Visit to check out our range of Cufica LIFE products. You can get our Plain, PSA, and Logo tees in various sizes and all of our t-shirts are made from 100% cotton. Go to and shop with us now! #cufica #malaysia #webstore #onlinestore #tshirts #plaintees #psa #logotees
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hzmnrshm : @nadiafarhanajunaimee can ah ?
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Decorate your living and work space with Cufica's canvas series! Here's a repost from one of our customers mr @amrirahim with our Color Unit Subhanallah in Mint. Thanks for having us in your office! For more Cufica products just go to #cufica #malaysia #colorunit #subhanallah #homedecor #officedecor #artwork
subhanallah - malaysia - homedecor - artwork - officedecor - cufica - colorunit -
sabariah : Do u do delivery to Singapore,
cufica : @sabariah yes we do! 🚚
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Shop with Cufica at and enjoy our 20% Discount Ramadhan Promo! Offer ends 14th August 2014. Our Color Unit series comes in 5 different designs. Also available in 2 different sizes 20" x 40" and 10" x 20". Log on to for more details! #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #online #store #discounts #homedecor #islamic #artwork
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Kami ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua muslimin dan muslimah di seluruh dunia! Maaf zahir dan batin, ikhlas dari Cufica sekeluarga. #cufica #malaysia #selamathariraya #aidilfitri #assalamualaikum
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mambangmike - aishahmak - ardilla_anuar - piyamchoi -
LAST CHANCE TO SHOP BEFORE HARI RAYA! Head on over to our booth in BSC Bangsar for some last minute Hari Raya shopping! Our Ramadhan Promo is still on, so just make your way to our booth (right next to Morellis Ice Cream) in BSC and get yourself some Cufica merchandise today! While stocks last. #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #hariraya #bsc #bangsar #discounts #sale
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Malaysians! tenang dan sabar menghadapi jalan pulang ke destinasi masing-masing. Jangan bimbang, keluarga anda setia menunggu . Selamat Pulang dan assalamualaikum SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR & BATIN #cufica #kampung #malaysia #assalamualaikum
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Cufica LIFE is our recently added clothing line. Our debut t-shirt collection is both modest and minimal, making our tees perfect for everyday wear. All of Cufica LIFE tees are made from 100% cotton and comes in various colours and sizes. Go to to get your own Cufica LIFE t-shirts now. While stocks last. #cufica #malaysia #life #tshirts #psa #logotees #plaintees
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imuskop : Great, Checkout my page.
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Love my new #cufica
cufica -
notyoursista : Best.
smokinshaz - laffytaffylove - mira_zulkifli - fulltimemomkl -
Thank you for dropping by @iramohdamin! Malaysia's favorite @era_fm radio announcer came to visit us at our booth in Publika recently and brought home a piece of Cufica with her! 😊 Thank you again for your support and we look forward to seeing you again soon, InsyaAllah. Visit and get 20% OFF when you buy a Diwani Aura in Pink or any other artworks from our online store. #cufica #malaysia #iramohdamin #erafm #diwani #aura #ramadhan #promo
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Thanks again for dropping by our booth @ninajuren! We are always humbled by your endless support. We hope you enjoy your new Diwani Aura Pink as much as much as we enjoyed having you around! Get your own Diwani Aura Pink from our web store now to get a special Ramadhan Promo discount! #cufica #malaysia #ninajuren #diwani #aura #ramadhan #promo
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ninajuren : @cufica petty..... I mean d painting wey 😜
cufica : @ninajuren haha! Thanks again! See you around! ✌️
afifahazmi - anuarhanim - fazlinafazi - abdillahbanzai -
cufica -
aleeya_zamhuri - laffytaffylove -
We had the chance to hang out with the super talented Yuna at her cozy little terrarium shop @tinyforestsj yesterday. Thank you so much for having us over and we hope you love the Diwani Aura in Mint as much as we do! 😊😊😊 Visit to enjoy our 20% OFF Ramadhan Promo!
yunamusic - diwani - malaysia - aura - tinyforest - yuna - mint - cufica -
cufica : #cufica #malaysia #yuna #yunamusic #tinyforest #diwani #aura #mint
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Scored my very first #cufica as a result of @aimranazizi posts :p #art #home
home - art - cufica -
farhanasmawar : @haaziq_mz cool kan? It's the wonder milk collaborated one: me love
farhanasmawar : @aimranazizi hahaha thanks for introducing me to the artwork. I remember visiting your house for raya and i was like, I need those! Kekeke
farhanasmawar : @nrlhasanah love your one! Wanna get that bila ada budget lagi. Kekeke
farhanasmawar : @cufica thanks for producing such great pieces of work for us to have in our homes! Am such a fan :)
farhanasmawar : @mz_jc selamat hari raya my keningau beauty :)))
farhanasmawar : @amirulaqmal cool kan? Hehehe have a good buka soon
farhanasmawar : @nadiafarhanajunaimee hearts :))
akhijaafar : D mn boleh d dpti @farhanasmawar ? Percuma k
laffytaffylove - indrakunti - teukuaiman - rezuanramli -
Also another fan favorite, our Pop Art Blue Polka 'Messenger'. Get yours today by going to our web store Our Ramadhan Promo is still on! Hurry! While stocks last. #cufica #malaysia #pop #art #ramadhan #promo #messenger
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Our Pop Art Blue Polka 'Greatest' has always been a fan favorite. You can also get yourself a signature Pop Art series artwork from our web store and get 20% OFF when you shop with us now! FREE delivery within Malaysia only. And yes, we ship worldwide! 🚚 #cufica #malaysia #pop #art #series #ramadhan #promo #home #decor
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We'd like to thank the lovely power couple Que Haidar and Linda Jasmine for dropping by our humble booth at BSC Bangsar the other day. It was so nice to meet such an inspiring duo. Hope to see you guys again soon, InsyaAllah. #cufica #malaysia #quehaidar #lindajasmine #bsc #bangsar
quehaidar - bangsar - malaysia - lindajasmine - cufica - bsc -
rudyothman - ahmadzakiran - ahmadrosisi - bobbydeetck -
Hey everyone! Come on down to our booth today in Publika as this will be our last day here before we start packing up for Raya. There's still time for some last minute shopping with us! Don't forget, our Ramadhan Promo is still on too! See you guys there! #cufica #malaysia #last #day #publika #raya #shopping
raya - shopping - malaysia - last - publika - day - cufica -
ziboosa : @cufica - until what time r u guys gona b thr?
cufica : hi @ziboosa will be there till 10pm
ziboosa : Thanks @cufica , insyaallah later dtg k 😊
ziboosa : Sorry @cufica - forgot to ask where exactly is ur pop up?
cufica : @ziboosa hey! Our booth is nearby the Limkokwing Fashion Club and right in front of Locus. 😊
ziboosa : @cufica - i'll juz buy online. Tak sempat pegi la πŸ˜”
cufica : @ziboosa its okay! Just head on to our web store to purchase! 😊😊
samtmitchell1 : Amazing shot! Could you be interested in looking at a way to make money via IG?
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Ψ²ΩƒΨ§Ψ© Assalamualaikum sahabat-sahabat sekalian, jangan lupa tunaikan Zakat Fitrah Ramadhan 1435 #cufica #zakat #fitrah #ramadhan #islam
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Keep things casual with Cufica LIFE #cufica #malaysia #tshirts #keeping #things #casual #video
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ierfanazriff : πŸ‘πŸ‘
kenr0ck : like the feed, keep it up!
cufica : Thanks @kenr0ck! We love your ig feed too! πŸ‘
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Cufica LIFE is our brand new unisex clothing line, made especially for everyone. ☺️ You can check out our LIFE debut t-shirts on our website or at any one of our pop up booths today. Our Plain Tees, Logo Tees, and PSA tees are made from 100% cotton and comes in sizes ranging from S to XXL. #cufica #malaysia #life #tshirts #assalamualaikum
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nabilahlaaa : πŸ‘πŸ‘
liyanazizi - aifa_wong - nrlhasanah - raziq_azdilizan -
We would like to inform everyone that the next shipment for our Ramadhan Promo will be on the 4th of August 2014. Due to Aidilfitri holiday, delivery of Cufica products will only continue after Hari Raya. To those who want an early pick up, you can either drop us an e-mail to arrange a suitable time and date OR you can also come by our booths in Publika or BSC Bangsar! #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #delivery #free #shipping #assalamualaikum
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Check out the Square Kufi Grey at now to enjoy our 20% Ramadhan Promo with FREE shipping within Malaysia. Our Square Kufi series will surely add an eclectic yet classic twist to your living space. Our variety of colours will leave you spoiled for choice, just log on to our web store and see for yourself. ☺️ #cufica #malaysia #square #kufi #promo #home #decor
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mohd_razuwan : Price please?
cufica : @mohd_razuwan do visit our web store for prices and purchase of our canvas series ;)
moanaishak : Do you custom made? For an example an ayat?
cufica : hi @moanaishak do email us to discuss further at
fifeejo : @afs23
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Add some colours to your living space with Cufica's Square Kufi 'Pink'. Purchase now from our online store to enjoy discounts up to 20%. Free shipping within Malaysia. Visit our online store for more Cufica artworks and great offers! We ship worldwide too. Terms and conditions apply. #cufica #malaysia #square #kufi #pastel #home #decor #canvas #promo
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aizuddingaffal : @nhanaahmad
faramahamod : @cufica how much?
cufica : @faramahamod hello! Please visit our web store for the price and details! Thank you!
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Keep things clean and simple with Cufica Plain Tees! Our round neck basic tees come in 4 different colours with a mini Cufica logo print in front. Modest and minimal, our tees are made for everyday wear. Cufica t-shirts are unisex and comes in different sizes ranging from S to XXL. Get yours today from our web store or at one of our pop up booths. #cufica #malaysia #life #plain #tees #tshirts #assalamualaikum
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spread_the_thread : Amazing!
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"Bersahurlah kamu semua kerana sesungguhnya pada waktu makan sahur itu terdapat keberkatan." Hadis riwayat al-Bukhari (no. 1923) #cufica #sahur #ramadhan
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End the war! Everyday we pray not only for the well being of our brothers and sisters in Palestine, but also for the sake of humanity. #cufica #malaysia #prayforgaza #allahuakbar #world #peace
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Here's another look at the Square Kufi series in pastel turquoise. Decorate your homes with our range of Cufica artworks and get 20% OFF when you shop online with us or at any one of our pop up booths. Spruce up your living space with the 'Square Kufi Turquoise' by Cufica! Go to now to start shopping! WWW.CUFICA.CO #cufica #malaysia #square #kufi #assalamualaikum #home #decor #ramadhan #promo
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aynashazwani : How much?
eshafinaz : If i purchase online today, can i get the art by this friday? (address kota damansara)
cufica : @aynashazwani please head on over to our website to check out the price ;)
cufica : @eshafinaz hello! Yes we can! Just proceed with your purchase from our online store and drop us an email at so we can arrange something :)
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Add some pastel tones to your home with our Square Sufi series. The 'Square Kufi Yellow' can be purchased through our webstore or you can go to our pop up booths at Publika and BSC Bangsar. From 14th July - 14th August, you can enjoy our Ramadhan Promo 20% DISCOUNT OFF all Cufica canvas series. #cufica #malaysia #square #kufi #pastel #home #decor #discounts #sale
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pinabanana : how much this one?
srzizi - aimeewhoo - raziq_azdilizan - abubakar_hussain -
Hey folks, our Cufica Ramadhan Promo is still on! There's still time for some last minute shopping! Just log on to and get discounts up to 20% OFF all Cufica canvas series! Offer ends 14th August 2014. FREE shipping only within Malaysia! And yes, we ship worldwide too! 🚚 #cufica #malaysia #ramadhan #promo #webstore #shopping #freeshipping
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Cufica LIFE is our new clothing range made for men, women, and children. Check out our debut t-shirt series on our webstore or at any one of our pop up booths to get yourself one, today! Get the 'Paradise T-Shirt' now from our or drop by our pop up booths in BSC Bangsar or Publika to check them out. Cufica tees come in sizes S to XXL and in very limited quantity. #cufica #malaysia #tshirts #paradise #assalamualaikum
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ENJOY 20% OFF ON ALL CUFICA CANVAS SERIES! Get the Pop Art Monroe 'Messenger' or other designs from our range of art series and get 20% OFF now when you buy with us at The Pop Art Series was influenced by popular western pop culture. We created this series by fusing the fun colors of pop art and traditional Middle Eastern Kufi Calligraphy. This series comes in 2 different versions, 'Greatest' and 'Messenger'. #cufica #malaysia #assalamualaikum #monroe #messenger #sale #ramadhan #promo #new #design
assalamualaikum - promo - ramadhan - sale - malaysia - messenger - design - new - cufica - monroe -
faizfaizz : @razuriajmain @sakurafie
razuriajmain : TQ @faizfaizz
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SHOP ONLINE AT WWW.CUFICA.CO! ENJOY 20% OFF ON ALL CUFICA CANVAS SERIES! Decorate your home with the Pop Art Monroe 'Greatest' or other designs from our range of art series and get 20% OFF now when you shop with us at The Pop Art Series was influenced by popular western pop culture. We created this series by fusing the fun colors of pop art and traditional Middle Eastern Kufi Calligraphy. This series comes in 2 different versions, 'Greatest' and 'Messenger'. #cufica #malaysia #assalamualaikum #monroe #greatest #sale #ramadhan #promo #new #design
assalamualaikum - promo - ramadhan - sale - malaysia - design - greatest - new - cufica - monroe -
aizatd - kmrlkhbr - piyamchoi - bobbydeetck -
CUFICA RAMADHAN PROMO! 20% OFF ON ALL CUFICA CANVAS SERIES! Get the Pop Art Green Polka 'Messenger' and other designs from our range of art series at 20% OFF now if you shop with us at our online store Influenced by popular western pop culture, we created our Pop Art Series by fusing the fun colors of pop art and traditional Middle Eastern Kufi Calligraphy. This series comes in 2 different versions, 'Greatest' and 'Messenger'. #cufica #malaysia #assalamualaikum #green #polka #messenger #sale #ramadhan #promo #new #design
assalamualaikum - promo - polka - ramadhan - sale - malaysia - messenger - green - new - design - cufica -
denoque : @deniqueamahbima
wananissorfina : #Assalamualaikum @cufica will this one be restocked?
cufica : @wananissorfina yes! We've restocked our products today. Very limited quantities so you better hurry! πŸ˜„
wananissorfina : yay done @cufica can you arrange the shipment for order 1155 and 1160 on the same date? 4th Aug?
cufica : @wananissorfina alhamdulillah thank you, payment received! insyaAllah will deliver on the same date 4th august
shilzghazali : Omg sold out again. πŸ˜” can u restock moree pls.
cufica : hi @shilzghazali insyaAllah will restock. could you email us at and will assist you from there
srzizi - mfairuz21 - rasydan_mr - aufistinson -
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