Fun with Numbers
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awayawayaway : @carseat I made the numbers up, but yeah! If she were real, she's about 220lbs and 5'5".
carseat : Not a good place to be at 63 
awayawayaway : @carseat Probably why she is in my made up hospital ;)
americanmale : I could never figure out woman's dress or shoe sizes either ,-)
k0dachr0me : Looking a that page gives me a headache. :)
awayawayaway : @americanmale This pretend lady is in the "more to love" category. @k0dachr0me What gives me a headache is having to recalculate everybody's creatinine clearance b/c the software's adjusted body formula is wrong :(
jessicazumstein04 : Someday soon we will have awesome software with correct formulas, that isn't so old you cant use a mouse lol
awayawayaway : @jzumstein That day isn't soon enough :)
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