Shaykh Hamza is one of the leading proponents of classical learning in Islam. He is the co-founder and current President of Zaytuna College, the United States’ first of its kind Muslim liberal arts college, based in Berkeley, California. Zaytuna College seeks to incorporate the importance of the liberal arts and humanities into a traditional Islamic education curriculum Al Naqiy Islamic Solutions Sdn Bhd, Nur ‘Ala Nur Academy and Nuur Innai, together with International Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies Malaysia, are deeply honoured to host esteemed Islamic scholar Shaykh Hamza Yusuf on his visit to Malaysia from 24 August to 4 September 2014. Date: 28.8.2014 (Thursday) Time: 8:00 – 10:30 pm Venue: Merdeka Hall, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur Price : RM0 Non-Muslims are welcomed Come and join the event! we will have a booth there as well! #cufica #shaykhhamzayusuf #pwtc #malaysia
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Let's do our part in helping out our brothers and sisters that are helplessly yet strongly fighting for their lives in #Gaza, Palestine. Every single contribution will be used to provide the necessary needs to help the people in Gaza with the help of #Cufica and their official NGO partner, MERCY Malaysia. #EntrepreneursForGaza #woodandsteel #woodandsteelco #cafe #coffee #malaysia
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#EntrepreneursForGaza is a collective effort by local entrepreneurs to provide relief for those who are affected by the war in Gaza, Palestine. Look out for our special Gaza Donation Light Box at your favorite local cafes/shops and leave your donations for a good cause! #cufica #malaysia #savegaza #freegaza #donations #charity #MERCYmalaysia
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dynasmokhtar : Saw ur place.. cantik @cufica
cufica : @dynasmokhtar hello! Drop by soon! 😄✌️
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Here's a repost from @armnshh with his beautifully taken picture of Cufica Life jute bag You can get our multi purpose bag for FREE with every purchase of Cufica LIFE t-shirts! go to now to get yours today :) #cufica #malaysia #tshirts #jutebag #bag #life #packaging #islamicart
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hazwanhanif : Bise @armnshh
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The Gaza Donation Light Box is a special box made to collect donations to aid those who are affected by the war in Gaza. Every donation will be used to provide medical supplies, emergency food parcels, and also water distribution to the affected population in Gaza. You can help by leaving your donations whenever you see this Light Box at your favourite local boutiques, cafes and restaurants. #EntrepreneursForGaza is a collective humanitarian effort by Malaysian entrepreneurs hosted by Cufica together with MERCY Malaysia. #entrepreneursforgaza #cufica #malaysia #savegaza #donations #savehumanity
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imansalam : Awesome 👊
cufica : @imansalam 😀✌️
ezaqdzafir : Support ! 👍
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Our MERDEKA SALE is on! From 25th August to 1st September 2014, get 20% OFF when you purchase any of our artworks from our web store using our special coupon code: merdekasale Only at #cufica #malaysia #merdeka #sale #discounts #islamicart #homedecor
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Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of the people on board MH17. Al-Fatihah. Salam takziah, from Cufica. #mh17 #rememberingmh17 #alfatihah #cufica #malaysia
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We'd like to thank Sepang International Circut for having us yesterday at their Gaza Relief Bazaar 2014 charity event. Alhamdulillah, the event managed to collect more than RM60,000 in donation money for the Gaza Emergency Relief Fund supported by Viva Palestina. Also, thank you @dynasmokhtar for the lovely introduction of our humble brand yesterday during the event. #cufica #malaysia #freegaza #vivapalestina #sicharity #charityforgaza #dynasmokhtar
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edaybahrome : Ini Jiji ke? @yeahmin__
tunkutosh : @farizlow jawline
farizlow : @tunkutosh :))
xalialonso : Terbaekk
nynamohsen : #sicares4gaza
cufica : #sicares4gaza
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Restore love restore love restore love by @cufica .Goodnight!! #night #aidit #cufica #tees #menstyle #fashion
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ayiippp : pm pls @aiditofficial
harith_haslan : Where can i get that shirt? @aiditofficial
aiditofficial : @cufica @harith_haslan
tailorandco : Great!
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Tonight we will be at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL in support of the 'Gaza Relief Bazaar 2014' held by the folks at Sepang International Circuit. Come on down to our booth from 5pm to 10pm and check out our range of Islamic artworks and home decor. Stocks are limited so be sure to get there early! See ya! #cufica #malaysia #islamicart #bazaar #homedecor #savegaza #freepalestine #gazarelief
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ilovepalestine_kz : mash Allah!
ilovepalestine_kz : Respect for Malaysia!
aizatd - apanai91 - raziq_azdilizan - armnshh -
Exciting stuff coming really soon and we're more than happy and honored to have our new found friends MERCY Malaysia, on board! Stay tuned as we bring you more updates. MERCY Malaysia is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing medical relief,sustainable health related development and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities in crisis and non-crisis situations. #cufica #malaysia #mercy #mercymalaysia #fundraiser #savegaza #projecthumanity #entrepreunersforgaza
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udinism : 👍
syamly : 👍👍
cufica : #entrepreneursforgaza #cuficaandfriends
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Assalamualaikum, a sneak peak of our up and coming project; humanity in aiding the people of Gaza. All will be reveal next week, insyaAllah #cufica #gaza #palestine #pray4gaza #prayforgaza #malaysia #islam #woodworks #carpentry #handmade #humanity #savehumanity #peace #earth
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imansalam : Awesome! #freepalestine
cufica : #entrepreneursforgaza #cuficaandfriends
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QUICK! OUR RAMADHAN PROMO ENDS TONIGHT! Today is your last chance to grab a Cufica canvas artwork at a special 20% discount offer! Exclusively at Decorate your homes with our wide selection of Islamic artwork. While stocks last! #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #lastday #offer #islamicart #homedecor #sale #discount
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Here's a little sneak peek of what we've been up to lately at the Cufica HQ. Stay tuned as we bring you more updates! 😊 #cufica #malaysia #woodworks #carpentry #handmade #humanity #savehumanity #homedecor
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halyzahalim : I want to join this saving humanity thing. Hook me up!
cufica : @halyzahalim yeay! we'll be in touch! 😊😊😊
azwardi : Nok nukang etek
cufica : #entrepreneursforgaza #cuficaandfriends
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Only 1 day left till our Special Ramadhan Promo ends! Enjoy 20% discount when you shop with us at our online store Decorate your homes with Pop Art inspired Islamic artworks! For more beautiful canvas artworks, just log on to our web store today! While stocks last! #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #homedecor #islamicart
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ziboosa : #gotmine already! 😊
farhah : @hairihashim
cakesdelemari : Salam cufica. We are still waiting our diwani aura arrive. Dah almost 2 weeks huhu
laffytaffylove : #sayajual
cufica : hi @cakesdelemari we have just emailed you regarding your pre order artwork. do check your inbox. thank you for your enquiry ;)
cakesdelemari : Hi @cufica thank u so much ^_^
nisakhirudin : Hi @cufica can i please know where can i go to get your artwork today?
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Only 2 days left until our Special Ramadhan Promo ends! Enjoy 20% discount when you purchase any one of our canvas artworks from our online store! Decorate your homes with Cufica 😊 #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #discounts #promo #sayajual #homedecor #islamicart
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nuoi77 : Kt ner booth
yana_zul : @fadli_othman for our hse..?
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Hurry! Only 3 days left until our Ramadhan Promo ends! Decorate your homes with our Islamic artworks and get them at discounted prices from our web store today! Log on to now to enjoy our 20% discount! Free shipping within Malaysia! #cufica #malaysia #onlinestore #promo #islamicart #ramadhan #promo
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rzainol84 : @cufica utk metal series xdak promo ka?
cufica : hi @rzainol84 metal series dah stop production. inyaAllah design baru akan keluar soon ;)
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Now you can shop with us at our new Facebook Store on Cufica's official Facebook Page! Just LIKE and follow us on Facebook at and click the 'Shop Cufica' button to see our list of products and to make your purchase! Get your Cufica merchandise now and follow us on Facebook! #cufica #malaysia #islamicart #onlinestore #facebookstore #ramadhan #promo
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azziyatun : @ienazurina88
laffytaffylove : #sayajual
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Lazyness kicking in... #kakikasiup #menungceiling #cufica
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fawul2aki : @cufica
beautifool_suckturday : Lazyness pn takpe sbb dh masyuk
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Log on to now and get 20% OFF when you purchase our canvas series artwork from our web store! The Diwani Aura series comes in 6 colours and in 2 different dimensions. Get the Diwani Aura in 'White' and 'Citrus' from our online store today to enjoy our Ramadhan Promo! #cufica #malaysia #diwaniaura #islamicart #onlinestore #ramadhan #promo
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shahrollphoto : hai @cufica nak invite ke event @kakeebzzr pada October ini, sewaan booth masih dibuka :) tq
cufica : @shahrollphoto @kakeebzzr hello! Sila email invite ke 😊
shahrollphoto : @cufica ya sure! :) tq
laffytaffylove : #sayajual
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Get your Diwani Aura in 'Blue' and 'Pink' from our web store Enjoy our Ramadhan Promo and get 20% OFF when you purchase any artwork from our online store! Hurry! Offer ends in 7 days! #cufica #malaysia #diwaniaura #ramadhan #promo #islamicart
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lyna0810 : Bpe rm?
cufica : @lyna0810 sila rujuk harga di website kami 😊
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The Diwani Aura collection was inspired by the organic shapes of flora and fauna. Decorate your homes and workspace with the vibrant colours of our Diwani Aura series, today! The Diwani Aura series comes in 6 colours and in 2 different dimensions; 20" x 20" and 40" x 40". Get your own Diwani Aura 'Brown' or 'Mint' from our web store #cufica #malaysia #diwaniaura #islamicart #onlinestore #homedecor #artwork
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darling_as : @itsmewafiazimin
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Here's a repost from @hzmnrshm and his recently purchased Cufica t-shirt packed inside our little jute bag. You can get our multi purpose jute bag for free with every purchase of Cufica LIFE t-shirts! Log on to now and get yourself a pair! While stocks last. #cufica #malaysia #tshirts #jutebag #life #packaging #onlinestore #webstore
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7hari_tinggi_langsing_gemuk_ : 💖💖💖
hzmnrshm : Thanks and loving it 👌
nadiafarhanajunaimee : Wuuuu @hzmnrshm :3
nadiahkimie : Drove by your hq today ☺️
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Here's a repost from @nurul_nww of @wonder_wardrobe sitting gracefully with our Pop Art Monroe 'Greatest' artwork. 😊 Decorate your homes with our 'Pop Art' series and shop with us online at #cufica #malaysia #wonderwardrobe #greatest #popart #monroe #islamicart #homedecor
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joydmy : 👍👍
jannahjalidar : 😘😘😘
asyikincm : Ada whatsapp utk order?
cufica : hi @asyikincm terima kasih kerana berminat dengan artwork, boleh order melalui online store kami 😃
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We're so happy to see @amrirahim decorating his work space with our Colour Unit Allahuakbar in Pink. We just had to repost this! Our 10" x 20" artworks make perfect decos for small spaces! Get yours today and enjoy our Ramadhan Promo discount, only at #cufica #malaysia #colourunit #allahuakbar #ramadhan #promo
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muizzcimuit : @nabilailani
ery_budak_baik : Ble restock ye?
cufica : @ery_budak_baik insyaAllah dalam 2-3 hari lagi kami akan restock
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Here's the amazing @yunamusic with our 'Color Unit Alhamdulillah in Brown' at her boutique @novemberculture. Thank you so much for having us over at your cozy little shop in Subang Jaya and good luck with your future endeavours! Log on to to get your own Color Unit series from our webstore! While stocks last! #cufica #malaysia #yuna #yunamusic #colourunit #webstore #artworks #ramadhan #promo
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ainikecil : Berapa ni kalau size n design mcm ni
cufica : @ainikecil hello! Untuk semak harga dan buat pembelian, sila ke webstore kami 😃
emmayousof : @yueznal
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Log on to now to enjoy our special Ramadhan Promo 20% OFF selected items! Just check out our range of canvas artworks online including our vibrant Colour Unit series! The 'Colour Unit Subhanallah in Mint' is available in sizes 40" x 20" and 20" x 10". Make your purchase today from our web store and enjoy free delivery within Malaysia! #cufica #malaysia #webstore #colour #unit #artworks #ramadhan #promo
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laffytaffylove : #sayajual
aizatd - lindaadnan22 - efunxx - kam_az -
Thank you again @akuamysearch for your endless support! Here's the legendary artist sporting our Palms Up PSA t-shirt! Looking good! 👍👍👍 Now you too can get your own Palms Up PSA tee from our web store! Our t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and comes in various sizes, fit for all! Go to now to check them out! #cufica #malaysia #amysearch #palmsup #tshirt #psa #webstore
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Visit to check out our range of Cufica LIFE products. You can get our Plain, PSA, and Logo tees in various sizes and all of our t-shirts are made from 100% cotton. Go to and shop with us now! #cufica #malaysia #webstore #onlinestore #tshirts #plaintees #psa #logotees
webstore - tshirts - psa - onlinestore - malaysia - plaintees - logotees - cufica -
hzmnrshm : @nadiafarhanajunaimee can ah ?
ain_makhtar - kmrlkhbr - lucky2409 - piyamchoi -
Decorate your living and work space with Cufica's canvas series! Here's a repost from one of our customers mr @amrirahim with our Color Unit Subhanallah in Mint. Thanks for having us in your office! For more Cufica products just go to #cufica #malaysia #colorunit #subhanallah #homedecor #officedecor #artwork
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sabariah : Do u do delivery to Singapore,
cufica : @sabariah yes we do! 🚚
rienamars : @cufica salam. How much is this? Is it embossed glass? Cantik!
cufica : @rienamars hello! Please visit our website to check out the price. Our Colour Unit artworks are printed on canvas! 😊
paper_caravan - dieselfreak - fawahhnasir - nurulkia_juicylicious -
Shop with Cufica at and enjoy our 20% Discount Ramadhan Promo! Offer ends 14th August 2014. Our Color Unit series comes in 5 different designs. Also available in 2 different sizes 20" x 40" and 10" x 20". Log on to for more details! #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #online #store #discounts #homedecor #islamic #artwork
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aizatd - fzamzlan258 - muzhafar_mohamad - kam_az -
Kami ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua muslimin dan muslimah di seluruh dunia! Maaf zahir dan batin, ikhlas dari Cufica sekeluarga. #cufica #malaysia #selamathariraya #aidilfitri #assalamualaikum
assalamualaikum - malaysia - aidilfitri - cufica - selamathariraya -
mambangmike - aishahmak - ardilla_anuar - piyamchoi -
LAST CHANCE TO SHOP BEFORE HARI RAYA! Head on over to our booth in BSC Bangsar for some last minute Hari Raya shopping! Our Ramadhan Promo is still on, so just make your way to our booth (right next to Morellis Ice Cream) in BSC and get yourself some Cufica merchandise today! While stocks last. #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #hariraya #bsc #bangsar #discounts #sale
hariraya - discounts - promo - ramadhan - sale - malaysia - bangsar - cufica - bsc -
reene_hazel - schiera29 - amirahdayanah - bobbydeetck -
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