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g_enevieve_ - bee_watts - ___fliss - far_south_photography -
Couldn't find the American "Decency" protesters. They either showed up and got shut down quick, or those "thousands" never came. Either way, here's my lone wolf counter protest where I wear a shirt of two sailors locking lips. The US is a legally secular nation, and football is a secular sport in an even more secular market. Jack Burkman and adherent looney tunes, America won't bow down to your lack of logic; we live in reality here. Sorry your kids are gonna be exposed to something in a culture that doesn't reflect your bigoted-as-shit views. Maybe it'll influence them to become better than you. Also, where were you when y'all should've been protesting players who have committed real crimes in the name of family values? #America would like to know. #counterprotest #SupportMichaelSam
supportmichaelsam - america - counterprotest -
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Counter protester goes crazy #protest #counterprotest #crazy #wtf
crazy - usa - american - lol - protest - wtf - counterprotest - america - screaming -
_hzdunstan : #america #usa #american #screaming #lol -
Caption this #cosplay #batgirl #batman #dc #comicbooks #movies #counterprotest #wondercon2014 #wondercon #Wondercon
wondercon - cosplay - wondercon2014 - batman - dc - movies - counterprotest - comicbooks - batgirl -
iskander_makhmudov : I wish my Bible from childhood was illustrated that way. - vonairs - batmac828 - szamanisko22 -
I personally would never get an abortion but I believe a woman has a right to make her own choices & that religion has no place in women's reproductive issues. Hence my counter protest sign ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ #CounterProtest #protesters #abortion #antiabortion #Jesus #Religion #AntiReligion #fuckyourfeelings #ImGoingToHell #WomensRights #ReproductiveRights #ReligionDoesntBelongHere #JesusIsntADickSoKeepHimOutOfMyVagina #Humanist #OpenMinded #FreeThinker #FunnySigns #Funny #lol #smh #shrugs
reproductiverights - womensrights - smh - protesters - jesus - openminded - shrugs - funny - funnysigns - antireligion - freethinker - abortion - lol - religiondoesntbelonghere - religion - imgoingtohell - humanist - counterprotest - antiabortion - jesusisntadicksokeephimoutofmyvagina - fuckyourfeelings -
samantha_saunders42 : And, on top of that, one sign is a sign that gives people a number to call for help. It's ridiculous for you to throw such a fit over someone trying to give others help.
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 you are only seeing 2 signs and only 1 side of my sign, not the entire scene. Obviously. The backside of my sign list verse after verse from the bible were god permits/orders abortions, commits infanticide & kills children. As stated above, I clearly said I would never get an abortion. However, I am not so arrogant that I push what is right for me and my beliefs onto others. It is a woman's right to choose for herself and again, as stated above, religion has no place in women's reproductive issues. And for religious groups to use religion as a basis of their argument is sheer mockery considering how much murder, including that of pregnant women & babies, is in the bible.
samantha_saunders42 : What is up with your religious hate? It says nothing about religion. Abortion is not a right. What about the right to live in the first place? Women do have choices during pregnancies, but those choices should only affect THEM.
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 My religious hate....hmm, my choice? Im too old to believe in fairytales? I refuse to worship a misogynistic, murderous, slave driving, human sacrificing deity? Science? Logic? Pick one for your answer as to why my 'religious hate' ....clearly....I JUST SAID, the other side of my sign has bible verses on it, that falls under religion. And abortion is a right. Who are you to judge another persons choice? Your bible has something in it about NOT being a judgmental asshole. Why do you feel the need to push your beliefs on others? Why do you feel your way is the only way? This god you believe in was the most prolific abortionist of all time lol.
samantha_saunders42 : AS I JUST SAID, the OTHER signs have nothing about religion on them, I don't care what you put on the other side of your sign, as I said it is all just ignorance spouting hate because you hate something so obviously much that you don't even believe in. That's insanity. Who are you to decide if someone lives or dies? I didn't push anything on you, at all. You pushed your beliefs on those people, whenever they have nothing even about religious beliefs.
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 you silly little child, AS STATED, in this photograph, you do not see ALL the signs in this yard. Following so far? And not to care what the other side of my sign says & its just ignorance., its all verses from the religion you believe in yea, I guess it is ignorance ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Or do you, like most religious folks over look that god was a mass murderer? Who I am to decide who lives or dies? I do not, nor said I ever did. I only said religion does not belong in women's reproductive issues....and I didn't push my beliefs on those people, please do not ever speculate any aspect of my life. Those people were picketing a women's health center, against birth control & abortion. Birth control, hence my sign in the photo. The fuck should it matter to anyone if I want birth control, especially a god damn church. And...omg, are you ready for this!!? The other side of my sign, which listed bible verses where god ordered abortions, was to counter protest those holding signs about abortion and using that 1 ten commandment about thou shalt not kill ๐Ÿ˜‚ kinda making a mockery outta their self. But the point of MY counter protest was to let the women who came out of the clinic know they weren't just coming out to a group of judgemental bigots, but someone who supports their decision regardless of if that decision is one I would make.
samantha_saunders42 : I literally have not said a word about even being religious, I do not mock your views, and you should not mock others. If you believe God shouldn't be a part of politics, as you said in the sign, then WHY do you keep bringing Him up in every single sentence you say? It's so hypocritical and ignorant towards your own statements and toward everyone else. You literally just admitted that abortion is murder, which proves to me that you are actually just a sick individual that actually believes it's the right of a woman to kill a child. There's honestly nothing to even say beyond that.
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 your page says otherwise that you are religious. Do not mock my views but you sure are judgemental, to call me sick lmao. Please honey, you do not know me. And to bring god up in every single sentence, that's a bit of an over exaggeration, don't ya think?? My referencing god in this particular setting is to use it against those people, the very thing they are using against others. I mean, it's life, by all means be a judgmental cunt if ya want ๐Ÿ˜ I know what is right for me & I know what I would do, it would not be abortion but over look that bigot. Namaste.
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Westboro Baptist Church will be in Jefferson City this Tuesday August 19th at 1:15 for a picket line about the events in Ferguson. They will start at the State Capitol and move to Lincoln University and then Jefferson City High School. Peaceful counter-protest rallies are being organized anyone welcome!!!:) me & @claireb8888 r gonna be there FOR SURE. #westborobaptistchurch #westboro #baptist #westborobaptist #missouri #jeffersoncity #protest #stupid #join #counterprotest #allwelcome #capital #midwest #august #democrat #hate #love #gayrights
gayrights - love - august - counterprotest - protest - westborobaptistchurch - hate - baptist - join - allwelcome - democrat - jeffersoncity - westboro - stupid - westborobaptist - missouri - midwest - capital -
brendenh28 : @megg.liz no they are protesting the ferguson riots
brendenh28 : But were to afraid to actually go to ferguson Lolz @megg.liz
evanhemeyer : @brendenh28 is it excused or is it skipping
brendenh28 : You would need permission to leave, Dodson wouldn't give us permission @evanhemeyer
evanhemeyer : @brendenh28 dam
evanhemeyer : @brendenh28 are you going anyways
brendenh28 : Yup Lolz
brendenh28 : @evanhemeyer
yinhan0602 - oh_you_see_it - claireb8888 -
#Protest and #counterprotest at #MadisonPride #latergram
madisonpride - protest - latergram - counterprotest -
marinaazaredo - hunter_gatherer_forager - nikkolaspry - sarahbailey87 -
Who wants to #counterprotest with me? #israel #gazaisterror #hamashumanshields #fuckyouhamas and some lady started snapping in my face!
gazaisterror - israel - fuckyouhamas - counterprotest - hugs - hamashumanshields -
artfagsinblack : Hung out there - ended in #hugs :-)
nnaa319 : ู…ุฎู†ูŠุซ
eli_b_38 - snipon5 - friends_gg - chayahcowen -
freepalestine - fuckthem - endtheoccupationnow - weweresomuchlouder - counterprotest -
hannaaa612 : The hashtags hahahhah ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘
ra_royyan : Free free Palestine.
zarinax : Free Palestine
zarinax : Free free Palestine
im9d : @dyli94 @baba_hoxha @nassim.elfarik euh zarma les decks protège les pro israelien #hess
baba_hoxha : We je vois birre lui mettre son guigui dans le cu
fahedalshouli : In 1948 Israel was established by refugee zionists who occupied others land and exiled and displaced their indigenous Palestinian people because they refused this injustice, who wouldn't? If Gaza civilians were used as human shields. Why no evidence on media so far despite dozens of media crews there in Gaza? Three Israeli civilian deaths vs 1,900 80% civilians and Children murdered. Is Hamas a real threat to Israel? Do they have a real army? Is this a war Or genocide mass retribution upon Gaza civilians for electing Hamas? Gaza under siege for 8 yrs With no where for civilians to escape being obliterated in their sleep even inside Hospitals and UN schools and shelters. The pro zions don't care where they hell with them! These massacres are aimed to punish Gaza civilians and to drive them to hate Hamas. Is it going to work? Shame on humanity. Shame on all of us. Israel has the iron dome and the strongest army with endless US tax dollars and ammunition. After 66 years What does 13 million Palestinians have except sufferings and a little hope. (1.5 million in 1948 land live under discrimination with israelis, 3.5 million live behind walls in west bank disconnected by 499 checkpoints surrounded by 550,000 hostile israeli settlers under control of israeli occupation with no sovereignty or economy or water control or real life, 2 million under siege and inhumane conditions in Gaza, and 6 million refugees all over the world majority treated as second class citizens in neighboring countries). Israel you have lost all moral grounds. Only by giving true Peace & independence to Palestinians you can defeat hamas rockets/violence not with bombs shelling children in their sleep. The whole world needs to know about Israeli Massacres and prolonged persecution to Palestinians. #massacre #freedom #peace #war #genocide #freePalestine #palestine #america #protest #DC #israel #gaza #london #ICC4israel #brazil #usa #paris #sanfrancisco #ny #jerusalem #nyc #obama #whitehouse #warongaza #Losangeles #newyork #USarmy #washington #texas #baby Palestine Israeli conflict.
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It poured rain on us but we stood there with one drum beat following each martyrs name of Gaza. #FreePalestine #CounterProtest
freepalestine - counterprotest -
onkbiggs : You needa let me know when this stuff is going down
ghassanjoon : ูˆู„ุนุชุชุชุชุชุชุช
3llaahmad : @onkbiggs my man! Will do! : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ #freepalestine
thealakhras : This is dope
maxalkhadi : GoToHellIsrael #PrayForPalestinianChildren #PrayForGaza #FreePalestine
chitownmuslima : ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ
msziyadeh - ayeshahhr - doaaalnahdi_ -
#memes #cosplay #cosplayisnotconsent #patrickstewart #protest #counterprotest #startrek #tng #enterprise
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โœŒ๏ธ Made for me last summer in Laguna Beach, by the awesomest (is that a word?) hippies I've ever met. When I die, I hope I go to Laguna Beach. โœŒ๏ธ #lagunabeach #peace #hippies #california #socal #counterprotest #beach #summer
summer - peace - lagunabeach - socal - california - counterprotest - beach - hippies -
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#counterprotest #Palestine #Gaza #antiZionism
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Inhospitable #antiimmigrant bigots at the corner of buford hwy and 120. Anybody got time for a #counterprotest? #duluth #georgia #wewereonthesameboat #wishwedpushedyouoff
duluth - georgia - counterprotest - antiimmigrant - wewereonthesameboat - wishwedpushedyouoff -
thebrittanygrant : No way!! Ridiculous. I'm always I'm for a good counter protest. P.S. That's right next to Roger's new office
synapsecracklep0p : @thebrittanygrant I saw his office a few weeks ago when we stopped at woody's for the mailbox plants! Mr. Big Time! :)
krismastree81 - randallmbrown - emilylevan -
The Australian "Party For Freedom" have organised a protest outside a shopping centre. All because the shop wished it's customers a Happy Ramadan. A counter protest has bee organised. I will attend and i can't wait for some nazi fuck to yell something at me. It will probably be homophobic. I will laugh. I am also well aware Islam is not a race. But these people we'll be counter protesting against are full on racist bigots. And Islamaphobes. Should be fun. #auspol #racistscumfuckoff #counterprotest
auspol - racistscumfuckoff - counterprotest -
_naj92 : Sounds awesome. What's the deets?
spiderqueenbec : I think I invited you to the event on fb, I'll check. But yeah 11-1 marrickville Woolworths. Sonia and I are driving and picking up one of my classmates who's going too. If you need a lift let me know. Your place is on the way.
spiderqueenbec : I'll fb pm you my number
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Long live Palestine! #palestine #counterprotest #stopthegenocide #stopbombingchildren
palestine - stopbombingchildren - stopthegenocide - counterprotest -
j00neytunes : Free Palestine!
pallidude215 : Yeaa joon! You already know! @j00neytunes
ali_rushdi_free_palestine - naturethrill.freepalestine - ace_2026 - odizzle094 -
noborders - counterprotest -
#counterprotest today #AugustaCountyVirginia #timeisnow
timeisnow - augustacountyvirginia - counterprotest -
sbkaschak -
#counterprotest today #AugustaCountyVirginia
augustacountyvirginia - counterprotest -
Thank you to all who helped and supported our Family Planning clinic this week as we counter-protested the "pro-life" protesters. There were over 40 people who came out and showed their support, made signs, waved and honked as they drove by us. #familyplanning #reproductivehealth #wenwomen #wenatchee #ncw #womenshealth #herchoice #notyours #health #protest #counterprotest
counterprotest - ncw - protest - notyours - health - familyplanning - reproductivehealth - womenshealth - wenwomen - herchoice - wenatchee -
the.npp : Amazing!
familyplanningncw : @newbearer Thanks! We had a blast.
mirubelin - meercat77 - angelahhhhhh - joyo4 -
#gaza #palestine #counterprotest #nyccitycouncil #nyccityhall
palestine - nyccityhall - counterprotest - nyccitycouncil - gaza -
leeranaldo : Great poster
annshier - antonella_mason_artist - spreadcheese - naduskis -
#gaza #counterprotest louder than #proisrael #israel #pressconference at #cityhall .#nypd #mynypd did not allow me take more photos of #progaza #protesters . #jewish #newyorkers #protesting against #gazabombing got kicked out from #cityhall . #fake #freedomofspeech
israel - newyorkers - jewish - gaza - protesters - protesting - fake - freedomofspeech - nypd - pressconference - mynypd - gazabombing - progaza - proisrael - cityhall - counterprotest -
immichaelgoldberg - mama_k - cubiton - ryanfromohio -
What an awesome turnout today. We showed the world that we want peace, and Hamas wants war. #AmYisraelChai #counterprotest
amyisraelchai - counterprotest -
sbaraki : How about you look at the facts? Maybe Hamas is attacking Israel, but the Israeli army is made of bastards that are attacking innocent civilians, women, and BABIES.
sbaraki : Think about that please.
loveofzion - ely_benhamo - adistoler_ - thatjewishmoment -
If you've been to a con you get this. #cosplay #ax #ax14 #ax2014 #anime #animeexpo2014 #jesusprotesters #counterprotest
animeexpo2014 - cosplay - jesusprotesters - ax14 - anime - counterprotest - ax - ax2014 -
chickenparmesan - jo_jardine - batmac828 - missheatherariana -
Yesterday was excruciatingly long, but extremely fascinating. (Btw, I'm pretty sure that there's actually a legit answer to that question. Jesus could be pretty damn brutal at times.)
illegalimmigration - caligrammers - murrieta - socalitymurrieta - socality - immigration - protest - independenceday - california_igers - socalityca - snapseed - counterprotest -
tenraikenshin : Apps: #snapseed Tags: #Murrieta #Immigration #Protest #Counterprotest #IndependenceDay #caligrammers #california_igers #illegalimmigration #socality #socalityca #socalitymurrieta
thechannman : Breaking News: 0 immigrants made it thru Murrieta and the government has choosen to stop shipping them to Murrieta. Murrieta wins!
lyricallyaware - iceman_notw - kissypher -
#murrieta #counterprotest
murrieta - counterprotest -
manny_el_coyote : #PaisanosUnidos #LibertyAndJusticeForAll
kataboomkatabing : I love it Stephanie, you go!!
namastephanieh - manny_el_coyote - abon_askavi - evehc89 -
#humanitarians โค๏ธ#murrieta #counterprotest
lovenothate - murrieta - humanitarians - wwjd - counterprotest -
namastephanieh : #lovenothate
namastephanieh : @aryyaastarkk Why the hate? โฌ†๏ธ Your profile says Jesus is your best friend. #wwjd
kauaimelli - loli197 - heidi4610 -
Be the #change you want to see!!!! #jc #counterprotest #protest #bigup
protest - counterprotest - bigup - change - jc -
krystina_fann - b_truth10 - courtleppi - mooseinfoose -
Caption this #cosplay #wondercon2014 #wondercon #batgirl #counterprotest #jesusprotesters#biblethumpers
wondercon - cosplay - biblethumpers - wondercon2014 - jesusprotesters - counterprotest - batgirl -
obi.jonkenobi : And on the 7th day God rested so he could enjoy this very moment
corporal_murphy - deathstardoll - batmac828 - l_e_o_209 -
anti protesting at Holland Pride!! #counterprotest #HollandPride #gay #lgbtq #queer #pride #StickItToTheMan
pride - stickittotheman - gay - counterprotest - queer - hollandpride - lgbtq -
jenihuffman : I think that is the same person protesting on mothers day and protesting at GR Pride.
kaylamartin94 : Yeah, it was.
f0xy_grandma - gaysbians__ - g_iroquois - justfitz_ -
Pretty sparse guys - considering you're trying to "defend" marriage. Why not celebrate it's new inclusiveness!? #MarriageEquality #counterprotest #capitalpride #dc
marriageequality - capitalpride - dc - counterprotest -
zachkess21 - jayplay94 - hk_3hunna - theonly1ladyj -
#GRPride #pride2k14 #counterprotest #gay
grpride - pride2k14 - gay - counterprotest -
f0xy_grandma - xroxxx - justfitz_ - is_coming -
Even stormtroopers are believers. #starwars#streetpreachers#anewhope #empirestrikesback #returnofthejedi #church#counterprotest #attackoftheclones #returnofthejedi
starwars - counterprotest - empirestrikesback - streetpreachers - returnofthejedi - anewhope - church - attackoftheclones -
canadaone : And apparently the walking trash can!
trevorgawthornefromdistrict12 : you Christian?
samuelchev - stanpeed - m5david - jedi_tauni -
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