pang ilang bracelet ko na ba to? :D #stlukes #ulcerativecolitis #ibd #stlukeshispital #colonoscopy
stlukeshispital - ibd - stlukes - ulcerativecolitis - colonoscopy -
That awkward moment when you're at a job interview and suddenly need to go.... lmao!!
toiletlove - gastro - crohnsdisease - jpouch - ibdfam - toiletselfie - colonoscopy - stoma - ibdawareness - aliaonthetoilet - inflammatoryboweldisease - ulcerativecolitis - ibd - porcelainthrone - gi - ibs - crohns - uc - girlspooptoo -
aliaonthetoilet : #crohns #crohnsdisease #ibd #uc #ulcerativecolitis #girlspooptoo #inflammatoryboweldisease #ibdawareness #colonoscopy #stoma #gastro #GI #jpouch #ibdfam #aliaonthetoilet #ibs #toiletselfie #toiletlove #porcelainthrone
dwglassmaking : Once when I was lying to myself that I wasn't sick I threw up in a job interview. All over his desk...
5alidqtr : It happens to me when I'm prying .
loveless1992 : Been there done that!
mamakeishaj : That's alright Alia. You do what you gotta do.
lindseygerald21 : You look beautiful
dreacakess - sweetp109 - - drockin87 -
Auntie Theresa after her #procedure ... ready to bounce... doctors taking too long #impatient #grumpyface #colonoscopy #hospital #SaintMarys #endoscopy
impatient - saintmarys - colonoscopy - hospital - endoscopy - grumpyface - procedure -
mr_b1shop - _tarrina - nakisha89 - its_chloe_simone -
#hospital #drugs #colonoscopy
drugs - hospital - colonoscopy -
sinakrase - klopferdawna - yurizellars - islington11 -
#neverfails #endoscopy #endoscopicultrasound #egd #colonoscopy #tuckyourjunkupfront #idealwithassholesallday #ilovemyjob #advancedgitechspecialist #blood #urince #feces #gilab
advancedgitechspecialist - neverfails - ithappenseverytime - tuckyourjunkupfront - blood - endoscopy - urine - idealwithassholesallday - urince - feces - vomit - ilovemyjob - colonoscopy - gilab - endoscopicultrasound - egd -
dpr57 : #seemslegit
gypsyrose510 : @dpr57 it's sooo true lol :)
gypsyrose510 : #ithappenseverytime
natedoh : Hahahahahaha
gypsyrose510 : #urine #vomit
dpr57 - natedoh - hpotterology - kaptin1kirk -
Best thing ever after having a colonoscopy- I love that my dietitian has let me have this!! #crohnslife #crohnsdisease #colonoscopy #hospitalfood
crohnslife - hospitalfood - crohnsdisease - colonoscopy -
kattarinnaa : Lucky. I got brown rice and green tea diet for 3 or 4 days. maybe it was more, it felt like it. I was able to talk him into hard candy.
janey.bob - our_life_with_crohns - rossthurlow - gazlivsey -
This is the most depressing thing to read ever! 😩 the hospital forgot to include my colonoscopy prep sheets and now I've received them in the post! Not looking forward to Sunday-Tuesday 😞 #crohns #crohnsdisease #chronie #chronicillness #ibd #ulcerativecolitis #colitis #colonoscopy
ulcerativecolitis - crohnsdisease - chronie - ibd - colonoscopy - chronicillness - crohns - colitis -
kattarinnaa : Man, that should have been one of the first things they should have told you! Did you pick up your prep yet?
kattarinnaa : Oops. You did! I remember liking the photo... Sorry, girlie for the bad news. I remember when I got out, the nurse who was trying to wake me up after my procedure was eating a jolly rancher hard candy and I could smell it. In my just way out of it state, I must have asked the GI if I could have some, because when I work up several hours later on my board in my room under nutrition it said hard candy only and I had a huge cup full of jolly ranchers on my table.
tobydar84 - ohemgeeitsniamh - our_life_with_crohns - aheslinga -
not again :( #colonoscopy #ibd #ulcerativecolitis #stlukes #pinoy #philippines
stlukes - ulcerativecolitis - colonoscopy - pinoy - philippines - ibd -
aaron_lifts : Great pic!
rodelosreyes - idontevenfnknow - daniel__kwon - dreyaestrada -
Colonoscopy and endoscopy today waiting still for test results from biopsy but from the cameras all looked good except for some inflammation #colonoscopy#ednoscopy#biopsy#procedure#anesthesia#cameras#doctors#hospital#marybridge#marybridgechildrenshospital#childrenshospital#crohns#colitis#ulcerivecolitis
ulcerivecolitis - childrenshospital - hospital - cameras - biopsy - crohns - doctors - ednoscopy - colitis - colonoscopy - marybridgechildrenshospital - marybridge - anesthesia - procedure -
_superweeniehutjrs_ : Good luck homey
alithedreamer - liaaaa_bobiaaaa - our_life_with_crohns - __carson.a -
Tonight's dinner. :) Colon cancer is no joke. It took the lives of those that meant the world to me and I refuse to be another statistic. The procedure isn't that bad and early detection can save your life! #colonoscopy #imgettingmine #gogetyours #colonoscopy #noshame
noshame - gogetyours - imgettingmine - colonoscopy -
bingyee123 : woke up? that's nutty!
pili_maui : @bingyee123- yes! Like twice and I could see the monitor. Now I know what I look like inside and out! LOL!!
bingyee123 : that is unreal! ur funny lol
bingyee123 : good luck tmw
pili_maui : @bingyee123 😁 thank you!
bingyee123 : thank you! ur share and positive preventative attitude are winnahs!
littlemissarthritis : Good luck!!! The prep is the worst part, right? I know you will do great -- sending prayers and love your way!
pili_maui : @bingyee123 @littlemissarthritis - thanks ladies! All done, 1 polyp removed and now it's time to eat! I'm sooo hungry! And yes, drinking that whole gallon sucks! LOL!
mr_perreira - caliglamgurl21 - hinajwlshawaii - tdunlap_z -
#ayahuasca #colonoscopy
ayahuasca - colonoscopy -
hobotown : Buddys !
olrikitiki : Cool! I've always wondered how that's spelled
_polyptych - kaylab______ - tensixtysix - kayemceecee -
#colonoscopy #over #thankgod
over - thankgod - colonoscopy -
tankkbomber : You're brave! Hope all is well!
brandonadams : Ugh...brutal. I've had 3 in my lifetime and that's 3 too many.
irredesign : Dude
natebulbus : AIDS is a hard one to shake
lembo77 : Nate I shook the aids years ago, I will be fine y'all @tankkbomber @natebulbus @irredesign @brandonadams
amoslambskin - therydelab - _lizaveta - kirstinelisa -
6 PM. Go time. #letsdothis #bottomsup #colonoscopy 🍸🍹
colonoscopy - stephgetsacolonoscopy - bottomsup - letsdothis -
stephneallison : #stephgetsacolonoscopy
stacladd : This falls under the TMI category
amcelder : Did you really make a hashtag for this?!
steph1913 : I love the hash tag! Hope your night wasn't too sleepless 🌙
hannahkredford - jgreenamyer - steph1913 -
Examinations of the week done. Until now my on going abdominal pains remain mystery. I'm gonna meet up the gastrosurgeon after a month again, and then she'll have the biopsy results and she'll also discuss about my case with some other doctors because the beginning of these pains was somewhat out of normal. I just want this to stop or to clarify, i'll do just fine with the three chronic pain illnesses i allready have. Now it's time for a nap. #health #healthproblems #gastroissues #stomachache #abdominalpain #pain #colonoscopy #endoscopy #doctorsappointment #examination #tired #chronicpain #nap #sleep #spoonie #crps #chronicmigraine #thoracicoutletsyndrome
healthproblems - chronicpain - pain - stomachache - tired - abdominalpain - chronicmigraine - gastroissues - crps - colonoscopy - sleep - spoonie - endoscopy - doctorsappointment - nap - examination - thoracicoutletsyndrome - health -
topinmutsi - mrsronn - g.________ - corinnazexc -
Making a funny #colonoscopy #momsdrunk
momsdrunk - colonoscopy -
terrispiano : You are so funny! And boy are you gonna be in trouble when your mama comes around lol!!🎺🎷💨😂 love u!!
tchristine88 : Lol she wasn't too happy but it was too funny not to share @terrispiano
tchristine88 : Oh and I love you too!!!!!
daballer_11 : Is she really
daballer_11 : Haha
fuffiejane - michelleb_26_19 - ericanail - jtahkadams -
And so it begins #moviprep #colonoscopy #ibd #ibdwarrior #uc #ulcerativecolitis
ibdwarrior - moviprep - ulcerativecolitis - colonoscopy - ibd - uc -
granitesd1 : Hope you get better soon 🌸
messera : Brave boy! Hope all went well.
nurmelii - our_life_with_crohns - amandarud08 - petermdowd -
Fun afternoon lunch at McAlisters, even though I can't eat. #colonoscopy eve.
colonoscopy -
servehim08 : Is it free tea day????? Lol
macado75 : That's tomorrow Bro! Take advantage!
meekmeek75 - wallacrr -
Operation MadDrain #3hoursofsurgery #colonoscopy #logonoscopy #legoproblems #legos #lego #operation #surgery
3hoursofsurgery - legoproblems - lego - colonoscopy - operation - legos - surgery - logonoscopy -
jobtejas : Tools: a stick, steel nerves and an iphone 5 w/ flash on. No lego left behind ✊
tutushka : Ahahahahaha
jobtejas : @tutushka aç totonu da gül, 12 saat uğraştip minik pembe zirtapoz için 😅😅😅
tutushka : Actim zaten!! :))) öyle gülünce tadi cikti... 😁😜😆😂😂😂
jobtejas : @tutushka Aferün aferünnn 😝😝😝😝
crimsonking2014 - soarmedical - robalcaraz - keith_lowry -
But at least my #colonoscopy #wedges are #fabulous. #glamouralways 🔹💙🔹
wedges - fabulous - glamouralways - colonoscopy -
supersoniccash : Gorgeous
rachelle_hurd : You should bring flip flops for afterwards. you will be so messed up from being put under you won't be able to walk straight. At least I couldn't from the two I've had. And I don't get messed up easily.
rachelle_hurd : Oh sorry, thought you were getting one!! Lol!!
kittykat_love : Cute!!
koalamaiden : @rachelle_hurd LOL nope dads colonoscopy!
atlgirl1 - denyism - dani_0693 - lindseymerridith -
The father, looking forward to his favorite thing - a fresh intestinal cleansing! #colonoscopy
colonoscopy -
rachelle_hurd : My doc was super hot and made it all worth while!!!! Cutest ass doc in DE!!!!! Dr. Marefat.
artistg : Always out for a good time!
koalamaiden : @rachelle_hurd Dad has a thing for his doc too so he made sure he looked fresh and clean in all the right places. 💩
leylainit - susanalicia - atlgirl1 - denyism -
Erin is going to kill me. Getting ready for her colonoscopy. #hospital #crohns #colonoscopy #hospitalgown #waytoearly #tired
hospitalgown - tired - waytoearly - hospital - colonoscopy - crohns -
ruthannipdh - rabiasagirkaya - sammmieboy - our_life_with_crohns -
It's 6am and I'm waiting for my father to get a #colonoscopy. #goodtimes
goodtimes - colonoscopy -
sonytommy : This is what u were doing!!
koalamaiden : @sonytommy Yes sorry for texting you so early. TEEHEE. 😴😴😴
leylainit - higherpowa - atlgirl1 - jjthudson -
Laying in my bed and reflecting on my trip to DC....This was my second trip to DC, a trip full of excitement and uncertainty. I'm always excited to see my @FightCRC family and getting the best hugs anyone can ever get but I also Go with such uncertainty and doubt. Am I really making a difference? Does what I say really matter? this goes on and on in my head till I'm standing in a room full of people sharing my story and realize I'm not doing this for me, I'm doing this for the voiceless, those lost, the future, my friends, Family and most of all my children. I had to suffer so you wouldn't have to, so I speak in hopes that you may listen and take hold of your health and well being. In hopes that you Listen to your body and make no excuses. It hurts beyond words to say Goodbye to those lost by this disease, some loses are inevitable but many are avoidable. I ask sincerely and whole heartedly please take your health seriously, Colon Cancer is preventable! If your 50 and over Get screened and if your like me under 50 and are experiencing symptoms Please see your DR ASAP!! Be about it Dont just talk about it!!
life - speakup - getscreened - 80by2018 - advocate - dc - coloncancer - colonoscopy - your - nj - survivor - colorectalcancer - capitalhill - 80by18 - save - coloncancersurvivor -
jovannie_lorenzo : @corybooker Please Help Co-sponsor HR1070 and remove the barriers to colon cancer screening
jovannie_lorenzo : #survivor #coloncancer #coloncancersurvivor #capitalhill #DC #advocate #colorectalcancer #80by2018 #80by18 #NJ #speakup #colonoscopy #getscreened #save #your #life
thesuperman824 : 👍 love this post!!
jovannie_lorenzo : @thesuperman824 Thank you, felt in my heart to share :)
danielleisb : Your voice and story definitely makes a difference! Promise!
anjeedavis : Your a great advocate!
jovannie_lorenzo : @danielleisb Thank you Danielle!!
jovannie_lorenzo : @anjeedavis Thank you Anjee!!
melvia2123 - bets_aida - jerrilynm - anjeedavis -
Resting after my #colonoscopy. #ulcerativecolitis #colitis #ibd #noticehoweveryotherpersoninthewaitingroomisasenior #couldbeworse #mealtime
mealtime - couldbeworse - noticehoweveryotherpersoninthewaitingroomisasenior - ulcerativecolitis - colonoscopy - ibd - colitis -
erinhensonwellness : Hope you're feeling better. That procedure is no fun 😕
lexemma : @lifeinthebathroom are you having relaps these times? :-) I wish you strength and semding hugs dear :-)
marisa676 : How was the procedure? I'm nervous about it and I'm 21
vemily17 - our_life_with_crohns - tru_sc0rpi0 - rhonda.vk -
Oh yay! #colonoscopy #1week #great
great - 1week - colonoscopy -
haleyelijay : Its not bad ive had a few of them. Its cool when u wake up though ur all fucked up loopy amd shit hahaha. Not scary at all
downsouthsass : Thanks @haleyelijay I'm not scared OF the procedure, just what the outcome means
haleyelijay : Oh I feel you. Hope everything turns out ok.
dianarhoden : What's it for?
downsouthsass : @dianarhoden text me
justinasxlu - fitnessthatworks - alyfromthevaly - dianarhoden -
No solids, dairy or red, blue or purple colours for the next 2 days! Orange and green freezies + frozen lemonade it is! 🍋🍊🍏 #colonoscopy #gastroscopy #mybodyisattackingitself #colitis #ulcerativecolitis #ibd #crohns #whyme #luigis #frozenlemonade
luigis - whyme - ulcerativecolitis - frozenlemonade - ibd - colonoscopy - mybodyisattackingitself - crohns - colitis - gastroscopy -
wildearthchild : Ugh I am due for my 5th colonoscopy soon. The cleanse out is the worst. I hope all goes well darling. <3 eat some cannabis oil its very helpful
wildearthchild : Dennis iritis is back full swing too. I hope yours is better!
naturallyrachel : 5th?! Holy shit :( hopefully no more growths for you this time ❤️ yes today is not a good day :( wish I had some oils on me but all I have is buds! Still seems to help though 😊 thank you for your kind words @wildearthchild ❤️
naturallyrachel : Sending my condolences to him 😟 I know how that feels!! I've had a few days in the last month but it hasn't gotten very bad, thankfully!
oaktownash : Oh Italian Ice. Diet of IBD champs. Good luck!
aprila1972 - annabannerbelle - youngndbeautiful21 - vemily17 -
I woke up to a package with my name on it and got super excited! I never get packages and I thought it might have been a present.. I was totally WRONG. This is what was in the package 😭 I am terrified because I've heard that picolax tastes absolutely awful and I've never had to drink it before any of my other colonoscopies! Oh well, this is the first step to confirm whether or not I will be having life changing surgery or not. Next Tuesday I will be out of it on sedation, WISH ME LUCK 😏👌 #crohns #crohnsdisease #colitis #ulcerativecolitis #colonoscopy #ibd #chronicillness #chronie #spoonie
spoonie - crohnsdisease - colonoscopy - ibd - ulcerativecolitis - chronie - chronicillness - crohns - colitis -
tom_jenks17 : @bethanypurnell haha sorry to laugh but yeh I've been there as well. Got a letter with a package...turned out it was picolax 😦 I didn't find it bad tasting at all, bit artificial but not bad x
raciepie : Aw that's so mean, tricking you! I hope it goes well and the results are good news <3
catherine_day_ : Picolax isn't too bad actually! Just chuck it back and you'll be fine :) Moviprep is the one that tastes awful! Wishing you luck x
superiorrunner : Good luck
clkuba - superiorrunner - emiiilyroseee - raciepie -
#colonoscopy prep, so not the buzz
colonoscopy -
laurakugg : Oww gurl beeen there....
laurakugg : X
katherine_bain : @laurakugg eurgh worst thing ive ever tasted
madeleinebain - cosgroryan - laurakugg - nixrodz -
What I bought at Glove World #emazing #snugfit #colonoscopy #mrhands
mrhands - snugfit - emazing - colonoscopy -
thatbuhllooks : Lmao the hastags are great @thomas_tarantulum
matt_zur - tea_oh_are_i - xselfexplosive - bigherrm -
My uncle dealing with his AARP #colonoscopy
colonoscopy -
mittteyo - i_6et_alottad4t - xfallenangel1x - superfrankiepantsxd -
Sneak peek at our fall guts: colon plush! #colon #ibd #crohns #colitis #colorectal #colonoscopy
colon - colorectal - colonoscopy - ibd - crohns - colitis -
lillyaycud : Neck pillow for airplane?
rachelzunder : OMG. @laura_hellen
cristiperezviso : Es una almohada para el cuelloooooo @maxrawr @crisbethruiz @arianneaiffil
iheartguts : @lillyaycud I'm definitely gonna give it a go on my next flight!
iheartguts : @muttermuseum look, we're making a healthy colon to go with the diseased one!
maxrawr : @cristiperezviso ve el puto teléfono
kangaroochel : must have!
crisbethruiz : Morí jajajaja @cristiperezviso
bethanypurnell - naturallyrachel - idontevenfnknow - jet.puft -
Hospital#Colonoscopy#Routine Test
routine - colonoscopy -
_____chrisdanger : @hernandez.loraine que salgas bien
hernandez.loraine : Grax Cristian, todo salio bn
msnadal : Everything Will Turn Out great!! Dios te bendiga
hernandez.loraine : Thanks Michy
_____chrisdanger - cahaca - pardoj - rivera___david -
and - week - başı - patient - monday - sigmoid - bleeding - after - colon - general - kolonoskopi - polipectomy - colonoscopy - happay - surgeon - with - snare - cerrahi - no - hospital - polyp - hastane - pazartesi - genel - starting - hafta -
gokselcigdem1907 : Sabah sabah başladın yine 😜 @cifb1907
cifb1907 : Senin için @gokselcigdem1907
senailhan - nyna_mcneen - sukrusanli - ozbeksevgi -
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