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supremeflynn : @.@ yooo
big420kyle : @supremeflynn yooo
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@wickedglass #repost
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lr_glass : @keepitrealkay can do that here real soon , hahaha ^.^ #custied
keepitrealkay : @lr_glass it's for a mothership so you can take whatever price you would charge me and multiply that by 100000.
lr_glass : @keepitrealkay so probably gonna need a male fitting add 1,000 for that. It's hand made. And I also agree on the mothership mark up , we'll go with 500000 , cash or credit? I require payment upfront for customs also . Not responsible for any damages that may be apart of glassblowing, such as shattered color tubing, basically finished peice but fell and broke, etc... ^.^
keepitrealkay : @lr_glass hmm I think I'm going to just play along and say I want it cause 500k ain't shit to bosses like us and then stop messaging you once it's ready cause I'm actually broke AF lol.
lr_glass : @keepitrealkay man if that wasn't so true it'd be even funnier
lr_glass : But I got you on a three hole just give me some time to get my muscle memory back and get used to it again. It'd be worth the wait and I'm going to order a small batch of material soon.
keepitrealkay : @lr_glass ya people stay cattin. Have you tried making a glass "sand timer" yet? Those look pretty cool and I'd for sure buy one.
lr_glass : @keepitrealkay no I haven't but I'm open to it , it'd be good to learn and practice. They definitely are a cool concept.
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meat art #custied
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savikalpasamadhi13 : Ooooooooh
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Heady blueberry milk and grilled cheese #Heady #Blueberry #GrilledCheese #SecretCup #Custied #Shakedown
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haynesbudday : Get me some of that milk
grand_cannastracts : Dope i bet that milk is kill. We have a local milk company here who does mocha and root beer flavor
madscience415 : I need to find some milk like that aha
insanedabs207 : Ah the dankest wish I coulda made it down
artiststylie : yoo you still here?
yabadabadoh : Beat the Phish lot grilled cheeses?
derbedout710 : Yup @artiststylie and no @yabadabadoh
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Azza and I 😎 #LN #inbound #pred #custied #staeb #party
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joshcoffy : Awesome!
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#custied #schwagwine ....sweet bottle though and a night complete :) #stealyourface right off your head!!!
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tjgarcha : Again with the bubbles bro!
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I should be at phish #phish #custied #cavern #boymangodshitttttt #hash
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phishstew33 : #Shaggydog
fluffbread : #MissedTheBusout
mmjjjjjlest15 : Always take care of the kicks. ALWAYS
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I liek shoes. #aldo #custied
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