ここちょーよかった。 #DamNationFilm #dam #patagonia
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#DamNationFilm #patagonia #dam http://damnationfilm.net/ ミニシアターではなくシネコンでもやるべき。
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Watched #damnationfilm today and really enjoyed it.
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Holy shit, this documentary is good
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bran_dune : #damnationfilm
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Great film that brings up a lot about little known issues and misconceptions we have about our "need" for so many dams around the U.S. Go watch! On Netflix Instant or digital rental on other services.
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chris_atch : #conservation #damnation #damnationfilm #documentary #environment #nature
codymweston : I'm diggin the conservation trend, keep it coming!
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In Tokyo for Japan premiere tonight. #damnationfilm
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tomeineke : Awesome movie
heimdallr : Great film, for sure.
bebocongdon : Atta boy
nature_nico : Am in Japan, thanks for the headsup!
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The @patagonia film, titled DamNation, available on Netflix, is about deadbeat dams and why they need to be taken down to restore ecosystems and cultures. If you haven't seen it yet, you're missing out on a project that's changing lives.
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totallewis : #damnationfilm
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Free flowing Elwha through Glines Canyon, Olympic National Park #washington #damnationfilm #olympicnationalpark #getoutside #damremoval
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"Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul." Ed Abbey, #damnationfilm. Thank you @piranhashop @newbelgium_pnw @patagonia and Blueacre Seafood for a great event for #savethesusitna in Seattle! #nosudam
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steeleschulze : You know Todd? I like all these worlds colliding. Todd, glad to see the friend sharing is reciprocal 👉👈
chefkimireid : Love! Favorite quote. DamNation rules.
newbelgium_pnw : @steeleschulze 👋👋👋👋👋
emilynuchols : @steeleschulze YES! He's the best! And has good beer to boot! @chefkimireid totes.
steeleschulze : 👊👊👊 heck yes!
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sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul #damnationfilm
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stephourani : #katielee is one bad ass lady and my #wcw
brianbrooks12 : @stephourani so glad you watched this movie!
stephourani : @brianbrooks12 👌
aaronstn : Inspirational figure right there!
jessboone : That documentary rules!
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@patagonia + Felt Soul Media's award-winning documentary #DamNationFilm is screening in Seattle again this evening ..this time at @piranhashop in SoDo ..6:00. There'll be beer, duh. More info at link in bio! See u there? Pic courtesy of @ben_knight.
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bearpawbrewingcompany : @newbelgium_pnw just watched the film on Netflix the other day, amazing work of art!
christretwold : Inspiring movie, go see it!
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Good news: you can now stream DamNation on Netflix! Bad news: there are dams all over the world causing great environmental harm. Help #DamNationFilm reach 50k signatures!
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mattstoecker : Thnx! Change.org petition, search "deadbeat dams"
goodtogofoods : This is an incredible film! Glad we got to see it recently at @allagashbrewing
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Reservoir floor becoming a riverbed, Olympic National Park #washington #olympicnationalpark #hike #getoutside #damnationfilm #elwhariver
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mattstoecker : Stoked on your pics of this historic rebirth.
nwnate : @mattstoecker I'm excited to keep checking it out as it changes.
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This is how we do it. Thanks @toddgillman @newbelgium_pnw for providing yummy brews for tonight's #damnationfilm at @mountaineersorg. Come and get some: 6pm doors, 7pm film -- 7700 Sand Point Way NE #Seattle
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kristen19772012 : You're in town?! Yay!!!!
emilynuchols : @kristen19772012 yes! I'll email you to see if we have a minute for a cup!
toddgillman : See u at Piranha Shop mañana!
ben_knight : Awesome.
emilynuchols : @toddgillman WOOP! @ben_knight you are.
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Former Mills Reservoir, Olympic National Park #washington #damnationfilm #deadbeatdams #conservation #olympicnationalpark #pacificnorthwest #getoutside @damnationfilm @patagonia @nationalparkservice
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mattstoecker : Great shot! Renewal.
nwnate : @mattstoecker It was great to see so many seedlings planted.
jenihh : Thats a beauty of a shot nate
nwnate : @jenihh Thanks
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Standing on old growth forest once underwater....#damnationfilm
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Exploring new terrain once underwater and in awe of how quickly the earth takes it back on this wonderful Sunday. #damnationfilm
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Very cool shirt @patagoniapa - Love this film from @mattstoecker @ben_knight @travisrummel #damnation #damnationfilm #flyfishing #fishing #steelhead #salmon
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warpathflys : Great film
sam_baycock : Where did you get this?? Need one !
heidiaqua : Want!
timhardenfly : @wildboy_360 The a Patagonia store in Palo Alto. There are several DamNation items including hats on patagonia.com
co_flyfisher : Great film!
wabassgirl : Awesome
patagoniapa : Woo!!
souplefly : Where did u get this shirt I want one
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hekkss : What's the fine for getting rolled there?
flashtheonly : @hexks no clue, doesnt seem to have much patrol. Lots of people alot of the time
hekkss : Idk it's just weird how the set up a fence in the middle of the trail
hekkss : Wasn't there before
flashtheonly : @hexks haha yeah we saw that, definitely new
flashtheonly : #matilija #matilijadam #damnationfilm #ojai
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Got a good Friday night planned. Got my #Yuengling and now time for some #DamNationFilm. I've been looking forward to seeing this. #Patagonia #Netflix @ben_knight
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Now on NetFlix Watch, rate, share, thanks! Photo: @_timdavis_ & @mattstoecker
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verdacomb_ : Awesome!!
jayschmiddy : @sagenoel 👍
kalynnrose_ : Woohoo!
chanjohnson : 👍👍
mrs5peaks : @5peaks
jkalso : Was awesome !
lizzychouinard : 👍👍👍
sidoutwest : Just watched this for the first time since 5 point. Feel like katie Lee is my spirit animal. You guys rock and I can't wait to see what you produce next :)
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| Free the rivers | DamNation | #DamNationFilm @patagonia Photo- @mattstoecker
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mattstoecker : Photo- @mattstoecker
cameron_knudsen : Great film! @mattstoecker just finished watching it
mack_weezzzy : @cameron_knudsen I have your backpack at the pool!
cameron_knudsen : Are you there now? @mack_weezzzy
mack_weezzzy : Yeah. @cameron_knudsen
cameron_knudsen : Till what time? @mack_weezzzy
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taemur : Would've been cooler with rollerblades.
jimhurst : @taemur Wrong team for that.
blu_butterfli : I love this- so inspiring
_louis4600 : Omg that would be amazing to skate
bodi_doodle : Wrong team, Yep! Baldy pipeline?
jimhurst : @bodi_doodle nope, sworn to secrecy. woof.
bodi_doodle : @jimhurst Damn!
jimhurst : #DamNation #damnationfilm #patagonia
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So you have Netflix? Check this film out! Damnation will make you want to act on behalf of our planet. If it touches you like it did me sign the petition and let's crack down on #deadbeatdams @mattstoecker @patagonia #damnationfilm #freeourrivers
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hannahbrie : Met him, saw the film. 👏👏
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bradaubrey : So awesome
jimhurst : Sediment without action is the ruin of a river.
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#Repost from @patagonia with @repostapp SIGN THE PETITION! --- The good news is, you can now stream DamNation on Netflix in the US! The bad news is, there are dams all over the world causing real environmental harm. Please help us reach our petition goal of 50k signatures! Click the link in our profile and help us tell @barackobama to crack down on deadbeat dams! #DamNationFilm Photo: @mattstoecker
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pathlesstaken11 : I signed it a week ago!
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DamNation is now on Netflix. I highly recommend everybody go watch it. It's time to restore nature to its beauty. #DamNationFilm #DeadbeatDams @patagonia
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jonathanbrewster : Great film!
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Our award–winning film DamNation is now available on Netflix in the US for streaming! Watch it, rate it, share it. @mattstoecker #damnationfilm
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kuurssstt : Saw this this morn...was gonna do this one for SEAA next week what u teo think? @hkeeter@mollyguldin
softcored : @annchoivy I'm down
mostexcellentadventure : @lexandbodie
hollyholly89 : @molly_reimers can this be our next movie night?
molly_reimers : @hollyholly89 yes yes, I've been binging on documentaries
hollyholly89 : @molly_reimers 👍
kmayflower : Yes! Can't wait to watch it finally @cmayallday
kernel_journal : @stu_chainz_
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Repost from @patagonia. Photo by @mattstoecker. DamNation is now streaming on Netflix! If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. It's time to take on #deadbeatdams. Watch the film, get fired up, and click the link in @patagonia's profile to sign the petition. You'll love the film, I wouldn't steer you wrong. Thanks for caring. #damnationfilm #doitforthekids
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mattstoecker : Thanks for spreading the word
crazyunclelarry : @mattstoecker thanks for shooting a bad ass film👍
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The good news is, you can now stream DamNation on Netflix in the US! The bad news is, there are dams all over the world causing real environmental harm. Please help us reach our petition goal of 50k signatures! Click the link in our profile and help us tell @barackobama to crack down on deadbeat dams! #DamNationFilm Photo: @mattstoecker
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deveroro : I'll check it out for sure, thanks @merimoves !
jonahreenders : Thank you for putting it on Netflix. Everyone should watch, and be informed.
dody_felimban : @creativity_shemo
browns_down : Yeah burn more fossil fuels! Fuck renewable energy!
chucktalley89 : Gotta show Whooshh Innovations some love for trying to at least solve part of the problem. http://whooshh.com/fish-passage1.html
lemonreese : @wp_burgess added to the movie list ✔️
brigggggg : Just watched on Netflix probably the coolest movie I ever watched great movie guys keep it up I wish so bad I could be part of the damnation crew and do what they do
sfg209 : Amazing movie!!!
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maggiegeis : Such a wonderful night. I'm so lucky to work for such an innovative, responsible and influential company. @patagoniacalgary @patagonia #yvonchouinard #patagonia #DamNationFilm #NineEpicDays
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Thanks #BanffMountainFilmFestival and great audience. Awesome to see 1000 seat sell out for #damnationfilm #NoSiteCDam
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mnt6 : 👌👌👌
davemccoyewa : Wish I was there for that!
davemccoyewa : Great seeing you in Ventura though Matt, catch up again soon.
jamesqmartin : 👊
glenmordendesigns : Looking good buddy!
admozart : Awesome, Matty!!!
jayawave : Ya Matty!
mattstoecker : #damnationfilm #banff
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