Dallas might be keeping calm but I'm not!!!! MANY Crohn's and colitis patients are on immunosuppressant medication. This is why I'm worried about Ebola. With no immune system, I don't even want to know what could happen. Please everyone as cold and flu season approaches THINK HEALTH AND HYGIENE! I'm no doctor but I know these 4 simple rules can help us all stay healthy and prevent spreading anything. 1. Carry around mini hand sanitizers 2. Sneeze/cough into your arm, not the air or objects. 3. Wash your hands! 4. Be cautious 👀 #ebola #publichealth #besafe #stayhealthy
toiletlove - besafe - crohnsdisease - jpouch - ibdfam - gastro - stayhealthy - toiletselfie - colonoscopy - stoma - ibdawareness - aliaonthetoilet - inflammatoryboweldisease - ulcerativecolitis - ibd - crohns - porcelainthrone - gi - ebola - ibs - publichealth - uc - girlspooptoo -
aliaonthetoilet : #crohns #crohnsdisease #ibd #uc #ulcerativecolitis #girlspooptoo #inflammatoryboweldisease #ibdawareness #colonoscopy #stoma #gastro #GI #jpouch #ibdfam #aliaonthetoilet #ibs #toiletselfie #toiletlove #porcelainthrone
stefanielizabethh - la_rue_bix_cube - daddytobi - whoisaudrey -
I am very scared about what is going to happen next! #colonoscopy #ouch
ouch - colonoscopy -
dellavvvvtickner_055 - alixwenig - esperanzahelbing - maryannvvray_034 -
The scariest part about Crohn's and colitis is feeling like a piece of your life has been ripped away. That diagnosis literally changes your life, it flips it all over the place. Depression isn't any less vicious of a disease than Crohn's or colitis. It's not something to brush aside, and nothing to be ashamed of. For me, depression came right along with Crohn's. But you take what life gives you and you throw it right back! Idk if that makes sense....just talk to a friend when you feel down. And I can be that friend too!!! #ibdfamily
toiletlove - gastro - crohnsdisease - jpouch - ibdfam - toiletselfie - colonoscopy - stoma - ibdawareness - ibdfamily - aliaonthetoilet - inflammatoryboweldisease - ulcerativecolitis - ibd - porcelainthrone - gi - ibs - crohns - uc - girlspooptoo -
aliaonthetoilet : This is exactly why I made this page!! So we can all connect and share laughter together. Many people don't understand the severity of this disease but we all do!!! You have a safe place here to talk about anything going on! @ricocelestediaz @jajabinks86 @marissa_emanuel12 @mswagg88 @_mrsfischer
sweetp109 : I told you...she always hits the nail on the head @mswagg88
_mrsfischer : @aliaonthetoilet I got all kinds of medication and nothing is working for me, tomorrow I'm going to try a new medicine called "Entyvio" (Vedolizumab). Hopefully this works for me, keep my fingers crossed ... 🙏 feels so good to know someone like you who's going through the same!
aliaonthetoilet : @_mrsfischer definitely keep me posted!!! I'm gonna look that medication up now I never heard of it
_mrsfischer : @aliaonthetoilet my doc said its something new and admitted since July here in Germany, you get it as an IV like remicade...
aliaonthetoilet : @mswagg88 @sweetp109 hey! Im glad you guys are benefiting from whatever random crap I post!! Lmao Where do you guys live? I live in Long Island New York, I was thinking since I met so many great people on here to maybe try to meet up for something fun and forget about our problems. Let me know what you think!!!
aliaonthetoilet : @_mrsfischer oh wow I just read the FDA in the states just approved it also. It sounds like Humira, cus of the side effects and stuff. Hopefully it works better for you than everything else. I know it sucks to go from medication to medication but you'll find the right one soon and you'll be glad you did!!! Lol
_mrsfischer : @aliaonthetoilet I'll keep you updated but it takes up to 14 weeks till it starts working -.-
arabianniiiightz - marissa_emanuel12 - m3llowmike - briauna1233 -
colonoscopy -
thegoosen8er : Where is that going.. I want to skate it
matt_ohern - billy.styskal - tmaranz14 - con78 -
My fellow #crohnies and colitis sufferers can relate to prep day😩 HOWEVER this prep tastes just like the citrus flavored emergenC which is a Godsend compared to the other ones that make you want to remove your taste buds 🙊lol • #Colonoscopy scheduled bright and early for 7:30am tomorrow. Let's see how bad my #CrohnsDisease is these days. For now, if you post food pictures I'll report it as spam 🚫😠 • #prettygirlspoop #prepday #crohnie #crohnieproblems #spoonie #fightlikeagirl #purpleribbon #awareness #chronicillness #invisibleillness
prettygirlspoop - crohnie - crohnsdisease - spoonie - invisibleillness - crohnies - fightlikeagirl - crohnieproblems - purpleribbon - colonoscopy - prepday - chronicillness - awareness -
melissagetch : And after all that it wasn't even a successful prep 😒 screenshotting this for my next checkup
nojuicejustjin_55 : Ugh I'm sorry hun i feel your pain @melissagetch definitely lmk how this one goes next prep!
shakexpeare : Hope it goes well and you feel better!
nojuicejustjin_55 : Thank you :) @shakexpeare
sweetbelladonna : Ooooh.. so since I work at a pharmacy as an intern and I get to explain the directions on the genetic PEG (polyethylene glycol = the big flush) and they sometimes come with the little preopik packets to add in. I know we have an "invisible disease" but for some reason people come to me for advice... (They don't know that this girl had had 7! Dx 2000 and they used the phosphorus soda back then. ..oh and ps... It was taken from the market because it caused heart problems) so anyway. .... find some good magazines and a funny movie. Also get a BETTER flavor, you can use the sugarless "MIO" drink add ins... or propyl... etc. GOOD LUCK AND I WISH YOU GOOD DRUGS AND AN EXCELLENT NAP AFTER. Also an accurate outcome. Keep us updated ♡
nojuicejustjin_55 : This is why you're awesome @sweetbelladonna !!! Thank you for the info 💜💜 and I hope you've been feeling better lately. I wish me good drugs, too lol 😉
sophiarods : @nojuicejustjin_55 my love hope everything goes well! xoxo
tessie_lou : This prep is the best one and the only one that hasn't made me sick! Hope everything went well!
sarevalo_ - majaki89 - jen_meneses_dana - kevin_fit13 -
TW! Wow, EDs are so glamorous and sexy you guys! NOT!!! Now officially starts my bowel prep for my colonoscopy (along sidd with an EGD). I'm 29. My 67 year old father had this done a few months ago for a routine colon cancer check. I'm getting this and the throat/stomach scope because of these past few years of purging, abusing laxatives/diuretics/enemas/suppositories/diet pills/ name it. My stomach and GI system have been through the works. LapBand, emergency LapBand removal surgery, binging, purging, restricting, starving, excessive exercise, pills galore. All for a piece of mind I still haven't attained. And you better believe extreme stomach pain, nausea, bloating, bloody stools, inability to go w/out laxatives, etc. haven't given me peace either. I felt (and still don't actually) like I was bionic, untouchable. 3 admissions and months and months of putting my life on hold say otherwise. But hey, my weight is normal, labs are good, heart is I must not have a real problem, right? All I know is that while my friends and family are happy in their careers, relationships, having kids, getting married, going out, enjoying life, running..I'm getting scopes shoved up and down both directions. #eatingdisorderproblems #eatingdisorder #colonoscopy #egd #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexiarecovery #anarecovery #bulimiarecovery #ednos #ednosrecovery #anorexia #tooyoung #edwarrior #laxatives #laxativeabuse #dietpills #diuretics #scope #edawareness #notpretty #gross #suprep #ed #misery #stomachissues #consequences #gi #notworthit #nopeace
eatingdisorderproblems - gross - ed - nopeace - edawareness - stomachissues - dietpills - colonoscopy - eatingdisorder - diuretics - gi - anorexia - ednosrecovery - anarecovery - tooyoung - consequences - laxativeabuse - eatingdisorderrecovery - bulimiarecovery - anorexiarecovery - ednos - notpretty - laxatives - edwarrior - misery - notworthit - scope - suprep - egd -
mamagoesgreen : My prayers are with you!
sarahlomke : i'm so sorry that you have to do this, love. you're so amazing and strong and i know you'll get through this!! you're an ass-kicker, my dear. 👊
schaf818 : @mamagoesgreen thanks lady! @sarahlomke thanks gorgeous! I miss you! I hope you're doing well and congrats on all your TV spots! Girl you were born to act!!
xxkristyn - alexkalawe - dead_r0ses_ - muriel.tello2014 -
This dress really shows off my curves. #hospitalgown #gown #dress #welldressed #chic #fashionweek #bluehair #toxicteal #thelookforless #colonoscopy #starsandmoon #bathroomselfie #trashcan #trash
thelookforless - gown - starsandmoon - trash - bathroomselfie - toxicteal - fashionweek - welldressed - bluehair - colonoscopy - trashcan - chic - hospitalgown - dress -
fashion4styleblog - sarahfolger - sidneybandynyc - trevorpittinger -
They let me keep my shoes on. #nike #colonoscopy #gown #blacksneakers #nodrawers #newdress
blacksneakers - gown - colonoscopy - nodrawers - nike - newdress -
sammyjayneee - reneemee - b_innyc - kyle_noel4 -
#Colonoscopy all done. I arrived at 11am and am already on the way to grab a bite to eat. The procedure only takes about 20 minutes and is probably some of the best sleep I've ever had! :) Doc found some #polyps and removed them for biopsy. I'll find out the results in two weeks at my follow up. Colon cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined in the US. So, if you're over 50, at high risk (like me), or symptomatic, don't delay. Get your butt to the doctor ASAP! (Pun intended) #pinktober #screenthistoo #boobsandbutts #coloncancerawareness #screeningsaveslives #blueforMom
coloncancerawareness - screenthistoo - blueformom - boobsandbutts - screeningsaveslives - colonoscopy - pinktober - polyps -
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Yeah I know I am pretty #stupid. But after my #colonoscopy all I wanted to do was #lift. And so I did. This is a #MonkeyFuck 225lb high hang #snatch with a #snatchbalance. Then I did a pretty gnarly #metcon with 135 #thrusters #chesttobarpullups and #boxjumps. My body felt fine and everything felt super good so why not? #crossfit #gainz #gainzaremadewithgrainz #oly #crossfitlindy #boomsauce @crossfit @crossfitlindy
crossfitlindy - boxjumps - thrusters - gainz - snatch - lift - colonoscopy - metcon - oly - monkeyfuck - crossfit - chesttobarpullups - snatchbalance - boomsauce - stupid - gainzaremadewithgrainz -
leche__18 : @jmendoza_90 weakness is a choice
justincrozier8 : @kpatterson7
boomsauce051 : @theoutlawway @drob_nomad came close too
antwineperez : It's gotta be the sauce
gregnarc : @bobbyems @ian_albert26 speed!!
dak563 : Lol at #MonkeyFuck
dry_pickles : @a_terrou hahaha
lujurhosa : Nice snatch ♥
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A research paper I presented back in 2004. Read the article. Remember, colorectal cancer screening starts @ 50 for everyone. Get your Colonoscopy. #MiOncologo #DRRomero #HablemosDelCancer #AbigailBarrazaFoundation #Pinkhood #Colonoscopy#ColonCancer#screening
abigailbarrazafoundation - drromero - hablemosdelcancer - mioncologo - coloncancer - screening - colonoscopy - pinkhood -
chavelytaspinkhood : Good to know 👍
rockinangel_ - chavelytaspinkhood - weloveabf -
أعراض الرايات الحمراء .. أو الأعلام الحمراء هي بعض الأعراض التي تجعل من عمل منظار المعدة و القولون ضرورة ملحة .. Red flags ... #منظار #المعدة #القولون #سرطان_القولون #النزيف #gastroenterology #healthy_diet #healthy_food #health #obesity #weightloss #weightreduction #weight_loss #fitness #red_flags #colonoscopy #gastroscopy #weightloss #hematemesis #hematochezia
النزيف - hematochezia - القولون - gastroenterology - healthy_diet - colonoscopy - hematemesis - سرطان_القولون - منظار - weight_loss - weightloss - red_flags - health - المعدة - fitness - weightreduction - obesity - healthy_food - gastroscopy -
fahad_almudhaf : ولا مره سمعناك تقول صباح الخير 😉
shafialsharud : @s3eed_al3wami شف الحساب
kuwaitieh1973 - pink_25_ - q8charming - bo_mishari78 -
Marge. My mother. #colonoscopy
colonoscopy -
cjpierce90 : Love her
alltay09 : @cjpierce90 love u
erinquinnrogers - lyndsey23 - tallott11 - krs825 -
I just can't catch a break! I was in hospital for a week whilst Doctors tried to figure out why I was in so much abdominal pain every time I would have a drink or something to eat. After a gastroscopy and colonoscopy they found ulcers in my stomach, however they said that more must be going on because it wouldn't cause as much pain as I was in. So although I am happy to report I can eat and drink again, I now have to investigate further what the problem is, as Doctors suspect maybe Endometriosis.... And so the journey continues! #hospital #sick #health #pain #gastroscopy #colonoscopy #endometriosis #noluck #hospitallife #sicklife #illlife #illness #lymie #lymies #invisibleillness #lymedisease #keepfighting #neverstop #staystrong #staypositive #surgery #SamanthaJade
illness - illlife - lymies - staystrong - colonoscopy - neverstop - lymedisease - lymie - samanthajade - pain - surgery - keepfighting - hospitallife - invisibleillness - noluck - hospital - staypositive - health - sick - sicklife - endometriosis - gastroscopy -
officialsamanthajade : Thanks @hayleeprins ❤️xx
ashleighcallow : They still dont know @officialsamanthajade
officialsamanthajade : @ashleighcallow I'm sorry to hear that hun.. Isn't the body a mystery 😊
caseyparsons_ : ❤❤ such a strong girl
whatwouldlaureldo : Hi! I have Lyme, coinfections, and suspected Endo, too. Don't ever hesitate to reach out if you have questions/ thoughts/need to vent about any of this stuff!
whatwouldlaureldo : ...And I hope you are feeling better soon! xx
tylor_rides_bmx : Your perfect 😊
sharee_rosadoamor : Good luck I'm a #endowarrior and it's not easy
slagravinese - leo_ayala915 - counting_spoons - royalladvertising -
To-do list doodles. Yes, item three is #colonoscopy! #stillsore #sideeye #traditionalflash #traditionaltattoo #diverticulis
traditionaltattoo - sideeye - stillsore - colonoscopy - diverticulis - traditionalflash -
tattoosbydaniellange - coronadelaurel86 - wayward_wizard - ankalavrivtattoo -
My best friends #triplets #colonoscopy #wegetsilly #bestfriendsforever #alwayslaughingtogether
bestfriendsforever - colonoscopy - wegetsilly - alwayslaughingtogether - triplets -
rachellnicole27 : #chipndales
tashinaj422 - lauralangley6 - rachellnicole27 - sammi_kay_xo -
I'm getting a #Colonoscopy tomorrow!!! Wow I feel #old!!!! Been having some serious issues in my upper left abdomen so instead of being #stubborn like I usually am. I am actually going to do something about it. Drinking this nasty prep beverage for tomorrow and not eating anything all day has got me grouchy. Wish me luck!!!
stubborn - old - colonoscopy -
crossfitc2e : Good luck!
joshwhisler : Lol at the hashtag @austinpowers260 #colonoscopy
randypaez : Calling it moviprep seems oddly misleading. #Goodluck
cgorzynski : #thatssomerealshit #everybodypoops #evendansshitstinks
thebarbellcartel : Don't post pictures !
brasco16 : 😬😲😮💩💩💩
centenodiego : @villapeter100 this guy 👆 amazing
villapeter100 : @centenodiego his posting skills are outstanding. #EverybodyPoops
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Oh jello how I hate you.... #crohnie #colonoscopy #lame #crohndisease the trash can!
crohnie - theresalwaysroomforjello - lame - crohndisease - colonoscopy -
morales2368 -
Bit of #lifedrawing from the days Sunday session. Good times at #waspsstudios in #dalry nice space and nice people. Warn up for my life drawing class tomorrow at#eca #edinburghcollegeofart #illustrationoftheday #illustration #colonoscopy #sketch #sketchbook #Edinburgh #edinburghillustrator
sketchbook - sketch - illustrationoftheday - eca - edinburghcollegeofart - edinburgh - illustration - lifedrawing - edinburghillustrator - colonoscopy - waspsstudios - dalry -
_seaweedd - qurann - hg_thelaidbaqkid - enfant_precoce -
#worried #colon! XD
work - picoftheday - photo - medicinaechirurgia - colon - jj - colonoscopy - surgery - surgeon - medschoollife - doctor - galaxysii - medical - endoscopy - worried - diverticulum - endoscope - medicine - medicalschool - hospital - happy -
vannala : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #medschoollife #medicinaechirurgia #diverticulum #colon
vannala : #picoftheday #galaxysii #photo #jj #work #happy
vaporhookahpa : Nice!
vannala : @vaporhookahpa thx!
miciti : Parole dall'interno 😁
vannala : @miciti parole ventose!
pasqualedicarlo5 - fedezarcone - giuseppe_tara - superjenny -
Colon. Bleeding diverticulum / Ободочная кишка. Кровотечение из дивертикула
больница - cancer - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - medical - surgeon - фгдс - medicine - нгма - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - эгдс - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - эрхпг - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
sn1vel : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #ercp #эндоскопия #эндоскоп #медицина #хирургия #хирург #врач #больница #нижгма #нгма #Olympus #мед #анатомия #medlife #anatomy #futuredoctors #cancer #эрхпг #фгдс #эгдс
mparaboli : Congratulations Great Pics Good Morning from Brazil
sn1vel : @mparaboli thanks
mohammedaltriki - lafamedical - dmitrii_13 - drornafisher -
My #scrubs
love - photo - medicinaechirurgia - medical - jj - colonoscopy - navy - surgery - tools - surgeon - or - medschoollife - doctor - blunavy - hospital - endoscopy - operationroom - blu - pen - scrubs - endoscope - medicine - medicalschool - picoftheday - galaxysii -
vannala : #endoscopy #endoscope #surgery #surgeon #doctor #medical #medicine #medicalschool #hospital #colonoscopy #medschoollife #medicinaechirurgia #blu #navy #blunavy #jj #picoftheday #galaxysii #photo #love #or #operationroom #pen #tools
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If I ever said anything bad about the local paper, I officially take it back. #yorktownheights#westchester#newyork#friendlys#lol#newspaper#yorktown#ny#10598#quote#omg#colonoscopy#friedclams#70s#memories#news#local
omg - newyork - quote - friedclams - yorktownheights - 70s - colonoscopy - news - westchester - friendlys - memories - yorktown - lol - ny - newspaper - 10598 - local -
diaryofafatlady : Lol! That is amazing! 😂😂
pennys.boat : @diaryofafatlady it pretty much made my day!
summers_andy : Eugh @pennys.boat disgusting
pennys.boat : @summers_andy American humor can be kinda low-brow 😏
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Post #colonoscopy love from da BFF ps. don't ever do it
colonoscopy -
hayleydollx : Hottie! I want to send you some more chokers 😬
shoddylynn : @hayleydollx awwww ur da cutest Bunny is coming here Sunday! Wish u were here too!
hayleydollx : Oh no way!! I has no idea, wish I was coming too!! ❤️❤️❤️
hayleydollx : Had***
leefoss : I need to do one 😧😬
haleyfbaby : Necessary for the health! Hope you're well m'lady. ♥
awk_lilweirdo : Anyone...Recent for recent!? Promise!❤
duranartyyy : ❤️❤️👌👌👌
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And let me tell ya, drinking this is the hardest thing ever. Gatorade and whatever the thing is to clean ya out. Hospital tomorrow. Fun fun
crohnie - colonoscopyprep - crohnsdisease - ibd - disease - prep - killme - gatorade - colonoscopy - cleanout - ibs - crohns -
fromtwo_tothree : Tastes sooooo bad! Hahaha
fromtwo_tothree : I didn't get to do it at home though👎 I was hospitalized,hooked up to an iv pole & didn't even start shitting til I was almost done with it!😫😫😫😫
cerinab95 : Dude i haven't eaten legit food in over 24 hrs. Im pretty sure there isnt anything to clean out of my system. And this just tastes like Gatorade thank god. @fromtwo_tothree
cerinab95 : Im peeing more than im pooping lol @fromtwo_tothree
uhmmbaddass : I've had crohns my entire life. And that drink by far tops everything BESIDE THE BARIUM. it's so disgusting..... I explained out to my mother as rubber gloves with the slightest taste of lemon lime lol. But the disease itself It's the most painful, uncomfortable thing ever.every 2 months I have to sit in the hospital getting medicine pumped into me that doesn't work -_-. What medication are you on? I'm on remicade, lialda, and budesonide @cerinab95
cerinab95 : Oh I feel your pain. However this stuff you dont taste when its mixed with Gatorade. I used to have to drink that citric acid stuff of some sort. That was the worse! But I couldnt agree anymore. This disease definitely tests your pain level and how well you are in public bathrooms. Ivd had this for 12 years. I tried remicade 3 times then had an allergic reaction and along with that get an emergency blood transfusion. Ive been on and off purenothol and assacol and now im just taking the humira pen once a week which I dont think is helping and I have a flare every 4 months and the only thing thats some what helped is going in and getting a nice dose of IV prednisone. Ive heard of
cerinab95 : Budesonide and I might of actually taken it back in the day. Ive had a lot of allergic reactions to meds so idek what ive been on lol im hoping something works for all us crohnies though @uhmmbaddass
cv_shelle : I know!!! It's the hardest thing ever!! I wish nothing but blessing!! You are in my prayers
iwantedareallylongnamesosuckit - erdbeerbowle90 - stressed_baker - dorte_klattschou -
And so it begins. #colonfun #colonoscopy #GIissues #spoonie #spoonielife #spooniestrong #spoonieproblems #fightforyourlife #warrior
warrior - spoonielife - spoonie - giissues - spoonieproblems - fightforyourlife - colonoscopy - colonfun - spooniestrong -
lifechallaccept : Ugg, that's the worst 😒 good luck sweetie (hugs)
cj_lapier : @lifechallaccept thank you!
aliona88 : @cj_lapier if it's not delicious, I hope it will at least make you feel better!
cj_lapier : @aliona88 thanks but this us a laxative to clean me out for my colonoscopy. It tastes terrible and made me sick. But the kind thoughts are very appreciated!
aliona88 : @cj_lapier sorry. :( Good luck with the procedure!
edila19 : Why does this stuff have to taste so awful?! :( Here they give you Clean Prep.. Tastes just as awful as can be...
cj_lapier : @aliona88 thanks!
cj_lapier : @edila19 I know! Yuck ! Thanks.
properhipster - crazy_cam_12 - traci.anderson2014 - isbj0rnen -
La mia casa da 2 giorni. Mi scuso per l'assenza, sono stati 3 giorni difficili, ho visto più medici che il mio fidanzato e i miei genitori. Con un po' di ansia ma anche di ottimismo, spero che tutto si risolva per il meglio 💪🙏😊 #toughdays #colonoscopy #complications #wishmeluck
complications - toughdays - wishmeluck - colonoscopy -
barbara_crupi : 💪💪💪😊😊@gfree_italiangirl
gfree_italiangirl : @barbara_crupi ❤️
theunimpossibles - melanyjoliy -
Colonoscopy snack #colonoscopy
colonoscopy -
crazychipmunk6 -
TBT to my old IGG work family! I miss you guys! Such great memories w/ my butts & gutts crew 😘 #gastrogirls #gastroenterology #workfamily #memories #missyouguys #freerectalexams #colonoscopy @moni_sajuan @geemandujano_25 @raquel_walter @igarza89 @lilfitzy330 @chrissajay @shells4565
workfamily - freerectalexams - missyouguys - gastroenterology - colonoscopy - memories - gastrogirls -
geemandujano_25 : @v_ness33 We miss youuu too mucho!!!! 😘😊😆😄😍
yari1284 - geemandujano_25 - egatbonton - igarza89 -
Tool for checking the tightness of the endoscope / Приспособление для проверки герметичности эндоскопа. Процедуру положено делать перед каждым исследованием
больница - cancer - хирургия - анатомия - medlife - olympus - anatomy - эндоскоп - futuredoctors - врач - colonoscopy - surgery - medical - surgeon - фгдс - medicine - нгма - doctor - ercp - hospital - endoscopy - медицина - эгдс - мед - endoscope - нижгма - хирург - эрхпг - medicalschool - эндоскопия -
ildartatval : А еще таз слишком мал для обработки. Петля вон какая. 😢
katundu101 : @ediemankia???
sn1vel : @ildartatval и груша без манометра - качай до разрыва канала
ildartatval : Ой ну давай не будем прибедняться. Вот в 15 году на 20% финансирование сократят в медицину, вот тогда завоем все. А у вас в НН вообще закроют все больницы, так как врачи уволятся все.
sn1vel : @ildartatval не наводи смуту!...
gaoler47 : Редко когда течеискатели есть, а пользуются им ещё реже.
sn1vel : @gaoler47 сейчас во многих больницах моющие машинки, там проверка герметичности автоматически проходит.
gaoler47 : Ну да, а в некоторых ещё ЛОМОшными ГДшками смотрят.
vettiloo - gran_pl - helgadmitrenko - marietanze -
Shit's about to get real. Literally. #crohns #ibd #colonoscopy #suprep #spoonies
spoonies - suprep - ibd - crohns - colonoscopy -
kiwimarie : whoa! Here's hoping shit doesn't hit the fan!
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selfie - surgery - colonoscopy -
csevfd : Going into surgery, but first, let me take a selfie 💉💊🔪🏥 #Selfie #Surgery #Colonoscopy
dradley911 : Why are you having surgery ? … And good luck… Here's to a speedy recovery ... Hugs !!
jackieo0124 : I hope it all turns out ok.
ljrundqu : Sending love!
queenie_is_me : Hope it was "just" a colonoscopy. Speedy recovery
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#150 #ml #moviprep #tegaan #💪 #infuus #hospital #ziekenhuis #scary #research #letsgo #colonoscopy
150 - tegaan - letsgo - scary - ml - hospital - research - moviprep - ziekenhuis - colonoscopy - infuus -
louuuuux : Straks onderzoek... 😳 dus ben benieuwd wat dr uitkomt 👏 @kimtennisx
kimtennisx : Ja snap ik.. Laat maar weten!👍
louuuuux : @kimtennisx haha is goed 😘
mmathildeex : Lekker middeltje! ..
louuuuux : @mmathildeex heb je t ook gehad? 😭😖
mmathildeex : Gelukkig niet;
mmathildeex : ;( sterke♡
louuuuux : @mmathildeex pfff beter van! Dankjee 😗
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