So proud to say that I survived another intense day of counter protesting. I still can't believe these "religious demonstrators" are allowed on our campus. Never have I been called so many disrespectful words in one day. I got called a bitch, dyke, lesbian-bitch, stupid, faggot, man, pervert, and so many other words not worth mentioning along with being accused of being raped as a child.. However, the support we got from everyone made it all worth it. From people bringing us food, those who stood all day with us until they left, those who came up to us and hugged us, and everyone else that thanked us for standing up to these people. We are making history here at CSULB and we will not allow this kind of behavior to continue without a fight.πŸŒˆπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈ #GoBeach #CSULB #LGBTQ #CounterProtest #Equality
gobeach - csulb - lgbtq - equality - counterprotest -
vvhtevr : Love you!πŸ’–
protestify : share your view with the world. Hashtagging towards a world we all want to live in! Visit weprotestify.com to see live global protest news!
lordemusc : I am so happy you did that πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ƒ
pattylachola : This is great πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŒˆπŸŒˆ that's right !!!
themarco4695 : Omg I ❀️ this!
baemooch : mmm😩😍😈
b.lanaee : βœŠπŸŒˆπŸ’›
scaramellac : 🌈🌈🌈
_daniele91 - helenguosh - zeynepp.nazz - lucas.cornachon -
#Pittsburgh #Counterprotest. #Pro-Israel rally. #Palestine. #SquirrelHill
pittsburgh - palestine - pro - squirrelhill - counterprotest -
e.victoria96 - i_just_came_when_i -
WBC is scum of the earth. If they have the balls, which they dont, theyll be met with a large crowd blocking them from the great and honorable #leonardnimoy #llap #startrek #spock #wbcsucks #antiwbc #counterprotest #nerdarmytotherescue #setphaserstokill
antiwbc - nerdarmytotherescue - setphaserstokill - wbcsucks - startrek - leonardnimoy - counterprotest - spock - llap -
alaskamauve : Ugh. Who even fits their description of a "good person"?
timbrewolfdesign : Only their incestual clan @alaskamauve
tashables : @timbrewolfdesign WHY are they planning on picketing?!
timbrewolfdesign : Because he's friends with gays and atheists ....and a celebrity @tashables
muskegonewsgirl - adrians_final_frontier - alaskamauve - nickoli1322 -
westboro sucks ass #westborobaptistchurch #protest #wbc #westboro #counterprotest
westboro - westborobaptistchurch - protest - wbc - counterprotest -
daniellasteele : Amen! 😍 🌈
blahaface : wish i coulda been there :~( didnt get home till 1
theabeyanthero : I'm open to hear about this, I'm not in the know
gif_party : You bad ass you XD
destiel_69_ - uhsheena - gilles_leclerc - killme_then_illbe_happy -
It was actually super amazing to see so much support from the Des Moines community. Equality is beautiful and that's something that should never be forgotten. // #easthighstrong #loveconquersall #desmoines #counterprotest
easthighstrong - loveconquersall - desmoines - counterprotest -
jennyyy_torress - hipelvis - mirandamn97 - bailey_gladson -
Please join us to counter-protest #CounterProtest #FreedomofSpeech #LOVE #SameLove #OccupyEast #WestboroBaptistChurch #Tolerance
love - counterprotest - freedomofspeech - samelove - tolerance - westborobaptistchurch - occupyeast -
brandon_renaud34 - kaylierose2144 - fullofishing101 - prerak_6977 -
#whitemanmarch2014 #whitesupremacy #whitemess #racism #PDX #portlandprotest #diversityisNOTgenocide #rosecityantifa #counterprotest #rally #marchinmarch
rosecityantifa - whitesupremacy - pdx - whitemanmarch2014 - racism - portlandprotest - diversityisnotgenocide - counterprotest - rally - marchinmarch - whitemess -
christianahedlund - leviathandc5 - mrsdhs - anamericanwerewolf -
#whitemess #whitemanmarch2014 #whitesupremacy #counterprotest #racism #MarchInMarch #rally #protestsigns #PDX #portlandprotest #protest #DowntownPortland #diversityisNOTgenocide #RoseCityAntifa
downtownportland - rosecityantifa - whitesupremacy - pdx - whitemanmarch2014 - racism - portlandprotest - protest - protestsigns - diversityisnotgenocide - counterprotest - rally - marchinmarch - whitemess -
tonyangeloproductions : if you are at all into documentaries touching on important, relevant issues, you should check out the instagram page if you have a minute. There's a lot of other stuff as well such as books, music, etc. It would be much appreciated either way.
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#PDX #portland #WhiteManMarch2014 #whitemess #racism #whitesupremacy #fuckthefash #whitemanmarch #rally #protestsigns #protest #counterprotest #march #MarchInMarch #KyleHunt #diversityisNOTgenocide
march - protest - rally - portland - fuckthefash - marchinmarch - whitemess - whitemanmarch - kylehunt - whitesupremacy - pdx - whitemanmarch2014 - racism - protestsigns - diversityisnotgenocide - counterprotest -
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Love through all the hate. #WBBC#CounterProtest#LoveisLove#Salem#OregonBeauty
wbbc - salem - oregonbeauty - loveislove - counterprotest -
legendary_jk - lucianor93 - woah_anaizzy - ainsdeemacdennis -
WBC .VS. PDX part 1 This past Saturday at the Moda Center. Kicking Westborro Baptist Church out of Portland. #pdx #portland #modacenter #blazers #portlandtrailblazers #protest #counterprotest #westborrobaptistchurch #nohate #lgbt #community #love #loveyourcity
loveyourcity - love - westborrobaptistchurch - pdx - blazers - community - lgbt - protest - portlandtrailblazers - counterprotest - portland - nohate - modacenter -
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This. #iloveportland #wbcsucks #GoBlazers #RipCity #counterprotest
iloveportland - wbcsucks - goblazers - counterprotest - ripcity -
youthforchoice - officialblazergang - athleteswives - casey___james -
#counterprotest #westborobaptistchurch sucks #donthate #love #acceptance #protest #PDX
donthate - protest - counterprotest - love - thebiglebowski - pdx - westborobaptistchurch - acceptance - thisaggressionwillnotstandman -
primadawna : #thebiglebowski #thisaggressionwillnotstandman
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#ripcity #feelthelove #counterprotest #notinourcityWBC
feelthelove - counterprotest - notinourcitywbc - ripcity -
officialblazergang : Our blazer fans are the best
need2nap : Looooove these. πŸ’“
goodypdx : Good work!
erfette : ❀️❀️❀️
jillmnoble : #keepjesusweird
faustiepdx : Did you see Alice?
aliceefischer : Why didn't we run into each other!! Wtf
ripszn : awesome!
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Rock on #cannabis supporters!! We appreciate your #love! #counterprotest #promarijuana
cannabis - promarijuana - love - counterprotest -
bdotburn__ - juiceboxbho - _mint_fresh_ - macdizzle420 -
#counterprotest at our store for Westboro church #protestors. Thanks so much for your #support! There is never a reason to #hate! #onelove #420 #marijuana #colorado
colorado - support - marijuana - counterprotest - 420 - onelove - hate - protestors -
_catsandcoffee : They're in our state right now .-. This is rad.
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#cosplay #comikaze #gameofthrones #johnsnow #counterprotest #fantasy #nerdculture
fantasy - gameofthrones - cosplay - johnsnow - counterprotest - nerdculture - comikaze -
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#Counterprotest at the Pro-Cop rally in front of #NYC #CityHall. Way bigger (and, more importantly, more #DIVERSE, if ya catch my drift) crowd than the other side...this is after returning to City Hall after 2 hours of walking the streets, including a 20 minute #shutdown of the #ManhattanBridge exit. I was pleasantly surprised by the patience, and even support, of a lot of the motorists being inconvenienced...the less polite among them I told to start paying attention to the news and they would have known to avoid the area. #NYPD #TheCourtSystem and #PoliceSupporters need to stop deflecting the issues and deal with the reality that when this much of the public doesn't feel like they trust you, it's time to either change or stop pretending you serve the public. #Justice for #EricGarner, #MikeBrown, and the countless others killed by police with little to no legitimate inquiry.
nothankyounypd - mikebrown - policesupporters - justice - manhattanbridge - ericgarner - thecourtsystem - cityhall - shutdown - counterprotest - nyc - nypd - diverse -
mojobundy : #NoThankYouNYPD
morethanfaqs - thehoodcat - joieflare - patricia_irvine -
Westboro Baptist Church made a very short appearance at Marquette today. This hipster man brought a sign to rival the ridiculousness of theirs. [Also, very proud to say that the protest was peaceful and full of love on MU's part.] #protest #counterprotest #peaceful #WBC #MU #GodIsLove #HeAlsoLovesLasagna
mu - peaceful - protest - wbc - godislove - healsoloveslasagna - counterprotest -
prayernetworker : Nice pic! are you following @instapray - they are awesome
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allisonsilva13 - gorenation44 -
They're baaaaaaaaaaaack!
prochoice - protest - duluth - rabbit - counterprotest - minnesota - bunny -
haardmaaandy : #bunny #rabbit #protest #Duluth #Minnesota #counterprotest #prochoice
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But I #participated in the #counterprotest #protest #rally So #proud #makingadifference #godlovesallofus #lgbtrights
godlovesallofus - proud - lgbtrights - protest - makingadifference - counterprotest - rally - participated -
marissaejohnson - jtsw20 - pamanda93 - haleysandy64 -
In Pink We Trust #JacksonWomenMatter #ReproductiveJustice #CounterProtest #THESESTREETSBELONGTOUS #FuckTheSystem #Protest #Fondren #ChoiceMatters #IProtectTheirPeace
fondren - thesestreetsbelongtous - iprotecttheirpeace - protest - counterprotest - fuckthesystem - jacksonwomenmatter - choicematters - reproductivejustice -
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Pastafarianism at a counter-protest to the Westboro Bapist Church a few years ago. . .#pastafarianpride #pastafarianhistory #proudpastafarian #pasyafarianism #pastafariansloveeveryone #fsmswag #flyingspaghettimonster #gayrobotrights #counterprotest #protest #westboro #babtist #god #ramen
pasyafarianism - babtist - proudpastafarian - gayrobotrights - god - pastafarianpride - pastafariansloveeveryone - westboro - protest - pastafarianhistory - counterprotest - ramen - flyingspaghettimonster - fsmswag -
flying.spaghetti.monster : And you can see some of the Gay Robot Rights Protestors (I've posted them before) in the background
nataliedecoste : @902_harnish
meitnerium : Funny pants.
flying.spaghetti.monster : @meitnerium don't you dare make fun of his pirate pants, they are traditional pirate regalia and is worn as Pastafarian clothing
ben8730 : @flying.spaghetti.monster R'amen!
alfredfabjones - official.corporal.levi - _zeeebruh_ -
Just protesting the Genocide Awareness Project with my partner in crime @bremoulder :) #feminists #activists #counterprotest #SCSU #WomensAction #runtheworld #unitedforacause #discussions
womensaction - scsu - activists - runtheworld - unitedforacause - counterprotest - discussions - feminists -
hamgamgee : Get it girl πŸ’
brenbren713 : Holla preach!
travisrtyler : Follow me
haveyassinesoraya : Omg that's wonderful
mzdonita - tombibiyan - undoubtedlydee - shabangs -
If you've spent any significant time at Syracuse University you're probably familiar with the crazy Bible thumper who stalks Marshall Street shouting and screaming judgments at anyone who will(or won't) listen. Well check out this awesome #counterprotest full of students handing out flowers, and taking time to sit and listen quietly and peacefully to people with all forms of belief. If you're on #MarshallStreet check them out grab a flower sit and talk. No yelling, no judgments, no spitting. Awesome work guys.
marshallstreet - counterprotest -
albaknees : That's awesome
mnalanid : Amazing πŸ‘Œ
leahmw578 - smileitsnina - pbunting11 - caitlinemmaline -
https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/24955373/counter-protest-upstages-anti-abortion-demonstrator-john-preston-in-hobart/. #spreading#love#makelovenotnastysigns#choice#protest#counterprotest#haveaniceday#hobart#happy#averagemorning
love - averagemorning - spreading - haveaniceday - choice - protest - counterprotest - hobart - makelovenotnastysigns - happy -
idanurmi - osc_czar - _hannahparish - laurencefrederick -
Couldn't find the American "Decency" protesters. They either showed up and got shut down quick, or those "thousands" never came. Either way, here's my lone wolf counter protest where I wear a shirt of two sailors locking lips. The US is a legally secular nation, and football is a secular sport in an even more secular market. Jack Burkman and adherent looney tunes, America won't bow down to your lack of logic; we live in reality here. Sorry your kids are gonna be exposed to something in a culture that doesn't reflect your bigoted-as-shit views. Maybe it'll influence them to become better than you. Also, where were you when y'all should've been protesting players who have committed real crimes in the name of family values? #America would like to know. #counterprotest #SupportMichaelSam
supportmichaelsam - america - counterprotest -
jessjame - sloza09 - aspeaks93 - thomasj5948 -
Caption this #cosplay #batgirl #batman #dc #comicbooks #movies #counterprotest #wondercon2014 #wondercon #Wondercon
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iskander_makhmudov : I wish my Bible from childhood was illustrated that way.
lit.ste.me - superroo80 - zedpane - vets4lifesac -
πŸ™…πŸ”« this is just ridiculous they are supporting this cop and even raising money for him, why though? They need to have several seatsπŸ’ΊπŸ’ΊπŸ’ΊπŸ’Ί #ripmikebrown #counterprotest #whythough
ripmikebrown - whythough - counterprotest -
forced_to_grow : Research the Willie Lynch Letter and the Willie Lynch Syndrome.
ganai_bryant - mzkia_von - e_n_e_27 - merced_mhcs -
I personally would never get an abortion but I believe a woman has a right to make her own choices & that religion has no place in women's reproductive issues. Hence my counter protest sign πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #CounterProtest #protesters #abortion #antiabortion #Jesus #Religion #AntiReligion #fuckyourfeelings #ImGoingToHell #WomensRights #ReproductiveRights #ReligionDoesntBelongHere #JesusIsntADickSoKeepHimOutOfMyVagina #Humanist #OpenMinded #FreeThinker #FunnySigns #Funny #lol #smh #shrugs
reproductiverights - womensrights - smh - protesters - jesus - openminded - shrugs - funny - funnysigns - antireligion - freethinker - abortion - lol - religiondoesntbelonghere - religion - imgoingtohell - humanist - counterprotest - antiabortion - jesusisntadicksokeephimoutofmyvagina - fuckyourfeelings -
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 you are only seeing 2 signs and only 1 side of my sign, not the entire scene. Obviously. The backside of my sign list verse after verse from the bible were god permits/orders abortions, commits infanticide & kills children. As stated above, I clearly said I would never get an abortion. However, I am not so arrogant that I push what is right for me and my beliefs onto others. It is a woman's right to choose for herself and again, as stated above, religion has no place in women's reproductive issues. And for religious groups to use religion as a basis of their argument is sheer mockery considering how much murder, including that of pregnant women & babies, is in the bible.
samantha_saunders42 : What is up with your religious hate? It says nothing about religion. Abortion is not a right. What about the right to live in the first place? Women do have choices during pregnancies, but those choices should only affect THEM.
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 My religious hate....hmm, my choice? Im too old to believe in fairytales? I refuse to worship a misogynistic, murderous, slave driving, human sacrificing deity? Science? Logic? Pick one for your answer as to why my 'religious hate' ....clearly....I JUST SAID, the other side of my sign has bible verses on it, that falls under religion. And abortion is a right. Who are you to judge another persons choice? Your bible has something in it about NOT being a judgmental asshole. Why do you feel the need to push your beliefs on others? Why do you feel your way is the only way? This god you believe in was the most prolific abortionist of all time lol.
samantha_saunders42 : AS I JUST SAID, the OTHER signs have nothing about religion on them, I don't care what you put on the other side of your sign, as I said it is all just ignorance spouting hate because you hate something so obviously much that you don't even believe in. That's insanity. Who are you to decide if someone lives or dies? I didn't push anything on you, at all. You pushed your beliefs on those people, whenever they have nothing even about religious beliefs.
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 you silly little child, AS STATED, in this photograph, you do not see ALL the signs in this yard. Following so far? And not to care what the other side of my sign says & its just ignorance., its all verses from the religion you believe in lol...so yea, I guess it is ignorance πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Or do you, like most religious folks over look that god was a mass murderer? Who I am to decide who lives or dies? I do not, nor said I ever did. I only said religion does not belong in women's reproductive issues....and I didn't push my beliefs on those people, please do not ever speculate any aspect of my life. Those people were picketing a women's health center, against birth control & abortion. Birth control, hence my sign in the photo. The fuck should it matter to anyone if I want birth control, especially a god damn church. And...omg, are you ready for this!!? The other side of my sign, which listed bible verses where god ordered abortions, was to counter protest those holding signs about abortion and using that 1 ten commandment about thou shalt not kill πŸ˜‚ kinda making a mockery outta their self. But the point of MY counter protest was to let the women who came out of the clinic know they weren't just coming out to a group of judgemental bigots, but someone who supports their decision regardless of if that decision is one I would make.
samantha_saunders42 : I literally have not said a word about even being religious, I do not mock your views, and you should not mock others. If you believe God shouldn't be a part of politics, as you said in the sign, then WHY do you keep bringing Him up in every single sentence you say? It's so hypocritical and ignorant towards your own statements and toward everyone else. You literally just admitted that abortion is murder, which proves to me that you are actually just a sick individual that actually believes it's the right of a woman to kill a child. There's honestly nothing to even say beyond that.
inkybaby02 : @samantha_saunders42 your page says otherwise that you are religious. Do not mock my views but you sure are judgemental, to call me sick lmao. Please honey, you do not know me. And to bring god up in every single sentence, that's a bit of an over exaggeration, don't ya think?? My referencing god in this particular setting is to use it against those people, the very thing they are using against others. I mean, it's life, by all means be a judgmental cunt if ya want 😁 I know what is right for me & I know what I would do, it would not be abortion but over look that bigot. Namaste.
irhymewithbawhsum : Lmao
hailgeek - tarzan_night - xvijuggalo - skylikescats -
Westboro Baptist Church will be in Jefferson City this Tuesday August 19th at 1:15 for a picket line about the events in Ferguson. They will start at the State Capitol and move to Lincoln University and then Jefferson City High School. Peaceful counter-protest rallies are being organized anyone welcome!!!:) me & @claireb8888 r gonna be there FOR SURE. #westborobaptistchurch #westboro #baptist #westborobaptist #missouri #jeffersoncity #protest #stupid #join #counterprotest #allwelcome #capital #midwest #august #democrat #hate #love #gayrights
gayrights - love - august - counterprotest - protest - westborobaptistchurch - hate - baptist - join - allwelcome - democrat - jeffersoncity - westboro - stupid - westborobaptist - missouri - midwest - capital -
brendenh28 : @megg.liz no they are protesting the ferguson riots
brendenh28 : But were to afraid to actually go to ferguson Lolz @megg.liz
evanhemeyer : @brendenh28 is it excused or is it skipping
brendenh28 : You would need permission to leave, Dodson wouldn't give us permission @evanhemeyer
evanhemeyer : @brendenh28 dam
evanhemeyer : @brendenh28 are you going anyways
brendenh28 : Yup Lolz
brendenh28 : @evanhemeyer
nherslow - marc_bigio - claireb8888 - oh_you_see_it -
#Protest and #counterprotest at #MadisonPride #latergram
madisonpride - protest - latergram - counterprotest -
marinaazaredo - hunter_gatherer_forager - nikkolaspry - nebraskaprairie -
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