Fancy sandwich #ComplimentarySnack
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Complimentary Chex Mix from UPS
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#popcorn #hotellounge #shangrila #wecameforthepopcorn #tgif #complimentarysnack
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elenamurzello : I love this popcorn @hashtagchris_ !we
elenamurzello : We'll have some next Friday!
hashtagchris_ : @elenamurzello Cannot wait for your book launch! It's going to a great celebration of your hard work!
elenamurzello : Me too! Some fun surprises in store @hashtagchris_ :)
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Yummm hummus & multigrain snackers. ❤️ #delta #complimentarysnack #LAbound
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jodsm : @pmariand 😱 there was??? Oh no.. Thanks Mare!! I will!
jodsm : @pmariand now I'm scared..😖 but thank you! Obviously I don't watch the news haha. Miss you btw!! Let's have one of those ebar catching up again😘
jodsm : @pmariand yay! Do you still have the same number? :)
jodsm : @pmariand great!! I don't see you in Serra? Are you back in Tanfo?
jodsm : @pmariand wow!!! To study?? Work!! Good job!!!! Proud of you!
okkayekaye : Hey did u land safe in LAX? Just watched the news
jodsm : @pmariand ooh nice!!! When's that gonna be?? Great to hear!! Let's schedule lunch or something!! @okkayekaye hi Kaye!! I did!! Landed early at 5:15 but I only got out of the plane like 7:30?? There was a long wait b/c there weren't any gates available for the planes
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At #Lexus dealership to get my key reprogrammed. Enjoying some complimentary fruits LOL!!! #lexusofcerritos #complimentarysnack
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instapattt : How much was it
koalabearoc : @instapattt they couldn't do it. Same with the Toyota dealer next door. They both said that don't have a clue on how to reprogram used keys after many attempts. Read up the instruction on clublexus, seems to be a bit more work involved.
instapattt : Mine was programed in 10 mins lol. Your dealer sucks
koalabearoc : @instapattt your key was used? Where at?
instapattt : Used by a 2008 IS. Newport lexus.. But all lexus dealerships should be able to do it.. Its easy
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Coming home! #newjersey #minipretzels #sooohungry #coke #complimentarysnack #delta #safetravels #home
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Matikman nga! Haha @benokgaspar #choco #complimentarysnack #pabaon @joycerdon
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comacl0wn : @joycerdon e pano nagpapatira e wala naman dito si @benokgaspar wahaha
joycerdon : masarap ba? di ko p ksi natikman.. hehe @comacl0wn
comacl0wn : @joycerdon dko p ntitikman vanilla haha
joycerdon : ah ok. hehe @comacl0wn
comacl0wn : @joycerdon thank you 😊☺😊
joycerdon : welcome.. 😊 @comacl0wn
isolatedpenumbra : Mi oh si abi kasi @joycerdon
comacl0wn : Mi mo mukha mo! Haha @benokgaspar
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Sunset. #flying #london #glasgow #UK #maleairhosts #complimentarysnack #sunset #Scotland
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knowtomorrow : Beautiful!
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I love flying 😄✈ #london #glasgow #airport #dutyfree #milehighclub #maleAirhosts #complimentarysnack #
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