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• _ { Contact Report 260 } Date/time of contact: Tuesday, February 25, 1975, 6:02 PM _ Billy: • At that time, Semjase wasn’t allowed to say more, she explained. But maybe it is different today, such that I might learn something more from you? You once said before that Adolf Hitler also had or just would have had the task of creating a united Earth world. _ Ptaah: . • That was actually so; that is correct. The path that he then took, however, even with terror and war, was absolutely wrong and was neither in his destiny, nor in any guidelines assigned to him, nor even in our interests. _ • The reason for his wrongly chosen path developed quite early on, when he secretly came in contact with the Thule Society of that time, in consequence of which he also came in contact with Hermann Steinschneider, who also belonged to the Thule Society and supported its unfair goals and who called himself the clairvoyant, Eric Jan Hanussen. _ • Steinschneider, i.e. Hanussen, moved in all circles of major Nazi figures, among whom he had many clients, so even also Adolf Hitler, who became enslaved to him, and indeed, even before he seized the leadership for himself. _ • Steinschneider/Hanussen emerged as a middle man between the Thule Society and Hitler, and, so to speak, directed Adolf Hitler according to the Thule Society's leaders' will. _ • The efforts of the leaders at that time of the Thule Society went out for the acquisition of world domination; consequently, already very early on, they allowed Steinschneider to influence and shape Hitler in this direction, by what means this then began, in accordance with their will, with terror and murder, to trigger World War II in the end. _ • At the same time, Steinschneider became ever more powerful in the course of time, with respect to his domination over Adolf Hitler, which didn’t appeal to various people who were against Hitler and his machinations. _ • 115. The consequence of this was that they allowed Steinschneider, alias Hanussen, to be murdered in 1933, but this didn’t change anything in Hitler's attitude and course; therefore, he became more and more of a monster, as you would say. <> _ • 118. {πŸ‡} ...
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white.rabbit.underground : {πŸ‡} • 118. What is to be said further in relation to your question is that Adolf Hitler had already been instructed by our forces through telepathic impulses in his earliest youth, in terms of his determinations and guidelines, and indeed, on an ongoing basis and at every place where he always stayed. _ • Thus, he was also under constant control. At the same time, he learned a lot, and everything started off very well, until he went to Vienna to enjoy an artistic education, at which he then failed, however. _ • From that point in time, he rapidly fell more and more toward the negative and evil; consequently, he soon fell outside of our control, and our telepathic impulse attempts remained fruitless. _ • From then on, he not only developed an unhealthy ambition but also an uncontrollable fanaticism as well as a hatred for all life, which he considered from his viewpoint as imperfect. _ • From this, everything that resulted later from his thoughts and actions and that brought million-fold misery across the Earth developed within a short time. _ {πŸ‡} source: [img: theorbemag| taringa| source] . #followthewhiterabbitunderground #BEAM #openyoureyes #openyourmind #earth #human #spirit #body #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #awakening #life #love #creation #universe #space #mind #positivity #goodvibes #hitler #thulesociety #contactreport #CR260 #Ptaah #darkside #defense #against #the #darkarts
yolanda__chan : Very nice :)
white.rabbit.underground : @yolanda__chan | πŸ™πŸΌ πŸ™‚ ✌🏼️
wtthhhird : πŸ€ enjoy your Day πŸ’₯
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• _ { Contact Report 260 } Date/time of contact: Tuesday, February 25, 1975, 6:02 PM Billy: • {Asthar Sheran}, i.e. Aruseak or Atar Seran and whatever else this criminal called himself, was eliminated in the DAL Universe during a serious battle, as he was attacking a planet or something like that, as you’ve explained. Now, the question arose as to whether he is now incarnated again; do you know something about this? _ Ptaah: • What you say is correct, but whether he is now reincarnated should be answered with a “no,” for in the regions where he lost his life, no overpopulation problems prevail on the planet; therefore, it will still take a very long time before he will be arranged into a reincarnation. . • To our knowledge, three hundred years will pass, when I make my statements in accordance with the earthly calendar. _ source: [img: youtube | source] . #followthewhiterabbitunderground #BEAM #openyoureyes #openyourmind #earth #human #spirit #body #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #awakening #life #love #creation #universe #space #mind #positivity #goodvibes #ashtarcommand #ashtar #galacticfederationoflight #danger #CR260 #contactreport
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all_glory_to_jesus_christ : Lies lies lies πŸ˜‘
white.rabbit.underground : 🍌 it's bananas isnt it? Completely out of this world. 🌰🐿 πŸ‘½πŸ‘ΎπŸš€πŸŒŒ Come back for more πŸ‘πŸΌ
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• _ { Contact Report 260 } Date/time of contact: Tuesday, February 25, 1975, 6:02 PM _ Billy: • I now have a small article from Blick, dated 10/27/1997, with the title: _ On Abortion: Fetuses Feel the Pain _ • London - Do the unborn feel pains during abortions? On this controversial issue, British medical experts have now given a clear answer: Yes, starting from the 6th month! . • The Association of British Gynecologists has, for the first time, issued guidelines: With an abortion, an anesthetic should be used, starting from the 24th week of pregnancy. It should be administered several hours before surgery, in order to ensure that the fetus really won’t feel anything more. Still ten years ago, experts believed that newborns couldn’t even feel any pains. According to recent studies, they came to the conclusion that the nervous system is so far developed by the 26th week that the fetus feels pains. _ Ptaah: • This assertion doesn’t correspond to the truth because our medical cognition indicates that a fetus is already so far developed by the 12th week or by the 3rd month that its developing nervous system receives pain impulses; consequently, the fetus is already sensitive to pain at this age. _ Billy: And what about the beginning heartbeat of a newly conceived human – when does the actual heart function begin? As a doctor of your various medical subjects, so I think, you surely also know about this. _ Ptaah: • Of course. The time of the beginning heart activity coincides with the entrance of the spirit of the newly conceived human being, so on the 21st day after conception. _ {πŸ‡} Read more! source: [img: livescience | pregnantsym | pinterest source] . #followthewhiterabbitunderground #BEAM #openyoureyes #openyourmind #earth #human #spirit #body #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #awakening #life #love #creation #universe #space #mind #positivity #goodvibes #contactreport #CR260 #pregnancy #week12 #3months #ptaah #abortion #issues #spiritform #nature #day21
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• . { Contact Report 260 } Date/time of contact: Tuesday, February 25, 1975, 6:02 PM _ Billy: • My next question: Yeti, Big Foot, and Sasquatch, these are three beings of which there is talk over and over again. For quite some time, there has particularly been talk again about the Sasquatch-being in Florida’s swamps in the Everglades. Again and again, people appear in public, who claim that they would have observed such prehistoric human beings. Can one believe these statements? _ Ptaah: • Some statements are actually true, others are based on deceit, and still others are based on making oneself important or on simple fibbing. . • Nevertheless, there is no doubt that these beings still actually exist. _ Billy: • You’ve clarified this? _ Ptaah: • It wouldn’t be right to say that there is no doubt in the existence of the beings if we didn’t have exact knowledge in this regard. _ {πŸ‡} source: [img: sasquatchchronicals| bigfootcrossroads | source] . #followthewhiterabbitunderground #BEAM #openyoureyes #openyourmind #earth #human #spirit #body #spirituality #spiritualgrowth #awakening #life #love #creation #universe #space #mind #positivity #goodvibes #yeti #bigfoot #sasquatch #mysteries #reality #contactreport #CR260 #Ptaah
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When you love your coworkers!!! #Tribe260 #cr260 #love #workflow
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anissamar_ie : Love it!
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Work work work work work #cr260 #workflow
cr260 - workflow -
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The CR Tribe #CharlottesItGirls #love #CR260 #workflow #tribe260 Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YVETTE!!! I feel better with my nurse around (only because she is just as crazy so I feel normal haha)
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Oooo my girls looking cute in their dresses πŸ˜‰ #weekend #themed #CR260 #CharlotteRusse #CharlotteItGirls
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I looked up the definition of 'beautiful' and this was there lol but at the bottom it said "see also crazy weirdos" I don't know what that's about lol #CR260 #ThemedWeekend #love #CharlotteRusse
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She's glowing and Peanut is pretty cozy lol (she told me) #CR260 #lovemygirls #Peanut touch the belly touch the belly
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april_celest : I love it!
april_celest : Send me the picture! @ohitsmarissa
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Oh you know just four gals and a baby peanut lol #ThemedWeekend #work #CR260 #CharlotteRusse #denim #denimondenim #chambray #lovemygirls #team260 #CharlotteItGirls
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leilahmarie81 : Dang girl! How long did you last in the heels?!
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I already consider y'all family ❀ #cr260
cr260 -
maritzzaaa_ : My cousin is the one with the polka-dot top & white pants. πŸ˜›
april_celest : Lol really? I love her 😊
mrs_garcia614 : Love Charlotte Russe!!
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Great Back-To-School meeting today :) all of our Charlotte Russe girls are super excited and ready for the season (and full lol of course food was involved!!) #CR260 #CharlotteRusse #bunchofweirdos #family
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@sel1418 you're the best and we are all gonna miss you at Charlotte Russe but we are also very proud of you and all you are going to accomplish :) #CR260
cr260 -
leilahmarie81 : Subtle surprise, but it's there!!! Super sweet of you guys! 😊 good luck @sel1418 πŸ€
crissmaricruz_lpz : πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œ my sweetheart @sel1418 😒
veette_pz : I'm gonna miss you my baby girl!! @sel1418 #Tripodsforlife
sel1418 : Thanks! I'm going to miss y'all! Forever family! ☺️❀️
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Ode to AudreyπŸ’Ž #Iconic #CR260
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leilahmarie81 : Woo! Our Halloween 2015!!! @ohitsmarissa
ohitsmarissa : #AudreyHepburn #MarilynMonroe #GraceKelly #ElizabethTaylor
ohitsmarissa : Hahah I want Elizabeth then @leilahmarie81
leilahmarie81 : Lol, you got it! Wait who's our Audrey, and Grace?
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#tbt to last weekend's freezing cold snowboard/camping adventure at a-basin #jeep #wrangler #rubicon #colorado #cr260 #camp #abasin #dirt @arb4x4
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dailymotomedia : That's a rad pic! Follow us for shout outs daily!
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Derbs and dirt bikes ❀️ #honda #cr260 #crf450r #2stroke #4stroke #antioch #mx
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dabmeowt : #cr250
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