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Submerged by Matilija Dam, the popular Overhanging Rock on #Matilija Creek will see the light again soon when the dam is removed. #deadbeatdam #freetherivers #damnationfilm
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stripclubsushi : Let er flow!
rizal_show : @farmeromeo @rglb let's take a hike
toddhannigan : Nice matt! @mattstoecker I see that it is getting seen a bunch on Netflix. That's great!!
robatron : This is awesome! There's so many canyons I'd love to see that are under sludge and behind dams. Keep up the good work amigo!
mattstoecker : Early 1900's, photographer unknown.
mattstoecker : @toddhannigan indeed, amazing exposure from netflix. People love the soundtrack, thanks for all your help!
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Former Mills Reservoir, Olympic National Park #olympicnationalpark #washington #pacificnorthwest #damnationfilm #getoutside #hike #conservation #elwha
olympicnationalpark - damnationfilm - washington - elwha - getoutside - hike - conservation - pacificnorthwest -
wlglenn84 : #savethelakes #thinkofthebass #imanass
nwnate : @wlglenn84 give it time and you can catch one of these https://m.facebook.com/elwhariverrestoration/photos/a.118790988166288.8484.116387105073343/835050706540309/
mattstoecker : Nice. I think the park should build a suspension bridge between the remaining dam abutments. Would be an awesome overhead view and trail connector.
nwnate : @mattstoecker That would be great
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Finally watched #damnationfilm by @mattstoecker and @patagonia. Sick doc and gets me even more charged to continue developing our own environmental activism. "Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul" - Edward Abbey. Photo credit to @mattstoecker and #damnationfilm #pnwcollective
pnwcollective - damnationfilm -
matthew__cohen : This movie is life changing for me too!
ashleelangholz : Yes, such an important film. Interested in what's brewing in your env. activism efforts too ✨
makenziea : Great doc, tons of Oregon footage
ashleykopetzky : Such a good movie
devilwoman206 : @strator71
mattstoecker : Thanks! Photo by @mattstoecker :-)
candyandtaylor : @westbeach4 you should follow this account too. I love it
pacificnorthwestco : @candyandtaylor πŸ™Œ
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How awesome is @vitalycaffe for donating Italian hot chocolate for our movie last nite: #damnationfilm. Next time you are @thecampoc be sure to stop in. Or make a trip there JUST to try their pasta or piadina! #ItalianTreasures #chocolate #movieunderthestars #community #getinvolved
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thecampoc : Best pasta in town! πŸ™Œ
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#damnationfilm Wednesday @thecampoc #hotcocoa #movieunderthestars #rivers #activists
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tombibiyan : Pretty cool =)
shop3thirty : It was very cool
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Congratulations to the 3 winners of our REI gift card drawing! Have fun! #REI1440project #cu_wild #damnationfilm
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Inspiration from @koldshoulderart after seeing our film DamNation. "Set It Free" Nice!
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mattstoecker : #damnationfilm #freetherivers
koldshoulderart : Thanks @mattstoecker! Great job with the film & inspiring. Please share the finished piece if you like as well.
mrfyrg : Awesome!!!!
mrfyrg : Great film!!
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... remove @Stanford University's deadbeat #SearsvilleDam. As a kid I watched silver steelhead trout the size of my arm launch 5 feet out of the water, bounce head first off this impassable concrete barrier, and fall back into the pool below. The unnecessary dam blocks these iconic and threatened fish from returning home to the spawning grounds of the creek I grew up on: #SanFrancisquitoCreek. It's time for #Stanford to practice the "sustainability" message they teach and tear down this obsolete and destructive dam. To find out more and to take action, please visit BeyondSearsvilleDam.com
damnationfilm - stanford - atstanford2014 - sanfrancisquitocreek - searsvilledam -
mattstoecker : #AtStanford2014
mattstoecker : Image is of one of the thousands of postcards we have sent to Stanford's president Hennessey asking him to remove the dam. Design and distribution thanks to- @patagonia & @patagoniapa . #damnationfilm
1658lajolla : Get rid of that dam!
trilla.le.tay : What is dam nation from what I'm seeing are u guys saying dams are bad?
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We are blown away by the turn out for last night's screening of #damnationfilm! Over 50 people attended. Thanks to all who made last night a success! #cu_wild #keepitwild
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jess.e.smith : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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#katielee my #wcw, naked in #glencanyon in the 1950's before the construction of the 1963 dam flooded most of the canyon. Watch #Damnationfilm on Netflix! #natural #goddessofglencanyon
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saarsund : yes! i love that lady!
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Glines Canyon, Elwha River - Olympic National Park #washington #olympicnationalpark #whitewater #brownwater #damnationfilm #pacificnorthwest #getoutside #kayaking
olympicnationalpark - whitewater - brownwater - washington - kayaking - damnationfilm - getoutside - pacificnorthwest -
wavehaven : Whoa!
clintergalactic : @toastedweenie you see this out yonder?
toastedweenie : @clintergalactic nah I didn't make it that far upstream. That's serious Ww there. Also the site of the dam that got the crack painted on it.
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Sweet little afternoon with the @patagoniaaus fam. Pretty excited for the next chapter! Thanks for the #damnationfilm gift!
damnationfilm -
bureoskateboards : Sweet hat!!
sitkanz : You know it @bureoskateboards!!
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Snowy former Mills Reservoir, Olympic National Park #washington #olympicnationalpark #damnationfilm #getoutside #elwhariver #pacificnorthwest
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Day 1 for #justbepresent is Sukhasana or easy pose for meditation. I woke up this morning and watched the documentary Damnation. I highly recommend checking it out on Netflix. It'll get the mindful wheels turning about protecting and caring for our waterways and wildlife. Since there aren't any rivers nearby I thought I'd fill my heart with the ocean instead. Just breathing in and out like the tide. @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @aloyoga #oceanbeach #yogifiddler #yogaeverydamnday #santacruz #justbreathe #damnationfilm
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hoop_asana : amazing!
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One of the most amazing films I've seen this year, it's on Netflix right now, great piece on Lake Powell/Glen Canyon and parts of Oregon, check it out @patagonia #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
project_pat : So good!
nash__a : @project_pat yes sir, did you see the steelhead? Amazing!
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#turkey coma kicking in? May we suggest previewing #DamnationFilm or RSVP for our showing December 10 @thecampoc with raffle items from @Patagonia @seedpeoplesmkt http://damnationfilm.com/screenings/details/6037/19284. #damnation #deadbeatdams
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rachael_chavez : Loved this documentary!!
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If you haven't seen this movie or not aware of it, it's simply amazing. I never truly understood what dams have done to our ecosystem and how much harm they do, rather than good. #damnationfilm has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Thanks bae for showing this to me! ☺️ #boyfriendknowsmetowell #activist #lettheriversfree
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akashaflow : I never thought about dams that way.. Definitely checking this out!
recycled_karma : @musing.moon yeah girl check it out! It's fucking great! Lol and it's on Netflix
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ε†™ηœŸγ¨γ‹ζ˜ εƒγ£γ¦ι£½γγͺγ„γ‹γ‚‰γšγ£γ¨γ‚„γ£γ¦γ„γ‚‰γ‚Œγ‚‹γ€‚ #DamNationFilm #DamNation #movie #patagonia #dam
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γ“γ“γ‘γ‚‡γƒΌγ‚ˆγ‹γ£γŸγ€‚ #DamNationFilm #dam #patagonia
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#DamNationFilm #patagonia #dam http://damnationfilm.net/ γƒŸγƒ‹γ‚·γ‚’γ‚ΏγƒΌγ§γ―γͺくシネコンでもやるべき。
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Holy shit, this documentary is good
damnationfilm -
bran_dune : #damnationfilm
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Great film that brings up a lot about little known issues and misconceptions we have about our "need" for so many dams around the U.S. Go watch! On Netflix Instant or digital rental on other services.
environment - conservation - damnation - nature - documentary - damnationfilm -
chris_atch : #conservation #damnation #damnationfilm #documentary #environment #nature
codymweston : I'm diggin the conservation trend, keep it coming!
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In Tokyo for Japan premiere tonight. #damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
tomeineke : Awesome movie
heimdallr : Great film, for sure.
bebocongdon : Atta boy
nature_nico : Am in Japan, thanks for the headsup!
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The @patagonia film, titled DamNation, available on Netflix, is about deadbeat dams and why they need to be taken down to restore ecosystems and cultures. If you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out on a project that's changing lives.
damnationfilm -
totallewis : #damnationfilm
abugsylife : Loved this film
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Free flowing Elwha through Glines Canyon, Olympic National Park #washington #damnationfilm #olympicnationalpark #getoutside #damremoval
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"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." Ed Abbey, #damnationfilm. Thank you @piranhashop @newbelgium_pnw @patagonia and Blueacre Seafood for a great event for #savethesusitna in Seattle! #nosudam
savethesusitna - damnationfilm - nosudam -
steeleschulze : You know Todd? I like all these worlds colliding. Todd, glad to see the friend sharing is reciprocal πŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ
chefkimireid : Love! Favorite quote. DamNation rules.
newbelgium_pnw : @steeleschulze πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
emilynuchols : @steeleschulze YES! He's the best! And has good beer to boot! @chefkimireid totes.
steeleschulze : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š heck yes!
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sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul #damnationfilm
katielee - damnationfilm - wcw -
stephourani : #katielee is one bad ass lady and my #wcw
brianbrooks12 : @stephourani so glad you watched this movie!
stephourani : @brianbrooks12 πŸ‘Œ
aaronstn : Inspirational figure right there!
jessboone : That documentary rules!
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@patagonia + Felt Soul Media's award-winning documentary #DamNationFilm is screening in Seattle again this evening ..this time at @piranhashop in SoDo ..6:00. There'll be beer, duh. More info at link in bio! See u there? Pic courtesy of @ben_knight.
damnationfilm -
bearpawbrewingcompany : @newbelgium_pnw just watched the film on Netflix the other day, amazing work of art!
christretwold : Inspiring movie, go see it!
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Good news: you can now stream DamNation on Netflix! Bad news: there are dams all over the world causing great environmental harm. Help #DamNationFilm reach 50k signatures!
damnationfilm -
mattstoecker : Thnx! Change.org petition, search "deadbeat dams"
goodtogofoods : This is an incredible film! Glad we got to see it recently at @allagashbrewing
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Reservoir floor becoming a riverbed, Olympic National Park #washington #olympicnationalpark #hike #getoutside #damnationfilm #elwhariver
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mattstoecker : Stoked on your pics of this historic rebirth.
nwnate : @mattstoecker I'm excited to keep checking it out as it changes.
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This is how we do it. Thanks @toddgillman @newbelgium_pnw for providing yummy brews for tonight's #damnationfilm at @mountaineersorg. Come and get some: 6pm doors, 7pm film -- 7700 Sand Point Way NE #Seattle
seattle - damnationfilm -
kristen19772012 : You're in town?! Yay!!!!
emilynuchols : @kristen19772012 yes! I'll email you to see if we have a minute for a cup!
toddgillman : See u at Piranha Shop mañana!
ben_knight : Awesome.
emilynuchols : @toddgillman WOOP! @ben_knight you are.
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Former Mills Reservoir, Olympic National Park #washington #damnationfilm #deadbeatdams #conservation #olympicnationalpark #pacificnorthwest #getoutside @damnationfilm @patagonia @nationalparkservice
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mattstoecker : Great shot! Renewal.
nwnate : @mattstoecker It was great to see so many seedlings planted.
jenihh : Thats a beauty of a shot nate
nwnate : @jenihh Thanks
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Standing on old growth forest once underwater....#damnationfilm
damnationfilm -
mattfarias - mollybarrans - kdskucera - emjthompson -
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