When I log in to ig. I saw this first on my feed and I was shocked what happen to her and to the other members. I didn't know her but I feel so much pain to her fans esp. to her family. She died in young age due to car accident =( Condolence to her =( And I hope the other members will be fine soon. #RipEunB #ladiescode #Condolence
ripeunb - ladiescode - condolence -
e_mihee - desinurul_sh - real__rinrin - real_lii -
ripeunb - condolence - fastrecoveryforthetwomembers -
darlinsweetypie - e.x.o.we.are.one - riiky_park - stephanie48vang -
Kpop update #PrayForLadiesCode #condolence
condolence - prayforladiescode -
rajzul - ochashawoll65 - minnorizan95 - sannabunnycheeks -
I'm not a fan of these girl group, but it's so sad and heartbreaking hearing the news the 2 of them is on a critical condition and had/having a surgery and EunB passed away early this morning at Seoul,Korea ... --The two girls who's on a critical condition still doesn't know what's the bad news about EunB 😭 It's so heartbreaking if they'll wake up after the surgery and hearing the news that EunB passed away! 'Ladies' code lost a Member but heaven gain an angel' You may now rest in peace with God EunB! 😔 #EunB #LadiesCode #RIP #condolence Condolence to her families and friends and to her wonderful fans 😔
ladiescode - condolence - rip - eunb -
snsdfanpagee : ** 'Ladies' Code lost a member but heaven gain an angel' **
sonha_kim : yess.. i heard so sad..
deaa_ss - gengnannan - titania_soh - mary_julienne24 -
Hearing shocking news today about one members of #Ladiescode pass away last night.Personally i send my big condolence to the family members,relatives,friends and fans of #ladiescode .It sad and terrifying news to the Kpop world and with that we should respect and do not play or joking around with someone death. . . As respect for the #ladiescode tragedy I WILL NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT SNSD TODAY.hope you all understand . . ##ladiescode #accident #tragedy #SNSD #condolence
ladiescode - snsd - accident - condolence - tragedy -
haylie2mktanner : @jnb5672 @camila_fernandez__ @13pokemon So there you are! I've been looking all over for YOU, the woman of my dreams!
sooyeon.snsd - snsd.news - mint_minime -
Can't believe she's gone...this gorgeous young woman is gone. Too much to handle. I'm crying. Why?! Why did this have to happen. EunB's family and friends , my wishes go out to you. As well as for fans and the kpop fandom. Truly a tragedy.😔 ~admin YARA #RestInPeaceEunB #RIP #EunB #ladiescode #condolence
ladiescode - restinpeaceeunb - eunb - rip - condolence -
liverpoolace1984 - skurah_chan - by_daynie - faten12d -
Unnie you're in a better place now. The kpop fandom loves you. I'm just speechless... ~admin YARA #ladiescode #EunB #RestInPeaceEunB #RIP #condolence
ladiescode - restinpeaceeunb - rip - eunb - condolence -
kpopsie - itsahappydhay_ - faten12d - jiminscock -
Don't know ladies code but please get better. Please please! RiSe & Sojung please unnies! My prayers and best wishes. I can't handle this. I'm crying. Wish you the best. Please stay strong and stay with us. Ladies Code stay strong. Please. This topic breaks my heart. This is an awful event. Gosh why did it have to happen?! Get well soon! And EunB rest in peace beautiful. You didn't deserve this. No one did. Prayers go out to ladies code.. ~admin YARA #ladiescode #condolence #EunB #RiSe #Sojung #RIP #RestInPeaceEunB
restinpeaceeunb - eunb - ladiescode - condolence - rise - sojung - rip -
cat_lady119 - yunatif - faten12d - believeinyou_wuyifan -
R.I.P to the member of ladies code GO EUNBI , even though im not much familiar with her group i feel sad when i heard the news that one of them died and the other two is in critical condition,.. CONDOLENCE to all of her family, friends and love ones... #goeunbi #condolence #RIP #goodbyeeunb
goodbyeeunb - goeunbi - condolence - rip -
_big_hit_ - oohsechi - pookwatchara1996 - indahkartikajyp -
The most beautiful member in Ladies Code EunB was reported has passed away in a tragic car accident. She 22years old girl have passed away St Vincent Hospital. My deepest condolence to his family, friends and Ladies Code fans. We pray for EunB rest in peace and also to two more members who are fighting for their life right now. Fandom Hug . Spread it . from EXO-L #condolence #caraccident #eunb #ladiescode #sad #girl #kpop
kpop - girl - eunb - ladiescode - caraccident - condolence - sad -
rosejones927 : Let's all #pray for #Rise and #Sojung who are in critical condition. We will #always #love #Ladiescode and #EunB will be dearly missed. #RIP
exofans_malaysia : @rosejones927 yeah let pray for Sojung and Rise.. T.T
enanadia_bfa - omfg.kpop - mydreamsmakereality - kimoh__xx -
My Queen died. Rest in peace lovely EunB. I hope you are in a better world now. I will never forget you. You are my inspiration for the first time i saw you and you will ever be. ㅜ.ㅜ #RIPEunB #ladiescode #prayforladiescode #myinspiration #queen #caraccident #condolence #kpop #hallyu #fandom #South #Korea #prettypretty #cry #dead #died
ripeunb - kpop - korea - queen - prettypretty - dead - fandom - died - prayforladiescode - hallyu - ladiescode - caraccident - cry - myinspiration - condolence - south -
evolemevig - hipster.anime - hunhan_exo_official - starling1009 -
#RIP #EunB #Deep #Condolence 😭😢😢 i never following about ladies code.. but still.. 😢😢
condolence - deep - eunb - rip -
gisca2693 - w0rldkpop - passiko - maryloufelson -
What a sad news :( Rest in peace eunb dont know you personally but condolence to your family,friends and fans. :'( #Eunb #Ladiescode #kpop #rip #condolence
kpop - ladiescode - condolence - rip - eunb -
milkkibunni - bonniegelder - therachelbird - w0rldkpop -
I feel like crying omg. I was just so happy a while ago bcos yesterday was Sungha's bday. And then my heart just broke into pieces after I saw the news. Many other KPOP Idols shared their feeling about EunBi's death including Miss A's Suzy. Omg omg. It's really heartbreaking . She's too young. And it makes me really sad when I think about how she died and other members are injured too. ㅠㅠ __ #suzy #missa #RIPEunB #RIPEunBi #은비 #eunbi #ladiescode #condolence
ripeunb - 은비 - suzy - ladiescode - eunbi - missa - ripeunbi - condolence -
wg.minsunye - izzatysaberi - exoostaan - lovegot7only_ -
May her soul rest in peace, Amen. #RIPEunB #Condolence #Ladies'Code
ripeunb - condolence - ladies -
blockb_lover01 - official_meow_9 - razi_1994 - sorakairi -
Ladies Code EunB had passed away because of a car accident, and the two members are in.critical condition.. I'm not their fan but its really make me sad. Condolence to her family and friends. #RIPEunB #prayforladiescode #eunb #ladiescode #condolence #kpop
ripeunb - kpop - eunb - ladiescode - condolence - prayforladiescode -
kenbb3 - emily_leroux - youngmia1516 - leikoraisanen -
#RIPEunB #LadiesCode #Condolence
ripeunb - ladiescode - condolence -
chimchim.bangtan - mint_minime -
Kpop update: . . Go EunB from Ladies' Code passed away this morning due to car accident. Condolences to the family and friends #RIP #GoEunB #LadiesCode #condolence
ladiescode - goeunb - condolence - rip -
edward75890 : @nari_kpoppy 😭😭😭😭😭😭
that_exotic : 🙏🙏🙏
rushusamuel27 : #RIP #GoEunB
shuetlye_ - 23zeeonkyuteukie23 - thejellieee_ - donghae_ain -
Ladies Code EunB passed away from a car accident..... lets give our all support to her family, friends and other Ladies Code members.... lets pray for her ... EunB may you rest in peace... :'( 👼👼👼👼🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 #RIPEunB #FightingLadiesCode #Condolence
ripeunb - condolence - fightingladiescode -
egg.rin - yurikaerwanda - kpop.wonderful - klmrbhw -
Rest in Peace 😱😞💕 #ladiescode #staystrong #condolence
staystrong - ladiescode - condolence -
galaxy.pearl_ - saranghae_pabo - exonymous - anngallimorr -
picture are not related. but guys let's gather and giving support to especially eunb's families and fans and ladies code families and fans in general. eunb died on her way to the hospital as what i read. sojung (who is birthday girl today) along with rise of ladies code was in critical situation and i read that they currently under surgery. rest in peace eunb and hoping the rest two survive and the surgery success. ⇨ #eunb #sojung #rise #ladiescode #condolence #staystrong #suga #v #bts #bangtan #bangtanboys #army #korean #kpop ⇦
bangtan - kpop - eunb - bts - army - staystrong - ladiescode - rise - suga - bangtanboys - sojung - v - condolence - korean -
yanairdany_ - w0rldkpop - icanbewh4tever - attack.on.bangtan -
This was the car that Ladies' Code used. Omg! I'm really crying now :( Wanna share it to you guys. #rip#ripeunb#condolence
ripeunb - condolence - rip -
kpopiskewlokay : I wish all the best for ladies code and hopefully everyone is okay omg that isn't suppose to happen to anyone
kookie_x_cream : @cream_x_kookie I could cry right now :( #prayforladiescode #restinpeaceeunb
cream_x_kookie : @kookie_x_cream ik me too, I still can't believe it happened too
e_x_o_b_t_s : @kookie.88 💔...
geby_120997 : Omg :( eunbi :(
emilyphantabulous : @no_body_but_you
ludeer.jpg : Ex 15 likes? :)
babyg020398 : F4f?
bts__a.r.m.y__bts - apink_lover100 - rv.wendyy - babyg020398 -
For those who doubt about EunB, here it is. They really change the bio of Ladies' Code. 😞😞💔💔 Not a really fan of them but this is heartbreaking. Condolence. #rip#condolence#eunb#ripeunb Delete later~
ripeunb - condolence - eunb - rip -
kookie_x_cream : :'(
team_e.x.o : 😔😞😣😢😥😭😰😩😫
9sisters : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 already
jia.nguyen : I wanna cry but I can't.
sistar.kpop : @seiyuufan please don't comment here :( Respect :(
xxyoungiiexx : Me too I wanna cry but I can't :(
exo_sarang2406 : My condolences. Although I'm not a fan of them,but this is sure so sad. I hope her family is strong for this. Also hope for better recovery for the members. :'(
kpopiskewlokay : NOOOO what is going on 😢 why no I'm gonna cry this is so bad
liika.v - apink_lover100 - rv.wendyy - bae.joohyun -
really shocked as i open up my s.n.s this morning even i'm nit a fans of ladies code. but death news will never msking anyone feels good right? condolence and stay strong for ladies code eunb families and friend. as i read that other two members lee sojung and kwon rise is in critical condition rn. today is sojung birthday tho. #ladiescode #eunb #sojung #rise #condolence
ladiescode - sojung - rise - condolence - eunb -
zaraa_lee : Sns ??? Cmne buat ???
humairalee - 12idiotsluv__ - unnieerni_lgk - sastyw -
#RIPEunB TT She is my #Bias TT And now she gone TT May god always bless your soul and rest in peace ♥♥♥ #Loveeunb ♥♥♥#In #Loving #Memory
ripeunb - bias - deepest - in - loveeunb - memory - condolence - loving -
as_rul : #Deepest #Condolence to the family,member and all her close friend TT
hyejie - ace_adam_116 - roselyn__lsj - _wolf.88_ -
EunB of LadiesCode has passed away due to car accident 😞😞 plus two members are in critical condition. OMG! This is heartbreaking. She was so young. 😞😞😞💔💔 Ugh. #restinpeace#condolence#EunB#LadiesCode
restinpeace - ladiescode - condolence - eunb -
jjxol.armsgot7 : Oh my! i likes the pics but not the car accident. R.I.P EunB
mahi_tae : @negar_kook icant belive it...
negar_kook : Akhey azizam😢 @mahi_tae
kpopmaknaelinefangirl : Now that I think of it, 2014 is the worst year in K-Pop history...😪 Anyways..., R.I.P. EunB....
kpopvin : Omg !!!! Passed away???? I hope it's not true I really will pray for her :-(((((
2ne1.updates : R.IP EunB :(
lu.darling : rest in peace T^T
kimdasom_star1 : Poor girl she was so young :( #RIPEunB
liika.v - vichyyessr - rv.wendyy - apink_lover100 -
R.I.P EunB #ladiescode #eunb #condolence #pray #kpop
pray - ladiescode - condolence - kpop - eunb -
xeon2k : Really sad.
dn_norris - panda_books - kpoptho - kpopanime1029 -
awwww !! naluha ako sa message ni @andieigengirl condolence :( #RIPMarkGil #Condolence
condolence - ripmarkgil -
iamcrizzyforyou -
Touch down Gola 😃 #CoffePartyinthehouse #condolence 😭😂
condolence - coffepartyinthehouse -
charmeeyn_ - mabbpingheng - khyrssbergonio - mskryztal -
Please pray for us!😔 #PNHSians #Condolence #JusticeForPnhsians
condolence - justiceforpnhsians - pnhsians -
loremae_lollipop23 - rejeintha - cold_hearted41 -
. . As if close mi. :) gOodbye Mark Gil . #condolence
condolence -
lesliieee04 : Condolence lai. Awps ahahahahah
bhetzxy : Simbako. HAhahaha. . SunOd lnG q nMu. :D hahahahaha @lesliieee04
lesliieee04 : Hala ha d pde mo condolence kay close man mo.. ahahahahha
tesaiizzy - lesliieee04 -
Our late Uegene  Rest with the peace u there friend 💕💖 #neighbor #condolence #sadness #sorry #pityfamily
pityfamily - condolence - sorry - sadness - neighbor -
emanizamjamal777 - firdyfire - atcupcakes - sofeaharyana -
ang buhay nga naman di mo alam kung hanggang kailan ka sa mundo,ung inaakala mo na tatagal pa sila..sila pa ung agad mawawala..ung nakikita mong nakangitin nagpapatawa,nagpapaiyak ay sila pa ung mawawala ng di mo maisip na oras na tapaga niya.. Wala gusto ko lang mag share dapat bawat oras kailangan pahalagahan tulad ni #MarkGil kahit may lubha na siyang sakit pinagpapatuloy parin niya kung anu nagpapasaya sakanya..sana ganun din tau ! be happy and enjoy ur life ♥♥♥ #condolence #MarkGil #SadForUs
sadforus - markgil - condolence -
myloveforphotographs - thebestgoodies_12 - jeanlubsyou -
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