I just finished watching the abc family movie cyberbully with Emily osment for the first time EVER!!! Um I cried early in the movie and cried bout four times watching it. I mean I can relate to the characters so much.. and it was so amazing I love this movie I totally recommend it! #cyberbully #emilyosment #bullies #bullying #stopbullying #staystrong #ily #amazingmovie #inspirational
survivors - bandtogether - stopbullying365 - staystrong - warriors - bullies - bullying - amazingmovie - inspirational - emilyosment - ily - stopbullying - cyberbully -
staystrongloves._ : We should band together like in red band society!!! :) #stopbullying365 #bandtogether. #survivors #warriors
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Yik Yak is for people who are afraid to say sh** to someone's face, so they hide behind an anonymous account, and it's pretty pathetic πŸ˜’ #yikyak#pathetic#cyberbully
yikyak - pathetic - cyberbully -
patriciaweokoluk : Agreed πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
best.yikyaks : Hey I'm a new account, follow? I don't encourage cyber bullying, I only post funny stuff. :)
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I just watched the movie cyber bully and it made me cry so much!!! #cyberbully #cry
cry - cyberbully -
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#Hipster #Grunge #SoftGrunge #PastelGrunge #Boho #Rad #Punk #Goth #Indie #Hippy #Creepy #Weird #Awkward #Tumblr #Thoughts #Quotes #SeaPunk #Pastel #Rock #Wanderer #Vintage #dark #blackandwhite #cyberbully #ily
softgrunge - rad - grunge - blackandwhite - indie - goth - tumblr - quotes - hippy - dark - seapunk - cyberbully - pastel - wanderer - awkward - pastelgrunge - vintage - punk - creepy - boho - hipster - thoughts - rock - weird - ily -
its_paige_caniff : Love that movie ily❀
teenager_1227 : Well, a lot of people care about you. So you should try. A lot of people love how your eyes light up when your laughing or talking about a new vine you saw, how you crack jokes ALL the time. A lot of people love you.
__abbylane__ : Morgan Ily don't ever forget that
ashtonmorris18 - kake2eat - mrhedgesthehedgehog - __abbylane__ -
"Azerath Metrion Zinthos!" • • • Hello, so I am Raven Rachel Roth (as Cosplay) No, I did not buy my Followers, I had this acc before. So don't #cyberbully that isn't cool. Anyhoo! I come from a place called Azerath, and I was raised by the Monks of Azerath. My mother dissapered, and my Father, Trigon is horrable! So I basiclly am a Demon (a full one)
cyberbully -
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me rn
quotes - depressed - movie - scared - cyberbully - alone - sad -
harolds.applejuice : #sad #depressed #cyberbully #movie #quotes #alone #scared
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uptoshannanagans : Im basically laughing at you right now. @breahnax4
uptoshannanagans : #none <3 @breahnax4
uptoshannanagans : A hoe? Lolololol obviously you're mistaken. (: and again, the only ones who talk bad about me, are just mad I have something they dont, whatever it may be. Which I dont understand why they're mad? Jealousy is such an ugly color on you, dear. You're just trying to start stuff because you can or you're bored and apparently have no life. Why don't you go check on your child, instead of checking up on me. @breahnax4
uptoshannanagans : Stability? A job maybe? Or maybe I keep my nose out of people's business because it's none of mine? Idk. The ones who are never in drama get dragged into it by girls like you (; @breahnax4
uptoshannanagans : Wow. You are literally a level of idiocy I've never seen before. Besides, this is over the internet. You're quite brave for a girl over the internet ive never met before nor do I know your name. ( that was sarcasm if you couldn't comprehend that.)
uptoshannanagans : @breahnax4
uptoshannanagans : No im not. (: but its cute you pretend to know me. Awwwhh you're adorable. @breahnax4
uptoshannanagans : And again, I have pictures without makeup on, I look basically the same with or without it. If you're going to try to insult me, please try harder. Because I just keep loving how entertaining you're being. And here I thought I'd have a dull night. But no. The jester has come to play. @breahnax4
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Thanks @bravojeffrey. At least three others have sent me similar messages. #meagmooneyaintmeganmahoney #cyberbullyπŸ‘Š
meagmooneyaintmeganmahoney - cyberbully -
raquelreilly - ashcap920 - kristinalburke - csullivan964 -
Right in the feels 😭 #cyberbully
cyberbully -
dakotagreathouse_ - barker.lilli35 - hopeegoble - mikki_1111 -
😭 #cyberbully
cyberbully -
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Attention CyberBullies the new teaser for Kramer 2 "Giddy Up" is live on . The full length premiers next Wednesday the 29th. Get ready to "Take it up a Notch!!"Thanks to the generous support of @friend_ship_skateboards @kruxtrucks @boneswheels @deklinefootwear @stancesocks @bona_drag @instacramps @stinky_dinky @awaywardpiz @davekiehl and all the CyberBullies from coast to coast. Get on that information super highway and tell the world what you really think. @instaseinfeld @seinfelddaily @seinfeld2000 #kramer2 #skateboarding #seinfeld #kramericaindustries #cosplay #cosmokramer #cyberbully #takingitupanotch S.L.A.R.P.I.N.G "Seinfeld Live Action Role Playing" #bobsacamono #kennyrogersroasters
kramericaindustries - cosplay - kennyrogersroasters - sullyisterriffic - cosmokramer - kramer2 - seinfeld - skateboarding - takingitupanotch - bobsacamono - cyberbully -
camludeke : What. @dongkitty
tim_farrell : @flacers @jimniehoff
doucherz : @clarasmells_ reminds me of when @flpt__ tries to skate xD
ericjeckert : Can't wait
mcnuggets : Kramer has a Deathwish.
computerblueart : Several rocks were hit in yer honor @mcnuggets
fruit0loops : @rejectedxpokemon
mrskrajewski : So damn funny, can't wait to see
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Movie Marathon Night!! #cyberbully
cyberbully -
simmeralways2003 - jessicahopemegargle - jessica.labonte.169 - nellymarie14 -
Movie marathon nite!!!! #cyberbully the movie
cyberbully -
simmeralways2003 - foreverballroom -
Had another bad day. I kind of wanna go die rn πŸ˜”πŸ”«πŸ’Š
suicidal - ana - suicidequotes - brokenquotes - sadquotes - fat - sad - depressing - broken - unhappyquotes - done - alone - depressedquotes - depression - cyberbully - worthless - suicide - ugly - mia - hated - depressionquotes - unhappy - depressed - nothing - helpme - anxiety -
obsesedvibess : F4F
depressionbecameme : @beautiful__lies__x awh :/ dm me bonita chicka πŸ’œ
hands.of.luke : @sabrina.ew
_.jesika : Like back? X
x_.kaileashadon._x : @forever_and_always_kylie @donnyisabella
maddie_helmer : @radicalmads_
that_kidd_alexx12cx : Stop
weirdo_ugh : Please don't if you need to talk please dm me and I'm sorry that people think your ugly and fat when you aren't you're beautiful
weirdo_ugh - dont_leave321 - allixistexas - invisible_emma -
pesto crab risotto w/ taleggio and parmesan. homemade crab stock and pistachio pesto. this was pretty good...
cyberbully -
kimonosrock : @uniformrec yeah that's the spot for those fine ingredient purchases. Funky regarding taleggio. In the best fucking way.
orchidissues : Nice - scored so many lobster mushrooms the other day and did lobster mushroom risotto, with homemade stock. Twas awesome.
uniformrec : @orchidissues that sounds great! Haven't been cooking much lately so I figured I'd go for broke and make something fairly labor intensive. Def worth it.
dailymiltonian : @aianiro Tuna Surprise
uniformrec : @dailymiltonian #cyberbully
actualkp : Oh. I thought this was a bucket of popcorn.
uniformrec : @actualkp not so much.
actualkp : Mmmm popcorn...
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Hmmm. Looks familiar. #cyberbully #bulliessuck
bulliessuck - cyberbully -
luis93ap : Since when does a gamer = cyberbully
arielle.12 : That's not the point. @luis93ap
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Around the beginning of December there is a school dance that I have to attend... um I really don't want to go. 0-0 so that means I have to go dress shopping next weekend ._. I hope it's long sleeves because people might see my cuts.
suicidal - ana - selfharmmm - stupid - selfhate - cut - fat - cuts - anxiety - bullied - anorexic - depression - anorexia - worthless - suicide - depressed - blade - ugly - bully - cutting - useless - cyberbully - blades -
broken_lullabies_ : #ana #anxiety #anorexic #anorexia #blades #blade #cut #cutting #cuts #depression #depressed #suicide #suicidal #selfharmmm #selfhate #fat #ugly #worthless #useless #stupid #bully #bullied #cyberbully
edsnipples : Have to?
broken_lullabies_ : @edsnipples yeah my parents are forcing me to go o.o
edsnipples : Why
broken_lullabies_ : @edsnipples i have no idea
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Cyber Bully <3 #cyberbully #movie #depression
movie - depression - cyberbully -
just_a_white_rose : F4F?
xx_bitter_sweet_nightmare_xx : sure @just_a_white_rose
darkhorse_34 : ? U ok kid?
darkhorse_34 : Check it out kid. .I have scars. .I have experience. If YA ever wanna talk just to laugh or yell or be odd I gotcha♥
04.20pm - healmybrokenwings - wellesleylinden - ameliaott -
People throw rocks at things that shine. Don't ever give up, even if words by others attempt to put you down.
blondygetsfit : I don't even think that's really him in those pics on his page, I bet it's a random person cause everything he posts has a trolling statement attached to it.
johnpaulallen : πŸ‘πŸ‘
soon2bslimmer : I've seen that comment on someone else's page! I think they must just go around saying that! Just wanting attention
fitbritxo : Soo many of themm!!! He could be a regular there is a guy commenting on a ton of fitness pages
agymthing : Awesome picture! Stay fit my friend πŸ’ͺ Hey think you could throw a follow my way? I do supplement giveaways too!
alylo_fit : Ha!! I got the exact same thing from him on one of my pics! If you're going to insult someone, at least use proper grammar! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
ig.fitnessjourney : #letthehatemotivate
franks.jaw : WHat was his username
mistyellifritz - rslavens2 - kell0731 - restarting_paleo_ -
Train your kid don't just let them walk into the world thinking it's some fairytale be honest talk to them about real situations and what goes on that's like letting a caterpillar out on a school yard ground and expect it to survive put that caterpillar in a tree and let him watch and learn so he or she will evolve into that butterfly to them ants down below stop babying your kids maybe this won't happen why is it now ? Why not back in days? Because parents we're stern and strict parents these days are weak and let there kids do anything #cyberbullying #cyberbully #scared #safe #strong #parenthood #parents
parenthood - strong - parents - scared - safe - cyberbullying - cyberbully -
justnotthatinterested - magannicole711 - aureliah__ - sunshyne13 -
Be kind to each other. Life is hard enough- don't make it harder for someone else. ❀️ #stophate #stopbullying #cyberbully #bekind #thinkbeforeyouspeak
stophate - bekind - stopbullying - thinkbeforeyouspeak - cyberbully -
jordyrad : It's too easy to be negative in cyber-space but even easier to be positive
ghostxprincess : Would you mind if I repost this? It's perfect! πŸ’–
thecraftypinup : @jordyrad Seriously! Those keyboard warriors. Ugh. I just want them to think before they attack. @ghostxprincess Of course lovely! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
ghostxprincess : Thank you!! Sharing it now :) thanks for writing such a short and sweet post that's worded so well!!
spearsister74 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
owhale : November project. Boom. Surround yourself with positivity
cjkeossaian : Love you.
mermaidmaden : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— This absolutely 100 times.
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Because it's my favorite movie and quotes all in one #cyberbully #favorite
favorite - cyberbully -
kelli_bush - _haleyharris - katt.oxo - omgpop3748 -
#CyberBully @simpsonmorgan
cyberbully -
joshterryaware : hahahah
simpsonmorgan : So much caps lock. I would probably block my emails.
adeleconnolly : IT'S SO GOOD
thelaurentaylor - benjaminkerley - charlesspires - adeleconnolly -
#100 I love you guys #depression #depressed #depressive #suicide #suicidal #suicidalthoughts #cut #cutting #death #cyberbully #anxiety #selfhate #dark #darkness #help #helpme #getout #sad #teen #ana #anorexia #anorexic #tired #dream #love #sleep #loveme
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emo.quote : Follow 4 follow ?
jamiealbion1998 - toxic.blurs - _d0ne__ - our_little_skulls -
"And I don't really understand why Everybody hates me so much. Or Maybe I do. Because I hate me too, And right now, I really dont see a point for trying, or for talking, or for breathing. I'm just done." #cyberbully
cyberbully -
lovely_zana - gorgeous_420_bishh - h.nicoleee - _brown_eyed_baby_girl_ -
This hurts -Makenzie #depression #depressed #depressive #suicide #suicidal #suicidalthoughts #cut #cutting #death #cyberbully #anxiety #selfhate #dark #darkness #help #helpme #getout #sad #teen #ana #anorexia #anorexic #tired #dream #love #sleep #loveme
teen - suicidal - help - tired - suicidalthoughts - selfhate - sad - dark - death - cut - sleep - anxiety - love - depressive - anorexic - depression - anorexia - suicide - loveme - darkness - getout - depressed - helpme - cutting - ana - cyberbully - dream -
siljelarsen_ - petersonlylostgirl - karen.walsh - d.e.a.n.d.r.i.t.a -
Hello there...... #depression #depressed #depressive #suicide #suicidal #suicidalthoughts #cut #cutting #death #cyberbully #anxiety #selfhate #dark #darkness #help #helpme #getout #sad #teen #ana #anorexia #anorexic #tired #dream #love #sleep #loveme
teen - suicidal - help - tired - suicidalthoughts - selfhate - sad - dark - death - cut - sleep - anxiety - love - depressive - anorexic - depression - anorexia - suicide - loveme - darkness - getout - depressed - helpme - cutting - ana - cyberbully - dream -
medicxne_ - jamiealbion1998 - camilaxzapata - jezzbeth99 -
I always miss it 😣 - - - #depressed #depression #depressing #depressedquotes #depressionquotes #suicide #suicidal #suicidequotes #sad #unhappy #sadquotes #unhappyquotes #broken #brokenquotes #hated #done #ugly #worthless #nothing #helpme #cyberbully #alone #anxiety #ugly #fat #ana #mia
suicidal - ana - suicidequotes - brokenquotes - sadquotes - fat - sad - depressing - broken - unhappyquotes - done - alone - depressedquotes - depression - cyberbully - worthless - suicide - ugly - mia - hated - depressionquotes - unhappy - depressed - nothing - helpme - anxiety - : Hello Angel , i want you to know , you are much more valuable than you think and you should smile bcus maybe that way anyone who sees it will light up with joy , ik i would. if u ever want to talk . im here. always
depressionbecameme : awwwhhh you made my morning; my cheeks hurt from smiling so much /.\ πŸ’œ
hannnah_vigil - healmybrokenwings - galetka_ - chelsea_mathews -
BOYS & GIRLS get bullies the same way everyone else does & I want to stop the hate very much & I want everybody too feel safe even at school . #cyberbully #bullying #stopbullying #bullyingsucks
bullying - bullyingsucks - stopbullying - cyberbully -
redd_diorr - cookielover8 - daniellacohen93 - olivia_broadway -
My "fat" days... #waybackwednesday #19 #thatbabyface #longerhair #backtothissoonhopefully #tooskinnynow #20lbsheavier #badtan
backtothissoonhopefully - 19 - waybackwednesday - thatbabyface - badtan - longerhair - 20lbsheavier - tooskinnynow - cyberbully -
itsjustme_luis : Shut up! You've never been fat!
igobytina : Lmao @itsjustme_luis that's why it's in quotes, cause I look anorexic now lmao
igobytina : @jewelicious007 lmao im glad you enjoy this
jewelicious007 : Dying !
igobytina : @jewelicious007 at least you find me funny and aren't taking me seriously hahah
jewelicious007 : I'm not ! Lol
giggles101x : LMAOOO WHY DOES SHE LOOK GIGANTIC @rosealindaa @xfastestgummybearx
igobytina : @giggles101x #cyberbully
kiki_tikki_tavi - poojashaam - marco_rod07 - rosealindaa -
The irony is that I got this off someones instagram who was just being a cyber bully. Smooth. #hypocritical #cyberbully
hypocritical - cyberbully -
scoobymoose : :laughs:
bluegirl46 - kittykitty5997 - kristin23s - scoobymoose -
I'm sorry
lonely - suicidal - ana - selfharmmm - suicidalthoughts - selfhate - sad - dark - depressed - cut - fat - alone - depressive - secret_society123 - depression - cyberbully - suicide - sue - death - darkness - socialanxiety - killmyself - ednos - ugly - cutting - killme - self_harm - anxiety - secretsociety123 - selfmutilation -
imamassivellama : If you ever want anyone to talk too, try to keep a smile on your face no matter what happens, things Will get better πŸ’œ
clouds_franta : ur not the only one
clouds_franta : can u follow me I only need one more follower to get 100 plzzzz
in_the_life_of_aly : I'm gunna be honest with you man, it's hard. Life fucking sucks. I can't say it gets easier. Sometimes it doesn't. Just know that there are people out there who care. Not all these fuckers on social media either. The people around you care. I used to be you babe, but the only way to get past it is to see the light in the day. It's not always as easy done as said, I know. Like I said, I've been there. It's hard to put a smile on your face, but I promise you will feel better. I don't know you and I don't know anything about you, but posting this on Instagram, Facebook, ect. Just lets people know you're an attention whore. Don't want attention from other people. They will just fuck you over. Remember: you can't trust anyone. Not even your family, not even your best friend. Dont let your guard down, but don't be afraid to let loose. Go hang out, meet new people and become a new person. Listen to happier music. I'm not gunna lie, I listen to a lot of sad shit, and heavy metal, but it tends to make me happy. Depression is a mental disorder, but honey that's all it is. A state of mentality. You have to change your mind. It's all in your hands. Those scars will remain, but as reminders, they help. God bless you.
alyssa.kingsbury : I'm so sorry that you feel this way I can't imagine what you're going through, and you are in my prayers. Just remember that you are in control and that cutting won't help you cope or get better. You are loved and no one wants you to hurt. Jesus died for you, and you are PERFECT by his grace and sacrifice. He died so that you don't have to punish yourself like this. You can DM me if you need to talk to someone, stay strong beautiful.
alyssa.kingsbury : @__.death.__ that's creepy, how are you helping?
__.death.__ : @alyssa.kingsbury it's ok
__.death.__ : @alyssa.kingsbury Jesus is fake btw
clouds_franta - i.cared.once - lydia4_15_12 - losing_it___ -
πŸ’žPink ribbon scars That never forget I tried so hard To cleanse these regrets My angel wings Were bruised and restrainedπŸ’ž
cyberbully -
xx.mandy : this was my old username. πŸ˜‚
lord_sierra : Ewww
hospital.for.assholes : You're a cyberbully... @lord_sierra
lord_sierra : Not even xD @hospital.for.assholes
hospital.for.assholes : Yesss!! XD @lord_sierra you spammed me with 'ewwww' that's not nice cx #cyberbully
lord_sierra : I was kidding πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ˜‚
hospital.for.assholes : Liar cx I'm ew I guess 😞😞 xD @lord_sierra
lord_sierra : Lol I was kidding! πŸ˜‚
cuuntbag - tyler_hagen_fan - eddiec_117 - homicidal.teens -
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