Getting excited for our Oregon road trip next week!!! We get so weird on long drives & it's seriously the best...& weirdest πŸ˜‚
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sabananajoy : #wearestillwild #wildernessculture #rei1440project #travelingcouples #traveltogether #takemebackpacking #ourcamplife #themountainsarecalling #cucamongapeak #seeforyourself #socalhikes #humanpoweredadventures #hammocklife
sabananajoy : @baileybstewart were not leaving until SundayπŸ˜• that would be super fun though! I still need to me your cute little guy! How long are you guys staying up there? We're driving back down Saturday
baileybstewart : Oh wait I got my dates mixed up, we're going next weekend, the 7th. So maybe we will cross paths hahaha! And I need to meet Burke! You guys are seriously too cute and look the happiest ❀️ I'll send you my number and if it works to meet up that would be awesome
sabananajoy : @baileybstewart aw thanks!! That would be way fun, were super flexible with our plans so I bet we could meet up somewhere along the way
stiannorum : Great
lily_2014 : Where in Oregon are you headed?!
sabananajoy : @lily_2014 Rockaway Beach! We'll be heading up through Eugene & Salem to get there :)
lily_2014 : You'll love rockaway! I've stayed close to there in Manzanita. Have fun! (:
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Made it to the top. U S A! U S A! American glory from 8900ft high. #cucamongapeak #angelesnationalforest #inlandempire #california #smog #merica
cucamongapeak - angelesnationalforest - california - merica - inlandempire - smog -
b_u_b_fab - peterwaneis - emilypichs - vgold777 -
"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you" πŸ—» longest #hike so far, crazy good workout.
rockslidecrew - cucamongapeak - hiking - hike - socalhiking - hikersrock - modernhiker - goxplr - 52hikechallenge - hiketheus -
jjv2089 : No topless ?
babyfacekawen : @jjv2089 no πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…
52hikechallenge : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Great quote!
babyfacekawen : @52hikechallenge thank you 😊
la_dodgers_drinking_king : You hike at the coolest places @babyfacekawen πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺ
babyfacekawen : @la_dodgers_drinking_king thank you 😊 this place had an amazing view πŸ‘
la_dodgers_drinking_king : @babyfacekawen I'm going to have to steal your spots, mine are too generic Hahahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
babyfacekawen : @la_dodgers_drinking_king hahaha, go for it! Trust me you'll like them :)
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To the top!!!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #cucamongapeak
cucamongapeak -
m_i_s_s_y_0608 : Get it girl!!!!
foxyroxie77 : Love this picπŸ’œ
hippietrailrunner : thanks Rox!!πŸ’— @foxyroxie77
jennifer_j_jennifer - majorchris06 - jessnclaire - ksvatos4 -
Trippy peak pic! #cucamongapeak @bookaim
cucamongapeak -
m_i_s_s_y_0608 : What a great picture!!!
lizzzarddz - chbachman - jenjen304 - jrhlavaty -
Alright, last one for now. #cucamongapeak #hiking #trailrunning #dirtbagrunners #murica Thank you @emilyjunegray for the πŸ“· :)
cucamongapeak - murica - trailrunning - dirtbagrunners - hiking -
gregknottlemond : Hey @_kthompson_ ... I've got something brewing... A hike to see sunrise on top of one of these San Gabriel peak on Saturday morning 8/15... Stay tuned... @cristascott
cristascott : @_kthompson_ dude. let's start in Wrightwood and go up from there! I'll be staying there that weekend
_kthompson_ : Ooooh @cristascott @gregknottlemond that would be soo epic!! As of now I'm working Saturday the 15th but I'm gonna try to switch my shift!
inthespotlight90 : Why is there a flag?
_kthompson_ : @inthespotlight90 because it's the top of a mountain and someone put it there
inthespotlight90 : @_kthompson_ must be new. glad you like it. what's next? (And please don't say DisneyWorld)
_kthompson_ : @inthespotlight90 the MOON!
inthespotlight90 : @_kthompson_ I hear it's a long walk
saglam_ariqlama_zumrud - aniyoconto - jenlaughlin_18 - jonathanatwood -
Super awesome 12-mile hike/run to the top of #cucamongapeak yesterday with Em. I had to make us rush the hike a bit to get back in time for something, but that doesn't mean we didn't enjoy every last bit of the experience :) definitely coming back to this gorgeous trail again! πŸ“·+πŸ’•: @emilyjunegray #latergram #hiking #trailrunning #trailrun #icehousecanyon #cucamongawilderness #dirtbagrunners @dirtbagrunners
cucamongapeak - hiking - dirtbagrunners - cucamongawilderness - icehousecanyon - trailrun - latergram - trailrunning -
dmoyer82 : Take me next time I love this hike. πŸ˜€ @_kthompson_
gregknottlemond : Awesome! Take me, too!
_kthompson_ : @gregknottlemond haha yes! Maybe when you come down?
eduardomontalban - lexilovesyoulots - zuniga26_2 - julian___rojas -
50 shades of green. #latergram #cucamongapeak #hiking
cucamongapeak - hiking - latergram -
dmoyer82 : My fav run!!! @_kthompson_
gregknottlemond : Ooooooh. Pretty. Next time....
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I can't fly, but why not try? I blame it on the mountaintop high. Much love to @_kthompson_ for crushing it today and taking a few pictures along the way (including this one). #mountaincrushmonday #trailrunning #trailchix #ultratraining #choosemountains #cucamongapeak
cucamongapeak - trailchix - trailrunning - choosemountains - mountaincrushmonday - ultratraining -
jordanlwheatley : 😳😳😳😳
vin5ta9ram : Way to get in that extra vert! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
shrineridgeapparel : @shrineridgeapparel hops!!
choosetorun : Love it! Thank you :)
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Loving the new American flag at the summit of Cucamonga Peak. #patriotic #AmericanFlag #cucamongapeak #LoveOurCountry #RedWhiteAndBlue #MtBadly #socal #socalhiking #California #hiking #getout #dosomething
cucamongapeak - getout - dosomething - loveourcountry - redwhiteandblue - socalhiking - mtbadly - socal - california - hiking - patriotic - americanflag -
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Top of the world at Cucamonga Peak, oh what a feeling. #cucamongapeak #MtBadly #Sangabrielmountains #CucamongaWilderness #SanBernardinoCounty #SanBernardinoNationalForest #2ofSixPack #socal #socalhiking #hiker #hiking #HellYeah #getout #dosomething #California #CaliforniaHiking #UnitedStates #PlanetEarth #hahaa
sanbernardinocounty - dosomething - cucamongawilderness - socalhiking - mtbadly - socal - california - planetearth - californiahiking - cucamongapeak - hellyeah - hiking - getout - sangabrielmountains - hiker - 2ofsixpack - hahaa - sanbernardinonationalforest - unitedstates -
beachbumgreg : Wow! If you had an accidental fart slip, it would have been over for you!
sly_perry : Oh EM geeee!! The things that go through your head😳 @beachbumgreg
socalhike : @socalactive1792
melissannmartinez : Cuzzy get off that rock!!
almazanray - nvrgvup31 - duchamps1887_worldwide - eve_clectic -
It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. πŸ—»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‰ #cucamongapeak #mountaincrushmonday
cucamongapeak - mountaincrushmonday -
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Just amazing! #cucamongapeak #summit #letsdoit #freshair #outdoors
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cuate818 : @cynsoto w eres this at prima.
cynsoto : @cuate818 this is in mount baldy, ca the trail is Cucamonga peak. 7-8 hour hike round trip.
cuate818 : @cynsoto next time you and primo go let us know if u guys dont.mind to check it out
cynsoto : @cuate818 @pixelgabe yes of course! We can plan it.
therobstr - outdoorbella_ - h_e_r_mama - sandies05 -
Yes!!! So down for our next challenge! #next #mountwhitney #ready #outdoors #mountains #girlswhohike #liveoutdoors #freshair #letsdoit #summit #cucamongapeak
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Had an amazing time with this beauty, @outdoorbella_ inspiring momma of 2 and one she just delivered and she's busting her ass 7 hours to the summit and back!!πŸ‘ #awesome #outdoors #cucamongapeak #mountainhiker #justdoit #freshair #crazymom #ready #mountwhitney #next
cucamongapeak - mountainhiker - mountwhitney - awesome - next - crazymom - ready - outdoors - freshair - justdoit -
outdoorbella_ : It was awesome. I really enjoy bonding over our talks while hiking.
outdoorbella_ : BTW I did get a sun burn ouch!!! I just shower & I look like a lobster
cynsoto : @outdoorbella_ ha! Me too complete lobster!
dmp07 - outdoorbella_ - voteforchelsea - sandies05 -
Just the best! #summit #hiking #cucamongapeak #outdoors #ready #mountwhitney #next #justbeautiful
cucamongapeak - hiking - mountwhitney - next - summit - outdoors - ready - justbeautiful -
pixelgabe : Your so awesome
cynsoto : @pixelgabe I miss you!
therobstr - jojo2504 - sandies05 - olgarayray -
Amazing day at the summit!#outdoors #cucamongapeak #amazing #summit
cucamongapeak - summit - amazing - outdoors -
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"Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean." John Muir Just a reminder, I will be taking a group of people on a hike to Cucamonga Peak this Tuesday. If you are interested get in touch with me for info. All are welcome🌲🌿☁ #gopro #cucamongapeak #peoplewhodofunstuff #todsl #hiking #getoutstayout #outdoors #rei1440project
peoplewhodofunstuff - cucamongapeak - getoutstayout - todsl - hiking - rei1440project - gopro - outdoors -
makenzieatk : THIS IS SO CUTE @_devonnmarie_
_devonnmarie_ : @makenzieatk 😊😊😊
traipsingintees - mirntalbo - melballs_ - collinleeman -
"Fuck it"
hiking -
rockone77 : @bwbayley you know it!!!!
rockone77 : @aquagemmie Lol.... you and me both...I don't think I'd get shit done if I didn't say fuck it
rockone77 : @grind4life Ha...naw....let me know when you're ready to go
rockone77 : @life_of_mulee πŸ˜€πŸ˜
rockone77 : @bradleyjm87 definitely.'s my favorite peak in the area
crbe_instalovers : Wow ..what a view πŸ‘Œ
femkefit : Epic
rockone77 : Totally @femkefit love this spot!!!
crbe_instalovers - mandy9103 - keimo33 - nanunitro -
Being dorks and enjoying a successful hike to the top of Cucamonga Peak with @sarahherron and @philmo216. #hiking #cucamongapeak #outdoors #freakinghot #worthit #whatsnext #everest #maybemtrubidoux #socalsixpack #oops #socal6pack #🍊🌾
cucamongapeak - hiking - whatsnext - 🍊🌾 - socalsixpack - freakinghot - everest - worthit - maybemtrubidoux - oops - outdoors - socal6pack -
shiningstar817 : 😁😁😁
sarahherron : #socal6pack HELLLOOOOO
bencookh24 : @sarahherron fixed 😳😊
br0mama : Wow that is amazing!!! How do we join this hiking group?!
sarahherron : #PBS #sarahsays
philmo216 : @bencookh24 @sarahherron #bearcave #dontgoin
marenchloe : Awesome! Saw you guys on the trail today on your way back down. Looks like you had fun.
elise_kindnessisthekey - jeff.parke - chadc50 - snappin_stina_ -
@ 14 mi w/ 4,300' gain and a lot of sun, Cucamonga Peak offers a great work out and rewarding views when you get to the top. #hiking #cucamongapeak #america #flag #starsandstripes #outdoors #freakinghot #worthit #nofilter #socalsixpack #threedownthreetogo
cucamongapeak - america - hiking - freakinghot - socalsixpack - starsandstripes - nofilter - worthit - flag - outdoors - threedownthreetogo -
josh_the_hammer : Just head straight down from there make a left on 7th and there is a beer with your name on itπŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸ»
shiningstar817 : Great photo 😍
bencookh24 : @josh_the_hammer We were dead after, but I'm pretty sure if I saw your post before we left I would've taken that beer! Thanks and will def stop by next time. @shiningstar817 Thanks 😊
navalilly_23 - jeff.parke - hilo_outdoors - snappin_stina_ -
After 8 grueling hours of hiking and 11.6 miles covered, Cucamonga Peak is the highest peak we hiked! RIP Pan and Paul πŸ˜‚ Woooo✌@pproakatok1554 @paularao94 @wabbit_wendy707 #cucamongapeak #8859' #peakbagging #crashdummies #flipagram β™« Music: Monkey Tree - Mother Mother
cucamongapeak - crashdummies - 8859 - flipagram - peakbagging -
_mathewsantiago - alpha_julio - alan_oranges - rockslidecrew -
Cucamonga Peak. #cucamongapeak #cucamonga #wilderness #wild #mountains #hikes #rei #trap #420 #710 #bmw #juug #pluto #astronaut #astronautstatus #imakebeats #beats #producing #maschine #alienware #orangecounty #yorbalinda #LA #angelesnationalforest #52weekchallenge #icehousecanyon #icehousesaddle
mountains - cucamonga - wilderness - pluto - icehousesaddle - beats - angelesnationalforest - astronautstatus - bmw - maschine - 710 - producing - juug - imakebeats - cucamongapeak - orangecounty - yorbalinda - alienware - la - hikes - rei - astronaut - icehousecanyon - wild - 420 - 52weekchallenge - trap -
jakevape : sweeeeet πŸ‘
mike_rabang : Cool!
sanderdoheny : πŸ‘ greattt ! 😊😊 #TALNTS
sanderdoheny - polyamourus - xandgmusic - bbqchickenbp -
"The mountains are calling and I must go"- John Muir Ontario Peak (left) and Cucamonga Peak (right) On our way to hike Cucamonga Peak via Ice House Saddle. 12 miles round trip, elevation 8,859, elevation gain 4300. #cucamongapeak #OntarioPeak #MtBadly #Sangabrielmountains #hiker #hiking #mountains #Forest #peakbaggers #HellYeah #socal #socalhiking #California #icehousesaddle #CaliforniaHiking
mountains - cucamongapeak - hellyeah - hiking - socalhiking - mtbadly - sangabrielmountains - hiker - peakbaggers - icehousesaddle - forest - ontariopeak - california - californiahiking - socal -
claudiaalvrz : Cool shot!
sly_perry : @claudiaalvrz thank you😘
bootleggersextracts : Tight
beardedgrylls - almazanray - artdsanti - eve_clectic -
3down 3more to go πŸ’ͺ🏽
rockslidecrew - cucamongapeak - losangeles - hikingmontaΓ±as - hiking - todsl - hike - sixpackofpeaks - hikingadventures - mtbaldy - 6packofpeaks - mtwilson - socalhiker - 52hikechallenge - mtsanantonio -
loops13 : I'm such a scary cat. I'm afraid of heights lol
sinparts : Ill join you for san bernardino and san gorgorno
el_simpson91 : @loops13 lol haha so what, there's some people I know that hike with me and are afraid of heights but love adventures
el_simpson91 : @sinparts I'll let you know when I plan on doing them or if you plan on going let me know as well πŸ‘ŒπŸ½
natethomson1 : @emmalikesturtles. Nice man! Me and my gf are about to start this next week!
el_simpson91 : @natethomson1 cool, are you going in order or mixing it up. I started with Cucamonga, baldy twice and then Wilson.
natethomson1 : We are starting with Wilson and then I think baldy then I'm not sure I think we're mixing it up after that
emmalikesturtles : Yep what he said^ :)
perez_88_art - darlene__gee - 05cheech - rockslidecrew -
Happy Friday Challengers! πŸ™Œ We all know this feeling.. - Repost from @darrrbby: Physically at work today, but mentally heree! πŸ’™
isaackillla : You wouldn't @cynncarolina
cynncarolina : @isaackillla 12 miles I think πŸ‘€
ivonnies27 : @lobot83 yeah man... smh
lobot83 : @ivonnies27 lol still fighting with me. Damn!!
ivonnies27 : @lobot83 never!
p.helen : @adrian_ramosss We should do this. I heard it's pretty intense
adrian_ramosss : Where is this @p.helen
p.helen : @adrian_ramosss Rancho Cucamonga
outside_my_way - the_curious_traveller - trailseekers_crew - tsom916 -
Almost the weekend! Sweet sweet freedom soooon! #kzlitravels #cucamongapeak #gopro #hiking #wanderlust #rei1440project #travel #tbt #exploreoutdoors
wanderlust - cucamongapeak - kzlitravels - hiking - rei1440project - travel - tbt - exploreoutdoors - gopro -
globein_world : Nice!
wannabewander : Nice 😍
campingwithdogs : Great picture!
kim1214kim - realgonearts - adventureinstincts - georgeho7 -
Exploring the abandoned homes of ❄️Ice House Canyon. - While the name sounds like something from a movie, it πŸ“†dates back to the 1860s when the canyon was used to harvest/store ⛄️ice for the San Gabriel valley. - Throughout the canyon, πŸƒπŸ»hikers will find many chimney structures standing alone among the wilderness.🌳
hiking - rei1440project - neverstopexploring - explore - california - adventure - getoutdoors - sangabrielvalley - wanderlust - cucamongapeak - ontario - hike - travel - gopro - ranchocucamonga - icehouse - icehousesaddle - icehousecanyon - inlandempire - 52hikechallenge - pomona - photooftheday -
fossaferox : Cool shot!😎
jasims96 : Next to matilija canyon this is my fave trail
dirtdauber : @rattleskull awesome :)
untoldroad : @jasims96 I had not heard of Matilija - thanks for the mention, I'll have to explore it
jasims96 : I grew up in Ojai . It's gorgeous .
senorharley : @setiadaniel please uncle Daniel!
mynypizza : Amazing @untoldroad
52hikechallenge : Nice!
paola.mercedes - yola.2015 - cloudchaser2 - thebest_beautifulpicture -
"Those moments when you stop hiking and admire where your legs have taken you" I can't wait for my next long adventure. #happy #thankful #Healthy #lifeisbeautiful #Blessed #breathingair #alive #outdoorwomen #wild #mountains #trails #outsideisfree #Outsidebeautiful #cucamongapeak
mountains - breathingair - wild - healthy - trails - outdoorwomen - alive - blessed - thankful - cucamongapeak - outsideisfree - outsidebeautiful - lifeisbeautiful - happy -
t_al : really awesome πŸ‘
modernzapotec : I like this close-up.
naemariehill : Nice::
magdalenakropka - modernzapotec - rockslidecrew - wildernessbureau -
"We are the children of the wild, we take our chance to face the fall." ✌🏼️ #COTW #52hikechallenge #RockSlideCrew #justhikeit #rei1440project #CucamongaPeak #elevationgains #maytheforestbewithyou πŸ’šπŸƒ
rockslidecrew - cotw - cucamongapeak - maytheforestbewithyou - elevationgains - rei1440project - 52hikechallenge - justhikeit -
woodstock718 : 🌳❀
chaddelk : Great pic. It always feels awesome being above the clouds!
darrrbby : Chad it was so perfect today. Jeeze it looked unreal but thanks :) @chaddelk
marshabradee_ : Love you 😘
freakinromo : 😩❀️❀️❀️
jtb240 : Such a sick picture!
rockslidecrew : Those clouds are amazing!
darrrbby : Yesterdays clouds were insane! @rockslidecrew
52hikechallenge - the.expl0rer - breedena87 - _rico09 -
Have you ever seen a sea of clouds? 😎 Got to share this epic view with some real legit homies πŸ™πŸΌ #justhikeit #52hikechallenge #rei1440project #real #CucamongaPeak #hikeday #elevationgains #exploreeverything #socalsixpack #RADadventures #oD
real - rockslidecrew - cucamongapeak - od - hikeday - radadventures - rei1440project - socalsixpack - exploreeverything - elevationgains - 52hikechallenge - justhikeit -
darrrbby : #RockSlideCrew
hellolexzii : Dude this is badass
gruckslife : The cuzzos
fineze : It was intense for me lol but had a great time! You kick ass your a beastπŸ’‹πŸ’ͺ🏼
darrrbby : Thanks dude! Xo @hellolexzii haha yeah kicked it with them today! @gruckslife
darrrbby : Girl you kicked ass today too! Thanks boo 😘 hope we hike soon again xo @fineze
michelleayyee : Awwww you know my little @fineze ☺️
fitzzzzzy - berruzzi - jessicah_8705 - rockslidecrew -
Bagged out Cucamonga Peak today, and my god was it beautiful. Weather so on point. Have been out hiking in such a long time, for all kinds of reasons. But finally got my shoes dirty & my soul cleansed! Im happy i needed this!!!! πŸƒβœ¨ #hikeday #mountaincrush #CucamongaPeak #rei1440project #52hikechallenge #justhikeit #headinthesky #clouds
cucamongapeak - mountaincrush - clouds - hikeday - rei1440project - headinthesky - 52hikechallenge - justhikeit -
pawblitoe : Ah darn well there's probably not one up there I tried finding one but no luck. I like when I find them and see how long they've been up there for.
patrickgwalsh : That's a good one! If you haven't already try Marion Mountain to San Jacinto peak πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
darrrbby : Ive done san jacinto peak but not through marion mnt! Will def try it out. Thank you ☺️ @patrickgwalsh
patrickgwalsh : Nice! Vivian creek to San Gorgonio summit is another one, if you haven't already. It's like a mini Mt Whitney.
darrrbby : Thats the next one on my list!!!! I want to knock out the socal six pack, im halfway done! The lake fire closed the trails for a bit, then it rained last weekend when i was suppose to go up! 😩 haha but soon πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ you in socal? @patrickgwalsh
patrickgwalsh : I am Los Feliz/LA... Vivian creek up and back took me around 7 hours, great hike and sweet views, it's steep and more direct. Another way is Fish creek, easier grade but longer. I haven't done it but people like that one too.
darrrbby : Its always nice to take different trails! But ill definitely go up vivian first!! :) @patrickgwalsh
lil_h3idi_in_nature : Niceβœ¨πŸ™Œ - bohemianidol - viiiiviian -
Going up Cucamonga Peak, it's was a long hike but well worth it once you reach the top. I need to go back, soon. #throwback
rockslidecrew - cucamongapeak - todsl - losangeles - hikingmontaΓ±as - hiking - nature - hike - la - hikingadventures - 6packofpeaks - beentheredonethat - dodgers - outdoors - throwback - didit - losdoyers - 52hikechallenge - justhikeit - todl -
el_simpson91 : #hiking #hike #hikingmontañas #hikingadventures #beentheredonethat #didit #outdoors #nature #justhikeit #52hikechallenge #6packofpeaks #todl #cucamongapeak
el_simpson91 : #todsl
brianbozarth : Love it!
el_simpson91 : @brianbozarth it's a great hike beautiful scenery
52hikechallenge : Love this πŸ™ŒπŸ»
el_simpson91 : @52hikechallenge thank you, it was a awesome day for a hike, on National Trails day
el_simpson91 : #rockslidecrew
el_simpson91 : #losangeles #dodgers #losdoyers #la
chefmo28 - danbiahs - escape_and_explore - stop_the_moment -
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