Bummed for missing the whole "blizzard" this past weekend...but excited to bag another peak soon. Hoping for fun and safe trail conditions for everyone! πŸ˜ƒ
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langie671 : #snow #exploremore #hiking #neverstopexploring #rei1440project #wildernessculture #wanderlust #adventure #nature #mountainlife #getoutstayout #meetthemoment #peakbagger #sixpackofpeaks #greettheoutdoors #modernhiker #socalhiker #hiketheus #angelesnationalforest #cucamongawilderness #cucamongapeak #angiesadventures
8wakesg : Wow like it!
danielodegaard : You have an eye for composition.
dissonantyouth : Wow! This is fantastic.
missyadventures - fraulein_8 - 1ofthosevanhoys - caitmes -
Mountain Monday? Man crush Monday? Mountain man Mike? Whatever it is, we skipped the mountains this past weekend... so here's my #mondazee from Cucamonga Peak a couple weeks ago πŸ’™ @ekim_mieh #SixPackOfPeaks #CucamongaPeak #IceHouseCanyon
mondazee - sixpackofpeaks - cucamongapeak - icehousecanyon -
dk_takeshita : Whoa that's a little scary!
haften : Great!
milenajem : Love your passion for adventures!
dbutow1 : Omg...that makes my legs shake!! Crazyy
caity_4fitness - angie_runs - stephanieoryan - therealryguy_ -
☁️☁️ If you aren't at least a little afraid, you aren't reaching high enough. ☁️☁️ #Entrepreneur #SmallBusiness #NoLimits #WomanOwned #MondayMotivation #ScurredOfHeights #Quotes #HeadAboveTheClouds #WorkForIt #FemaleOwned #FemaleEntrepreneur #NoFear #CucamongaPeak
nolimits - cucamongapeak - womanowned - nofear - smallbusiness - quotes - scurredofheights - femaleowned - entrepreneur - headabovetheclouds - mondaymotivation - workforit - femaleentrepreneur -
ala4789 : Nice πŸ‘ but that height though, scary 😳
romannikko : πŸ‘Œ
helguera_12 - mspride1403 - soto.frances2014 - wewin_movement -
Though I love the sun and its warmth, I'm really enjoying this rainy weather! Perfect for a hike, don't ya think!? #keepexploring
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rachyl_matis : #vscocam #vsco #neverstopexploring #mtbaldy #icehousesaddle #wildernessculture #coalatree #pineconepics #keepitwild #lovetheoutdoors #cucamongapeak #simplyadventure #outbackcollective #takeahike #rei1440project #exploremore
explorersclubuk : Does look quite perfect! Happy hiking.. Join the explorers club and use #explorersclubuk to let us know where your adventures take you!
rachyl_matis : πŸ‘πŸ˜Š @explorersclubuk
phylnicole : Yeah I'm gonna hike later! πŸ‘
rachyl_matis : Heck yaaa! @phylnicole
ze_a_77 - ayebaybay15 - wolfgangmanandbeast - badonhill -
Going to the mountains is going home. -John Muir Foot, please heal quickly, I wanna go home! And, Lord, grant me patience, but please hurryπŸ™πŸ™ˆ #maximuselvis πŸ• #idratherbehiking #livetohike #lovetohike #hiketoeat #cucamongapeak #icehousecanyon
lovetohike - hiketoeat - cucamongapeak - icehousecanyon - livetohike - idratherbehiking - maximuselvis -
kamlovescali : Sit your butt down!
det416 : @kamlovescali, I can't for too long! Want to keep moving!
linh3le : Lots of snow at Ice House Saddle. A couple of feet when I was there last Tuesday. I'm sure even more now with the rain. Beautiful!
det416 : @linh3le, can't wait to be back on the trails! Maybe we'll bump into each other one of the days!
karlacamador : 😣 Soon!
fr3ckles87 - dan_franz - nataliev89 - hikersrock -
Love when our mountains have snow β™‘ #snow #socal #winter #sortof #weekendadventures #sundayfunday #storm #cucamongapeak
cucamongapeak - winter - sortof - sundayfunday - snow - socal - storm - weekendadventures -
marc_anderson - kateladee - kristimichelle22 - josepito1 -
#cucamongapeak #sangabriel #mountains #snow #dusting #weneedthis #southerncalifornia #inlandempire #iphone5S #sunday #morning #calilife #cali
southerncalifornia - mountains - cucamongapeak - weneedthis - dusting - snow - morning - cali - sunday - sangabriel - inlandempire - calilife - iphone5s -
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Hiking up to the mountain I found two hikers. They were eating gumbo & drinking coffee!? They were so humble that they invited me some & of course I said yes! Lol. My first time experience eating some gumbo high at the mountains. Thank you so much. πŸ™Œβ˜ΊπŸ‘πŸ‘Š #MadeNewFriends #Hikers #AmazingDay #SnowHike #LegDay #Workout #HikeOn #Selfie #ToolArmy #TOOL #Refuel #Mountains #cucamongapeak #NeverStopExploring
mountains - cucamongapeak - amazingday - madenewfriends - selfie - workout - hikers - toolarmy - neverstopexploring - hikeon - legday - snowhike - tool - refuel -
emilyackart : Nice!
karinabravo13 : Wow like it!
ziskozerrano : @emilyackart thanks!
ziskozerrano : @karinabravo13 I never thought I would experience something like that!
zee775 : Awesome! Im glad you made homies better than me having to call the rescue team! @ziskozerrano
zee775 - leann_marieee - angie_bear28 - harlanreano -
Even when the sky is filled with clouds, the sun still shines above β›…β›…β›…β›…β›…β›… #tbt to May 2013 my first time up to Cucamonga Peak. I remember how excited I was watching the sea of clouds rolling in! Excited to head back soon! #nessaisaforestfairy #solohike #proudmoment #socalhiking #throwback #CucamongaPeak #clouds #mountains #modernhiker #choosemountains #earthgirladventures #letsgoexplore #staywild #rei1440project #beforeGoPro #highlife #explorer #solohike
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ms_castle_plz : Mt. Olympus?????!!! It's heaven! 😍😍😍😍 you inspire me! @fr3ckles87
fr3ckles87 : thanks hun!! this is actually Cucamonga Peak in the San Gabriel mountains πŸ˜‰βœŒ @ms_castle_plz
ms_castle_plz : @fr3ckles87 Yayyyyy! Not far at all! I need to get my tush up there! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
ms_castle_plz : *toosh πŸ˜…
apple_bee23 : Love the clouds
hikinginsunshine : I totally wanna go next time! Lol @fr3ckles87 this is a peak I haven't done yet!
fr3ckles87 : planning a trip up soon! haven't been back since this day and really itching for a snow hike!! β˜€ @hikinginsunshine
passengerclothing : rad
wafflesmoker - reina198 - jlocke14 - shannoncroom -
Checking out the mountains behind Timber Mountain #telegraphpeak #hikelikers #hiking #timbermtn #hike #icehousecanyon #icehousesaddle #hiker #cucamongapeak #sanGabrielmountains #Ontariopeak #winter #gopro #7D #52hikeChallenge
hiker - cucamongapeak - 7d - winter - hiking - telegraphpeak - hike - hikelikers - sangabrielmountains - icehousesaddle - gopro - timbermtn - ontariopeak - 52hikechallenge - icehousecanyon -
tambrib : Kinda look like Superman up there πŸ‘
apple_bee23 - neyzwsteguiv - valerie_edwards - ac.z -
cucamongapeak -
alelolai : Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fr3ckles87 - miatayy_ - alelolai - its_kabbyoc -
What a difference a day makes! 24 little hours.... Left side = today Right side = yesterday. Smog/no smog.... No snow/snow! Looking east at #CucamongaPeak
cucamongapeak -
edub406 : Wow! #smog #chemtrails @fstrdnu
fstrdnu : Yeah... No shit huh?
fstrdnu : @edub406
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Parts of the trek were bleak, but we made it to the top! Clouds and falling snow made for an incredible experience. #latergram @hiking_in_solitude #hiking #hikingtrails #hikingadventures #hikingtrail #outdoors #gooutside #wanderlust #cucamongapeak #icehousecanyon #mountains #rei1440project
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guywhodoesfunstuff : ξ€Ž Cool
cameronfeldhaus : Nice !
rachyl_matis : Was there snow on the trail while u were hiking to the top? @dodgerloca hoping to hike it tomorrow and wanted to see if we could make it to icehouse saddle!
rachyl_matis : When did u hike this trail?? @rachyl_matis
dodgerloca : @rachyl_matis I did this hike on Sunday and the snow started at the peak around 11:30am. I don't think you'll have the same issue tomorrow. The hike to the saddle is great, but be sure to pack a warm jacket and gloves. The wind really whips around on one side of the mountain at/after the saddle. I made the mistake of waiting too long to put on my gloves and couldn't feel my fingers for an hour! Make sure to fill out a permit at the Baldy visitor center before your hike. They're in a box right outside and required. Have fun!
dodgerloca : @guywhodoesfunstuff @cameronfeldhaus Thanks!!
rachyl_matis : Awesome!! Thank you so much! @dodgerloca
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Nice view and better internet service let me work on the roof the rest of the morning. I just wish our snow lasted a little longer. #SanGabrielMountains #MyView #Snow #CucamongaPeak #IE #work #betterservice #canyouhearmenow #InlandEmpire #California #GoldenState
cucamongapeak - goldenstate - work - snow - sangabrielmountains - canyouhearmenow - california - myview - inlandempire - ie - betterservice -
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From the #CucamongaPeak hike.
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ktkyletaylor : #rei1440project #takemebackpacking #backpacking #hiking #ourplanetdaily #bpmag #explore
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You too could have these views if you lived amongst the foothills in Etiwanda ,Rancho Cucamonga , Claremont, San Dimas, & LaVerne check out available homes at #socal #california #realtors #realestate #randyhc21 #randyhorowitz #ranchocucamonga #uplandca #upscalehomes #claremontca #century21 #c21realestate #homebuyers #hometrends #homevalues #homesforsale #cucamongapeak
uplandca - realtors - socal - claremontca - upscalehomes - c21realestate - homebuyers - cucamongapeak - century21 - hometrends - ranchocucamonga - homesforsale - homevalues - randyhc21 - california - randyhorowitz - realestate -
jewelsoc11 : We live in oc and have pretty awesome views too! :) saddleback mountains don't disappoint
travelcrazyone : @jewelsoc11 - I'll sell those views too, ha ha! I like the saddleback mtns too!
jewelsoc11 : Aren't they breathtaking? We bought a home in lake isabella and those mountains are 360 degrees. Absolutely stunning.
jewelsoc11 : Not saddleback, just mountains in general.
themann85 : Nice pic!
travelcrazyone : Was that recently? I think you mentioned that area for camping too , along the Kern?
luxyweb - lorendesouzaalves - purpleeasel - amopenhouse -
So much love for the San Gabriels πŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ’š #sangabrielmountains #angelesnationalforest #cucamongawilderness #cucamongapeak
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langie671 : #exploremore #hiking #neverstopexploring #rei1440project #wildernessculture #wanderlust #adventure #nature #mountainlife #getoutstayout #mountaingirls #outdoorwomen #meetthemoment #peakbagger #sixpackofpeaks #greettheoutdoors #modernhiker #socalhiker #angiesadventures
robust_steph : I need a list of all ur hiking places!
robust_steph : Please!
reboronahikes : πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
the_nw_adventure : cool
michaelpowellphotography : Awesome shots!
ashleighgrams : So nice!
hiker_fighter - fr3ckles87 - donergrill - niscovery -
#CucamongaPeak is looking mighty magnificent today πŸ’ͺπŸ—»
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kristivitale : ahh well then you know how much gratitude we have for these beauties in our backdrop. Small world @sandra_louise1 and a little Santa Ana wind too made for a warm day that felt like summer β˜€οΈ I can tell spring is right around the corner 🌸
sandra_louise1 : What is up with Santa Ana's this time of year? I do not remember that, but, wow, it does make for good hair days and good scenery @kristivitale.
kristivitale : In my area they blow October thru around May @sandra_louise1
leighsuzanne : Awww you beautiful soul you😘 @kristivitale
pbatalo : One of the things I miss most about Rancho...that beautiful snow-capped peak! Thanks for sharing😘
kristivitale : of course, pam .. and I thought of you when I posted this, love πŸ˜˜πŸ’• @pbatalo
trishlovinglifeandallthatjazz : nature sure provides us with gorgeous views, I would never tire looking out your windows wow!!
kristivitale : thank you, Trish. Sometimes we get snow that sticks for awhile on the lower level of mountains too - that is one white glorious sight to see! One thing for sure, people in our town truly appreciate them. We talk about them on super clear days when they pop and the details are so visible. They are the first thing we think about in the morning and photograph when our first snow arrives. We know how lucky we are to have them by our side every day, to hike them, to ski the backside of them, or just love them from afar πŸŒ„ @trishlovinglifeandallthatjazz
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Overnight #snow #mtbaldy #cucamongapeak #upland
upland - cucamongapeak - mtbaldy - snow -
esmokey75 - redbookphotography - nonna_law - jonathanmtran -
Brr... it was unusually cold last night in the #inlandempire. Imagine my delight to wake up this #view of #snow on the #sanbernardinomountains. When I was a kid, the #snowcap would last for months. Now as an adult, this sight is rare. Call it #globalwarming or #climatechange. Enjoy the view from the #desert for now. #sanbernardino #environment #ranchocucamonga #cucamonga #cucamongapeak #California #southerncalifornia #socal #socallife #biomes #winter #rei1440project #nature #instanature #instagood
southerncalifornia - natgeolandscape - cucamonga - nature - rei1440project - snowcap - sanbernardino - socal - getoutside - california - biomes - desertlife - desert - sanbernardinomountains - cucamongapeak - valley - climatechange - winter - instanature - sky - snow - instagood - environment - ranchocucamonga - landscape - outdoors - inlandempire - globalwarming - socallife - view -
eclectikaphotography : #sky #desertlife #valley #outdoors #getoutside #landscape #natgeolandscape
shooting_in_the_dark : Isn't CA the best? Gorgeous capture! ❀️ : πŸ’―πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”Excellent photoπŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ if you want to follow me and I follow πŸ‘
sabekouterwear : πŸ‘
a_day_in_the_landscape : Amazing peak!
chris_man77 : This is a brilliant! @slick_bartender
wongsangworldwide : are you looking for Digital presence
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Sweet looking San Gabriel mountains this morning. Too bad it melts so quickly. #sangabrielmountains #sangabriel #mountains #mtbaldy #cucamongapeak #ontariopeak #upland #claremont #fontana #ranchocucamonga #snow #winter #southerncalifornia #socal #nature
southerncalifornia - mountains - cucamongapeak - sangabriel - nature - fontana - claremont - snow - mtbaldy - sangabrielmountains - ranchocucamonga - ontariopeak - upland - socal - winter -
nicole_snider_hps : What a great shot! We are super lucky, a little rain down here for a day, gives us a view like that @acoloma84!
acoloma84 : @socialsaturdayssevilla @nicole_snider_hps thanks!
photosbym2m : Pretty!
michaelfisher_flw : fantastic :)
jssbrry - the.stas - e__jazz - 666jussi -
8,858 ft. we begin our descent.
socalsixpack - cucamongapeak - winteriscoming -
flymordecaifly : #CucamongaPeak #SocalSixPack #WinterisComing
thelostartofkeepingasecret - mintyleaf - damelamanzana - nathanielperales -
Cucamonga summited. Snowstorm encroaching.
type2fun - cucamongapeak - training - socalsixpack -
dodgemahal : @flymordecaifly gear testing for next time as we type...
flymordecaifly : #CucamongaPeak #type2fun #SocalSixPack #Training
rushn.roulette - vjkairi - brizzlefosho - janna_rodriguez -
#snow #ranchocucamonga #socal #cucamongapeak
snow - cucamongapeak - ranchocucamonga - socal -
pepita_16 - _inlandempire - bonillaofficial - markthompsontv -
Snow covered mountaintops #baldy #cucamongapeak #inlandempire #winter #weather #socal #abc7eyewitness
baldy - cucamongapeak - weather - winter - abc7eyewitness - inlandempire - socal -
buffdaddy33 - okayoralways - 1loveie - bonillaofficial -
#altaloma #morning #view #mountain #cucamongapeak #snowcapped
mountain - cucamongapeak - view - altaloma - snowcapped - morning -
johnjohn1981 - sylviaorellana - sir.aan - miriam_n_michael -
Still have my head up in these clouds. #hiking #hikingtrails #hikingadventures #hikingtrail #outdoors #gooutside #wanderlust #cucamongapeak #icehousecanyon #rei1440project #sixpackofpeaks
wanderlust - cucamongapeak - hikingtrails - hiking - rei1440project - sixpackofpeaks - hikingadventures - gooutside - icehousecanyon - outdoors - hikingtrail -
evapronoun : sweet
notentneeded : Looks awesome
kyledriverrr : way to go
eclectikaphotography - farid.11 - 1loveie - jarumcreative -
On the way up to #CucamongaPeak
cucamongapeak - takemebackpacking - hiking - rei1440project - ourplanetdaily - explore - bpmag - backpacking -
ktkyletaylor : #rei1440project #takemebackpacking #backpacking #hiking #ourplanetdaily #bpmag #explore
ktkyletaylor : @taaaaaammm I am disappointed you weren't able to join in on the 'fun'!
taaaaaammm : @ktkyletaylor no dude, I dodged a bullet there. I was hungover and going to be wearing basketball shorts and a tee. Yours guys's hike scared me into getting gear. It would have been fun though
ktkyletaylor : @taaaaaammm Ya, you def dodged a bullet. It was an experience ... it was pretty brutal. I am glad I did it though.
annetheanne - irade_redjepova - tayloracheronti - carlosapupo -
When we decided to do #CucamongaPeak I started looking on #instagram to see what it was like at the top. The views looked awesome ... Either high above the clouds or overlooking the inland empire ... This was our view.
cucamongapeak - instagram - hiking - rei1440project - ourplanetdaily - explore - bpmag - takemebackpacking - backpacking -
funlimitqueen : Still a cool view- you look like your in a dream
ktkyletaylor : #rei1440project #takemebackpacking #backpacking #hiking #ourplanetdaily #bpmag #explore
ktkyletaylor : @funlimitqueen at the time it was more like a nightmare haha.
taylormadestyles : Lol
evolutionandrevolution - mdek - tammyhagen - tayloracheronti -
Come and touch the sky, raise your hands and try to feel the light ✨☁ Lets hike this weekend! #mtbaldy #cucamongapeak #cucamongawilderness #greettheoutdoors #rei1440project #radgirlslife #wildernessbabes #hike #nature #icehousesaddle #whatgivesyoulife #inspire #dirtbarbies #edmfunny #mountaincrushmonday #marshatheexplorer #neverstopexploring #wanderlust #52hikechallenge
wildernessbabes - inspire - nature - rei1440project - cucamongawilderness - mountaincrushmonday - neverstopexploring - wanderlust - radgirlslife - edmfunny - cucamongapeak - marshatheexplorer - hike - whatgivesyoulife - mtbaldy - greettheoutdoors - icehousesaddle - dirtbarbies - 52hikechallenge -
moon_flowerr_ : Amazing picture 😍
trini_martinis : @marshabradee_ I am just impressed and amazed by all these sights. I would love to join sometime. As soon as school mellows down a bit, I will take a small hiking trip to one of the places you recommended. I am having a pretty bad day, but this picture helps out
marshabradee_ : Oh I'm always looking for hiking partners lol no one is ever down. We would have to start u off small I'm starting to do 10+ miles on my trips now trying to prepare myself to hit 2 of the highest peaks in socal i already knocked one of my list πŸ’ͺ the other two are in palm springs and big bear. Awww that means alot! 😍 i want my trips to inspire ppl to get outdoors and explore theres honestly no greater feeling. Its sort of an addiction now aha 😊 @trini_martinis
trini_martinis : Are you serious? If be honored to join you! This would be amazing! Please let me be part of this experience. You are getting me so excited! Wow, 10 miles! That is some serious business. But the idea sounds more inspirational than drastic. I would be up for any distance. I know it doesn't compare, because the trail path is different, but I usually run 12 miles every Sunday, if that might possibly help at all.
marshabradee_ : Yay! πŸ™Œ sounds good! 😊 it does get pretty tough at times but its more setting ur mind to a positive state and you can accomplish it πŸ˜ƒ i always push myself. Damn! 12 mile run every week thats intense ahaha i dont run the trails really more like power walk stroll im not the fastest but i can guarantee you'll still be feeling sore af ahaha the incline is intense i tell you. Im barely starting but soon enough I'll get so much better at this πŸ’ͺ @trini_martinis
trini_martinis : I like your way of thinking. Keep it positive, buddy! Plus the scenery is more than sufficient to motivate you to complete those long hikes. Like I said, i will be on spring break in two weeks, so I can join you for a trial haha and then hopefully during the summer get together for many more. I'm ready for this πŸ˜ƒπŸ™Œ
marshabradee_ : Yes of course . hit me up whenever you're free we can defintely arrange something πŸ˜ƒ i started this #52hikechallenge u hike at least omce a week for 52 weeks ive been on a role lately so i wanna complete it ahaha @trini_martinis
trini_martinis : 52 weeks of hiking in beautiful places! Go @marshabradee_ go! Get those 52 hikes over with. I will join you soon and hope to help you complete those hikes together. I will dm you next week to arrange a time to meet
versasha - jerson8 - edmwonderland - brandycarolyn -
Onward and upward. (Photo by @dodgemahal)
cucamongapeak - takemebackpacking - hiking - rei1440project - ourplanetdaily - explore - bpmag - backpacking -
ktkyletaylor : #CucamongaPeak
nerdybynature : Ive done this trail before. Its pretty challenging on a nice day. Props for doing it in a storm. Must of been "fun"
ktkyletaylor : @nerdybynature oh Ya. It was a 'blast'. Still not sure how I feel about it. I am proud that I did it ... but fun, exciting, cool, amazing are words that I am struggling to use to describe it.
dodgemahal : Brutal conditions. Nowhere to go but up.
funlimitqueen : Crazy- I tried to go up last year in snow and we had to turn around
ktkyletaylor : #rei1440project #takemebackpacking #backpacking #hiking #ourplanetdaily #bpmag #explore
ktkyletaylor : @funlimitqueen the sleet didn't really start til we were closer to the top, but on the entire way back It was sleet ... snow ... Rain.
lauren.hanley - ramonepm - - amatter_ofwill -
The climb felt like hell but the top more like heaven #keepclimbing
angelesnationalforest - getoutstayout - exploremore - hiking - nature - rei1440project - socalhiker - cucamongapeak - mountainlife - neverstopexploring - wildernessculture - adventure - mountaingirls - keepclimbing - alpinebabes - cucamongawilderness - wanderlust - outdoorwomen - heaven - clouds - sixpackofpeaks - greettheoutdoors - angiesadventures - peakbagger - modernhiker - meetthemoment -
apple_bee23 : Awesome
jashnilynn : Deng girl. Lol, I thought of The Climb by Miley Cyrus! Keep it up giiiiiiirl!
fr3ckles87 : awesome picture! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
sachikowong : Is that you? That looks dangerous
sachikowong : And awesome
myrvhick10 : Go Angie πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
sircrisz : Great photo, @langie671! ✨
alice.mika : Incredible!
hardcoreclimber88 - trailmex - theflolife - ayoopa -
Of course had to do a #ktfromwhereistand ... just looking at my feet in this pic I can hear them yelling at me ... WTF did we do to you! | #CucamongaPeak
cucamongapeak - takemebackpacking - hiking - rei1440project - ourplanetdaily - explore - bpmag - ktfromwhereistand - backpacking -
taylormadestyles : Lmao! Ahhh, but you DID it!!
sunnysurfgirl : I'm impressed by you two !!! Couch spaghetti !
ktkyletaylor : @sunnysurfgirl thanks! Couch and spaghetti were 2 things I often kept on thinking about throughout the hike.
ktkyletaylor : #rei1440project #takemebackpacking #backpacking #hiking #ourplanetdaily #bpmag #explore
xploration_nation : Beautiful!
ramonepm : Cool!
ramonepm - hikingcorry - amatter_ofwill - ultimatekilimanjaro -
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