Scarlett Johansson? Angelina Jolie? Sophia Smith? Claudine Barretto? Or Julia Montes? But that smile though😍😍😍😍 #JuliaMontes #montagejulia #montesjulia #scarlettjohansson #angelinajolie #sophias mith #claudinebarretto
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novy_jsue23 : *love her!!!
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❀️ "Maybe if we were to have a theme song, it would have to be 'Misty'. Once, when Claudine and I were out of town, I set up a beach dinner with a guitarist and a singer. I ended up singing 'Misty' to her, because I know the lyrics." - RY πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @marisol0125 @wennderamas
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rodelyndatuin : Looking back sis @rycbforever ibang iba yung aura ng mga ngiti at tawa ni ate clauds buhay n buhay n parang magic mafi feel mo tlaga... now I've noticed theres always kulang but Im thankful anjan cna sab at saint to make her feel happy... and we are all here, lets make her more happy...diba?
caringalmarkerwin : Misty by Johnny Mathis @rycbforever I Love This Song! <3
rico_yanfanpage : Effort means everything πŸ’šπŸ’ž
mahldadula : wow!!! tlgang napaka sweet ni RY sobra
aeizllovecocojul : Perfect talaga for each other sina RY at CB 😍😍😍 haaay.... swerte nila sa isat-isa 😍😍❀❀
makeupbylynvidallon : @claubarretto @claubarretto
xtamped :
vnaliha7777 : I agree with you @rodelyndatuin kahit sa ibang video nila ibang iba ang aura ng ma ngiti at tawa ni Clau. Everyday binabalik balikan ko panourin sa youtube. Super love them. ♥♥♥
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Dear @claubarretto, Always remember rico is always at your side. πŸ’š #ClaudineBarretto #RicoYan
ricoyan - claudinebarretto -
rycbforever : RYCB is ❀️!!!
pazmorados : #RyCb πŸ˜β€πŸ’œ
briziigirl : Like!!!
whycrstn : Oh pampakilig @cymnlc
aeizllovecocojul : Kilig much 😍😍😍 #rycbforever ❀❀❀
ghaybase : Grabe kilig to the bones
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β€οΈπŸ™ May we all have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week RYCB Friends!!! πŸ™πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
ricoyan - claudinebarretto - rycbforever -
ghaybase : Sis @rycbforever fren n din tau s Fb
rycbforever : @ghaybase yes sissy, thank you! :)
pazmorados : Sis @rycbforever Have a blessed Holy WeekπŸ˜‡
rycbforever : thank you Sis @pazmorados! 😊 Have a blessed Holy Week din syo Sissy.. πŸ™
rodelyndatuin : super nkakamiss... @rycbforever sis my fb account kb? pa add nman ako o give mo nman skin fb acct. mo para ma add kita... I really want to be one of #rycb family. thanks and enjoy your holy week...bless you all!...
rycbforever : @rodelyndatuin yes sis, Rico Claudine yung FB page hehehe nakalagay yung link sa profile ko sis.. :) Oo naman, one happy family tyo mga RYCB friends hehehe thank you din sis and have a meaningful holy week! :)
rodelyndatuin : thanks sis! @rycbforever
rycbforever : @rodelyndatuin welcome sis, thank you din! :)
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Talk about way back Wednesday with my @claubarretto fans lol a big love for you #lol #Twitter #trend @maiidaze @collinsunga agree? πŸ‘πŸ˜œπŸ’—πŸ’— Excitedd kiddos
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collinsunga : Can't wait for the return of the Optimum Teleserye and Original Box-Office Queen @claubarretto πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
collinsunga : We love you so much @claubarretto waiting for #EtiquetteOfMistresses #PinilitKongLimutinKa
aralolove : Ahh can't wait. We're here for you #optimumteleseryequeen #starmagicrealqueen #claudinebarretto #bestactress @claubarretto
maiidaze : @aralolove @collinsunga Fan-girling HAHAHAHA
aralolove : Lol πŸ’—
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❀️🎢 Handle it with care, we were born to share this dream my love.. πŸŽΆπŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @marisol0125 @wennderamas
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aeizllovecocojul : @rycbforever ganito ang pagkakasulat, 2yrs ago inupload 😊 lihad laham an laham atik, kaya pala di natin mahanap effort msydo ang title πŸ˜ƒ
kristavisperas : @rycbforever kaloka naman kasi Sissy! ❀️😍 sobra akong kilig na kilig.. Kagabi,pinanuod ko ulit yung interview nila with Naneth! Ayun?! Tili na naman ako sa kiligssss! 😝😍
diannesspie : @rycbforever yes sis link nasa post no yun ry. Me nagcomment. ito. Di masyado claro pero ok na
ghaybase : Sis @rycbforever pinanuod k ung DMMK kagbi hay na miss q kc cla@buti upload ulit kc d masyado clear ung copy...
rycbforever : @aeizllovecocojul yey! thank you sis! 😊excited na ano mapanood ulit ang DMNMK hehehr ❀️
rycbforever : @kristavisperas hahaha sarap ulit ulitin ng mga moments nila together sissy! ❀️ later nood ulit ng movies nila buti naka-leave ako sa work hehehe.. Good morning Sissy! 😘
rycbforever : @diannesspie move marathon na ito sis! hahaha keri lang kahit di masyado malinaw, tagal ko na naghahanap ulit niya hehehe..
rycbforever : @ghaybase happy for you sis! 😊 later panuorin ko din hehehe papahuli ba tyo lol! buti nalang may nag-upload ulit hahaha tnx Sis! ❀️
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Late Morning #GoodVibes It's real??? I pray Lord matuloy nga ang muling pagsasama ng 2 #QueenOfIdustry Ms. #KrisAquino & Ms. #ClaudineBarretto & comeback on Showbiz of Ms. Clau. Dba si #DerekRamsey ang #ladingman ??? Coming Soon. #ExideMuch.β€β€β€πŸ™Œ
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#JustJulia #JuliaBarretto #18thBirthday #EnchongDee #ClaudineBarretto
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❀️ "How do I tell her that I love her and that I'm sorry.." - RY πŸ’™ Ang sweet talaga ng RYCB, grabe!!! 😍😍😍 #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @marisol0125 @wennderamas
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ninarosecc : @rycbforever thank you for these posts. Some I found on YouTube bec of your posts. I love watching them again and again. Brings back good memories and it gives positive vibes.keep 'em coming 😊
rycbforever : @diannesspie thank you din Sis! :)
rycbforever : @ninarosecc you're very much welcome sis! 😊 anything for RY and CB.. salamat din ng madami ah! ❀️
shammiellup : Sino itong nag interview sa kanila?..d kasi masyadong clear pati ang boses, can't identify it.
rycbforever : @shammiellup si Nanette Medved po yung nag-interview sa kanila :) You can watch the full vid on YouTube..
shammiellup : Thank you po! :)
rycbforever : @shammiellup you're welcome sis! :)
qwertyosie_16 : Di ko to masyadong maintindihan. :( ano daw pinag awayan nila? Hahaha. Mahal na mahal ko si Rico and Clau ♥♥@rycbforever
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You will Always and Forever be in our hearts RY!!! πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
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_airavalenzuela16 : Thank you very much po @rycbforever
rycbforever : You're very much welcome @_airavalenzuela16! 😊
_airavalenzuela16 : Paaccept naman po sa fb @rycbforever
rycbforever : @_airavalenzuela16 Accepted na po! 😊
_airavalenzuela16 : Thanks po 😊
_airavalenzuela16 : Follow back naman po
briziigirl : Sis my fb kau ? Anu name nyu add ko kayu hehe
rycbforever : @briziigirl meron sis, Rico Claudine kakagawa ko lang niyan eh hahaha nakalagay link sa profile ko dito sa ig.. thank you sis! :)
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#Repost @rycbforever "..baka tong si Mr. Sungit puwede pa." - Mela of "Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita" πŸŽ₯🎬 I love Mela and Miguel! ❀️ Thank you Direk @wennderamas for this wonderful movie, one of the best! 😊 @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @marisol0125 @starcinema Have a wonderful Sunday RYCB Friends! πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜˜ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto #DahilMahalNaMahalKita #NothingBeatsTheClassic #90s
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rhubeysarmiento : San b pwede mkpnuod nito binura kc yung sa YouTube e....
tinamarieyan : ❀️❀️❀️
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4:35 P.M. na, tutok na sa #TunayNaBuhay on GMA-7! πŸ’™ Balikan natin ang mga magagandang alaala ni Mr. Dimples, Rico Yan! πŸ˜‡ We miss you so much RY! ❀️ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
ricoyan - claudinebarretto - rycbforever - tunaynabuhay -
akocaisha : Sobrang minahal ni Claudine c Rico ang dame ko nbasa knina bout sa knila ng search pa me sa Google. ngaun lhat lumlabas that Claudine is telling the truth. Naniniwala ako ky clau kc tiniis nya lhat dhil sa love nya ky rico. Sobrang skit sa part nya lhat ng msasamang accusations sa knya. To Rico khit wla na xa gumwa prin sya ng praan pra sa babaeng mhal nya dhil ayaw nyang mkitang nhihirapan to. Iyak much nman ako.
simplymegrace21 : Oo @akocaisha Rico had a fling with someone but abscbn stopped Claudine for telling it kc patay n c Rico kya nsepress c clay kasi lahat ng galit sinalo nya...
rycbforever : @ruthenium30 yep sis, barkada siya ng cousin in law ko sa DLSU, kaya nung kasal nung pinsan ko, andun si RY at CB ❀️
rycbforever : @rodelyndatuin yes sis, gusto ni Rico maging public servant talaga.. true! madami siguro siya natulungan kung sakali sis..
rycbforever : @akocaisha @simplymegrace21 true that Sis! i feel for CB, until now madami pa din ang sumisisi sa kanya sa pagkawala ni RY, mga walang alam kasi :( and in the first place why would CB replace RY for another man without a reason, sabi nga nila it takes two to tango diba? ang masakit lang CB loved RY so much that she sacrificed na siya nalang ang magmukhang masama sa ibang tao.. that's so sad! kaya hanggang sa huli gumawa ng paraan si RY para maging maayos lahat sa pamilya niya at sa babaeng pinaka-mamahal niya.. :) I believe CB when she said that RY told him na "EVERYTHING WILL BE OK AFTER THAT VACATION" and thats what Ate Geraldine said also sa interview.. I miss RY and CB so much!
dafns_07 : I watched Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita in that link. Hope it hepls πŸ˜‰
dafns_07 :
rycbforever : thank you so much sa link @dafns_07.. 😊
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#Repost @rycbforever ・・・ ❀️ One Great Love πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto NW: #Got2Believe πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽ¬
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Awww. @juliabarretto with @claubarretto. Ctto πŸŽ‚ #JustJulia #JustJuliaBeautifulAt18 #JuliaBarretto #ClaudineBarretto
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gailaurellado : @officialjbeauties nag-salita po ba dyan si kath? :)
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A clip from one of my favorite RYCB interview with Tito Boy! ❀️ Laughtrip to, tawang tawa ako kay RY hahaha! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @marisol0125 @wennderamas
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mahldadula : @rycbforever any name m s fb sis at ma add kita thanks sissy
rycbforever : @mahldadula sis Rico Claudine name ko, nasa profile ko yung link ng fb hehehe :)
mahldadula : @rycbforever na add na kita sissy confirm m ako please... thanks a lot
rycbforever : @mahldadula yey! wait confirm ko ikaw, hehehe thank you my sissy.. :)
mahldadula : @rycbforever welcome sissy and thanks too... call u tommorow
rycbforever : @mahldadula welcome din Sis! :) hehehe okie Sissy! :)
self_smoothie : Lol!
precious_jhangjhang02 : follow back plz.and whats fb name do u use...
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@juliabarretto with Queen @claubarretto. πŸ‘‘ Ctto πŸŽ‚ #JustJulia #JustJuliaBeautifulAt18 #JuliaBarretto #ClaudineBarretto
justjuliabeautifulat18 - justjulia - claudinebarretto - juliabarretto -
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@juliabarretto with Mama Pretty @claubarretto. πŸ’• Ctto πŸŽ‚ #JustJulia #JustJuliaBeautifulAt18 #JuliaBarretto #ClaudineBarretto
justjuliabeautifulat18 - justjulia - claudinebarretto - juliabarretto -
miss_tado : Naiiyak c julia
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By @rycbforever "Let's all watch and reminisce RY's beautiful journey, later in #TunayNaBuhay 4:35 P.M. on GMA7! πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ˜‡ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto" via @PhotoRepost_app
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inayevelyn : They looked good together! Sayang!
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❀️ 4 WONDERFUL YEARS TOGETHER!!! ❀️ "Ang importante nasa loob mo talaga yung desisyon na mahalin ang isang tao." - RY πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @marisol0125 @wennderamas
ricoyan - claudinebarretto - rycbforever -
saissie : Naiiyak na nman ako mga sis...sabi ko ayoko na eh...miz them badly...d pa rin ako maka move on..😒😒😒 lalo na nung nawala na c RY naawa ako sibra kay langga clau noon sinalo niya lahat ng mga intriga mga bad comments...pinili niya pa ring manahimik as a sign of her love and respect to RY...huhuhu @@rycbforever @ghaybase
saissie : Pero ok lng yan magkikita pa rin yan sila ni RY in another life...dun nila ipagpatuloy...tym will come jan din tau lahat patutungo.
ghaybase : Hirap ngang mag move on sis e @saissie kc sobra ntin clang mahal..
ghaybase : True @saissie d n bale sya ang masira atleast for his love to Rico..hanga aqu kay Clau tibay nya..grabe
saissie : @ghaybase oo nga sis kinaya niya lahat kahit masakit at unfair yun pero nagawa niya...grabeh ang iyak ko nun pag nakikita c clau sa mga interviews niya 2wards RY kac mag-isa niya hinarap lahat...shiiit sis naiinis ako sa mga taong makikitid nag isip ng masasama sa kanya nun...awang awa ako.
rodelyndatuin : Ang gwapo tlga ni kuya ang cute nia lalo nung kumanta hahaha...kkmiz kn sobra....#RicoYan
rycbforever : @saissie @ghaybase hello sissies! :) musta kayo? uy! nood tyo tunay na buhay later ah, excited na nga ako hehehe :) yes mga sis, maging happy nalang tyo sa mga memories nila together! and tama magkikita-kita naman tyo in another lifetime! and sana si RY at CB pa din ❀️
rycbforever : @rodelyndatuin yes! totoo yan sis.. guwapo talaga si RY at maganda si CB, kaya bagay na bagay sila.. 😊
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Let's all watch and reminisce RY's beautiful journey, later in #TunayNaBuhay 4:35 P.M. on GMA7! πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ˜‡ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
ricoyan - claudinebarretto - rycbforever - tunaynabuhay -
rodelyndatuin : @rycbforever plan ko nga po dumalaw sa puntod ni kuya Rico this june pag uwi ng pinas for vacation...kaso di ko alam f pano.
rycbforever : @rodelyndatuin pode tyo mag-set niyan sis, samahan kita! mag-aya na din tyo ng ibang RYCB fans na gusto pumunta.. 😊
rodelyndatuin : tlaga? syempre nman po... up date ko nlang po kau...thanks... @rycbforever
rycbforever : @rodelyndatuin yep sis, update me ah! 😊 welcome Sissy! ❀️
rodelyndatuin : sure sis... naks! thanks to you ate clauds @claubarretto and kuya #RicoYan I found another happy me... godbless ss ating lahat!
rycbforever : @rodelyndatuin See you soon Sis, message mo lang ako hehehe Yes tnx to RYCB nakakakilala tyo ng new friends! :) God bless us all! :)
briziigirl : Sis ask lng ako ah f gusto dumalaw sa libingan ni rico di ba basta2 nkakapasuk doon?
rycbforever : @briziigirl yep sis, puwedeng puwede! pag nasa manila memorial na kyo sakay lang kyo tricycle tapos sabihin niyo lang kay RY kyo :)
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♥Sometimes you have to be apart from people you love, but that doesn't make you love them any less.. Sometimes you love them more♥ β—†β—†β—†β—†β—† #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto #RYCBForever #kiligmuch #kiligoverload #sweetness #DuetwithRicoClau #G2Bthemesong #part3 #TheSharonCunetaShow
kiligoverload - kiligmuch - rycbforever - thesharoncunetashow - claudinebarretto - ricoyan - part3 - duetwithricoclau - sweetness - g2bthemesong -
littlebeautyfaye : Nakakamissed tlga cla.haist kung pwede sanang ibalik Ang kahapon
ghaybase : Kilig to the bones..thanks sis @allysav16 for sharing this video..
caringalmarkerwin : Wow! Kilig Much Ang Sharon with Guest RyCb! Sis Sally @allysav16 :)
allysav16 : You're welcome sis @ghaybase.. aq man sobrang kinikilig sa kanilang dalawa.. sarap balik balikan ang mga nakakakilig na moments ng RYCB mas lalo tau naiinspired♥
allysav16 : Yes bro @caringalmarkerwin super kilig much ang guesting ng RYCB sa sharon.. nung dati pinapanood q yan that time namimilipit aq sa sobrang kilig haha.. sbi nga ng nanay q grabe dw aq mkatawa at kiligin hehe.. sobrang love natin ang RYCB at forever yan♥
allysav16 : @littlebeautyfaye thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
allysav16 : Thank you po sa mga naglike at mga nag comment♥♥♥
caringalmarkerwin - allysav16 - whycrstn - croey_dg -
This photo was taken on Rico's Birthday Celebration.. "This is on my birthday, we had a party and we had so much fun.. there were stolen picture just the two of us, I kept this sa shoe box ko along with her letters at hindi ko alam pano nahagilap to☺.. " grabeh sobrang love talaga nya c Claudine.. sana makanap muli c CB ng katulad mo RY na sobra kung magmahal♥♥♥ #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto #RYCBForever #part2 #kiligoverload #kiligtothemax
ricoyan - part2 - kiligoverload - rycbforever - kiligtothemax - claudinebarretto -
ghaybase : Countless times k pinanuod yan s youtube..grabee kinikilg p din aqu aqu everytime pinapanuod quh..πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯
allysav16 : Me too sis @ghaybase πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘.. kahit paulit ulit qna rin npapanood mga videos nila d pa rin nwawala un kilig q sa kanila πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ πŸ’›πŸ’œ
allysav16 : Thanks po sa mga naglike at nag comment♥
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RY brought his favorite photograph of CB "this was taken about 14 or 15 days after I answered her hahaha"-RY funny but kinda sweet, this is how Rico's way of showing his love to Claudine♥♥♥ #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto #RYCBForever #G2Bpromo #part1 #kiligmuch #kiligoverload #TheSharonCunetaShow #MegaStarSharonCuneta
kiligoverload - kiligmuch - rycbforever - thesharoncunetashow - claudinebarretto - ricoyan - part1 - megastarsharoncuneta - g2bpromo -
ghaybase : LoveloveπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
allysav16 : Thank you po sa lahat ng naglike at nag comment πŸ‘πŸ‘♥♥
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#Repost @rycbforever with @repostapp #thanksagainrycbforever #thankyousis・・・ ❀️ "Hindi ko lang klinaro siguro sa kanya na will you be my girlfriend, sinabi ko sa kanya na MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL KO SIYA" - Rico Yan to Claudine Barretto πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
thanksagainrycbforever - ricoyan - rycbforever - thankyousis - claudinebarretto - repost -
ghaybase : Thank you sis @allysav16 kumpleto n araw quh..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
allysav16 : You're welcome sis @ghaybase πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ‘
allysav16 : Thank you po sa mga naglike at nag comment♥
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#Repost @rycbforever with @repostapp #thankyourycbforever #pashareulitsis・・・ Yesterday morning, we went to Manila Memorial Park to visit RY. πŸ’™ I am so happy that I was able to visit him and talk to him, thinking that he's just listening while sleeping. πŸ˜‡ I am also honored and very happy to have met Ate @geraldinechurez and all other RY lovers (Solid Rico, Rico-Claudine and Rico-Juday). ❀️ And when CB mentioned that she hates March 29, that every year March 29 is her nightmare, and that she misses you, it broke our hearts. πŸ’” It just really shows how much everyone misses you so bad, and loves you so much! After 13 long years RY, you have never and never will be forgotten. You are always in our hearts, FOREVER!!! πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
ricoyan - thankyourycbforever - rycbforever - pashareulitsis - claudinebarretto - repost -
allysav16 : Thank you po sa lahat ng naglike♥
ghaybase : Yes sis @allysav16 he wil always be in our Hearts!..i
allysav16 : True and thanks sis @ghaybase πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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#Repost @rycbforever with @repostapp #thanksagainrycbforever ・・・ Repost from @claubarretto "HIIT AGAIN!πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ pang wala ng lungkot.hate this Day.March 29 every year You r my nightmare!!!!Missing u RY" πŸ’” "HATE THIS DAY.MARCH 29 EVERY YEAR, YOU ARE MY NIGHTMARE!!!! MISSING YOU RY" πŸ’” This message from CB really breaks my heart and makes me cry!!! 😒😭😒 Bumalik lahat ng sakit, ANG SAKIT SAKIT!!! 😒😭😒 #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
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allysav16 : Thank you po sa lahat ng naglike♥♥♥
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#Repost @rycbforever with @repostapp #thankyourycbforever #forlettingmeshare #iloveallyourpost #ILoveRyCbforever #RyCbforever ・・・ Because I miss seeing the both of you together RY & CB!!! 😒 I also hope and pray that in another lifetime, the both of you will see each other again and continue your love story FOREVER!!! ❀️#RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
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allysav16 : Thanks po sa mga naglike♥
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#Repost @rycbforever with @repostapp #thankyourycbforever #iloveandmissthemsomuch #imissthemtoseetogether #IMissRYSoMuch ・・・ It has been 13 years since RY joined our Father Creator, still his memories are with us everyday! πŸ’™ Thank you RY for the inspiration, for the unending happiness, for all the happy memories! πŸ˜‡ You will always and forever be in our hearts, we miss you and we love you RY!!! ❀ ️ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
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ghaybase : Love you RYCb kau lang ang nag iisa sa puso k wala ng iba..
allysav16 : Thanks sis @ghaybase πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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#justjulia #justjuliabeautifulat18 #latepost #samlia #juliabarretto #samconcepcion #part1 #abscbn #sundaysbest #starcinema #starmagic #claudinebarretto
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❀️ "Hindi ko lang klinaro siguro sa kanya na will you be my girlfriend, sinabi ko sa kanya na MAHAL NA MAHAL NA MAHAL KO SIYA" - Rico Yan to Claudine Barretto πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @marisol0125 @wennderamas
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rycbforever : @aeizllovecocojul ❀️❀️❀️
rycbforever : @diannesspie yes sis, don't worry! i-post ko din yun, isa isa o dalawa dalawa muna tyo na video para di maubusan hahaha
rycbforever : @caringalmarkerwin thank you Bro! :)
rycbforever : @diannesspie Super kilig sis! As in! ❀️
rycbforever : @pazmorados #RYCBForever!!! ❀️
rycbforever : @zandraonayan true Sis! 😊 kaka-miss! ❀️
rycbforever : @lovelyhanzel82 ❀️
rycbforever : @allysav16 sure Sissy! hehehe lets spread the RYCB love.. ❀️
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Because I miss seeing the both of you together RY & CB!!! 😒 I also hope and pray that in another lifetime, the both of you will see each other again and continue your love story FOREVER!!! ❀️ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto @claubarretto @tinamarieyan @wennderamas @marisol0125
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saissie : Pero kakainis pa rin bakit c clau hindi man lng nila kinunan ng vtr c puday meron yata nakita ko lng sa teaser nila...bias pa rin sila mga sis.
saissie : Kahit may link pa yan ir nasa youtube never kong papanoorin ayoko makitang fezlak ng isa jan haha nasa segment kac xa dun eh....dami tuloy ??? bakit xa hahaha
ghaybase : Oo sis marami kontra..atleast meron din cla n Clau oag my youtube n panunuorin q ung s knila @rycbforever ..
reyesberns : @rycbforever minsan kasi ang hirap din pag papanuorin mo lang! Parng ng sakit tas sobrang miss mo na makita silang dlwa mgksma uli!😒
rycbforever : @saissie @ghaybase mga sis hindi kasi pinayagan si CB ng VIVA kaya hindi siya na-interview.. Mismo staff ng Tunay na Buhay ang nagsabi nun nung andun kami kay RY, nag-shoot sila.. Sayang! pero ok lang yun, importante alam natin na nasa puso lang ni CB si RY.. β€οΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‡
rycbforever : @reyesberns totoo yan sis, mahirap talaga dahil sobrang nakaka-miss sila! pero sarap din balik-balikan.. ❀️ naniniwala ako na in another lifetime, sila pa din! 😊
reyesberns : @rycbforever napanuod nyo tunay na buhay sis? Hehe! Ska ask ko na rin sana sino may copy ng movies nila? Esp dhil mahal na mhal kta, got2blv and flames the movie. La ko makita sa youtube. 😒😒
rycbforever : @reyesberns yep sis, meron na din sa YouTube na-upload na hehehe.. meron DMNMK and Got 2 Believe sa YouTube, wait bigay ko syo link 😊
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Yesterday morning, we went to Manila Memorial Park to visit RY. πŸ’™ I am so happy that I was able to visit him and talk to him, thinking that he's just listening while sleeping. πŸ˜‡ I am also honored and very happy to have met Ate @geraldinechurez and all other RY lovers (Solid Rico, Rico-Claudine and Rico-Juday). ❀️ And when CB mentioned that she hates March 29, that every year March 29 is her nightmare, and that she misses you, it broke our hearts. πŸ’” It just really shows how much everyone misses you so bad, and loves you so much! After 13 long years RY, you have never and never will be forgotten. You are always in our hearts, FOREVER!!! πŸ’™ #RYCBForever #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto
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rycbforever : @mahldadula hehehe thank you Sissy! :) me too, miss him so much! :(
caringalmarkerwin : Wow! Nice Profile Pic Sis Jara @rycbforever ;)
kristavisperas : Sissy? Talaga?? May mga magazines doon? Pwede bang makita? Matingnan? Mahawakan? Mabasa? 😊😍😍😍 Ayyiiieeeeeeh... Kakilig naman! @rycbforever
_airavalenzuela16 : Patag naman po pleaseeee!
rycbforever : @kristavisperas yep sis, dala nila nung nagpunta kami dun hehehe.. ang dami rycb pics, post ko din yun one of these days para lagi may kilig moments ❀️
rycbforever : @_airavalenzuela16 sure! 😊
_airavalenzuela16 : Thanks po @rycbforever
rycbforever : Welcome po @_airavalenzuela16! 😊
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Interview on Sports Unlimited by Dyan Castillejo.. Ry said to dyan that would be a slogan of her show "A couple sweat together stays together" how sweet of rico talaga ♥♥πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ #RicoYan #ClaudineBarretto #RYCBForever #SweetestCouple #foreverinlove #kiligmuch #SportsUnlimited #DyanCastillejo
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saissie : 😍😍😍😍
allysav16 : Thank you po sa lahat ng naglike at nag comment♥♥♥
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