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chicaro5219 : Beautiful country side pics you take, and also cabins pics.
beateorten : Thanks a lot, Oscar! This is actually in the middle of Oslo. A city idyll 😊 @chicaro5219
chicaro5219 : In the middle of Oslo. But let me tell you, thouse country side style houses are very pretty even though if they r in the capital.
chicaro5219 : For me not used to see that style of houses right here down in Venezuela, they are very pretty for its particular design.
beateorten : Thanks! They look great - both in the city and in the countryside 😊 @chicaro5219
chicaro5219 : You are right. Beate you like the same country design I like for houses. I would enjoy to spend some ahort time iiside those cabins.
beateorten : Yep, cosy traditional Norwegian houses. I like both traditional and modern though 😊 @chicaro5219
chicaro5219 : Do you have pics of modern houses of Oslo just to watch the architecture of some?? And by the way do you have a pic taken from the air of the entire city?? Well just if you have posted or going to post it right here. I like Oslo, because it is a nordic city.
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Kaffe. Det er godt. #kaffe #daasgate
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Sommer #daasgate #oslo #sprin #summerfashion
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