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NEXT SATURDAY is the TURN UP!!! San Jose what's good?! Can't wait to rage with y'all!! #CRSB #SJ #DaKine #Lovegunmovement
crsb - sj - dakine - lovegunmovement -
mr_tiogangco_promoter : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
sandraaamac - idoitfordabay - zariasmamii - 2sdaygirl -
So this happened.....Juuuuuuust a reminder!!! GIANTS BABY!! #SF #WorldSeriesBaby # History #CRSB #champs
worldseriesbaby - crsb - sf - champs -
brinachanel_ : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
mlevy_6 : I could watch that a million more times! ❀️
ya1n0nly707 : 😍 !!
sophierosebaby : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jennayyyee - a_joshleen - inculover - wilwiee -
LOST in the MOOD.... #Blessed #GodIsGood #CRSB #Lovegunmovement #MusicLife #EyesClosedFeelinIt #RozayShreddinInTheBack
godisgood - crsb - musiclife - lovegunmovement - blessed - eyesclosedfeelinit - rozayshreddinintheback -
djhapaboy : πŸ™Œ
sandraaamac - rook77mc - e_aktari2 - glitterrngoldd -
JAMMIN' #CRSB #Lovegunmovement #Blessed #GodIsGood #PolyDuo @sonnybeburnin @chriscrossapplesauce
crsb - godisgood - blessed - lovegunmovement - polyduo -
mr_rickrockstar : Havent heard from these guys in a bit
cvofosho : You guys are great πŸ™Œ
k_squared1392 : When's your next gig?? @chriscrossapplesauce @sonnybeburnin @crsb_music
unclejudd49er - meggknowles - heajahh - 3shoppergirls -
Congrats to our brothers @commonkings for finishing up their tour with @justintimberlake in Australia and New Zealand! Keep opening doors and making us proud Fam!! #Blessed #GodIsGood #CommonKings #JT #CRSB πŸ™πŸ™
godisgood - jt - commonkings - crsb - blessed -
dopestprodigy : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
__lorennicole : 😍😍
common_kingdom : πŸ™Œ#CKfans #fanatiCKs
rook77mc - lalab86 - danielaedna_fls - jessicalee256 -
#fbf #flashbackfriday with the babes when i performed in antioch and little did i know that CRSB watched my performance haha #072913 #aarolynne #CRSB
crsb - 072913 - aarolynne - flashbackfriday - fbf -
bennnmilleeerr - bfranchescab - chrisnoele - bigjoe_415 -
#tbt being on tour, reggae fests and beaches all year long. #crsb
crsb - tbt -
jboogmusic : lol why was my sweater hella dirty hahahha damn
brandonthefox : @jboogmusic lol I'm just gonna assume that's ganja ash
justinefaith - arianne_e - miss_khristian - valuhrie -
I LOOK UP.... πŸ™πŸ™#InnhaleYheGoodShitExhaletheBullshit #StudioLife #RestInLoveBigGuy #AlwaysTalkinToMyAngels #CRSB #Lovegunmovement πŸ“·: @louievalentinoofficial
crsb - studiolife - lovegunmovement - alwaystalkintomyangels - innhaleyhegoodshitexhalethebullshit - restinlovebigguy -
russell_marasigan - skyeinhawaii - chichichi_chia - deedera13 -
Listening to some #CRSB #reminiscing #hazelsuke #kohala miss you chocolate bunny!!
crsb - hazelsuke - kohala - reminiscing -
hazeljoie_ : blue misses you πŸ’πŸ˜‰
mkrs_koalabear : Hope you do well @hazeljoie_
hazeljoie_ : i finished already! @mkrs_koalabear this faget kept showing off 😏 @joshchinkee
roxanne_quilala : Looks familiar hahaha
ian_da_great : I miss jamming out πŸ˜”
mkrs_koalabear : @roxanne_quilala oh!? Nakita mo na?
mkrs_koalabear : @ian_da_great I know right I still have a lot to learn I'm pretty stagnant );
caren_azurin - senorita_m09 - theveronicang - arielle.413 -
CITYLIFE #NoFilter #CRSB #AlliWantIsYou #SF
crsb - alliwantisyou - nofilter - sf -
xaibeats : Hey can i get your autograph
gedaira : πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
http.will35 : My city
50_one_50 : Miss da Bay Area! (^_^)
_thelastprime_ - yxng.tsea - jessejunior - citizenmike707 -
Feels Good Up here....DREAM BIG #CRSB #Lovegunmovement #EverythingYouWantIsOnTheOtherSideofFEAR
crsb - everythingyouwantisontheothersideoffear - lovegunmovement -
atm510 : All the way to the top !
tiana_marie415 : be careful cuz!!
rubyx_cube : Don't do it maan haha
cammebaabby22 : Dig tha hash tag
rook77mc : Daaaaaaamn cuz dats spooky as fuk
divinefijian : Dopeness!
jessejunior : Times
charismaleah : Duh duh duh dope!
lalena_d87 - boonz04 - mayaluig - ruthlessruthe -
STAY ROOTED.....this is how it all started...Don't ever forget where you come from...Ukuleles and a Dream! #CRSB #Lovegunmovement #AcousticSets #OurFavorite #Foundation #StartedFromTheBottom #Ukuleles #EarthquakeBenefitConcert @sonnybeburnin @chriscrossapplesauce @nicky_rozay
crsb - foundation - lovegunmovement - ourfavorite - acousticsets - startedfromthebottom - ukuleles - earthquakebenefitconcert -
wgii : What?! A cajon?!
nickyy_rozay : @nickyy_rozay ;)
_jambaaa17 : Yah I was just talking about how sick the Cajon was! @hawaiianstylin712
_anohail_ - itsmecee2 - willpaul_ - adlight7 -
HUGE S/o to AJ and our Overseas US Troops for ROCKIN with CRSB for over 6 years and it extremely humbling to know your using our music to calm the soldiers down during international overseas deployment! Nothing better than knowing our music is a part of your lives fellas. Keep making Us proud and we can't wait to put this Military tour together and ROCK for ALL YOU guys! #CRSB #Lovegunmovement #International #Military #Marines #Navy #USTroops #MilitaryTourSoon Thanks @anthonycress #BlessUp #GodIsGood
crsb - godisgood - lovegunmovement - blessup - military - navy - international - marines - militarytoursoon - ustroops -
eddieactions : You should connect with me on Facebook!
anthonycress : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ thank you guy's keep it up and we'll do the same!
crazyfavor23 : Aye I took that picture @anthonycress nice meeting bruh pray for your safe return @crsb_music nice seeing yall last weekend, can't wait to see yall do yall thang on the First... Get at me Sonny when it's good uce.
meggknowles - 3cia21 - 3dsmama_707 - _anohail_ -
S/o to our brotha @jboogmusic for killin his "Run Em Hard" Tour and ending it in SOLD OUT San Francisco!! Bless Up and thank you for always supporting CRSB!! BOOM!! #CRSB #JBOOG #LOVEGUNMOVMENT @washhouse @sonnybeburnin @chriscrossapplesauce @thehotrainband
crsb - jboog - lovegunmovment -
lilmsmesf : @joovanni_
kota75 - nana_421 - rook77mc - bigdaddy555 -
I miss these guys and Leila's pugly self. #CRSB #BreakUpSong #hooka #AZlife #family @linkinmac @romomarifer1 @living_pono @skwillexk #pug #IGlessRegan
crsb - iglessregan - hooka - azlife - family - breakupsong - pug -
ms_kissymarie : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lynasaurusrex : Y'all goin hammmm πŸ˜‚
linkinmac : Lmfaoooooo what was I doing
lynasaurusrex - foofumz - mgwhat - linkinmac -
Big Ups to our brotha @jboogmusic for rappin up his "Run Em' Hard" Tour in SOLD OUT SF last night! This man and the whole @washhouse team been grindin HARD and killin the game! Bless Up and thank you for always being real and Supporting CRSB's music and message of love! Big Things coming!! BOOM!!! #CRSB #JBOOG #Lovegunmovement #TourSoon @crsb_music
crsb - jboog - lovegunmovement - toursoon -
rachelsparta - bambie86 - rook77mc - bigdaddy555 -
Started laughing when I asked him to sing The Break Up song πŸ˜‚ #crsb #throwbackyoutubedays
crsb - throwbackyoutubedays -
shesolefresh : The break up song! Ahhhhh #classic forsure! Lol
lisanipnip : Oh man. That's hilarious.
jennicapaho : @lisanipnip can't tell if that's sarcasm or..........
lisanipnip : It's trill.
jennicapaho : @shesolefresh that and waiting in vain cover! 😊
nikko22rios : They sing the manthem?? Haha
crsb_music : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™
cvrlpvtrick - duhresaa - jaho_30 - nikishabn -
We ran into #CRSB after the J Boog concert. #FeelGoodMusic @crsb_music
crsb - feelgoodmusic -
crsb_music : πŸ™πŸ™
normskeez - osxsier - i_stephie - christineeexoxo -
At the J Boog concert in San Francisco. Great deal of respect to these guys/celebrities that I've been a fan of for 6 years, leaving a legacy in island jamz and reggae, supporting the US troops and this troop that's about to go round 2 on deployment. @crsb_music #islandboyz #islandjamz #sf #crsb #
crsb - islandjamz - islandboyz - sf -
bringinonlygoodvibes6 : So dope !
mjdloupe : What??? I love jboog!! Nice.
anthonycress : @spivey_mane will do bra @doughme4 in the flesh yes lol @bringinonlygoodvibes6 get to the next event I'm telling you haha @mjdloupe better scope out the ones in Colorado! And were thru there like swim wear @samoan_madhatter415 all day every day lead the way uce
bringinonlygoodvibes6 : Are they out in Europe ?
crsb_music : Bless Up my Bruddah!! Give our love to all your brothers out there on deployment and thank you for showin love and supporting CRSB!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
anthonycress : @bringinonlygoodvibes6 their in the bay right now. Their trying to do an overseas tour
bringinonlygoodvibes6 : Ah! Seen them in tahoe before I joined . Would be sweet to see them out here ! Goin to Rebelution in Paris next month
anthonycress : @bringinonlygoodvibes6 oooo get it!
bplashesnwaxing - flysocietyyy925 - kekaualua916 - tongan_girl96 -
Dream Big and don't stop til you reach this...Have a Blessed Weekend Everyone! #Relax #Blessed #DreamBig s/o to everyone at @bestvacations for ROCKIN with us!! #CRSB
crsb - dreambig - blessed - relax -
diggymkz : To da top!!!πŸ™Œ
crsb_music : @diggymkz all the way πŸ™
divinefijian : Take me with!!
crsb_music : @divinefijian LetsGo!!
kayla_la1 : @805pistolpete
jenn_doll__ : πŸ‘Œ
jasummerfo - hairdezignbydarleen - misssglys_ - willpaul_ -
You don't wanna miss this Health & Fitness Concert featuring #FIJI #CRSB #TREYSMOOV and #ESSEL Also special live demos...U-JAM, Zumba and HOT HULA fitness®!!! Get your #workout on and enjoy some good food and live music! See flyer for details! Tickets on sale now at Hope you can make it!!! Please share and tag away!!! #hothula #hothulafitness #ujam #unitedwejam #unity #zumba #norcal #healthylifestyle #health #fitness #fitspo #groupX #polyfit
crsb - fitspo - hothula - norcal - workout - ujam - unitedwejam - healthylifestyle - essel - fiji - groupx - zumba - hothulafitness - polyfit - unity - health - fitness - treysmoov -
jazziejjd - - teli_mann - thebuttblog1 -
Enjoying LIFE....cuz that's what your suppose to Do!! Dream BIG!! #CRSB #Lovegunmovement #808 @sonnybeburnin @chriscrossapplesauce
crsb - 808 - lovegunmovement -
em_zepplin - raawzell - sydneesimonescott - jessejunior -
STAND up GIANTS FANS back by popular demand our exclusive Limited Edition CRSB SF World Series Shirts are AVAILABLE NOW on our Online Store!! LIMITED QUANTITY Available so get them NOW!! Click on Link in Bio!! #CRSB #SF #Lovegunmovement #Exlusive #WorldSeries
crsb - worldseries - sf - lovegunmovement - exlusive -
ohsolovelycami : 😻
ffuhmaryy : #sfgiants yaaaayyyyyyy!
miamoneyoyb : Omg I NEED oneπŸ˜πŸ”Άβ—ΎοΈ
rob_2024 : #BELIEVE
charrrrrles : @iratrinchera
raynelle44 - meggknowles - lalab86 - ashyleighbaby -
#TBT CRSB at their "Touch The Sky" Video Shoot! Check out ALL of CRSB's Music Videos on YouTube and at #CRSB #Lovegunmovement #PolyDuo #BayAreaBoys #PolyMovement
crsb - lovegunmovement - polymovement - polyduo - tbt - bayareaboys -
jessanches : πŸ™Œ great memories
jennicapaho : See y'all on the 25th right? 😏
nolemana - dee415415 - mz_binana - aiseataimani -
#TBT CRSB Performing at the SOLD OUT House Of Blues in DisneyLand with our Brothers the Common Kings!! It was a Beyond EPIC!! Who wants to see CRSB & CK on Tour Together?! #LetTheFansSpeak #CRSB #CommonKings #TourSoon #Future #NewIslandWave #Lovegunmovement @commonkings @junyerking @j_romet @matai45 @uncle_lui @sonnybeburnin @chriscrossapplesauce @reecebeats @nicky_rozay
crsb - commonkings - lovegunmovement - letthefansspeak - tbt - newislandwave - toursoon - future -
nikellerenee : πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
czarbabyy : Yeeeeees pls!
siailameihiva - lincoln_berry - 8011hiweii_jawaiian - cvofosho -
Buy your tickets $20 each for November 1, 2014 🎀at Keepin' It Island to see Fiji , CRSB , Trey Smoov & Essel 🎢 We will be one of the food vendors πŸ› #keepinitisland #livemusic #goodfood #fiji #crsb#treysmoov #essel #familyfun
crsb - livemusic - keepinitisland - goodfood - familyfun - essel - treysmoov - fiji -
jeywalk671 : We will be there...can't wait @islandgirlcreations
tmesa707 : Thanks for the tag Fams!
tmesa707 : @4d_rpl707 @yocuzzinvinny @siloeb @tamicmesa @ambrrgrr @guambrady @sasantiago707 @ladygemini_
tj_smile : Thanks for the reminder! 😊
arfeljoy - carmiediaz - xkaaaelyn - sasantiago707 -
November 1, 2014 🎀Fiji , CRSB , Essel🎀 also we will be there πŸ›at the Solano Community College 11am to 6pm. Buy your tickets today at Keepin' It Island 😊 #keepinitisland #livemusic #fun #food #familyevent #jgperez #pacificvibes #fiji #crsb #treysmoov #essel
crsb - livemusic - keepinitisland - food - jgperez - pacificvibes - familyevent - essel - fun - treysmoov - fiji -
seankeone : @keepinitisland how much are the tickets?:0
keepinitisland : @seankeone $20 each
crsb_music - maidabee - resemelani - tcerteza -
Lost in the MOOD #CRSB #808 #NewIslandWave #Lovegunmovement
crsb - newislandwave - lovegunmovement - 808 -
kaleina_32 : My boys! 😍😍😍love u both and im soooo proud of u!
leynababyy : 😍😍😍
mariaaahhh29 : Come to Seattle! Come to Seattle! Lol
ukee_fresh : #ThatFeelGoodMusic <3
briyama : I will always remember this show. #bestHanaHouEVER πŸ˜„ Come back to haw🌺ii please.
_koch08 : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
nena_tai : Misssssssss you guys!!!
theofficialjesslove : @mrkigozi CRSB who I was talking about
pure_blood_diamonds - nessypresh - kutzbyslim - bplashesnwaxing -
808 we comin back REAL Soon #CRSB #WaimeaFalls #808 #Lovegunmovement
crsb - waimeafalls - 808 - lovegunmovement -
mistahguambomb671 : @crsb_music don't loss your blind bling lol
hawaiisowncaniva : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jenn_doll__ : Dope!
_koch08 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
cherishme : Y'all be going to such fun places!
kota75 - poly_princess12 - adlight7 - julianalawley -
Its going down HALLOWEEN BASH with @crsb_music #crsb #costumeparty
crsb - costumeparty -
kaleina_32 : I'm in there!
ms_mahea : Cheeee. In my city finally!!!
ms_mahea : @stefinally we're going!
hellopanda88 - viix_408 - jaz.monet - leenz480 -
Mark Your Calendars cuz October 25th in San Jose it's goin DOWN!!!! The 2014 Halloween Bash is a FULL COSTUME Show/Party so make sure you come in Your sexiest or scariest costumes to party til the morning in! Cash prizes and giveaways All Night and CRSB will be performing a special LIVE Halloeeen set Set in FULL COSTUME!! BOOM!! TURN UUUUP!! #CRSB #Lovegunmovement
crsb - lovegunmovement -
hellopanda88 : @k1zzy @meganli91 let's go!!!
nakii_moala : Awesome!!!
gloriadivina : That's the day of my party πŸ˜’
hellopanda88 : @linzyhasig @mcisnthammered yes? Come with me
_tropic_thunder_ : @52_eboy4lyfe ?????? Lol
52_eboy4lyfe : What u dink @_tropic_thunder_ ? We in there? Lol
_tropic_thunder_ : Lol you the driver..i'll take care of the funds @52_eboy4lyfe
sandraaamac - jasummerfo - rsta.maria - cardezzzy -
KATCHAFIRE killin it Right Now!! SF Mezzanine #KatchaFire #BBR #CRSB #JordanT #MangoKings #ShoNuff #EarshotRnt @Katchafire @bigbodycisco @sonnybeburnin @chriscrossapplesauce @MangoKings
katchafire - crsb - shonuff - jordant - mangokings - bbr - earshotrnt -
mzjackayyye : @mikeformos this post came right after your post in my feed and I just thought it was hilarious cuz it was such a coincidence with the views.
mikeformos : @mzjackayyye they really were killin it tho! You shoulda came!!
jasummerfo - 1derful - rsta.maria - mezzaninesf -
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