Just ordered my new UA highlight spine brawlers. They are dope I love hi lights! Can't wait for football! #weready #cougarz #hungryandhumble @pimpjet23
cougarz - hungryandhumble - weready -
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I've been dying to try this color I've had for months now... #MOTD #SimpleEyes #greyLipssπŸ’‹πŸ’„ #ColouredRaineCosmetics #Cougarz @colouredraine #wakeupmakeup #thickliner πŸ’™
simpleeyes - motd - thickliner - cougarz - wakeupmakeup - greylipss - colouredrainecosmetics -
tiffanycrocker : 😍😍😍😍😍
beautyby_angelyn : @tiffanycrocker 😘😘😘 love you
cianachapoose - brittney_nicole47 - katiepehrson - jmyore84 -
We will truly miss C-SWAG and Promiscuous Roman #cougarz
cougarz -
_mlindsey : ❀️
timmy_forster14 - cescajeda14 - kerryentertaininbrookins - lindsey_abed13 -
With a @elainabadro smudge brush I am smoking out her bottom liner. #evilyn_mua #model @jp_fancy her lipgloss @makeupdesignory #anastasiabeverlyhills #brows color @colouredraine #cougarz my summer black top is from @lavish_coutureboutique
cougarz - model - evilyn_mua - brows - anastasiabeverlyhills -
blondiie_steph : πŸ‘Œ
irobincredible : 😍😍😍😍
ceciface : Perfecto!
brittarreola : Wish u could do my makeup
melissa_manning : Best make up artist πŸ‘Œ 😘
natalieriany : This is gonna be us πŸ˜πŸ’„πŸ’‡ @hairbyashs
cafesocietyvkv : @dreyasmommi
dreyasmommi : I like that @cafesocietyvkv
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#tbt to senior year field day πŸ˜‚ #classic #cougarz #whatisthis
cougarz - whatisthis - tbt - classic -
afriedel7 : We really had a thing for statues that year... #philly
shannnonwalsh : @afriedel7 lmfaooo I wish we could just replay that entire trip!
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no time for makeup = lips
doseofpoison - cougarz - colouredraine - motd - beautymarked -
dose_of_poison : #motd#doseofpoison#cougarz#colouredraine#beautymarked
adilenexoxo : Still hawt!β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
barber_charles : Gorgeous
krdkjd : @dose_of_poison I luv your hair what does the back LπŸ‘€K like?
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#Cougarz :-D :-D ;-)
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Rosie and me gettin our hair done #cougarzcutnstyle #cougarz #gladstone #gtl #styles #chihuahua #dogfriendly #gladstoneregion
cougarzcutnstyle - styles - chihuahua - gay - gladstoneregion - boy - dogfriendly - gtl - gladstone - single - doglove - cougarz -
vinnyonfire : #gay #single #boy #doglove
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Finally got around to swatching these beauties. #ColouredRaineπŸ’‹ #lipstickfordayss #CandyGirl #BlackDhalia #Cougarz #Rebirth #Cappuccino πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ˜˜ can not wait to use these in some looks... #StayTuned πŸ˜‰ #latenightpost
rebirth - cappuccino - latenightpost - candygirl - staytuned - blackdhalia - cougarz - lipstickfordayss - colouredraine -
sincerelyjaclyn - aboni_cosmetics - katiepehrson - birdshilo282 -
Another Gorgeous new Lippie I got in #COUGARZ by #ColouredRaine @colouredraine β™‘β™₯ #MUA #MOTD #makeup #makeupaddict #makeupmafia #makeupgeek #dressyourface #makeupproblems #makeupjunkie #makeupmob #makeupartist #wingedliner #ilovemakeup #beatface #cakeface #ElectricPalette #TooFaced #mac #maccosmetics #beauty #latina
makeupmafia - makeupproblems - motd - electricpalette - beauty - makeup - makeupaddict - wingedliner - mac - cougarz - colouredraine - makeupartist - dressyourface - cakeface - maccosmetics - makeupjunkie - ilovemakeup - beatface - mua - latina - toofaced - makeupmob - makeupgeek -
madsmalone : That cat eye. πŸ˜πŸ™
mzladyyjay : Thanks;) @madsmalone
goldenxoo : I found someone that loves winged liner as much as i do ! πŸ˜©πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’›πŸ’› haha .
mzladyyjay : Ahahah I know !! Yayy for the fierce Liner! ;)β™₯ @goldenxoo
sweettanya_ : You have amazing talent ! Love ur work ! Keep it up (: @mzladyyjay
mzladyyjay : Thanks so much Sweety!! I love your Makeup too πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŒΉ @sweettanya_
sweettanya_ : Ur welcome ! I'm going to start posting. Hope to be good as u lol (: @mzladyyjay stay blessed hunn
mzladyyjay : Awww Thanks so much I appreciate it!!, you Too ,, Stay Blessed hun πŸ˜†πŸŒΉπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‘ @sweettanya_
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Love them πŸ‘―πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ’#cougarz
cougarz -
zuhallbest - kaysnyder12 - morgan6321 - caitcleary_ -
undercut - motd - greylips - doseofpoison - blondie - cougarz - beautymarked - colouredraine -
dose_of_poison : #doseofpoison#motd#greylips#beautymarked#blondie#undercut
purpleyeavi : πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
the1deluxe : Sexyyyy
juditneil : Love your work and am ready to come see you:). I will email you with my cell if that's ok.
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Brows: #nyx eyeliner/eyebrow pencil #cafe & lip liner #y2k Eyes: #nyx studio liquid liner #extremesilver with #nyx gel liner #black Lips: #colouredraine #cougarz lined with #nyx lip liners #y2k #currant @exoticamakeupandextensions @nyxcosmetics @colouredraine
nyx - y2k - currant - cougarz - black - cafe - colouredraine - extremesilver -
gailwiles - allisonscreations - foxyashell - clareylane -
I love #cougarz @tarajiphenson #yesssssss
cougarz - yesssssss -
beautifulcrys00 : Damn..she is killing em! I had to do a double take!
its_rock - pretty__piece - _princessjasmaine - kenji220 -
"Old & Grey" is the title today. This aging hippie libertarian Makeup Artist is having a birthday today, to my chagrin. Feel free to guess my age, but don't expect an answer to the question or even an acknowledgment of a good guess unless it's on the ballpark of 26, the age I decided too stop having birthdays. I've had a few 26's pass me since that decision... #happybirthdaytome #makeupartist #mua #ohthehorror #colouredraine #Cougarz # Sugarpill #Smitten @makeupforeverofficial #makeupforeverofficial #MUFE #greylipstick #Shrinkle makeuplove #fotd #eotd #lotd #young #notyoung @thedustinhunter you must know I know how your feel about those damn lost years... 26, DAMMIT! BTW, of my 6 grey lipsticks this one is tied dead even for my #1 favorite next to Spake Cake, and I love love LOVE it! It's everything my first grey was supposed to be back in 2011 but it turned out to be purple. Really... WTF? Not even grey! THIS IS GREY AND IT'S GORGEOUS. YUSSS OH YEAH, & #Gray #Graylipstick etc fir those who cannot decide to spell it with an E or an A. Does it REALLY matter? Just don't you dare draw a relationship to the gorgeous lipstick's name and my age or I will hunt you down.
ohthehorror - smitten - greylipstick - fotd - graylipstick - notyoung - cougarz - happybirthdaytome - colouredraine - makeupartist - gray - young - 1 - mufe - makeupforeverofficial - mua - shrinkle - eotd - lotd -
sweetfaerytale : I totally understand @salemkittie believe me! There is an Easter Egg of sorts in my IG account... a little purple haired monster with a sugary-sweet name used a fake account to bait people like me who are not fans (at the time I had no opinion, I just wasn't a fan) & I said "the lipsticks are mediocre but I do love my fantasy eye palette" and within 20 seconds (not exaggerating) the owner of that troll account used another troll account to comment on one is my random IG photos. She said, "you look like a hooker." Cute, right? The anti-lc troll follows the troll who insulted me, & that troll follows LC. I left it up. The screen name changes, but the bio doesn't. Supposedly a girl named "Brianna Deer" in the account. Sure. Great disguise lol The sad part is, I really do like the new eye palettes! I still don't think I'll ever buy the stuff again, and UK never lie about it-- lipstick is mediocre and not true to swatches, the gloss is gross, the fantasy palettes are amazing & buttery smooth, easy to blend, the Velvetines (I'm told) are the one lip product that is true to color and wear (but I've also heard it's not as good as Pretty Zombie Cosmetics), and the glitter is another straight repackaging of TKB trading.
salemkittie : I've heard the same things. I spent about $200 on LC products before finally throwing in the towel. Lipstick shades weren't matching up for me or others (glamour 101, coquette, and mint to be especially) and the lids would shatter. When I saw how DD was treating customers, I was over it. I now direct a lot of people to limecrimeuncensored and ohdeardoedeere on tumblr to know the facts before handing over so much for a tube of lipstick.
salemkittie : The baffling part is when people know all the issues and don't care??? Come on, there's dupes that work better for cheaper! Don't be a brick-head.
sweetfaerytale : LOL I hear ya! I mod a rinky-dink makeup group in FB and one of the MUAs recently posted she had decided she NEEDS all the lipsticks from LC. I'm like "uhhh.... no." I mean, I can't tell anyone else what to buy, but my personal experience has left me disappointed 90% off the time, and YES those caps do shatter and YES there are many better indie brands with higher quality and better reps. I also hated my Glam 101 & found it feathered and bled, and the color was VERY brown-base, not the blue-red advertised. I have so many better reds from MAC it's not even funny. I only pay $9 for a tube of MAC and my lc discount is only 30% off making them $12.60 each before tax, so not with it to me. Coloured Raine and Melt have many "dupes" of LC but much better quality and CR is much better priced! Summer! vs Cosmopop? Summer, hands down FTW! @salemkittie
sweetfaerytale : And may I just say the photo I was called a "hooker" on was among my least "hooker" looking pics? If anything, I was about to delete it when she trolled me bc I think I look old in the pic, the lighting sucks, and the makeup look is boring as hell. LoL @salemkittie
salemkittie : I'm excited to check out CR after what you've said <3
weepingbeauty : How did I miss this?? Girl happy birthday! Sorry it's so late for me I hope u had a great one! This look is GORGEOUS, I love that lipstick. Ur absolutely right, this is what I expected Chinchilla to look like when I ordered it :( not even close lol! And Btw that pic on the top left is beautiful, u should definitely print that out and put it up in ur home, u look like a model! :)
sweetfaerytale : @weepingbeauty my turn to say "how did I miss YOUR post?!?" I'm sorry! Then you so much for the birthday wishes, and all the sweetness. xoxox
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#Cassie # star #broadway #onbroadway #hotmess #ish #byu #mdt #cougarz #broadwayrevue #men #werk #lift #dance #splits #air #singing #hashtag #star*2 #werkinghardforthatmoney
onbroadway - broadwayrevue - star - dance - men - werkinghardforthatmoney - lift - hashtag - cougarz - broadway - singing - mdt - splits - byu - air - ish - cassie - werk - hotmess -
libby_fowler : Hot mamma!! @classyaustin πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
the_broadwayblondes : Werk πŸ˜‰
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Gray. #colouredraine #cougarz #mua #graylipstick #dallasmua #beatfacebeauty #ilovemakeup #lipstickbandit #urban decay #macface #nyxcosmetics
urban - nyxcosmetics - lipstickbandit - ilovemakeup - graylipstick - mua - dallasmua - macface - cougarz - colouredraine - beatfacebeauty -
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Hi there! It's #Thursday !!! #Candy and #Cougarz on the #lippie. :) @manda_kaye90 has me blending lip colours now.
cougarz - lippie - candy - thursday -
artistartemis : Lookah sweetness tho :*
karmagyal : @artistartemis 😁😁😁 *wink*
manda_kaye90 : Job well done next you'll be telling me a missed a spot with my makeup β™‘β™‘β™‘
karmagyal : You!??? @manda_kaye90 ... cut one of my legs off first. And you know how I feel about my legs 😯😯😯
_damwolf - andreroach1 - princeoftherockx - mistajackson -
#bankerprobs #fridayprobs #cougarz #tequila #akron #ohio
akron - bankerprobs - cougarz - ohio - tequila - fridayprobs -
danzelpierre - justcallmebeauty1 -
#bankerprobs #akron #cougarz #fridayprobs
akron - cougarz - bankerprobs - fridayprobs -
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SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2014. IT'S GOING TO BE THE BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA THERE EVER WAS @niallhoran << still tryin' to buy you a birthday drink. @katatonic13 I'll get you something nice too, don't you worry.
cougarz -
cellenexo : You're all a bunch of cougars
cellenexo : Excuse my autocorrect
cellenexo : COUGARZ
gemf1sh : #cougarz
darehow : @harrystyles prepare for #Cougarz
katatonic13 - wesleyryann - eliseeeee_10 - brynniee -
This is what I do when I'm in the drive-thru alone. NO SHAME. #onedirection #innout #cougarz
cougarz - innout - onedirection -
gemf1sh : @katatonic13 @darehow @cherrycokehead
darehow : Cannot explain to you how much I love this
cellenexo : It's Gary Terry.
darehow - alysonmichelle8 - wesleyryann - lannahche -
Happy GOLDEN Birthday to my main home slice!! :))) I know you hate your birthday but I just had to let you know that I think it's pretty awesome because without it you wouldn't be here and you and I never would've met! I love you and I hope you have an amazing day! #G #homie #Gayana&Brianna #thosepumpkins #thatbottomleftonedoe #COUGARZ @gaya_44
thatbottomleftonedoe - homie - thosepumpkins - g - cougarz - gayana -
sydney_marie06 : Happy Birthday @gaya_44
gaya_44 : HAHAHAHAHAA This year I don't hate my birthday cuz you and other people have made it special! I love you BRIIIIIIII!!!! You my homie yeeee yeeee. Nice drunk looking camp picnic in da corner doe left hahahaa love you WAAAAY too much πŸ’šπŸ˜πŸ’•
gaya_44 : Thanks Sydney! :))) @sydney_marie369
dominiquealyssa : Happy birthday @gaya_44 😁😁
gaya_44 : Thank you Dom! 😊 @dominiquealyssa
nickschroed3 - princessploch14 - lbuth - tbenks -
I was obviously feeling better earlier today than I am right now. I was also clearly real bored. #hi
cougarz - hi -
gemf1sh : #cougarz
darehow : #redhotcougarz
psychoactor - shelbieclement - richpreston -
#Cougarz #onedirection #1D #wefamous #coronado #beach #fanladies
coronado - 1d - cougarz - fanladies - onedirection - beach - wefamous -
gemf1sh : @katatonic13
darehow : So Cougz. Wow.
acetroy : Lookin good Megan
beaubaumgart - cnichter - shelbieclement - wesleyryann -
#regram from @katatonic13 we're in a famous girl band #onedirection #1d #cougarz
regram - liampayne - louistomlinson - iloveniall - niallhoran - harrystyles - 1d - cougarz - onedirection - zaynmalik -
gemf1sh : #onedirection #1D #ILoveNiall #harrystyles #liampayne #louistomlinson #zaynmalik #niallhoran
darehow : @harrystyles @louist91 @niallhoran
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#PhuckAFilter #FilterForWhat #Cougarz #ColouredRaine :) o... and a #Bowtie :)
cougarz - bowtie - colouredraine - filterforwhat - phuckafilter -
artistartemis : KARMA! You giving me ideas about this bowtie tho, no lie.
karmagyal : @artistartemis o but yes. You must have ideas. Motivation! !!
artistartemis : Might have to prick mah fingers a couple times and t
artistartemis : *and make my own lol
flemerts : @karmanai u r lovely
ricodaproducer_ : Dope!!!!!!!!
karmagyal : @jdflems thanks, hun. 😊
karmagyal : @ricodaproducer_ πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ thankies!
kadiebunnyxo - tameshalewis - 7danyo - foreignflextv -
I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed 😈 #meltcosmetics #meltspacecake #colouredraine #cougarz #mixed #lipstick #makeup #grey
meltcosmetics - lipstick - makeup - grey - mixed - cougarz - meltspacecake - colouredraine -
fr3nchz : YOUR HAIR!!
lady1408 : @ashshapat Bella
thunder_kt : Gorgeous girl! Love the shade 😻
alextremis : 😍😍😍
ashshapat : @fr3nchz i know its getting so long!
misterkouak : Cool
jayluza - bellaalexis - principessabucci - misschristinejo -
Twin day with my bestie #cougarz
cougarz -
dayyseann : 😍😍
micaelaaran8 : Miss u @dayyseann
dayyseann : Text me
jillianloveslife - joseedaze27 - regnier77 - parkerkrol -
#godblessamerica #birthdayblowjob #cougarz
cougarz - birthdayblowjob - godblessamerica -
matthewleighbosch - svs_maverick - johnpaitaridis - frazzlem -
For today's look, wearing @eldorafalseeyelashes H114 smoked out my bottom lash line with "noir covet liner" and lips are @colouredraine #cougarz lipstick. #perfectbrowpencil #anastasiabeverlyhills
cougarz - anastasiabeverlyhills - perfectbrowpencil -
glambymeli : So pretty
colouredraine : Soooooo gorgeous
beautylicious714 : What kind of powder do you use
chubbymuffin_ : @masquerade_cosmetics mineral foundation powder @bbydoll_714
rosesxxo : Beautyyful!!!!! 
chubbymuffin_ : Off @eldorafalseeyelashes website, link should be on their page @_tatyanna_
a__rose : @soulful_journey We need this!
soulful_journey : @a__rose omg yes!!!! β™‘β™₯
makeupbyzunhera - tanni_gymbear - gladeekakess - makeup_by_kim -
Kisses for this lil cutie πŸ’• #nicky #bff #love #wounded #warrior #seniorzzz #cougarz
warrior - seniorzzz - love - bff - nicky - cougarz - wounded -
all_smiles_stiles : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mmmyers16 : Lolllll
mmmyers16 : @all_smiles_stiles
meghansperry - annaantonia24 - liria_dedivanaj - jaime_hansen -
Throwback! #september#challenge#day#13#cheer#legendz#throwback#first#competition#miss#it#cougarz#great#team#cheerleading#allstar#life#love#red#black#white#flying#instalikes#instafollow
life - love - september - it - competition - cheerleading - throwback - allstar - cougarz - miss - day - great - 13 - instafollow - challenge - flying - legendz - cheer - black - team - instalikes - white - red - first -
alyssacova - tannerweberling - babyz0306 -
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