Bronx daycare #WTF #brokenhome #whowouldbringtheirkidhere #crackhousedaycare #brokendreams
brokenhome - brokendreams - wtf - whowouldbringtheirkidhere - bronx - nyc - crackhousedaycare - ghetto -
shaftdagod4hunna : #nyc
shaftdagod4hunna : @benjacobson @beattea plz have a field day with this
shaftdagod4hunna : #ghetto #bronx
bkz_ill3st : Dirty ass bx
beattea : Do you enter this day care thru a window?
shaftdagod4hunna : Lmfaoo yes I was in tears when I saw this this took me by surprise lol and look at the broken lil chairs in the floor
7flykingar15 -
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