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DAMNATION IN TRENTINO 👊👊👊 assolutamente da non perdere proiezione venerdì 29 ore 20 aula magna fondazione mach S.Michele all'Adige - TN - ingresso libero
pierdepe : In bocca al lupo!
campers.journal : 👌
albertoconcini : Grazie mille @pierdepe @tatione 🙋🙋
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Standing on the beach 1/2 mile out in the strait from where the shoreline used to be. #pnw #pnwlife #pnwonderland #pacificnorthwest #cascadia #cascadiaexplored #thegreatoutdoors #elwha #elwhabefree #elwhariver #juandefuca #juandefucastrait #washingtonstate #damnation #damnationfilm
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After watching @patagonia @sweetgrassp #damnationfilm, it's hard not to nerd out about rivers #getoutside #stayoutside #optoutside #oarlyfe #oarcrew #NationalParkWeek #rainier #mtrainier #mtrainiernationalpark #carbonriver
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rico_outside : If you're not nerding out about rivers, seek help immediately.
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History of #fishing in Idrija began already in 14th century. But #idrija was also one of the richest #mercury mines in the world, operating from 15th century and of course used a lot of water for its operation, which was flushed directly into #idrijca. It is incredible that #marbletrout was able to survive centuries of hardcore polution and we are lucky to have her today for our pleasure. Photo shows "klavze", huge centuries old dams used by mercury mine to flush timber from high inaccessible mountainoues regions into the town of #idrija, where big rakes caught it. Mine used the timber for tunnel constructions. On Friday 6 May will screen for free #damnationfilm from #patagonia so don't miss out on the current #river damming issues in the #Balkans Join us in #idrija where history was made on all fronts to talk about #flyfishing #trout #conservation #rivers watch #filmfestival and enjoy friend talks! #cerknoresort #urkofishingadventures #hatchflyfishingcrew #balkanriverstour #keepemwet #idrijca #slovenia #flyfishingslovenia #dressingitaliano #socafly photo: Melita Bubek
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truewestrods : Amazing!
ribainmuha : They truly are! The crown on some of them is over 8 m wide and you see them so deep in bckcountry it seems like it just fell from the sky.
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My almost-eight-year-old asked me to put a quote we heard and liked in a documentary (DAMnation, it's on Netflix) on a #bookmark for him. Happy to oblige as my warm-up activity before working on a for-sale piece tonight. #quotes #handwriting #damnationfilm #environmentalism #arteveryday
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A big thanks to all the people that have worked so hard to make the historic #Klamath dam removal announcement yesterday a reality. It's not over until wild salmon are swimming themselves upstream into Oregon, but yesterday signaled a major step forward for our rivers. This will be the largest dam removal, wild salmon recovery, and river restoration effort in history. Powerful ripples have been sent to every dam in this country. The myth of "clean" hydro dams is being exposed. Here are a couple of my favorite shots from the Klamath: Iron Gate Dam, furthest downstream of the four dams coming out, while filming DamNation in 2011. Swimming with a pod of spring chinook salmon on a cold tributary below Iron Gate Dam in 2007. If all goes as planned, these threatened fish will soon be joining other salmon and steelhead runs, swimming past old dam sites, and, for the first time in almost a century, returning to hundreds of miles of ancestral habitat....back home. Now, vigilance until the 2020 removal target! #FreeTheKlamath #UnDamTheKlamath #DamNationFilm
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lukemanke : Eye opening stuff @mattstoecker Exciting progress. Keep up the good fight my man :)
taka_tsujii : Thank you Matt for sharing this great news. Very encouraging!
ben_0316_ : 😊
klamath_river_watershed : Thanks for posting!
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After watching #damnationfilm, artist Sean Kalley @koldshoulderart created this piece that symbolizes: “The idea of the dam breaking open releasing the flood of water is a great symbol for us as well. The more we place controls on ourselves the bigger the flood will be.”
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hetchhetchy : #yosemite #restorehetchhetchy #hetchhetchy #findyourpark #yosemiterocks #yosemiteambassador #NPS100 #NPSCentennial @nationalparkservice @goparks
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"Water is the same as the blood in our bodies; stagnation means death." - David James Duncan Fontana Dam in western North Carolina was built to produce energy to refine uranium for the atomic bomb used in WWII. Crossing over it by foot before heading into the Smokies, we could not help but recognize the ecological consequences of damming the Little Tennessee River. There are over tens of thousands of dams in the US which are either in disuse, disrepair, or contribute negligible amounts of energy to the grid. They instead choke waterways, destroy river habitats, and prevent wildlife migration leading to species extinction. For the health of ecosystems/watersheds across the country, please consider watching the documentary "Damnation" on Netflix to learn more. #freetherivers #damnationfilm #DeadbeatDams #at2016 #appalachiantrail #fontanadam #theleavers
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_wildergreen : 👊🏽🌌🤓🐢✨
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小鳥のさえずりで始まる春の朝。咲き乱れる菜の花と棚田。まるで日本人のふるさとを絵に書いたような場所です。長崎県川棚町こうばる地区。Listen to the birds whistling. Surrounded by carpets of field mustard and beautiful rice terraces, Kobaru is the home of 60 people but also the planned construction site of Ishiki Dam. Kawatana-cho, Nagasaki. #kobaru #ethical #ishikidam #noishikidam #damnation #damnationfilm #sustainability #石木ダム #こうばる #nature #environment #onepercentfortheplanet #birds
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Let's bring #matilijadam down and restore some of the most critical #steelhead habitat in the Ventura watershed, while restoring the creeks and beaches down stream with fine sediment trapped behind the dam. ✂️ #damnation #damnationfilm @patagonia @surfrider_ventura @mattstoecker #freethefish
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corvuscoraxpdx : @mollybbaker
kate.olivia : @chser_reed
mattstoecker : Yes indeed! We're getting close. Great to see the EDC crew out there.
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@Regrann from @ribainmuha - Last week's Slovenian premier screening of #damnationfilm in Kino Šiška was complete success! If you missed it don't worry about it and join us in Idrija, Slovenia for Fly Fishing Festival from 6-8 May, where we will screen #damnationfilm by @patagonia and #internationalflyfishingfilmfestival with the best selection of #flyfishing films from all over the globe. And you can #flyfishingslovenia - #flyfishing 2 days, pay 1 day. Check: #slovenia #idrija #idrijaflyfishingfestival #flyfishingidrija #flytying #patagoniaflyfishing #urkofishingadventures #Regrann
flyfishingslovenia - urkofishingadventures - patagoniaflyfishing - regrann - flyfishingidrija - flyfishing - damnationfilm - slovenia - idrija - internationalflyfishingfilmfestival - idrijaflyfishingfestival - flytying -
mikepbennett : cool
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Last week's Slovenian premier screening of #damnationfilm with @balkanriverstour in Kino Šiška was complete success! If you missed it don't worry about it and join us in Idrija, Slovenia for Fly Fishing Festival from 6-8 May, where we will screen #damnationfilm by @patagonia and #internationalflyfishingfilmfestival with the best selection of #flyfishing films from all over the globe. And you can #flyfishingslovenia - #flyfishing 2 days, pay 1 day. Check: #slovenia #idrija #idrijaflyfishingfestival #flyfishingidrija #flytying #patagoniaflyfishing #urkofishingadventures #balkanriverstour @balkanriverstour
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Back talkin deadbeat dams and free flowin rivers with team Obama. Dam removal isn't such a crazy thing anymore. Someone even said it's "sexy". #MatilijaDam your days are numbered. @patagonia #DamNationFilm
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hushchachi : Solid!
ztrhoades : Get em!
cgant254 : Love what your doing man! So awesome
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Balkan Rivers Tour has begun! Rok Rozman & team have sold out cinema Kino Šiška on Tuesday night for screening #patagonia film #damnationfilm which put hydro into true perspective. Join us in fighting against dams being planned (2.700) on prime #whitewater & #flyfishing rivers from Slovenia all the way down to Albania and protect this piece of still wild Europe for us, our identity and our children! #savetheblueheartoftheearth #patagoniaflyfishing #leewaycollective #sloveniaflyfishing #kayak #whitewaterrafting #croatia #bosnia #serbia #montenegro #albania #vjosa
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mattstoecker : Yes!
johnstallone : cool one!
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🎞Damnation🎞#damnation #damnationfilm #patagonia #patagoniaflyfish #pescatv #pipam #flyfishingadventures #thefuture #sky236 #pesca #flyfishing
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albertoconcini : Free the rivers 👍
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Killer weekend in LA jumping, trespassing and swimming w/ the @la_swim crew #laswim #matilijadam #southerncalifornia #summer #cliffjumping #california #dingus #damnationfilm
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la_swim : Drone work?
n_freed : Minimal. SD error again @la_swim
la_swim : Gotta reformat that bitch
mattstoecker : Nice. #damnationfilm @patagonia @travisrummel @ben_knight @bedacalhoun
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The Magpie currently is unprotected and is threatened by hydroelectric development which would transform the wild and majestic river into a network of artificial reservoirs. Learn more about the movement to protect it and what you can do to help:
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borealriver : #lifeonthemagpie #magpieriver #quebec #damnation #damnationfilm #explorecanada #riverlife #whitewater #whitewaterrafting #expedition #backcountry #adventurevisuals #wildernessculture #nrsweb #importantplaces #optoutside #exploration #theimportantplaces #outdoors #paddleon #paddleforever #rafting #borealriver
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Maldição (1988) #cinematography #belatarr #hungary #karhozat #damnation #damnationfilm #cult #cultmovie
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We just had a Flycasters meeting tonight- and when I mean a meeting, I mean eating Mexican street tacos around a fire, toasting our brother who is about to go to the Navy, and finishing the night at a biker bar with awful but awesome karaoke! Amongst the brotherhood of laughter and fish tales shared tonight, I have concluded this: there are plenty of huge fish to post online and some people who are blessed to live in places where huge fish are daily. I WISH we lived there. But Niles Flycasters; we live in the Bay Area where our waters have been decimated by poor stewardship and polluted by greed. Small creeks once flourished with thousands of salmon and steelhead but were cut off by pollution and small dams. With that, I would love to share a different story; the story of restoring our waters and the fellowship that comes from enjoying nature together. The story of deviating away from urban sprawl and realizing as much as we have tried to control nature; nature had the right idea all along. Featured is @dmill4 casting for rainbows below a dam that is the end of the line for salmon and steelhead. @jfstricker @canine56 @rickynicholes @orvis #flyfishing #orvis #trout #nature #nilesflycasters @patagonia #damnationfilm
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rachaellynnhall : Here here! 🍻
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hybrid marble-brownie from #idrijca #sloveniaflyfishing offers some really awesome #marbletrout Come and join us in May 2016 at #idrijaflyfishingfestival - will be screening #internationalflyfishingfilmfestival Films and #damnationfilm by @patagonia
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Photo credit: Jure Logar Join us in #idrija for something fresh in Europe this year in May #idrijaflyfishingfestival featuring #damnationfilm by @patagonia enjoy #flyfishing for #marbletrout #sloveniaflyfishing #internationalflyfishingfilmfestival
sloveniaflyfishing - idrija - internationalflyfishingfilmfestival - idrijaflyfishingfestival - marbletrout - flyfishing - damnationfilm -
orvis : Hi there! What a great photo! Do you mind if we share your photo on our site? If that is okay, comment #yesorvis. For more info
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why black'n'white? cos it's hard to see all that nature's vivid beauty in this snowless grey winter. but May is coming soooon to #idrija & #idrijca and then we will enjoy the colours and #idrijaflyfishingfestival join us in #slovenia for #flyfishing #flytying #if4 #damnationfilm by @patagonia experience the hidden beauty of #sloveniaflyfishing catching your #marbletrout. #internationalflyfishingfilmfestival for the 1st time in Europe :)
if4 - slovenia - sloveniaflyfishing - flyfishing - damnationfilm - marbletrout - idrija - internationalflyfishingfilmfestival - idrijaflyfishingfestival - flytying - idrijca -
marbler_fishing : Paradise!
ribainmuha : Yes it is :)
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A peaceful winter's day on the Kinni captured by @hitejnoah. #River #RiverFalls #Wisconsin #RiverFallsWI #TroutStream #TroutFishing #Winter #WinterWonderland #Snow #Nature #NaturePhotography #NaturePhoto #Landscape #NatureLovers #NatureLover #Winter #Kinni #Kinnickinnic #KinnickinnicRiver #FreeTheKinni #DamNation #DamNationFilm #FreeTheRivers #LetRiversFlow #DefendRivers #DamRemoval
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"What was it like to walk naked through Glen Canyon?" Katie Lee (the desert goddess): "It was absolutely the most natural thing ever." ... "What was lost?" (Referring to the flood of Glen Canyon with the dam & creation of Lake Powell). Katie Lee: "Eden. I don't think Eden could have touched Glen Canyon." #damnationfilm #desertgoddess #freetherivers 🌊✂️
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megkim : Love damnation
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We've worked hard over the weekend to translate the slovenian subtitles for #damnationfilm by @patagonia. And what better mindset for this work then @patagonia_flyfish apparel. Doing it in style ;) You want to see how to take down a hydropower dam? Come and watch with us #damnationfilm on 6. May 2016 in Mestna Kavarna Idrija, the opening night of Idrija Fly Fishing Festival. #damnationfilm #idrija #idrijaflyfishingfestival #patagonia #patagoniaflyfishing #flyfishing #slovenia
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sandra_suc : Ej, jst sm pa brez kapce prevajala, zato pa nisem vedla, kako se rece steelhead 😊
ribainmuha : Ja, to je to! Obvezna oprema ;)
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#DamNation #damnationfilm by #TravisRummel #MatilijaReservoirandDam #scissorsdam #environmentalgraffiti #matilija #matilijacalifornia #venturacountry #damremoval #seenonmyhike #getoutside #hikecalifornia #seethisfilm
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teedub88 : @jacobflandro I have seen it. Reason my friend brought me here to see it! Great film👌
jacobflandro : 👏👏👏👏👏👏
ishithelastyahi : 👍
teedub88 : @ishithelastyahi ✌
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Tonight: DamNation shows on the @NatGeoChannel. Times: PT & ET- 10pm, CT- 9pm, MT- 8pm Photo: Steelhead eye view of Matilija Dam during shoot for the film's poster. Your days are numbered. #DamNationFilm @patagonia
damnationfilm -
hakanstenlund : Great
_jaspr : Great film @mattstoecker @ben_knight! Wish @natgeo would have given you a 2 hour time slot and showed the film in its entirety. Really missed the stoecker/knight effect with all the edits.....still amazing national press and love that your message is reaching many households that may not have had the pleasure of knowing about your talents....keep fighting the good fight! Anxiously awaiting The Super Salmon!
craigbjennings : So awesome to see this on prime time tele
d.ebbslinger : @mattstoecker @patagonia Congratulations and thank you! You've garnered at least one new member in the conservation alliance by making this film. I'm college bound once again.
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Después de la proyección de #damnationfilm Arturo Elosegi hablándonos de la problemática de las presas obsoletas, que también existen en Euskadi.
damnationfilm -
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Si esto os parece un fotón, esperad a ver la peli. Proyectamos #DamNationfilm el 12/12 a las 19:00h. Después, un par de expertos nos hablarán de los problemas de presas locales. Más info en
damnationfilm -
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THE DAM DECISION premiered tonight to a standing-room-only crowd! Thank you to everyone who came out to support this project and show their enthusiasm for our river. Congratulations to filmmaker Sydney Howell, what an incredible debut! Watch the film in its entirety here: #FreeTheKinni #Documentary #StudentFilm #RiverFalls #Wisconsin #RiverFallsWI #Kinnickinnic #River #KinnickinnicRiver #DamRemoval #CommunityActivism #DamnationFilm #FreeTheRivers #DefendRivers @uwrfstudentinvolvement @uwriverfalls @patagonia @patagoniastpaul @patagonia_flyfish
wisconsin - riverfalls - kinnickinnicriver - studentfilm - communityactivism - damnationfilm - freetherivers - riverfallswi - kinnickinnic - defendrivers - damremoval - freethekinni - river - documentary -
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Look at the crowd at tonight's premiere of THE DAM DECISION! We are absolutely floored by the passion that our community has shown for this project. For those who couldn't join us, the film is available in its entirety here: #FreeTheKinni #Documentary #StudentFilm #RiverFalls #Wisconsin #RiverFallsWI #Kinnickinnic #River #KinnickinnicRiver #DamRemoval #FreeTheRivers #DefendRivers #CommunityActivism #DamnationFilm
wisconsin - riverfalls - kinnickinnicriver - studentfilm - communityactivism - damnationfilm - freetherivers - riverfallswi - kinnickinnic - defendrivers - damremoval - freethekinni - river - documentary -
henry_hengyanchen : ❤
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Kudos to the coolest little sister in the world for sitting through the (really really good) documentary about dams that I made her watch #familyfun #damnationfilm
familyfun - damnationfilm -
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(2/3) As we move on to this new brand, we wanted to look back with thankfulness at the 6 years we were Howdy Mates. Somehow we've survived freelance and have actually loved it! We've collaborated on animations with other amazing artists, like our good friend @jercollins_com, on several award winning films like #Drawnthemovie and #Damnationfilm with @ben_knight. Road-tripped with the crew. We've moved around to several studio spaces. Through animation, we've taught a lot of Wisconsin elementary students about their state's history. We've eaten a lot of tacos and have drank a lot of coffee! (Well, that's not changing with our name, obviously.) So cheers to the freedom that freelance has brought to us, and to those who believed in us and invested your own emotions and energy is us Howdies. 😘 ___________________________ #raiseyourglasses #rebranding #cheers #thankfulness #freelance
rebranding - cheers - thankfulness - drawnthemovie - damnationfilm - freelance - raiseyourglasses -
jercollins_com : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️sniff sniff
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