Rafted the free flowing mighty Elwha River this past much sediment deposited downstream! #elwhariver #damnationfilm #pnw
elwhariver - damnationfilm - pnw -
vizek004 - pacific__nw - ebonclothing - soaringlauren -
New session arrivals at @patagoniasm. Featuring the #damnationfilm #colab with @travkat75! Thanks for the photo Travis! #ingoodcompany with @patagonia @dafinhi @dafinaustralia @brownfish @dannyhess
ingoodcompany - damnationfilm - colab -
enjoyhandplanes : Hi @iwreckalot you can get on with a Gopro mount at Patagonia stores or contact us for a custom
iwreckalot : @enjoyhandplanes I dont have a Patagonia or dealer nearby. I'll contact you for custom! Thanks
melissapolto : Isso é apetrecho p pegar jacaré?? @sibuttelli
sibuttelli : Sim @melissapolto !! Chama surfe de peito e é muito bom!! Eu adoro!!
melissapolto : ;) @sibuttelli
d_curtis_ : Do you guys have any stores in Orange County
enjoyhandplanes : Try seed people @d_curtis_ or contact us directly. Thanks for supporting us!
j_watson11 : @cbotts40 lets do this!
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Daily doodle with @landonsheely @jeffsipe @keen_wah #Damnation
damnationfilm - damnation -
vvulpes : #DamnationFilm
keen_wah - jeffsipe - landonsheely - imleifer -
Have a great paddle WDF / St. Croix a Canadian Heritage River. #staywild ❤️
campkieve - staywild - damnationfilm -
stephers63 : Beauty
photogher : I have two uncles who make handcrafted canoes. ♡♡♡♡ this. #staywild
parkhere : #campkieve
parkhere : @willydfox must watch #damnationfilm. Have a great paddle babes. // @ben_knight @travisrummel
graytopzombie - snowyskunk - chickfoxgrover - incharactermakeup -
Watching #damnationfilm Epic @patagonia // @ben_knight @travisrummel thank you thank you. #giveadamn
giveadamn - tightlines - damnationfilm - ojai -
parkhere : #ojai Matilija Dam
treacy222 : Great quote, need to see this
missmeganosborne : Holter Dam, Montana and Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona produce some of the biggest trout populations on the West Coast. Below the dam. How do you explain that?
parkhere : @missmeganosborne I'm not sure what your asking me?
parkhere : @missmeganosborne that's great news, btw
missmeganosborne : DamNationFilm Facebook About: "This powerful film odyssey across America explores the sea change in our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers. Dam removal has moved beyond the fictional Monkey Wrench Gang to go mainstream. Where obsolete dams come down, rivers bound back to life, giving salmon and other wild fish the right of return to primeval spawning grounds, after decades without access. DamNation’s majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries move through rivers and landscapes altered by dams, but also through a metamorphosis in values, from conquest of the natural world to knowing ourselves as part of nature." @parkhere the suggestion of dams disturbing the fish populations in general that DamNation is preaching is incorrect. As a fly fisher who travels to many rivers, that have dams and manmade ladders, the biggest fish with the largest populations still exist near such manmade operations. I have fished the salmon run on the Yukon River in Alaska, with a manmade salmon ladder that would not allow their full cycle of spawning to exist without the assistance of the ladder. The ladder system on this river also provides a power source for the civilians. All living in harmony. Just wanted to clearly explain my experiences with manmade operations and how they are not affecting fish populations. Things that affect and desolate fish populations is the introduction of alien fish or shellfish as an experiments.
parkhere : @missmeganosborne thank you for your perspective #tightlines
parkhere : @ben_knight wasn't sure how to respond ^^ thoughts?
piperrell - treacy222 - modernfolk - photogher -
In store display at @patagoniacardiff. Thanks to @travkat75 for the pic and the colab for the #damnationfilm handplane.
damnationfilm -
surfwaterman - scoots_handplanes - kouji66 - singlefintj -
Throwback to when I worked on recovering Idaho's Endangered Sockeye Salmon. This is the southern most population of Sockeye in North America and swim an incredible 900 miles and climb 6500+ft up the Columbia and Snake River to reach Redfish lake. The once massive migrations were so large the blood red spawning fish nearly turned the lake red. (Hints the name Redfish Lake.) Recovery efforts are inhibited by to several damns that block their migration back home. Hatcheries are supplying broodstock populations until something is done. Its a race against time. Its estimated that the cost of each fish is around $9000. That means there's a lot of money swimming in this picture. Is this really sustainable? Time will tell. #redfishlake #idaho #damnation #idahoconservation #rei1440project #nature #sockeye #salmon #snakeriver #ColumbiaRiver #redfishlakesockeye #sockeyesalmon
sockeyesalmon - snakeriver - redfishlakesockeye - rei1440project - damnationfilm - nature - salmon - idahoconservation - sockeye - insta_idaho - damnation - patagonia - americanfisheries - redfishlake - americanrivers - idaho - columbiariver -
mattstoecker : Cool pic! Lower 4 Snake River Dams + hatcheries + barging fish + climate change predictions for those reservoirs water quality = unsustainable. Removing those dams is critical.
robatron : @mattstoecker I completely agree. I love your work and what you guys have created. I have a pretty good perspective on the wild salmon monopoly in the Pacific North West and you represented it perfectly. I'd love to share some ideas/info if you guys ever need it! Keep up the good work!!
robatron : #damnationfilm #insta_idaho #americanrivers #americanfisheries #patagonia
fartsandwhistles : I worked on the new hatchery in springfield for a year and a half. Place is huge!
carmen__mariee : Wow, those fish and that pic 💗!
kelee_ann - ericdyer - almightyc26 - ladykicia -
@DamNation blu-rays just arrived!! Watch this stunning film and impressive movement in hi-def! #damnationfilm #deadbeatdams
damnationfilm - deadbeatdams -
kateheming - mattyt92 - keen_edge - chinoba81 -
Thanks Nevada City for a great turnout tonight. #damnationfilm #RemoveEnglebrightDam #YubaRiver
yubariver - damnationfilm - removeenglebrightdam -
duarte_ecohustle : Beautiful theater
truenorth4 - jayawave - rhartegan - patagoniahonolulu -
#winner winner chicken dinner! Raffle last night won a #granitegear nimbus trace 70l access multi-day pack at @gearcoop #damnationfilm #johnmuirtrail #easternsierra ready!
easternsierra - johnmuirtrail - rei1440project - granitegear - winner - damnationfilm -
stephenallison123 : #rei1440project
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For the past 10 years, we've been working with Friends of Butte Creek, the CA Sportsfishing Protection Alliance, and other groups to protect Butte creek and the threatened #salmon that spawn there. Pictured is Allen Harthorn of Friends of Butte Creek. #California #SavetheSalmon #damnationfilm
california - savethesalmon - salmon - damnationfilm -
intlrivers : Inspiring!
estrafalaryuss - botanicalbb - emurph42 - strawb49 -
Spring-run Chinook #salmon and Butte Creek are threatened by dams operated by PG&E. The dam operations remove water and raise temperatures in the creek, which leads to disease and salmon die-offs. Our clients have been monitoring salmon in the creek to ensure populations don't dip below critical levels. #California #SavetheSalmon #damnationfilm
california - savethesalmon - salmon - damnationfilm -
pamelamattz : @bjs_tk
intlrivers - codysehl - bacamat - bjs_tk -
Let beautiful #ButteCreek run free! Through its system of dams, canals, reservoirs, and powerhouses, PG&E has completely altered the natural hydrology of the creek so that the water level and temperature of critical habitat for threatened spring-run Chinook are controlled by the company. #California #SavetheSalmon #damnationfilm
damnationfilm - savethesalmon - california - buttecreek -
pamelamattz : Save all the waters of the world ... 💙
earthjustice : You can visit and tell President Obama to support the removal of obsolete dams @pamelamattz
pamelamattz : Yep we live on the Trinity River and the Klamath River in Nor CaL....
saintterryann - emjahn67 - royjhoyt - shancan29 -
Finally got the chance to watch Dam Nation. Good film. #damnationfilm #patagonia
damnationfilm - patagonia -
earthjustice - parkhere - muddy_river -
Tackling that DamRapid on the Elwah. Site of the old lower damn that was recently removed in 2011. First largest damn removal project in the U.S. Native Salmon and Steal head are already returning after more than 100 years of migration blockage. Photo by Olympic Raft & Kayak @liquid_mountain_adventures. Check out #damnationfilm by @patagonia for more info on Dead Beat Damns in the U.S
damnationfilm -
zette47 : Great action shot!
triclee : Very cool!!
cmalmeter - marin2_24 - xoxoingie - warrenjuno -
Sunbeam Dam before and after it's removal | Celebrate free flowing rivers at the #DamNationFilm showing in the Wood River Valley TODAY | Sun Valley Opera House at 7pm, be there or be dammed! | #deadbeatdams #giveadam #salmon #salmonriver #waterworkslamson
waterworkslamson - deadbeatdams - salmon - giveadam - salmonriver - damnationfilm -
jordan22 : @waterworkslamson where is this at?
waterworkslamson : @jordan22 Sunbeam Dam is at the confluence of the Yankee Fork and Salmon River just downstream of Stanley, Idaho.
b_dailes : @catlinb1
millsfly : Beautiful
backcountryhunter : Fish this place many times, absolutely love it!!!
jordan22 : @waterworkslamson I knew it looked familiar. I visit Stanley as much as possible and always wondered what the heck that was!
miflo23 : @cullenharper pretty neat
cullenharper : @miflo23 it's a beautiful thing
earthjustice - wildfoodnz - christopherboyd7 - armandoagiraldo -
Best gift ever. Thank you @kareemax 🌲🐟🎥 #giveadam #damnationfilm
giveadam - damnationfilm -
mischiefandmason : @ben_knight you are brilliant!!
ben_knight : {blush}
mischiefandmason : @ben_knight we're in Washington and just passed the Elwha dam - insane to see these things in person!
ben_knight : Yeah, I wish more people could get that perspective... it quickly makes shit feel very real.
alexandriajb - davey_joness - getcates - monzferns -
Vahva suositus #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
matu_rolf - milljoona - marcushakkarainen - iinasund -
Catching #air with #deadbeatdam contest winners @mikfish #thatdamrapid #elwhariver #damnationfilm #damnation #damremoval #youdeserveagoodpaddling #liquidlovin #liquidmountainadventures #olympicpeninsula #washington #raftthepnw #pnw #upperleftusa #adventure #getoutside #stayactive #getonthewater
elwhariver - getonthewater - washington - stayactive - damnationfilm - pnw - getoutside - adventure - damnation - liquidmountainadventures - upperleftusa - liquidlovin - olympicpeninsula - raftthepnw - air - deadbeatdam - thatdamrapid - damremoval - youdeserveagoodpaddling -
mikfish : Love it!
z_boys_films_pnw : I saw you guys landing at the lower bridge yesterday, looks super fun
gingersnappinkk - janaya_goes_adventuring - chantelleelyse1212 - jbsnow68 -
Dropping into 'That Dam Rapid' with #damnationfilm crew @mattstoecker #damremoval #thatdamrapid #youdeserveagoodpaddling on the #amazing #elwhariver! #Free at last! Photo taken by @kalynnrose_ More awesome pics to come!! #liquidlovin #liquidmountainadventures #olympicpeninsula #raftthepnw #whitewater #rafting #joinus #lovinlife #liquidlife #adventure
elwhariver - whitewater - joinus - damnationfilm - free - adventure - liquidmountainadventures - liquidlovin - olympicpeninsula - raftthepnw - liquidlife - amazing - thatdamrapid - damremoval - rafting - lovinlife - youdeserveagoodpaddling -
mattstoecker : Thanks Morgan and everyone at Olympic Raft and Kayak for an awesome weekend celebrating the revival of the Elwha River... and a fun rapid. Congrats to @mikfish for winning our #thatdamcontest. @liquid_mountain_adventures
darby_collins - ericlz13 - jbsnow68 - juanis1127 -
The Anti Deliverence. Rafting the newly undamned Elwah River with the crew from #damnationfilm. We are pulling off to the left to assess the class four rapid ahead and see who s gonna brave it. Best guides in Olympic Pennisula took us through. What an amazing day and adventure.
olympicnationalpark - elwhariver - olympicpeninsula - damnationfilm - elwha - deadbeatdams - damremoval - liquidmountainadventures - rafting -
mikfish : #deadbeatdams
mikfish : #elwhariver #elwha #olympicpeninsula #olympicnationalpark #liquidmountainadventures #rafting #damremoval @liquid_mountain_adventures @mattstoecker
taiku_saruwatari - rachslade - iraisnavarrete - anton_fredrik_ -
Screening of #damnationfilm by #patagonia @patagonia #elwhariver #change #damremoval #history #deadbeatdams #washington #pnw #salmon
elwhariver - washington - deadbeatdams - damnationfilm - pnw - salmon - patagonia - damremoval - change - history -
vadimsahakian : Nice shot!
gingersnappinkk : @vadimsahakian thank you!!!!👏
_____se7en - mooski22a - di_sgc - callielyne89 -
Q & A with folks who were featured in #damnation . What a great evening!! #damnationfilm #elwhariver #elwhadamremoval #olympicnationalpark #nomoredams @mattstoecker @liquid_mountain_adventures
olympicnationalpark - elwhariver - damnation - damnationfilm - nomoredams - elwhadamremoval -
gingersnappinkk - liquid_mountain_adventures - earthjustice - anton_fredrik_ -
A little Q&A after an awesome #damnationfilm viewing!! #elwhariver #elwha #liquidlovin #liquidmountainadventures #olympicpeninsula #olympicnationalpark #portangeleswa #change #returnofthefish
olympicnationalpark - elwhariver - olympicpeninsula - returnofthefish - liquidlovin - damnationfilm - elwha - portangeleswa - liquidmountainadventures - change -
batting4myboy : Proud of you brother
mattstoecker - snow1717 - muhammadwu - butfirstlive -
#damnationfilm premiere in Port Angeles at #olympicraftandkayak. Great food and beer from #nextdoor Gastropub and music before the show!! Good times!! #olypenlife #portangeleswa #nomoredams #elwhariver #elwhadamremoval #olympicnationalpark #onp
olympicnationalpark - elwhariver - olypenlife - damnationfilm - nomoredams - elwhadamremoval - olympicraftandkayak - nextdoor - portangeleswa - onp -
mattstoecker - moss_angeles - nicksegner - scottiemonkey -
#hiking #nofood #ideservethatbeer #howtokeepyourGFskinny @lucho_rivera
damnation - hiking - damnationfilm - howtokeepyourgfskinny - nofood - ideservethatbeer -
small_wonder : #damnation #damnationfilm
tarareynvaan - smashits - lucho_rivera - cedarwright -
#tuelalafalls is so cute
tuelalafalls - damnationfilm - damnation -
small_wonder : #damnationfilm #damnation
maugozzi - pangtastic - perfctangell - kicksnarehat24 -
Gonna be a good day rafting the freed #elwhariver & watching #damnationfilm later at our creek side outdoor theater! Come join us! #damremoval #liquidlovin #liquidmountainadventures #olympicpeninsula #olympicnationalpark #portangeleswa #washington #evergreenstate #film #raftthepnw #upperleftusa
olympicnationalpark - elwhariver - olympicpeninsula - raftthepnw - liquidlovin - washington - damnationfilm - damremoval - portangeleswa - liquidmountainadventures - upperleftusa - evergreenstate - film -
ryaguy2 : @liquid_mountain_adventures just watched it last night amazing film!
mtntraildawg : Looking forward to it!!
chrissydgo - thegreat_pnw - sammyanty - juanis1127 -
It's Friday, are you ready for a wild weekend? Time to get out and raft the Elwha river, if your on the Olympic Peninsula be sure to check out Patagonia's film DAMNATION screening at Olympic Raft & Kayak more info at •photo cred: @liquid_mountain_adventures #liquidlovin
olympicnationalpark - adventuretillwedie - exploremore - thegreatoutdoors - rei1440project - pnwexplorations - thewashingtonphotos - damnationfilm - olympicpeninsula - letsgosomewhere - neverstopexploring - lifewithoutlimits - patagonia - upperleftusa - discoveryournorthwest - venturevibes - liquidlovin - washingtonstate - viewsofpnw - theriveriscalling - freetherivers - deadbeatdams - thatpnwlife - nwadventurephoto - teamriverrat - wa_nderlust -
kalynnrose_ : @nicksegner & @janelleanor y'all should come!!!!!!!!
nicksegner : Working till 1 am tomorrow unforgivably can't make it! :/
brettarthur : 👏
kalynnrose_ : #washingtonstate #upperleftusa #rei1440project #neverstopexploring #deadbeatdams #freetherivers #theriveriscalling #thegreatoutdoors #thewashingtonphotos #viewsofpnw #venturevibes #thatpnwlife #teamriverrat #lifewithoutlimits #adventuretillwedie #wa_nderlust #olympicpeninsula #olympicnationalpark #pnwexplorations #discoveryournorthwest #damnationfilm #patagonia #nwadventurephoto #exploremore #thegreatoutdoors #letsgosomewhere
gingersnappinkk : @sammule_guess ? Are y'all ready to go....
modernoutdoorsman : Epic!
sammule_guess : Checking my schedule or next weekend!!! @gingersnappinkk
mattstoecker - gingersnappinkk - pnwginger - courtneylane_81 -
#Breath taking! Happy Friday! Repost from @patagonia with @repostapp --- #thatdamcontest has a winner! This photo by @mikfish of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite was chosen out of over 1,000 submissions. @mikfish will be joining DamNation Film's Matt Stoecker and Dylan Tomine on a float down the newly freed Elwha River followed by an outdoor screening of #DamNationFilm
breath - thatdamcontest - damnationfilm -
mikfish - gingersnappinkk - earthjustice - cmalmeter -
WILD caught Salmon for dinner at this weekend's special viewing of #damnationfilm @patagonia @mattstoecker #liquidlovin #liquidmountainadventures #youdeserveagoodpaddling #olympicpeninsula #olympicnationalpark #upperleftusa #pnw #raftthepnw #damremoval #restoration #joinus thank you to chef Jason & Next Door Gastropub!
olympicnationalpark - liquidlovin - olympicpeninsula - raftthepnw - joinus - damnationfilm - pnw - restoration - damremoval - liquidmountainadventures - upperleftusa - youdeserveagoodpaddling -
unclethomjasper - juanis1127 - freddolausson - pobrien42685 -
#thatdamcontest has a winner! This photo by @mikfish of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite was chosen out of over 1,000 submissions. @mikfish will be joining DamNation Film's Matt Stoecker and Dylan Tomine on a float down the newly freed Elwha River followed by an outdoor screening of #DamNationFilm
thatdamcontest - damnationfilm -
debsdeborah : @gustavo_gfg queeeeero 😍
daintily : @danikaur yummmmmmm no wonder
colbycoulter : @oliviacooooper
dsolen : @kpiontek oh gawd!
ahibs : @janedam
chasityhester94 : That's Beautiful !
raphamenezesm : @ytalloribeiro
zspach2835 : @the_outdoors143
thecorinnita - _kaihiola_ - perrondino22 - nonta0305 -
'Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul'- Edward Abbey #damnationfilm #freetheriver so inspiring! Must watch.
damnationfilm - freetheriver -
johnmpinto : Actions need reactions, Newton said.
damnwreckd : how did u meet matt? i wish u guys the best ever!
jacque_chelle - cutynoura.1998 - shannonpop444 - kxyfan -
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