1st sewing #creativetable -- onion bag mesh, embroidery hoop, plastic needle, yarn and beads.
creativetable -
5-minute sketchbook experiment with black crayon and white acrylic paint. #creativetable #tinkersketch
creativetable - tinkersketch -
alexandraville : ❀️
sandysfunphotos - ginkvt - reddragonflycacher - lisabuckaroo -
This morning, Henry was inspired to make some faces from found nature bits. πŸ‚πŸŒΌπŸŒΏπŸ›#unschooling #homeschooling #creativetable
unschooling - creativetable - homeschooling -
groovylabinabox - loureira - evolunacy - fartknocked -
Algú estava inspirada, aquesta tarda. • Someone was feeling inspired this afternoon. #creixercreant #creativetable #paint #freeaccesstopaint #kidsinitiative #impulsalacreativitat #boostcreativity
boostcreativity - paint - impulsalacreativitat - creixercreant - creativetable - kidsinitiative - freeaccesstopaint -
banducas : Molt inspirada!!! ;-)
rapsoda - supershortcake - lourdestorrico - ivanacabriolu -
There is some painting going on tonight #cre8tivekids #creativetable #momsoninstagram
creativetable - cre8tivekids - momsoninstagram -
princessbethbeth : There nice
multicraftmum : We re loving leaf crafts as well !
lorenaedouglass - brightstar_30 - looseebee - multicraftmum -
Oh my goodness. This was such a big hit! I think we may even make it rain πŸ™ #washitape #rainsticks
creativemamas - rockinartmoms - kidmademodern - creativetable - washitape - rainsticks -
margaret_loves : Dollar Tree has some! @lesabesa29
motleytoddler : So fun
mericherryla : @lesabesa29 #kidmademodern packs at target
pipdotart : Love them @mericherryla We made these but called them magic sticks and some we filled with rice and made music sticks 😊
mericherryla : We're experiencing a mega drought @pipdotart so we went for rain sticks to bring on the rain. They are filled with beans and rice and tin foil balls : ) @lesabesa29 @gatheringnectar I cut round card board discs to tape on for the ends. Really simple.
lesabesa29 : What did u use for the stick part?
mericherryla : @lesabesa29 a packing tube. I have been saving them and then cut them in half at Home Depot. Our saw is no bueno.
mericherryla : #rockinartmoms #creativetable #creativemamas
childcareoptions - coffeeandcrayon - mykidblog - emilie_rouwendal -
2 kids home again today. Currently drawing on foil with sharpies #playmatters #drawing #creativetable #kids
creativetable - playmatters - drawing - kids -
blhvamos : That's what we're doing tomorrow in my art class that I teach at the library!
thisreadingmama : Very fun!
twitchetts : Your brave giving them sharpies!!
learnwithplayathome : We only work with sharpies in a controlled fashion @twitchetts haha. And with splash mats down etc. definitely have to keep an eye on the toddler with them and then straight back up high out of their reach! :)
learnwithplayathome : Fun @blhvamos πŸ˜„
wrsterling - jamibrahim - kathyasama - jokoepke -
Sophie's mermaid, I love it πŸ‘ #homeschoolarttable #creativekids #artforkidshub #creativemamas #creativetable #homeschool #art
creativetable - art - homeschoolarttable - creativemamas - creativekids - artforkidshub - homeschool -
sam_thrive360living : πŸ‘ what a great little artist. ❀️
heathercollins : @sam_thrive360living thank you πŸ’–
sam_thrive360living - luv_2_shop67 - rysimmons - nastyazbrozhek -
We are making outlines of leaves with our glue gun inspired by Fun at Home with kids #creativetable #cre8tivekids #momsoninstagram #screenfree
creativetable - screenfree - cre8tivekids - momsoninstagram -
randomkaties : Is that a hot glue gun? Or cool? Would like to let the kids use the glue gun but ours gets so hot.
muminthemadhouse : It is, that is the hot melt one with coloured glue we also have a low melt one, safer from @randomkaties
bluebearwood : Coloured glue! Where from??
jewelsbyjenniferdesign : Absolutely love it what a creative great idea!! πŸ˜„
grassfedmama : Great idea!
errsuz : Loving all your washi tape!
melanichelle : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– #inspired love new ideas for my lil guy. Thx πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ’ž
margrind - from_fun_to_mum - mamasmiles - thehernimanhouse -
Ellie's handmade fairy princess crown and wand πŸ‘‘ #crown #wand #craft #collage #creativetable #thedailyplay #playmatters
playmatters - creativetable - thedailyplay - craft - wand - collage - crown -
myliankeedoodle : Pretty!
theweavingideas - twitchetts - jokoepke - ellasmommy___ -
Creating pictures using bingo dabbers #art #artwork #bingodabbers #shapes #creativetable #thedailyplay #playmatters
shapes - thedailyplay - playmatters - bingodabbers - artwork - creativetable - art -
jessicahll : Cool!
ladybugsmom2012 - twitchetts - ellasmommy___ - artsymomma_amanda -
Kids are resting on the couch with a movie so I am making the most of the time and have set up my little birthday invitation making production line. I've done photo style invites for the last few years so it's back to crafty cutting and pasting for this one. Fun! #creativetable #partyprep #kidsparties #kids #wheresthegreensheep
creativetable - wheresthegreensheep - kids - partyprep - kidsparties -
katherinemaries : I bet they will be pure magic!!!!!
nsantos19 : .... Where is the green sheep???
justfordaisy : Love love love!!! I see a first bday party on the cards!! Can't wait to see it all. #babyonly3weeksoldbutcanalwaysgetinearlywithplanning
tastemeimemo : But, where is the green sheep? Where is that green sheep? Turn the page quietly, let's take a peep? (Can you tell I read this a lot at work? ;)
carlenegxo - super_mommy_101 - theweavingideas - mrshulaimi -
invitationtocreate - creativekids - thedot - internationaldotday - dotday - creativetable - makeyourmark -
surpriseride : Looks like an amazing set up!
mamapapabubba : Thanks, @surpriseride!!
natnanton : Fav book!
motleytoddler : What a great set up. It's so inviting. I want to come and paint with G
homegrownfriends : Oh man! I was going to suggest this one for #preschoolbookclub ;-). Can't wait to see what you are up to!
mamapapabubba : Us too, @natnanton!!
mamapapabubba : Come on over, @motleytoddler. ;)
mamapapabubba : I thought about it after our list was done, @homegrownfriends!! Such a good one!
fateme_ta - faisal_87 - tanyagilmeehan - chrystallestarr -
Sara, 4-year-old baby girl, is drawing Rarity from the cartoon My little pony. #drawing #babygirl #girl #talent #kidsactivities #creativetable #creativity #kidsart #artful #art #kid #kids #child #children #draw #beauty #happiness
babygirl - art - beauty - creativetable - sreca - srbija - radost - draw - umetnost - radionica - talenat - child - kidsart - girl - children - happiness - kid - kids - talent - kidsactivities - sara - creativity - artful - rarity - paint - slikanje - akashstudio - drawing -
akashstudio : #rarity #radionica #radost #talenat #umetnost #paint #akashstudio #slikanje #srbija #sreca #sara
ana__popovic - bifi_and_tom_cats - hatohato36 - kizonder -
MissMolly celebrates #dotday at the whiteboard - start with a dot and see where it takes you :) #momsoninstagram #creativetable
creativetable - momsoninstagram - dotday -
jenifa206 - dianaobandoprestol - motherhood_adventures - artsymomma_amanda -
It's about time I teach my son Islamic #geometric #patterns. #creativetable #design
creativetable - patterns - geometric - design -
azizaesque - hyaziz - sufi_qalandar - khushkay -
Annual wall art too. #artykids #artwithkids #paintingwithkids #creativekids #creativetable #getcreative #becreative #messyplay #funwithpaint #rockinartmoms
getcreative - artykids - creativekids - funwithpaint - becreative - creativetable - artwithkids - rockinartmoms - messyplay - kidsart - paintingwithkids -
starlightjj : #kidsart
rehanu - oliveustv - charltaylorpage - cre8ivegals82 -
The annual T-shirt for Daa. #artykids #creativetable #creativekids #artwithkids #paintingwithkids #rockinartmom #fabricpainting
creativekids - rockinartmom - artykids - creativetable - kidsart - paintingwithkids - artwithkids - fabricpainting -
starlightjj : #kidsart
childish_art - rehanu - hontopan - b_navarro_ -
365/253 • Z can spend hours on tasks of her own devising. Yesterday she made a flock of super-cute birds and now she's on a snowflake kick - she and DB are doing something out in the porch to surprise me - I suspect a snowstorm • #2014_ig_252 #birds #homeschooling #craft #unschooling #6yo #scissors #creativetable
unschooling - creativetable - birds - craft - 2014_ig_252 - scissors - homeschooling - 6yo -
violetbeach : Great job on the birds!
oliveustv : πŸ™
miaowthecat : Thanks @violetbeach and @oliveustv - ages ago I printed out a 'how to draw birds' and she totally took flight πŸ˜‰
sayyesblog - rocklust - ninevah - asicingene -
Kristina and Filip are drawing dinosaurs. #kids #child #kid #children #draw #drawing #drawings #dinosaur #dinosaurs #art #kristina #filip #akashstudio #serbia #kidsart #artsy #belgrade #colorful #boy #girl #creativetable #creative #studio #creativity #kreativnost
draw - art - belgrade - creativetable - serbia - artsy - kreativnost - studio - kristina - child - kidsart - girl - filip - children - kid - boy - kids - colorful - dinosaurs - creativity - creative - dinosaur - akashstudio - drawing - drawings -
kizonder - pedjasaltic - jovanastijepic - slawuj -
Morning Monopoly @australianmcdonalds HAPPY times.
mcdonaldsmonopoly - earlylearning - monopolymcdonalds - dailyplay - monopoly - creativetable - boardgames - freefunforkids -
starlightjj : Random #earlylearning fun! Super skills for #boardgames rules and teamwork. Outstanding! #dailyplay #freefunforkids #creativetable
starlightjj : Charlie and Lola is on TV, but the girls are playing #monopoly LOVE it! Umprompted too.
starlightjj : #mcdonaldsmonopoly #monopolymcdonalds
sayuriwhite - rehanu - gws_b - rafaqat_malik -
The piñata my 9 year old made for my 40th birthday -- 2 balloons, newspaper, paste, and spray paint. #creativetable
creativetable -
debbilyons - angelabrownson -
Creativity looks like this. #creixercreant #creativetable #creativeattack #kidsinitiative
creixercreant - creativetable - kidsinitiative - creativeattack -
mami_maia : #súperfandeclaradadelaLlum
misscroquetas : I jo tambe!!!!
gillharveyk - nekkopocco - otiliapassolas - annaperadalta -
Detall. #creixercreant #creativetable #tornadaalescola #backtoschool
creixercreant - creativetable - tornadaalescola - backtoschool -
misscroquetas - banducas - xellcos - judithbasso -
Cola, purpurina, segells i tintes mentre jo acabo d'enllestir la #tornadaalescola. • Glue, glitter, stamps and ink on our #creativetable while I am working on #backtoschool stuff. #creixercreant
creativetable - creixercreant - tornadaalescola - backtoschool -
akashstudio : Perfect!:)
angaleta : @akashstudio it's been really funny and pretty messy!
misscroquetas - planetababetes - merceclergas - xellcos -
SUPER bummed we won't be around for this coolest #artforkids adventure. #artykids #artclassforkids #artgalleryforkids #torchlighttours #creativekids #artwithkids #rockinartmoms #creativetable #getcreative #becreative #bearty #freefunforkids
getcreative - bearty - artykids - creativekids - artgalleryforkids - freefunforkids - creativetable - artclassforkids - artwithkids - rockinartmoms - becreative - torchlighttours - artforkids -
toystycoon : Awesome
starlightjj : Absolutely @toystycoon Ahhhh wanna go. Osaka where I live has nothing like this.
bhopez - formfoodfunction - jazzybiggles - oliveustv -
Thank you so deeply #artcart for your fabulous class today on #assemblageart Cant wait to return next year for more arty ways juicy. Thank you. #artykids #creativekids #creativelife #creativetable #artforkids #artgalleryforkids #artclassforkids #rockinartmoms #artclassforchildren
artcart - artykids - creativekids - creativelife - artgalleryforkids - creativetable - artclassforkids - rockinartmoms - assemblageart - artclassforchildren - artforkids -
olivewasabi : I like the circular idea here
starlightjj : YES! @olivewasabi Not many kids today with us again, but it is a GORGEOUS Sunday out there.
abrilanoga - smithsayaka - formfoodfunction - oinkay -
one of my fave process art experiences from summer camp up on the blog today! #artbarcamp
creativetable - rockinartmoms - makeit2014 - artbarcamp - kbnmoms -
handmakery : So pretty!!!
mericherryla : Ahhhh!!!!
artbarblog : #kbnmoms #rockinartmoms #makeit2014 #creativetable
mye - nimlapthebanana - fleuralicia - pinkstripeysocks -
fox in the house.
creativetable - rockinartmoms - makeit2014 - kbnmoms - creativemamas -
theweavingideas : Such a cute colorful fox !
kcc_rucci : Fantastic!
libbyhallwyoming : oh my - this is fantastic.
ingrid_ross : Miss you guys❀
anadziengel : Love!
pinkstripeysocks : So lovely
mericherryla : Ahh! That's fantastic.
artbarblog : #creativemamas #kbnmoms #rockinartmoms #makeit2014 #creativetable
mericherryla - sam_thrive360living - makermama - handmakery -
cutting up lots and lots of sweaters for a series of keepsake quilts for my friend who lost her mother. i hope i can bring her and her siblings some peace and comfort πŸ™.
creativetable - rockinartmoms - makeit2014 - kbnmoms - creativemamas -
artbarblog : @luluthebaker i bet that quilt is so special. the clothing someone wears is so much who they are, the quilts become their story ❀️
artbarblog : @erinshakespear how special that your mom could do that for her friend. i'm sure it meant the world to her and comforts her a great deal.
artbarblog : thank you @homegrownfriends @chrissiefaith @maisiesmommie @handmakery. it's always hard making these, but the reward is that maybe it helps heal the heart just a little bit. and over time, it becomes a quilt of happy memories πŸ’•
mericherryla : So beautiful. It all looks so cozy and warm. Wrapped in love ❀️
tinkerlab : This melts my heart. You are a gift. x
maisiesmommie : Beautiful sentiments!
artbarblog : @tinkerlab thanks rachelle, labor of love for sure,
artbarblog : #creativemamas #kbnmoms #rockinartmoms #makeit2014 #creativetable
libbyhallwyoming - graceronie19 - handmakery - pinkstripeysocks -
done! it only took me a month to make them each a bracelet for the first day of school. just in time for the 4th day of school!
creativetable - rockinartmoms - makeit2014 - kbnmoms - creativemamas -
artbarblog : @jeanette_nyberg thank you, i might never make them again.
artbarblog : @handmakery totally middle school. but i would sell mine nowadays for like 50 bucks because they take HOURS!! a labor of love... worth it for my babes, but my friendship bracelet making days are now over. ha!
handmakery : @artbarblog What I didn't mention is how beautiful + ever so special your bracelets are!!! I absolutely love that they bring back memories of children creating + selling their handmade goods from my childhood! Love how you put your special touch on textiles to give them a fabulous modern flair with a little vintage inspiration!!!
handmakery : @artbarblog ...also amazed at how perfect they are! #herbabesaresolucky #priceless
mericherryla : Ha. 4 days in is still impressive. I'm still working on a note for Gigi's lunch box for the first day. Oops. Love the memories of these bracelets. I made so many.
artbarblog : @handmakery you are too nice! i do love me some stripes πŸ‘. not perfect, though... just hid the bad parts!
artbarblog : @mericherryla sometimes those notes are so hard to write! especially for your situation. cut yourself some slack... the goal is to just make it through these days alive!
artbarblog : #creativemamas #kbnmoms #rockinartmoms #makeit2014 #creativetable
cindymaccollum - daverucci - johnchristianplummer - handmakery -
weavings from art camp on the blog today! one of my favorites. #artbarcamp
artbarcamp - rockinartmoms - creativemamas - creativetable - makeit2014 - kbnmoms -
sanaqaiser102 : Good
kimbeehive : Really really great ! Love πŸ’›
handmakery : So beautiful!
mericherryla : Fantastic in every way
anadziengel : Incredible!
artbarblog : #creativemamas #kbnmoms #rockinartmoms #makeit2014 #creativetable
annieoshea11 - meleblanco - _coocoolo_ - nekkopocco -
this girl found a small space on our very cluttered table and painted a beautiful crown. so pretty ava!
creativetable - rockinartmoms - makeit2014 - kbnmoms -
misskickcan : Beautiful !
classic_play : So lovely!
kikidelight : Pretty!
handmakery : Royalty!!!
sidestreetprojects : πŸ‘
artbarblog : #kbnmoms #rockinartmoms #makeit2014 #creativetable
claudiazhu_ - annsxb - artpantry - wavenewcanaan -
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