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Omg. - Kay #spoilers #jenniferlawrence #hunting #funny #thehungergames #cato #clove #clato
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Clato edit •|• #clato #clove #hungergames #isabellefuhrman #district2
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pearl_miamor : Aw💗
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They would have been happy together😔💔🍃 #cato #clove #clato #district2 #thehungergames
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thg_catoclove : Yep I'm here☺️ sorry for being not active for a while time🙌🏻 @souldistrict
cxove : ❤️❤️
void.clato : ❤️❤️😭
lisapoels : they are soo cutee........
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whoops am I the only one who ships Clato? Like A LOT??? #thehungergames #THG #clato #cato #clove #katnisseverdeen #peetamellark #galehawthorne #finnickodair #anniecresta #effietrinket #haymitchabernathy #everlark
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artimeantales : ^^
s.i.a.r.a : OMG when I read the book in like sixth grade I shipped them so much
gabby_86997 : @lili_3404
hungergames_fan : CLATO!!!
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#thg #ship #clato #otp #canon
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My Profil (#cato #clato #clove #alexanderludwig #isabellefuhrman #thg #thehungergames #myprofile )
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#clato #cato #alexanderludwig #clove #isabellefuhrman #thg #thehungergames
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katniss | adventure so this is the start of my new theme! these edits are crappy remakes of @padf0ot 's edits qotd— coke or pepsi? aotd— pepsi #katnisseverdeen #peetamellark #galehawthorne #finnickodair #primroseeverdeen #presidentsnow #effietrinket #haymitchabernathy #hayffiemoment #everlark #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #mockingjaypart2 #mockingjaypart1 #joshifer #jenniferlawrence #joshhutcherson #clato #clove #funnytumblr #onedirection #justinbeiber #selenagomez
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alerowling : Ew coke and ew pepsi
blackbeak_ : Love it! 😍 and I don't like fizzy drinks 🙃😕
padf0ot : Neither 😂😂💕
katniss_lynch : love this!
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Jk I also talk to people who haven't read THG😂 •|• #hungergames #books #clove #clato #distrikt2 #isabellfuhrman
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forever.fangirling_13 : Truee 😂
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this is the scene I was talking about in my last edit please listen & watch closely #clove #clovesevina #clovekentwell #cato #catohadley #clato #alexanderludwig #isabellefuhrman #thg #hungergames
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catchingprim : @panem.united ikr! there's such a lack of clato scenes in the movie but this one kills it
panem.united : I ship EVERLARK for life but CLATO IS AMAZING TO
catchingprim : @panem.united to me it's clato > everlark hahah
k_e_k_84 : OMGGGGG
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I rewatched thg and I noticed something !! when marvel notices the fire clove starts running but immediately waits for cato. when cato reaches clove he stops nudges her a little and tells her (softly) to go (you can see this in pic 3 & 4) this is such a little thing and most people probably did not even notice but it means quite a lot to me? #clove #clovekentwell #clovesevina #cato #catohadley #clato #thg #hungergames #isabellefuhrman #alexanderludwig
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Yep, then we've got Marvel 😂 #thehungergames #hungergames #hungergamesfandom #careers #careertributes #marvel #glimmer #cato #clove #glarvel #clato #clatoforlife #isabellefuhrman #alexanderludwig #jackquaid #levenrambin #alexbellearmy #district1 #district2 #panem
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forever.fangirling_13 : @thehungergame.series Done :)
lil.quinn_823 : 😂
lil.quinn_823 : Ps plz follow back
alternativefreak_ : TRUUU CORNNN AHAHAH
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Chapter 3 of My Forever my Clato THG fanfic. Right now I am going from breakfast to my stateroom so I'll post it when I get back. Also if you want to read the other chapters, click the hashtag #hungergameslover9sfanficmf or visit my account.
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hungergameslover9_ : Cato and j had all the same the same classes. Everyone. I walk to the tree with Cato following close behind. He is a stalker I swear. "Clo!" Glim squeals. "What is he doing here?" Jo asks emphasizing 'he'. "He followed me." I reply. I sit down next to Kat who is using one ear of her earbuds and the other in Peeta's ear. Cato sits down next to me and we all sit in a circle around the tree with our backs against the trunk. "So I guess Cato's part of the group now." Marvel says. "Yup. But I still didn't get introductions to everyone" Cato replies. "I'm Marvel" "I'm Glimmer" "I'm Johanna. Your an idiot" "I'm Gale. I'm gonna go get hotdogs now" "I'm Katniss" "I'm Peeta" "I'm Annie!" "I'm Finnick" "And I'm Clove. The only person you know. The weird girl who lives in your block"
hungergameslover9_ : Note: That's all for this chapter. The next one will be up soon. Thanks for reading! If you like my writing go follow me on Wattpad! My account name is in my bio and I'm gonna try to put a link soon. Tag Time: #hungergameslover9sfanficmf #thg #thehungergamesfanfiction #jale #everlark #clato #glarvel #odesta #thgfanfic #hungergameslover9sfanficmf
hungergameslover9_ : Note: Also, if you want to be tagged next time just comment that you want to be tagged.
hungergameslover9_ : Note: Also of you want to read the rest of this click the hashtag #hungergameslover9sfanficmf
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@isabellefur you're awesome •|• #clove #clato #hungergames #distrikt2 #clovethg
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Clato 💕 I'm sorry for being inactive, I'm so busy with school. I won't be active as much bc I've got more tests next week. Pls don't unfollow! #thehungergames #alexanderludwig #isabellefuhrman #alexbelle #clato #clove #cato #thg
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watsoninmyhead : Np💞 good luck❤️
cxove : @watsoninmyhead Tysm 😘💕
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This is chapter 2 of My Forever my Clato fanfic. I'm gonna post the chapter I. The comments tomorrow but I wanted to get the post over with. Be proud of me tho cuz I'm on vacation and I'm taking time to right this story for you on my vacation. If you want to read the other chapters click the hashtag #hungergameslover9sfanficmf or visit my account.
thehungergamesfanfiction - odesta - hungergameslover9sfanficmf - glarvel - clato - jale - thg - everlark -
hungergameslover9_ : Note: K I'm back! Sorry it's late. I ate this epic chocolate dessert and now I'm on a sugar high. I'm gonna keep writing now. Also if you like my writing you can go follow me on Wattpad where I also wrote THG fanfics. My account name is in the description of my account. Thanks! I'm gonna actually write now.
hungergameslover9_ : We walk up to the school and I drag him to the tree. Only Kat, Jo, and Annie were there. "Hey Clo. We were just about to call you! Who's your friend?" Annie asks pointing to Cato. "I'm Cato. I moved in on her block and asked her to show me here. This is my school now. Do you guys go here too?" He asked. "Yes we do!" Annie replies. "Johanna, Katniss you are not saying a word. He is going to be her friend. I want them to date." Annie mutters thinking I can't hear her. "Here. Cato, why don't I give you a tour." I pull Cato over to the lockers on the other side of the building where Kat, Jo, and Ann can't see me. "Look. I'm single and my friends want me to date and whenever I talk to a boy they make them out friend and then try to encourage us to date. I was just warning you. My friends are crazy sorry." I say. It's okay. I was wondering, if I could hang out with you guys. I have no one to be friends with really." "Yeah you can hang with us. Annie will be really excited." "Yeah who's who?" "The brunette is Katniss. The red head is Annie. The other one is Johanna. Here are the people you will meet tomorrow. Glimmer the blonde. Marvel the golden blonde. Peeta the bright blonde. Finnick the one with honey hair and eats sugarcubes every five minutes. And Gale the one obsessed with hotdogs and the only brunette boy on our group. Oh and our friend Finch Crossley. She is a red head. But she doesn't sit with us anymore cause she hangs out with the music geeks. She has a new album out next week." I reply.
hungergameslover9_ : Note: This is a really sort chapter cuz I don't wanna write anymore. It's 11:26pm here right now. I'm gonna stay on Insta for a while and then go to bed. Night guys! Tag Time: #thehungergamesfanfiction #hungergameslover9sfanficmf #glarvel #odesta #clato #everlark #jale #thehungergamesfanfiction #thg
hungergameslover9_ : I forgot one tag #hungergameslover9sfanficmf
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This is my Clato Fanfic. I will write it in the comments. #hungergameslover9sfanficmf
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hungergameslover9_ : I hop in my silver convertible rushing to get to school. I pull up and run to my locker. Which is located under the balcony attached to the school. Most of the school is outdoors. The only part that isn't is the classrooms. We even eat outside. There is a big willow tree in the middle of the schoolyard that I always meet my friends at. Katniss, Glimmer, Annie, Johanna, Marvel, Peeta, Finnick, and Gale, all sit under the tree waiting for me. All hovering over Katniss' phone. Probably listening to Finch Crossley's new album. A girl named Finch Crossley's goes to our school and she is a musician. We are good friends but she hangs out with the music geeks now.
hungergameslover9_ : "Hey Clove! We are listening to Finch's new album!" "K I'll come sit down first though." I reply. "She is such a good singer!" Annie says as she leans her head on Finnick's shoulder. "Annie your squishing me." Finnick says trying to be dramatic. "I am not! I weigh 82 pounds!" Annie protests. "Yeah right" Finnick replies. "Shut up!" Annie yells. "Guys, listen. She does an amazing crescendo." "Kat, you are too obsessed with music for your own good." Johanna says sarcastically. "Shut up Jo. You know nothing of the wonders of music!" She says getting sillier at the end. We all break out into laughter. We all walk to class right as the bell is about to ring. We sprint to our First Period Math Class that we all have together. "Pss. Glim. Pass this to Jo" Glimmer passes the note that I wrote for Johanna to Johanna and she opens it. Reads it and scribbles something on the back. She passes the note to Glimmer and tells her to pass the note to me. Glimmer hands me the note and I nod giving her a thanks and I open the note. 'Clo, y u pass me notes in class? I'll go to dent. and you will to. We're trouble m8kers.' She is so weird with her abbreviations. 'This teacher doesn't notice anything. She won't notice anything we do.' I pass this new note to Glimmer and tell her to pass it to Johanna
hungergameslover9_ : 'Yeah right' She passes the note back. 'So back to my question. Would you want Togo out with Gale? I was hanging with Kat and Peeta and Peeta told me that Gale likes you and was thinking of asking you out. Would you consider going out with him if he asked?' I pass it to her. 'Heck yeah! I've had a crush on him since 3rd grade!' *Later That Day* I'm standing by my locker as Johanna runs up to me, giddy as heck. "Jo, what's wrong? I've never seen you so giddy. In fact I've never seen you giddy at all." I say as she approaches me. "GALE ASKED ME OUT!!!"she screams. "OMG!! REALLY!?!" We hear Glimmer scream in the background. "Yup!" Jo squeals. "OMG! I'LL BE RIGHT BACK!!" Glimmer squeals as she runs to our tree. Jo and I follow behind and approach the tree where Kat was kissing Peeta and Annie and Finnick were cuddling. I swear those two are a match made in heaven. But anyways. I run up with Jo and Glim and Johanna starts to squeal. "Jo. You are squealing. I've never seen you squeal. This better be good. What happened?" Kat asks. "GALE ASKED ME OUT!!" She squeals and then Gale comes up and puts his hand on Jo's shoulder. "Yes, yes I did." He says. Johanna squeals and turns around to face him. "Hi" she says shyly. "I see you were very excited about me asking you out?" Jo's face turns really red. "Yeah" she says shyly again. "I'm gonna go get a hotdog. Anyone want one?" Gale asks. "I'll come with." Jo says. We all say no and we sit under the tree talking.
hungergameslover9_ : Okay, so that is the end of the first chapter of my story. I'm hoping to get another chapter out today. I might not tho. Time for the hashtags!! #thehungergamesfanfiction #hungergameslover9sfanficmf #thg #thgfanfic #jale #everlark #clato #odesta #glarvel #hungergameslover9sfanficmf
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I can do anything •|• #hungergames #clove #cato #clato #district2 #clovethg
clato - district2 - clove - hungergames - clovethg - cato - : @pearl_miamor thanks
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Did you know this? #hungergames #thehungergames #hungergamesfact #Katniss #katnisseverdeen #Peeta #peetamellark #Gale #galehawthorne #Haymitch #haymitchabernathy #effie #effietrinket #catchingfire #mockingjay #Cato #Glimmer #Clove #glato #clato #thecareers
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annas_hunger_rings : I prefer Clatp
_panem_today_tomorrow_forever_ : @annas_hunger_rings same!
clarysdemon : Pshh I used to run a clato account those were the days
k_e_k_84 : Duh I knew
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this is the last one today !!! this is my favourite edit that i am done so far !! tagged again clato lovers #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #mockingjaypart2 #clato #cato #clove #katnisseverdeen
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fandomoments : this makes me emotional!! it's really one of your best edits☺️
thehunger_games.12 : Cool edit I am also a clato lover
thgxedits : GOALS😍😂
shradwr : f4f?
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Clato edit •|• #clato #clove #cato #hungergames #isabelfuhrman #clovethg #distrikt2
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test.seventyfour_rpg : *-*
finnrose_126 : Beautiful.
pearl_miamor : So sad, you edits are amazing! : Thanks so much @pearl_miamor
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Wha??? I'm dying of laughter😂😂😂😂😂😂 Like why?? #district2 #hungergames #clato
clato - district2 - hungergames -
alessandro.ingles : Clove! !! @camii_marthiinez
camii_marthiinez : @alessandro.ingles Sii 😭😭
k_e_k_84 : Hahahahhahaa I want to live there so baaaad. District 2 is like my Hogwarts house... Btw I'm hufflepuff
divergent_victor4 : @k_e_k_84 HUFFLEPUFF FO LYFE
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Aww😍 #thg #thehungergames #cato #clove #alexanderludwig #isabellefuhrman #thginterview #thehungergamesinterview #interview #clato
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pearl_miamor : Aw💖💗
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No just no @clovekentwell_ #clato #hungergames
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thehunger_games.12 : @clovekentwell_ @coinsdead 😂
souldistrict : yass go rue
souldistrict : whoop whoop
thehunger_games.12 : @souldistrict rue gets us
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#clove #Cato #clato
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At first i didn't know about this ship. But after some followers of mine and reading fanfics on wattpad i realized that this couple will form in Prim's high school guide. Because i have three guys and four girls as main cast. #prim #highschool #clato #careers #wattpad #shippingislove #district2 #masonry #alexanderludwig #isabellefuhrman #cato #clove
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v.eerr_xo : My babies 😍
finnrose_126 : Haha deze moest ik gewoon maken @v.eerr_xo
v.eerr_xo : For all the Clato shippers out there 😂 Hh snap ik
pearl_miamor : CLATO!!!🙏💚💖💗😊😍☺😘
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In #toppost again. Hell yes ! Thank you so much friends !! Don't forget to like my #clato edits !
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#clato #cato #alexanderludwig #clove #isabellefuhrman #thg #thehungergames
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Forever Clato & District 2 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ #cato #clove #clato #thehungergames
clato - clove - thehungergames - cato -
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Qt💅🏻 @levenrambinparrack * * * #hungergames #levenrambin #clarisselarue #percyjackson #pjo #clato #glimmer
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Mijn nieuwe boek. Het is met de Hunger Games karakters maar dan vindt het zich plaats op een boardingschool #hungergames #boardingschool #marvel #prim #cato #clove #finnick #fleur #foxface #finch #jackquaid #willowshields #alexanderludwig #isabellefuhrman #samclaflin #zoestraub #jacquelineemerson #book #wattpad #primvel #clato #finneur
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haha yes, lol gary ross tagged some clato lovers 😇😚😚 DOES ANYONE WANT TO TALK ABOUT CLATO OR THG ON IG DIRECT ?? I THINK IT WOULD BE FUN #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #clato #clove #cato
clato - clove - thehungergames - mockingjay - catchingfire - cato -
thgxedits : YAS😂😍😭
fandomoments : thanks💕
souldistrict : np ❤ @fandomoments
thehunger_games.12 : I WANT CLATO 4 ever
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