Kudos to the coolest little sister in the world for sitting through the (really really good) documentary about dams that I made her watch #familyfun #damnationfilm
familyfun - damnationfilm -
swax95 - mackenziemoore11 - emilyjaneey - jessaellis -
(2/3) As we move on to this new brand, we wanted to look back with thankfulness at the 6 years we were Howdy Mates. Somehow we've survived freelance and have actually loved it! We've collaborated on animations with other amazing artists, like our good friend @jercollins_com, on several award winning films like #Drawnthemovie and #Damnationfilm with @ben_knight. Road-tripped with the crew. We've moved around to several studio spaces. Through animation, we've taught a lot of Wisconsin elementary students about their state's history. We've eaten a lot of tacos and have drank a lot of coffee! (Well, that's not changing with our name, obviously.) So cheers to the freedom that freelance has brought to us, and to those who believed in us and invested your own emotions and energy is us Howdies. 😘 ___________________________ #raiseyourglasses #rebranding #cheers #thankfulness #freelance
rebranding - cheers - thankfulness - drawnthemovie - damnationfilm - freelance - raiseyourglasses -
jercollins_com : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️sniff sniff
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When you're all alone in a small town in Alabama in between @imbameanssing screenings and you see one of the original TVA dams outside your hotel window, there's really no choice but to trespass and climb across it. Especially if you're a fan of @ben_knight and #damnationfilm. #worthit #ruralexploring #southerncircuit #imbaontour #giveadam #tennesseeriver
worthit - southerncircuit - imbaontour - ruralexploring - damnationfilm - giveadam - tennesseeriver -
bretttrapp : Florence?
ben_knight : Boom!
erinbernhardt4 : @bretttrapp yes!!! It's beautiful! Tell me what to see, do and eat please! Here all day tomorrow for a screening in Sheffield tomorrow night! Where in Florence, Sheffield and Muscle Shoals?!?! Thank you friend!
erinbernhardt4 : Oh and send your peeps @bretttrapp! Info on Imba website and ritz theater! 😘
erinbernhardt4 : @ben_knight 👊🏻!!!
bretttrapp : Get coffee at Rivertown or Turbo. Gotta eat at Ricatonis for dinner or get a burger at Staggs Grocery for lunch. And cocktails at Odette.
erinbernhardt4 : Score thanks @bretttrapp!!!
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Leon Vs Svetlana #residentevildamnation#damnationfilm#leonkennedy#kennedyleon#leonscottkennedy#svetlanazakharova#movietime
kennedyleon - residentevildamnation - svetlanazakharova - leonscottkennedy - leonkennedy - damnationfilm - movietime -
sh.khayat1422 : @soso054353 ليون فخااامه 😍😍
claireredfield_ - sherry_redfield_rd - lara_croft_8711 - official.leon.s.kennedy -
"water is the same as the blood in our bodies; stagnation is death." - David James Duncan on DamNation. Two trout swimming above a natural spring pumping 10,000 Gallons of water per minute 40 feet below the surface. Our rivers and the springs that feed them are valuable. The preservation of this beautiful wonder is everything. #upperpenninsula #puremichigan #bigspring #neverstopexploring #damnation #damnationfilm #patagonia #saveourrivers #natureovereverything #wilderness #intothewoods #naturalspring #trout #seeamerica #travel #michiganawesome
natureovereverything - michiganawesome - wilderness - damnationfilm - neverstopexploring - intothewoods - puremichigan - damnation - patagonia - naturalspring - upperpenninsula - bigspring - travel - saveourrivers - seeamerica - trout -
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Never give up; for even rivers someday wash dams away. #freethesnake #damnationfilm #damnation #patagonia #oregon #exploreoregon #environmentalist #hellscanyon @patagonia
environmentalist - exploreoregon - hellscanyon - damnationfilm - oregon - freethesnake - damnation - patagonia -
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"We are rolling, on the river, we are rolling out to sea... Just me, and my baby..." Our song Rivermouth is a tribute to this place. At the edge of the Klamath, where lyrics spill out like fishes. The Klamath River is one of the next big rivers slated to have its damn removed, to allow free flowing waters back to the sea, restore the salmon and trout migration, and rebuild the river cultures.We are documentary geeks! Learn more by watching this one DamNation . It's an incredible story about the history and subsequent removal of big river damns!!! Let us know what you think!! #groundswell #risingappalachia #widercircles #nofilter #undamtheklamath #damnationfilm @patagonia
widercircles - nofilter - undamtheklamath - risingappalachia - groundswell - damnationfilm -
seekspirit : 😍
risingappalachia : @cyrus_sutton Yes !!! Thankyou for the info. Let's talk more. ❤️
ami.opal : ❤️🙏💦💧🌊🙏❤️
galactic_glass_recycler : Gorgeous
galactic_glass_recycler : #Subliminal #ohmonic
fullplatefarm : I loved that movie.
chelseaohalloran : Oh yes!
willow.eir : #undam the Klamath!!!!!!
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Attention followers of Backcountry Lark: please follow @swingthefly Zack Williams is a good friend, world class spey fisherman/guide and teacher of the shop's intro to fly fishing class. The shop is looking forward to more photos from his guided and personal adventures. @swingthefly via @GPRepostApp #flyfishing #wild #salmon #steelhead #freeflowingrivers #FREETHESNAKE #damnationfilm #patagonia #echoflyfishing #troutbus
troutbus - flyfishing - damnationfilm - salmon - freethesnake - echoflyfishing - patagonia - wild - freeflowingrivers - steelhead -
thetroutbus - bozeflyworks - anadromous - trout_bum406 -
Tonight we are teaming up with Alpenglow Sports and Patagonia again to present 'The New Localism: Environmental Film Festival' featuring three shorts ( Mile for Mile, Defined by the Line, and The Fisherman's Son) and one feature film, Damnation. Only $5, 7 pm. Tix at #tahoecity #tahoearthaus #tahoemovie #laketahoe #damnationfilm #fishermansson #mileformile #patagonia #alpenglowsports
tahoemovie - damnationfilm - laketahoe - tahoecity - fishermansson - patagonia - tahoearthaus - mileformile - alpenglowsports -
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#Repost @backcountrylark with @repostapp. ・・・ #FREETHESNAKE #damnation #saveourwildsalmon #steelhead #Oregon #Washington #Idaho #idahome #idahogram #freeflowingrivers #restore #protect #reconnect #damnationfilm #patagonia #wild #salmon #keepemwet
saveourwildsalmon - restore - keepemwet - damnation - damnationfilm - washington - oregon - salmon - freethesnake - reconnect - patagonia - freeflowingrivers - repost - protect - idaho - idahome - idahogram - wild - steelhead -
scottykelso : @the_jakem
rgedwards66 : @boilline78
idaho_native : Nice.
fishing_bully - backcountryadventureservice - akkenaigirl - remaxplatinumor -
#FREETHESNAKE #damnation #saveourwildsalmon #steelhead #Oregon #Washington #Idaho #idahome #idahogram #freeflowingrivers #restore #protect #reconnect #damnationfilm #patagonia #wild #salmon #keepemwet
saveourwildsalmon - restore - keepemwet - damnation - damnationfilm - washington - oregon - salmon - freethesnake - reconnect - patagonia - freeflowingrivers - protect - idaho - idahome - idahogram - wild - steelhead -
mitchellinman1 : @backcountrylark where Is that at?
mitchellinman1 : @da_wallace @alaskancaptainchunk @jesssrobbins
backcountrylark : @mitchellinman1 downtown Portland Oregon at 901 SW Salmon St. "Salmon Swimming Through Wall"
moecheekzmusic : 👌
g_47_d - wanderingbluelines - scottbilledeaux - 74daniele -
Ernie's Gorge is not for the faint of heart. Guarded by a locked gate, a steep trail, mandatory rock climbing and thick brush, it's hard to believe this stunning section of the NF #Snoqualmie #river is smack dab in a suburban neighborhood. The bedrock and steep gradient of Ernie's #gorge make for a tempting location for building a #dam. Right now, the Black Canyon Hydroelectric Project is still a long ways from breaking ground, but the threat is real. You can learn more by googling 'black canyon hydroelectric project'+American whitewater' #damnationfilm @amerwhitewater @americanrivers @waterlust @wa_wild @patagonia #snorkeling #pnw #riversnorkling @riversandcreeks #wildriver #water #wildswimming
riversnorkling - wildswimming - dam - wildriver - damnationfilm - pnw - water - gorge - river - snoqualmie - snorkeling -
jacobtavenor77 : @cass.button
yasir_cimoo - saidehmousavipour - fernandodivecr - graylingwilkes -
Working in remote locations has its benefits. This is Matilija Dam, so stoked I got to see some infamous guerilla graffiti. Sorry for the poor picture quality, snapped it from a dirt road while driving.
matilijadam - damnationfilm -
seaneyerick : Google search the Dam for the backstory, it's interesting.
seaneyerick : #matilijadam #damnationfilm
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Final day of salvage for this stretch of the Deschutes at Lava Island. I do love doing this even though I am just a volunteer. Have a great day everybody!! #deschutes #oregon #trout #troutbus #damnationfilm #conserve #protect #restore #reconnect #sustain
restore - protect - troutbus - damnationfilm - oregon - sustain - reconnect - deschutes - conserve - trout -
dan_root : Thanks Gabe for all you do for those of us that like to fish.
d_michael77 : Thanks for doing what you do man. Go @thetroutbus !!!
cut_up_crew - kousuke033 - wastwai -
Time lapse of marking the edges of the pool we will be electro shocking with ODFW & USFS tomorrow morning. It will be interesting to see how many fish come out of it. My guess is 1,846. What's your guess? #freethedeschutes #freethefish #protect #restore #reconnect #sustain #damnationfilm #troutbus #trout #oregon #deschutes @hh_outfitters @blackstrap_inc @theflyfishersplace @troutunlimited @nativefishsociety @patagonia_flyfish @patagonia
restore - protect - freethedeschutes - troutbus - freethefish - damnationfilm - oregon - sustain - reconnect - deschutes - trout -
thetroutbus : @lilggsdad @blackstrap_inc @cascadeanglers @idahbro @onadryfly @scannett13 @jerseytroutaddict the total from today was 2118!!!!
lilggsdad : 👍👍
idahbro : Damn I was close
jerseytroutaddict : Wow
jerseytroutaddict : Everyone was guessing high so I figured I'd throw the low ball like the price is
scannett13 : I think I got the closest. I'll take it.
cascadeanglers : Nice work!!!!
onadryfly : @thetroutbus thanks for the update. Such a cool project and update. Any fish surprisingly big?
wanderingbluelines - kousuke033 - atx_angler - scflyguy231979 -
Yesterday was all about catching fish on the lower Deschutes. Today was all about helping fish survive on the upper Deschutes. As the annual irrigation adjustments happen this side channel that has several deeper pools runs dry. The fish get stranded and left for dead. To minimize the impact, @bendcastingclub has organized volunteer efforts to transport these fish in 5 gallon buckets back out to the main channel of the river about 1/2 mile in some somewhat rugged terrain. The 2 buckets that I helped transport today contained roughly 300 rainbow and brown trout, several over 24". I'm glad to be a part of this and a huge thanks to some real special people taking these rescue efforts to the next level @kimbrannock and @thetroutbus @deschutestroutbum @dmcwill @loveoutdoorsandaj and several others. This is all part of a much bigger conversation of how to fix it, until then we'll use nets, buckets and aerators. #conservation #fish #fishing #flyfishing #damnation #outdoors #wildlife #wilderness #trout #damnationfilm #inbend
wildlife - wilderness - flyfishing - fish - damnationfilm - conservation - fishing - damnation - outdoors - inbend - trout -
syndicate_ff : Well done!
loveoutdoorsandaj : 👊 @tightlinepress
wheresjerrrrry : Nice, I was about to mention battery powered bubblers, then I see one on the bucket. NICE! Keeping the fish happy.
tightlinepress : @wheresjerrrrry yes we have aerators on the buckets. Hope you are well my friend. It's been way too long.
mattborg23 : Wow awesome!
chrisclogston7 : Sweet!
tightlinepress : Thanks @syndicate_ff @still_wild @mattdub23 @chrisclogston7 there was another relocation effort today in conjunction with ODFW and I believe one more day tomorrow. This is what happens when the irrigation canals get shut off and the flows kick down to start storing water for next season. The Deschutes runs at a trickle through the winter. It's just too bad this is the management plan that is in place for now.
outdoorinwithred : killen it! 🙌
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We are teaming up with Patagonia and Alpenglow to bring you 'The New Localism: A Night of Evironmental Films' on Oct. 21. The evening includes four films: Damnation, the Fisherman's Son, Defined by the Line, and Mile for Mile. We are all locals, and we all have a chance to make a difference. Tix only $5 at #tahoecity #tahoearthaus #laketahoe #tahoemovie #northshoretahoe #patagonia #alpenglowsports #damnationfilm #localism
tahoemovie - northshoretahoe - damnationfilm - laketahoe - tahoecity - alpenglowsports - patagonia - localism - tahoearthaus -
urbanminingcosf : Sounds fun!
theduncan775 : Should I park my diesel truck with snowmobiles out front for this one??
k_e_v_i_n_j_o_n_e_s_ : A great movie. A Must see for even the biggest skeptic!
urbanminingcosf - kimmyhoekstra - johnnyberwald - olympicbike -
"I Was There" - Free The Snake River. Latest blog post is up!! Come by and have a read!!! #itsaboutthefishnotthegear #steelhead #salmon #ontheroad #washington #oregon #conserve #protect #restore #reconnect #sustain #damnationfilm #patagonia
restore - protect - damnationfilm - itsaboutthefishnotthegear - salmon - ontheroad - washington - oregon - sustain - reconnect - patagonia - conserve - steelhead -
tanfishner : An awesome read, sounded like a wonderful time!
wanderingbluelines - kousuke033 - rtdmakes - die_seibellinos -
Lonesome Larry butting his head against Lower Granite Dam. #FREETHESNAKE lets remove the lower four Snake River dams. #salmon #steelhead #Oregon #Washington #idaho #idahome #idahogram #freeflowingrivers #restore #protect #reconnect #damnation #damnationfilm #patagonia #wild
restore - reconnect - damnationfilm - washington - oregon - salmon - freethesnake - damnation - patagonia - freeflowingrivers - protect - steelhead - idahome - idahogram - wild - idaho -
thetroutbus - trout_bum406 - therealmansman -
#cascadia #washington #oregon #damnationfilm #reconnect #restore #protect #conserve #sustain #salmon #steelhead #troutbus #souplefly #throwbackfishing #hhoutfitters #patagonia #itsaboutthefishnotthegear
restore - throwbackfishing - cascadia - troutbus - washington - damnationfilm - oregon - salmon - reconnect - patagonia - conserve - protect - hhoutfitters - sustain - souplefly - itsaboutthefishnotthegear - steelhead -
cascadianow : This is an awesome pic! What's the story behind the photo?
thetroutbus : @cascadianow - that is Herb and he was one of the hundreds of people who came out to the Snake River Flotilla on October 3 to raise awareness about having the lower 4 dams of the Snake River removed.
cascadianow : That's great. Herb Goodwin, he's a badass :)
wanderingbluelines - kousuke033 - scflyguy231979 - matteo_melotti93 -
Cannot put into words how awesome today was. Over 120 boats, kayaks, pontoons, drift boats, and sleds took to the water today in support of removing the lower 4 dams on the Snake River. I am thankful to have this experience tucked away inside me. #salmon #steelhead #itsaboutthefishnotthegear #oregon #washington #conserve #protect #restore #reconnect #damnationfilm
restore - protect - itsaboutthefishnotthegear - damnationfilm - washington - oregon - salmon - reconnect - conserve - steelhead -
ammolite_photography : That float is so awesome! Sounds like an incredible time.
wlshafor : That's so awesome congrats and I hope to keep hearing about more dam removals they need to take down a few in Norther CA
matteo_melotti93 - wanderingbluelines - kousuke033 - jeremiahjw5 -
Ok this oughta get me there!!!! Nothing like driving and trying to stay sane!!! #itsaboutthefishnotthegear #reconnect #restore #protect #sustain #troutbus #reconnect #ontheroad #damnationfilm
restore - protect - itsaboutthefishnotthegear - ontheroad - damnationfilm - troutbus - sustain - reconnect -
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I always pack the good stuff for a road trip to be part of an amazing thing like bringing down deadbeat dams on the Lower Snake River. #damnationfilm #salmon #washington #oregon #itsaboutthefishnotthegear #conserve #protect #restore #reconnect #sustain #basilhayden #souplefly #hhoutfitters #bsbrand
restore - protect - basilhayden - itsaboutthefishnotthegear - washington - damnationfilm - oregon - bsbrand - salmon - hhoutfitters - sustain - reconnect - conserve - souplefly -
rdrewsen : #lettheriversflow
thetroutbus : I like rivers like I like my whiskey @rdrewsen - flowing freely and no ice.
rdrewsen : #whiskeyriver
wanderingbluelines - kousuke033 - provoriverfishingcompany - ricettepapillon -
Boxes with hats and stickers are heading to the post office first thing tomorrow morning. I'm heading to the Lower Snake River for a flotilla party to remove the lower 4 dams. Hit me up if you are heading out there too!!! #troutbus #conserve #protect #restore #reconnect #sustain #itsaboutthefishnotthegear #oregon #washington #salmon #damnationfilm
restore - protect - troutbus - damnationfilm - washington - oregon - salmon - sustain - reconnect - itsaboutthefishnotthegear - conserve -
oakmanorflyfishing : Stoked.
elflaco_hombre : #ecoterrorism
wanderingbluelines - kousuke033 - ricettepapillon - ontheh20 -
Help us get President Obama to crack down on potentially harmful dams in our rivers, starting with four federally operated dams on the Lower Snake River. Click the link in my bio to sign the petition. #saveourrivers #damnationfilm #idahorivers #riverpurist #sageflyfish #repyourwater #redingtongear #flyfishing #freethesnakeriver #freethesnake #loonoutdoors
sageflyfish - flyfishing - redingtongear - saveourrivers - damnationfilm - idahorivers - repyourwater - freethesnake - riverpurist - freethesnakeriver - loonoutdoors -
eliza_menlove : Yes!
chris_cardella : Signed it
ella.jw : Tbh// Asa!! You and I have known each other forever and we still get to see each other almost every day. You're the best ski buddy👊🏽
asamenlove : Thanks dawg @ella.jw
laurathexplorrer - motocross_277 - eastcfly - wytxproductions -
Free the Snake: Restoring America's Greatest Salmon River. Snake River Salmon have been trucked, shipped, sent up ladders-all costly and failed bids to stop their decline. It's time: Remove the dams; reconnect wild fish to their watershed. Join @mattstoecker on October 3rd to show your support for a free Snake River. #freethesnake #damnationfilm
damnationfilm - freethesnake -
backcountrylark - nwacus - rpxbrady_ - jjw737 -
Idea generation session at #savetheblueheartofeurope #patagonia #damnation #damnationfilm
damnationfilm - savetheblueheartofeurope - damnation - patagonia -
robiewolfe - earthtravelapparel - carlitocrest - greenina1 -
No access. #landscape #damnationfilm #lospadresnationalforest #lospadres #matilija #outdoors #outside
outside - lospadres - outdoors - matilija - damnationfilm - landscape - lospadresnationalforest -
wupchurch92 - d4iniguez - n.yadaa - glukhovasvetlana -
Teaching what's important. #davidjamesduncan #theemeraldmile and @patagonia #damnationfilm. #itssuchaperfectday @universityofri
damnationfilm - itssuchaperfectday - theemeraldmile - davidjamesduncan -
drmom031210 - sweetneareast - jenkoenigsberger - acii3i3nn3k4y -
Rio Baker | few rivers this large in the world remain undammed and free flowing | located in Chile in the Aysén region. #damnationfilm #riobaker #patagonia
riobaker - damnationfilm - patagonia -
hannahkistner -
#Repost @mikkopeltola ・・・ Vaelluskaloilla vapaa väylä ois, kun kajautettais pato pois. Vapaa koski kaunis ja luonnolle tärkeä, eikä tarttis kulttuuriakaan särkeä. Museot voimalat miljöö, ennalleen jäisi kun vain vedessä oleva muuri räjähtäisi. Kun kaikki hyvin suunniteltais ja purkuhommissa taustalla ois vahva tutkijoiden kanta, jäis ennalleen myös Pikkukosken uimaranta. Nyt loppuu tämä pikkumaistissa tehty juonto, mut pääasia on että kaiken tän sonnan keskellä edes joskus sais kiittää luonto. #freevkk #vapaavantaanjoki #damnationfilm #damnation #flyfishing #vaelluskalat
freevkk - damnation - vaelluskalat - flyfishing - vapaavantaanjoki - damnationfilm - repost -
postflybox : 🍻🍻
postflybox - coloradoangler - tenkararodco - ahmadsyfq -
Vaelluskaloilla vapaa väylä ois, kun kajautettais pato pois. Vapaa koski kaunis ja luonnolle tärkeä, eikä tarttis kulttuuriakaan särkeä. Museot voimalat miljöö, ennalleen jäisi kun vain vedessä oleva muuri räjähtäisi. Kun kaikki hyvin suunniteltais ja purkuhommissa taustalla ois vahva tutkijoiden kanta, jäis ennalleen myös Pikkukosken uimaranta. Nyt loppuu tämä pikkumaistissa tehty juonto, mut pääasia on että kaiken tän sonnan keskellä edes joskus sais kiittää luonto. #freevkk #vapaavantaanjoki #damnationfilm #damnation #flyfishing #vaelluskalat
freevkk - damnation - flyfishing - vapaavantaanjoki - damnationfilm - vaelluskalat -
__sakke : Oikein!
teeriotti : #peltolapresidentiksi
sarierja : Tavattoman tyhmiä kaloja kun eivät yli sataan vuoteen ole oppineet käyttämään vieressä virtaavaa täysin avointa uomaa.
sekasortoa : 👍👍👍
timo_marjala : Anteeks? @sarierja
okytola : @anttipursiainen
laurijohannees : 💪
mikkopeltola : @sarierja Kyllä, siinä mielessä kalat ovat tyhmiä. Ne eivät myöskään osaa lukea karttaa. Padon alla oleva virta houkuttaa niitä valitettavasti yrittämään mahdottomasta paikasta yli. Siksi pato pitäisi purkaa. Mainitsemasi avoin uoma toimii joillekin kaloille mutta esimerkiksi siialle se on liian jyrkkä. Loiventaa ei voi koska alla on peruskallio. Kyllä se vain luonnon kannalta olisi parasta pistää vedessä oleva muuri nurin ja rakentaa sen yläpuolelle komea koski.
anasuontamo - antti_seppala_ - henanko - poweredbyniko -
Muutaman minuutin katselun aikana kolme äärimmäisen uhanalaista meritaimenta löi päätään muuriin. Kulttuuriperintöä, vedessä olevaa vanhaa muuria suojellaan luonnon kustannuksella. Kuva Sami Takarautio @samimatias #freevkk #damnationfilm #vantaanjoki #vanhankaupunginkoski #vapaavantaanjoki
vantaanjoki - vapaavantaanjoki - damnationfilm - freevkk - vanhankaupunginkoski -
ricothekidd : What did the fish say when it hit the wall? Dam!
anasuontamo : Ei muuta kun leka käteen ja hommiin.
kurwaslobo : #freetherivers vedet vapaaksi!
jushaapa : Tuollahan näyttäis olevan kaivinkone sillalla jo valmiina, joku vois käydä vähän vinkkaamassa ylitöistä!
tero_vain : Ei voi tykätä kuvasta, surullista..
_.mari._ : 😕
simoeni : Tykätään kuvasta vain sen takia, että sanoma leviäisi laajemmalle.
anasuontamo - poweredbyniko - janukka_ - lisssup -
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