#roofflll i #lost it so wrong, but #ironically funny, being #black is awesome......besides #police, the #hood, #stereotypes, #everytimeueatchickenugetcallednigga........#orwatermelon.....#anythinggrape......#alot of things........πŸ˜‘being black is tough and im half lololπŸ˜…, atleast ur born with #coolpoints #rofl πŸ˜†
ironically - roofflll - alot - lost - police - rofl - coolpoints - anythinggrape - orwatermelon - stereotypes - everytimeueatchickenugetcallednigga - hood - black -
Had to battle for this one, but it was worth it. #CoolPoints
coolpoints -
drujitsu - krysoncjay - theschertz - jill_hermary -
I'm a perfect imperfection, My craft has been perfected I just need affection, emotionally I'm an introvert but it come off as aggression... No one understand me and everybody can't be slow... It's refreshing to find someone who think like me so I can't be wrong. I'm a perfect imperfection and I don't find interest in the radio... So everytime I get high I watch the time pass by like away we go... Is it ok to cry when you're dying inside? Seem like codeine is the one thing that help take my mind from the lies. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
coolpoints - nodeal -
malloryytaylor : Zaid loves these lyrics. This is playing in our place at least 5 times a day. Kevin Gates speaks the truth.
mrs._bernard : Yes he does!! @malloryytaylor πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’―... Tell Zaid I said he earned 30 #CoolPoints from me!! πŸ‘πŸ‘
malloryytaylor : Deal. Miss you girl!
mrs._bernard : Miss you too boo!! πŸ’‹ I might try to go back to BWW. @malloryytaylor
malloryytaylor : If you do, let me know! I'm done with that place, these days! Moved on to bigger and better things!
mrs._bernard : Oh rust me I understand!! @malloryytaylor... I am too but it would be just until I get a better job.
malloryytaylor : Oh I totally understand! That's how it was for me too. It's a good place to make some money but the drama and bullshit makes it impossible to stay for long without going crazy!
mrs._bernard : HELL YEAH!!! I can't see how a lot of people that works there have been there for years... #NoDeal not me!! LMAO πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ @malloryytaylor
mrs._bernard - mr._bernard - naturallygrateful14 - malloryytaylor -
We made it to Iowa City! Sharing the stage tonight with a supa nice band from Wisconsin called, The Wells Division. #Gabes , we're ready to play some music for YA! πŸ‘Š #GettinGoneTour
coolpoints - gabes - gettingonetour -
karilynchmusic : P.S - They have Founders here...#CoolPoints
kimhaynak - randers8 - asdfghjklcourty - tkmagnus -
We are Spartans #msu #spartans #finalfour #marchmadness #coolpoints
marchmadness - msu - coolpoints - finalfour - spartans -
alc0894 : Awesome photo! We have some great March Madness photo contests right now in my @Snaapiq app and we’d love you to come submit this!
kerriannhale -
That time I bought a selfie stick...#coolpoints #noflexzone
noflexzone - coolpoints -
ailkson : Nice face @jorjor
juliekkm : Clutchstick
fieldsnoted : @juliekkm game changer
jeannelinskey : So you have driven @jorjor757 crazy already?
laineypics : I think you need more practice. Better get that thing on a Segway
fieldsnoted : @jeannelinskey yup straw that broke the camel's back @laineypics teach me!
lauraweisiger - geewilligers - jeannelinskey - laineypics -
I got your back today so you will have my back tomorrow. The future. He calls my car little Tokyo. #coolpoints #richardsgeneration #family #protecttheyouths #behumble #livesimple
richardsgeneration - protecttheyouths - coolpoints - family - livesimple - behumble -
chimmy268 : is that little Tayon? @denelledk
tootztaylor - massiel_amor - charlo268 - shalemichael -
Can't wait for the baby boy to get here already , Im going to be the best uncle in the world spoiling him every chance i get !!!! Excuse my "Just ate dessert belly" #CoolUncle #UncleFred #CoolPoints #Nephew #BabyBoy
nephew - unclefred - coolpoints - cooluncle - babyboy -
jenni_bunny33 : Congrats !! πŸ‘Ά
ink_n_shredded24 : Thanks jenni J πŸ˜›πŸ˜šπŸ˜š @jenni_bunny33
bt1324 : What belly? Lol
ink_n_shredded24 : My abs look crappy because i just ate like a fatty lol @bt1324
bt1324 : Whatever u say but I don't see not fat lol u l@@k awesome n congrats on the nephew β™‘
ink_n_shredded24 : Thank you :) @bt1324
kwaktimusprime : Congrats
2_renee_3 - _x3truebeauty - dev_love - reesehoops25 -
#repost gotta #love #electric #lady @janellemonae always #Classy #chic And #beautiful. If you aren't #following her already you just #lost two #coolpoints 😝😝 By @shopzuvaa "Slay Muva πŸ™Œ #JanelleMonae" via @PhotoRepost_app
beautiful - love - electric - lost - janellemonae - coolpoints - classy - following - chic - lady - repost -
naturalbeauty365 : I miss you sweets.
ayizetheamazon : @naturalbeauty365 i miss you too!! i may be there in August!
mickwho : I've seen her in concert and she was just amazing!
naturalbeauty365 - blackafroqueens - sensei_monkay - wendybangs -
Today is #terminatorthursday lol. Normally I post crystals, or glass I've made. Today I decided to share a #supersecret project that Im working on currently :D I'm going to make a T-1000 yo!! JK obviously, but upon opening my mail to finally hold this piece, I immediately thought of #terminator2 #judgementday. If any of you can guess what this is, or what I'm going to make with it, guess away!! If you get it right, you'll get some serious #coolpoints in my book ;D The end product of this experiment will be available for purchase, I'll post details about that when the time draws nigh, I'm also going to do a giveaway for the end product so #staytuned !! #crystalsofig #crystalhealing #crystals #minerals #metals #giveaway #buylocal #manmade #notgrowninalab #reiki #metaphysical #sacredgeometry #fibonacci #pi #3.14blahblahblah #dfw #dallas #art #creation #experiment #chemistry #geology #occult #wamglass
dallas - art - geology - creation - manmade - crystalhealing - metals - fibonacci - crystalsofig - crystals - reiki - occult - supersecret - chemistry - terminator2 - terminatorthursday - buylocal - dfw - wamglass - metaphysical - staytuned - minerals - judgementday - 3 - experiment - coolpoints - notgrowninalab - pi - sacredgeometry - giveaway -
new_era_collections : Bismuth?
hutch_minerals : Silver for fuming glass?
periodic__table : Scandium.
wamglass : @new_era_collections Nailed it!!!
new_era_collections : Can't wait to see what you create!
mookiedesigns : So pretty!
renn5224 - alireza.rahbarani - thegirlwonder - stephgiac -
it's official.. I am replacing the vrs with another vrs πŸ˜„ #loyaltothevrs #coolpoints #oldmanting #skoda #octavia #vrs #briskoda
vrs - octavia - coolpoints - skoda - briskoda - loyaltothevrs - oldmanting -
itsmylupo : Bye bye beautiful pre fl :(
emmaxvrs : will be sad to see him go but new job means I don't need a dirty derv any more @itsmylupo
itsmylupo : Fair enough :) I'm after a pre fl next car :) my boyfriend has a fl tdi dsg and it's great to drive :)
rossnorman1 : @concretepoetry nice choice πŸ‘ŒπŸš˜
emmaxvrs : thanks ross :) we should go for a cruise sometime, I'd like to see your new car! @rossnorman1
rossnorman1 : Sure, sounds good! haven't actually had my test yet though πŸ™ˆ haha got it in May. So if all goes well around May or after should be good with me :) @concretepoetry
emmaxvrs : may it is πŸ˜„ @rossnorman1
rossnorman1 : I shall look forward to it then πŸ˜„ @concretepoetry
parshinandrey - sancho384 - evgenij6 - e_sebastyan -
My kid is awesome in his #selfett tee from @riptapparel ✌️ he said all the kids in school kept asking him where his shirt was from #coolkid #coolpoints #starwars #starwarsnerd #raisingthemright #ript #riptapparel #bobafett #hansolo #frozenincarbonite
starwars - bobafett - raisingthemright - frozenincarbonite - coolpoints - coolkid - ript - selfett - starwarsnerd - riptapparel - hansolo -
studiom6 : @fernandosalasoler ^^
fernandosalasoler : Ohhh thank you for purchasing my design!!:)
fernandosalasoler : By @fernandosalasoler
teekks - nate_runs_sd - g.naranjo - barmalisirtb -
Big Weekend for the #markanduWorld . Who is going for what ?? You'll know at the end of #nomineenight . #30yearsofmarkandu #markanduawards #coolpoints
30yearsofmarkandu - coolpoints - markanduawards - markanduworld - nomineenight -
llittlebunny : am i inbited ?
ranthony416 : How come I never get an invite this ? @markanduworld
markanduworld : @ranthony416 we were just discussing / wondering if you're coming lol . The insta post a few weeks back was supposed to be the mass invite. Boston Pizza at 9pm warden + steeles this Saturday . @little._bunny I'm not sure if you have a way to get there but sure that would make things interesting if u came ..
llittlebunny - koalamummy - nlaasi - thevincedb -
Aite aite Ronaldo your turn to get your wizards jersey #coolpoints #formessi
wesuck - wizkids - coolpoints - formessi -
momoneymills : #wizkids #wesuck
sameer_gt : Damn that's sick man
momoneymills : @sameer_gt yeah dude all them Argentina players were at the wiz game last night
bringkdhome : Follow if you want Kevin Durant to come home to DC to play for the Wizards
ogarggy - itsvanessaab - really_fvckmess - renzjoreinnprincipe -
Lmfao ive done it before BUT i dont know about that public transportation thing tho. Give this dude his award #fatheroftheyear #bestdadever #icantdoit #wewillchangewhenwegettherebaby #coolpoints #itsaparentthing #parentingwin
fatheroftheyear - coolpoints - icantdoit - itsaparentthing - wewillchangewhenwegettherebaby - bestdadever - parentingwin -
whatastalker : Hahahahaha "#wewillchangewhenwegettherebaby" hahahahaha
breakingbad.62 : We Gona have to strip u of the title @ii_am_pomona__
ii_am_pomona__ : @ericwisterman i will happily turn the title over to this dude. Above and beyond the call of duty here lmao
210jesanchez : @thatsjmarie
breakingbad.62 : Lol
lostvegas_43 : Lol @_sincitylove jesse
__vincenz0 : @sarcasm_live
t.a.t.iii : @rebelliousnewnew_2 @pito1030 Lmfaooooooo
reallyoldtoast - nickf_moneymoney - randyspictures - jasonvoorsteez -
Back home and about to start a project 😎. #CoolPoints awarded if you know what song this is without using google lol: "I'm high as the wind so I blow minds, curb hanger and hopper at the oracle of hipster Just like Black Caesar my depths are fresh,'Cos you're a fish and I'm a water sign. My laid-back pimp walk is linear by design, Gold fronts soul I shotee now watch you shine..." #HipHop #SongIsStuckInMyHead #GQ #igers #philly #philadelphia
hiphop - coolpoints - igers - gq - songisstuckinmyhead - philly - philadelphia -
mostlocal : Weeee got the funk!
spiceboywonder : Definitely Simon and Garfunkle
culturesclothing : @mostlocal got it!!! Cool points awarded!!!
mostlocal : Hahaha, my genre spectrum is pretty wide!
culturesclothing : @spiceboywonder "Cecelia" is dope but it's actually a song by Digable Planets πŸ™Œ
culturesclothing : @mostlocal haha good shit πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™!
fitmom17 : 😘
culturesclothing : @fitmom17 😘😘😘!
natmart1 - byjohanruiz - witsandbeaux - tashastepa -
Great combo. #nissan #370z #z34 #fairlady #z #nismo #blue #k3projekt #wheel #k3projektwheels #teamk3 #potd #low #stance #custom #build #photoshootfresh #coolpoints #bodykit #wing #deepdish #widebody #beauty #colorbomb #lifestyle #media #woh #wheelsoverheels
wheelsoverheels - wheel - nismo - widebody - stance - k3projektwheels - colorbomb - 370z - deepdish - photoshootfresh - build - fairlady - blue - teamk3 - lifestyle - beauty - bodykit - media - nissan - z - k3projekt - custom - z34 - coolpoints - woh - potd - wing - low -
i_love_motors : awesome content!
le_wild_z : Hey, if you are a Nissan Z Car enthusiast, take a look at my build (if you haven't already). I am trying to bring as many Z people together as possible. ☺ Cheers!
aaronyovan - ultravaporbar - a.k.e.r - speciallimit -
I scored this adorable bamboo stool with intentions of it being anything other than a timeout chair, but today that has been all it's been used for. 😑 #mychildrenareabusingme
mychildrenareabusingme - coolpoints -
heatherstockett : I feel ya! Our time out chair gets used just like that 😘
astheheronflies : Love the hashtag. πŸ‘Œ and I hear you momma, hell yes something is in the air, water, cosmos, whatever, which caused my boys to wake up and promptly start wrestling on my bed this morning. I literally had to finally just get up, draw myself a bath and prepare for that kind of Tuesday... #springfeverlookslikeawholelotofchaos ❀️
dwcasmith : can it please be spring so I can send them outside?!
yesimcharlotte : @thestorkandthebeanstalk 😱😱😱😱
brooke8181 : Oh good! I still envy your corner though! πŸ˜‰
littleneke : 😳 girl crush touched me - she TOUCHED ME!!!
applesandforts : But he looks so sweet and innocent 😍
natalieparrillo : @vjmarini I think you'd like this account. She also has a boxer :)
cassiearnoldart - ederamo1 - 5_little_vikings - saucywithatwist -
Knowledge is Power #coolpoints
coolpoints -
"I've done made sum money and it made me designer ridin in dat foreign lookin good on Westhiemer "#coolpoints
coolpoints -
#yonabaru #okinawa #okilove #family #forever #irishcream #feelslikesummer
forever - coolpoints - family - feelslikesummer - yonabaru - okilove - irishcream - okinawa -
j_bulgogi : πŸ˜“ I miss okinawa
kerusia : Love!
jimdoggo12 : @j_bulgogi I didn't know you were here before! =)
j_bulgogi : I grew up there 😎 I moved to the U.S. in 3rd grade
jimdoggo12 : #coolpoints @j_bulgogi ;)
melindybek : Absolutely gorgeous!!!
marley_mcnasty69 - janem135 - khunjoyjung - diiaa___ -
Thanks for the #instalove @ahcartoons! Give this fellow a #follow for #coolpoints 😜
follow - coolpoints - instalove -
ahcartoons : Word up..and thanks your art is cool beans
shiskatartsicle : Thank you ☺️@ahcartoons
lushxprincess - britishbutchertattoo - aggrointhesun - sheriff_booster -
Fill 'er up #crx #crxsi #ef7 #rhd #spoonsports #kyb #rsr #cusco #shizokuspirit #humblesquad #fittedthofam #localmadcrew #rtgmotorsports #plus2motorsports
shizokuspirit - plus2motorsports - spoonsports - teamslipstream - cusco - kyb - crx - rotamasters - fittedthofam - rtgmotorsports - showcar - 10milesayear - crxsi - sponsoredbyraceland - localmadcrew - ef7 - humblesquad - rsr - rhd -
ollie_renegades : @_kyle_moore_ 205's?
_kyle_moore_ : Yup, 205/50/15 @ollie_renegades
ollie_renegades : @_kyle_moore_ i just bought slip streams. Im tryna find some fattys lol. Looks good bro
_kyle_moore_ : Sure thing @ollie_renegades
mcbride_ : So jelly 😍
mportedcivicsi : πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
_kyle_moore_ : No wayyyyyy @mcbride_
mcbride_ : Yasssss wayyy
beerndon91 - amarrs93 - _cass_moore0202 - localmadcrew -
Cause the sun cant beat us #Boss #Serrious #REPOST #Sunshine #Stickers #CoolPoints #Happy
serrious - happy - coolpoints - repost - sunshine - stickers - boss -
sofiiaaaa_20 : You look swaggie bro πŸ˜ŽβœŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜‚
danielwhj131 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
sofiiaaaa_20 - _prettyhearted - cassi_mendoza - arab__ali -
There's a #difference between what #retail and what #loyal #customers pay for. #wrapwithfaith #contactfaith #signup #join #product #tester #teamskinny #coolpoints #beast #healthy #helpmehelpyou #goals #workout #journey #body #skin #lifestyle #boomboomclap
body - product - tester - signup - contactfaith - teamskinny - wrapwithfaith - beast - helpmehelpyou - journey - goals - skin - lifestyle - difference - customers - join - healthy - boomboomclap - loyal - coolpoints - retail - workout -
jayhdots : Yo @fitnessgangster
blairks658 : @FXmirror3D
derrickredford - brazilian_gladiator69 - fika42 - carefreelifestyle -
Donny Dollaz in da studio #coolpoints
coolpoints -
neotati_ : DONNY DOLLAZ I C U
neotati_ : Is that cam? He is looking very chic and hip
cig_pics : @neotati_ yeah cam's a straight stunner in that Mets shirt.
bae_gle : I'm everything you ever wanted and more
ja_boi_t_plug : Stoked to play with you guys next week
prastly : ^
thirsty_shmem - lo0ming - hashbrownslingingslasher - alex_stolte -
These young ladies helped me for hours yesterday. They #planted meticulously, mixed #potting soil, and learned a bit about #seed #germination. Then my daughter asked how much they were getting paid-so, I pulled a "dad". "I am paying you with something far more valuable than money. You are learning and knowledge is being bestowed upon you as I speak. PLUS, when these #plants bring forth fruit/veggies, you shall have fresh food whenever you desire." They just smiled and I probably lost #coolpoints, but if they grew a little, it was worth it.🌱 #growyourown #greenhouse #futurefood #sustainable #foodsource #myhealthcare #webefarmin #fallowgroundfarms
plants - foodsource - potting - fallowgroundfarms - futurefood - webefarmin - growyourown - planted - coolpoints - greenhouse - myhealthcare - sustainable - germination - seed -
honeyhushfarm : Work ethics & life lessons are worth far more than a few bucks! Learn it, kids & pay it forward ✊
fallowgroundfarms : Amen sistah!πŸ™ @honeyhushfarm
fallowgroundfarms : So glad!πŸ‘ @avibrantlife
stranne3 : πŸ‘β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨
laweela : Well spoken!
fallowgroundfarms : πŸ˜‰ thanks- @laweela
geracifamilyfarm : That is SO sweet!!! πŸ’“
fallowgroundfarms : It was definitely good for my heartπŸ™ @geracifamilyfarm
abqfavorite - alison.collier - horticulturallove - curtis21lee -
My friend @polywrapstar_87 #shesawesome 2 wraps did the job! Comment if you want this! #teamskinny #wrapwithfaith #contactfaith #coolpoints #alaskawrap #workout #workit #juby #polynesian #samoan #womenwrap #menwrap #youwrap #imcool #yourecool #ifyounevertry #youllneverknow #dynamite #boomboomclap #bestseller
youllneverknow - womenwrap - alaskawrap - workout - imcool - contactfaith - wrapwithfaith - youwrap - teamskinny - shesawesome - polynesian - dynamite - yourecool - workit - menwrap - ifyounevertry - samoan - bestseller - boomboomclap - juby - coolpoints -
wrapwithfaith - robin.danielle.fitlife - jasonroselllive -
Shout out to Dallas! This pic is only #Dallas but imagine who else is out there in the world?! You know cuz we are #global Looking for 5 people for my team! #contactfaith Comment below if you're ready & willing! #ready #willing #france #unitedkingdom #unitedstates #spain #ireland #switzerland #newzealand #australia #norway #germany #getonit #greenandblack #canada #coolpoints #wrapwithfaith #denmark #belgium #boomboomclap #wegonparty #anchorage #workfromhome #stayathome #dollarsigns
australia - unitedkingdom - getonit - global - contactfaith - wrapwithfaith - workfromhome - stayathome - belgium - dollarsigns - germany - wegonparty - ready - newzealand - spain - canada - dallas - denmark - france - greenandblack - boomboomclap - willing - coolpoints - ireland - anchorage - switzerland - norway - unitedstates -
goodglassak - nadine_be_ - bye_felisha - irun4god -
Cool points for grammie. #tattoo #tattooedgrammie #mylovesdrawing #coolpoints #grandmaandgrandson #firstgrandson #special #mymom #unique #oneofakind
tattoo - unique - tattooedgrammie - oneofakind - coolpoints - firstgrandson - mymom - grandmaandgrandson - mylovesdrawing - special -
_nohbdy_ : That's a tat?
becka_boo9 : Yea @_nohbdy_ when papa was in the 1st grade. He wrote a story about him and my mom and that's the picture he drew with it. So yesterday she got it tattoo of it.
_nohbdy_ : Wow that's cool
melody.melendez : awesome shot
sinnlee - dominique_mclean - mama_4crazyangels -
Because this is probably the coolest thing ever .... Fuck around and get the walls of chris jericho or harlem struggled ha ha
coolpoints -
nachh07 : Bro you about to choke on one of the ropes 😳
frankv91 : @nachh07 come back already
adri_shehulksmash : @frankv91 #theseKrillinNiggasDontwantit
shedevil20 : Damn bruhhh πŸ˜‚
gueropesado25 : @jaimekills
the_assassin_sosa : Nigga your about to get the three amigos on that respect to Eddie Guerrero haha @frankv91
xozulyy : Omg Is This Real Life?!!!!
xozulyy : @v_gonz81 Marcell Would DIE.
tracy_90 - missstefhh_ - ms_jewles - viooletttaa -
#makingdollas #strikeapose #coolpoints #drunk
makingdollas - strikeapose - coolpoints - drunk -
catherinequirk22 : Sexy bitch.πŸ’–
eilisooreilly - bitslearnt2004 - clarekeegan1993 - lauraguinan -
Inside shades cause #coolpoints
coolpoints -
bookwormetc : Extra points for not getting your phone reflected in your glasses #cool points
staceface_mayhem - velvet_goldmiinex - kiaraburdett -
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