This is my night: studying, drinking a smoothie, and watching Turbo eat a raw hide. #crazy #party #collegecanblowme #latenights #waitingonmyboyfriend #housealone #bored #brainexplosion #cutedog #puppiesofinstagram #apple #macbook #turd #cherry #pineapple #nomnom #enjoywhileyoucan #life #oldwoman #furryfriends #bestfriends β€οΈπŸΆπŸ‘ŒπŸ’
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tlc41698 : Your actually studying????
cheyyennee_ : Haha I have great grades this semester! :)
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First college bathroom selfie. #sogay #collegecanblowme
collegecanblowme - sogay -
chief_papin : Haa! Gaaaaay!
kvlebsummers : @le_papin at least I'm not in high school fagggg
chief_papin : I only have 3 high school classes lol
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This shit kills me #DontGetIt #UnansweredQuestions #CollegeCanBlowMe #WhatIsLife
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kylarcheyanne : Shhhhhhh just go to bed.
paulazeren : Hahahaha @kylarcheyanne
samrysand : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
nicalalabus : ....But for real though @kylarcheyanne @paulazeren @samrysand
tmbaladdin : Because college is a bullshit series of hoops you jump through to get a slip of paper that makes people believe you're productive. I've been there, I feel your pain. πŸ˜„
majoy41 : @nicalalabus Venus helps represent what happens to the majority of bitches who don't workout! You just gotta think outside the box for a second lol
nicalalabus : Hahah damn, I need to be more open minded I guess @majoy41
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Holy notebook, Batman! Finals are coming up. Spending my Friday night studying. So over it. MEH #WhyAmIDoingThis #ThisIsDumb #ImTired #SummerBreakCantComeFastEnough #CollegeCanBlowMe
summerbreakcantcomefastenough - whyamidoingthis - collegecanblowme - thisisdumb - imtired -
_joshthestampede_ : I almost wore my Spiderman socks today
s_anxxxiousbaby : When I write your ass I expect abrupt responses from you @pikachulita
fit_by_faith : You somewhere studying?
pikachulita : @dwalladukes lol okay!
dizzycrane : Why are you so cool?
cam_leach : Let me get them off ya!!
cam_leach : "
shodaiflikage : Dark knight socks u so awesome
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yup pree much. #ihatestudying #collegecanblowme #drawing 😰😨πŸ˜₯😱
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marketing is making me lose my mind. #collegecanblowme #marketingprobs
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boostedbastard : You look pumped lol
_karahotchkiss : absolutely not lol @boggs944turbo
derger : Easy shit
_karahotchkiss : @derger a test on nine chapters? no no it's not
derger : Marketing in general lol
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#biochem #skipping #collegecanblowme biochem started 20 minutes ago @anaftis_xo
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anaftis_xo : #liquidtherapy
james_usf13 : @julie_theiler 1 drink + 1 skipped class = two happy students ;) see I learned something
julie_theiler : @james_usf13 lol you're so smart! :)
rharrower : @james_usf13 Hmm is somebody drinking woodchuck hehe you're welcome πŸ‘Œ
james_usf13 : @rharrower too bad you gave up drinking πŸ˜‘
rharrower : @james_usf13 No I didn't you just always have an excuse when I'm down :(
james_usf13 : @rharrower yeah you're right. At least my excuses will eventually give me a career ;)
fitmom_dleilanit : Lmao!!! Of course you two would!
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I miss her @d_a_l_e_23 #summernights #wheresmylove #collegecanblowme
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d_a_l_e_23 : @ssavagelife I miss you too!!!
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