My afternoon is looking like 4 sachets of literal shit 😂 #Colonoscopy #Gastroscopy #Diarrhea #RatsAssTasting #IHaveShitsToGive #NoFood #IveBeenHungry #3ToGo #HospitalVibes
hospitalvibes - ratsasstasting - colonoscopy - diarrhea - ihaveshitstogive - 3togo - ivebeenhungry - nofood - gastroscopy -
lebsmodise_187 : Whats wrong yo?
nomtoebee : Feel better r❤
shanazjrobson : Just running a few tests @lebsmodise_187 .... Thank you @nomtoebee ♡
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So....These are the results from my colonoscopy, inflammation all along my colon and worst at caecal pole. No true skip areas, and terminal ileum normal. I see the consultant on Dec 9th, but based on these it looks likely I may get diagnosed as having ulcerative colitis. Then I can FINALLY get sorted! #IBD #ulcerativecolitis #colitis #crohnsdisease #crohns #colonoscopy #endoscopy #chronicillness #spoonies
crohnsdisease - ulcerativecolitis - endoscopy - ibd - colonoscopy - spoonies - chronicillness - crohns - colitis -
kelly_justme : I hope they mend you @katey5678 💗
littlevampress - kevinvondambers - kelly_justme - crohnscooking -
#hospital #patient #tb #chrons #disease #newly #diagnosed #colonoscopy #pain #tired ...😒😣
patient - tired - hospital - disease - diagnosed - colonoscopy - pain - newly - chrons - tb -
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This made me crack up lmao so true for us folks that are constantly going throughout the day. That warm shower 😍😍 #cleanitup #hygiene #washyourhandsplease
toiletlove - gastro - crohnsdisease - jpouch - ibdfam - hygiene - toiletselfie - colonoscopy - stoma - ibdawareness - aliaonthetoilet - inflammatoryboweldisease - ulcerativecolitis - washyourhandsplease - ibd - porcelainthrone - cleanitup - gi - ibs - crohns - uc - girlspooptoo -
aliaonthetoilet : #crohns #crohnsdisease #ibd #uc #ulcerativecolitis #girlspooptoo #inflammatoryboweldisease #ibdawareness #colonoscopy #stoma #gastro #GI #jpouch #ibdfam #aliaonthetoilet #ibs #toiletselfie #toiletlove #porcelainthrone
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Finally relaxing at my parents house with my pajamas and Betsy Johnson socks 😜 YAYY!! Let Thanksgiving weekend begin!! #thanksgiving #StressFreePolicy
toiletlove - gastro - crohnsdisease - jpouch - ibdfam - toiletselfie - colonoscopy - stoma - ibdawareness - aliaonthetoilet - inflammatoryboweldisease - ulcerativecolitis - ibd - thanksgiving - porcelainthrone - gi - ibs - stressfreepolicy - crohns - uc - girlspooptoo -
aliaonthetoilet : #crohns #crohnsdisease #ibd #uc #ulcerativecolitis #girlspooptoo #inflammatoryboweldisease #ibdawareness #colonoscopy #stoma #gastro #GI #jpouch #ibdfam #aliaonthetoilet #ibs #toiletselfie #toiletlove #porcelainthrone
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My #WCW is my awesome father whom I love and cherish!! Happy Belated Birthday Dad and I hope you like your gift!!! #colonoscopy
wcw - colonoscopy -
tslemieux : No way! Say it isn't so!! 😝
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zzz all day
colonoscopy -
trevstergram : What is this??
mmvnz : #colonoscopy
bhaktimar : Beauty
swamp_creature : Amazing
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Is it time to get screened for #coloncancer, but your not sure if the #colonoscopy is the test for you? There are several screening options, go to and choose the screening method that best fits your lifestyle! #getscreened #cancer #health This #pic is a #repost from @colitisconnected
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bethcoffey : @coffeyjustin
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About to find out my stomach issues once and for all #goingunder #colonoscopy #imtooyoungfotthis #hopeforananswer
hopeforananswer - imtooyoungfotthis - goingunder - colonoscopy -
heyheyfinkaay : Oh my god text me when it's over!!! I remember our hospital experience and you trying to order papa johns hahaha love you
andreacrandell : @heyheyfinkaay hahaha thanks!
crandellioso : Good luck today!! Had no clue they put you under for that
mkk_8o8 : Prayers for you Andrea! 🙏 Sending good thoughts your way! ❤️😇 @andreacrandell
kendra_clingerman : Prayers for you girl;) 🙏🙏 hang in there.
kimcling1 : Praying for you girl!
andreacrandell : @kimcling thank you!!
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Today is colonoscopy day. And that prep was awful, can't even finish it. My stomach is not used to anything in it until about 1pm. Bleurgh. Please, please let me get answers today... #chronicillness #abdominalpain #stomach #IBD #crohnsdisease #crohns #colitis #ulcerativecolitis #colonoscopy #hospital #camera #outpatient
stomach - crohnsdisease - ulcerativecolitis - ibd - hospital - abdominalpain - outpatient - camera - colonoscopy - chronicillness - crohns - colitis -
sparklydevil : Thinking of you xx
leonie.8c - blackeyes_applepies - jenzorssx - vicwoods79 -
#piccollage #colonoscopy #check! I can take this off my #bucketlist #fab50
fab50 - piccollage - bucketlist - check - colonoscopy -
lwestpoole : Yay butts!!!!
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A year on from my 1st colonoscopy and although I'm a bit better the disease is still active and I feel like crap everyday. However, so many people have it 100 x worse than me so I'm thankful. Let's hope this time next year it's completely under control #IBD #ulcerativecolitis #colonoscopy
ibd - ulcerativecolitis - colonoscopy -
hollysamanthaa : 💜
zoeywright10 : Keep fighting! Xx
harrietrosemary_ : Azathioprine is starting to help me somewhat, you will get it under control in no time with the correct medication, just have to wait it out..
harrietrosemary_ : It's taken me nearly 2 years, you just have to stay strong xxxx
hann8h : @hollysamanthaa 💜💜💜
hann8h : @zoeywright10 you've been through it lately Zoey! I really admire you :) thanks harri @harrietrosemary_ we will all get there eventually xxxx
hybridjynxx : You will get there Hanny. Love you ♡♡♡♡♡
ellieclaireurwin - rebeccaa_crawford - - abbieburgess_ -
colonoscopy -
homie_blood - winted_tindows -
Sorry to gross anyone out Lol, but drink for the evening, I despise this stuff...thank goodness it's only ten fluid ounces for my laparoscopy prep not four liters like my endoscopy/colonoscopy prep was....😝😖💩 #laparoscopy #prep #bowelprep #ewww #yuck #magnesiumcitrate #laxitive #yuck #lemonflavored #walgreens #endoscopy #colonoscopy
yuck - bowelprep - walgreens - endoscopy - ewww - laparoscopy - magnesiumcitrate - colonoscopy - laxitive - prep - lemonflavored -
bobobob246 - mountainjumps - daniellebow1996 - _._marisssa_._ -
Guess I can skip my follow up on the 18th #colonoscopy #ulcerativecolitis #doityourself #fackyoucolon
doityourself - fackyoucolon - ulcerativecolitis - colonoscopy -
big_red1983 : #youredoingitwrong
arterian : Hope your ass is OK bud
rhamende - lyss89xo - lthstudios - sasafool -
Believe it or not that's a lot of colons #howmanydoyouhave #colonoscopy #whatstheexchangerate #ithinkourcolonsaregettingscrewed
ithinkourcolonsaregettingscrewed - colonoscopy - whatstheexchangerate - howmanydoyouhave -
m_coop528i : Are your pockets heavy? I hated carrying all that change.
dah_waterman : Ballin!
coreenaharb : Your hashtags are killing me! 😆 @z.gibraltar
z.gibraltar : That's mostly Jonathan's. I get rid of the change asap. @m_coop528i
z.gibraltar : Thx @coreenaharb Jon and I are having a last just coming up with them
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So excited to get going on this... Not. #colonoscopy #crohns #crohnssucks #fuckcrohns
crohnssucks - fuckcrohns - crohns - colonoscopy -
dgoodrich14 : So sorry girl
laserone - dgoodrich14 - psoriasis_inspirations -
: prep. #ibdselfie #crohnsdisease #colonoscopy
crohnsdisease - ibdselfie - colonoscopy -
tonydodgewriter : the prep is ghastly, the drugs they knock you out with--sublime. just did mine this spring. "this too shall pass."
matthewkilgore : @tonydodgewriter "this too shall pass....very quickly, explosively, and resembling a water faucet"
lizwigoda : I did mine this morning so i feel your pain. And yes, it passed quickly, explosively and like a faucet! Hang in there!
alejandreamy - aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh - kevinvondambers - tsball0925 -
I was so honored to rep' the cca at the "In Honor of Betty Puskar" Fashion Show & Fundraiser in Flatwoods, WV over the weekend. It was truly an extremely emotional & memorable night. I met so many incredible people with incredible stories & was even able to share my own with the crowd. Yay! #colon #rectal #cancer #survivor #advocate #cca #wv #bettypuskar #fashion #akemewhyimblue #getscreened #colonoscopy #nevertooyoung #life #remission #collage
life - fashion - cancer - getscreened - advocate - wv - colon - colonoscopy - akemewhyimblue - bettypuskar - remission - survivor - rectal - collage - nevertooyoung - cca -
vaporhookahpa : Good shot!
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Т – первичная опухоль: Тх – выявление опухоли невозможно из-за недостатка данных,  Т0 – первичная опухоль не определена, Tis – carcinomainsitu или преинвазивная карцинома: определена внутриэпителиальная опухоль при отсутствии поражения собственной пластинки слизистой оболочки, Т1 – со стороны опухоли происходит инфильтрация собственной пластинки слизистой оболочки или подслизистой основы, Т2 – инфильтрация мышечной или серозной оболочки, Т3 – прорастание опухолью серозной оболочки; инвазия в соседние структуры отсутствует, Т4 - распространение опухоли на соседние структуры. N – регионарные лимфатические узлы. К данной категории относят гепатодуоденальные узлы, а также узлы, расположенные вдоль общей печеночной, селезеночной и чревной артерий, а также малой и большой кривизны. Вовлечение других лимфатических узлов внутри брюшины (ретропанкреатические, мезентериальные и парааортальные), классифицируется как отдаленные метастазы. Nx – оценка состояния регионарных лимфатических узлов невозможна из-за нехватки данных, N0 – признаки метастазов в регионарных лимфатических узлах отсутствуют, N1 – в 1-6 лимфатических узлах присутствуют метастазы, N2 – 7-15 лимфатических узлах присутствуют метастазы, N3 – более 15 лимфатических узлов поражены метастазами М – обнаружено наличие отдаленных метастатических поражений: Мх – отдаленные метастатические поражения не могут быть определены из-за нехватки данных, М0 – признаки отдаленных метастазов отсутствуют, M1 – выявлено наличие отдаленных метастазов. pTNM – патогистологическая классификация Категории рТ, pN и рМ и категории Т, N и М. pN0соответствуют одним и тем же требованиям по определению. При этом, как правило, 15 регионарных лимфатических узлов и более подвергаются гистологическому исследованию. G – гистологическая градация: Gx – нет возможности установить степень дифференцировки; G1 – степень дифференцировки высокая, G2 – степень дифференцировки средняя, G3 – степень дифференцировки низкая, G4 – опухоли не дифференцированы.
больница - cancer - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - medical - surgeon - фгдс - medicine - нгма - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - эгдс - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - эрхпг - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
sn1vel : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #ercp #эндоскопия #эндоскоп #медицина #хирургия #хирург #врач #больница #нижгма #нгма #Olympus #мед #анатомия #medlife #anatomy #futuredoctors #cancer #эрхпг #фгдс #эгдс
ildartatval : In English, please. 😂
mparaboli : 👍👍👍😂😂😂
stevenguntur : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
luizmestieri : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
jaro1979 : Yes, english please
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Procedure time 😊🔫 #tiredofthisshit #exhausted #sick #crohnsdisease #crohns #colonoscopy #nothappy
tiredofthisshit - sick - crohnsdisease - colonoscopy - exhausted - crohns - nothappy -
feeln0pain : God bless and good luck prayers headed your way
luv_always_dri - naminou_ - will_i_am__12 - feeln0pain -
Well this happened today.. Meet my intestines. @cbynum7 I blame your vodka jelly shots for that green colour haha 😷😂🙊 #colonoscopy #picoprep
picoprep - colonoscopy -
cbynum7 : Hahaha, I can't believe they really stained your insides!
_hollymatthewson : Ewwwww! I need one.. Did they find anything?
jbrebs : Get one @_hollymatthewson ! It's worth it even though it's horrible. I have to wait two weeks for biopsy results but there were no polyps or anything which is good
stretchedandy : Glad to hear alls good.
katiepie__ - cbynum7 - stretchedandy - kyathi123 -
Let the fun begin #colonoscopy #prep #problems #instafail #gross #fun #latinoproblems #instagay #gayguy #latino #mexican #mexicangay #gayguy
gross - mexican - instagay - problems - gayguy - mexicangay - latinoproblems - colonoscopy - fun - latino - instafail - prep -
babyd209 : @luison_zaragoza i gotta drink it to clean my intestines out cuz tomorrow im having a colonoscopy done
luison_zaragoza : Ohh ok
chula_75 : Eww friend😣
antonia080911 : Tomeselo como si fuera tequila coma @babyd209
babyd209 : @chula_75 it is, good thing i have a straw lol @antonia080911 ay coma que rica la tequila esta chingadera sabe feo lol
bcmvero : i think i just vomited in my mouth!!! yuck!
m_roura : Nice pic!
danielbetan : Awesome!
suziq5121 - choctaw43 - antonia080911 - skuolanet -
dahil si Pacquiao lang naman ang nasa TV makapagbasa na lang! #FluidVolumeDeficit #Hypovolemia #Colonoscopy #MedSurg
hypovolemia - medsurg - fluidvolumedeficit - colonoscopy -
alvinsarto -
Back at the pool by my house it's kinda got an infestation of chubby kids though #vacation #pool #cubbykid #dope #colonoscopy
dope - colonoscopy - vacation - pool - cubbykid -
kristinafjones - jon_don26 - frann_chacon - danielle_helaine -
We're the only people who wait until midnight to go out 😂 #nightowls #25th #quarterlifecrisis #Colonoscopy #old #butstillawesome #needtobookaflightnow
butstillawesome - nightowls - old - colonoscopy - 25th - quarterlifecrisis - needtobookaflightnow -
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Rough Scar deformity of the duodenal bulb with formation pseudodiverticulum / Грубая рубцовая деформация луковицы двенадцатиперстной кишки с формированием псевдодивертикула
больница - cancer - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - medical - surgeon - фгдс - medicine - нгма - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - эгдс - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - эрхпг - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
sn1vel : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #ercp #эндоскопия #эндоскоп #медицина #хирургия #хирург #врач #больница #нижгма #нгма #Olympus #мед #анатомия #medlife #anatomy #futuredoctors #cancer #эрхпг #фгдс #эгдс
sn1vel : @ildartatval : Превосходно!)
sn1vel : благодарю
katherine_g6 : ☺️
bcikkas - nemetmelikov - breaking_med - abdullahwyan -
I have been MIA! I'm still trying to get my life together after starting my first full-time job, and moving out. It's been so STRESSFULL!!! To the point where I need to go see my GI ASAP, and discuss some medications to prevent me from leaving the world of remission 😓 Stress is our worst nightmare!! Hope everyone is doing well
toiletlove - gastro - crohnsdisease - jpouch - ibdfam - toiletselfie - colonoscopy - stoma - ibdawareness - aliaonthetoilet - inflammatoryboweldisease - ulcerativecolitis - ibd - porcelainthrone - gi - ibs - crohns - uc - girlspooptoo -
aliaonthetoilet : #crohns #crohnsdisease #ibd #uc #ulcerativecolitis #girlspooptoo #inflammatoryboweldisease #ibdawareness #colonoscopy #stoma #gastro #GI #jpouch #ibdfam #aliaonthetoilet #ibs #toiletselfie #toiletlove #porcelainthrone
dellahsjubilation : Ain't it the truth.. I'm approaching 9 months of remission and missed my remicade infusion because things have been crazy. We both need to go to GI's.. Congrats on the new job & apartment, happy Saturday.
barrysmith77 : Have crohn's since 95' just had 3 surgeries in September illiumostomy. Doc wants to put me on remicade infusion does it work or make u feel better @dellahsjubilation
dellahsjubilation : Hey @barrysmith77 of course keep in mind all of our cases are probably different in some respect. Yes it does help very much, flare up free for 9 months. In 2000 I went into hospital for what they thought was appendicitis discovered I was very obstructed and had 2 ft. Of intestine resected.. Went 8 years after that no meds or anything no pain... Then it returned was in the hospital every 3 months. Got put on pentasa and steroids... I suck at taking pills. In 2009 I got pregnant while actively flaring, stayed on steroids entire pregnancy baby and I both fine no flare ups gotoff steroids. Nov. 2013 ended up in ER for fistulas for a week. In my case I was so obstructed I wasn't going. Jan 2014 ended up in hospital for 26 days couldn't eat anything more than applesauce took daloudid(not sure of spelling) for pain and that didn't help. Ended up starting first dose of remicade and had another 2ft resection. Feeling great.. Only thing is I was on highest dose and last month started having remicads induced psoriasis patches and tremendous itching. They cut dose in half and I started feeling glimmers of pain. Gotta slow down and find time to go to GI.. But I was always in pain not sure if its just remicade because I had surgery too. But I feel difference since a month overdue. Hope that helps.
barrysmith77 : @dellahsjubilation Thanks that helps i was on Cimzia first but my infected fistula's said no way and it was to late. I had about 10cm in diameter mass of infection that made its way to back of leg. So now im on azothioprene,prednizone,and starting remicade. Anyhow we'll see, congrats to your healthy baby and family the best support! Keep on keeping on, talk to you soon.😊
izzy018 - mido_mhmd - kevinvondambers - crohnscooking -
I have a colonoscopy/endoscopy next Wednesday... One of my biggest fears is being put to sleep... I mean these procedures take like 30 mins and you're asleep the whole time but that still doesn't eliminate the terror... I will cry before the knock me out (like always) and just I'm not looking forward to it... Plus it's going to be my first experience out out of pediatrics so I'm also kind of nervous about how the adult drs are going to treat me while I'm scared and crying... This picture is pretty funny tho 😂 if this was a colonoscopy I would be ok with it. My dr comes walkin in in a pirate suit and a telescope and then says welp your butt looks good you can go 😂 but anyways pray for me. Pray that I'm calm and relaxed. #crohns #crohnsDisease #colonoscopy #endoscopy #adultDoctor #dread #livingWithCrohns #LifeWithCrohns #scared
crohnsdisease - scared - endoscopy - lifewithcrohns - dread - colonoscopy - adultdoctor - livingwithcrohns - crohns -
hi.jaime : Hey! Im inspired by your stories! I've been having bad stomach problems since jan this year and till now the doctors have no idea. I'll be going for a second gastroscopy soon and a colonoscopy next week. I hope everything is going well for you! Cheers :) follow back? :)
crohns_mystory : My colonoscopy is next week too:) good luck lovely! Hope they find out something soon so you can get treated and start to feel better:) and sure! Ill check you out and follow! @hi.jaime
hi.jaime : Thank you darling. 💕 i hope you'll feel better too :)
crohns_mystory : 😊💜 @hi.jaime
our_life_with_crohns - chronicallyfabulous - kevinvondambers - crohnscooking -
It's cancer. Colon cancer / Рак толстого кишечника
больница - cancer - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - medical - surgeon - фгдс - medicine - нгма - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - эгдс - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - эрхпг - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
sn1vel : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #ercp #эндоскопия #эндоскоп #медицина #хирургия #хирург #врач #больница #нижгма #нгма #Olympus #мед #анатомия #medlife #anatomy #futuredoctors #cancer #эрхпг #фгдс #эгдс
muslimalibutaev : А описание есть и гистозаключение ?
abdullahwyan - doctorpocky - irinacybizova - hockeylover9597 -
Going through some old books when I found a manga that Meathead brought back from an airport in Japan. It's not weird at all.
poo - manga - japanese - colonoscopy -
stevo_burrito : #manga #poo #colonoscopy #japanese
presto77 - urperfectdrug -
Souvenir stickers from today. Lol. #colonoscopy #endoscopy
endoscopy - colonoscopy -
jay_toonz - reese_mac -
Just got out!!!!! When I woke up the male nurse said the doctor found some stuff. So waiting for him to come in and talk. I was farting on the toilet there was some blood in the toilet bowl. #colonoscopy #endoscopy #hospital #ankylosingspondylitis #interstitialcystitis #invisibledisease
interstitialcystitis - invisibledisease - ankylosingspondylitis - colonoscopy - hospital - endoscopy -
abigail_grecia : Hope its nothing to serious
mandapanda412 : I have hemmoriods and fissures. My stomach had quite a bit of red it in so he took a biopsy and will know more in 7-10 days on that. @abigail_grecia
snoozleslidesheet - chronicallyfabulous - abigail_grecia -
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