
#burlesque #blackmagicwoman #santana #showgrrrl #danniediesel #daniellecolby #assfordaysclub
burlesque - santana - showgrrrl - daniellecolby - danniediesel - assfordaysclub - blackmagicwoman -
grimesofpgh : @jg3178
redbeard_ws : #datass
doomprince : Damn girl. Very beautiful
elbrezer : Bit my Lips
angyponcianofreesoul : I want to see you dancer black magic woman . I dont go to burlesque iowa festival.Fabuluos!!!! Beauty. :)
bmwandbooty : Boom boom pow :)
kevindonovan70 : Can we get a close up
leonardo.guichard : :) :)
ross_hollaway - jopelo911 - ti1501 - gustavoat121 -
#burlesque #blackmagicwoman #santana #showgrrrl #daniellecolby #danniediesel
burlesque - santana - showgrrrl - daniellecolby - danniediesel - blackmagicwoman -
alewicked : SPECTACULAR!
coreynicholson46 : I would fuck her
danielle_colby_american_picker : @coreynicholson46 but would she fuck you, is the more important question...?
coreynicholson46 : She mint
coreynicholson46 : She might
igor_multimarcas : Nice! πŸ™ˆ
paupol51 : Danielle is a beauty from heaven
cortelettilucas : @leonardocorteletti
hugo.bm.71 - 10ca_wy - weimlover88 - lucylocks -
@narmai #BurlesqueGirls #DannieDiesel #gothicgalalacquers #indiepolish #nailpolish #artisan #handmade #supportindies
indiepolish - handmade - artisan - nailpolish - danniediesel - burlesquegirls - supportindies - gothicgalalacquers -
lteders : Pretty
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By @narmai "Ermahgerd SOOOO much love!!! The Burlesque Girls collection by Gothic Gala Lacquers is on my blog today and I'm introducing these girls to you one by one πŸ˜ƒ Yes that's right, I let my craziness flyyyyy!! Have my swatches made you drool? Then be sure to check out the shop via @samantharigge, the link is in her bio!!! πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œβ€πŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’Ÿ" #BurlesqueGirls #danniediesel #SinfullyStephanie #GypsyLeeRose #LoliStCyr #SassyCitrine #KrystalSparkle #OpalJamila #gothicgalalacquers #indiepolish #nailpolish #artisan #handmade #supportindies
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octopuspartynaillacquer : Very pretty collection. :)
tiffyleab : @freedomhangslikeheaven
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Dannie Diesel met through the fantastic world of Burlesque, a fantastic World full of magic, thank you! The Queen of Burlesque.When someone admires what is done tattoo.Queen, as Tempest Storm.#danniediesel #queenofburlesque #burlesque #irishblack #gypsysoul beautifull Soul #daniellecolby.
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danielle_colby_american_picker : I just love you...πŸ’—
angyponcianofreesoul : Me too idem! So much...♥♥♥♥ :) @danielle_colby_american_picker
angyponcianofreesoul : Black cat and dimonds not broken...never ,like you.My queen :) only you..only
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Happy birthday, my beautiful friend Jose Antonio Ortega. I love you! #sailingthefriendship #americanpickers #daniellecolby #danniediesel
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angyponcianofreesoul : You are Black Iris??? Or your friend? @danielle_colby_american_picker Im black, Indian.
angyponcianofreesoul : Understand!
danielle_colby_american_picker : @angyponciano the black Irish are descendants of Spanish gypsies to Ireland long ago.
angyponcianofreesoul : Woww @danielle_colby_american_picker so wonderfull. Gypsies soul, black, espanhola so hot womans happy people likes dance so.Perfect. :)
angyponcianofreesoul : In Brazil we were all indians happy there came Portugal stole our land, came winth a ship full of African princes to enslave, the came everyone...italians, dutch and germanys.We are blood indian and black and something of europe.My moma was of italian decent died when i was born :( is my history too. @danielle_colby_american_picker
imkindofatimebomb : Holy Shit, Tonio's on the popular page.
danielle_colby_american_picker : @gypsy_anarchist that's cuz Tonio's a popular guy. How the hell have you been Matt. I just drove by your old house the other day, thought about ya
imkindofatimebomb : @danielle_colby_american_picker I've been better but still fine. They tore my old house down. I live in Cedar Falls now, it's a little lonely here but I have a job I like, meeting new friends and just trying to figure out where I belong in the world.
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