Just what the dr ordered #lolly #fruitpastilles #soill #tonsilitis #relief #ill #temperature with the added bonus of #conjunctivitis # zombie #eyes #day3 when will it end.... I need to work #backlog #buttons #buttonbouquet
tonsilitis - eyes - temperature - buttonbouquet - ill - day3 - soill - buttons - fruitpastilles - conjunctivitis - relief - lolly - backlog -
signatureflorist : Feel better soon @iheartbuttonsbouquets x
iheartbuttonsbouquets : Ahh thank you @signatureflorist. Xx
kenzimcintyre123 - donnarosieparker - possibilities_annual - oxygen_fit -
Special treat for being good at the doctors #conjunctivitis #bugger #eyeboogers #yuk
yuk - bugger - eyeboogers - conjunctivitis -
immortal_lefty - kateydarnell - simsy_underconstruction - chipborrowed -
Hi... My name is Kirstynn. I like cupcakes, acustical music, and Will Smith. And i have eye problems! #conjunctivitis #stye #pretendingtobefinedoesntwork #cursed for #eyerolling. πŸ‘€πŸ˜‰
cursed - conjunctivitis - stye - eyerolling - pretendingtobefinedoesntwork -
kirstynnevans : @kariholt i have drops... Than you do much. Id love an eye patch though. At least I'd be cool. 😎
kirstynnevans : And...i just use my left eye for spell check... 😭
tayajones : I can make you an awesome bedazzled patch. πŸ‘€
kirstynnevans : @tayajones if anyone can... You can!
slbybee : Aww man. I thought it was your other eye last Night. I hope it clears up quickly.
louloub179 : Gross....LOL
qdville : Be sure you do not cross contaminate. Keep that Other eye clean.
bessiboop : No fun! But I love your humor! Feel better.😘
angellechase - clan_gordon - bessiboop - ethantubbs99 -
My poorly baby! #conjunctivitis #sick 🐢
conjunctivitis - sick -
livieviney : he's grown soooo much 😱😱😱😱
emmaberryxx : @livieviney bless him!
imogenhowells - tris_haswell - taneet_ - _alexandriar -
Wooooo πŸŽ‰πŸ₯πŸ’Š #SinusInfection #Conjunctivitis Feelin like a million bucks πŸ’΅ ..#Nawt #LookLikeDeath #FeelLikeDeath
nawt - sinusinfection - feellikedeath - conjunctivitis - looklikedeath -
ptopazz : FEEL BETTER
kerryxomegan : bruhhh I got one of those too 😩😩😩
vanecessary_xo : Thank yooouπŸ˜šπŸ’‹ @ptopazz & ugh @kerryxomegan I'm literally dying 😭 hope you get to feeling better soon though!😷
kerryxomegan : @vanecessary_xo you too! 😷
liv2schu : Ugh
mcaramihalis - msnell22 - kccart - kaitlinmiktaylor -
Sad sick little boys this week 😞 #sad #sick #conjunctivitis #heartbreaking
conjunctivitis - heartbreaking - sick - sad -
tinapurefit : Aw his poor little eyes :( hope he's better soon.
trimelda : Oh .. poor little munchkin :/
#Conjunctivitis (#PinkEye) treated with #Tobramycin comparison from 7:45AM on left to 5:30PM on right. #ThankGod I had extra #EyeDrops since the docs are closed today. Hopefully #TaylorLeigh can go school tomorrow to continue her #PerfectAttendance for the #SchoolYear #MyLove #ProudMama #MyBabyGirl
thankgod - taylorleigh - pinkeye - eyedrops - tobramycin - mybabygirl - mylove - conjunctivitis - schoolyear - perfectattendance - proudmama -
808jonboy : Ohhhhh brah more hand washing
__jay_meeh__ : @808jonboy yeah but doesn't help when other parents send their kids to school with both eyes infected. Taylor and another kid had it by the end of the day 😑
808jonboy : Oh boy I tell you.... The struggles are real!
hazelsk : Aww poor baby..she still beautiful tho..take care sweetheart
londonmae098 - mastermind_ella - kanamccabe - laydieserene -
My poor #TaylorLeigh has #Conjunctivitis but it won't stop us from taking Grandma and the #Cousins to the #Movies to watch #Cinderella. Got a #Tribe with me 😳 Just my #PrideAndJoy, my 4 #Nieces, #Nephew, #Mom and #Sister 😊 nothing better than spending time with people who ❀️ and appreciate me 😘 #Sugimoto #Kawamoto #Kamae #Sister #ProudMama #ProudAunty #ProudDaughter #FamilyFirst #FamilyOverEverything #PureLove #LoveLikeNoOther #HaveCourageAndBeKind
tribe - sugimoto - mom - prouddaughter - proudaunty - prideandjoy - nephew - proudmama - lovelikenoother - sister - taylorleigh - havecourageandbekind - nieces - familyfirst - cousins - cinderella - conjunctivitis - purelove - movies - kamae - familyovereverything - kawamoto -
okudayara - lyzloverly - jdiamond66 - lalawolfgramm -
Hello I'm high! Just kiddding, i have conjunctivitis. #Sick #Conjunctivitis #Needsleep #Sickaf #sickface #tired #fml #redeyes #pinkeyes #gws #gettingbetter #instadaily #postdaily #dailypost #likeforlike #Selfie #retrica #bloodyeyes #Demon ?
sickaf - tired - selfie - demon - pinkeyes - instadaily - gettingbetter - retrica - dailypost - redeyes - fml - bloodyeyes - conjunctivitis - sick - needsleep - gws - likeforlike - postdaily - sickface -
niii_diii : Pas encore bien? πŸ˜”
a.freak : Hier tieter sa. Presque bien la @niii_diii 😊
niii_diii : Ah ok 😌 pren soin de toi.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
shaheer_kdx : Ress loin😒
nouch_31 : Prend soin de toi :)
la_petite_nadia - madhuri.diya.r - ashna_subnauth - lona_sreekeessoon -
#tbt to that awesome time I got pinkeye πŸ‘€πŸ‘€#conjunctivitis #peoplewouldntstopstaring #sunglasstanline #nosomeonedidntfartonmypillow πŸ’¨ @sethmrtn @johnnyform
sunglasstanline - nosomeonedidntfartonmypillow - conjunctivitis - peoplewouldntstopstaring - tbt -
ameerprince : Ha
julsienew : @sethmrtn definitely sharted on your pillow :/
sethmrtn : @julsienew you're next
josephtclemente : Improvement !!
mjaso06 : Looks like a typical day after pic from a night out in Dirty Durham to me
hessberg88 - echarris04 - edwinthe3rd - kavecon -
Juba, South Sudan | March 26, 2015: Back in Juba enjoying the freedom of riding my motorcycle. Good for the brain but bad for the eyes with the dust after getting infection because of drinking dirty water in the field.   #workaroundtheworld #photojournalism #everydayafrica #southsudan #photodiary #iphone #conjunctivitis
conjunctivitis - photojournalism - southsudan - photodiary - workaroundtheworld - everydayafrica - iphone -
david_mutua : Stay safe Bro.
hiertat - david_mutua - treanapeake - pifrisk -
Who wants to kiss scabs #paddy #conjunctivitis #festivalofcaitlin #KeepFollowingYourDreams #LiveLoveDream
festivalofcaitlin - keepfollowingyourdreams - paddy - livelovedream - conjunctivitis -
paddyclifton : #blessed
sophie_batten : Stop serving your friends on a platter
maiacusack : At least I have some bae. Wanna fight? @sophie_batten
sophie_batten : I'll pound u
saamuelwhite - joshymitch - lucycusack - elizavenville -
Pour a 40 for those lost in battle #conjunctivitis #illmissyou
illmissyou - conjunctivitis -
jenesaispasjulie : I know that feel bro
jennixlee : 😩
nerdprops - late4thesky - thatvoodooyoudo - jenesaispasjulie -
#conjunctivitus #pinkeye #poorlyeyes #feelinggrim
conjunctivitis - pinkeye - poorlyeyes - conjunctivitus - feelinggrim -
manicanikum : #conjunctivitis
serialkillersss -
Trip to eye casualty got conjunctivitis #eyes #conjunctivitis #yellow #week off
week - eyes - conjunctivitis - yellow -
vivian.cottone.d -
Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye or Madras eye is inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids). It is commonly due to an infection (usually viral, but sometimes bacterial) or an allergic reaction. #PhotoGrid #conjunctivitis #elma #46mths You will get better by this weekend elms, i know you will.
46mths - elma - conjunctivitis - photogrid -
_kanchu_ : @mrs_hayden Omg! hope she gets well soon!
fazzydood : Oh my..get well soon Elma!
mrs_hayden : @_kanchu_ @fazzydood thanks ladies...i kmow she will πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘Œ
_cholla - karamartsg - hasriahmad - tisdale.lori2014 -
Pretty spring breaker #oddsare13
conjunctivitis - oddsare13 -
bekahlayla : First
bekahlayla : LB
maddykaplan1 : #conjunctivitis
bekahlayla : Spotted @bekahlayla
alanaruth23 : @bekahlayla beach reading πŸ‘
bsav92 : Pinkyyyy I love you no matter how goopy your eye is
alanaruth23 : I spy a kentucky hat πŸ’™
jstol215 : Dat pink eye doe
alliergoldstein - alexawinestock - kelseyk526 - mamph20 -
off for this week πŸ˜’β˜Ή #conjunctivitis β›”
conjunctivitis -
bencetalos - nemethrobi_ - kollarbence24 - ktommy25 -
Hey everybody, I will not be posting anything new for week or so,at least not makeup stuff cause I was diagnose with conjunctivitis. My eye hurt badly so I am taking break from makeup #break #beauty #conjunctivitis
break - conjunctivitis - beauty -
probeautygamer : Sorry for tha disgusting picture btw :-D
chaotikbeauty : Feel better
probeautygamer : Thank you..
jolebovsky : Hope you'll get better very soon😘
probeautygamer : @jolebovsky thank you
lashes_msc -
#newborn #brother #william #kmart #pinkeye #conjunctivitis #portraits #portriatstudios #sanantonio #1979 #chunkymonkey #beautifulhair #thoseeyes
newborn - william - pinkeye - kmart - 1979 - portraits - chunkymonkey - brother - sanantonio - conjunctivitis - portriatstudios - thoseeyes - beautifulhair -
michellemybelle1973 - gerrad_waitforit_leal - adrianbautista10 - melodyereynolds -
Already time for bed 😴 #conjunctivitis #nanga #poorky #stillhappydoe #woo
woo - nanga - poorky - stillhappydoe - conjunctivitis -
_baails : Yuddaaaaa kyra got poo in her eye @kuersh7
kyra_penglase : Nanga ay, Sean wont see that comment cause I blocked him whoops hahahah @_baails
_baails : Awp πŸ˜” ill just screenshot it for him 😁 @kyra_penglase
kyra_penglase : Hahaha ok Ben
freeyourmind_ - chris_mcneil - coreytalbot - _breeleahy_ -
Damn this sucks. after an hour and a half at st joes, it my eye still burns like a mother fucker and i look like im crying kool-aid. Shitty. As fuck. It burns so bad if wind touchs it or any little movement happens that I am pretty much blind for like a minute #conjunctivitis#sucms and to top it off I'm #sickasshit.
conjunctivitis - sickasshit - sucms -
lakerlvr1 : What happened cuzzo?! Love you and miss you so much! @scumbag_420
scumbag_420 : Conjunctivitis. It'll be gone in like 2 days but this shit sucks, that's for sure lol. @lakerlvr1
lakerlvr1 : Oh dang get to the doc so you can get the eye drops doofus lol! @scumbag_420
bratney_253 : You could just say pink eye bro lol
scumbag_420 : @bratney_253 Naw. Sounds so weird. Plus conjunctivitis doesn't make me immediately think "oooh! someone farted on your pilloooooow!" Lol
ariiel_0815 : Ahhhh this makes my eyes water looking at it lolol
lakerlvr1 - sunshine69gal - hypnauticlife -
Idk what's worse ... Conjunctivitis or Bronchitis... how about they are both equally shitty. #thisiswhathappens #whenyoudonttakecareofyourself #conjunctivitis #bronchitis #sorryifthisisgross
sorryifthisisgross - conjunctivitis - bronchitis - thisiswhathappens - whenyoudonttakecareofyourself -
officialchrismartinez : #residentevil
lairytales : Tragedy.
christymarek : 😞 Get better!!!😘
kyblo : At least you're eyes look extra green now
kinsleyedman - kyblo - cbarnes12 - im_yo_daddy_ -
Had a fab weekend despite having a gammy eye πŸ’€ #weekend #sun #glasgow #inverkip #conjunctivitis #ew #boyfriend
conjunctivitis - inverkip - sun - ew - weekend - glasgow - boyfriend -
aypkay - _lvargas - jencvargas - scottravels -
Good morning people. Conjunctivitis sucks. 😷 #Ill #Conjunctivitis #pinkeye #redeye #eyespaining #pain #Snapchat #story #Infected #badsleep Snapchat : Asheil_r
story - pain - ill - redeye - conjunctivitis - infected - snapchat - pinkeye - eyespaining - badsleep -
_gyanisha_ : Ohh ohh gws
sumi_sama19 : Get well soon xxxx
a.freak : @niii_diii @_gyanisha_ @sumi_sama19 Thank you beautiful ladies. ❀
keshiika_indurjeet : Gws 😁
xsmriti16x : Bouss to liki fatraaa -.- Waaa, reste lois :X
a.freak : Ki mn dr la flrmama -.- oui pd @xsmriti16x
xsmriti16x : Cacaa likii. Bachiaraa -.-
a.freak : @xsmriti16x Bous t liki πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
yeshna_a - d.stiff - miliemoutien - sanjana_s.tirlochun -
The second in my series of weird toys with pink eyes. This is my albino angel with a starfished lamb. #ceramic #lamb #sheep #angel #cherub #ofgod #albino #creepfactor #conjunctivitis
lamb - sheep - angel - ceramic - albino - conjunctivitis - creepfactor - ofgod - cherub -
amandar_s : Jesus Christ
pumpmyvolume : @amandar_s weird! I was just talking about how much I missed you. How are you?! How's Tim how's little Hannah Rosé?? Life update please!
amandar_s : I am going to write you an honest to God letter tomorrow and tell us all about us! πŸ’—
pumpmyvolume : @amandar_s gosh darn it I love letters!! Im so excited. I'll check my mail every day.
merlinmoonelvis - rkateh - tarabuck22 - scrambandits -
when u have everything you've ever wanted but it's still not enough so u cry
conjunctivitis - pinkeye -
danicant_ : The baesthetic.
chikungunyas : #pinkeye #conjunctivitis
elinieto15 - ksiazemarek - adrilup - italoceliento -
Poorly eyes:-( #poorlyeyes#eye#eyes#infected#infectedeye#conjunctivitis#bacterial#eyedrops#optrex#chloramphenicol#sore#gritty
eyes - gritty - eye - eyedrops - optrex - poorlyeyes - infectedeye - sore - conjunctivitis - infected - chloramphenicol - bacterial -
mariana.hisey.n -
Ben Stein, hook me up, ive got the illness. #pinkeye #conjunctivitis #cleareyes
cleareyes - conjunctivitis - pinkeye -
k8eedanger : If it's bacterial and not viral I've been told washing your eye out with Johnson and Johnson baby soap can help clear it up!
jezjeremyingeneral : :-) Thanks, @k8eedanger, I'll have to do that.
aer05 : If it's truly conjunctivitis that shit sucks, it spreads like none other too! Really though, it can get on your pillow case, contacts, etc etc and if those aren't cleaned then your putting that crap back in your eyes and getting it all over again. Usually antibacterial drops are the best method, as far as the J&J soap that just sounds like a god awful burning experience. I use to get conjunctivitis when I was a kid a LOT. Good luck and get better. I hate pink eye.
jediwithredeyes : Wow.
chikungunyas - alyssaleigh1287 - holashelbs - jillybeanfish -
2 poorly people #peanutdiaries #32weeks #love #earinfection #conjunctivitis
conjunctivitis - earinfection - love - peanutdiaries - 32weeks -
realgraham : Poorly peanut!!
meggy_moo_mooxo - eyecandypreggos.v1 - therealmrkitty - ohemgray -
Only thing to cure the stinky pinky blues is a chicken n cheese. #sunrisebiscuitkitchen #conjunctivitis #chickenandcheese #texaspete #stinkeye #stinkypinky #putsomesouthinyourmouth
putsomesouthinyourmouth - conjunctivitis - stinkeye - sunrisebiscuitkitchen - stinkypinky - chickenandcheese - texaspete -
sputzanewman - melragan - vdang614 -
Fistfight at the milk bar... You should see the other guy. #notreallywhathappened #conjunctivitis #mysiblingsaregermy #babyalden
babyalden - notreallywhathappened - mysiblingsaregermy - conjunctivitis -
mhl_29815 : Poor baby! He's had his fair share... Super cute!
chronicagram - mhl_29815 -
Gata de 2 años, Hembra, Doméstico de pelo largo, con conjuntivitis de 10 días de evolución. Diagnóstico presuntivo? #oftalmovet #conjuntivitis #conjuntivitisfelina #medicinaveterinaria #veterinaria #veterinary #conjunctivitis #veterinaryophthalmology #vet #vetstudent
oftalmovet - vet - medicinaveterinaria - conjuntivitisfelina - veterinary - conjuntivitis - conjunctivitis - veterinaryophthalmology - veterinaria - vetstudent -
marguipics : Si el caso comenzó con conjuntivitis podría ser herpesvirus, chlamydophila, mycoplasma... pero la lesión corneal parece una queratopatia bulosa o complicacion por algunos de los posibles agentes etiologicos nombrados.
veterinary_ophthalmologist : Nice@marguipics
oftalmovetudec : Herpesvirus felino, Chlamydophila felis, mycoplasmas, y bacterias aerobicas han sdo aisladas de la superficie ocular de los gatos con conjuntivitis. La diferenciación en la "Clínica Diaria" es que el herpesvirus afecta a la córnea a diferencia de los otros. Las infecciones multiples depende de los atrabajos van en tre un 20 a 35% de los casos. En este caso se sospecha de Herpes-Clamidofila por el frotis conjuntival. Gracias por el comentario @marguipics
cesargarciamaya - anthonyromeroc - danieleah - matheusloes -
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