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chelseacuanico : Jeremy? Nag himu ka sang imo sarali na patterns?
iam_haniileen : ancient Mesopotamia siya dba?
medxin_ : @chelseacuanico nope sunod ko sa google @iam_haniileen yes
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Wow, this can't be good. #Shutdown has taken >6 minutes so far. #2007 #apple #macbook #verbose #console #bw #terminal #stuck #abnormal #exit #snowleopard
stylus - cuneiform - console - verbose - abnormal - terminal - stuck - bw - exit - 2007 - shutdown - interface - controlled - snowleopard - macbook - apple -
catkitc_ : sweeet! @ShelbyAndSandy
kait__mcc : it's because your MacBook is "ancient" like mine lol
bhmrob : @kait__mcc mine's *more* ancient! #stylus #controlled #cuneiform #interface
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I like "a-ha" moments when studying , like now ( reading about the ornaments through the history of mankind ) finding this image of Paleolithic petroglyphs on the shore of a dried up lake in Nevada with explanation : what is found worldwide, dating back to the earliest time, some 15000 years ago, are exclusively abstract, geometric #patterns engraved on rocks: wavy and zig zag lines, sequences of circles, stylized tree form designs, spiral, etc. These oldest engraved paintings on the rocks could rightly be considered to be the oldest ornamental forms. Well, in other words , this is what my #cuneiform print is all about 😃😉 #inspiration
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Cuneiform on Assyrian tiger's back (it's everywhere). #cuneiform #britishmuseum
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Back when I was an scribe's apprentice #scribe #cuneiform #sanskrit #hieroglyphs #chillin
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#Halloween#halo#manga#dreamscape#acrylic #painting #canvas#beauty #amazing #art #artsy #abstract#surreal#style #blacklight#cuneiform #insta #igers #instartistic#drip#graff#artistico
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sabrina_valdez : I love this! :-)
benrobin31 : @sabrina_valdez : thank u very much!
amila_scarpinski : How long does it take ? :)
amila_scarpinski : For ur every drawing almost ...
benrobin31 : @amila_scarpinski : it really depends. I dragged this absurd pic on for 3 years. I have kept 14 years of work and I have posted about 10% so far. I keep neurotic amounts of steps for some of my paintings and digital pieces. I work on everything so randomly too..
jef_logan_artiste : Cool!
benrobin31 : @jef_logan_artiste : appreciate it!!!
benrobin31 : #tron#trending
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Two more shots before I sequester myself for the day. This is the frieze above the gate to the library. It shows a trireme, a symbol which will go unnamed, hieroglyphics, cuneiform, ancient scribes, and a lamassu, which is my mascot. According to the Talmud, my grandmother's family descend from the Kings of Assyria, and the lamassu was their symbol. It's a winged Sphinx with the head of a man and the body of of a bull or lion. ISIS is destroying these guys all over modern Iraq and Syria. #earthasitis
eagle - frieze - egypt - rock - esoteric - library - lamassu - connecticut - cuneiform - greece - mesopotamia - boat - mascot - stone - ancient - sphinx - tablet - earthasitis - chisel - trireme - hieroglyphics - newhaven - spiritanimal - scribes - yale - picoftheday -
spqrkimel : #trireme #boat #ancient #Greece #esoteric #cuneiform #Hieroglyphics #egypt #Mesopotamia #scribes #tablet #chisel #rock #stone #frieze #lamassu #mascot #spiritanimal #sphinx #library #yale #newhaven #connecticut #picoftheday
hstn_ : Awesome @VinesBeLike
spqrkimel : I forgot; it also shows an #eagle!
rozbellomo : Wow! Awesome
michael22o : Cool!
spqrkimel : @rozbellomo @michael22o thank you!
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#pazuzu #mesopotamia #god #sculpture #sumerian #akkadian #cuneiform #history
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#artofwriting #claytablet #cuneiform #sumerians #scribe
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yoloswag121722 : Yassss
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#artofwriting #claytablet #cuneiform #sumerians #scribe
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#artofwriting #clay #sumerians #cuneiform #sixthgradehistory #mesopotamia #texture #alluviums
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A close-up of the cuneiform characters inscribed on the stele of Hammurabi. #TIME #History'sGreatestEvents #100TurningPointsThatChangedTheWorld:AnIllustratedJourney #Stele #Hammurabi #KingofBabylon #Inscribed #Iran #Iraq #Samarra #GreatMosqueofSamarra #CodeofHammurabi #EqualJusticeUnderLaw #PoliticalPower #Khuzestan #Mesopotamia #Kingdom #Persian #Susa #Cuneiform #AncientTablet #History
kingdom - susa - codeofhammurabi - iran - kingofbabylon - ancienttablet - cuneiform - khuzestan - equaljusticeunderlaw - iraq - 100turningpointsthatchangedtheworld - samarra - politicalpower - greatmosqueofsamarra - persian - time - inscribed - mesopotamia - hammurabi - stele - history -
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Cuneiform Star Chart #cuneiform #britishmuseum
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#Mesopotamian #Cuneiform #Clay #Cylinder, #Sumerian, 3rd Dynasty of Ur, c. 2100-2000 B.C. #ancient #art #archaeology #artefacts #artifacts #antiquity #antiquities #gallery #london #history #authentic #instagood #instaart #potd #instadaily #instacool #look #love #artoftheday #artemission #artemissionart
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祝我复习幸福 考试愉快~ #monument#semiotics#cuneiform#ekphrasis#classicism#ideology#karma#ethics#rhetoricaltriangle#pictograph#contrapposto#culturalappropriation#aesthetics#ka
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Wish I could read this language #Cuneiform #BritishMuseum #London
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Gilgamesh, mang. #nerd #literarynerd #gilgamesh #cuneiform #translation #humbaba #ancient #ancienttexts #mythology
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assyrianbeauties : Wow you're reading the Gilgamesh story! Where can one get the book?
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-Antonio, enséñame cuneiforme. -Marta, no sé cuneiforme.
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ciceromarta : #exhibition #cuneiform #culture #museum #cosmocaixa #madrid #friends #boy #bff #besties #goodtimes #instacool #cooltureta #postureo
assyrianbeauties : ¿Donde esta esto? :)
ciceromarta : Fue una exposición temporal en el CaixaForum de Madrid, @assyrianbeauties ;)
assyrianbeauties : ¡Ah si! Una exposicion de que? :D
ciceromarta : De civilización sumeria, @assyrianbeauties.
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🐚клинопись ;) #footprints of #seagulls on the #sand #beach #cuneiform
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#cuneiform. Like, legible art
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A #cuneiform dedicaton to Tarhun, #Hittite god of storms. #sillver #jewelry #rings #engraving #ancient
engraving - cuneiform - jewelry - sillver - ancient - rings - hittite -
assyrianbeauties : Beautiful
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Writing like Sumerians again! #mesopotamia #cuneiform
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"Men of the #Bible such as #Jesus Christ, King David, King Solomon, and King Beltezzar of the Book of Daniel are often considered mythical characters by scholars, atheists, critics, and even some Christians! Thankfully, the discipline of #archaeology (developed only 125 years ago) provides an excellent source for information on people and communities of antiquity. All of these great men become real when their lives and existence can be proven with factual evidence." In a world full of evidence, denial is a choice, and unbelief is a practiced faith fueled on by ignorance and propaganda, which costs more than one could imagine. Check out the supplied link to follow for an article on biblical archeological findings.
zeitgeist - assyrian - cuneiform - ebla - liars - myth - jesus - creation - belshazzar - torah - canaan - apostle_paul - iraq - hittite - scholars - ishmael - babylonian - turkey - bible - jerusalem - david - damascus - cyrene - syria - abraham - babylon - archaeology -
americannational : The Hittites - The #Hittite people, considered a biblical legend, have also moved from fiction to historical fact after records from the Ebla Kingdom and #Cuneiform tablets discovered in Bogazkoy, Turkey mentioned their name. Sargon, the #Assyrian King, was discounted because his name did not appear outside the biblical account in Isaiah 20:1. It reads, “In the year that Tartan came to Ashdod, when Sargon the king of Assyria sent him, and fought against Ashdod and took it.” However, this all changed when archaeologists found Sargon’s palace in Khorsabad, #Iraq. Recorded on the Palace walls was the event mentioned in Isaiah 20—Sargon’s capture of Ashdod. Also, steel fragmented tablets memorializing the victory were found at Ashdod itself. According to recorded history, Nabonidus was the last #Babylonian king. As a result #Belshazzar of Daniel 5 was in doubt because there was no extra-biblical source to validate his existence. This position changed when Cuneiform tablets were recently found showing that Belshazzar was Nabonidus’s son, who served as coregent in #Babylon. Archaeologists also uncovered ossuaries from the first century that confirm the existence of additional biblical figures, further supporting the reliability of the Bible.4 Described below is a list of biblical figures that have been made known to us by secular ancient historical records: Roman Emperors: Caesar Agustus, Tiberius, Claudius / Roman Governors: Pontius Pilate, Serguis Paulus, Gallio, Felix, Festus / Regional Rulers: Herod the Great, Archelaus, Herod Antipas, Philip,Herod Agrippa I, Herod Agrippa II, Lysanias, Aretas IV / High Priests: Annas, Joseph Caiphas, Ananias / Prominent Biblical Figures: John the Baptist, and James the Just.
americannational : Simon of #Cyrene In 1941, Archaeologists Eliezer L. Sukenic and Nahman Avidag of #Jerusalem’s Hebrew University found the ossuary of Simon of Cyrene. There is no question about its authenticity. It was found with 10 others as an intact assemblage in a tomb chamber that survived for centuries untouched by tomb robbers. The blocking stone was still in place. This find was published in 1962. Many #scholars who have nothing to gain conclude: the ossuary is that of Simone of Cyrene and one of the 10 others was his son, Alexander.
americannational : Jesus Christ Presently, many biblical scholars reduce Jesus Christ to a mythical figure because they require evidence from external secular sources that He existed. Archaeology is providing this evidence as scientists continue to uncovered evidence of the communities and people mentioned during the biblical times of Christ. Amazingly, much of the evidence uncovered supporting the Bible is from secular sources; some of which are hostile to Christianity. Flavius Josephus provides us information about ‘James the Just,’ the half brother of Jesus. In addition, he gives us details about James’ life as the first bishop of the Christian church and his death by stoning, executed by the Sanhedrin in 62 AD. Josephus refers to Jesus twice in his writings. His second reference refers to James as “the brother of Jesus who was called the Christ.” He has a longer passage on Jesus in his reports on Pontius Pilate’s administration. For centuries, it was dismissed until the original wording was restored, as noted here: At this time there was a wise man called Jesus, and his conduct was good, and he was known to be virtuous. Many people among the Jews and the other nations became his disciples. Pilate condemned him to be crucified, and to die. But those who had become his disciples did not abandon his discipleship. They reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion, and that he was alive. Accordingly, he was perhaps the Messiah, concerning who the prophets had reported wonders. And the tribe of the Christians, so named after him, has not disappeared to this day” (Antiquities 20:200). Critics had doubted the existence of Nazareth in Jesus’ day, until its name showed up in a first-century synagogue inscription at Caesarea. Augustus’ census edicts (this is linked with the Nativity account) are borne out by an inscription at Ankara, Turkey. In his famous accomplishment, the Roman emperor proudly claims to have taken a census three times and mandated that husbands had to register their families for the Roman census.
americannational : Also, for all you #zeitgeist groupies, see zeitgeist debunked for free, plus many other well done documentaries that point to direct sources and credible information to show the extensive lies of the zeitgeist Christ copycat #myth. Plus, there is the zeitgeist challenge at, , where you can win money if you can prove the zeitgeist Christ copycat myth true. Come on people, that movie was viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, in which they were told that Jesus is a plagiarized story of other ancient legends, which is utterly false, but what else do you expect from #liars and professional con-artists? The devil comes to lie, steal and kill. It was said that a lie will travel around the world before the truth picks it's foot up off the ground.
americannational : The #Apostle_Paul The apostle Paul was one of the greatest followers of Jesus and the present archaeological support of him is most impressive. Ruins in Cyprus, Galatia, Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, Corinth, Ephesus, Rome and surrounding areas, have many references about Paul of the New Testament.
americannational : Other Findings Other discoveries in recent years include a goblet belonging to Kind David’s dynasty, a fishing boat dating back to the time of Jesus’ disciples, and the tomb of Joseph of Aramathea. Archaeology continues to confirm the Old and the New Testaments and will persist to do so until Jesus Christ returns. Undoubtedly, it is through archaeology that the Old Testament prophets, the New Testament disciples/apostles, and Jesus Christ Himself, have been taken from the realm of fiction and legend (in the eyes of sceptics) to their rightful place as validated historical figures. Has archaeology proven the Bible? The evidence is there for all to see, and the answer is a resounding yes! From Noah’s ark, the Ebla tablets, the ossuaries, and the discoveries of hidden cities and towns by present day archaeologists, the evidence that supports and validates the reliability of the Bible and its narratives is overwhelming. Such empirical evidence leaves little room for doubt.
abbasgirl68 : Awesome!
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nbr? ben böyle. #hititce #cuneiform #dilbilim #lesson #ders #istanbuluniversity
cuneiform - istanbuluniversity - lesson - hititce - ders - dilbilim -
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myshot - stonewritings - stone - ancient - historical - cuneiform -
rohaam_n : #myshot #stonewritings
rohaam_n : #historical #myshot
rohaam_n : #Cuneiform
assyrianbeauties : Love it
rohaam_n : @assyrianbeauties 👍👌
assyrianbeauties : Do you know how old it is?
rohaam_n : @assyrianbeauties 480BC Xerexes I kings stone. He is king of Iran in 486_465 BC
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Believe it or not, this actually says something lol #fsuspecialcollections #cuneiform #earlywriting #chickenscratch #amazingopportunity #history #claytablets
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couchconqueror : The first post it note
assyrianbeauties : Is that a real tablet? 😱
taytaysee : @assyrianbeauties yes it is! It was amazing!
assyrianbeauties : Omg where was that?
taytaysee : @assyrianbeauties the university I attend has a special collections unit
assyrianbeauties : Wow, so amazing! I wish I could see one
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#cuneiform prism of the Assyrian king #Sennacherib describing his seiege against #israel proving that israel was occupied by Judah also found in 2 chronicles 32:9
israel - sennacherib - cuneiform -
assyrianbeauties : ❤️💛💙
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#ancientastronauts #mesopotamia #assyria #iraq #cuneiform #aliens #middleeast #anunnaki #chariotsofthegods #ancient #arthistory #empire #brooklynmuseum
cuneiform - mesopotamia - aliens - assyria - brooklynmuseum - middleeast - arthistory - ancientastronauts - ancient - anunnaki - empire - iraq - chariotsofthegods -
bevrock : @tom_capone how was the museum ?
tom_capone : Worth checking out @bevrock
bevrock : @tom_capone cool I'll check it out. Thanks
painccave : @bobbadontpreach
conversationswithbianca : Wow! I'd love to see this IRL. My husband has an anunnaki-esque tattoo and we have all of Erich von Däniken's books.
pyramid_portal : Superb!
3rd_eye_jediii : Anunnaki are melanated beings not reptilian
assyrianbeauties : Love this! ❤️💛💙
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Xerxes cuneiform. Van. Turkey کتیبه خشایارشا در وان. ترکیه #xerxes #cuneiform #van #Turkey #asia #europe #iran #tarikh #hakhamaneshian #ashkanian #sasanian #persia #history #historic #historical #cyrus #darius #armenia #کتیبه #خشایارشا #وان #ترکیه #هخامنشیان
europe - ترکیه - cuneiform - iran - خشایارشا - hakhamaneshian - کتیبه - darius - وان - historic - sasanian - armenia - tarikh - turkey - van - xerxes - ashkanian - asia - cyrus - historical - persia - هخامنشیان - history -
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- И ведь как ровно писали! ,- говорю я Феде😝.
vscomoscow - этоинтересно - москва - вместесдетьми - vscorussia - visuals4all - vscogood - visualsoflife - египетскийзал - междуречье - cuneiform - музей - vzcoauthentic - гмииимпушкина - egypt -
sitechko : #гмииимпушкина #музей #египетскийзал #междуречье #этоинтересно #вместесдетьми #москва #vzcoauthentic #visualsoflife #visuals4all #vscorussia #vscomoscow #vscogood
sitechko : #egypt #cuneiform
assyrianbeauties : Beautiful, this is Assyrian by the way :)
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