Our boss at work came up with this idea of, on your own time, going out for lunch him. I took the liberty of fixing the name 😏 #lol #happyhour #nothappyhour #work #funny #imbad #sarnia #crappyhour
funny - imbad - work - lol - crappyhour - nothappyhour - sarnia - happyhour -
mikey__baker : Hahaha put same up our station & looks same blank lol
blondiejanx : @mikey__baker sssssooo dumb
mikey__baker : Yup. Don't wanna talk to bosses bout work at work, def don't wanna do it on our own time smh
dcarr72 : Lmao better not forget to take off before the Patron (boss) gets back @blondiejanx
blondiejanx : @dcarr72 lol oh no, it's staying on !!
dcarr72 : Hope the Patron has a sense of humor lol @blondiejanx
blondiejanx : @dcarr72 oh yeah, it's all good πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
shineshop - hockeyrick14 - stackcheddar - abbey_kilner -
Happy Hump Day!! #onwednesdayswedrink #crappyhour #cheapdrinksjustlikeyou
onwednesdayswedrink - cheapdrinksjustlikeyou - crappyhour -
nerii89 - iamdan_ - jennm23 - spencer_hampton_15 -
Playin hooky #fridayfunday #G3 #yamaha #crappyhour #letuslive
letuslive - g3 - crappyhour - fridayfunday - yamaha -
samtaylorl - dacoola1 - peter4est - ba843 -
I get the dumbest injuries at work. I don't think customers understand how hard we try to get their drinks out on time during "happy hour" #tobeapartner #happyhour #crappyhour #starbucks
tobeapartner - happyhour - starbucks - crappyhour -
big_boy_mair - marianne_carlson - parkkylie - mcgroartyjessica -
Last day of #FrappyHour was hell.. I don't think I can be friends with anyone who drinks Frappuccinos.. Like seriously.. Lol Off at 10:00.. I need a beer🍺 who's down?? #baristalife #tobeapartner #crappyhour #beerme
beerme - tobeapartner - crappyhour - frappyhour - baristalife -
_face_value_ : I've never had one
mommyfoley : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
emileelay : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#noregrets
christyturp13 : Haha I remember those days.
rjohnortega : You said it Davis. When all said and done we will have done over 700 for the day. Over 400 during Crappy hour alone. How I despise the freakin frappuccino.
kahvecandircom - choir_geek6700 - kjzelasko47 - starbucksconyerssquare -
Final Frappy hour complete!! #tobeapartner #starbucks #crappyhour
tobeapartner - crappyhour - starbucks -
eleigh0220 : My girls! 😘 @amylw11 @brittany_laird @homunculeyes @empatton_7
miley.haberstroh : love it!πŸ’ͺ
humerusbone - amylw11 - raven_star24 - empatton_7 -
How was your day? πŸ˜…πŸ˜’ #frappyhour #crappyhour #busybusy #baristaprobs
busybusy - baristaprobs - crappyhour - frappyhour -
apahnecks : πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
j.karin : Wow!
roxhoule69 : Holly Cow !!!! Lots of milk get it !!! Bad I know ! But it's Mother's Day I get s pass today πŸ˜†
grkgoddess_ - melissacolonn - kaymarie_94 - schirraa -
What the actual FUCK 😩 #frappyhour #crappyhour #whyisthisneeded #starbucksbaristaissues #starfucks #isitoveryet @barista_life
starfucks - whyisthisneeded - frappyhour - boycottingfrappyhour - isitoveryet - starbucksbaristaissues - crappyhour -
heystertayster : Ohhhh my god. I left just in time!
dontspeakmonkey : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm so sorry but it's so funny. #gladimgone
aalejaandraa_09 : I am so sick of the effin' SMRF! πŸ˜’May 10th can't come soon enough. However... Mini frapps are coming... FML... #boycottingfrappyhour @devinruys @heystertayster @dontspeakmonkey
liyalosyev : 😱
ajaja86 : Umm shouldn't have a cell phone out while on the floor. I'm going to need to let your district manager and Howard Schultz know about this. Pack up your aprons and sharpies.
aalejaandraa_09 : Not Howard! πŸ˜‚ I guess I should return all 347 box cutters and 79 sharpies then. It's a sad day when a barista turns rogue πŸ™…πŸ½ @ajaja86
bnice145 : I forgot how to make the cookies n cream coffee
aalejaandraa_09 : It's a vanilla bean frap with java chips added and substitute whole milk for heavy cream.πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ lol @bnice145
snowbunnyjazzy - bnice145 - ajaja86 - homunculeyes -
This my "order one more frappuccino and I will cut you" face. πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ #iworkatstarbucks #happyhourisnothappyforus #extracaramelequalsdeath #crappyhour #thankgodilovewhoiworkwith
happyhourisnothappyforus - thankgodilovewhoiworkwith - extracaramelequalsdeath - crappyhour - iworkatstarbucks -
jennifer_monroe : Can I have it with soy and extra whip and cinnamon dolce powder!!! Thanks lol
disneyvodka : Lol like when people order mojito when I'm slammed!!! Hahaha #ifeelyou
hft3 : Double blended please.
pamissocool : But s'mores frapps with a cookie straw tho! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ½
charinadelossantos : I love who I work with too!
justinjtaylor13 : Half off please!! Not your face but the frapp.. Haaa haaaa ❀️❀️ love ya Kase of Bass
atehjess : I need to know where you work so I can cum in πŸ™Š
sleepingkiller : Eeeexactly!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™
mustfylmzzz - ya.matushcka2015 - sevilla_resta - sokolovamaschunia -
Perfect weather for #frappuccinohappyhour 😈 #crappyhour#frappuccinocrappyhour#coloradosprings#spring#showers#thunderstorms
thefrappening - coloradosprings - frapagedon - showers - frappuccinohappyhour - spring - frappuccinocrappyhour - crappyhour - thunderstorms -
elenaanderson : #thefrappening#frapagedon
chrismess79 - stay0ut - nataliekunkel - mikewalkerphoto -
Frappachino happy hour has me feeling some type of way πŸ˜’πŸ”« #tobeapartner #crappyhour #frappuccinoHappyHour #itsstupid #ihatehumans #done #only7moreday #worsttimeoftheyear
ihatehumans - itsstupid - worsttimeoftheyear - done - tobeapartner - frappuccinohappyhour - only7moreday - crappyhour -
paulatruse : Crappy hour
katiefajardo - sddduong - bigreci - _queenmuthafckingb_ -
Did my partners a little favor #crappyhour
baristalife - crappyhour - frappyhour - tobeapartner -
becca21293 : I need that flavor in my life
plaisantez_vous : #tobeapartner #baristalife #frappyhour
passion4knowledge : #slapmehour
bri_dalessio - holycrap__someone - nani1295 - broookeemunozz -
God help me today and the rest of the week.... #baristaproblems #crappyhour #crapuacchino
baristaproblems - crapuacchino - crappyhour -
muhhlizzuhh - spring_splendor - petey032 - nedinedotcom -
Crappy hour begins! Crying crappy tears of despair #crappyhour #craptears #crapbag #WhoGivesAFrap
crappyhour - crapbag - craptears - whogivesafrap -
eyeslikemeralds : Fuck me with your macky 😍
mr_snapplecap : The bird in the background tho
tori_simon : Your back at Starbucks??
ciiiiiiiiiip : #craplife #whatthefrap #frapmyass2k15
mikemolina_ : I w3rrrrk errrrrt strrrrbzzz
notmolly_ : You work there again?!?
str82theface : Yeah cuz I was bored and I guess I kinda missed it lol @notmolly_
notmolly_ : That's whats up!
_.rockitdontstopit._ - eyeslikemeralds - offroadingpitbull -
I am SO not ready for this!!! Just a friendly reminder to be kind and patient with your local Starbucks and their baristas! #itsjustafrappuccino #frappyhour #crappyhour #baristalife #starbucks #tobeapartner
starbucks - frappyhour - baristalife - itsjustafrappuccino - crappyhour - tobeapartner -
liv_nd_liams_mommy : Thats messed up!! They need to relax before u give them decaf πŸ˜‚
_ash_lea_ : @liv_nd_liams_mommy luckily I personally didn't run into any rude customers, but some of them get cray!
liv_nd_liams_mommy : I got a frap today during happy hr (after i read ur comment) and the lady in front of me O.M.G. she was rude demanding and her custom order frap idk its juts coffee lady sheesh i want to apologize #treaturbaristanice #ifurgonnaberudeleaveatip lol
ericaaaa_j - shutitkyle - betosdigitalghost - sav_bingley -
Happy Hour Got Nothin On Us πŸ”₯β˜•οΈπŸ’€ @theodorous1 @drizzy_davd @dominwonderland #starbucks #happyhour #crappyhour #tobeapartner #barista #icedcoffeefordays #whittier #uptown
icedcoffeefordays - barista - crappyhour - tobeapartner - uptown - happyhour - whittier - starbucks -
osbaldobarajas - joannfairchild - localfixture - ___cheyanna -
Repost from @barista_life If any of you come to my store or another please please read this. Happy hour is hell for baristas. I dread it all year. Please be nice and do not complain when it takes 15 minutes to get a drink, you're here for the same reason everyone else is and that creates a huge back up for the blenders. #crappyhour #happyhour #baristahell #tobeapartner
crappyhour - baristahell - happyhour - tobeapartner -
drhugginkiss - saarawer - _chickenlittlex3 - bad_habitss -
Day two of ten! Let the battle commence. #thefrappening #crappyhour #baristalife
thefrappening - crappyhour - baristalife -
ericaleann91 - thealexismiller - amaaaaandat - pablo8843 -
Literally us. The suffering. The pain..... #CrappyHour #StarbucksProblems
starbucksproblems - crappyhour -
mormonfetus : @jsasquach I can't feel my feet...
christinegee54 : But you were a kick ass store support! Hope the rest of the night went ok.
veedaw_maximu5 : I'm Leonitus. Just saying πŸ’
christinegee54 : @veedaw_maximu5 you don't want to be the one eyed wonder who survives until the next movie?
s1ywo1f : I bet you all kicked ass!
ekadeguz : Why am i sad that i wasnt part of the madness?
naturallyjujubee : @leesh_royalty
leesh_royalty : πŸ˜‚ @naturallyjujubee
briaboh - jose_gonz622 - sherlock334 - 1_heartlessnigga -
When you work opens & love to see your coworkers suffer 😏 #happyhour #frappyhour #crappyhour #baristaproblems #tobeapartner #starbucksproblems
baristaproblems - tobeapartner - frappyhour - starbucksproblems - crappyhour - happyhour -
bobbyvalentine4 : How much is it for the free coffee? Had that one yet?
isitdropsy : Rude
rtowfeeq : Vlada you're the best ❀ Miss you !
gregcarruthers : #openlyfe
annlayc : I have literally just gone through your entire Instagram account. Why you might ask? Because of your amazing Starbucks videos. They are so so true, you are amazing and I love you! So thank you for providing a fellow barista with humor
annlayc : :)
vladabee : @annlayc you are so sweet!!! 😘
annlayc : :D
lulucanpy - heidicheetos - sawrah_m - aerykcah -
crappyhour -
mattmc_92 - leeungerwelek - erisian5 - allybkc -
The before #crappyhour #alakeastarbucks #baristalife #alohadistrict #dagirls
alakeastarbucks - dagirls - alohadistrict - crappyhour - baristalife -
kiraxcore : I swear. #Starbucks only hires pretty people. #imnevergonnagethired
_0necrown_ : LMFAO my eeeeeeeyer!
_0necrown_ : Brah good job today you
tsumtsumgrl : Lol, @kaimilanibrown808 and @_0necrown_
kaimilanibrown808 : Omg let me just say..coronas ear was scrumptious.
ilikewarmhuggs - paiagirlx - annieraee - gingerlongxx -
Dying on their 23rd round #CrossFit #happyhour or #crappyhour ?
crossfit - happyhour - crappyhour -
mboech4 : I'd vote #crappyhour that was a rough workout today. Should be followed with a solid happy hour that's for sure
rtegtmeier24 - mboech4 - mind_energy_bliss -
The happy hour crew #starbucks #frappyhour #baristas #baristalife #callme #bananahappy #fuckthebucks #starfucks #crappyhour #crew @barista_life
starfucks - baristalife - crappyhour - crew - callme - starbucks - frappyhour - bananahappy - baristas - fuckthebucks -
moeelee : 😏 @screamsupreme_
screamsupreme_ : @moeelee go away 😭😭😭😭
klam827 : The best time of the year!
luciano_studios : Yo bro!!!
japamiu - margaretapepaj - luciano_studios - kayseeanne91 -
Day 1 of Frappy Hour, today's theme Sports! #crappyhour #erImeanfrappyhour #starbuckslife #comevisit #wishmeluck
comevisit - erimeanfrappyhour - crappyhour - wishmeluck - starbuckslife -
kyra_naomi - starbucks_kuw - tammie.smith.m - corrieann17 -
The only kind of frappuccino I like right now. Happy hour starts in 1 hour 😝😝😭😭 #crappyhour #starbuckshellweek #goaway
starbuckshellweek - goaway - crappyhour -
tanyavesperis8v : Follow @juliancamarena 😊
vivienharlow - toriann333 - simplydreyah - busyyellowbug -
@jbranch28 thinks it's funny to taunt the angry barista πŸ˜” #crappyhour
crappyhour -
kj09 - sashbgosh - wiz_kalicia - iamcalebslaton -
Soooo not ready. πŸ˜…πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ #hellweek #happyhour #crappyhour #baristanation #shootme lol #πŸ”«
shootme - baristanation - crappyhour - hellweek - πŸ”« - happyhour -
isabelp28 : @thatonechick93 is green level exclusive too?
thatonechick93 : I don't think so, but you could always call and check :)
royal_juicc - mrs_edmondson - arielxherron -
Pre-game selfie #FrapuccinoHappyHour #Madness #ABaristasWorseFear #3To5 #FrappyHour #CrappyHour #BaristaLife #BaristaProblems #TobeAPartner
frapuccinohappyhour - madness - baristalife - 3to5 - abaristasworsefear - baristaproblems - tobeapartner - frappyhour - crappyhour -
phileep5 : :D your so beautiful!! :)
meggiepoohh - philmacock - texas_sunflower - surfrider212 -
Tomorrow when I'm off at 6:30pm, after Frappuccino Happy Hour πŸ˜…πŸ”« #ToBeAPartner #CrappyHour #BaristaLife
baristalife - crappyhour - tobeapartner -
victorrriaaa__ : #maytheespressobewithyou
familyjules__ : Nahhhh I need Jesus @victorrriaaa__
ellieraepatton : Frappuccino happy hour was always the worst!!! Other than free refresher day.
_ciprien : THIS. πŸ˜‚
keanjah - kaeface34 - thechazzmander - victorrriaaa__ -
Exploiting official Starbucks property for my juicing purposes. #juice #crappyhour #crappuccino #sorryalayna
juice - crappuccino - crappyhour - sorryalayna -
amoore0308 : That's it, you're working May 10th. 😁
barefeetareneat : @amoore0308 πŸ™Š
rosageraldyn - dominiquedanceer1 - hannuh.sanders - smashley1023 -
#humpday @dickssd #crappyhour
crappyhour - humpday -
use1app - its_kayla222 - k10sd -
Ready or not Frappuccino happy hour is coming. 😲. #cookiestraws #crappaccino #frappyhour #crappyhour #letsdothis #may1to10 #Starbucks #StarbucksTarget
starbuckstarget - letsdothis - may1to10 - cookiestraws - starbucks - frappyhour - crappyhour - crappaccino -
_christinky_ : I loved that s'mores frap and I don't even like frappacinos
aashleychavez : #yas #fuckitup #cookiestrawsarelife
jo_bedoy : Is it good?! Cuz it looks delicious
br0wnsugar_x : Pure EVIL! 😩
ladyrico94 : Omg save me one 😍
angelofmine42013 : Lol I don't even know how to make the s'mores one yet πŸ˜‚
xicanaa.xingonaa : I HATE THE SMORES ONE
wut_whut - captain_franco - krystunayes - s_c92 -
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