PEG MAGNETS || After we'd finished painting our pegs ( from previous post) we weren't really sure what to do with them and my Little Viks were very insistent they be displayed anywhere bar the clothesline. Too pretty! || Going through my 'toolbox' ( its actually a suitcase) I found some magnet sheets so we turned our pegs into fridge magnets.|| We then had a tiny bit of sheet magnet left over so we stuck it on the back of the foam letters T, O, M. Tom, my Little Vik for today is learning to spell his name so he spent quite some time sitting in front of the fridge with his name letter magnets.
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kindividual_ : Awesome :)
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These egg carton snowmen were a hit amongst the preschoolers!
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cajomata : πŸ‘β€οΈ
manualidadesconmishijas : Me encanta
roomtogrowtv : Clever
pysselbolaget : He's adorable!
mangaxhombro : Gran idea!! Me encanta! β˜ƒ
carrotsandhay : Super adorable!! 😍
teach_mel : Love!!!
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Love this painting studio.
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fingermax_room : Wouu!! Love it!!πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’™ Next time with Fingerbrushes..πŸ˜‰
thenailfamily : @thegoddess321
happyluckykids : Some day . . . I dream of such a space.
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PEG PAINTING 🎨 || The Little Viks painted some old wooden pegs this morning using the increasingly popular nail polish bottle paint from yesterdays post. #madhatterpies
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kidsplayspace : I love this!! Can I share on the kids play space Facebook page? Anna :-)
madhatters_sweetiepies : Of course @kidsplayspace I dont mind in the least. We turned the pegs into fridge magnets. Post coming tonight.
thelairelightner : Hope you have a great day!!! πŸŒ·πŸ‘‘πŸ˜ŽπŸŒ΄ @TheLaireLightner
kidsplayspace : Oh cool! What is your site address?
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Experimenting with reflection when #drawing in the #artjounal #lightandreflection #30invitationstoplay #creativetable #preschool #earlylearning #playmatters #lightningmcqueen
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preschoology : Very cool!
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Winter Snowflake Jar Luminary - A fab simple way to recycle old jars. They look great lit up and also make excellent gifts too. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ #creativetable #advent #christmascrafts #MomsonInstagram #kidscrafts101 #ChristmasGifts #Homemadegifts #kidsactivities #CreativeKids #ChristmasCrafts #ScreenFree #Toddlers #Preschool #WinterCraft
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terricreativefam : Very pretty!
theglitterinmytea : Lovely lovely!
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Have you tried Qixels yet? @moose_toys sure knows how to make crafting (or craftstruction as they call it) appealing to boys! Read more #ontheblogtoday with my sponsored post. #raisingboys #creativetable #giftguide #qixelsworld #CG #mkbkids
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skomomma : Looks fun!
mamasmiles : I am super impressed with this toy @skomomma . It is really well thought out.
sreichel : 😍 😍
thesweetandsassy : Super chic!! πŸ’— πŸ’—
pragmaticmom : No! But they look cool!!
mamasmiles : Your son would love them I bet @pragmaticmom
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A different take on #Mandala's with our #TinyCrafter's this afternoon! #Colorful Mandala sun-catchers! 🎈
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crafty88_ : Page full of awesomeness - great job!
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@tinkerlab we were inspired by your coffee grounds painting #creativetable #coffee #letthembelittle #lifewithboys
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tinkerlab : Awesome!! I love how it shows children that art supplies can come from the simplest things.
kittridgeclan : @tinkerlab I agree! And a great sensory experience too...sight, smell, touch....and taste
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Let the ornament crafting commence!
mariepop_m : Love it!
startcreativestudio : Love these!
pinkstripeysocks : @hellowonderful_co looking forward to seeing these awesome cards!
pagesburstinghearts : Love
pragmaticmom : I love this! Simple but so pretty!
leftbraincraftbrain : Cute!!
roomtogrowtv : So cute!
thecrafttrain : Love these!
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Making of an artist. #artisfun #creativetable #Weloveart
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On my #creativetable today I have paper bits and pieces and some lovely Christmas sparkles! I'm hoping to get the finished product up #ontheblog tonight #Christmascraft #craftblogger #creativemamas #kidbloggersofig #akbn
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sweetcsdesigns : Very cool!
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#Earth for breakfast, anyone? This invitation to create planets from pancakes was a blast! First we made pancakes together, then we tore them into pieces to create wonderful planets and then we chose the ones we wanted to exchange or offer for sale and we ate them! #edibleart #pancakes #steamtable #30invitationstoplay #momsoninstagram #creativetable #playmatters #STEM #homeschooling
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jamieharrington : <3
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My boys like to freeze things, sometimes they freeze things in an elaborate design, sometimes they just throw all the junk (read valuable things and treasures) and mix it up as if they are cooking soup. When they get this huge ice cube out of the freezer, they like to check where the things ended up, look for patterns, new images, and even create stories by linking up different objects from this frozen pile. It is pretty cool what they come up with. #30invitationstoplay #imaginativeplay #storytelling #frozenscience #playmatters #creativetable #preschool #homeschooling
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Photograph coasters - we are going to be making another batch of these for my MIL for Christmas. They are super easy and inexpensive. I am still on the original pack of tiles I got from the "whoops" corner for £1. (To see the tutorial search coasters on my site - link in profile) What if any homemade gifts are you making this year?πŸŽ„β˜•οΈ #creativetable #advent #christmascrafts #MomsonInstagram #kidscrafts101 #ChristmasGifts #Homemadegifts #kidsactivities #CreativeKids #ChristmasCards #ScreenFree #Toddlers #Preschool
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sarahsizzleg : I've made my girl some Pjs and im making my cousin a bag!
omgitsagirl2015 : Super cool idea. I think I'll be making these for #BabyPink and the boys # grandparents
sconeonamission : My extra huge large family have decided that for secret Santa (instead of buying for everyone), the gift is to be handmade. Not fro etsy or whatever. By us... I am so not crafty
redtedart : So sweet
hellowonderful_co : Very cool! We made something similar with paper coasters one year.
muminthemadhouse : @sconeonamission I am sure that you can manage some of my simple crafts
cintaandco : These are fabulous!! Those flowers are lovely too!!
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#Spot the #monster πŸ‘€πŸ–Œ #Painting with #toothbrushes ☝🏻️
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White paint and glitters. Yes I said glitters. πŸ˜† #creativetable
creativetable -
lor08 : I know!by the way i'm the one who glittered it up!!!πŸ˜†
jnjewell : @lor08 😘
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Lucy used scraps of the shrink film left over from our silhouette ornaments to make her own set of ornaments for the tree!
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lucyajennings : I still have the ones my daughter did❀️I'm a Lucy too. ☺️
hellowonderful_co : These are the cutest!
anadziengel : I'm obsessed with shrinky dinks!
buggyandbuddy : Thanks @playdough2plato @muminthemadhouse @teachpreschool @housingaforest @hellowonderful_co !! She's so proud of her creations!
buggyandbuddy : Yay for another Lucy @lucyajennings !! :) I'm sure we'll be saving hers too!
buggyandbuddy : I forgot how fun they were @anadziengel !
make_it_your_own_ : Those are adorable!
redtedart : So sweet
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Looking back at old Christmas cards we made and came across this picture of Maxi with one of our first cards we made. I still love stencil christmas cards and he really was a cutie back then! You can see how to if you search "easy Christmas cards" on the blog (link in profile) πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„ #creativetable #advent #christmascrafts #MomsonInstagram #kidscrafts101 #kidsactivities #CreativeKids #ChristmasCards #ScreenFree #Toddlers #Preschool
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mummyplusthreegirls : Oh it's lovely! 😍
sarahgoldingphotography : Lovely! I made some with my 2 year old this year (but can't put a photo up until we give them out!)
muminthemadhouse : @sarahgoldingphotography oh I cannot wait to see them
hellowonderful_co : πŸ’šπŸŽ„πŸŽ
redtedart : Awww
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A Cargo Ship Prototype That is Soy and Lactose Free. Hooray! #scrapkins #recycledartschool #maker #diy #recycle #art #carton #build #diy #whatsonmydesk #desk #studio #nyc #brooklyn #bushwick
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scrapkins : #creativetable
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Painting with morning coffee grounds. This simple paint provocation calls for paper, coffee grounds, and a brush. Do you have a setup that encourages creativity through hands-on making? Share your setup and tag it with #creativetable
creativetable -
tinkerlab : @marybeltran it's my thing. I can't help it 😊 How about you?
marybeltran : Total craft.
mnordwald : I love it! πŸ˜€
smp0526 : @rnc10004
imaginationtree : Love it! We made ancient pirate maps using coffee grounds once! X
tinkerlab : @marybeltran πŸŽ‰
tinkerlab : Thanks @mnordwald !
tinkerlab : @imaginationtree I can see why! The patina would be perfect for that. xo
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'Let's make salt dough Christmas decorations!' The reality: unfathomable mess, a voodoo gingerbread man and both children asking to do something else after two minutes πŸ˜‚ #motherhood #motherhoodthroughinstagram #creativekids #creativemamas #creativetable #keepingitreal #crafting #making
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annalice.b : Love the shot 😍
tinkerlab : Sometimes that's the way it goes. Lovely photo at least πŸ˜€
cathybussey1 : @tinkerlab I only do this stuff for the photo op! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
cathybussey1 : @annalice.b 😘
pinkmtbr : Oh yes yes yes, this! But at least you got a good photo :D
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Looking closely...... #letthempaint #observationaldrawing #30invitationstoplay #creativetable
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mypinktoes : May I know what paint you use?
handmakery : πŸ’— : @mypinktoes sure! The paints photographed are tempera paints, but I also offered water colours for this activity, giving rise to discussion about the differences between the two. : @handmakery πŸ™πŸΌ
ourseasonsofchange : Beautiful!
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Silly Season Paper Lantern DecoratingπŸ’ƒ#madhatterpies
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oliviasfoster : awesome!!!!
madhatters_sweetiepies : #kidsart #kidsartsandcrafts #kidswhocreate #kidscreate #kidscrafts101 #kidscrafts #homeschooling #homeschool #unschooling #30invitationstoplay #earlychildhood #preschool #kindergarten #sahm #wahm #nannylife #nannygram #drippainting #paperlantern #creativemamas #activekids #childhoodunplugged #creativearts #creativetable #totschool #kidsactivities #learningthroughplay #teachersfollowteachers #toddler #montessori
a_craft_a_day : Totally love!!!
funchalk : Now that's fun!
redtedart : Awesome!
thejadehooper : πŸ’•
jemluck : So cool!!
r8nata : This is cool...may I know What kind of paint that u used? @madhatters_sweetiepies
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Today at Play Inside (before) #workandplaynj #creativetable #invitationtoplay #southorangenj #soma #openplay @bmgbeauty
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Tonight's craft activity... / L' activite manuelle de ce soir #craftwithNina #creativity #creative #creativetable
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I got a bit nervous when I realized things had been eerily quiet for awhile, but Theo had just been busily making a surprise sticker collage for me!
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buggyandbuddy : #BuggyandBuddy #kbnmoms #childled #creativekids #creativetable
growingupcreative : How sweet
playandlearneveryday : Oh my goodness, that's adorable!
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Plastic Bowl Snow Globe. I think this has to be my favorite craft that we have done in a while. I totally adore them and can foresee lots of snow globes in our lives this winter with different scenes and even landmarks.❄️❄️❄️❄️ #creativetable #advent #christmascrafts #MomsonInstagram #kidscrafts101 #kidsactivities #CreativeKids #ChristmasCards #ScreenFree
screenfree - kidsactivities - creativetable - christmascrafts - advent - creativekids - kidscrafts101 - momsoninstagram - christmascards -
pollyjohughes : @michelley0ung, check this out. Looks like a pretty fine solution.
theweavingideas : ❀️❀️ this !
pollyjohughes : Glass, water and a school fair may not mix too well, either. Great tips, though. Will defo try out at home. X
redtedart : That is so sweet
traceychorley : I've just tried to tag you in original pic here, hope it's worked!
stayathomeeducator : So cool! You're brave to let kiddos handle that fake snow! It's like glitter!
jamieharrington : Awww!
_hannahspannah_ : This is amazing! Little man will love this
nicole_d.28 - theresourcefulmama - mindtreesolutions - emily_ejs -
His favourite place to be these days. #freeart #creativetable #SmallPotatoes #artmatters #SmallsAtPlay #daycarelife
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allielebaron : I wanna be across from him. Eating that amazing looking bread if you please
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#creativetable invitation to turkey
creativetable -
tinkerlab - playroomblog - juan2free4 - cakesnev -
Currently loving fall! (And our glitter leaves- ooh la la!)
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evanjuhbean : Very PreTTY!!!! Clever!!! ❀️❀️
handmakery : 🌟🍁🌟
teachforamerica : Pretty! 😍🍁
the_creation_station_grantham : Stunning!!!
redtedart : Love!!
inspirationvault : Me too! Love these--SO pretty!
anadziengel : Gorgeous!
munchmonday : I just love all your posts - Anna β€οΈπŸ’•
the_creation_station_grantham - - clipartcrush - smile_with_leo -
Time for some after school crafting. We are starting on the Christmas cards this week. my boys are not into spending a lot of time crafting at the moment so we are doing them in small chunks. Do you make or buy your christmas cards? πŸŽ„β›„οΈ #creativetable #advent #christmascrafts #MomsonInstagram #kidscrafts101 #kidsactivities #CreativeKids #ChristmasCards #ScreenFree
screenfree - kidsactivities - creativetable - christmascrafts - advent - creativekids - kidscrafts101 - momsoninstagram - christmascards -
grubbylittlefaces : I used to make mine before kids. Now I buy. But after seeing your photo I think you've solved my after school squabbling conundrum. I love it.
muminthemadhouse : @grubbylittlefaces pleased to be able to help. Sometimes you just need the right idea at the right time!
devonkerry : My goodness, this could be a pic of my boy!! X
muminthemadhouse : @devonkerry blond curley's are ace. I also have a short and dark one!
devonkerry : Snap πŸ˜† @muminthemadhouse xx
flurogoddess : We made last year but we have a backlog of bought ones. We might just make for special people this year 😊
muminthemadhouse : @flurogoddess We give so few cards, I can not remember the last time I bought any!
redtedart : Awww love seeing a child at work! πŸ’•πŸ’•
ticknalllifeandloves - jess_and_bodhi_uk - calhmorris1 - hashtagparenting -
Welcome to the Monday #kidbloggersofig Activity Round-Up. This week features 12 KID'S TABLE ideas from some of our favorite kid activity bloggers. We are sharing a simple Thanksgiving fine motor activity perfect for toddlers. You can read about it on the blog by following the link in the profile. It is super easy and fun to participate-just follow these 3 simple steps: 1. FOLLOW me and ALL posters in the round up so you can be sure to catch it every Monday! 2. CLICK on the photo to visit @tinytotsadventures for the next activity post in the round up. When you get back to me, you will have seen 12 awesome KID'S TABLE ideas for this holiday season. 3. JOIN in the fun- share your KIDS TABLE idea with us using #KBIGRoundUp
kidbloggersofig - play - kbigroundup - creativetable - preschoolers - kidactivities - homeschool - feathers - toddlers - athomeactivities - playmatters - finemotorskills - kbnmoms - toddlerlife - preschool - finemotorplay - childhoodunplugged - finemotor - momsofinstagram - thanksgiving - invitationtoplay - toddleractivities - totschool - montessori - finemotoractivities -
sunnydayfamily : Great idea to keep toddlers busy!
nerdymammarocks : Yay! This looks like so much fun!
myboredtoddler : Love the idea of using feathers
macntatersblog : #toddlers #toddleractivities #finemotor #finemotoractivities #finemotorskills #thanksgiving #feathers #kbnmoms #creativetable #invitationtoplay #totschool #preschool
macntatersblog : #kbnmoms #kidactivities #play #playmatters #momsofinstagram #montessori #toddlerlife #homeschool #preschoolers #childhoodunplugged #athomeactivities #finemotorplay
clarestots : Great idea to use feathers bet it kept them busy for hours.
theresourcefulmama : What a fun activity! Love that it takes an item that we have in our kitchen.
macntatersblog : @clarestots she has played with this at least an hour a day for 2 weeks. It's been amazing.
myboredtoddler - pgpbmeghan - woodruffmontessori - playdxtr -
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