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Experimenting with papercutting. They were quite excited to get the x-acto knives in their hands! ☺️ #homeschooling #unschooling #creativetable
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All set to make birthday cards! Billy's newly interested in copying, so he has word cards now too😊
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freshlyplanted : #proudmama #creativetable #kbnmoms #momsoninstagram #handmade
artzyval : I love the copying stage, my (student) kids that love to copy love writing over highlighter
freshlyplanted : Great idea, @artzyval ! We'll try that next.
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It's bamboozling! #Recycledpallets #upcycled #upcycledwood #creativepallets #creativecoffeetable #recycledtimber #diycreative #coffeetable #sydneyfurniture
creativerecycling - recycledpallets - palletcoffeetable - creativetable - sydneyfurniture - diytable - recycledwood - pallets - diycoffeetable - madebypallet - upcycled - upcycle - creativepallets - creativecoffeetable - reclaimedpallets - creativefurniture - recycledtimber - pallettable - recycle - upcycledpallets - coffeetable - reclaimedwood - diycreative - upcycledwood - diy -
madebypallet : #pallets #madebypallet #diytable #palletcoffeetable #pallettable #reclaimedpallets #reclaimedwood #diycoffeetable #creativetable
madebypallet : #creativefurniture #creativerecycling #recycle #diy #recycledpallets #upcycle #upcycledpallets #upcycledwood #recycledwood
atenea0592 : Mira @delgadocarmen 😱😱😱😱 bellezaaaa😍😍😍😍😍
scar_fish : @jlofeb25
jlofeb25 : πŸ‘ @scar_fish
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I have fallen out of love with decorating the tree the past couple of years....but I love wrapping and decorating gifts! #gifts #Christmas #creativetable
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theiowafarmerswife : This is too cute! Creative mama!
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Laundry folding for me and play sand entertainment for my 4-year old. Because we generally make our own cloud dough (flour and oil) I've been resistant to buy pricey play sand, but after witnessing the HOURS of small world play, designing, and imaginative stories that have come out of this one bottle of magic dust, the investment has been well worth it! p.s. Our sand was an impulse buy from Brookstone.
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colleenkessler : Seriously... We make our own, too, but Brookstone's Kinetic Sand is SO worth the investment. We asked grandma to get the kids a group gift of some more sand & their molds. Love it!
girllikethesea : After seeing my kids engrossed in kinetic sand at a local toy store, we went ahead and got some for Christmas. I almost got sucked in by the brookstone people last time I was at the mall πŸ˜‚
nicoleosmer : We love kinetic sand too.
3buttons : @eastofthewillowwood
mamasmiles : I splurged on this stuff, too. It's worth it!
darwinsmom08 : Best stuff to splurge on! I've never seen it in blue!
berna_johnson : I totally agree. It is a constant in our program. Love it...
jlbee : we got kinetic sand as a gift this summer & love it... for play & with clients!
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Little hands make the best art! I love finding ways to remember L's growing little hands!
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london_and_granger : @word_rocks_project thank you, for this project I used Martha Stewart acrylic paint.. Painted it on her little hand and she pressed right on to the ornament. We made three so I had L wash her hands after to be sure the colors didn't blend to much into one another.
amykpaul : @kbainsley @kpmattingly so cute!
london_and_granger : #landghandprintart
teaforthree.sg : nice :)
london_and_granger : #creativetable #creativemamas #madewithmichaels #handmadechristmas #instacraft #loveit #marthastewartpaints #snap_ish #kidcrafts
sam_thrive360living : Love that you're always capturing those sweet little hands as keepsakes and art.
london_and_granger : @sam_thrive360living thank you, before you know they won't be so little anymore! Gotta capture them to remember those tiny tiny hands and feet!
london_and_granger : #12daysoffaffing
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...how shiny are your branches! (Having a little fun today with gems and creative photography, view the whole image on my feed)
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london_and_granger : @kocoandviking aww thank you!!
london_and_granger : @word_rocks_project yup that's how I feel every time I pass a glance at it!!
london_and_granger : #creativetable #creativemamas #madewithmichaels #handmadechristmas #instacraft #loveit #smile
sam_thrive360living : Adore adore adore! Where did you get all those fabulous gems? Is it a mixed bag from Michael's?
london_and_granger : @sam_thrive360living thanks Sam, it's one of those 1lb bags of mixed gems.. All the tiny ones are at the bottom of the bag. I've asked Santa for more!
birsenaksakal73 : ⭐⭐⭐
sayyesblog : πŸ‘πŸ‘
london_and_granger : @birsenaksakal73 @sayyesblog thank you!
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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas trees... (Having a little fun today with gems and creative photography view the whole image on my feed)
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london_and_granger : #vsco #vscocam #thecreativehive #abmlifeiscolorful #nothingisordinary_ #nothingisordinary #love #makeitsewcial #mashpics #londonandgranger #abmholidayspirit
thebeecreative : Beautiful!
london_and_granger : @thebeecreative thank you!
london_and_granger : #creativetable #creativemamas #madewithmichaels
sam_thrive360living : The prettiest trees I've seen πŸŒˆπŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ
london_and_granger : @sam_thrive360living thank you they make me happy too and currently the reason I can't craft on my table because I don't want to ruin them :0/
steffirm1228 : Love it!!
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I love the little messages miss 6 leaves lying around #creativetable #craftykids
creativetable - craftykids -
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Lets rock n' roll. #tictactoe #comingsoon #etsyshop
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sam_thrive360living : @youclevermonkey so sweet of you 😘 Thank you!
theweavingideas : Cute creation !
healthylookwraps : @sam_thrive360living I would LOVE to see one with The Planes theme!!!
jilllebs : So fun!!
thebeecreative : I have had some rocks sitting here for months with the intent to paint them, I love what you have done!
marretjeroos : Super-fantastic!! Love it, Sam!πŸŒΉπŸ’•
london_and_granger : Fun!!
mary4sam : @aguilar_an
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Ready to make stained glass windows
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herecomethegirlsblog : #Christmas #creativemoms #creativetable #kbn #crafts #kidscrafts #kidsart #kingergarten #preschooler #pbloggers #teachers #teachersfollowteachers
theiowafarmerswife : Love this @herecomethegirlsblog !!
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This afternoon's #creativetable... Green icing, sprinkles and icing pens to make icecream cone Christmas trees. I didn't have enough faith in my baking skills to make a gingerbread house, so we'll decorate a candy cane forest instead...
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charltaylorpage : #invitationtoplay #playmatters #taylorpageadvent
alulabelle3 : Sounds fab!
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Our little hodgepodge Christmas angel mobile has actually turned out quite beautiful. Made from bits and pieces from the garden and craft cupboard: stick, leaves, tissue paper, pipe cleaner, poly-balls, egg carton, foil, string and tulle. πŸ‘ΌπŸ””πŸ‘ΌπŸ””πŸ‘ΌπŸ””
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jackie_mylittlebookcase : #christmas #christmascrafts #creativetable #angels #christmasdecorations #raidthecraftcupboard #kbnmoms #akbnmums #diychristmas
huffingtonpost : Hey Jackie, did you take this photo and may we have permission to feature it? If so, please comment with #yeshuffpost. View the terms at capture.com/terms
jackie_mylittlebookcase : #yeshuffpost - taken in our humble Aussie backyard. Thanks for the invitation- feel free to feature it @huffingtonpost. My 5 year old will be very proud I'm sure.
huffingtonpost : Thanks for letting us feature your photo!
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Dyed pasta for crafting! So easy! Place plain uncooked pasta shapes into a ziplock bag. Add 2 teaspoons rubbing alcohol and a few drops of food coloring to the bag. Seal up and mix around to distribute the color. Air dry on some wax paper or paper towels. Have fun! #artnestkids
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n_genovese : Hey Mel! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for easy classroom crafts? I'm throwing the 2nd graders a winter wonderland themed party this Friday for my last day and was trying to come up with a small activity we could all do with crafts. Let me know if anything comes to mind :)
thewholenest : #creativetable
thewholenest : @n_genovese Hey nicki- it's tough with 20+ children so the simpler the better as you already know. How about a "do you wanna build a snowman?" craft or acyivity? You could do the snack version with marshmallows and pretzels, etc or you could do the craft version. I'll send you some Pinterest pins. Xo
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Inspiring and fun materials for our free create winter houses! #artnestkids
creativetable - artnestkids -
thewholenest : #creativetable
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Cardboard houses ❄️ #artnestkids
creativetable - artnestkids -
thewholenest : #creativetable
hawkeye144 - kimbalassa - janemarcie - heathercollins -
creativetable - artnestkids -
thewholenest : #creativetable
lovelaughcollage : Love this!
laurenhr : So cute!
cazzle22 : so fun. love it!
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#theworkspace #theworkspacegrowsup #artfort #playmatters #creativetable #lovethesekids #selfstarter
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We played with paper this morning! πŸŽ„ Love little hands πŸ’•
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littlefarmmedia : @sam_thrive360living Same here. Keeping art in schools is SO important.
sam_thrive360living : @katherinemaries it really was a perfect morning and an unplanned activity. Most of the times those are the best!
sam_thrive360living : @solovetheday 😘 πŸŽ„β€οΈπŸŽ„πŸ’šπŸŽ„
busybelleshop : Where did you find the adorable leaf cutouts???
sam_thrive360living : @busybelleshop Got the punch at Michael's! Always a good thing to get with one of the 40% off coupons πŸ˜‰
juliabesidethesea : Lovely!
sam_thrive360living : @juliabesidethesea thank you so much πŸ’šπŸŽ„πŸ’š
sam_thrive360living : #happyholidays_nio
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Xmas tree playdough on today's #creativetable inspired by @mirandamakes and @mamapapabubba
creativetable -
mamapapabubba : LOVE!!
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#theworkspace #artfort #playmatters #creativetable inspired by @mericherryla
creativetable - playmatters - theworkspace - artfort -
anak_thome : Wow! Amazing! I loved the @mericherryla 's pics! Thanks!
mericherryla : Yay!!! So great! I want to come play!
mericherryla : Thank you!!! @anak_thome !
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Stocking and wreath handmade by ellie πŸŽ„ #stocking #wreath #christmas #christmasactivity #creativetable #invitationtoplay #thedailyplay #playmatters
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Really cute DIY project #tolix #menorah #grumpybear #chanukkah #hanukkah #jewish #jewthings #grumpy #jew #creativerecycling #recycledpallets #palletcoffeetable #creativetable #sydneyfurniture #recycledwood #pallets #diycoffeetable #madebypallet #upcycled #upcycle #creativepallets #creativecoffeetable #reclaimedpallets #creativefurniture #recycledtimber #pallettable #recycle #upcycledpallets #reclaimedwood #diycreative
creativerecycling - menorah - grumpybear - recycledpallets - palletcoffeetable - creativetable - sydneyfurniture - chanukkah - jewthings - recycledwood - pallets - diycoffeetable - madebypallet - upcycled - upcycle - jew - creativepallets - diycreative - hanukkah - jewish - reclaimedpallets - creativefurniture - pallettable - recycle - upcycledpallets - grumpy - tolix - reclaimedwood - creativecoffeetable - recycledtimber -
beckyfernandes : :) :)
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Mini Christmas tree paintings
pbloggers - art - kbn - creativetable - kidsart - creativemoms - christmastree - painting - christmas -
herecomethegirlsblog : #kidsart #kbn #Christmas #christmastree #creativemoms #creativetable #pbloggers #art #painting
mummy2my4girls : We did a similar activity yesterday. My girls loved the mini canvases so much I bought four more today! 🎨
lovechicliving : Cute!
redtedart : Those are so cute!
herecomethegirlsblog : 4 for a £1 at the pound shop!
pinkstripeysocks : So pretty
cabanillasporelmundo - __millie02 - mentallyb - aboyarshinov -
I am a sucker for color and I think I passed it along 🌈 #creativetable
creativetable -
terricajoy : Hallelujah. #welldonemoma
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Standing back to observe her creation ☺️#creativetable #littleartist
creativetable - littleartist -
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#theworkspace #sloane
creativetable - sloane - playmatters - theworkspace -
theworkspaceforchildren : #creativetable #playmatters
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πŸ” πŸ’•πŸ #instatypo #creativetable #canon
creativetable - instatypo - canon -
fapepalma : Uy la guija
valeriasanchezag : Jajajaja sos silly @fapepalma, vi cosas demasiado bonitas hoy πŸ’•πŸ˜
fapepalma : Jajajajaja creepy😚
ivan7castro : Que más que genial 😦😍 Donde está esto?
valeriasanchezag : Es un secreto @ivan7castro jajaja
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Gift wrapping some special gifts for Miss K's pre school teachers: Asia Citro's activity book and a kid-made bookmark for each teacher #Christmas #craftykids #creativetable #teachergifts
creativetable - craftykids - teachergifts - christmas -
thecrafttrain : I bought an extra copy because I think it's a great book - not re-gifting the one given to me (I just realised how posting that looked!)
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Moodboard #348: "Pink, turkis og gul collage til en ganske særlig..." πŸ’–πŸ¬βœ¨ Mood board # 348: "Pink, turquoise and yellow collage in the making" πŸ™†πŸ‘—πŸ’› Someone's having birthday very soon... πŸ’ #365moodboards #365moodboardsin2014 #mitkrearum365moodboards #mycreativespace365moodboards #moodboard #collage #inthemaking #creativetable #colorjoy #scraps #stickers #neon #turquoise #yellow #pink #dots #turkis #gul #farveglæde #kreabord #kreahygge #glansbilleder #hemmeligheder #togokreabog
dots - turquoise - hemmeligheder - collage - neon - inthemaking - yellow - 365moodboards - 365moodboardsin2014 - mitkrearum365moodboards - mycreativespace365moodboards - togokreabog - stickers - turkis - pink - kreabord - glansbilleder - farveglæde - colorjoy - gul - creativetable - kreahygge - scraps - moodboard - 348 -
mitkrearum : Thank YOU for your sweet words @mienchenvonbruns - you make me blush 😚😚😚 Would LOOOUVE to craft with you some day - and also make a creative swap. But right now I'm about 10 swaps with lovely Instagrammers behind - so we'll have to wait until March or so. Need to focus inwards at the moment after my moving to a new studio. I'm organizing all the stash I have - and it's taking quite a while πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
mienchenvonbruns : @mitkrearum its absolutly okay for you! I look very forward to it ! :) March is not so far away and i have also lot of work in the Moment! (ChristmaaaaaasπŸŽ„)
mienchenvonbruns : I wish you a beautiful Sunday!! 🌸🌸🌸
rikke_oesteroe : Ihhh, hvor lækkert. Farveglæde. ♥
mitkrearum : Deal @mienchenvonbruns And a beautiful Sunday to you. We're going Christmas shopping very soon 🎁🎁🎁
mitkrearum : Så megen farveglæde @rikke_oesteroe ♥️♥️♥️
abrandnewdawn2 : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
mitkrearum : πŸ™†πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ˜˜ @abrandnewdawn2
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Extreme concentration as she starts her first project using a sharp needle. #creativetable #childrensewing #handwork
creativetable - childrensewing - handwork -
happywhimsicalhearts - modernteaching - pinkbel07 -
Tile coasters making in progress
creativetable - paint - create - orangeeasel -
orangeeaselart : #creativetable #create#orangeeasel #paint
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Little artist. He got up this morning and made his own paint pallet. #creativetable #artmatters
creativetable - artmatters -
ellies_mummy_ - cadeloro - sdwood49 - cherishedchaos -
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