lets stop damming our rivers, they are pretty great as is // grand canyon #damnationfilm #damnation #grandcanyon
damnationfilm - grandcanyon - damnation -
lorlorbain : That was such a good documentary
garwhal : How shall we get power?
lostineden : #savetheconfluence #rememberglencanyon #whataboutsolar #orwind
rottendock : Why is the sky half white
mikeborchard - andreastiensuu - meghangarrison - kmccombie89 -
Attended a screening of DAMNATION today, a captivating and inspiring documentary concerning the lifeless reservoirs & dams in America. Of special interest to Californians as the state is attempting to build 2 new damn dams. #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
darkwavedude69 : Hold on to your butts!
abflovesyou : Saw it in Fresno - amazingly well done. Just came home from the other events at the big room - the inspiration continues!
forrestburns : @abflovesyou 👍👍
sea_monstie - butyouwould - sammeyz - abflovesyou -
Tools of the trade!! #nomoredams #damnationfilm #damssuck
damssuck - damnationfilm - nomoredams -
brookieflyguy - artbytroutbum - fish_snypa - mike_moreau2000 -
Doing my part....what do u do for your local watershed group? Water testing the clear river once a great river to fish but now almost dead.....why u asked one reason ......DAMS.....this water leads out to the ocean but there is no way for migrating fish to return. #damnationfilm #nomoredams #blackstonriver #protectyourwatershed #damssuck Now the river is used as a clean sewage run off!!!!!!! Doesn't smell clean.
protectyourwatershed - damssuck - damnationfilm - blackstonriver - nomoredams -
russian_gent : How do I get involved? I'm always at the streams.
moonlightflyfishing : @russian_gent u live in RI? Pm me and I will set u up.
russian_gent : @moonlightflyfishing yeah I do live in RI. How would I go about Sending a pm on Instagram?
pennylane1050 - geoffcamp - seaglassisland - benflyfishing -
pure ecstasy // grandest canyon, az #nankoweap #grandcanyon #granaries #savethecolorado #damnationfilm
granaries - nankoweap - damnationfilm - grandcanyon - savethecolorado -
timothytickle : 👀
hmink_ : That's where the question was popped :)
sarahselkirk : @hmink_ I know! So so beautiful, perfect place!
oddact - natalieroese - gabearc - northmontanita -
So excited to be making this a reality! Come join me on October 29th in Plattsburgh to view Damnation and learn about a culture set on freeing rivers! We also have the unique opportunity to raise awareness about a local dam that needs to come down. More details in the future. Come get edumacated! @patagonia #damnationfilm #sunyplattsburgh #plattsburgh #saranacriver #imperialdam
sunyplattsburgh - imperialdam - saranacriver - damnationfilm - plattsburgh -
mattstoecker : Yes, thanks for spreading the word!
mattstoecker - calizabaugher - olmclurn - pegasaur -
Join us tomorrow to watch the screening of @patagonia #damnationfilm at the Duke Theater. Doors open at 6:30 and program starts at 7pm. Free to attend. In partnership with @wildernesseducation.
damnation - laketahoecommunitycollege - wildernesseducation - southlaketahoe - 90minutes - damnationfilm - laketahoe - tahoesouth - keeptahoeblue - damn - film - tahoe - patagonia - ltcc - screening -
keeptahoeblue : #wildernesseducation #keeptahoeblue #laketahoecommunitycollege #ltcc #patagonia #laketahoe #tahoe #tahoe #tahoesouth #southlaketahoe #film #screening #damn #damnation #90minutes
natura_media : Best.Movie.Ever.
mattstoecker : Thanks for spreading the word! Let's remove Truckee River dams and restore the once magnificent runs of huge Lahontan Cutthroat Trout from Pyramid Lake to Tahoe.
tahoesouth - ryuatnorcal - annbadillo - bullyssportsbar -
Excited to attend the @patagonia #DamNationFilm screening in partnership with @keeptahoeblue and @wildernesseducation. Doors open at 6:30pm and show starts at 7:30pm at the Duke Theatre at Lake Tahoe Community College. Hope you can join me! Free to attend.
laketahoecommunitycollege - tahoe - southlaketahoe - damnationfilm - laketahoe - tahoesouth - keeptahoeblue - screening - damnation - patagonia - ltcc -
marileemo : #damnation #patagonia #screening #keeptahoeblue #ltcc #laketahoecommunitycollege #laketahoe #tahoe #tahoesouth #southlaketahoe
alisonsadventures : Aloha! It's Alison
renohomesale - 1_mtn_man - thebayfoundation - jkinthehouse -
Last chance for the Australian Premier of DamNation, Tonight at Enviromental Film Festival, Melbourne. For tickets and more info visit DamNation producer and underwater photographer Matt Stoecker emerges from the icy tail waters below the former Elwha Dam in a scene from DAMNATION. Photo- Ben Knight #DamNationFilm
damnationfilm -
beverelli : @hanleysean
pacificlongboardermagazine : Well worth seeing!
lawrencemccrabb : @liam_mcadie
veraaraquegi : @sarallu
landonbret : Australia @alexafrank16
luxuryfamily08 : 奢侈品复刻原单工厂,分享最新款奢侈品资讯,提供最顶级复刻品,咨询购买及代理请加wechat:zhaokang_02
mattstoecker : Thanks for spreading the word!
_gio71_ : 💛💛💛
dixondaniel - jemma.heritage - anchorbarco - battleoats -
Never grew out of "sticker love" or skating at the local park when school let's out. #nevergrowup #goodexercise @dafinhi @patagonia @polerportland @wornwear @fcdsurfboards @mollusksurfshop @4thgearflyer waitin on your sticker someday.
justbehappy - nevergrowup - damnationfilm - goodexercise -
puravida217 : @stancesocks @kialoapaddles #damnationfilm
matteoramsay : I think I have those same stickers on my car-lol
puravida217 : @matteoramsay good stickers from great gear purchases. Bought a $5 bike/cruiser at garage sale this past weekend that I'm thinkin of loadin up with stickers & custom sharpie pin striping.
puravida217 : #justbehappy!
enjoyhandplanes - matteoramsay - rachel_714 - loubagel -
200 people at a time, that's how change is made... #DamNationFilm still cruising the country! First screening in my hometown, Salida, CO. Wish you were here @ben_knight @mattstoecker @travisrummel and @monikamcclure!!
damnationfilm -
asdfarland : Where are they? I missed Ben in telluride for TFF41. Was he there?
hslidester : So great to have this film in Salida. Thanks for making it happen Beda!!
lizziesorrell - tweitoreed - maryannepotts - karlosdelrio -
"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." #edwardabbey Must watch documentary. #patagonia presents #damnation #damnationfilm
edwardabbey - damnationfilm - damnation - patagonia -
swiftfit : I'm in ventura. What's your #
swiftfit : @deadfred87
swiftfit : Text me 916. 718. 4421
wear_ace : ✔️
nofilt3r76 - armandofguerrero - karlagee - christianalexandermorris -
Australian premier of DamNation at Environmental Film Festival Melbourne, 11th Sept 2014. For tickets and more info #DamNationFilm
damnationfilm -
aletheakate : Yes Northern Rivers please!
sullivan1 : We'll look into it @patagoniabyronbay
patagoniaaus : No news yet, more screenings will be arranged soon.
linzemason : @linesofwhite this is AMZING you should see
linzemason : @linesofwhite 😂😜😁😎
pacificlongboardermagazine : Awesome work @patagoniaaus great job showing some environmentalism in action, thank you :)
linesofwhite : Well maybe I just will! @linzemason
suzieamazing : @ianjclark
nollapartio - vipadoonibuckets - jussii2 - chopunkj -
Les rendez-vous GoodPlanet au # cinéma MK2 Quai de Seine (Paris 19) : soirée de lancement avec DamNation de @patagonia mardi 16 septembre à 20h. #damnationfilm #barrage #environnement #film #ecologie #dam #rivière #poisson
environnement - rivière - dam - damnationfilm - ecologie - barrage - poisson - film -
mattstoecker - tomsorrent - elivita - axelle971 -
Completely moved tonight by this compelling and absolutely beautiful documentary, a must-see. Sign the petition at to crack down on deadbeat dams across our country. (And check out environmental activist Katie Lee, my new idol.) #DamNationFilm cc: @eerker
damnationfilm -
kpkelly2 : It's such a good film!
cbkerckhoff : @kpkelly2 I loooved it. Also thought of you last night bc top right poster in this pic is Shovels & Rope coming here in Nov
carriepolk - brookedanahy - kristykaygordon - eerker -
#damnationfilm @ The Varsity Theater
damnationfilm -
trl_bnd : Thanks for supporting it #damnationfilm @thebackpacker1974
yakgear - 775pbhadvocate - trl_bnd - jawagne1 -
Guys, watch this. Seriously incredible. "DamNation's majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries move through rivers and landscapes altered by dams, but also through a metamorphosis in values, from conquest of the natural world to knowing ourselves as part of nature." #DamNationFilm @patagonia
damnationfilm -
brookemaushund : LOVE THIS.
brookemaushund - abermaddie326 - nateortiz - danimdunn -
Excited to partner with @keeptahoeblue to bring the film Damnation to South Lake Tahoe. Please join us in the Duke Theater at LTCC for this free showing Friday September 12, doors at 6:30, film starts at 7:00. #laketahoe #wildernesseducation #southlaketahoe #damnationfilm
southlaketahoe - damnationfilm - wildernesseducation - laketahoe -
mattstoecker : @wildernesseducation @keeptahoeblue Thanks for screening and spreading the word! Wish I could have made this screening as I grew up on Tahoe. We need to remove Truckee River dams and restore the lost Lahontan Cutthroat runs from Pyramid Lake back to Tahoe. Cheers
wildernesseducation : @mattstoecker Thanks for the film! Looking forward to the show. Agree about the Truckee. Previewing the film also reminded me of all the old abandoned damns on so many alpine lakes around Tahoe. Thanks again.
keeptahoeblue : It is going to be great!
mattstoecker - randyrugg - davidreichel - damionestrada -
So much fission and fusion and we're still stuck on hydro power... slowly dooming one of nature's most incredible phenomena. #SavetheSalmon #salmon #steelhead #DamNationFilm #freeourrivers
damnationfilm - savethesalmon - salmon - steelhead - freeourrivers -
runhappy_357 - runinboise - underagora -
The last of the Glines Canyon dam on the Elwha River in Washington was removed on August 27, freeing the river. "I never thought I'd see this happen in my lifetime. It's a great day to be a dambuster!” - Yvon Chouinard Photo: Travis Rummel #DamNationFilm
damnationfilm -
_maumau_ : Sublime photo ! :)
kearly2012 : #pnwlove #washingtonsummers #evergreenstateofmind
turtleswim : @forrestphoto
forrestphoto : @turtleswim I LOVE THIS IN SO MANY WAYS
caitlinmcjannett : @mateusmitchell
willgay51266 : The way it's supposed to be...can't say anything more than AWESOME!
apt4898 : My home is finally free!! I can't wait to be there to see it!!
riccoxcordova : @en_tropy
ianfh89 - reubenmarkstewart - luiscruzpereira - astix -
YOU GUYS!! As of YESTERDAY, the Elwah River is finally completely, totally free! The last section of the Glines Canyon Dam was blasted away now giving Salmon and Steelhead passage to through what used to be Lake Mills and beyond! This is not only great for the fish, but for the whole ecosystem. Larger predators shall come back for the fish feast and return to the ancient cycle the Salmon enables. Check the link in my profile for some sweet footage. 💥
crackdownondeadbeatdams - damnationfilm - damnation -
tomritz : #crackdownondeadbeatdams #damnation #damnationfilm
karladanniel : Yay! 🐟
fogdrip : Woo hoo!
futuristic_casket : Exciting
mrmatthewnk : VERY NICE!
jessieswor : 👏☝️☝️☝️Yay creation!! Let it moan and groan and praise the One who keeps rivers flowing!!!
hinman88 - catarroitis - pbowman - peacemaker216 -
so incredibly pleased to hear of the complete removal of the two major dams on the Elwha river 💙🐟💙may the fish swim free again #ElwhaBeFree #DamnationFilm (phot creds not me)
elwhabefree - damnationfilm - weallbleedred -
b.ird : I KNOW RIGHT I found it on google @suvees
b.ird : I HOPE THE SAME @suvees
_saskar : @patagonia @patagoniavta
mattstoecker : Photo credit- me :)
doooooncov : I was there like a day ago lol
b.ird : yo, that's crazy! @saxifragestelleriana
b.ird : it's a super beautiful photo! and DamNation is such a rad and powerful documentary, in that everyone who watches it is inspired to get involved :) @mattstoecker
mattstoecker - om_stream - hinman88 - samcavess -
#dailydoodle #DamNation I'm also hungry for salmon.
dailydoodle - damnationfilm - damnation -
vvulpes : #DamNationFilm
jeronmoe : Tomorrow, right?
vvulpes : @jeronmoe you are correct.
jeronmoe - keen_wah - oldmanhaas - theliveinkitchen -
Test run for FREE showing of DamNation film at The Varsity Theater next Tuesday at 7pm. Who's coming? #thevarsitytheater #damnationfilm
damnationfilm - thevarsitytheater -
sheltonlouviere - 775pbhadvocate - medbound - ry_fed -
@patagoniakorea #regram #damnation #documentary @patagonia #awesome
regram - damnationfilm - awesome - documentary - damnation -
risacake : #damnationfilm
mattstoecker - ferjant - overherephotography - 3laya_almuhairi -
Movie screening. #DamNationFilm #dailydoodle #theRootNote
dailydoodle - damnationfilm - therootnote -
kristenpainter : #flannel
kristenpainter - jeffsipe - caseyporc - mnoelliah -
🎥🎥Film Screening🎥🎥 Wednesday August 20th - 7:00 p.m. This film won audience choice at MountainFilm in Telluride! Come join us for @patagonia's latest film and discussion following. Tickets are $5.00 (Free for Impact Hub members!) Registration Link in the header. #impacthubsaltlake #impacthublife #damnationfilm
damnationfilm - impacthubsaltlake - impacthublife -
hillaryterrell : @handsomeskinnydude @smashb I'm down!!!:)
handsomeskinnydude : Fried pickles then to the movie! @hillaryterrell
hillaryterrell : @handsomeskinnydude Perf!!
hillaryterrell : @messofroads
hubsaltlake : @hillaryterrell @smashb @handsomeskinnydude @wtylerhowes @messofroads Yeah!!! Bring us some pickles too! ;)
handsomeskinnydude : Ok, I can fry some zucchini and green tomatoes too!
hillaryterrell : @hubsaltlake where the hell is this?! :) we are trying to find you.
handsomeskinnydude : Great showing! I can't wait for another. I would have brought pickles but I had a hard time finding the place.
mattstoecker - crka - hideego - mitchell__carter -
Via our friends @rios_libres: Have you seen the #DamnationFilm yet? Come check it out in #Flagstaff, AZ on September 4th, part of the #ColoradoRiverDays events! Huge raffle #RiosLibres style feat. #gear from: @ospreypacks @KEEN @patagonia @goalzero #KleanKanteen #Kahtoola @clifbarcompany. Follow @rios_libres for more info and updates!
flagstaff - rioslibres - kahtoola - gear - kleankanteen - damnationfilm - coloradoriverdays -
woodzzy14k : Yup at the orepheum
laurlaur543 : @jessicacolema19 I want to see this!
jamesqmartin : @ospreypacks thanks for all the love and support! Keep it wild! @rios_libres
peterguttormsen : Want too, can't for some reason not be seen in EU via Vimeo, WHY??
mattstoecker : Thanks @jamesqmartin @rios_libres @ospreypacks for spreading the word!
jamesqmartin : @peterguttormsen via iTunes you can down load it
jamesqmartin : @mattstoecker stoked to spread the word amigo! Thank you for all the hard work making such an inspiring film.
peterguttormsen : Nope, not available in iTunes Denmark store :/
celeste_d68 - jadedawson_ - hideakiyui - garifisher -
Have you seen the #DamnationFilm yet? Come check it out in Flagstaff, AZ on September 4th, part of the #ColoradoRiverDays events! HUGE RAFFLE Rios Libres style with gear from @patagonia @ospreypacks @keen #kahtoola #kleankanteen @goalzero @clifbarcompany See you there!!
kahtoola - kleankanteen - damnationfilm - coloradoriverdays -
joey.gong - ashlyg8697 - cinciyeti - ergiuliano -
This is the first weekend in a while that I am not camping somewhere gorgeous. I am missing me big time leading this retreat in the John Day River wilderness and learning about its landscape, history and legends. ONDA is taking great care to preserve and protect the public lands and native fish species (and wildlife) of this area. It is the second longest free-flowing river in the US (without damns for 281 miles!) and the third longest in the world. #yogaNDhealth #getoutside @patagonia #damnationfilm @ben_knight #onda #johndayriver #conservation #traveloregon #blessed #beautiful
traveloregon - beautiful - onda - yoga - damnationfilm - blessed - oregon - yogaeverywhere - conservation - yogaretreats - adventure - johndayriver - yogandhealth - getoutside -
kendallhassemer : #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaretreats #oregon #adventure
kulet_xo : Beautiful 🙌
edymourasp : Nossa lindo!!
parched_and_sated : I finally watched Damnation, and then I watched it again. Heartbreaking.
zhzk - rekrok - sflies - shaddillac -
Big thanks to my hometown paper for the cover story on restoring San Francisquito Ck, pushing for the removal of #Stanford U's #SearsvilleDam, & props on our #DamNationFilm! What an honor. Article at #RemoveStanfordsDam
searsvilledam - damnationfilm - removestanfordsdam - stanford -
daveedh : Amazing Matt
jayawave : Nice work @mattstoecker. U certainly deserve it for all your hard work and perseverance. Luv u Brutha!
amberpott : Look'n good Matty! Luv your passion for the environment:)
lisapikesheehy : Way to go Matt!!
kvhalsey : Very cool! Rock on!
karenbednorz : 👏👏👏
gmalovelife : Great article Matty!
crazyunclelarry : @blkedy
dbgmadventures - glass_queen - luc4sraffael - covedweller -
#damnationfilm #haynow and the rest at @fcdsurfboards. Thanks to @travkat75 for the pic the awesome #colab
haynow - damnationfilm - colab -
brayden.schaefer - ryancollins716 - jacobwatson9 - loganhoward8 -
Dropped off a poster at a place I used to call work. I hope some of these folks show up. #DamNationFilm
damnationfilm -
mattstoecker - jeronmoe - imleifer - hoaglundsven -
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