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gopro_istanbul : Amazing!
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#damnation #damnationfilm #dams #hydroelectricity #salmon #giveitawatch
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This awesome film is on Netflix! Repost from @mattstoecker via @igrepost_app Mocked up scissors added to Glen Canyon Dam. Photo: Ben Knight #damnationfilm
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"Free the Snake: Restoring America's Greatest Salmon River" is currently featured on @natgeo Short Film Showcase. Check out this film about salmon and the lower Snake River. Link is in my profile. @damnationfilm #deadbeatdams #damnationfilm #freethesnake
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betsykeegan1 : Good Job Alie!
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A little late night editing while watching the #damnationfilm on Netflix. For all you nature-lovin', fish people, do yourself a favor and check it out. I'm only halfway in and I've already learned SO much! Thanks, @patagonia.
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kellykee : #kellykeephotography
laurenlangstonstewart : we loved it!
darbymusha : So beautiful!
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THE Hells Canyon Dam, kick off of the Snake River.
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g_rantk : #rei1440project
shooting_in_the_dark : You're a really talented nature photographer. This is so pretty! ❤
esthetixmd : 👍👍
g_rantk : Thank you @shooting_in_the_dark, that means a lot coming from someone such as yourself.
nashvilleryan : 👍
g_rantk : #damnationfilm ⬅️ check it out on #netflix
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"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul."-DamNation🐟🐠 (🌊Documentary) ... In other words if you don't take action on anything that does or doesn't feel right in your heart❤️, then it will forever kill 💀you slowly and you will be full of regret... Your soul will be lost and your life will never have meaning. 🌾 Speak up for what is right and start making changes. 🌼//#damnationfilm #environment #healing #love #equality #values #nature #dams #peace #movement #savetheworld #damremoval #change 🌳🌲🙏🏻🌲🌳🌍 TO HELP THE RESTORATION OF THE BEAUTIFUL EARTH WE LIVE IN, SIGN THE #PETITION ON MY BIO AND BE THE CHANGE. Save the world one signature at a time. Also don't forget to do your #research !! 📚#knowledge
love - nature - damnationfilm - healing - change - equality - knowledge - dams - peace - savetheworld - research - environment - values - damremoval - petition - movement -
whiteboysmovement : great 👀
the_human_fly_ : I've always agreed with saving mother nature but I had never thought about dams this way. This documentary broadened my perspective on things and I'm glad it did. I'll definitely look into that petition! Thanks for sharing this. 🌊🐟
jasmineee1_1 : Right?! I knew about dams but I never really cared for them. But yeah this is just one of the many other documentaries about dams and they all impacted me greatly. The world is fucked up but, there isn't any thing that can't be fixed :) @jorge_lucky13 and Thank you for looking into this c,:
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Some places are not meant to be tamed. This is one of them. #exploreyourlocalrivers #damnationfilm #keepthewildwild #wildswimming #river
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"You can take half of a salmon fishery, eat it, and they'll keep replacing themselves. What kind of a speices throws that away?" #damnationfilm #watchit
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thor450 : @imd_5 now Netflix dude worth a watch if you are pnw buff
kasie_leah : @thor450 @imd_5 This docu is done so well, you can't not watch it.
imd_5 : @thor450 yea it's a good doc. Obviously I'm partial to the parts about the elwha damn
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Damnation. #damnationfilm #Netflix
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"All dams are ugly, but the Glen Canyon Dam is sinful ugly." -Edward Abbey #damnationfilm
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froha_nfc : looveee
duygueyp : Süper, elinize sağlık! 👏👍😄
cagrifirat : ✌🏻 @duygueyp
recepcalisir : 😷
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For a guy that doesn't like public speaking and shows obvious signs of anxiety while doing it @ben_knight sure does it a lot. He's good at it too, like today's Telluride High School commencement speech, and most things he does. He even graduated high school today at 37! #telluride #damnationfilm Sorry Ben, couldn't help posting this...
telluride - damnationfilm -
prof_daggs : I thought you weren't allowed within 300' of any school? @bitchin_camaro
aubreyhackman : #stud
bitchin_camaro : @prof_daggs you're confusing that with church
cg57296willie : So great
cjcovy : That takes guts. Awesome.
ben_knight : Thank you so much, Ben. My Mom is stoked.
tara81435 : Amazing!!!!
bitchin_camaro : @ben_knight vindication
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Down the drain. Last night, I watched "DamNation," an excellent and very moving documentary by Matt Stoecker, Ben Knight, Travis Rummel, and @patagonia about the dam removal movement. Highly recommended! #notsponsored
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aaronglewis : @sweetkarim lol. That sounds terrifying.
aaronglewis : @mtthwcp thanks!
aaronglewis : @raghadahmed11 thank you! : This is amazing. I'm going to check out that doc too
veekster : Curious. Will add to my list!
aaronglewis : Let me know what you think, @veekster!
philselander : Incredible!
goldeyes : 💖🔥💖
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A night I'll never forget with friends I'll love till the end. [Canon 5D mkII]
zporter14 : Yerr! Watched your film again last night. Never gets old.
jtchevallier : @ben_knight this was the best documentary film I have ever watched. You and your crew did such a remarkable job. I find myself watching this film once a month. This was the most powerful time lapse I have ever seen. Also Sanders Bohlke is the man! Great soundtrack!
davispowers10 : Sooooo good
thor450 : @lukamackay
georgeballenger : Just saw the doc. It's awesome. Thanks for opening my eyes on the concrete I never thought twice about.
ben_knight : Thank you for taking time to see it and for having an open mind :) @georgeballenger
theburrrprint : The best documentary I have ever seen. Maybe because I am obsessed with wading through waters day by day with a pole, or maybe because of my deep concerns of conservation of our fisheries. It explains what makes us, us. I have played the documentary on repeat in a store I managed for 4 months straight, and I can't tell you the amount of eyes I have seen locked onto that screen. Now, Denali. I have chillbumps as I watch and listen. Very moving and my prayers are sent your way. As we live fairly close to one another, I only hope to one day link together. Your wisdom and works are moving through souls, deeper than you ever may have believed. Keep blessing us one by one, thanks Ben and your amazing team.
jay_baumeyer : I've been living near lake Powell for the past few months. I look at it in an entirely different way now. Great film. @ben_knight
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Tons of fish at Presumpscot Falls! Hoping this time next year the Westbrook Water Park will be ensuring a natural passage over the Saccarappa Dam. Only 7 dams to go til these guys can reach Sebago Lake #portlandtrails #presumpscot #alewives #damnationfilm #portland #207
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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). An official camera lens "photo opportunity" slot in the chain link fence over the #GlenCanyonDam. Travelling through the Arizona desert this weekend with my son I stood on the edge of this controversial dam and thought of so many things. The #MonkeyWrenchGang (read this book by Edward Abbey if you havent yet), the recent and brilliant film called #DamNationFilm by my friends @ben_knight and @travisrummel, and @pedromcbride's work on the #ColoradoRiver. Find these projects and follow them!
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A first descent by Chris Darlington in the Snowy Mountains. Such a great drop and river in the Australian Alpine region, the Burrungubugge River and was something I was #pumpedtobestoked which I also fired up. This river is part of the Snowy Hydro Scheme which takes all of the river via a tunnel and channels it to a dam. The entire river is taken for mans consumption, leaving absolutely nothing in the river. Clearly this is not Green energy at all when the river is completely taken and yet it is promoted as Green energy. Wake up people, we need to understand how important rivers are for our future and if we really want to live in a dry baron land with all life in these spectacular gorges taken away and what a mess these dams are creating. Solar, wind, wave are all fantastic forms of green energy but hydro electricity is not at all! The tunnel feeds all of this river and all the water directly to a dam where they pump it to the other side of the mountain to generate energy and sell the water to farmers. Education is the focus with this post to share information on what is going on in our part of the world, education is the key to changing people's views. If you like this waterfall and the story, share it so there's might gain an insight on what green energy really is. Support those that are leading the fight such as Paddle NSW, American Whitewater, Educate yourself via Congrats on Darlo for becoming a Dad, and congrats on firing up this spectacular waterfall! #damssuck #hydro #jacksonkayak #kokatat #waterfall #snowyhydro @jackson.kayak @kokatatusa @nativeeyewear @chacofootwear #jindabyne #epic #damnationfilm
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taytayboofs : Stout!
burnzy90 : Truth
ford.mcinnis : Looks sweet!
jonjmartin82 : You're a freak @jezjezz !!!!!! Keep up the good work mate.
mrmikedawson : Looks sweet mate
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So true. If we want a future of good fishing everyone need to now the truth... Be a member of @sportfiskarna #fishcare #damnationfilm #damnation #pike #seatrout #searunbrown #seatroutonfly #flyfishing #fishcareofsweden #sportfiskarna #perch #Southside #northside #middle
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sportfiskarna : 👏👏👏
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Happy Mother's Day. Photo: @mattstoecker #damnationfilm #motherswillchangetheworld
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gus_villares : @alejandromanzan
alejandromanzan : @gus_villares my nigga. Un abrazo bro. Feliz dia de las madres y que podamos contribuir hacer este mundo uno mejor ;)
alejandromanzan : 👊
ascendospecialtytea : Perfeclt said !
bathingsuits_and_rubberboots : Yes!!! 👏
davidturel : @jamiembeaulieu
tylertheinnov8r : @joaniesfavoritething 👌
mn_rodrigues : @stefpace
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On se pohjimmiltaan ruma. Vaelluskalojen tappaja. #pato #damnationfilm #vantaanjoki #vanhankaupunginkoski #vkk #freevkk #vaelluskalat #vesivoima #ompelukone
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p3r55on : Ruma ja ennen kaikkea turha.
heikkikangas : Miten se kävi tuon Damnation elokuvan jokhan sen jostain sais kahtella @mikkopeltola ?
timo_marjala : Tuoltakos sitä kahvia haetaan? @mikkopeltola
mikkopeltola : Mites on Damnationin katselun laita @jasperpaakkonen ?
tomi.laakso : Tää on vanhankaupungin lahel
mjani2 : Voi perkele sanon minä.
mikkopeltola : Kaupunginhallitus on tänään päättänyt puoltaa padon purkuun liittyvän selvitykseksen tekemistä. Vielä ei tuuleteta mutta suunta on oikea.
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A throwback to when we worked on #DamnationFilm with @ben_knight and @travisrummel. A film that has won many international awards. Check it out on @Netflix. _____________________________ #FeltSoulMedia #lineofaction #rivers #animation #illustration #documentary
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tonyangeloproductions : if you are at all into documentaries touching on important, relevant issues, you should check out the instagram page if you have a minute. There's a lot of other stuff as well such as books, music, etc. It would be much appreciated either way.
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Saw The Hoover Dam in person this weekend and I couldn't help but feel extremely sad at the vast amount of destruction our eco system has endured because of its existence... I strongly encourage you to see the documentary #DamNationFilm and learn about the negative effects of #dams 😔 #Hooverdam #amurica #blindfaith #destruction #ecosystem #oldfashion #coloradoriver #fishing #colorado #nevada #arizona #environment #awareness #draught #mothernature #water #wildlife #history #hoover #earthfirst #california
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unpavedapp : 👍 amazing!
eskofilms : Thanks @unpavedapp ! ✌🏻
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The #MatilijaDam standing at almost 200ft, built in 1948 on the Ventura river in California. Has caused the disastrous decline of fisheries and starvation of beaches fed by sediments of the River. Matilija Dam no longer serves any beneficial purpose. With its removal, ocean-going fish will again be able to use the river to spawn, and beaches will be able to feast on sediments transported down the river. Has the time come to undo the damage of bad ideas? There are tens of thousands of dams like this in the US and worldwide which serve no purpose in today's world. They have destroyed the livelihood of indigenous people, depleted fish stocks and ruined natural habitats. Many are becoming part of river restoration projects. To find out more you can watch the #DamNationFilm produced by @Patagonia or read about the issues in this months @NatGeo
matilijadam - damnationfilm -
heyhawkan : 👏🏻
nickjrea : I'm glad you liked it @zimzimzimmer. So do you wanna help me make an environmental documentary sometime?
nellitombor : 🙌🏻🙏🏻
cetocan_can : Nice super
mowro : @joseph_blong
charmanbrand : That's great and all but this isn't the Matilija Dam
nickjrea : Oh damn!! @charmanbrand I googled Matilija Dam and this is one of the images which came up. Now I've made myself look like a ignorant social media-activist.. 😅
charmanbrand : Hahahahaha! No worries just letting you know (I grew up just down the road from the dam) your hearts in the right place! @nickjrea
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Matilija Dam✂️ #damnation @patagoniavta @shadoe33
damnationfilm - damnation -
gendreau_nick : #damnationfilm
gibson473 - yonnyo - chloe_vans - jenginolfi3 -
#älvräddarna #svartälven #fortum #damnationfilm #miljöförstöring #environmental #vattenkraft
älvräddarna - vattenkraft - svartälven - miljöförstöring - fortum - damnationfilm - environmental -
sveaoutdoors : Tunnt med älv
antiquariangent : Who stole the water?
lsxstef : @_scarleteyes
lsxstef : The damn stole the water @antiquariangent
antiquariangent : Hmm, don't like dams
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Time to LET GO of all insecurity. This is YOUR year! Take back control of your life...because you deserve it! Challenge yourself this weekend to do something COMPLETELY out of your element, it will feel so invigorating and free😜!! #letgo #freedom @mtn_babes_ #savethecolorado inspiration from Katie Lee the women in the #damnationfilm by @ben_knight.
freedom - letgo - savethecolorado - damnationfilm -
nautilussup : Thanks! I'd love that! @mtn_babes_ 👍😘
k_silly_willy : @susanhcourtney
19manuelpadilla : Very nice! I lOve it...
nautilussup : Ah thanks baby cakes!! I❤️U! @bp_sups 😘❤️
sooper_hotties : #awesome pic @nautilussup 😘
paddlesurf.bacinalakes.croatia : 🙌
nautilussup : @emilydibley ah thanks lady! It finally is making its one and only appearance. I got inspired after that #damnationfilm by @ben_knight with the beautiful Katie Lee showing her backside in Glen Canyon. I figured since I was about 200 miles upstream from where she did that photo, that It was ONLY appropriate to replicate. 😘❤️ missing your face!
ben_knight : Yeow!
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Pick up the latest copy of @thestrangerseattle and call Senators Cantwell & Murray to help remove 4 deadbeat dams on the Lower Snake River! @mattstoecker @patagonia #DamNationFilm #deadbeatdams
damnationfilm - deadbeatdams -
whittakeroutdoors : ❤️💕🎯
whitneyabarber : @scottyhoffmeyer!!!
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@patagonia 6:30 tonight - #DamNationFilm, @persephonebrewing and yours truly on crutches. See you there?
damnationfilm -
vagabondhearts : @modernwoodsman
codykyo : 🚀
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Drought. #DamNationFilm
damnationfilm -
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If you like fishing, if you like boating, if you like hanging out on river, if you like water. WATCH THIS FILM!! DamNation brings a lot of unknown problems to light. These problems have to with all of us, and our environmental. Its on Netflix, so be sure to give it a watch #damnationfilm @patagonia #fish #rivers #kayaking #water #votetheenvironment
water - votetheenvironment - fish - kayaking - damnationfilm - rivers -
h_dougherty : If you like enviro-documentaries then you'd like @momentaproject. It's about a pretty local issue and I'm pretty sure TGR / @protectourwinters produced it.
h_dougherty : *promoted it - that's how I heard about it. A smaller company produced it.
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Photo by @argonautphoto (Aaron Huey). An official camera lens "photo opportunity" slot in the chain link fence over the #GlenCanyonDam. Travelling through the Arizona desert this weekend with my son I stood on the edge of this controversial dam and thought of so many things. The #MonkeyWrenchGang (read this book by Edward Abbey if you havent yet), the recent and brilliant film called #DamNationFilm by my friends @ben_knight and @travisrummel, and @pedromcbride's work on the #ColoradoRiver. Find these projects and follow them!
monkeywrenchgang - coloradoriver - damnationfilm - glencanyondam -
clauds91 : I passed thru that road several times. Nice!! 😍😍😍😍
chapps46 : Nice view!🌄
alexander11866 : Всегда поражали подобные постройки.
wutthebeck : @greensformandy
surmad_1 : @ebood90
nutellalover84 : @maryanne_ms lol
candacet04 : @lissasue1981 home!!!!
lissasue1981 : @candacet04 ❤️
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