#damnationfilm @ The Varsity Theater
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Excited to partner with @keeptahoeblue to bring the film Damnation to South Lake Tahoe. Please join us in the Duke Theater at LTCC for this free showing Friday September 12, doors at 6:30, film starts at 7:00. #laketahoe #wildernesseducation #southlaketahoe #damnationfilm
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mattstoecker : @wildernesseducation @keeptahoeblue Thanks for screening and spreading the word! Wish I could have made this screening as I grew up on Tahoe. We need to remove Truckee River dams and restore the lost Lahontan Cutthroat runs from Pyramid Lake back to Tahoe. Cheers
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So much fission and fusion and we're still stuck on hydro power... slowly dooming one of nature's most incredible phenomena. #SavetheSalmon #salmon #steelhead #DamNationFilm #freeourrivers
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The last of the Glines Canyon dam on the Elwha River in Washington was removed on August 27, freeing the river. "I never thought I'd see this happen in my lifetime. It's a great day to be a dambuster!” - Yvon Chouinard Photo: Travis Rummel #DamNationFilm
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lisathompson1217 : @green_chil_lee you've got 7 minutes to catch that fish!
_maumau_ : Sublime photo ! :)
kearly2012 : #pnwlove #washingtonsummers #evergreenstateofmind
turtleswim : @forrestphoto
forrestphoto : @turtleswim I LOVE THIS IN SO MANY WAYS
caitlinmcjannett : @mateusmitchell
willgay51266 : The way it's supposed to be...can't say anything more than AWESOME!
apt4898 : My home is finally free!! I can't wait to be there to see it!!
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YOU GUYS!! As of YESTERDAY, the Elwah River is finally completely, totally free! The last section of the Glines Canyon Dam was blasted away now giving Salmon and Steelhead passage to through what used to be Lake Mills and beyond! This is not only great for the fish, but for the whole ecosystem. Larger predators shall come back for the fish feast and return to the ancient cycle the Salmon enables. Check the link in my profile for some sweet footage. πŸ’₯
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tomritz : #crackdownondeadbeatdams #damnation #damnationfilm
karladanniel : Yay! 🐟
fogdrip : Woo hoo!
futuristic_casket : Exciting
mrmatthewnk : VERY NICE!
jessieswor : πŸ‘β˜οΈβ˜οΈβ˜οΈYay creation!! Let it moan and groan and praise the One who keeps rivers flowing!!!
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so incredibly pleased to hear of the complete removal of the two major dams on the Elwha river πŸ’™πŸŸπŸ’™may the fish swim free again #ElwhaBeFree #DamnationFilm (phot creds not me)
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b.ird : I KNOW RIGHT I found it on google @suvees
b.ird : I HOPE THE SAME @suvees
_askar : @patagonia @patagoniavta
mattstoecker : Photo credit- me :)
doooooncov : I was there like a day ago lol
b.ird : yo, that's crazy! @saxifragestelleriana
b.ird : it's a super beautiful photo! and DamNation is such a rad and powerful documentary, in that everyone who watches it is inspired to get involved :) @mattstoecker
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#dailydoodle #DamNation I'm also hungry for salmon.
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vvulpes : #DamNationFilm
jeronmoe : Tomorrow, right?
vvulpes : @jeronmoe you are correct.
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Test run for FREE showing of DamNation film at The Varsity Theater next Tuesday at 7pm. Who's coming? #thevarsitytheater #damnationfilm
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@patagoniakorea #regram #damnation #documentary @patagonia #awesome
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risacake : #damnationfilm
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Movie screening. #DamNationFilm #dailydoodle #theRootNote
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kristenpainter : #flannel
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πŸŽ₯πŸŽ₯Film ScreeningπŸŽ₯πŸŽ₯ Wednesday August 20th - 7:00 p.m. This film won audience choice at MountainFilm in Telluride! Come join us for @patagonia's latest film and discussion following. Tickets are $5.00 (Free for Impact Hub members!) Registration Link in the header. #impacthubsaltlake #impacthublife #damnationfilm
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hillaryterrell : @handsomeskinnydude @smashb I'm down!!!:)
handsomeskinnydude : Fried pickles then to the movie! @hillaryterrell
hillaryterrell : @handsomeskinnydude Perf!!
hillaryterrell : @messofroads
hubsaltlake : @hillaryterrell @smashb @handsomeskinnydude @wtylerhowes @messofroads Yeah!!! Bring us some pickles too! ;)
handsomeskinnydude : Ok, I can fry some zucchini and green tomatoes too!
hillaryterrell : @hubsaltlake where the hell is this?! :) we are trying to find you.
handsomeskinnydude : Great showing! I can't wait for another. I would have brought pickles but I had a hard time finding the place.
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Via our friends @rios_libres: Have you seen the #DamnationFilm yet? Come check it out in #Flagstaff, AZ on September 4th, part of the #ColoradoRiverDays events! Huge raffle #RiosLibres style feat. #gear from: @ospreypacks @KEEN @patagonia @goalzero #KleanKanteen #Kahtoola @clifbarcompany. Follow @rios_libres for more info and updates!
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woodzzy14k : Yup at the orepheum
laurlaur543 : @jessicacolema19 I want to see this!
jamesqmartin : @ospreypacks thanks for all the love and support! Keep it wild! @rios_libres
peterguttormsen : Want too, can't for some reason not be seen in EU via Vimeo, WHY??
mattstoecker : Thanks @jamesqmartin @rios_libres @ospreypacks for spreading the word!
jamesqmartin : @peterguttormsen via iTunes you can down load it
jamesqmartin : @mattstoecker stoked to spread the word amigo! Thank you for all the hard work making such an inspiring film.
peterguttormsen : Nope, not available in iTunes Denmark store :/
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Have you seen the #DamnationFilm yet? Come check it out in Flagstaff, AZ on September 4th, part of the #ColoradoRiverDays events! HUGE RAFFLE Rios Libres style with gear from @patagonia @ospreypacks @keen #kahtoola #kleankanteen @goalzero @clifbarcompany See you there!!
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This is the first weekend in a while that I am not camping somewhere gorgeous. I am missing me big time leading this retreat in the John Day River wilderness and learning about its landscape, history and legends. ONDA is taking great care to preserve and protect the public lands and native fish species (and wildlife) of this area. It is the second longest free-flowing river in the US (without damns for 281 miles!) and the third longest in the world. #yogaNDhealth #getoutside @patagonia #damnationfilm @ben_knight #onda #johndayriver #conservation #traveloregon #blessed #beautiful
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kendallhassemer : #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaretreats #oregon #adventure
kulet_xo : Beautiful πŸ™Œ
edymourasp : Nossa lindo!!
parched_and_sated : I finally watched Damnation, and then I watched it again. Heartbreaking.
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Big thanks to my hometown paper for the cover story on restoring San Francisquito Ck, pushing for the removal of #Stanford U's #SearsvilleDam, & props on our #DamNationFilm! What an honor. Article at #RemoveStanfordsDam
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daveedh : Amazing Matt
jayawave : Nice work @mattstoecker. U certainly deserve it for all your hard work and perseverance. Luv u Brutha!
amberpott : Look'n good Matty! Luv your passion for the environment:)
lisapikesheehy : Way to go Matt!!
kvhalsey : Very cool! Rock on!
karenbednorz : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
gmalovelife : Great article Matty!
crazyunclelarry : @blkedy
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#damnationfilm #haynow and the rest at @fcdsurfboards. Thanks to @travkat75 for the pic the awesome #colab
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Dropped off a poster at a place I used to call work. I hope some of these folks show up. #DamNationFilm
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#livesimply - photo from @patagoniavta from the #damnationfilm movie night raffle prizes a while back
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graffitisea : #livetolove
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The largest dam removals in human history. Formerly #lakemills, the #elwhariver now flows free of the #glinescanyondam and #elwhadam and now allows wild, pacific salmon back up to spawn as they have done for thousands of years prior to 1911 #damnthedams #elwhawildandfree
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davidreimer : Thank you. I'm looking forward too it.
mattstoecker : Great shot. #damnationfilm
onestraw : Dam that's a beautiful sight!
nicksegner : @mattstoecker regretfully missed the screening - will have to check out #damnationfilm
nicksegner : #damnation
nicksegner : @onestraw 🍻
nicksegner : @davidreimer πŸ‘Š
fatimarebelo3152 : Lindo lugar
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In my opinion, PDN is the raddest photography magazine in the universe. I can't say getting the cover is a dream come true, because I never even dreamed that big. Been playing with cameras for 21 years now... this is by far the biggest compliment I can imagine. Thank you SO much @pdnonline, @starwolff, @conorrisch, @elfrerichs @travisrummel @nickwolcott @ben_moon #damnationfilm
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caci_grinspan : You deserve it all my friend πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
ben_moon : dude. the COVER! so stoked for you, well deserved.
whitphotography : That's huge Ben. A great photo and a great cause, congrats. Now try to imagine what you could accomplish if you dreamed big!
raddicks : Hell Ya!
jbeanphoto : Sick shit dude.
coreyrichproductions : Awesome!
nancyfordephoto : kudos!
starwolff : πŸ―πŸ‘πŸ»
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Doggy Treadmill on the #elwhariver with #stevethedog #summer #fun #olympicpeninsula #liquidlovin #liquidmountainadventures #liquidlife #upperleftusa #washington #evergreenstate Another benefit from #damremoval #damnationfilm πŸ˜€ #happy #thursday #youdeserveagoodpaddling
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sheafoxxy : #adventuredog
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In 2011, the greatest dam removal project in history began. The Elwah River had been held captive for almost a century whilst the native salmon beat their heads against concrete year after year after year. Inspired by #damnationfilm produced by @patagonia, @desritz and I made it a point to pay a quick visit the the remains of what used to be Lake Mills. Created by the Glines Canyon Dam (210 ft) which was built in 1927, before the area had been declared a National Park and was constructed, along with it's lower river brother, the Elwah Dam without fish passage. We wanted to see what had become of the area since the waters were given back their freedom and what we saw was like a stiff drink. It was hard to swallow what we had done to a landscape, but in the end, hope tastes so good. Hope that Thomas Bigeater's words ring true, "This is not forever. Dams break. Rivers never do. - 'The River Why' #crackdownondeadbeatdams
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tomritz : ☺️ @lauz_elizabeth
ben_knight : Hell yes, Tom
carveryoung : Just went down that river with @liquid_mountain_adventures a couple weeks ago. Got to go through the new rapid thanks to the dams removal. #damnation is an awesome film, really enlightening and important for nature to take it's course. Nice picture @tomritz
tomritz : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š @ben_knight
tomritz : That is awesome, @carveryoung!! What an experience!
desritz : 😍😍😍😍
nicksegner : #elwhawildandfree
neverestoutfitters : ✌️
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Dropped a poster off at the local Corp of Engineers office. They said they would post it and tell the other corp offices up and down river. #DamNationFilm
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kristenpainter : Do they know...?
hoaglundsven : I'm sure it's just a job...a job someone has to do. They might think dams suck too.
neverestoutfitters : ✌️
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Day 66 of #100happydays . I had a great first day back at school. I ended it one of my favorite places in Tucson. #loftcinema #damnationfilm #nowplaying #damremoval #greenriver #deadbeatdams #gowatchthisfilm
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jam_and_juice : Didja watch snowpiercer? I just recently read the graphic novel.
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Rafted the free flowing mighty Elwha River this past much sediment deposited downstream! #elwhariver #damnationfilm #pnw
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New session arrivals at @patagoniasm. Featuring the #damnationfilm #colab with @travkat75! Thanks for the photo Travis! #ingoodcompany with @patagonia @dafinhi @dafinaustralia @brownfish @dannyhess
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wimmmy_db : yeah...he's still working out how to get the first board out of the press! Give the man time...😝😝😝 @djw_ent
djw_est84 : @wimmmy_db @jon__84 haha yeah hope it's not a 5 year project like the frame/veneer board πŸ˜‚ seen these in Byron , feel unbelievable on the hand so slick πŸ‘Œ
jon__84 : That project is all down to funding $$. I will have somebof these in the coming weeks πŸ‘Œ @djw_ent @wimmmy_db
djw_est84 : @jon__84 @wimmmy_db I'm willing to donate my jacks board and a sleeve of my wetty for 2 of these @katherine_amym can do some art 😜
katherine_amym : @djw_ent πŸ‘Œ
wimmmy_db : How bout we just get you some for your bday! 😝 @djw_ent
jon__84 : I was hoping you where going to come get that board out of my garage 😳... yes I think some art by @katherine_amym would be very fitting. I am assuming you profile pic is her handy work @djw_ent
katherine_amym : @djw_ent @jon__84 sounds like a plan πŸ‘
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Daily doodle with @landonsheely @jeffsipe @keen_wah #Damnation
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vvulpes : #DamnationFilm
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Have a great paddle WDF / St. Croix a Canadian Heritage River. #staywild ❀️
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stephers63 : Beauty
photogher : I have two uncles who make handcrafted canoes. β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ this. #staywild
parkhere : #campkieve
parkhere : @willydfox must watch #damnationfilm. Have a great paddle babes. // @ben_knight @travisrummel
parkhere : @sanborncanoe πŸ’₯
tommywicked : I think you have the perfect balance for Instagram .. #campkieve
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Watching #damnationfilm Epic @patagonia // @ben_knight @travisrummel thank you thank you. #giveadamn
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parkhere : #ojai Matilija Dam
tbg22 : Great quote, need to see this
missmeganosborne : Holter Dam, Montana and Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona produce some of the biggest trout populations on the West Coast. Below the dam. How do you explain that?
parkhere : @missmeganosborne I'm not sure what your asking me?
parkhere : @missmeganosborne that's great news, btw
missmeganosborne : DamNationFilm Facebook About: "This powerful film odyssey across America explores the sea change in our national attitude from pride in big dams as engineering wonders to the growing awareness that our own future is bound to the life and health of our rivers. Dam removal has moved beyond the fictional Monkey Wrench Gang to go mainstream. Where obsolete dams come down, rivers bound back to life, giving salmon and other wild fish the right of return to primeval spawning grounds, after decades without access. DamNation’s majestic cinematography and unexpected discoveries move through rivers and landscapes altered by dams, but also through a metamorphosis in values, from conquest of the natural world to knowing ourselves as part of nature." @parkhere the suggestion of dams disturbing the fish populations in general that DamNation is preaching is incorrect. As a fly fisher who travels to many rivers, that have dams and manmade ladders, the biggest fish with the largest populations still exist near such manmade operations. I have fished the salmon run on the Yukon River in Alaska, with a manmade salmon ladder that would not allow their full cycle of spawning to exist without the assistance of the ladder. The ladder system on this river also provides a power source for the civilians. All living in harmony. Just wanted to clearly explain my experiences with manmade operations and how they are not affecting fish populations. Things that affect and desolate fish populations is the introduction of alien fish or shellfish as an experiments.
parkhere : @missmeganosborne thank you for your perspective #tightlines
parkhere : @ben_knight wasn't sure how to respond ^^ thoughts?
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In store display at @patagoniacardiff. Thanks to @travkat75 for the pic and the colab for the #damnationfilm handplane.
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Throwback to when I worked on recovering Idaho's Endangered Sockeye Salmon. This is the southern most population of Sockeye in North America and swim an incredible 900 miles and climb 6500+ft up the Columbia and Snake River to reach Redfish lake. The once massive migrations were so large the blood red spawning fish nearly turned the lake red. (Hints the name Redfish Lake.) Recovery efforts are inhibited by to several damns that block their migration back home. Hatcheries are supplying broodstock populations until something is done. Its a race against time. Its estimated that the cost of each fish is around $9000. That means there's a lot of money swimming in this picture. Is this really sustainable? Time will tell. #redfishlake #idaho #damnation #idahoconservation #rei1440project #nature #sockeye #salmon #snakeriver #ColumbiaRiver #redfishlakesockeye #sockeyesalmon
sockeyesalmon - snakeriver - redfishlakesockeye - rei1440project - damnationfilm - nature - salmon - idahoconservation - sockeye - insta_idaho - damnation - patagonia - americanfisheries - redfishlake - americanrivers - idaho - columbiariver -
mattstoecker : Cool pic! Lower 4 Snake River Dams + hatcheries + barging fish + climate change predictions for those reservoirs water quality = unsustainable. Removing those dams is critical.
robatron : @mattstoecker I completely agree. I love your work and what you guys have created. I have a pretty good perspective on the wild salmon monopoly in the Pacific North West and you represented it perfectly. I'd love to share some ideas/info if you guys ever need it! Keep up the good work!!
robatron : #damnationfilm #insta_idaho #americanrivers #americanfisheries #patagonia
fartsandwhistles : I worked on the new hatchery in springfield for a year and a half. Place is huge!
carmen__mariee : Wow, those fish and that pic πŸ’—!
andersonsupplyco : I love this picture and everything you said about it @robatron. We first fell in love with the salmon when we moved here 8 years ago, since then we have been to the Stanley Fish Hatchery almost every year. Can't get enough of their story, and I absolutely worship them!
neverestoutfitters : ✌️😎
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@DamNation blu-rays just arrived!! Watch this stunning film and impressive movement in hi-def! #damnationfilm #deadbeatdams
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Thanks Nevada City for a great turnout tonight. #damnationfilm #RemoveEnglebrightDam #YubaRiver
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duarte_ecohustle : Beautiful theater
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