Grandma's not so sure about the moose😳 #makingmemories #collegeoftheozarks #explorebranson
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So thankful for a life that has taught me the ways of old rugged cowboys, the calluses of farmer's hands, and the faith and values of the American agriculturalists. Today was day one in a new chapter in college but it has made me reflect on the trials and triumphs that brought me here. I am so blessed. #farming #cowboyin #agriculture #faith #values #hayseason #hayfield #college #anewseason #CollegeoftheOzarks
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At the #hooksandladder for one last shindig with my family. Almost got everything figured out with my dorm room. #collegeoftheozarks #cofo
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Happy #4thofjuly from the #collegeoftheozarks #cofo #branson #missouri
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Sleepy tea before bed :) Only one more full day with my family....can't believe it...😟😭
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aligrambo : #teatime #sleepytea #tea #collegeoftheozarks
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Baby #swans !!! #collegeoftheozarks #summer #summatime #oneweekofsummer
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We are extremely proud of SPC Robert Hale! He joined the US Army Reserves today as Military Intelligence. SPC Hale graduated from College of the Ozarks in 2014 and fulfilled his dream of serving his country when he joined. He got a $10,000.00 cash bonus and $25,800 college money which he plans on using for his Masters Degree. He will also have $4000.00 a year in Tuition Assistance! If you would like to talk to a friendly recruiter about the Army or Army Reserves call (816)795-0158. #collegeoftheozarks #oakgrove #armyteam #kansascity #independencerecruiting
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Got my fall schedule :) whoot whoot!
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aligrambo : #cofo #collegeoftheozarks
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#honoramerica #hardworku #collegeoftheozarks #independence #fireworks #flag #OldGlory
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courtbressler : This is so cool!
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✨ fireworks #collegeoftheozarks
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C of O fireworks tonight were cool!
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august_carlson : #cofo #fireworks #collegeoftheozarks #july4 #4thofjuly #amazing #pretty #cool
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#USA #OldGlory #america #independence #honoramerica #hardworku #collegeoftheozarks
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Guest appearances by Uncle Sam and President Abe Lincoln at Honor America. #Midwest #Missouri #Ozarks #Branson #CofO #CollegeOfTheOzarks #HonorAmerica #UncleSam #AbeLincoln #FourthOfJuly #July4 #America
collegeoftheozarks - ozarks - unclesam - honoramerica - midwest - missouri - abelincoln - cofo - america - branson - july4 - fourthofjuly -
officialtraviseden : @cwlingner πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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The best night for Honor America so far, namely because of this beautiful weather! #Midwest #Missouri #Ozarks #Branson #CofO #CollegeOfTheOzarks #College #HonorAmerica #FourthOfJuly #July4 #America #Patriotic #Flag #Flags #Stage #Entertainers #Patriotism #USA
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I pray for blessing today on all my IG friends that I enjoy seeing daily here. May you experience real love, genuine joy, and deep peace in your soul today. Thank you all for making each of my days a little brighter with your gift of photography. #praisepoint #365daychallenge #365project #oneyear #oneaday #deftonysrealm #collegeoftheozarks #cofo #branson #explorebranson #bransonvacation #enjoybranson #churches
collegeoftheozarks - enjoybranson - churches - 365daychallenge - oneyear - 365project - explorebranson - cofo - deftonysrealm - praisepoint - branson - bransonvacation - oneaday -
deftony83 : Blessings to you as well Boss
markdoebler : @deftony83....thanks much my friend
sambernero : Thanks Mark @markdoebler beautiful pic and words. Have a great Sunday.
rickhauser : Thank you Mark for your lovely words and photos
explorebranson : Nice picture! Be sure you register at stories.explorebranson.com and you may win!
vinn133 : Cool mark @markdoebler
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I found my best friend! #CofO #bestfriends #collegeoftheozarks
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Can't believe it's getting so close 😞
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aligrambo : #cofo #collegeoftheozarks
aligrambo : @writer_of_christ thanks for all the likes haha
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I got my schedule today! I'm super excited for these classes! Although taking two lab sciences at the same time (and on the same day haha) will be difficult, I have only one class on Wednesday and Friday, so I'll have adequate time for homework. Now to find out who my roommate is, and where I'll be working! Is anyone else in some of these classes, CofO peeps? #anatomyandphysiology #generalorganicbiochemistry #collegeoftheozarks #iloveschool #nerd
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haylee.k.miller : So exciting!!!! 😁
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Guys, miracles DO happen. They told me I didn't have a chance. Once again God has showed me that all things are possible. THANK YOU JESUS. And thank you for your prayers!
soblessed - faithcanmovemountians - praisegod - collegeoftheozarks -
aligrambo : #soblessed #praiseGod #faithcanmovemountians #collegeoftheozarks
jacobgranado : Congrats @aligrambo
aligrambo : Thank you!!!! I am super excited!!! @jacobgranado
jacobgranado : Me too, ill being going up there at the same time!!😁
aligrambo : Awesome!!! Can't wait to meet you! Lol @jacobgranado
taraleighnichole : Congratulations Alissa! Thats awesome and I hope you love it there!!!
aligrambo : Thank you!!!! I know I will! :) I hope you're doing great! I miss seeing you! @taraleighnichole
dipdyedjesus : Amen
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"It's so fluffy, I wanna die!" . #Midwest #Missouri #Ozarks #Branson #Fluffy #CollegeOfTheOzarks #CofO #Swans #Baby #WaterFowl #Pond #Birds #Water #Beak #Feathers
collegeoftheozarks - ozarks - midwest - fluffy - missouri - feathers - water - waterfowl - cofo - beak - baby - pond - swans - branson - birds -
robbied1025 : Stop looking at me swan! Lol
itscalledliving : This is awesome! Cute factor 10
sara_karnes : No such thing as an ugly duckling with these cuties, @itscalledliving 😊
mastro__stefano : πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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The fam! #family #Branson #love #hardworku #collegeoftheozarks
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freetolaugh84 : @jharrell #hotfamstatus
mikimike : #love
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"I made dees!" . #Midwest #Missouri #Ozarks #Branson #CollegeOfTheOzarks #Swans #Lake #Babies #Swimming #Water #Birds #WaterFowl
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whitedovephotography : Love this picture Sara!!! Colors & lighting are great!
jmorgs83 : Mean dirty swan. Stop looking at me Schwann!!
sara_karnes : Thanks, @whitedovephotography!
sara_karnes : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @jmorgs83
rrjackson : Omg! Have they ever# had babies out there before?
sara_karnes : I've never seen this many before, @rrjackson
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#selftaughtselfie #collegeoftheozarks #helpme #LOL
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#fluffy #geeselets #collegeoftheozarks
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One of my very favorite graduation gifts!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Ž #hardworku #collegeoftheozarks #iloveit #twoandahalfmonths
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goodwin.bekah : See you thereπŸ˜‰πŸ™ˆ
hannahkarleengray : @goodwin.bekah, so excited! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„
curlyfries2015 : Did u graduate HS this year??
hannahkarleengray : @curlyfries2015, yes, I did! You too?
curlyfries2015 : Yeah!! I show up at C of O in January 😍😍
hannahkarleengray : @curlyfries2015, awesome! πŸ˜„ What's your major?
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This gurrrrrr right here is so awesome I can honestly say she is one of best friends... and is also a personal assistant when I forget my locker combination, student ID number, or even what time I get off work. She always comes through and I wouldn't be able survive college without her. #bffs #collegeoftheozarks #SappyPost #loveher
loveher - collegeoftheozarks - bffs - sappypost -
chrisam32 : Pigtails @knizzcrandell
knizzcrandell : @chrisam32 don't sass the pigtails I work em
garrettgrant13 : Photo credz = street credz @ me😎
mpj32 : Rdh- rate:9 date:naw hate:never
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College of the Ozarks Farmers Market opened today for its third year! So many pretty vegetables! #Midwest #Missouri #Ozarks #Branson #Market #FarmersMarket #FreshProduce #Radishes #Garden #Fresh #Planting #Green #Veggies #Burlap #CollegeOfTheOzarks #CofO #College #Campus
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Well, one of my best friends left for college today... It's bittersweet, but I think everything's going to be just fine. I am so thankful to have these three beautiful ladies in my life. Together, we have created something that is so great, it is beyond words. We have been through EVERYTHING together, and have created many memories that will definitely last a lifetime! I love you three more than you know. I know we're in it for life. Rebecca, I already miss you. Come back soon to visit, okay?? #bestfriends #college #collegeoftheozarks @razzledazzle1414 @meimei45 @caicar15
bestfriends - collegeoftheozarks - college -
razzledazzle1414 : There are no words for how much I love and care about all of you crazy chicks. I'll be around, no worries!:)
4hisglory_katieherald - razzledazzle1414 - allysha_leann - kayla_ann106 -
College of the Ozarks President Jerry Davis and VVA Ch. 913 Public Relations Chairman Bob Sarver hold a wreath in honor of those who've given their lives in the War on Terror. #Midwest #Missouri #Ozarks #Branson #MemorialDay #VVA #Vietnam #WWI #WWII #KoreanWar #DesertStorm #WarOnTerror #CofO #CollegeOfTheOzarks #Campus #Cemetery
waronterror - koreanwar - ozarks - cofo - desertstorm - wwi - campus - vva - collegeoftheozarks - branson - cemetery - wwii - vietnam - missouri - midwest - memorialday -
mighty_mega_max : (-:
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Let us have a moment of silence for these faithful veterans of elementary, JR High, and High School. This memorial weekend brings the burning of two beloved bookbags as college is almost here 😍 time for an upgrade.πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“πŸŽ“ #collegeoftheozarks #freshmanagain #bobcatpride #schoolshopping
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Okay guys so here it is... BAD NEWS: I am no longer working at Rainbow Dreams as a full time employee, but that's just how it had to be. Because of this information, I was a 'little' concerned on how I was going to get the money for my Spring room and board. GOOD NEWS: As I was worrying about this, I got a call from an unknown number. I answered and it was COFO calling to let me know that they wanted to offer me a spot for the Fall semester. I was really shocked because they said that it was very unlikely that I would get this opportunity, but once again, I didn't have the $6,500 for room and board. So I talked to them about my situation and they said that I can apply for the 2nd half of the Summer Work program so I can pay for one semester and then use the money that I saved from work for the other. So I am currently waiting for them to respond so I can know if I am accepted for that. As of now, I have almost 1/4 of what I need for the full year and 1/2 of what I need for the 2nd semester (if they do accept me for the Summer work). So if you guys need anything painted or anything, I could really use the money. Ironically, today I got the opportunity to paint for Rainbow Dreams, so that will help as well, but I definitely will need more work. Thank you for all of your prayers, because obviously this was God and His amazingly crazy timing. Let this be a testimony how God can use what you thought was a bad thing, and turn it into a miracle and sometimes even make that bad thing then into a good thing! :)
collegeoftheozarks - art - hardworku - cofo - bobcats - hardworkuniversity -
aligrambo : #art #cofo #collegeoftheozarks
aligrambo : #hardworku #hardworkuniversity #bobcats
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Field Trip #2 with my girls! #collegeoftheozarks #discovery #starschool
2 - collegeoftheozarks - starschool - discovery -
amymethvin - jim_hutcheson - grandbrasil - dawnflippin -
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