#colonoscopy #disgusting #ThereHasToBeABetterWay #coloncancer #SaveYourLife #TalkWithYourDoctor #prevention
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Two polyps in the abundance of bile in the stomach body. Require polypectomy. Histology: tubular adenomas / 2 полипа на широком основании в теле желудка, требующие полипэктомии, обильное количество желчи вокруг. По данным гистологии это тубулярные аденомы.
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sea_tanusha : Это желчи так много вокруг?
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#KanGenWater #KanGenMachine #ChangeYourWater #ChangeYourLife #Enagic #HealthyLife #HealtyLiving #HealthyBody #HiromiShinya #ShinyaMethod #Colonoscopy #Endoscopy #Water
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arnoldjdonato : Motivating!
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Colonoscopy shenanigans.. #lupus #colitis #health #colonoscopy #psoriasis #psoriaticarthritis #ehlersdanlos #bodyimage #stronger #mindovermatter #mindoverbody #onedayatatime
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LMFAOOL!!!!!!!!! #lol #haha #h #a #ha #lmao #lmfao #lmfaool #rofl #laugh #laughing #joke #healthtip #health #tip #doctor #airport #free #colonoscopy
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Have to drink all this to clean out my colon for my colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow. Though hey, the 1st step to the good life is focus on your health. #coloncleanser #colonoscopy #endoscopy #healthcomesfirst #staypositive #stayontherise
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boosted_ford : Sounds fun
etherealmusicallyricalartist87 : @boosted_ford eh I'm not complaining. As Gabriel Iglesias says when he goes to the restroom, "I'm exploding!" Lol
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Hoping that tests today can finally help me get better. 😌 #endoscopy #colonoscopy #coeliac #chrohns #wannabeabletoeatandnotbesick
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fodmapfactory : hey lovely Have you seen our website? We are launching some exciting new stuff soon:)
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geeunderlin : I have this tomorrow 😱 @madds_g @gracegardner_ xx
gracegardner_ : You'll be fine girl, the preparation for it is the worst part! It's good to know what's wrong with you though 😘 @geeunderlin
gracegardner_ : One day we will be normal 😂😂 @madds_g
gffmcafe : ♥ hope they figure it all out
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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month! This is important to me since my mom had colon cancer and beat it last March. Listening to your body and getting checked for colon cancer is extremely important. Unfortunately for colon cancer, even though it is very preventable with a colonoscopy, it doesn't give you signs or symptoms until it's pretty developed in your body. FORTUNATELY... There are ways to lower your risk of being diagnosed... - probiotics, not only are they great for digestion but your overall gut health is important for overall health, a healthy gut allows for a strong immune system. There are many forms of probiotics and there are foods that are natural probiotic like kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir and gut friendly yogurt! - Chemicals.. it sounds annoying to hear but what you use to clean your house with, your body, makeup, deodorant, lotions, even your olive oil spray for cooking has chemicals in it. It's expensive to live a natural and chemical free life.... But cancer is even more expensive. 😉 - DRINKING WATER! You should be drinking 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water daily (140 lbs | 2 = 70 ounces of water daily). There are endless benefits to drinking water. Water flushes shit out of your body, toxins and literal shit so do it! - Relax on the processed food and canned veggies. First off canned veggies are high in sodium, disgustingly high. Eat fresh or frozen. Avoid processed foods and the foods full of shit. It's not worth the taste, ever. Don't try to argue me on this, you will lose. - cancer thrives in an acidic environment, eat foods that help keep your pH more alkaline, look it up. It's not hard. At all. -Cancer also lives sugar, avoiding sugar is huge. Of course there's sugar in fruit and foods that are healthy but really everything in moderation. - wear sunscreen, stop using tanning beds, wear sunglasses and stop using microwaves, this all sounds crazy but UV radiation doesn't disappear. I never wore sunglasses before but I do now. Even when it's not summer it's important!!! The snow reflects high UV rays as well! Be smart. - spicy foods are great for helping prevent colon cancer! (Continued below)💙
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_kmundhenk : - do your research and read, but easy swaps in your daily life can help prevent cancer. I will be posting things all month long, but this was a huge post to set the bar. I feel like people aren't educated about cancer prevention, and unless you know someone close to you who has had cancer it's not important yet because it hasn't directly hurt you. It can and most likely will. Cancer is everywhere. Education and prevention is huge. 💙
_kmundhenk : #fuckcancer #coloncancer #march #coloncancerawareness #colorectalcancer #blue #iwearblue #cancerprevention #marchiscoloncancerawareness
_kmundhenk : #cancersucks #touchthebutt #colonoscopy #whatsupyourbutt #formymom
_kmundhenk : #organic #health #healthyliving #healthylife
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#coloncancer is the #2 #cancerkiller symptoms include: lumps in abdomen, blood in mucus/stool, changes with bowl movement, having urges to go even when bowl has emptied, unexplained weightloss, fatigue, pain/discomfort. ***A diet of red process meat and fat can make you at risk. ** getting a routine #colonoscopy done can help detect early signs to help seek treatment. #marchawareness #coloncancerawareness
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Can you believe it's already March?? That means it's Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month! I hope you guys are ready for another Dress in BLUE day this Friday, March 6th to support Colon Cancer Awareness. March also marks SEVEN years for my mom, colon cancer free! If you're 50 or over and are reading this, make sure you get screened and get your #colonoscopy! 💙💙 #awareness #CRCadvocacy #advocate #coloncancerawareness #dressinblueday #FightCRC #CCA
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meoneil4 : @miss_meghan562 haha we all said the same thing!! it actually is a blue checkered shirt, but you could barely tell 😳
miss_meghan562 : His shirt is as blue as the dress is white and gold haha!
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htothegtotheb : Going into the gastro for my "pre colonoscopy" appointment Wednesday! Love me a trip to the ass man!
kohw26 : @htothegtotheb wow 🙈
htothegtotheb : @kohw26 might want to think about it yourself cuz with our family history...
kohw26 : @htothegtotheb I know I know... It's a good idea
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The Laguna Hills Surgery Center with my team of nurses! I'm blessed to have such an amazing team!
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💙💙💙💙 today is the day the 2015 Colondar 2.0 is now available 💙💙💙💙 you can go to and get yours for only $10! The Colondars message is to show that colon cancer is NOT and old mans disease! Inside are stories from 12 fighters( all under 50) who can show you just that! If you know someone in the fight or just found out they may have it this is a great magazine that can maybe inspire them during their own battle or remind them they are not alone! Please please please share and repost this! It would mean the world (and I can shout you out) Thank you so much! 💙💙💙💙 #colondar2pointohhh #colonclub #coloncancer #fxckcancer #survivornation #survivors
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Whos ready for a camera up the butt. #colonoscopy #nervous
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michaelyorkvickers : Really?
knockerdan : #notsayingaword serious note though hope your ok
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apb87 : Iv just had my 3rd :-( not nice at all. But the drugs are good :-) so that's a bonus. Hope your ok xx
michaelyorkvickers : Thanks man. It surely can't be that bad
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March is the month of colorectal cancer awareness. Have you booked your colonoscopy? #colonoscopy #cancersucks #cancerawareness #cancersurvivor #cancerfighter #fightagainstcancer #curecancer #cancer #chemotherapy #oncology #nohairdontcare
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opalmedgirl : Prayers!
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After what happened, smile. 😸 Thank you my Lord. 😇🙏#LastFriday #Endoscopy #Colonoscopy #Blessed #OnlyGastritis
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We knew it was black and blue! In honor of Colon Cancer Awareness Month, we are going blue too! Come by our Offices for free patient goodies when you get a consult or procedure in the month of March! #DrGupta #Gastroenterology #StomachDoctor #Colonoscopy #ColonCancerAwarenessMonth #March #NYC #Brooklyn #FarRockaway
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guptagastro : #TheDress Visit us at to book an appointment now
lauratsweeney : Cool @fitnessandfortune
guptagastro : Let's Break the Internet with Blue to Honor Colon Cancer Awareness Month 💙 #BreakTheInternet #GoBlue #TheDress
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mandaloom : Digestive mandala ... Good food + healthy life 🌻
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quazziacreations : Hey! Join my contest if you're interested in me drawing you! 💕✨ check my latest post :')
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Bowel prep night #picolax #colonoscopy
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lealea1711 : Haha ive txt u. How's it going xx
staceymaxwell14 : Oh good luck @michaelyorkvickers lea is always borking with that 😊x
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The #calprotectin test suggested inflammation but what did the #colonoscopy show? - latest post explains #IBD #Crohns #Crohnsjourney
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Cancer of the sigmoid colon. Tumor size of 11 x 10 cm. Tumor invades all layers of the wall, grows into the rectum and bladder. Surgery: pelvic exenteration / Опухоль сигмовидной кишки размером до 11 на 10 см. Прорастает все слои стенки, врастает в прямую кишку, серозную оболочку мочевого пузыря. Выполнена эвисцерация малого таза. Histology: poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma Гистология: низко дифференцированная аденокарцинома
больница - cancer - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - medical - surgeon - фгдс - medicine - нгма - medstudent - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - эрхпг - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
katiep7486 : I love you're IG account! HIPPA laws in the states forbid posting photos from cases. Do you know surgeons in other specialties that have similar accounts?
kosmetologrnd : Хардкор, однако
ilkingeyushov : У нас на днях был практически идентичный случай!
missnaseem : @missnaseemsays
sn1vel : @kosmetologrnd 😊😊😊
sn1vel : @ilkingeyushov и что в итоге?
ilkingeyushov : @sn1vel резекция сигмы была, гистерэктомия с придатками и резекция мочевого пузыря . При вскрытии опухоли полость с гноем! Отправили на гистологию ждем результатов! Либо абсцесс , либо опухоль уже нагноившаяся)ждем
sn1vel : @ilkingeyushov 👍👍👍
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Just in case you wanted to know instructions for a colonoscopy. #sospecific #colonoscopy #bawtt
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ultimatemariana : I know its horrible!
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Have you sceduled your colonosocopy ? Screen this too :) #cancer #cancerawareneness #colonoscopy #coloncancer #coloncancerawareness #t&a #breastcancer #breastcancerawareness
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journeyappstorekrystal : Hello :) please read my last post & see what were doing. I think your going to love it. If you can help us out & tag a friend that will be great. #love
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#NationalDressInBlueDay is only a week away: Friday March 6, 2015. By wearing something blue & sharing your pictures, you are showing your support for Colorectal Cancer Awareness, detection, prevention, & education. Every year, approximately 140,000 are diagnosed with CRC...I was once 1 of them. Go blue! #colorectal #cancer #survivor #dectection #prevention #colonoscopy #goblue #saveyourbutt #cca #coloncancer #chris4life
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journeyappstorekrystal : Hi there, if you want to see how i am helping change the world, please visit my last post :)
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#mine #mineshaft #Auburn #AuburnCA #quarry #colonoscopy
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Atrophic gastritis with total intestinal metaplasia / Хронический атпофический гастрит с кишечной метаплазией в теле и пилорической части. Пациент перенес холецистэктомию 13 лет назад, и с тех пор отмечаются постоянные эпизоды дуоденогастрального рефлюкса ..
amjad_a_ah : @mooon__1345
sja_sh : يع
abdullahbriki : ايمي روكو مسويه له لايك وجا بالاكسبلورر لنا😕
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9_nx : @allllxax وشذا😷😷
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Getting ready for colon cancer awareness month. #healthandwellness #colonoscopy
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liberationnation : Found your page very motivating! Thank you! -Libby
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Book I found in the GI department library and pretty much sums up everything I learned this month. 💩 Also having a #colonoscopy can add about 15 years to your life- so don't avoid it no matter how not fun it is. I've seen patients come in for routine screenings but they end up having polyps. Now we can follow those people more closely to make sure they won't get more polyps, which would turn into cancer. Screening for colon cancer works and is #publichealthwin for all of us. #everyonepoops #truth #GI #justagirlandherbooks #fridayhumor
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micdeesing : Please tell me this is not the first time you've read this book?! It's a classic children's book! My grandparents thought it was hysterical to give us all for Christmas one year😂
ladoctorista : I've not seen it before! Double fun times for me.
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A co-worker in the bad was talking about his girlfriend's colonoscopy haha. #goofy #random #faces #bored #work #colonoscopy #farting
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svstn_ : sweeeeeet @VinesBeLike
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6 month #colonoscopy was clear! Until next year @nyphospital! 💙 #getscreened #screeningsaves #CRC #colon #cancer #advocate #practicewhatipreach #selfie
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tpa_nuffsed : Ain't THAT some shit
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Went to the hospital today for a #colonoscopy and #endoscopy and didn't eat for two days. I feel like death 💀
endoscopy - hazelgrace - colonoscopy -
sammy0261 : I felt like #hazelgrace with the oxygen tube in my nose 👃
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Y esto es lo que hay una vez al año... #nopucesperar #nadanospara #crohn #crohndisease #igtp #accucatalunya #accuespaña #missbowel #ibd #kingcrohn #enfermedadesraras #crohnfigther #investigacion #doctores #colonoscopy #valor #gracias
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mapihappy : Venga q tu puedes con esto y maaaas!!! Y lo sabes!!😜
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Get a load of this doofus! #ineverwearhats #vape #vapeporn #peoplewhovapewilllikethis #colonoscopy #despair
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pale.earnhardt : 💨💨
cassidy__cameron : Nice face did ur mom give it to you?
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antjcernigliagmailcom : You ok buddy
drewsndc : @antjcernigliagmailcom alls good now!! Needed a "tune up" and a come to Jesus talking with a doc if you know what I mean!! Let's just say Big Macs ain't cutting it these days!!
drewsndc : #potomachospital #sentara #colonoscopy #yikes #nurses #doctors #inova #geterdone
drewsndc : #woodbridge #virginia
antjcernigliagmailcom : You need to clean up your diet, cut back on the carbs and eat clean.
sheastwistedworld : CALL ME ASAP!
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