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Ladies, take notes.. ✏️📓 M: @alexacharleton
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johnnyyliu : Which lens did you use? And any favorite lenses?
alexacharleton : Thanks for all the love babes😘 you are the cutest!
htoshikophoto : @alexacharleton Nah, thank YOU girl! So in love with every frame of you! 😘😘😘😘
luvvumba : How beautiful is this top! @malijahlove_
malijahlove_ : Luvz it💖! @electric_era
christabelmae : Wow like it!
anaisverlynde : Great photos, would love to work with you sometime!
htoshikophoto : @anaisverlynde thanks girl! Yeah hit me up!
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Big congrats to my cousin guys, Raquel and David ❤️❤️❤️ #suchacutie #magical #breathtaking #suchablessing #lovehim #comekauai
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My #wcw goes to this beautiful girl! #missmybestfriend #comekauai #morebetter ☺🌴🌺🌈
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leilynmakanan : @meeshagibson7
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Weekend must. @xo_sharrileslie @shaveice_tegetege #tegetege #thenewnewtrailer #doubleiceshaver #moregreatness #coffee #starwberry #foodporn #nofilter #kauai #kauaiaswhy #onlykauai #bestshaveice
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debbaybay : I wish we had that here!
brittface__kindof : @jantalan_ lol do you know if he's open tomorrow?
mda_pka : @debbaybay #kauaiaswhy #kauaionly #comekauai @brittface__ should be open or follow them so maybe they put update. Ohh I shouldve placed one Harley's order for 1 @ausom22 and 1 @brittface__ and maybe side @taybrae_.
brittface__kindof : @jantalan_ lol should've
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happy birthday #noah @crysasano #cousinlove #wemissyou #weloveyou #comekauai
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_jaidonma : Those staring contests! Lol
mamakya : Guess who won @_jaidonma lol
crysasano : Noah said thanks! Lol! Too funny. Tita is the funniest to watch. #miissyouguys
crysasano : @mamakya 😆
mamakya : how's all da photo bombers @crysasano lol
crysasano : Haha for real @mamakya
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Isn't this cute guys? I love it. I dated a guy who lived with me and totally fucked my life up. Got me into some hard core drugs, promised me a lot of shit then bailed. And now his bitch thinks she can harass ME. Get on my Instagram and ASSUME that my posts are about her. Angela, get it through your head please, Neil's a piece of shit and I never want him back. I don't give a FUCK about you and I never will. Grow up you IGNORANT COW. ✌️ @bigang21
aleeexlove : hahahahahahahahahahaha fucken LITTLE girls now days need some cracks 😂 six year relationship means something when you don't even know who he is bc he lied so much? hahahahahahahaha I'm rolling
aleeexlove : text me
meowitsmadii : Fucken right. @aleeexlove
rileeinwonderland : This convo just kinda proves how stupid that girl is.... Causing major dramas because someone may or may not have added you on some social media network? I can't even... Ignore this girl madii. You don't need her negative energy in your life👌
meowitsmadii : Seriously🙌 @rileeinwonderland
dawnrkauai : Yo. ....this all be old news right???? Sooo who needs to get over it?? I can post on anyones comments added or not! Grow a brain . Miss LV
dawnrkauai : So you can grow up....no room here for ya all!!!! Lol love that ....all dis tinking hurts :)
meowitsmadii : Fucken right @dawnrkauai
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Yup. Just another sunset #pilaa #north ✌😴
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tatiwest : I just got home! yessss lets I can drive now!
likoooo : Ohh no! Okay call me up sometime😄 @tatiwest
tatiwest : I will!!!😛
kauai_legend : wat turk lau
kauai_legend : your a murff guy
likoooo : #comekauai we go lau! Show ur bradda how
likoooo : @kauai_legend
kauai_legend : my braddah is the definition of fuckin lose money that young korn
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