#MCM #thisguy playing #fútbol⚽️ with his #daughterπŸ‘§πŸ˜ @daouvineyards #pasorobles #winecountry #latergram #daddyslittlegirl #love❀️ photo credit @amysupes☺️
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First family portrait of the year. See that person standing in between me and my mum? He's the first person to say to me things like "whatever happens in the future, no matter how bad you argue with your mum, remember she's the one who suffered for 9 months for you. Always listen to whatever she has to say no matter how much it annoys you or makes you wanna scream." And things like "I've always believed EQ is more important in IQ. It's okay if you're not the best in class, EQ is what you really need in working world." Only few days apart and I'm already missing you, daddy 😒❀️ #daddyslittlegirl
daddyslittlegirl -
Docha ubila πŸ˜‚ znachit govorit mne: Mama, ne perezhivay, esli plastelin zakonchitsya, papa nam eshe kupit. A ya govoru: Klassno, papa nam vse pokupaet da? Ona: Daaa, papa nash gerooooy, on mne eshe chupa chupsy pokupaet, a tebe ne kupit πŸ˜‚ #daddyslittlegirl
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I used to hate mornings. Then this little girl came into my life. Now I can't wait to play with her even though it is usually earlier than most are awake. #avatheresa #daddyslittlegirl #babyava #shessocute
shessocute - babyava - avatheresa - daddyslittlegirl -
nikkicoscia -
May namimis ang bata. #kulitNiYadda #myLivingDoll #alingYadda #missesHerDad #daddySlittleGirl #sleep #goodnight
goodnight - kulitniyadda - sleep - alingyadda - missesherdad - mylivingdoll - daddyslittlegirl -
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For being "anak kost" or going taken by someone else is not that "just", it's hard apparantly. I've met so many guys even kind of the real man, I think. Pah, so many hurt feelings come insistent insistently, it is fucking hard for your only one daughter.. Which is forcing me to be stronger.. And learn many things about life. Those things are making me more mature and it doesn't mean that I am strong enough without you. I got really big point, pah.. Yeah this is exactly natural deal; you're the only one gentleman who have never hurt me. Never. I just can't wait to stoop on you, to get my blissed more. May Allah bless you more, give you long life and healthy, happy and blessed.. Barakallah ya Abi.. #bestdad #dad #daddyslittlegirl #father #bestfather #family #love #blessed #instaCropApp
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His #first #selfie-awareness #mydad is a caveman, he's #Grug and I'm his #Eep. : ) #daddyslittlegirl #forever and #ever! #love #myfirstlove
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Nori #daddy#kanyewest#kanye#daddyslittlegirl#kanyenorth#nori#north#bundleofjoy#cutenori#solittle#thewests
bundleofjoy - solittle - cutenori - north - thewests - kanyenorth - kanyewest - kanye - nori - daddy - daddyslittlegirl -
jlover_for_life : πŸ™ˆπŸ˜˜πŸ™ˆβ€οΈ
muki_ny - wepa_hp - argenys_cabrera - kylieyenner -
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Love this picture of me and my #dad dancing at last weekend's #dejavu at the @pleasantdalechateau. Last time we had a turn around the dance floor was my #wedding! #daddyslittlegirl #fatherofthebride #pleasantdalechateau
dad - dejavu - fatherofthebride - wedding - pleasantdalechateau - daddyslittlegirl -
sabriasbrows : Lovely
angieg214 : You look beautiful. Great picture.
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My little monkey getting more and more beautiful everyday just like her mama. πŸ˜™πŸ˜ #prouddad #dadsinthegame #littleone #mylittlegirl #gettingsobig #beautiful #daddyslittlegirl
beautiful - gettingsobig - mylittlegirl - littleone - dadsinthegame - prouddad - daddyslittlegirl -
_immunidoe : She's adorable 😍 Congrats!
cristhina93 : The cute little adorable face she is making.makes my heart melt .she is so precious congratulations to you both
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Hello Sweetie😍 @miumiu Thanks Daddy❀️ #me #italiangirl #miumiugold #miumiuheels #miumiushoes #navy #directioner #smilers #BESTFORBUSINESS #DADDYSLITTLEGIRL
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Oh my, oh my! Dad came home from Dubai with my watch!! How did he know I had my nails prepared for this!? ✈️ 😻 #Dubai #MarcJacobs #happiness #daddyslittlegirl #alwayslooksafterme #neverleaveagainthough #purelove #rosegold #armygreen
armygreen - dubai - marcjacobs - neverleaveagainthough - rosegold - alwayslooksafterme - purelove - happiness - daddyslittlegirl -
ravesdavid : 😍😍😍
samiimartin : Isn't it just!! 😝😝😍😍 @ravesdavid
ravesdavid : I can't even comprehend how much I love it!! Esp the colour😍❀️ #sojealous lucky girl
samiimartin : I know the colour is off the heezy! Haha I saw it and had to have it! Asked daddy and he came home with the goods! @ravesdavid haha
ravesdavid : Damn dad will be going overseas soon perhaps I can do the same thing? Only thing is I want the same colour😩 #twins?
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#IaraZahira #DaddysLittleGirl #Buchua #DaddyAndDaughterLove #LatePost
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chaledy : Hermosa!!! 😍😍😍
lilianalopez08 : Esa gordita πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
___mnrrxo : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
liliz01 : Tan bella 😍😍😍😍
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Day out at the park 😊 #daddyslittlegirl #daddydaughterlove #bubbasgrownsomuch #17months #piggytails #cutie #fun #sunnydays #loveher #lovehim #swings #park #playground
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Remembering you is easy, I do it everyday ❀️ missing you is the heartache that never goes away πŸ’” #daddyslittlegirl #oneofthosenights
oneofthosenights - daddyslittlegirl -
perriperridavies : πŸ’•
_lorentaylorr : πŸ’œ
kristencampbellxo : Xxx sending hugs and kisses πŸ’—
kaitkaradeas : Love this photo ❀️❀️ love you 😘
jkriley93 : All sorts of ily for you izcat ♥️
nicola_russ - kaitkaradeas - jemmahadaway - miapetzke -
Tata i cerka :) <3 #daddy #babygirl #Elena #ljubav #daddyslittlegirl #daughter #baby #love
babygirl - ljubav - daughter - baby - love - elena - daddy - daddyslittlegirl -
dajannastracciatellaa : @sanjchezze predivnoooπŸ™ŠπŸ™ˆ
sanjchezze : @dajannastracciatellaa hvala :)
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My two most favourite men in the entire world β˜ΊπŸ’™ #bestdad #daddyslittlegirl #bigbrother #somuchlove #myfamily #mylife #soblessed
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tamtamburger : Hallooww! Beautiful pic ❀️love u guys xxx
thisgirlmegiepegs : Love u the most β˜ΊπŸ’“ @tamtamburger
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She's filled out her favourite @hm outfit nicely after 5 months! #mybabyisgrowingupsofast #fivemonths #giraffe #soproud #mybaby #myeverthing #daddyslittlegirl
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I want you to tuck me in tonight, and then kiss my forehead like you always used to do. I want your voice to wake me up tomorrow morning, and then drag me out of bed to cook our favorite breakfast together like we always used to do. I want you to make me cancel my plans with my friends so that we could go watch your favorite war movies at the theaters like we always used to do. I want you to take me drifting in your old school roadrunner, and remind me how proud you are of me like you always used to do. Most of all, I want you to physically be here with me. You'll forever be in our hearts, daddy. Your little princess loves you forever and everπŸ’• #RIP #myking #daddyslittlegirl #illseeyousoon #hero #idol #rolemodel #givemestrength
myking - givemestrength - rolemodel - rip - illseeyousoon - hero - idol - daddyslittlegirl -
berecia.reyes : I love you @kimmyneutronn @christian.8a
anjaythegreat1 : My condolences to you and your family. Heaven gained an amazing angel. Keep you head up love, love you ❀️❀️❀️
noemi1113 : I'm sorry for your lost your dad was the best godfather I could of asked for he always had a smile on his face when I heard the news it sounded too good to be true the news hurt my family but God got a new angel and your dad is watching over your family so be strong I bet he will be happy with the decisions you will make in your life so prayers go out to your family and to be strong β€οΈπŸ™πŸ‘Ό @kimmyneutronn & @christian.8a
kingarthurgotbars : @kimmyneutronn i know nothing i can say will make anything better.. But i am terribly sorry for your loss amiga! My prayers go out to you and your family if theres anything i can possibly do i am here for you.. May his soul rest in peace πŸ™πŸ‘Ό
kiimbrlii : I'm so sorry kimmy.My condolences to you and your Family, please stay strong baby girl❀️I'm here for you if you need anything. love you and may God give you and your family strength. praying for you allπŸ™
xogennaboo : I am so sorry for your loss mimi ❀️
thekingjxell : Praying . May healing & peace flow where you need it .
littlerosa01 : Ohh kimmy!!! I'm so sorry about your lost! I know how terribly hard it is too lost your daddy but I promise you I will keep you in my prayers so God can give you strength, healing and peace in your heart. I know that nothing I said can make you feel better rn and that we weren't never really that good of friends but if there's something I wish I would of had was someone to talk to so please know that if you ever need anything, you can count on me.
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Somehow she thinks her dad's the funniest person ever. #daddyslittlegirl
daddyslittlegirl -
ceceliavilaysone : @brianvilaysone
natalie_mac520 - speaking2appeared -
One of the best parts of fatherhood is enjoying the moments they will never remember. #father #daddyslittlegirl #empressmenen #Menen #daughter
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apeaksenuh : Fi real
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Found a baby snow leopard roaming around the hills of Studio City. Such a strange occurance in these parts.
babygirl - daughter - family - daddygang - father - beardgang - fatherhood - daddyslittlegirl -
tonitrapp : Awww
shelbyyylea : She is the cutest!
camiamarielle : Omg! πŸ˜©πŸ˜†πŸ’•β˜ΊοΈ baby love
gladysmagana : Haha her socks! πŸ˜‹
heavenlyrebekah : 😍😍😍
deanrisko : #daddygang #beardgang #fatherhood #father #daddyslittlegirl #family #daughter #babygirl
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#daddyslittlegirl #mylove #mydaughter we are one
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Birthday card for my daddy-& a just because oNe for my motheR~ I miss them so much 😘#happybirthday #lovely #art #papyrus #cards #VSCOcam
happybirthday - lovely - art - cards - vscocam - papyrus - daddyslittlegirl -
leena.87 : Cute!!!
x0_alicebaybeee : @leena.87 very^^ I tried to write dad in Khmer. Pretty sure I I spelled it β•₯﹏β•₯ #daddyslittlegirl
x0_alicebaybeee : Misspelled*
leena.87 : You do?!? Like English Khmer translation (ex: koun nuk pa) or the actual sanskrit ???
x0_alicebaybeee : @leena.87 Sanskrit. All that Cambodian summer school at the temple ^^;;
leena.87 : That is awesome! I wanna learn now.
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My baby girl Aleigha 😊 The love of my life!!! #cutie #cowgirl #countrygirl #happygirl #horsey 🐴 #kissyface #loveofmylife #proudfather #iloveyou #daughter #daddyslittlegirl #sweetheart #country #meltsmyheart
sweetheart - loveofmylife - daughter - kissyface - cowgirl - happygirl - horsey - countrygirl - iloveyou - proudfather - country - cutie - meltsmyheart - daddyslittlegirl -
joesylvester8 : Nice!
royal_rams : Great account keep it up!
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Your smile means the world to me....... πŸ‘ΌπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #adrianajasminesvideo #videogram #instavideo #filter #baby #babygirl #daughter #daddyslittlegirl #mommysbestfriend #growingteeth #growup #loveofmylife #otherhalf #smile #happiness #laugh #joy #heavenonearth #ig_kids #cutekidsclub #itsallaboutbaby
babygirl - loveofmylife - videogram - adrianajasminesvideo - growup - instavideo - laugh - baby - otherhalf - happiness - growingteeth - mommysbestfriend - daughter - heavenonearth - cutekidsclub - itsallaboutbaby - filter - ig_kids - smile - joy - daddyslittlegirl -
isun79 : @mrswahyu 😍😍😍 kangen neh sama postingan adriana...bentar lg anakku mpasi bln April....boleh yaa d repotin nanya2 😚😚
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Dads sidekick #fatherdaughter #daddyslittlegirl #dad #lovehim
fatherdaughter - dad - lovehim - daddyslittlegirl -
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Still can't get over, what a great weekend i had with my little princess. #ValerieMariana #MyJoy #MyLife #MyHeart #MyLove #DaddysGirl #DaddysLittleGirl #ProudDaddy #TattedUpDaddy #TattoodDad #TattooParents #Wolf #Wolfy #WolfyVille #BayLife #The_Bay_Area #The_Bay #TheBay #BayLiving #GoldenState #The_Golden_State #Warriors #Dubs #SheCameFromaWolf #WolfPrincess
the_bay_area - valeriemariana - tattooddad - baylife - wolfprincess - dubs - thebay - prouddaddy - wolfyville - mylife - tattedupdaddy - goldenstate - myheart - myjoy - the_golden_state - warriors - wolfy - the_bay - mylove - staytuned - tattooparents - wolf - shecamefromawolf - daddysgirl - bayliving - daddyslittlegirl -
tragedy_jackson : Awww her outfit how cute
mzmata2320 : Miss adorable sure got the cutest fits πŸ‘£πŸ’œπŸ’―
baylife_ceo : So do i! @soliidbabyy thanks πŸ˜‰
baylife_ceo : I kno rite... @la_mera_jefa13 so in love with her...😍
soliidbabyy : No problem ..
baylife_ceo : Super cute huh @tragedy_jackson we match perfectly don't we?
baylife_ceo : Thank you so much! @mzmata2320 you should see her little Easter outfit I got her. #StayTuned
_o_x_o_x : Awwwwwwwwβ€πŸ‘Άβ€
imfistacuffs - briannam559 - huerocortez - janessesluv -
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Siempre seré tu Niña #daddyslittlegirl# te amo Daddy πŸ’– gracias por siempre apollarme y aceptar mi felicidad alado de mi marido te quiero mucho Dad πŸ‘«
daddyslittlegirl -
jaz_perez - regular1accepted1 - marilimtz_7 - cared4me -
Aaron and Zara enjoying a morning milo on there matching oz trail chairs 😊. #daddyslittlegirl #zaraadventures #campingtrip #oztrail #milo #idonthaveanoztrail #huizyvisserminiholiday
zaraadventures - oztrail - milo - idonthaveanoztrail - daddyslittlegirl - huizyvisserminiholiday - campingtrip -
taleah_02 : When do u get back from ur trip @cassandrahuiz @azzahuiz
eddiedebruin1943 : Nice and relaxed nice photo
cassandrahuiz : We came back yesterday 😊 @taleah_02
judehoozy : Your mum and dad said hi xx
debruinhetty46 : Happy campersβ˜•οΈ
karenhuizy : Cute picture :)
husband_of_mich : That reminds me of making Aaron an early morning milo in preston beach. He wa
justgetoutdoors : Cool shot!
us_n_ours - azzahuiz - chloeplug - aloisehuizenga -
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