I'd say she likes her job ❤️ #doseysinvesteddebt #barrelracing #collegerodeo #Otero #OJC #keepsmiling #webarrelraceig #letsbarrelraceig
otero - doseysinvesteddebt - letsbarrelraceig - collegerodeo - keepsmiling - webarrelraceig - ojc - barrelracing -
brittanileighhh - ashley19738 - thorscowgirl - jadamkraus -
•Shenanigans in Cheyenne• #heputsupwithme #collegerodeo #boots
heputsupwithme - boots - collegerodeo -
david_rachel_richardson - rachelmarie2563 - brianna_rm5 - swimmerforever12312 -
Customer photo from @rodeo_richards 🙌#barrelracer #barrelracing #collegerodeo #rodeo #beadedtack #beadedwhip
rodeo - beadedwhip - beadedtack - barrelracer - barrelracing - collegerodeo -
rodeo_richards : We love our beaded whip!! You do an amazing job!
iheartmycows__1 - randeebarrelracer - boots_the_miniature_schnauzer - _rodeo_girl_04 -
Yum❤️❤I am still taking Christmas orders,but you need to get them in soon! The USPS is not guaranteeing anything shipped Priority 2-3day after December 10th to arrive in time for Christmas 😳😳Custom beadwork is very time consuming and in demand this season. I am five weeks out on orders right now and the wait will only get longer the closer we get! #beadedhalter #beadedtack #customtack #christmas #holidays #cowgirlstyle #equine #equestrian #horsetack #western #ranchy #rodeo #highschoolrodeo #collegerodeo #prorodeo #ibra #nbha #bbr #wpra #cowgirl #barrelracing #barrelracer #barrelhorse #rodeotack #equestrian #punchy
barrelhorse - wpra - equestrian - highschoolrodeo - collegerodeo - holidays - beadedhalter - ibra - western - barrelracer - barrelracing - rodeotack - beadedtack - prorodeo - equine - punchy - horsetack - bbr - cowgirl - rodeo - customtack - ranchy - cowgirlstyle - christmas - nbha -
cowgirlup_02 : Mmmm
barrelquotes2000 - alexis.b.june - lukesmiley22 - _rodeo_girl_04 -
"Because well behaved women rarely make history..." Thats why i surround myself with a bunch of badass women! #squadgoals #adventuresofchelsandkate #rodeosisters #lifeoftheparty #collegerodeo #casinonight #susanvillerodeo @laurenhenz @kate_amarant
susanvillerodeo - squadgoals - rodeosisters - lifeoftheparty - collegerodeo - watchedtvatthisbar - adventuresofchelsandkate - casinonight -
laurenhenz : Hahahaha I thought this remained in the category way to drunk to post but apparently not! 😂 we need to reunite soon!
chelseamayjames : @laurenhenz no wayyyy!! Everyone wants to see us in our prime!😂 This was pre-drunk stage, lane was just taking candid shots to make you look too drunk to smile hahahaha!! We actually should had 45 good ones but he sucks at photography obviously!!
shigalit.oh : have you ever dream to make big money? Check the link below my name
austinburke152 : Friends?
jamiwatsonmenezes : I second that!!! 💃🏼🍻👯💋
kate_amarant : 😍My favorite party findin, drink stealin cowgirls!
chelseamayjames : @austinburke152 the select few I do have. #watchedTVatthisbar
clay_jay1 - lacey_bourdet - jesseclaireh - josieguzman3 -
This weekend may have been to much fun! #collegerodeo
collegerodeo -
samanthafant90 : Roy snapped you and you liked you were having fun!
_pinecone16_ - rachel_lane00 - avanleafurr - _brooklyn_diane_ -
Thanks to Keaton Pentz for sporting the TC "Freedom" hat. Great new hooking dummy that @gwbullfighter220 made. Thanks to Garrett for all he does for Total Cowboy!! He is one of the best bull fighters out there!! It was fun watching him & @chase.wilson0199 fight together at the High School Rodeo @dreamchasin32 #totalcowboy #striving4perfection #totalcowboyteam #thebest #kids #1 #champions #winners #mentors #examples #practicingperfect #rodeo #cowboys #cowboylifesavers #bullfighting #bullfighter #bullfightingjerseys #bullriding #highschoolrodeo #collegerodeo #pbr #prorodeo #rodeohard #rodeoroad #rodeolife #loveit #keepyourheadup #humble
striving4perfection - bullriding - highschoolrodeo - loveit - rodeohard - collegerodeo - bullfightingjerseys - keepyourheadup - examples - cowboys - practicingperfect - bullfighting - prorodeo - cowboylifesavers - kids - rodeoroad - pbr - thebest - humble - mentors - champions - 1 - bullfighter - rodeo - winners - totalcowboy - rodeolife - totalcowboyteam -
tim_wettlaufer : @mike_dillon @brandonhennings @kevinhenningsfh @canadian_woodsmen
gwbullfighter220 : Thank you, glad to be repping @totalcowboy_s4p in and out of the arena
trayew01 : @chase.wilson0199
radwilkins : @jerrad_wilkins
chase.wilson0199 : Thank you @totalcowboy_s4p for all the amazing things you have done for me so far!
greeneb035 - jordancarawalker5 - donovan_rutherfurd - be_90_hunts444 -
NETCC College Rodeo- #NIRA #collegerodeo #southernregion @_braciedelrae_12
nira - southernregion - collegerodeo -
three_harris : Damn he's tuned up !!!!!!!!!
s_vaughan - katieharper752 - _linda_4784_ - sherry.wise.716 -
This is why I have roughies for friends😂 it's never a dull moment when your trying to drive down the road and he decides to rope mailboxes @bornagain_roughy #ranchy #playingcowboy #collegerodeo
playingcowboy - ranchy - collegerodeo -
bornagain_roughy : Glad I could keep it lively haha
oh_snap_im_awesome - lkj_74 - madison_cowgirl - forrestt137 -
May of been a ugly run but got a cool picture out of it😛 #collegerodeo
collegerodeo -
dawsonreyes50 - emmas.21 - alexis.tiner - jd_schaefer -
2nd in the long go..... Time to play in the mud in the short go tonight 😉 #KKCashColours #collegerodeo #UWA
uwa - barrelracermom - collegerodeo - kkcashcolours -
ashtonfinch : Where are the pictures at?
kate_lynn47 : Gamedayphotos.uwa.edu @ashtonfinch
jadi_gibbs : I'm gonna be an aggressive fan tonight 😂😂
kate_lynn47 : 🙈 @jadi_gibbs
jadi_gibbs : In the alleyway and all 👌 @kate_lynn47
kate_lynn47 : #barrelracermom @jadi_gibbs
grant.hodges - gtowles_cowgirl - abraham.puente3 - jacqueline.holliday -
Not the prettiest dismount but smooth everywhere else to be a 8.0 and to make it back to the short go! Ready for short go tonight! #osu #collegerodeo #shortgobound
shortgobound - osu - collegerodeo -
katlynmorganoleary : Damn girl!!
k_dunlavey - _paige.mix_14 - jamesub222 - kathrynn331 -
Here in Wyoming we have a rodeo for homecoming, not football 😜 #fridaynightrodeo #wyoming #collegerodeo
wyoming - fridaynightrodeo - collegerodeo -
carina_stag - kirsten__hayes - luke.williams97 - rosiegiaco -
You don't always get the run you wished for, but all you can do is try! #collegerodeo
collegerodeo -
jordylynn38 - c_elizabeth2 - syd_bro_22 - _jornelson -
Hauling to a college rodeo at its finest #collegerodeo
collegerodeo -
goldylocks1394 : Hey when is our test??
caitlinkorus - leightonrobbins - rozlynreeves - megdoll18 -
😋😄 #nwosu #collegerodeo
nwosu - collegerodeo -
nancy___1143 - f_j_thomas - hustleandhome - taigetrent -
well with still ten left to go tonight I'm just out of making the short round in Livingston, but it sure was a fun run! #collegerodeo
collegerodeo -
jodybenroma : nice run tho! lookin good😍
caitlin_core : thank you!!☺️ @jodybenroma
sunnnnshineeee : better stop looking down & back at that 3rd😜, but couldn't be more proud❤️ nice run my girl
caitlin_core : umm dude that third barrel was literally a mile down the arena and baby started setting way before I even sat down so he was about to shoulder that bish so I had to lean to get him off of it!! thanks tho😘😘
caitlin_core : @sunnnnshineeee
natechilton15 - courtneylogan03 - kristennicoleestave_ - holmes_farm -
Good day of practice #rodeo #practice #collegerodeo
rodeo - practice - collegerodeo -
kkhino - graceeee_c - allisonn_k - roper_girl96 -
Great night for a rodeo! #collegerodeo #rodeo #thursdaynight #okstaterodeo #okstate
okstaterodeo - thursdaynight - rodeo - okstate - collegerodeo -
lifekendra.haws - kennieandthejets - hustleandhome - osucasnr -
It's going to take guts; it's going to take determination, but at the end, it will all be worth it. #barrelhorse #casey #equinestudies #frc #featherrivercollege #collegerodeo #turnandburn #blessed #hesthebest
barrelhorse - frc - hesthebest - equinestudies - blessed - collegerodeo - casey - featherrivercollege - turnandburn -
hustleandhome - brlracingkc25 - kimcolson14 - quarterhorsestar5 -
Blessed for the life I live with this amazing animal. ❤️ #collegerodeo #featherriver
featherriver - collegerodeo -
nakedinthewild : Great gallery! 🙌
rowdy__lanier - fly_high_20 - kapahee - payton_morena -
More from the college rodeos! #barebackriding #rodeo #collegerodeo #actionphotography #california #kcatesphotography
barebackriding - rodeo - california - kcatesphotography - actionphotography - collegerodeo -
shania_schueller - got.moxie.photography - hustleandhome - sydney_mayfield1 -
Headed to Tucumcari New Mexico today! College rodeo this weekend. #powpow🔫🔫 #collegerodeo #newmexico #biggiesmalls #ASURodeo
powpow🔫🔫 - asurodeo - newmexico - collegerodeo - biggiesmalls -
coles.22 - semaj_5280 - hunter.brasfield - cheyenne____autumn -
#collegerodeo #goodcompany @missyshomaker @kellieritchie @1tinaweena #kamakazishots #yum
kamakazishots - yum - collegerodeo - goodcompany -
missyshomaker : What a great night! Thanks for the memories! And the crown! 👊🏼
kellieritchie : lol ew on the kamakazis!!!!!! 😂😝😝
jordanna_8 : Coming from the girl that doesn't like crown and coke doesn't make ur eww on kamakazis very justified!! @kellieritchie
traceofspades1 : #teamjordyn
grandma_geegee : What a great pic glad u had a good good time
missyshomaker - rsnape174 - b_anneleal - ladonna0311 -
Luke Malcomb, Susanville College Rodeo. Played with a little more editing than usual on this one because I like it so much :) #unlvrodeo #collegerodeo #tiedownroping #UNLV #lasvegas #rodeo #susanville #california #kcatesphotography
tiedownroping - unlvrodeo - susanville - collegerodeo - unlv - rodeo - california - kcatesphotography - lasvegas -
3tlegge - kat__42 - sydney_mayfield1 - hustleandhome -
@vail_larae #collegerodeo #fresnostatebulldogs pics by @katieanne96
fresnostatebulldogs - collegerodeo -
vcdave - inajasmine - missyshomaker - vcroper661 -
@vail_larae and I getting ready to rope! #collegerodeo #fresnostatebulldogs picture by @katieanne96
fresnostatebulldogs - collegerodeo -
vcdave : Pals
kristinafalcon : Stop ur going to Fresno st! My bf goes there! When's ur next home rodeo at state I can see if I can come!! @jordanna_8
jordanna_8 : Heck yes!! @kristinafalcon we don't have another one till march but that one will be at the clovis rodeo grounds!!! I'll let u know when it gets closer!! I go to fresno everyday though so let me know if your ever there!!!
kristinafalcon : I travel down from San Jose to Fresno seriously like every week! @jordanna_8 an definitely let me know id love to see you do your thing!
jordanna_8 : Haha for sure!! It would be fun!!! @kristinafalcon
eddie_wirtz_20 - vcdave - clubhouseradio - vcmama -
When cinnamon has been off since December and has great butt muscles for being worked everyday since college started. Love this girl #collegerodeo #collegelife #agriculturecollege #life #rodeo #barrelracing
collegelife - agriculturecollege - rodeo - barrelracing - life - collegerodeo -
outlawlassie - __t_a_l_a_l__ - hustleandhome - lexijef_fries -
If I was in the Divergent series, I'd like to think I could hop on and off a train by now. #collegerodeo
collegerodeo -
ngobel34 - 3tpapa3 - kriley_76 - ckdriscoll -
❤️Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle ❤️ #collegerodeo #featherriverchallenge
featherriverchallenge - collegerodeo -
brett_stephey - foalproofproject - country_girlll_15_ - janis_rodeo -
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. #collegerodeo #firstcollegerodeooftheseason #reachin #breakawayroping #Slick #Quincy
breakawayroping - quincy - reachin - slick - collegerodeo - firstcollegerodeooftheseason -
daylanberry : Good ol' Wayne Gretzky
shayneemonchamp - sierra_larson13 - dodge_chick05 - gtowles_cowgirl -
Our runs weren't perfect this week, but Nitro handled his first rodeo so well with a very long week on the road! A little more practice and we'll be ready for the spring rodeos 💙 #calpoly #collegerodeo #barrelracing #nitro #NIRA #TJOSixPackOfFire
nira - nitro - tjosixpackoffire - calpoly - barrelracing - collegerodeo -
brooke_niederhauser - cierra_leanne - kelbirogers - plev13 -
Barrel racing short go at the College Rodeo in Quincy, CA. #collegerodeo #rodeo #barrelracing #california #featherriver #horse #aqha #barrelhorse #kcatesphotography
barrelhorse - horse - featherriver - collegerodeo - rodeo - california - kcatesphotography - barrelracing - aqha -
billie95 : @baileycaron10
baileyncaron : Ah I LOVE it!! 😍😍
jayy_mac24 : Sweet pic!!
nakedinthewild : Love this! ✌
3tlegge - jesseclaireh - janet.cates - marshaxluna -
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