"It seems strange that my life should end in such a terrible place, but for three years I had roses and apologized to no one." #cryinglikeabitch #vforvendetta #instaquotes #love #lgbt
vforvendetta - lgbt - love - instaquotes - cryinglikeabitch -
ateeg12 : @mzavip !!!!!
lyssahh_ : Watching this too. That scene always gets to me @deeecember
deeecember : @lyssahh_ I always cry from the beginning of the letter to when she finds out that V was torturing her. When she says, "I can't feel anything anymore," I kind of die a little.
fallenheavens : I fucking love this movie. Best comic book/graphic novel book ever.
prince_anas304 - artem__arutunyan - lgbt_pride_dm - kittencakess -
Allergic reaction to new wax at salon #ouch #eyebrows #likecarpetburn #iwantmymummy #snapchat #cry #cryinglikeabitch
eyebrows - likecarpetburn - iwantmymummy - cryinglikeabitch - cry - ouch - snapchat -
mummy.daddy.sophia.and.bump : Really? Ive took lots of pictures clearer than this one. I just hope it calms down! Ive not left the house at all today :( x @myownlittlekingdom_29
myownlittlekingdom_29 : Yeah. It could of done worse. It could of burnt your skin off.
myownlittlekingdom_29 : Didn't she warn u it was a new wax? She should of immediately asked u to do a skin test before she booked u in for the actual wax. X
mummy.daddy.sophia.and.bump : It feels like it has. I can only describe it as feeling like carpet burn. Nope never said anything. I phoned up today and explained whats happened and she said "oh yeah we are using new wax, just put damp cloth on them and moisterise. I cant put anything on my eyes atall with out me looking like im having a "sophia tantrum". @myownlittlekingdom_29 x
myownlittlekingdom_29 : Ring them and complain. Make sure u tell them that you where never told this. And also by law and trading standards they are obligated to do so. Therefor your going to seek legal advice. And the fact your pregnant too. Stupid idiotic idiots!!!!!!!
mummy.daddy.sophia.and.bump : Im going to phone them back first thing tomorrow. I told her i was pregnant in a general chit chat conversation as she was doing it. My mum had the same thing happen to her years ago and she went further. She will help me go the right way about this :) just hopin it wont leave marks. Really self concious about it x @myownlittlekingdom_29
myownlittlekingdom_29 : Do it defo. Ridiculous. Don't take no free treatments. Get the silly cow done. Could of been a lot worse xx
mummy.daddy.sophia.and.bump : Oh defo not! I will never get anything done there again! Thanks hun! @myownlittlekingdom_29 xx
bianca_dawn23 - keepupwiththejonesfamily - sarahmulhearnssss -
#cryinglikeabitch#godsmack1000hp #godsmack
godsmack1000hp - godsmack - cryinglikeabitch -
leahey329 - noah_guinn198 -
My boys last day in AZ today before he ships off for basic. I'm going to miss you man. I love you bro. #Army #cryinglikeabitch #brothers #proudofyou
proudofyou - brothers - cryinglikeabitch - army -
ohghandii : David my bad for cutting you out of the picture. I wanted dcs whole face to be in it.
gaabbaay_xx - _terry323 - football__47 - boss_chhina -
#pissedmyself #cryinglikeabitch
pissedmyself - cryinglikeabitch -
isaiahb94 - bowtieboy96 - brittany_nicole1193 - siqqfvqq -
cryinglikeabitch -
__d4ny__ : DAMMIT WTF
__d4ny__ - siezethemary - itssamanthaaaa_ - -
I'm tougher than nails, I can promise you that :: #selfie #dresses #fashion #godsmack #cryinglikeabitch #countrygirl #cocaine
fashion - dresses - godsmack - selfie - cocaine - cryinglikeabitch - countrygirl -
drinkheadbanger : Nice \m/
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This literally NEVER gets old. #salgovernale #cryinglikeabitch #howardstern #howard100 #sternshow
sternshow - howard100 - howardstern - cryinglikeabitch - salgovernale -
Godsmack Crying Like A Bitch #godsmack #cryinglikeabitch #mohegansun #sullyerna #shannonlarkin
godsmack - sullyerna - shannonlarkin - cryinglikeabitch - mohegansun -
sammy_slaughter : Ahhh I'm jealous haha
abagelz : Haha @sammy_slaughter I loveee them
digitalsummer : sweet
drinkheadbanger - badseedrising - samksantos - sheila3607 -
#JohnnyManziel #CryingLikeABitch
johnnymanziel - cryinglikeabitch -
the_rett : @daniel_foulk
ctaylormade : @c6mpact lol
c6mpact : LOL @c_glove14
c_glove14 : @c6mpact hahaha!!!!...that's spot on
nick_martiniii : @acaruso91
ballison224 : Fucking retarded
hammb0ne87 : With his big ass head and little shoulders! Lol!
mjt_216 : Johnny manziel is awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸˆπŸˆπŸˆπŸˆ
c_glove14 - canadian_a13 - african_mamba44 - alexandre.jose.7315720 -
#cryinglikeabitch #cheflife
cheflife - cryinglikeabitch -
andygoodmanz - travis_vs_food - hibberd89 - amandamccreath -
Rewatching #thewalkingdead and the episode that #sophia comes out of the barn as a zombie after everyones been looking for her for weeks, and everyone is just like what the fuuuuuuuck. This is by far the worst death on this TV show, drag out for sooooo long that they were looking for her and she'd be okay then bam been dead the entire time locked away in the barn. But seriously. Why kill off the poor little girl. Holy fuck. Honestly, I still cried, like balled. God damn, why you make me have these feels. #walkingdead #season2 #sophiazombie #zombie #deathscene #cryinglikeabitch #cryface #rickgrimes #sophiapeletier #mindblowingmoment #spoilers #walkingdeadfan
sophiazombie - walkingdeadfan - cryinglikeabitch - walkingdead - spoilers - deathscene - rickgrimes - sophiapeletier - zombie - mindblowingmoment - cryface - thewalkingdead - season2 - sophia -
zelinskis : I love the walking dead
lahlynnn : Ehhhh they dragged that out for entirely too long! By the time they found her I had lost interest in that whole situation. I still love it though :):)
waydelindsay26 : Seriously was that sadist thing ever!!!! :( ahahah but yes when i first watched it i knew she'd most likely be dead, but that was heart breaking hahah. @lahlynnn
i34alsulaiti - hawwad1889 - shayrisner - sabrina_s_sanchez -
cryinglikeabitch -
ruboski1 - genny_szwiec - drakecharnock -
When your girl is leaving to college...#cryinglikeabitch
cryinglikeabitch -
jerrysloan13 : Wow
lilbrisa : #buthurtbitches ❀️
_lyssamay : Kinda does look like you .
jakeschaeff : I always knew you were a seal
lilbrisa : check your email!
mbellelizabeth - thisisbrii - lamedamsel - geesquizle_ -
godsmack - uproar2014 - sullyerna - cryinglikeabitch - uproar -
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Take... - - My.... - - fUCKIN' - - EDITING APP - - AWAY FROM ME IM DANGEROUS #ashtonirwin #ashtonirwinedits #calumhood #lukehemmings #michaelclifford #5sos #5sosedits #5sosfamily #5secondsofsummer #sad #crying #cryinglikeabitch
lukehemmings - ashtonirwinedits - 5sosfamily - sad - 5sosedits - 5secondsofsummer - 5sos - michaelclifford - calumhood - crying - cryinglikeabitch - ashtonirwin -
9boysinbands : Ohh I had that app before to try to make edits like this but it didn't work. I will try again tho
mrs.cliffxrd : Didn't work how? Maybe I can help :) @9boysinbands
9boysinbands : Well I'm gonna get it again and try. Well thanks (:
mrs.cliffxrd : No problem :) just DM if you need help with it @9boysinbands
amberthomas.jpeg : @kai_schwegal πŸ˜₯😭
amberthomas.jpeg : 😭 this is just beautiful
alex_harsha : There's more oh lord Jesus it's a fire
mrs.cliffxrd : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @alex_harsha
1d_5sos_saved_me_ - hairystuhls - _youradirtypig - -
This is the face of one very happy jammy girlo, fluked my way to Liverpool John Moore uni with ABC in my Alevels😁 #sojammy #cantbelieveit #happy #girl #overthemoon #puffyeyes #cryinglikeabitch #liverpool #letshaveye
letshaveye - liverpool - overthemoon - cantbelieveit - puffyeyes - sojammy - girl - cryinglikeabitch - happy -
seannafoster - thomasthibodeau - lucaswgge - taramolloy93 -
I Shall Live By This From Now On... #heartbreak #sad #love #pain #hurting #heartbreakmotherfucker #hearthurtslikeabitch #thepainiskillingme #cryinglikeabitch #crying #madlyinlovedeeplyinpain
hearthurtslikeabitch - hurting - pain - sad - heartbreak - cryinglikeabitch - crying - love - madlyinlovedeeplyinpain - heartbreakmotherfucker - thepainiskillingme -
iamkhaishrek - conniedesilva - tim_the_star - tnimarcj -
#cryinglikeabitch #godsmack #music
godsmack - music - cryinglikeabitch -
strangemonst3r - reyes_az - _its_time_to_take_it_serious - ambriahhh_ -
#CryingLikeABitch therr you have it. @benjaminpaulbruce @askingalexandriaofficial #MayhemFest #BenBruce #AskingAlexandria #HesTallerThanIExpected
hestallerthaniexpected - askingalexandria - mayhemfest - benbruce - cryinglikeabitch -
spidar_m0nk3y - eldest_hipster - wh0nina - n3moe_ -
Crying soo hard right now #cryinglikeabitch
cryinglikeabitch -
stephaniecx1993 - _hailey_._ - cheerforlife523 - strein21 -
#AmnesiaMusicVideo #5SOS #CryingLikeABitch β™₯β™₯
cryinglikeabitch - amnesiamusicvideo - 5sos -
aj_rocio : Si, se que soy una boluda. Pero tenia que ponerlo.
c.a.l.m.cuddles -
I'm going to miss you g
cryinglikeabitch -
beverlyann_d : #cryinglikeabitch
katemccook26 : I love you and I'll be home home soon kkk
katemccook26 - insta_bb6 - onecar2c - anthonyhurt67 -
Found my #godsmack #bandana ^~^ was so happy when I found it I was #cryinglikeabitch #happy #collect #ginger #boyswithpiercings #boyswithtattoos #septum #love #music #instago #instalike #instamood #instadaily #selfie #voodoo #freak #tattoos #piercings #alternative
tattoos - love - instalike - boyswithtattoos - ginger - instago - piercings - freak - alternative - instadaily - boyswithpiercings - instamood - collect - music - voodoo - godsmack - bandana - septum - selfie - cryinglikeabitch - happy -
royal212500 : Wow like it!
s00ska - sheblueit - daisyvonmanson - beautiful_savage_13 -
FUCK THE POLICE! More like cry until the officer feels bad enough to let you go with a warning. 74 in a 55 zone. Whoopsie daisy. #police #ticket #cryinglikeabitch #ohio #highinohio
ohio - ticket - police - highinohio - cryinglikeabitch -
cig6585 : When r u coming back to Florida?
mack_city_bish : right now! il be home tomorrow night! @cig6585
cig6585 : Ok πŸ˜ƒ
onyxpray - jass.monaeee__ - sollua10 - sarah_valletta -
I'm gonna miss you man, I consider you a brother and love you to death. The best of luck in the military. We'll meet again. #Toruno #ShrekIsLove #cryinglikeabitch
shrekislove - cryinglikeabitch - toruno -
ktiengkham : 😭😭😭😭😭😭
caseymozena : #ShrekIsLife
luuuznatalia - rudymasterofbooty - nuufkamuikkunen - glassmaster8 -
😭 #teennick#throwback#rocketpower#cryinglikeabitch
throwback - teennick - rocketpower - cryinglikeabitch -
amirajade13 - jackie_capri - davidcosman - tinaxlol -
#gettingink #goodvibrations #cryinglikeabitch #ow #hasalongwaytogotocatchup @mollycaaaarter
ow - hasalongwaytogotocatchup - goodvibrations - cryinglikeabitch - gettingink -
travis_cass_25 : I at first I thought she was getting it on her ass cheek lmfao
jkkellzz : Close enough haha
mollycaaaarter : I did @travis_cass_25
crespothedj - fitz42695 - allymarie0359 - kellylynnxoxo -
Not even looking up and shii #sixflags #apocalypse #rollercoaster #hatethesethings #cryinglikeabitch #summer #2014 #maryland #fun #goodtimes
summer - hatethesethings - goodtimes - sixflags - rollercoaster - fun - 2014 - maryland - apocalypse - cryinglikeabitch -
aknilakoop : Dude πŸ˜•
kjl67 : Wa @aknilakoop
temmibarbie : LMFAO omg Korey u look Lek u bout fu dead πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
liibbiiee : Hahahahah Korey ahhaha
ulovegen - corazon_cubana - drewberrya - le_barbiee -
I woke up to this shit, some one bought the fucking car with out my dad even telling me😭😭 #cryinglikeabitch I hope the guys truck breaks down and it is a Ford so it's possible #sadday #thisisbullshit
sadday - cryinglikeabitch - thisisbullshit -
freeyourmind21 : Are You Serious
freeyourmind21 - vermont_scale_rc - gotta_have_fayeth - randirphotography -
My favorite sniper rifle in #NoMoreRoomInHell. It's alot faster than the sako tbh. #juststonerthings #havingfunontheinternet #reality #whocares #steam #valve #twitch #streaming #mods #sourceengine #freetoplay #horror #zombies #realism #pissinginmyspaceboots #cryinglikeabitch #guns #bigguns #favorite
nomoreroominhell - sourceengine - horror - streaming - whocares - freetoplay - havingfunontheinternet - mods - bigguns - valve - favorite - pissinginmyspaceboots - reality - guns - cryinglikeabitch - zombies - juststonerthings - twitch - steam - realism -
satans_upheaval666 - halcyon.brr3 - david_ofthedead - socialtronlive -
Hanging out with the #bae #juststonerthings #havingfunontheinternet #reality #whocares #steam #valve #twitch #streaming #CryOfFear #freetoplay #multiplayer #horror #scary #cryinglikeabitch #pissinginmyspaceboots #jumpscare #halflife #mod #goldsource
halflife - multiplayer - horror - cryoffear - streaming - whocares - jumpscare - freetoplay - havingfunontheinternet - mod - scary - bae - valve - pissinginmyspaceboots - reality - goldsource - juststonerthings - twitch - steam - cryinglikeabitch -
satans_upheaval666 - xanhand_gaming - david_ofthedead - socialtronlive -
1. The zippers on my backpack have to be together at the top of the bag. 2. My biggest fear is drowning. 3. I have a few friends that I actually consider my brothers. 4. I can not twerk. 5. I killed a man with this thumb πŸ‘ 6. If I could be a super hero I would be Spider-Man. 7. @melissatruman_ is the biggest tool ever to come from a shed. 8. I am the real eat G their is. 9. I am American 10. Any non-American is actually a terrorist. 11. Includes @melissatruman_ 12. I think celery is the devil. 13. Chevy rules my life. 14. Country must be country wide. 15. Never cheated and never will. 16. I am a lion unlike @b_c19 17. @d_graham1997 is my hood niqqa. 18. I want sleeve tattoos. 19. I believe the wishes I work for will come true. 20. My dream car is in Mammoth Springs.
doesthismakemeabitch - songsfordays - watchingromanticcomedieslikeabitch - blockednumber - talkdirtytome - neverbeenmoredisappointed - beinabitchlikeabitch - thisalwayshapoens - justwhenyouthinkyouknowsomeone - bitchimaboss - owningalotofcatslikeabitch - litearllystunned - wow - friendzoned - clubcantholdme - smh - cryinglikeabitch -
chelseymckee04 : I wouldnt be proud of that. πŸ˜‚ @d_graham1997
bobmarleytets : I think I'm riding solo to the fair with @d_graham1997 #bitchimaboss #clubcantholdme #songsfordays
d_graham1997 : I'm riding you at the fair. @bobmarleytets
chelseymckee04 : #bitchyou'reafaggot
bobmarleytets : #wow #smh #neverbeenmoredisappointed #litearllystunned #justwhenyouthinkyouknowsomeone #thisalwayshapoens #cryinglikeabitch #watchingromanticcomedieslikeabitch #owningalotofcatslikeabitch #beinabitchlikeabitch #doesthismakemeabitch?
melissatruman_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚too late! We're already married. @bobmarleytets
bobmarleytets : You are forever alone @melissatruman_
melissatruman_ : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
teeg90 - chelseymckee04 - melissatruman_ - gracielouisewatson -
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